Happy Flag Day!


That’s what the calendar says June 14 is.

For some of us, that date means something else, of course.

Quick story. I had bought two tickets to every playoff game in ’94 because so many friends had been asking for them. So now the Rangers are up 3-1 and my accountant and another friend are begging for tickets to Game 5. They flipped a coin. The winner, my accountant, got Game 5. The loser got Game 7 if necessary. The loser was really unhappy … until June 14.

I also clearly remember that, though I wasn’t invited to the party at the Auction House — it was for players, organization members, close friends and family — a bunch of the players said if I showed up I could come in. Well, the problem was that I couldn’t even get near the door, and there were bouncers out on the sidewalk who didn’t believe me — I imagine a few of the other several thousand folks clogging up the entire city block tried to say they’d been invited, too.

As I started to walk away, a limo pulls up. Stanley is in the front seat with the chauffeur. Messier and his family are in the back. Messier puts his big paw on my shoulder and brings me right in, past the bouncer who hadn’t let me past. That was sweet.

I’m telling you, we in the media (most of us, anyway) don’t root for the teams we cover. I don’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re not happy when a special group of people succeed, and that team was loaded with great people. I don’t have to name the names. You know who they are.

So today, on Flag Day and another anniversary, why not tell us your memories of June 14, 1994. Where you were, what you remember.

Also some people here don’t like the fact that we celebrate ’94, still. Well, what in Holy Hell are we supposed to celebrate? 1989? 2003?


An aside: June 14, I believe, is also the date that Roger McDowell spit on Kramer and Newman … though they thought it was Keith Hernandez.

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  1. Carp,

    Before I even remembered the anniversary today, I saw June 14th and thought of Newman and Keith

  2. My daughter was 5 back then, we let her stay up till 11 to watch the game. Made her a Ranger fan for life (as if she had a choice):)


    I am first!

  3. old coach 92 on

    My brother had a ticket to the game but I did not so I watched it on TV at home. I remember wanting to rip Kevin Collins’s heart out when he called not one but two very questionable icings in the closing moments. I also remember the sheer joy of finally seeing the Cup raised by the Rangers after all those years, sharing the feeling of that sign(held up by a fellow Rocklander) that I could die in piece. My phone rang and it was a guy that Iwent to Ranger games with in the 60’s and 70’s and to whom I hadn’t spoken in years. He said he was so excited that he had to call someone and I popped into his mind. One of the greatest days in my sporting life.

  4. I remember not moving at all during the game to make sure I did not jinx anything. When it was over I did not know how I felt but a cartoon in the paper (i think the next day) covered my feelings perfectly. There was a picture of an older man sitting in front of his TV in shock with a bottle of champagne in one hand and a gun in the other. His wife was standing behind him saying put the gun down they won.

    I didn’t know what to do since it was something that meant more to me than any other championship in any other sport.

  5. Good morning all! Carp, that is the coolest story! Man, you lucky bastage!

    I remember screaming and crying, and crying and screaming, and more and more of the same. and it was all so much the sweeter for being at home.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I was only 10. I had only been into hockey for about 2 or 3 years at that point, and the first year was as a Devils fan (first game I went to was a Devils game). My friends and a cousin introduced me to the Rangers the following year and being from NY, I instantly preferred them over the Devils. By the time the 93-94 season rolled around, I was hooked.

    The weather that day, if I recall correctly, was similar to today: overcast with intermittent rain. My brother, who now is a Rangers fan, at the time remained a Devils fan (he got to go down to center ice and shoot at the goal from center ice at that one game, thus leaving him with a more lasting impression). He also had one of his friends over, also a Devils fan. They rooted hard for Vancouver. We made signs and chanted for our teams. His friend had a sign tethered to his neck by a string that just simply said “1940.” My sign had a picture of a rocket upside down, in Vancouver colors, with Bure – 10 on it, and the writing read “The Russian Rocket is out of fuel.” When the Rangers won, it was childhood bliss. Sure, I was upset that they had dealt away Amonte and Gartner to get there (especially Gartner, who was my favorite Ranger at the time for being a right-handed shot, like me), but I figured the Rangers were just going to win it every year or at least pretty frequently. We had Messier, Leetch, Graves, Richter, Kovalev, Beukeboom, Zubov, Tikkanen, Larmer, Nemchinov, and Mike Keenan leading the way. I was so young.

    My friends and I spent the entire summer playing roller hockey with dreams of winning the Stanley Cup, each of us assuming the identity of a Rangers player. With Gartner departed, and the only worthwhile righties being Zubov, Beuk, and Noonan, I would pick Leetch everytime. He instantly became my favorite Rangers player and he has been so ever since.

    16 years later, I realize that I’m likely to have a 10 year old child of my own by the time the Rangers win the Cup again, and I don’t even have kids yet.

  7. reginald dunlop on

    hmmmmm……… if they take the cup you gotta go get them……. and the bottom black rim falling off and spinning around the floor like a dropped nickel???? oh no we bust de cup……

  8. Plugging Holes – New York Rangers

    The Hole: A complement for Gaborik

    New York struggled to get adequate scoring all season long. In fact, without the offseason addition of Marian Gaborik — who was involved in 39 percent of all Rangers goals — the team would have been vying for the title of worst offensive team in the NHL. Considering that Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky, and Ryan Callahan are the next best forwards on the roster, the drop-off after Gaborik is precipitous: no other Ranger exceeded 20 goals or 44 points. While it goes without saying that GM Glen Sather should add quality top six forwards to the squad, to maximize Gaborik’s effectiveness the Rangers should acquire a crafty, playmaking center to draw defensive attention away from their world class finisher.

    The Fix: Sign C Tim Connolly, UFA

    Could Marian Gaborik and Tim Connolly be soulmates?

    Both have been similarly maligned — for their checkered injury histories — by management, media and fans. While primarily a playmaker, the 29-year-old Connolly has also been criticized for his long postseason goal-scoring drought. With the pitchfork-wielding mob clamoring for changes in Buffalo, any team willing to take on Connolly’s expiring $4.5 million salary could pick up a quality two-way centerman who’s been good for 0.88 points per game in the regular season and 0.70 points per game in the playoffs since the lockout.

    A superior stickhandler, Connolly would help the Rangers gain the offensive zone both at even strength and on the man-advantage. While he possesses a hard shot — and therefore often is charged with playing the point on the power play — Connolly looks to pass first. It’s the perfect mix of skills to qualify as Gaborik’s new linemate … if not his soulmate.

    E.J.’s Take: While the Rangers clearly need a top line center, I don’t see the talented, but oft-injured Connelly as a fit. I just see it as too much of a risky proposition. And, there’s no guarantee that he’d find an easy chemistry with Gaborik.

    Top centers are certainly tough to find, especially if you don’t draft them. If Sharks C/LW Patrick Marleau were to hit the market, GM Glen Sather would be wise to make a serious pitch. I don’t think he’ll get that chance, though. I figure Marleau stays in the Bay Area.

    Tomas Plekanec and/or Matthew Lombardi might be the best options available. Lombardi has the kind of speed and work ethic that would make him a hit with Rangers coach John Tortorella.

  9. Doodie

    Dont think like that. The Rangers will win the Cup again, and soon. Believe it, and it will happen.

    I mean, look at the Bruins for instance, they pretty much had a Cup all locked up if not for the Flyers this year. They were the 1 seed last year with that pathetic pig Tim Thomas as their goalie.

    Anything can happen in sports. Anything. You just have to believe.

  10. By the way, it’s either Doodie or Nasty from the Bonehead page on FB that look exactly like an actor, I cant remember which one off hand!

  11. Matt Calamia on

    I don’t remember much, being just five, but I do remember my dad firing off fire crackers in the street and screaming his head off down 114th street in ozone park. My uncle came over to watch the game. My mom said she couldn’t pry me away from the tv set. I really hope we all get to experience that again sometime soon.

    Carp, who do you root for?

  12. bull dog line on

    If you take Sather at his word,Doodie, the Rangers will not be going in that direction (free agents). Saw Maloney on Hockey Night Live, and he said he thought Sather may be active in the trade market. He mentioned Sharpe and Versteeg from Chicago, and Richards and Ribero from Dallas.

  13. I root for games that are pretty much over after two periods so I can write on deadline during the third period.

  14. I remember June 14th vividly. As a Ranger’s fan since the 60’s been through alot of disapointment. First big one was when they traded Park and Ratelle for Espo and Vadnais but came to love both of them. On June 14, 1994 I said I will be happy for the rest of my life if they win the cup. Some
    one gave my daughter who was almost 2 a Ranger’s outfit that she wore for the next month(it was washed). How things change she’s almost 18 ready to graduate High School and could care less about hockey. She rooted for England(my home country) against the USA I’m no longer happy with the 94 cup and want another. It’s going to be while. I will be happy reading this blog in the meantime. Happy Flag Day all.

  15. 1994-dream come true…season ticket holder since 1989 section 403 row A seat 3. The top 3 day of my life…I remember 2 things not so much related to the game. 1. being offered $2000 for my ticket and saying “no”. 2. while waitng for them to let us in i saw Howard Cosell walking through. This was shortly before he passed but to me he is a sports icon and even though he was very frail looking he was Howard….

    I also remember after it finally ended and everyone was rushing out to the streets or getting their t shirts and hats, including my friends, I sat in my seat and just looked around while the garden was almost empty…the scoreboard was still on and it was just the greatest moment of my life up to that point. I hope we see it again and I hope this time I can enjoy it with my wife and son.

  16. ************************************
    Anyone want to split a season for next year? Section 303, Row D: ISLE seats. Have 2 seats and I can’t afford the full season this year. Looking for someone to buy 22 games (21 reg + 1 preseason). Tickets are $56ea ($112/game)($2464/total). Not going to find cheaper tickets in the 300s.

    Please let me know so I don’t have to give up my seats. Please forward this if you know someone who might be interested.

    Thanks a lot.


  17. Tim Connolly??

    Same carp every year, and Slats never learns his lesson. So, I’d be worried that he does try and sign this pig looking brain damaged guy.

    He definitely has a lot in common with Gabby though, because they’re always injured!!!

  18. Good afternoon, Carp!

    I was nine and didn’t know from hockey then, sorry to say. Really looking forward to the next one though!

  19. 9 years old, section 128… I will never forget it. I had my face painted and so did my sister. If you can find the original MSG broadcast of the game, you’ll see us during the national anthem. They pan up the crowd, right over our section and there we are with my parents.

    The irony is my dad had called in sick from an important business meeting in CA to be there. Little did he know the other party involved was a huge hockey fan and was watching the game, only to see my father cheering along Amirante. They had a good laugh over that the next day.

  20. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Didn’t Connolly sign an extension? Or was that during a hallucination from all the acid I dropped in December?

  21. Coach Beeblebrox on

    As usual EJ Hradek is right off the ball.

    As I suspected, Connolly is not a UFA, he is still under contract until 2011/2012 with Buffalo.

  22. 1994, I was 48 years old.
    I remember my wife crying as I lifted a picture of the cup & ran around my living room screaming . I remember it like it was yesterday.
    My god where has the last 16 years gone ?

  23. I think besides maybe Volchenchov Slats is gonna stay away from the Free Agent Market this year.

    I’m almost 90% sure Sharp will be a Ranger next season via Trade

    How do I join the Bonehead FB page ???? I cant seem to find it on Facebook ??

  24. somerset, do a group search for “boneheads” and look for the picture of Dubinsky picking his nose. You have to request to join but Linda or I will approve you.

  25. Too many memories of ’94 to begin to tell you. I had tix for both games 6 and 7 of the Devils series and game 2 of the finals, but could not finagle a ticket for game 7. So I sat with my two young boys (ages 10 and 6) and watched the game as if we were there, cheering every puck movement, jumping up when Leetchie scored that goal (my favorite all time Ranger still) and we screamed and cried and didn’t sleep for two days we were so excited. I’m a big Giants and Yankees fan, and someone recently asked me my favorite World Championship as a fan, and without hesitation, I said the ’94 Cup run. While I loved the Yankees and all the championships they won, and the Giants, especially the improbable SB win over NE. The Rangers winning the cup, for this long suffering fan trumps those without question. One has to wonder if there was no work stoppage in ’95 if we could have recaptured the magic again.

    Anyway, I don’t see a championship in the near future for us. I just hope it is less than 50 years before this management learns how to built a team again.

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rest easy, everyone. I’m not going to pee in the pool today… I watched every single playoff game in ’94 and taped all the wins starting with the double 6-0 shellacking they gave the islanders in the first round. I guess I’ll start watching them over the summer.

    After the win in Game 7, and the Cup was passed around and the talking heads were slowing down, I still had so much tension built up that a bunch of us from our roller hockey team all put on our skates and took off down the street, whooping and hollering for blocks. Then, we went back, rewound the tape and watched the game again from start to Stanley Cup Celebration.

    Wow. 16 years. And ten of them belong to Sather. FIRE SATHER!

  27. Did anyone listen to the Speeches of the Hawks players after the parade. I thought it was pretty funny, Versteeg sang a song, and Kane talked, and actually said something about all the cab drivers in the world, and said “I love you all,” or something like that.

  28. onecupin70years on

    #1 sports thrill is my life was 1994 cup victory
    #2 NYG beating patriots
    #3 86 Giant Supe victory
    #4 90 Giants Supe victory
    #5+ NY yankees Championships

  29. Kaiser Permanente on

    I was in the service in 1994. Stationed in ABQ, NM.

    Me and the guys were huddled around a small television in an aircraft hanger. There was a huge sand storm that day and we were trapped inside. The smell of hydraulic fluid was sickening.

    Since all aircraft were grounded indefinitely we were passing around a bottle after the game ended. After we ate all of the MRE’s that were rationed out to us we opened up another bottle.

    Everbody ended up getting sick and puking all over the place. Turned out one of the pilots let the bottle sit too long and the wine turned. It was probably the best time I ever had while I was in the service.

  30. I was at my friends toms house, we had built one of the ridiculous bad cup mock ups of the Stanley cup built which looked more like the Apollo command module.

    One of the hi-lites of my fandom. But the parade was even better than actually watching the relief of the 1940 nonsense finally being over.

    The Parade was pure jubilation.

    Ryan Callahan greatest hits video debuts at #1 On Billboard


  31. My sister and I watched every game of that 94 series faithfully. I don’t think we sat down at all to watch because we did a lot of pacing through the house, especially when it got to the end of the games. We were a bundle of nerves. When the Rangers finally won, we breathed a sigh of relief! We were crying and screaming! We couldn’t believe it finally happened. What a great moment!

  32. It seemed like Leetch held the puck for 10 minutes before he took that shot on the first goal. I was sure it was somehow not going to go in even though the net was wide open!

  33. I was fortunate to have been in Section 408 Row A Seat 8 for over 10 years before June 14, 1994. I can’t relate being in that building that night to anything I have experienced before or since. The Matteau goal topped that feeling in one regard because of the sheer outburst of emotion tied to a single moment. However, June 14, 1994 was much deeper. I found myself reflecting on all sorts of hockey and personal moments up to that point and the feeling was more spiritual in a way. June 14, 1994 has since taken on more meaning to me as we have lost some great friends who sat in sections 408 and 407 that bled red, white, and blue for years. Marty, Andy, and Joe – June 14, 1994 is for you and for all of us that screamed, laughed, jumped up and down, hugged, cried, and saw something together that we never thought we would ever see – miss you guys and think about you every game. Happy Anniversary everybody!

  34. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    June 14th, 1994. I remember it well. The sea was angry that day my friends..like an old man tryin to send back soup at a deli…
    I was living in florida at the time. Was at a golf sports bar in Palm Beach Gardens. It was great when they finally won it; the half empty bar went nuts. I can still hear Gary Thorne on the espn feed. I was also depressed by not being able to go nuts with all my ranger fan buddies in a NYC bar. I figured there’ll be another time in the future for that. I’m getting a little worried!

  35. Tom Foolery – did you see the show on NHL Network on Brian Leetch being interviewed by John Dellapina? I saw it about 10 days ago – it’s called Off The Ice with Brian Leetch. Dellapina asked him how he could have remained so calm while holding the puck so long. Leetch’s reply was that the puck was bouncing and if he shot it without settling it down, he might miss the net. So he took his time, settled the puck down, and created a better shot for himself. Knowing Brian for his whole career, Dellapina was able to get some great insights like that all throughout that show.

  36. I was 18 and remember listening to Van Halen’s “Right Now” Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart” over and over again that afternoon to psyche me up. I also remember dialing like a mad man on the phone. Mike and the Dog were giving a pair of tickets away that night to caller 1940. I got through somewhere in the 1700s that afternoon and could never get through again. I went to a friend’s house across the street with my dad to watch the game. I remember feeling nauseous when Lafeyette hit the post in the 3rd period. After they won, my buddy and I went down by Astoria Park where it was bedlam, but nobody was doing anything criminal. It was a huge impromptu party. June 14, 1994 is right there with the birth of my daughter and wedding day, (have to say that if the wife is reading this) in terms of ungforgettable days.

  37. A thought about the 1994 Rangers last game of the year. I was looking in a drawer and found a present the The Rangers sent there season ticketholders. A lucite plack with aticket for where you sat that evening. My seat was in section 316 for which I paid $46.oo.I wonder what will be the price of this seat the next time we are in the finals. I know I won’t be there because the prices are just too high. After 37 years as a season ticket holder; I had enough. Hope you folks of the next generation will enjoy your run to a cup as mich as I did.

  38. Speaking of Lafeyette’s post – Last season before the games would start at MSG, they showed this video montage with highlights in Rangers history. One of them was Lafeyette hitting the post with Sam’s “Save by Richter!” call. Every time I saw it I always wondered why they were showing that when it was not a save and the call was wrong. Even Sam corrected himself that night after they saw the replay.

  39. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    first of all, definitely a second spitter!!!

    bull dog
    what did linda do (from last thread)?

    Thanks CR for the “insider”. I would be all about richards from dallas, there has to be something good about him, he was aves only friend down there!!! And EJ must read the blog, I called lombardi about 3 weeks ago!!!

    Just say yes to the HAMMER!!!!

  40. TheMessiah94 on

    I was playing in a metal band during those years, and we were playing a show in a jersey club during game 5. I remember the score was 3-0 Nucks before we went on, and then my band was on stage and the Rangers started their comeback. The club had several TVs behind the bar, and I was staring at them the whole time. I was wearing my Rangers jersey onstage and not paying too much attention to the songs we were doing. I know for a fact that I made several mistakes that night lol! It was such a bummer having them come back and then lose the game.

    But game 7 made up for all of it. I watched the game with my dad and we were both basically speechless. After all the years of disappointment, they finally did it! I’ll always cherish that year!

  41. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    speaking of seinfeld, anyone else think that kramer’s reaction to george’s marine biologist story at the end of that episode is just priceless?

  42. Jeff,
    I still have that gift as well. Our seats in section 413 were only $25.00 for the FINALS! Obviously these were the PRE Dolan Rangers. These days, the handling fees are more than $25.00.

  43. All this Cup reminiscing is nice and all, but when I think of how many times our division rivals have made it to the Finals since, it’s hard to find reasons to be cheerful.

  44. jpg's Sister on

    I remember June 14 as skipping my cousin’s birthday party because I had to watch game 7. My Aunt had said Pavel Bure was cute and then we lost the games in Vancouver. Ironically, I was my cousin’s Maid of Honor that year, but we’ve since lost touch.

    In between periods I would walk up and down my driveway to de-stress.

    we had a Stanley Cup party a few weeks later.

  45. Where was I? Where I always am when there’s a big game, in front of my television sweating bullets.

    I taped the game and still have the tape. I guess I need to have it converted to a digital format.

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If that’s your hang-up then you can smile over not being an Islanders fan!

  47. WICK

    Everything he does is priceless. Even every single one of his entrances into Jerry’s apartment.


    As for all the 94 memories, they’re nice and all, but like I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m just bored with it. MSG jams 94 down NYR fans throats every year, as if it’s supposed to distract us from the pathetic team we have to watch now.

    I want a Cup now! I want Slats to get swine flu now! I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs now! I want my MTV now! And so on…

  48. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    just trying to keep up bonehead relations while all the true bonehead upper crust (carp, you, ILB, linda, sally, cccp, tr, etc) are off doing whatever it is you do!!!

  49. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Wickey – how about Kramer reacting to cat fights? C-c-cat fight!!!! Also when he tries to pronounce Ceau?escu…”chow – what?”

  50. Where was I? In Bensonhurst, couldn’t sleep at all because of craziness going on all night. I was working for more than 80 hours a week then. Came from Russia a couple of years before and couldn’t watch American hockey at all, even though hockey was always my favorite sport. I guess the whole story is for a guest post, perhaps one of those weeks when Carp is on vacation. Anyway, I got into Rangers next year, watched all the games on DVDs.

  51. GIFT OF GAB-orik ( Vinny V ) on

    I was at my buddy’s house watching the game. When they won, we were going NUTS…. my buddy’s dad yelled at us to shut up because we were making so much noise… my buddy yelled ” DAD… THE RANGERS JUST WON THE CUP! ” to which he came out and joined us in celebration.

    Graves saying 1940 into the camera, and the guy with the sign that read “Now I can die in peace” i will remember forever. The paper streaming down from the stands, Sam Rosen with the most passion i’ve ever heard in his voice… “The waiting is over!” and we all know the famous call. Seems like another lifetime sadly.

  52. did not realize there was a pecking order here and that some are higher than others

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    “thanks sam
    June 14th, 2010 at 3:35 pm
    thanks sam rosen “and this one will last a lifetime”

    talk about a jinx”

    Totally agree! What kind of thing was that to say?! The sentiment should have been the opposite: This one won’t have to last a lifetime. Instead, we’re all doomed.

    And it was so rehearsed! You could tell by when he started to go through it before the final bogus icing call. That’s all he could come up with ahead of time!?

    He’s a NY legend, so I can’t hate too bad, but this would be known as “The Rosen Curse” if it wasn’t for being superseded by “The Dolan Death-Touch.”

  54. Charlie-
    I wouldn’t worry about converting your tape. They do sell a dvd set that has the Devils games as well as the Canucks games.

    It was tough watching the Rangers win a cup without my dad, who passed away in 1989, but the Vancouver games were the first games my wife ever watched. I figured she’d lose interest over the summer and never watch another game again, but, to my surprise, she was still interested. For the last 16 years she has been as loyal a Ranger fan as I am. We never miss a game! Thank you ’94 Rangers!

  55. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    I know, hilarious!!!

    Did everyone see that toronto named phaneuf their captain!!!

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow. Looking at that buyout list, it really points out how important it is to properly draft the contracts so as to make buyouts possible. No surprise that Redden and Rozsival have the worst buyout contracts. Great job Sather!

    PS: Nilsson better start thinking about free agency. Edmonton actually gets a credit in the first year of his buyout!

  57. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    yep, bad deal by slats for sure…………waaaaayyyyy too much leetch syndrome!

  58. >>did not realize there was a pecking order here and that some are higher than others

    This place is no different from anywhere else in life.

  59. bull dog line on

    MSG is showing right now the famous brawl between the Leafs and Rangers that ended with Parents mask in the stands.

  60. I just have to ask one question for all the “Rangers fans” on here.

    How can you give up on a season that’s 10 years away?

    How can you give up on a season that’s next year?

    Have you not watched sports long enough to know that things can turn around in the blink of an eye?

    Yes, Sather is a loser. Yes, it appears as if we are not currently constructed for a Stanley Cup run.

    But look at the Flyers this year. They were last place a year ago, iirc.

    We have Henrik bleeping Lundqvist, the best goaltender in the entire world. It’s not like we have all zeroes.

    Quit giving up, and start acting like Greg and I, and the New York Rangers will be Stanley Cup Champions in 2011.

  61. CR-
    For all the negative talk that goes on here- well… that’s all it is- talk. Deep down, everyone knows (even the negative people)that things CAN change in the blink of an eye. Which is why we die-hard Ranger fans watch every game every season.

  62. Carp, when are you going to start giving us your off season analysis that you’ve been teasing us with for the last 2 months? I’m interested to hear your thoughts and not much to talk about until July 1st anyway.

  63. A guy I know from Mount Vernon, must have been in his late 70s in 1994, and had season tickets for decades. He and his wife sat right next to the pressbox and we’d chat just about every night. Anyway, his wife died during the ’93-94 season. The night they won the Cup was the last game he’s ever seen live.

  64. This week, Tom. I actually have a reason for not doing the report card, and I’ll explain that in my analysis.

  65. Can I be inducted into the “upper crust club”? I may not post as often as others but i’m true blue through & through just ask anyone who knows me & they’ll tell you I live & breath Rangers 24/7 even in the off season

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    CR9, the comparison to the Flyers is a false one.

    First, your statement

    “But look at the Flyers this year. They were last place a year ago, iirc.”

    is incorrect. They were last place three years ago. Furthermore, the turnaround of that team was based on the development of it’s star prospects: Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, Claude Giroux, etc., as well as excellent additions of Danny Briere, Kimmo Timonen, Braydon Coburn, Chris Pronger, Hartnell, LaPerriere, Leino, etc. Not to mention that they went through two coaches, as well as a GM in the process.

    Look at the rosters, man by man, and you’ll see that at every position they are vastly superior to us, with the obvious exceptions being LQ and Gaborik. Two players doesn’t win a cup, even if one is the best in the world.

    Look at the goaltenders that have won the Cup since the lockout (Ward, Giguere, Osgood, Fluery, Niemi): They all just have great runs in the playoffs, but are otherwise just average goalies. The same goes for all of the losing goaltenders too (Rolosson/Markkanen, Emery, Fleury, Osgood, Leighton). In fact, some of the losers are even below average during the regular season.

    Our team model is just wrong. Make a list of the ebst goaltenders in the league. Now tell me where all of those teams have finished in the past 5 years. Before the lockout, you could get by with a great goaltender because of all of the hooking/holding/being allowed to actually play physical in front of the goal, but now it’s all about speed, skill, and depth among your skaters.

    That’s why this team is not winning next year, or anytime soon.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    And I’m not less of a fan for thinking so. In fact, I consider myself more of a fan for still sticking with the team even though I think they will be terrible for at least another 3 years.

  68. LMAO at “upper crust”! Wicky was just kidding, of course. There is no such thing on this blog at all and I suggest we drop that issue alltogether, I can certainly see it getting ugly…No need..

    Buying out Redden would be a huge mistake- too manny years and too much money. He should be sent to AHL…Buying out Riszival is a mistake too- he has some reasonable trade value…

  69. Doodie

    You are absolutely right. The Flyers are a terrible comparison. They have significantly more skill players than we have.

    However, all it takes is hard work and commitment from Callahans, Dubinskys, Drurys and so forth to score.

    And as wicky? likes to point out, all we really need are some crease clearing hard hitting defenseman. They also need to be aware of their surroundings, when to get involved on the offensive end, and when to stay back.

    Rozi and Redden opens up $11 million cap space. MZA should bring some Briere-like speed and skill. Believe it or not, Torts may be an ass hole, but can be an excellent coach, by getting the most out of the lesser talent that he has.

  70. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    We were watching it on TV. My wife, three sons, and me. Also a neighborhood friend and his son. They were from Canada, and were actually rooting for the Rangers. (They were from Toronto, but Montreal Canadien fans).
    As the game went on, like others said on the blog, it became…nobody move from where they are sitting. (which is hard with 4 boys ages 10, 10, 8 and 4).
    When it ended we were in a group huddle-hug, circling and dancing, and screaming and cheering, high fiving, low fiving, just going absolutely nuts.
    I am 54 years old, a lifelong sports fan, and that is the highest sports-high I have ever experienced.
    Thank you Messier, Leetch, Richter, Zubov, Kovalev, Keenan, Smith, and Matteau.

  71. Doodie

    I am not going to say you are lesser of a fan for thinking so, but I take issue with the claim that somebody on here will have a 10 year old child before we win again. Sure, the NYR may not win next year or the next few years, but all it takes is proper coaching, proper commmitment from the players, and belief, and a few good moves. Like MZA. And MDZ.

  72. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Are we all the “upper crust” or just a bunch of crumbs that stick together?

    Happy Anniversary of the Rangers 1994 Cup win! Whole watching game 7, I remembered the 1979 Rangers collapse and lose in the finals to Montreal, and was scared to death that they would lose again, especially after going up 3-1. It was a massive sigh of relief when the clock hit 0:00. The picture that hit closest to me was the “Now I can Die in Peace” sign.

    Today’s Rangers aren’t even a patch on the shirt of the ’94 team.

    Sather has got to go.

  73. “How can you give up on a season that’s 10 years away?

    How can you give up on a season that’s next year?

    Have you not watched sports long enough to know that things can turn around in the blink of an eye?”

    Not when you’re watching NYR.

  74. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    I agree with ILB regarding rozy and redden, huge mistake to buy them out. Rozy is indeed tradeable and redden whould be sent to htfd, period. Big contracts can be moved (see gomez) and sure many times it is for another big contract (say rozy or redden for richards from dallas). But if that big contract player fills a roster need…..say richards first line centre. If you figure that slats gets rid of both R&R (I honestly think they are gone one way or another) olli dollars and prospal dollars we have like 17 or 18 mill (plus maybe gilroy’s money as well) to get a first line centre, 2 physical (I mean crease clearing guys with an edge, not positionally sound) d men, and a bigger more rugged winger with a scoring touch (think armstrong or latendresse or pouliot or the like) and a back up goalie plus resigning our guys. Totally doable.

    I obviously made a mistake with the “upper crust” comment. I misspoke so to speak and should have used the words “more consistent posters” (i would consider myself a regular if you will but due to my very erratic work schedule, I am not very consistent at posting). I apologize for the statement and would certainly hope that all the regulars that post here would know better that we are all one big happy family (albeit dysfunctional at times….well most of the time) and there is no entitlement what so ever (except sally’s greetings).

    Again, my apologies!!!

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " 1994!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The reality is the Rangers will make the playoffs next year Doodie ,then will gun for the cup. Teams see the Rangers and play us HARD , why? CUZ Rangers rule. We have an aura about us. We really do.If you dont see our potential then your are one nieve fan. Sorry.

    1994 , ahhhhh I cant BELIEVE WE WERE UP 3 – 1 AND ALMOST BLEW IT!!! omg Messier BOUNCING UP n DOWN as the clock wound down…was AWSOME!!! Yeah I cried and I was soooo Proud to be a Ranger fan. Even if they lost Id still be rootin them on cuz the Rangers want to win.

    For a club always trying to buy players ..it was the management saying we are on board.Bad luck and bad drafts…sums up our success lately but the tide are changing.If you do not see it..then maybe next years winning streak will make a believer outta ya. The Rangers are here to stay and will always be respected.Being a Rangers fan is almost greater than the team. Almost.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " 1994!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dont worry Wicky .I wasnt included and im not offeded.

  77. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    if I listed everyone, I would have been typing for an hour, but I just kinda figured everyone would include you, grabby, and myself in anything blog associated!!!!!

  78. I’m a consistent poster. I’m consistently inconsistent.

    You know what? I doubt that Rosi is going anywhere. I think that Rangers management has a much higher opinion of him than most fans.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " 1994!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Reading stories..reading more stories…awsome !!! ORR , dont get so bored. I know I know ya were too young to enjoy it but I was 26 . Yeah the same age as josh when the Rangers last won the Cup. I was sitting in my livingroom in Saskatoon,Sask ..hoping ,praying that this was the day!! I had VCR taped each game ,wanting to have the final game.I had to erase after game 5, 6 !! I always collected the cup championship sinse then starting at 1994 .I have everyone sinse then. I took my white (home) jersey and wrote ” 1994 stanley cup champions” on the tag .My jersey is of course a Messier jersey with the “c” and lettering on the back and sides. I cherish that jersey for sure!!!!

    I do not watch this team cuz im waiting on a championship. I watch this team because it is cool ,special,Classy ,lots of tradition, and pride. DON’T STEP ON THE LOGO!!! thats right!!! No NHL team holds as much respect as the Rangers do. Some fans really do not see how the WORLD sees us . We are alot more special then ya would think. Take pride on our team cuz we were NEVER losers. We had losing seasons but were never bottom dwelling scum like Chicago,Philly,Pittsburgh,Colorado , ect . Teams like Tampa were new so they were really not scum but did have the luxury of picking high end draft picks. The Rangers never have. We built this team the HARD way and alot of peeps just dont see it!! We have serious draft blunders. Lets take our lumps and come back strong this year. I know we can make some noise ..cuz perty sooon , the Rangers will be in da HOUWSEEEEE!!!

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " 1994!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wicky , yer “upper crust “statement is fine. Maybe it might actually instile more pride around here. I for one am not so called “upper crust” cuz I was not at the bonehead reunion nor am I on the bonehead facebook. Nor did I guest post . Those peeps could be considered “upper crust” if ya really wanna go that way.

    So called “fly byes” peeps who just post once in a while to spout off garbage about how this team is going no where ( not mentioning any names Doodie)are always gonna use this blog as a venting machine ,which is fine .

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " 1994!!! " … says Greg L. on

    To earn yer bonafide “upper crust” badge , all ya have to do or have done…

    #1 Be a guest blogger

    #2 Attend a bonehead reunion

    #3 Be on the Facebook group

    #4 Have tickets to the games

    #5 post here 3 times a week

    #6 defend Cr9 at one point in time.

    #7 defend Carp at one point in time.

    #8 Rangers first ,hockey second.

    #9 Have this yer only team.

    #10 Have this yer only blog.

  82. bull dog line on

    see Doodie’s 6pm post. I am not alone on that thinking, and obviously I agree with Doodie assessment on how the best teams are built, and the goalie not being the most important player anymore.

  83. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    Hank can be an absolute awesome goalie with the right d men. His d men suck for him to be an elite. The fact remains you can have as many brian leetchies as you want, but without beukes or ulfies it means NOTHING to the goalie!!!!!! How many cups has fatso won in jersey without scott stevens? Leighton was a waiver pick up! How much better would hank be with coburn and pronger in front of him. There is not a goalie out there from juniors on up that doesn’t want a couple of banging nasty crease clearers playing in front of him (or her). It is a security blanket that every goalie wants and needs. Look at how much better AA played with prust and shelley. Way more confident. Same goes with goalies, everyone likes to have some beef backing them up. Right now our D corps is all veggie burger!!!!!

  84. bull dog line on

    couldn’t agree more about the the Rangers D. last season it was the softest D in the NHL. It makes me scratch my head when I see people write that Giradi must be brought back. there was only 1 DMAN on the Rangers softer than him, and that was Staal.

  85. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Are we going to start up “Trade Lundqvist” again?

    I can see it coming…

  86. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    calm down my friend!!!

    carp this tweet post is for you:

    Love the conference name ideas. The No Thanks Pac 10. The Texas And the Rest of Us Conference (sounds like Festivus). The Beebe Ten.

  87. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    if staal and girardi (gabby incident not included) play the way they have their whole careers (getting beat down by drummer boy semin from the caps not included for staal) and they are not your “toughest” or most physical d men, then I have no problem with them on the blueline. I mean if you have a couple of true physical d men back there and staal and girardi are you positionally sound guys along with a puck mover or two, then your blueline is A ok. Problem is staal and girardi are our “tough” d men and are nothing more than positionally sound guys on any other team.

    I honestly believe, with staal especially, that with the right vet guy (read experienced in the NHL) can help him develop into a physical hitting d man with an edge. Most here will not want to hear this, but staal would be on hell of a better d man if there was a pronger or sutton or witt or ulfie type on this team to show him how to do it. How is he going to learn that style? from rozy? malik? kaberle? seriously folks. Until he has that guy on the roster to learn from he is just going to be a “positionally sound” d man that we drafted in the first round with potential to be more.

  88. Well Zzzzz 1-5 I haven’t done don’t know about #6 7-10 I can do I do read this blog everyday I just don’t post consistently. But I love my Rangers

  89. Does that mean using the Flyers blog excludes me?

    I use the Flyers blog to try and unite Philly and New York fans!

  90. wicky (draft Dylan McIlrath in the first round!!) on

    OK, got to get up at 0400, so I’m out!!!

    Night jason!!!

  91. I was 14 and started following hockey a couple of years before after a school ice skating trip (the Winter Olympics were that year so that helped build the addiction).

    As much as I knew 1940 loomed large for them, by the time Game 7 came around I had a feeling that they would pull it off. I suppose since they won Game 7 of the ECF it seemed like they were destined. Yes, games 5 and 6 were a huge disappointment but as far as my sports fandom was concerned the NY teams tended to always come out on top in big games (the main exception was the 1988 Mets).

    After Leetch scored the opening goal I had a feeling it was going to end well. However the last stretch of the third period where Nathan Lafayette hit the post was pure agony. I remember my dog would get in between the coffee table and the TV where I would stand during tense moments for the big games that year. After they sent the puck down ice (only to have it called for icing with 1.6 seconds left) I practically kicked my dog out of the way while jumping up and down. That year I was fortunate to get tickets to a number of games right along the railing where the Rangers came out of the lockerroom and onto the ice. While they were waiting to drop the final face off they showed the picture of Neil Smith and his wife, I definitely remember thinking “damn what I wouldn’t give to be in those seats”.

  92. CR

    I hate to bring this up, but Tim Connolly though a master with the stick, also turns out to be unusually brittle for a major league player. He has sent an awful lot of time in sick bay.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " 1994!!! " … says Greg L. on

    hmmm Cr9 …i’ll have to think about that one.

    Ria , Thats the last but most important!!! WTG!!

    Wicky speaks alot of sense. Pronger backing up Hank…we wish!!HAHA veggie burger!!

    Oh and,
    FIRE OLGA!!!

  94. As a lifetime Ranger fan from 1963 other then seeing my kids born, 1994 was the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen…..I am saddened by the thought of I may not ever see another cup winner in my lifetime…..Thank You 1993-1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers.

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