A ’94 quiz (updated)


I’m kind of unavailable this weekend … and next weekend, probably … so to keep you occupied, try this. A friend emailed me this online quiz: Name the ’94 Rangers.

There were 25 of them on the Stanley Cup roster. I got them all (but I should get them all, right?). There are a couple of tricky ones.

See youse.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:52 P.M.: For those who couldn’t see the Blackhawks parade today, the NHL Network will broadcast WGN’s coverage of the parade tomorrow at noon.

NHL Network will also show the remaining games of the AHL championship series between Hershey and Texas. Game 5 is tonight at 8:30; Game 6 Monday at 7 p.m.; and Game 7, if needed, Wednesday at 7.

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  1. i got em all. I had a system to doing it, I put Graves first, the Mess, Leetch and Richter, then all the fringe dudes, then was on a roll until i had about 5 left and remembered I forgot Beuk and Lowe, and the rest came! At least I didnt need the whole 10 minutes lol

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s tricky. I missed one guy who played in the playoffs, one who didn’t.

  3. this is the funniest parade/rally ever i think! between the cabbie stuff, versteeg rapping, NOW They are dancing! How hysterical!

  4. dude he got HUGE cheers and they chanted his name! Edzo with the ‘third times the charm’ comment was classic

  5. good for Chicago.. great city…great team…great for hockey! great fylthies didnt win! great any way you look at it!

  6. ok, you kids have fun for now! I gotta go make coconut cake and lasagna for tomorrow night! Catch yas latah!

  7. You guys see this?

    FOX Chicago News

    Chicago – While the Blackhawks players celebrated with the cup, Coach Quenneville spent Thursday cleaning up his property.

    His home in west suburban Hinsdale got TP’d — and good.

    TMZ got the exclusive photos of the coach cleaning up. The website reports that Coach Q was a good sport about the TP’ing.

    Winning the championship will do that for you, we guess.

  8. enjoyed watching the parade and rally in Chicago. the official crowd estimate was 2 MILLION

    5 times larger than any other Chicago sports parade

    hockey is king

  9. 22/25. Hudson, Hartman and guess who? EDZO! LMAO at myself.
    I’m kinda unavailable this weekend too. Back to fishing, sorry.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hudson, Hartman, Lidstor. Dang.

    Should have gotten Lidstor… Hudson and Hartman? I was 13 then and i still don’t even know who they are or what they did to this day.

  11. onecupin70years

    I don’t remember them all,but I can name the 61 Yankee line up.


    lets see them!

  12. Damn, I was rolling along. Hudson and Hartman I remembered. I would have finished a lot sooner if I could spell “Olczyk”. (They wouldn’t accept “Edzo”)

  13. Drew, i was not happy with the unacceptable edzo also!!!

    Hell, I put hudson & hartman right after the big 4 lol!

  14. I was supposed to do it online? I did it by counting my own fingers. And using a few strong Russian words. Misread the post. Damn iPhone. I need a new one.

  15. Wow, that was hard, yo. Then again, it was the first time I started getting into hockey and I was only 14, so there ya have it.

    Got the big 4 and the Russians right off the bat. I miss Nemchinov. :(

  16. How the heck did I forget Kypreos (1st to touch the Cup after Messier by skating over and kissing it while still in Messier’s hands)? I also forgot about Greg Gilbert but got all of the rest. I had originally typed Barry Richter and Corey Hirsch who were minor leaguers practicing with the team in the playoffs. Barry Richter had glasses on in the Cup photo and Corey Hirsch had the red hair. I knew they did not play in the playoffs, but was unsure if they were on the roster.

  17. Interesting link, Linda! I wonder if others will follow suit. As much as I hate to see players hurt in the Olympics (ahem), I do think they should have the right to represent their country. Maybe they could work something out that if they get hurt in the Olympics they don’t get paid for the rest of the time they’re out of the NHL lineup. Not likely, but still.

  18. I get what you’re saying Dude, but i don’t think that would go over well in collective bargainning! I truly think the NHL will continue on with the Olympics. I wonder what they are going to want the players to ‘give back’ for that treat.

    Corey Hirsch! nice bwayblue

  19. How about naming EVERY player who played for the Rangers at some point during the 1993-94 season? Darren Turcotte, Tony Amonte, James Patrick, Doug Weight, Mike Gartner, the Black Aces…who else we got?

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I was guessing everyone I could think of: Phil Bourque (traded to Ottawa), Joe Cirella (lost to Panthers via expansion), Marchant (traded to Edmonton), Erixon (not resigned), Steven King (to the Ducks, but I don’t know if it was free agency or expansion), Norstrom (not enough games played to count), etc.

    How did I miss Greg Gilbert?!

    Hudson doesn’t upset me. 48 regular season games and never playing another game as a Ranger makes him easily forgettable.

  21. How about Peter Andersson…his one goal that year is showcased on the Oh Baby! video

  22. Hey Carp,
    I was away a few days and was just looking back on what I missed and low and behold we got the same B-Day. Weird thing about that day and my life is my best friend since 1st grade and me share it, my brother(6yrs), I get married and it’s my sister in law, just can;t get my own cake. Tues night I stop for 1 beer out of state where i’m moving the family, they go home and the guy next to me says it’s his B-Day same age. Now you, it’s starting to freak me out! I think i’m 2 yrs older, just a guess. Happy Belated B-Day.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I named Andersson and LaCroix too. After checking hockeydb.com. the only guy I didn’t name (other than the 2 I missed) was Hiller.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I bet it would be much harder to name all of the members of the 2003-2004 Rangers or 2005-2006 Rangers because of the revolving doors of personnel from those years.

  25. It the past tells us anything I think the Rangers should try and trade down their #10 pick because hardly anybody drafted #10 in the last 29 years has done well in the league except Selanne and Holik and a few others.


    PHX has 2 first round picks and maybe would swap #13 plus a pick for #10 or Boston would swap #15 plus a pick for #10

  26. It would be sweet to get Boston’s #15 and #32 picks especially if Kabanov drops to the 2nd round

  27. who was the kid defenseman who was called up for the finals but didn’t ever play? Norstrom was also with the team during the finals, but not on the roster.

    Quick story on Hudson. He was suspended for like five or 10 games toward the end of the season. Well the Rangers made all those trades at the deadline, so Hudson never played again. He went to Keenan one day and said, “Uh, coach, you know my suspension’s over, right?”

    Belated happy 26th, hedberg!

    Good evening, Sally!

  28. AAAAAAAAAAAAH yes, that’s right!

    I’ll be honest, I’ll be celebrating an anniversary of my 29th next month lol ;-)

  29. RE: 2010 Traverse City NHL Prospects Tournament

    September 11-15th

    The teams slated to be there are:

    Rangers, Detroit, Atlanta, Carolina, St. Louis, Minnesota, Columbus and Dallas.

    Drop the NHL Network an e-mail in regard to Traverse City. I was told last year, they may consider airing it again if they see a demand for it.


  30. Good evening all! Tony, Linda, fyi, I will soon be 25 :)

    hedberg, happy belated 27th!

    I didn’t even try the quiz. I have to look in the laundry to remember what I wore yesterday. To those who scored 100, congrats!

    But I will say, I never would have forgotten Beuk!! And oh, reminding me of Amonte made me cry. Ok heads, who can remember the specifics (I can’t) of the game when Tony made the awesome goal by sliding on the ice face down from like the blue line? I have the image in my head, but can’t place it….

  31. Ya know, it’s sad that the season is over, but being able to read this blog during the offseason makes things a little bit better.

    I do have one question about game 6 the other night. I’ve gotten used to all the Emerickisms the last few years- “He knifes the puck”, “He spirits the puck”. Did I actually hear him say that somebody SHILLELAGHED the puck down the ice? WTB?

  32. ok lasagna and coconut cake are both done for tomorrow night! Orr, if I had your address I’d send ya some lol

  33. Linda, how do you find this stuff! LMOA, especially at this comment:
    “For me, a hockey game just isn’t the same unless Doc is calling it.”

    all, go to sister blog (click on my screen name) this is truly awesome.

    ilb, how are the fish biting?

  34. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If Kovalchuck “sells out” to the KHL then it should be said that he was a bust. A talented player?..yes !! Did he make the Devils better? NO!! He sat on Atlanta and had top line minutes. He produced. Even Marcel Hossa (not Marian)will produce given the ample “ice time”. Hossa lead the KHL in scoring so it kinda shows you the way things go around there. Kovalchuck comands a hefty hefty (wimpy wimpy) salary and if the KHL want to pay it , let him go. Ill pay big bucks for $$

    Staal (oldest)
    Vinny L
    maybe selanne

    You see these guys deserve to be paid $6 -7 million tops.

    Everyone else should get $3 million

    The rest should get 1.5 and under.

    10 million would goto mayyybe OV in 3 years?or someone dominating and LIFTS YOU right out of your seat. A guy you DONT goto the fridge while the games on. This guy who gets 10 million should have you GLUED everytime hes on the ice.

    If General managers play HARD BALL and let the Marian Hossas and the Kovalchucks leave for the KHL then our league will be more solid and respectable. Guys like Drury,Gomez ,and Redden making the cash they do is Absurd. Send all these clowns down.For the sake of the league for petes sake!!

    Truefans, Thanks!! I cant believe we agreed.

  35. Greg

    You know I love ya, but there’s no need to insult Olga or Fran earlier. Completely uncalled for.

  36. Thanks Linda! I guess I really did hear that. As far as the game not being the same unless Doc is calling it, I guess that’s true. It’s not nearly as enjoyable when I have to listen to him. Ugh!

  37. Knew you’d like that Lin! And CR did too (good sister blog commentator that he is!)

    Greg, you and ddeb should get together on your amazing stats!

    As Greg said, mmmm, food. off to eat and sign off. TA! be nice!

  38. Eddie, sometimes i wonder what game that dude is watching. It’s almost as if he’s trying to out clever himself and DRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEE!! sorry, it permeated my brain!

  39. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 ,what they said was “un called for”.

    I can’t sit here and read ,as the top post ” Im now a Chicago fan first untill Dolan and Sather are gone”

    So I basicly have to read him constantly saying “Fire Sather” I love Chicago more now …bla bla bla. Time for him or her to move onto anutha site and take a crack at the shoeshine box. Sather and Dolan are NOT going anywhere so relax already. NEGATIVITY is all Olga and Fran produce. I read the Carp they say and it infuriates me Cr9 to no end!!
    I will not take back one word and I ment ever bit of it.

  40. Greg, I think you’re taking it the wrong way. You’re a super positive fan, and I envy your optimism.

    As fans we are allowed to be disheartened with the way the team is run. Everyone is frustrated, and some people look at all aspects instead of just keeping the rose colored glasses on.

    We know Dolan and Sather are not going anywhere, but do you really think their inept style of ownership and management are going to lead us to another parade down the Canyon of Heroes anytime soon?

    Fran’s possibly watched more hockey than all of us. ;-) He has great stories. He’s been a fan for a very very long time. I think he’s reminiscing and venting frustration, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    This team needs an organEYEzation wide PLAN, from the very top rung to the very bottom rung. There needs to be a “Rangers Hockey” type philosophy from the big club all the way down to the lowest ‘minor league’ team. They need to improve on the fundamentals of the game, and then input their artistry. There needs to be accountability from the owner, to management, to the players and EVERYONE involved with the organEYEzation.

    Sure, it’s great for the athletes to PLAY here, because of the limelight and all the fringe benefits. But they should remember to do the job first, and that is to be a cohesive, well functioning team, THEN worry about the night life.

    Not every fan looks at things the way you do Greg,but that does NOT make them any less a fan, especially when they’ve been watching the team for 40+ years.

  41. Apology accepted, Linda. It permeates my wife’s brain as well. We’ll be sitting, watching the game, and when someone shoots, she’ll yell “The SHOOOOOOOOOT!!” almost before Doc does. I love watching games with her.

  42. leethhalloffame on

    Carp – I know Sather’s a mute when it comes to giving any info to fans and press, but any word on progress of Ryan McDonagh signing with NYR?

  43. Greg-
    I’ve got to agree with Linda. When I watch the Rangers, I expect the worst, but hope for the best. That’s why, when the team starts doing well, everybody here gets so excited, only to be disappointed in the end. It’s the team’s fault. I believe that through their performance, they’ve conditioned us to feel this way. I remember that when I was younger I wasn’t as negative as I am now. After close to forty years of following this team, and only one cup to show for it, I’ve experienced a lot of disappointment. Anyway, my point is that we all still love this team no matter whether we’re negative or not.

  44. mostly just little blurbs about him, but thats the lastest i could find. maybe one of our senior boneheads could have more info.

  45. Greg

    I know that fran and Olga come across as negative sometimes, but there is no reason to attack them. This is a blog of Rangers fans, and we should unite together.

  46. Tank The Season on

    This year’s UFA crop is pretty much the worst ever. The Rangers need to stay out entirely.

  47. Greg is one of the most passionate Ranger fans that I’ve ever come across and has been around this blog way longer than me and most everyone else. He’s entitled to his opinion.

  48. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I got 23 of 25 and had 21 in 4 minutes, got wells and hartman in 2 more minutes, spent the last 4 minutes trying to figure out hudson and gilbert and never did.

  49. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg, I am happy knowing that you will keep on enjoying Sather’s Rangers. Excuse me for not writing lately, I have a Black Hawks Stanley Cup to celebrate. You can even have my old Rangers motto… Wait ’til next year.

    BTW- I’m keeping FIRE SATHER for myself. [and Linda] :)

  50. Chuck

    Im with you. Of course Greg is entitled to his opinions. I just dont think it’s nice to treat other Rangers fans like crap. We should all unite together to either support our team or find a creative way to get rid of Sather, not fight amongst each other over the direction our team is headed.

    But speaking of most passionate Rangers fans, I am the most passionate Rangers fan – and most passionate anti-Bostoner to boot – that anyone’s ever come across, but I dont see folks saying that about me.

  51. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some of those things are hilarious and genius! Mini-Records? CDs! Pancake-bacon sounds just awesome! Video-conferencing! “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere,” well, speaks for itself. Those first few are ammaaaazzzing.

  52. billybleedsblue on

    Olga, shame on you! I’m willing to accept a plea of temporary insanity for your transgressions! Denounce your previous statements and I shall not call you a fair-weather fan!

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Olga is a fairweather… offering him the opportunity to switch back to his first fair-weather following (the Rangers) just proves him a bigger fair-weather! What’s done, is done, and now Olga Folkyerself.

  54. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    This all I’m going to say on this, but IF (and it is a big IF) we had won a cup and the hawks didn’t make the playoffs, slatipuss would be great and the chicago gm would have a bunch of bad contracts (he has a couple you know). They hadn’t won a cup in 49 years, so slatipuss has 39 to go. How many other teams have not won a cup in the last 10 years???? Quite a few, it sucks for us because we are all rangers fans, but it isn’t like we are the only team missing the boat here. Yes we do have some bad contracts…..duh! That being said, slats has done a pretty good job fixing HIS mistakes the past season or so (Gomer, Higgins, Kotalik). He even got the apparent fan fave McDonut (sorry orr, had to use it) who everyone seems to think is the next beukeboom. He is by no means fantastic, but a lot of people hated the way smith ran the team before slats. Everyone complained that it was all vets and we traded away youth and never played prospects or young guys. Now we play some and hold on to some and everyone complains about slats (myself included at times about the players and contracts assembled). If we had a Gm that only played young guys and prospects and we lost all the time with them, everyone would be complaining about that gm and the lack of vet guys and everyone KNOWS that is true.

    Most of us here deep down are rangers fans first and hockey fans second. That being said, none of us regardless of the gm is going to be upset if we win a cup with slats as the gm. The whole playing prospects and young guys only is just….well…stupid. If you love hockey that much that you want to see just young guys play with “heart” and “passion” and just for the love of the game, you should be watching your local peewee or bantam leagues. They are playing for the “love” of it. AHL players and prospects are playing for contracts just like drury’s or vinny l’s. You guys really need to think before you type stuff like that!!!


  55. Whether someone is negative or positive they both want the same end result – a Stanley Cup. The difference is whether they agree with the way the team is going about it. I’m sorry, but I can’t sit and say everything is great when I don’t agree with signings like Kalinin (yeah, remember him?) and Kotlik and I won’t even mention the roster choking contracts that are obvious.

    But, when you say that you’re now a Blackhawks fan….well go to the Blackhawks blog. Read the Chicago Tribune. Get the folkouttahere. Your opinions on the Rangers have no substance any more. Just my opinion.

  56. I hope the lay off ZZZZZZZZZZ was not meant for me! I absolutely LOVE Greg!!! He’s awesome! And his fandom of the Rangers is awesome.

    Im putting out the message: LAY OFF OLGA

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I concur with Cross Check. I’ve lived near several different NHL teams and gone to other team’s games (because I couldn’t get to the garden). I rooted for other players and developed my “favorites” list with added exposure to other teams and their markets/fanbase. HOWEVER, not once would I say my “new favorite team is …. xxxx.” You were clearly not a very big Ranger fan if that is the case. Perhaps you said that in anger? In which case, you can take it back. Nonetheless, your allegiance to the team shouldn’t be swayed by a man (Sather) or your infatuation with youngstars from another team.

  58. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    I think we can all agree that it is not perfect here in ranger land. And we do have individual ideas how this team will succeed (crease clearing hard hitting physical d men anyone??) That being said, I am still and always will be a ranger fan winning the cup or drafting in the 10th spot. I will be frustrated and happy, I will arm chair GM this team to death, but always a ranger fan!!!

  59. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    It wasn’t meant for anyone specifically and I have not went back and looked at all the comments to see what led up to this, but just caught enough blurbs to see that it SEEMED like ZZZZ was getting ganged up on, I’m NOT girardi, I will jump in!!!!

    Honestly I do not have a problem with anyone that posts here at all. I disagree with some at times, but think everyone here is pretty cool on the happy human/tasty cakes scale!!!


    Calling for the firing of the Hurricanes GM by a Rangers fan looks pretty stupid doesn’t it? So does a Blackhawks fan calling for the firing of the Rangers GM.

  61. Wick, noone was ganging up on Greg, especially not me. Greg is ever the optimist, and I stated I was envious of him for his optimism.

    Maybe I read things incorrectly, but I just figured Olga is busting chops with all the Hawks stuff. He is correct though, that once ‘things’ changed over there, they became pretty damned good in a pretty short time and now have won the Cup. I think he just hopes something like that can happen with the Rangers. If I am wrong on Olga busting chops, then that’s on me and noone else, and I apologize for misreading the comments and the spirit they were made in.

    All I’m saying is that in order for changes to happen with the Rangers, the status quo has to go. It’s like hamsters running on the wheel, the wheel stays in place while it spins, it doesnt go forwards (nor backwards). We all want to see forward movement, improvement each year. We get that from some of the players, but the team doesn’t seem to move forward as a whole. Is that because of the players, or the system—or LACK of a coherent system for the players assembled?

    NOONE can question Greg’s love, passion and dedication to the team. But when someone raises questions, or disagrees with something, why should they be told to shut up? Differences of opinion are still allowed, right?

  62. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    Like I said a few threads ago, I can tell hockey is over, a lot of thin skin running around now.

    I started to go back and read what started this, but I didn’t get far enough I think. It seems that the sticking point (I AM ONLY GUESSING HERE) the comment of a poster about now being a hawks fan first and that they have always supported both teams but now are supporting the hawks. In jest or not, that reminds me of a certain poster that used to be here that said they supported both the devils and the rangers but as the rangers fortunes started to change, decided to become a ardent devils fan, all the while claiming to be fans of both. I like the flames, but even if they win the cup, I will always support the rangers first.

    I do not have a problem at all with the poster that is now a hawks fan. I hope they enjoy it and I have no ill will at all, it is their right to say they changed and support another team. Probably not the best idea to go around bragging about it on a blog that is full of very loyal and frustrated rangers fans.

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    Look, I’m only going to explain this once, so pay attention. I have been a New York Rangers fan since 1974. I have gone through thick and thin, 1979 and 1994 with this team. I have also gone through the last ten years of Sather’s promises, mistakes, bad contracts, bad drafting, overspending, poor coaching choices… You all know Sather’s record here.

    I am still a fan of the NEW YORK Rangers. It is Sather that I can no longer stomach. The 500 or so “FIRE SATHER” posts should have given you all a clue. I can no longer hope for this “team” as long as Sather is running things. If changing teams once in 36 years is a fairweather fan- well then, call me a fairweather fan.

    The Black Hawks have always been a favorite team of mine. Best Logo in the NHL. Call it my “Western Conference” team if it makes you feel better. I stopped watching them for a number of years, until their idiot owner Wirtz dropped dead in 2007. Within three years, his son was standing there watching the Hawks skate around with the Cup. So I know it can be done, if you have someone running things that knows what they are doing.

    Sather doesn’t. I think that it is going to take removing him entirely from the franchise for the Rangers to become a Cup Contender again. No more Sather plus 3 years or so to fix what he did to the Rangers. I will continue to watch the Rangers with interest. I am also way ahead of some of you, I am active on a couple Black Hawk blogs, merrily celebrating the Stanley Cup with my Chicago friends.

    Like it or not, I will still be here commenting on the New York Rangers games, scores, progress, standings. I will also continue to negatively comment on Sather and Dolan for as long as they continue to ruin the franchise.

    FIRE SATHER! Black Hawks in 2011 and Rangers whenever Sather is gone. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

    Now talk amongst yourselves…

  64. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    again, just like linda, I was just trying to figure out what all the hub bub was about. I really do not care who your fave team is. I have no problem with you what so ever and very CLEARLY stated that. IF you are trying to make a problem fine, that is on you.

    3 plus million people have died over the years defending free speech, so you can have your opinion and stick to and enjoy the hell out of doing it out of respect for them.

  65. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    Now go back to bickering everyone.

    I’m watching some footy before I go to work!

  66. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    I mean it isn’t like this franchise has some astounding track record or history of cups like montreal, we have like four cups over our history and one in the last half century. It isn’t like we won 6 cups in 8 years before sather and now we are where we are. The most recent cup we did win was due to a VET player via a trade, not some home grown prospect or savior from our system (yes, leetch and ricther were from the system, but we all know it would have never happened without mess).

    Do not misunderstand here, I want sather and dolan gone just like most of you do. The point is the over exaggerating of the sather situation is ridiculous!! I’d fire the coach before sather!

  67. hello my name is anthony harrison and i live in arizona. i am 10 years old and my papa is tony from az. i want to thank you for sending me the ranger tee shirt.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HEY HEY Anthony!! Hows it gowingg? Ya gotta a perty cool papa there . Nice to see yer a Rangers fan!!

    Linda , Freedom of speech is ok with me and If Olga wants to cheer for Chicago then thats fine with me. If Olga goes on the Hawks blog , thats fine with me. What isnt fine is him being first and declairing his love for Chicago. Bulldog sees it too.So does Trufans and Cross check Charlie. I am not a better fan if the Rangers are my only favorite team and this is the only blog I go to. Wicky I do care alot for my fellow bloggers and yes Cr9 ,I will respect them and not attack ’em BUT if they are gonna continuously say that stuff … Ive warned Carp , I will not take it any longer. I see someone slammin our team , It hurts. I care alot and I base my whole hockey lifestyle soley on the Rangers . I have center ice and only watch the Rangers. I love hockey but believing in my team is what keeps me going at times. I love my Roughriders over here and they say The Roughriders have the greatest fans in all of Canada. I love the Roughriders but Love the Rangers more. Wayyy more. I bleed ’em ,and would cry like Messier if we ever win again. My hockey knowledge goes beyond the Rangers but my sheer passion is dedecated loyaly to our club. I am not a sucker for Sather. Nor am I “following him” The team is bigger then Sather …never put your hate over the team. Its our beloved Blueshirts that are on the ice,not Sather.

    I appreciate the backup too Wicky!! Yer no Girardi . You too Chuck ,tanks.

  69. Good evening all! Anthony from AZ, welcome! Your pops rocks!

    wicky, thanks for keeping the blog going all night and day :) This comment in particular made me laugh: Most of us here deep down are rangers fans first and hockey fans second.

    a friend at work asked if i’d watched the final. I said of course! he laughed and said well, that disproves the rumor. I said, what rumor? he said, that you only care about the Rangers not hockey.

    sigh. non-hockey people just don’t get it do they?!

    wicky, again, you channeled Greg! “happy human/tasty cakes scale!!!” LMAO!!

    Greg, you know mama loves your positive attitude!

  70. That’s the only mention I get :(

    No how great my attitude is or love for the Rangers mentioned :(

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Momma , I found myself not really watching “full” playoff games so Maybe im more of a Rangers fan ? Naw I love hockey too it just happens the Rangers are my team. Some people mistake my positive attitude as being “brain washed” or “fooled” but in reality we have alot to be positive about. Our youth is one thing and another is our future managment. Gone are the days when people would say ” Look at the Rangers , highest payroll and always the carppiest team” Our time is now . Really ,Sather or no Sather , our time is definatly now. This year we will be better . Right now is the greatest time to be a Ranger fan cuz as the song goes …The future is so bright I gotta wear shades.

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , yer love for the Rangers is awsome but it seems yer hate for Boston overpowers it. Youll cheer for the team who beats Boston even if it destroyed the Rangers. You seem to get yer “last laugh” in when Boston feels pain . Im only observing you in this observation so excuse me if im incorrect. You get really excited when Boston loses and I see more Boston hating passion then Ranger loving Passion. Your Jagr love is tremendous and yer support and yer kindness on here is outstanding. You belong here and not at those other carppy blogs. Your are truely one messed up bonehead..haha just kidding.

  73. CR, you have a great attitude and love for the Rangers!

    Greg, I’m very with you on this: I love hockey too it just happens the Rangers are my team.

    The Rangers are the only team I follow religiously and hockey the only sport I care about (I actually enjoy the summer off, lots of evenings free!!)

    I think everyone here is a true fan (especially true fan:) we just have different ways of looking at the team, handling our disappointment and all that jazz. It will get nasty (not Nasty) at times, but I guess that comes with Blueshirt territory. I’ve only had one Cup in my lifetime (like many Hawks fans) and sure hope for at least one more before I go to that big rink in the sky. But ah, won’t even that one be so sweet :)

    I asked this question here last year…why Rangers, why hockey? Got some cool answers. Still makes no sense to me, but I still love it!

    OK, long mama rant over…..LGR!!!

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , everyone has something that others identify them by.
    Like when a doctor hold up cards saying what the first thing that come to your mind…

    CR9 – Hates Boston
    Wicky – Crease clearing dman
    Josh – 26
    CCCP – russian coat checker

    ect … everyone has a tag and as honest as I can get ,thats yers buddy.

  75. CR, come on, that was so sweet from Greg! :)

    P.S. My Boston-bred cousin thinks I owe him a dinner from a playoff-related bet. I’m sure I don’t know what he’s talking about, but I’ve offered to treat him huge if that’s what we wants…pizza with all the toppings!

  76. Mama, okie dokie pokie! I just read your mind, though :)

    Thanks, Greg! Id rather have my moniker be the lover of all animals!

  77. billybleedsblue on

    Olga, if not fair-weather, than how ’bout front-running band-wagoneer?

  78. Like Greg, I have Center Ice but only watch the Rangers. I will admit that I’m a Ranger fan first and a hockey fan second. Does that make me a bad person?

    I do love hockey, though, and find that I enjoy hockey more when I’m not rooting for either team. Watching the Rangers is…well…stressful. I can never just relax and enjoy the game when my team is playing. After, say, a 3-2 Ranger game, my friends will say,”That was a good game, huh?” I will disagree every time. The only good Ranger game is when they win 10-0. The only close game that’s good is when I don’t care who wins.

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    A fair weather fan is gonna root for the winning team everytime. Every club that wins the cup has a new bunch of bandwagonjumpers and the Hawks are no different. Whats not to like about the young upstart team? Balance of Americans and Canadians ,A new enegized Hossa , Big Buff and the awsome defensive corps. YAWN !!! I’ll pass . Gives me zero joy ty very much. Eddie ,I hear ya man …ya have to relax a little bit more so you can enjoy the season comming up. Stress is a good thing but dont let it getya too over worked like It does to me sometimes.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Olga said:
    ” I stopped watching them for a number of years, until their idiot owner Wirtz dropped dead in 2007″

    Seems like Olga has a problem with upper management.

    If Olga had it his/her own way . Everyone would not goto Ranger games anymore and the ones who did would hold up a Fire Sather sign. If Olga had it his way…we would n’t have a franchise anymore. Olga is worse than Plum Local Fan cuz he PROMOTES fans to not purchace season tickets. Olga thinks if everyone(fans) all leave untill Sather leaves then everyone will come back!!?? So Olga is saying to drop the Rangers,protest,dont buy season tickets and have rallys all the time to scorn our teams ownership. This guy is the actual poison .He is poisoning our blog with hate and disparity.

    ALL I say , is Bring it on dude cuz last time I looked the Rangers had a perty big pose’ I’ll lead any charge cuz this year we are goin ALL THE WAY .

  81. here’s something for all you trivia fans,Name the only team in the playoffs this year that DID NOT have an x-Ranger on the team……….That’s right,the Stanley Cup Champion Black Hawks

  82. reginald dunlop on

    Hey carpy……….got em all with 654 to spare but then again I better……. ha ha ha……hope all is well

  83. I know this is WAY off-topic and someone probably already brought this up… but does anyone find it ironic that the rangers new affiliate is the Rochester Americans? Wasn’t the curse of 1940 created all because the Rangers booted The New York Americans out of MSG and burnt the lease in the cup?

  84. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    home from work and going straight to bed!! ZZZZZZ, you da man!! Mama you are welcome. I do what I can.

    Night mary ellen!!!

  85. I will not have much time today, so I’ll give you my thoughts on last night’s bickering on the blog.
    First off, GregL should be left alone. He is immune from any scolding by anyone in my book. The reason is because he is truly the most passionate Rangers fan I’ve met. If every Rangers fan and every player had that much passion, we would have one of the best teams in the league. If he could only spell…:-)

    I really don’t care who is rooting for which team. Everyone is allowed to have their favorites. And everyone is welcome to give their opinion. Brings out more discussion. But it could certainly be done in a more amicable fashion. Too me, Rangers first, hockey second.  

    In terms of blaming everything on Dolan and Sather. Of course this team is were it is because of our ownership and management. But it is also to be blamed on every NY fan, every corporation involved. Don’t compare Chicago to NY, folks. Doesn’t help. Wurtz, when his team was atrocious and when his father died, couldn’t sell more than 2,000 season tickets, he was going to be in the red for years to come unless he made some drastic changes. And, yes, of course he wants to win too. Dolan is a businessman first ( and a pretty good one) and sports fan second. As long as he makes money, why change a thing. If he revamps the team completely, he may be at loss for a few years. At the moment, even if every single season ticket holder ( including the corporations) surrenders their tickets, they will be picked up right away. And thinking that MSG will be empty unless they win a few cups is unrealistic. We have what we have. It ain’t Chicago. 
    In terms of Sather. He was not equipped to handle a big market team or to manage after the new CBA. But he makes money for his boss. Let me tell you, even if our team was going to SC finals for 10 years in a row and never won the Cup, we would be screaming ” Fire Sather” anyway. Myself included. 
    Things are changing as much as they can. We getting more youths, and are not fast to trade them. Bad contracts will be gone in a couple of years. Let’s be patient. You never know what the new GM will bring. Be careful what you ask for. I’m optimistic. I think they will be better next year, probably because our young guns will start maturing. Not ready to win the Cup, but better. 

    On a personal note, I’ll be at the Lincoln Center all day. My son is graduating from Med School today.  Does anyone have an extra pack of Kleenex?

  86. “I asked this question here last year…why Rangers, why hockey? ”

    I don’t know if you want to revive this discussion, but I’m going to comment anyway. :) I’m not sure what made me a hockey fan. I didn’t skate (I still don’t and have to resort to playing street hockey). There were no hockey leagues in the little town I grew up. As I became more bored with baseball and basketball I found myself enjoying the fast pace of hockey and the physical nature of the game. It has everything from beauty and grace to bone crunching violence. It’s great.

    As for the Rangers, when I started watching cable TV didn’t offer all that many channels, but we did get WOR-TV out of NYC. I started watching the Rangers (with my all-time favorite announcer Winn Elliot) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    I did go through a rough patch in the 80s when I moved to North Carolina. There was no internet then. There was no real interest in the sport here so newspaper coverage was spotty. Keeping up with the team then was difficult, but I did manage even though I could probably remember more stuff about the early 70s teams than the mid 80s teams.

  87. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    Congrats on the boy, that is great my friend. Best wishes to him from the wicksters!!!!

    I believe that messier owns stock in a kleenex company (or atleast is sponsored by one according to richter).

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg you would make one heck of a ventriloquists dummy. Your jaws were flapping about a lot of things that I supposedly would do or say, and my lips never even moved once.

    It’s fine to tell me your opinion, just don’t try to tell me mine.

  89. Congrats to your son and your entire family ilb!!! Awesome stuff!!

    As for this blog and how it should work: Love Olga, Love Izzy, Love Greg, Love ilb, Love Orr and wicky, Love Mama and Nora and Sally, love everyone!!! That’s the way Rangers fans need to be. I will accomplish the unity of New York fans one day later in my life, if it’s the last thing I bleeping do!!

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR9- I’m First? I’m honored, I think… I’ll meet you half way right here and now!

    I immediately take back half the bad things I ever said about you! How that for progress? :)

  91. ilb, that’s the longest speech I’ve ever seen you give here! Well said my friend. And major mazel tov on today! The world’s children have another Dr. B. looking after them, and that is a fine, fine thing.

  92. Cross Check, thanks for your thoughts. I’m always interested, seriously, in the psychosis that comes with being a Rangers fan!

    also, and to CCCP, if that guy marries that bee-atch, he deserves what he gets. Just watching that I want to send that little carcillo into hartnelling hell! Her laugh at the end makes me want her to get boarded by Big Buff. Yeah, it’s a funny video, but NOT FUNNY!!!

  93. dolan is a good businessman? maybe the father not the son. the son is just a lucky sperm recipient. only knows how to operate in a monopoly situation. in fair trade situation he is clueless

    re brooks article. he is a sham. criticizes pronger when avery does sh*t like that and larry worships him. remember avery hitting the goalie in the head after the play. brooks has an agenda. pro avery anti torts and nothing will change his mind. not a pronger fan mind you but larry is far from impartial.

  94. Hi everybody. Sorry for the hiatus. I was indisposed at various upstate outposts.

    ilb, congrats!

    reginald, did you get Kocur, Beukeboom and Kypreos?

    I have to do some catching up on the Brooks column and several of your comments above. Did we have some bickering?

    Orr, I agree.

    Good evening, Sally!

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Another round of Draft picks plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHA momma yer “Um, CR, ahem ” made me chuckle , good one!!!

    ilb ,wow med school!! Im proud for you and him . Smart boy …excelent!! Great take on things and I appreciate the support . I am not more passionate then the next Rangers fan , I just show it differently. Olg is passionate or he wouldnt of did such a dumb thing by declaring his love for Chicago on a Ranger site!!?? Everyone is very passionate on here and yes Cr9 I do respect everyone…kinda.

    Crosscheck Charlie ..nice story .Great idea for peeps to tell how and why.

    Tanks T , but I do know what kinda special you mean…

    Ogla ,yeah I was speaking for you , I am correct ? Admit it , I was right. I wont start anything with you cuz deep down ya like the Rangers and yer probally a perty cool person.

    Yo wicky!! say hi to the wickies for me!!!!

    Because of Cr9 , today I love!!!

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Another round of Draft picks plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Welcome back Carp-tter!!!

  97. Just won the championship in the Raleigh Street Hockey League Rec Division. Our team came in last (2-7 regular season record) and we beat the #1 and #2 seeds to win the championship. The old man still has it!

  98. Celtics 2010 Champions on

    2010 NBA Champion Boston Celtics! Perfect 18! We are the Champions! We are the Champions! No time for losers! Cuz we are the Champions! Of the World!

  99. Since when do Boston and LA represent THE World? Champions of the World my @ss…

    Basketball sux…period. A game that even a three year old can play.

  100. wicky (FIRE THE FANS!!) on

    hey carp, welcome back.

    will do bro!!!

    I agree about basketball (and baseball for that matter).

    cross check

    Good night grandpa!

  101. Hey Boneheads-
    I’ll probably get carped, but let me be the first to wish you all a happy anniversary. It is now June 14th. Don’t know how happy it can be when we haven’t seen the cup in 16 years, but there’s always video tape!

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Another round of Draft picks plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I remember it like it was yesterday. Game seven ( super scary) ahhhh so happy how it all turned out. Good call Eddie!!

  103. Just a couple of things…………………..
    Chicago … a city I grew to love. Had some of the best years of my life there,,arrived early 50’s..going to school, needed supplemental job, drove a Cab. Culture shock: Went to a place offering Pizza..the guy took out a sheet of dough, threw it into a greased Frying Pan!. Mostly sprinkled cheese, just a smattering of tomatoes, I took it out and threw it in the trash. Now for a guy who was born the year that Frank Pepe opened his first pizza shop and introduced into this country on Wooster St in New Haven, you can imagine how I regarded the midwest. It’s been a long time since I lived there, but I’m led to believe that his descendants still operate the shop, same spot, same gigantic brick ovens,same quality product. His rep circles the globe, and it is cheering to me knowing this.

    Shillellagh…wonder how many people know what that is. My sainted Grandmother, from County Mayo used to speak of her father and his shillellagh. ( don’t hold me to that spelling, it’s a Gaelic word). This much I know, it’s nothing more than a walking stick, but made from the blackthorn family of hardwood\, and often comes in a twisted form ..and no two of them are exactly alike..as can be expected. There are crafters who specialize in making them.

  104. That paragraph is a bit garbled, and I was referring to New Haven, not Chicago, when I made that statement about Pepe’s.

  105. bull dog line on

    A full regular season, playoffs, and now the start of the off season, with non hockey posts or poor hockey comments by Olga and Linda. I say FIRE OLGA, and LINDA!

  106. happy anniversary to all my fellow rangers fans. 16 years ago today was the happiest day of my life. better then my wedding day.

    we want the cup.

    it might be another 54 years

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Another round of Draft picks plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Fran , County Mayo is where my late girlfriend lived . It was in Kiltimagh .

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Another round of Draft picks plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Eric , Your wedding was cool ( we were all there) but ya wont be waiting another 54 years I can garentee you that. Our team is for real and once we get back to the playoffs …its gonna be our turn to turn heads.

  109. says Greg L

    Kiltimag is not a pace I’m familiar with…my grandma was from Bally Drum she never talked much about it, said it was cold and windy, right on the shores of the N Atlantic and the North sea. However…my sainted cousin Jack, now officially retired from his scouting position with the NHL’s Central Scouting is leaving for a tour of the Old Sod, and he’s gonna look up our relatives and forbears there while he’s touring the entire country. Lotsa luck, and don’t drive on the wrong side of the street! I await his return for pics and info galore. ( It’s a strange land no matter where therein you’re from.) Ireland has shipped her sons for generations to the four corners of the earth, as mercenary soldiers who fought for other countries, and earned their status there. Many of them were with Napoleon’s army, and one of Nap’s most honored Field Marshals was a Scot named MacDonald.

    Irish names appear throughout central and South America, and of course Australia is loaded with them from the days of “transportation” by the Brits.

  110. Every country and nationality has it’s own legends, but one of the oddest is the Irish legend ( often a derivation of a true event), which has gone down through Irish history and know as “The Red Hand ( or bloody hand) of Ulster.

    It seems that on an expedition to Ireland, a few boats of rovers approached a strange part of land that had gone undiscovered. The agreement was that whomever touched the land there first would own the property. A man named Neill
    ( or O’Neill meaning “son of”,) saw another boat going to reach shore before his ,so he cut off his left hand and threw it to shore, thereby claiming the Ulster land for his clan.

    (I know, I know…we are a strange people.)

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