Byfuglien tremendously tremendous (updated)


… or, in the words of 20 Cent (or is it Twenny?) … “Holy crap!”

1) They were booing Gary Bettman? Didn’t his skills competition get the Flyers into the playoffs?

2) How about those Philly low-lifes booing the Cup?

3) What a weird way for a Cup championship to end. Too bad.

4) Once again, Philly goes down with a lower-level goalie. Because as good as Leighton was at times during these playoffs, that was a dreadful, awful, pathetic goal he allowed to Twenny.

5) Leino gets my vote for this year’s Paul Mara Beard title.

6) Time to retire Kate Smith.

7) The only team with no ex-Rangers on it ends up with the title.

8) Seriously, though, the best team from the better conference won, and that’s good for hockey.

9) It’s stunning, isn’t it, to see how much skill there was in that final — yes, Philly despite getting in with the shootout, has a lot of skill — and it makes you realize how far behind some other teams are … some teams we won’t mention? A team, perhaps, that doesn’t even really have a No. 1 line, and has only one  first-pair defenseman. Chicago’s going to be around a while, along with Pitt and Washington, for years. And if the Flys ever get a goalie, they ought to be a factor again.

10) I’m not sure who else could have won the Conn Smythe, but I don’t know that  Toews was far and away the best player in the tournament.

11) The handshake and the presentation of the two trophies, and then the passing of the Cup, is the best 5-10 minutes in all of sports.

12) That guy who guards the Cup — and he’s a really good guy — does he go to the same barber as president/GM of your favorite team?

13) Jeremy Roenick. Get out.

14) No more “Edzos” until next season.

15) So who won our contests?


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:11 P.M.: The envelopes please …

The inaugural BSCFE (ap) Contest winners are:

Contest No. 1: Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V); Contest No. 2: Izzy Mandelbaum.

FYI, Vinny was tied with “i don’t know carcillo” but idkc didn’t fill out his form correctly, didn’t specify which games on the tiebreaker scores. Gabby had Hawks in 6, 4-3 final in the clincher and had the Hawks winning Game 1. Izzy picked Kane to score the Cup-clinching goal. He probably thinks he’s better than us.

They will receive copies of the book “100 Ranger Greats” donated by the publisher, John Wiley and Sons Canada, Ltd.

Congrats, boys! e-mail me your mailing addresses at

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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    Actually, I think I am now first, a Black Hawks fan, and second, a Rangers fan. At least until the present Ranger regime is gone. Dolan doesn’t care about the Rangers, and Sather can’t get past two playoff round won in the last ten years.

    I am not bandwagon jumping, my 2 favorite teams are Rangers and Black Hawks. Today, they just swapped positions. As long as Sather and Dolan run things, that will be so. I can’t put up with Sather any longer.


  2. Linda says "Congrats Buff and the Hawks" on

    Carped 3 times so far this week i think! YES!! I AM BACK!

  3. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    repost, thanks carp!!

    I’m just saying it is a fine line these days between lousy signing and being a great GM. A cup run changes everything.
    Yes, on to the world cup!!

  4. Linda says "Congrats Buff and the Hawks" on

    lmao Carp!!! that guy has some serious hair ‘style’

  5. freaking amazing! i am so happy that the hawks won the cup, and what a way to do it. Kane deserves this. i like the kid, and i think he is part of a bright future for the NHL.

    poor JR at the end there…he showed his emotions, and that is rare from on air personalities. that guy is still a hockey player. awesome stuff.

    awesome finish to the season!!!

    fire torts
    fire sather

  6. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    i honestly thought leino or briere (hate that guy) deserved the conn.

  7. oh and carp…i’d never fire you…great job this season, and i hope we get to rant a rave all next season along with you. you are a class act!

  8. Carp, I had Hawks in 6 with the clincher 4-2. That’s all I know.

    4 months until Rangers hockey!

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    wicky, I’m not out to argue either, but Sather is much worse than just “a lousy signing”. He has proved that over the last ten years.

    Also, there are a number of great GMs. Lamorello, Holland in Detroit, McPhee for Washington, and so on.

    Sather in NY and Milbury will not be among them. The gap is greater than you think.

  10. Linda says "Congrats Buff and the Hawks" on

    21 days until July 1, then 2 1/2 months until camp!

  11. yeah what about Big Buff?? He won the series for Hawks against the Sharks and was pretty dominant the last 2 games that really mattered! I was pretty shocked to see Toews winning the MVP

  12. ‘I dont know carcillo!’ –

    I don’t mean to speak to for Carp but here’s the deal.

    You didn’t specify ‘Game 1’ and ‘Clincher’ on your entry.

    But Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) had the same exact picks so even if your entry counted you’d just be tied and Rule 94a* would be invoked so you still don’t win.

    So it’s either ‘Gift of GAB-orik’ (if your entry is void) or Linda and Sally

    *Rule 94a: In the event of a tie not settled by a tiebreaker, Sally and Linda win.

  13. Agreed on all points, Carp.

    I said the same thing to my girlfriend: too bad it ended like this. Very anticlimactic. I didn’t know it was in until 20 seconds later when they showed the replay.

    Good stuff, though. Glad the Hawks won it.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was just shocked Cindy Crosby didn’t walk out with Bettman to accept the Conn Smythe. Toews was a nice choice for his overall production. He looked to get hurt (or re-injured) this game, but still had a great playoffs. Perhaps Niemi may have deserved it too, some of his saves were amazing tonight.

  15. did they?

    I think dde had Kane, Izzy.

    I think ZzZz had Hawks in 6 and 4-3 clincher. I’ll tally it up Thursday.

    Good night, Sally!

  16. i mean…can we stop with the same damn questions?? let him go celebrate!

    “can you tell us about your season?” NO!

    “can you tell us what you had for breakfast?” NO!

    F OFF!

    we’ve heard it all already!

  17. carp

    if there was no skills competition in game 82 then philly would have beaten the rangers via tiebreak of more wins. so no need to stir up any feelings of sour grapes about shootout loss. the shootout was the only way the rangers could have made it in.

  18. I wonder if anyone will acknowledge Dale Tallon and his part in building the team. Sure he had his share of mistakes like the Campbell signing (worse contract than Redden but a much more useful player) and the RFA snafu, but he had as big of a part in organizing that club as anyone.

  19. Olga Folkyerself on


    Chicago Black Hawks- Stanley Cup Champions.

    Awesome. It’s 1994 all over again!!!!!

    Good Night all.

  20. not true. if there was no skills competition they would have had same points and the flyers more wins. so again no sour grapes over shootout. once ot ended that was only way they could have made it. if no shootout once ot was over the rangers would have been done at that point.

  21. Jay Riemenschneider on

    A better reason not to boo Bettman… if he didn’t have his WWF officiating crews on hand the series would have been over in 4. That Chicago team was light years better then the Flyers but thankfully for the benefit of the networks, teams and sponsors wallets we almost got 7 games to watch!

  22. Have to agree with you Carp about two things. The blonde bringing out the cip needs to get a haircut and the flyer with the beard looked like Paul Bunyun. Happy for chicago and its fans. Did’nt JR play for both teams; so therefore he could have cried whoever won. Watching this great hockey for the last 2 months just shows me as a life long Rangers fan,how far awawy from a cup we are.

  23. So sad…no hockey until September…well, there’s always draft day and July 1!

  24. Good morning, boneheads!

    Big Buff should’ve won the Conn Smythe. He had 5 ( I think ) GWGs for them this year, teams had to adjust their lines and Dmen to play against him. He also was the reason they won game number 5 when he effectively rendered Plunger pedestrian. That game was pivotal in the series. And he opened the scoring last night.

    One of the better SC series I’ve seen.

    I had the Hawks in 6 with 4-2 clincher and Keith as a Cup winning goal. I’m out.

  25. bull dog line on

    Leighton (not ELITE) took his team further than Hank (ELITE) can dream of taking his team.
    you know why, because the Flyers have talent on there team, and the Rangers don’t. despite what everybody thinks, you do not need an ELITE GOALIE to win the cup. you need top end talent. is Neimi ELITE?

  26. thank god no game 7.

    i know what the these flyers fan are feeling as i am a diehard eagles fan to go along with my rangers.

    21 days until july 1 but keep this in mind here in ny the rangers will play second fiddle to lebron.

    lebron to knicks not good for rangers.

    i hate the nba

  27. is Neimi ELITE


    uuummm…he is among ELITE now. I’d say, he is the best goalie in the league right now. :)

    P.S. all that talent and Flyers still couldnt win the cup…and so couldnt Sharks and so couldnt Caps.

  28. Never ending story about elite goalies, eh? Put it this way, the Hawks would’ve probably won it with Leighton as their goalie. They have tremendously talented and deep team. That doesn’t happen too often in NHL. In fact, they will not be able to keep it next year. In general, the teams have to have reasonably talented teams and the elite goalie to win it consistently. The Flyers are a good example. And Niemi did make many timely saves. Leighton didn’t.

  29. bull dog line on

    so Neimi is now also better than Hank. would you have said Neimi was ELITE before the season, or even the playoffs started? like I have said before, and will say again, you can always find a goalie, but you need top end talent and team toughness to win. the Rangers don’t need Hank to win, they need talent and skill to win.

  30. bull dog line on

    last 5 cup winning goalies,
    Neimi, Fluery, Osgood, Ward, and Giguere.
    are they all ELITE? Maybe, maybe Ward.

  31. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I like your post. This is a rare moment on your blog for me to agree or share the same thoughts with an entire rant.

    Congrats to Blackhawks nation. Well deserved.

  32. Gift of GAB-orik(and Philly Losing!) on

    Good morning all! Carp, i agree that the final handshake, and trophy/cup presentation is the best thing in all of sports. When the captain hoists the cup…. wow.
    And it was sort of an anticlimatic finish to the game… except for Kane!
    Byfuglien was a beast in the playoffs, and you could of made a case for Niemi for the Conn… he was stellar.

  33. Good morning all! Feels like a great day thanks to the Flygirls losing last night.

    Congrats to the Hawks! They were the deeper, younger and more skilled team. The ending was just awkward, with no one really knowing what happened. Loved Twenty Cent’s sprint down ice as the only one celebrating though, it cracked me up as he was doing it.

    Totally, 1,000 perent agree with #11, Carp. Nothing comes even close it to.

  34. OK: Now that it is over…….can we talk?

    Will all the folks who claim or have claimed that the Rangers could have been there if they had just done a little this or that, and that because of that shootout they never got the chance to show their wondrous ways?

    Has it finally sunken in that this Ranger team of last season DID NOT BELONG ON THE SAME ICE AS THESE TWO TEAMS?
    I’m referring now to player by player..go down the line all you want, position by position and try and convince yourselves that by not using Redden here, or putting Girardi there, or switching this one or that one around, could have made the difference?


    This past season’s lineup was remnants of the beer leagues in comparison to the two teams that fought out this wonderful series.

    You don’t even have to go to the skills factor to realize that the total dedication, commitment and sacrifice that exists with both these clubs was so far removed from the efforts that Rangers normally put out on the ice last season as to be laughable. And the COACHING. Two superb coaches.

    Ranger fans are loyal to a fault. But comes a time when it becomes apparent that they have leaders with feet of clay.

    And unfortunately, nothing much will change in their fortunes, regardless how many phenoms they manage to scoop up via trade, draft, etc. as long they are are directing this organization’s fortunes. And the reason is that they simply are incompetent, and are attempting to perform at a level way beyon their own natural capabilities.

    It won’t matter who goes to Hartford or who they pick up. When you look at the overall picture, you are looking
    at Edmond Dantes trying to escape from Chateau D’If.

    They can emote, and posture…but they cannot hide.

  35. ahhh. waking up to silence this morning in Philadelphia. great stuff! I located the blackhawks hotel and attempted to get a chance to see the cup with no avail.

    Now that the Rangers are officially back into contention for the next stanley cup, I would like to say this: The Blackhawks were AWFUL no more than 3-4 years ago. Yes, that goes to say that we may have a half a decade to go to win our next stanley, but it’s possible. I am just sayin!

    Can’t wait till October for the next rangers puck to drop!

  36. Loved JR showing emotion — it’s the Stanley Cup, and he never was able to achieve that glory. Personality is what we need more of, otherwise just hire voiceovers.
    And it is great for all hockey fans that the sport has been revived in Chicago.

  37. fran, I agree, the Rangers wouldn’t have been able to even skate with these two teams. The pace in the finals was breath-taking to watch and no way in heck would the Rangers have been able to sustain that pace for one period, let alone 6 games.

  38. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    morning all
    team toughness is HUGE. especially come playoff time.

  39. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    thought this was a funny quote from steve levy at ESPN on twitter:

    Random thought from Stanley Cup Final. The game has been over for nearly 2 hours and Brent Seabrook still has his skates on! Its a moment the players never want to end. Hockey is just such a special sport and the Stanley Cup is BY FAR the hardest trophy in all of sports to win. And I’ll drop the gloves with anybody who disagrees.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I gotta take some issues with your points:

    1) His skills competition did not get the Flyers into the playoffs. All it did was serve as a second opportunity for the Rangers to keep them out. If there was no skills competition, the game would have ended a tie and the Flyers get in on the tiebreaker.

    2) Even my wife said how terrible it was that they were booing. At least some people cheered. But in general, Philly proves yet again that they are the most classless piece of Carcillo fans in sports.

    3) Yes, very anti-climactic.

    4) Leighton was not as good as people make him out to be. He beat a Montreal team with no firepower that was just riding it’s ridiculously hot goaltender, and floundered against Chicago. The OT winner wasn’t even the only soft goal he gave up in that game. Sharp’s goal was almost as soft as Kane’s.

    5) Leino?! How is it not Scott Hartnell!?

    6) She’s no John Amirante. On a different note (no pun intended), what’s the deal when he misses a game? Like he’s got something more important to do?

    7) The Hawks aren’t the only team without former Rangers. LA comes to mind pretty quickly. I’m sure there are others.

    8) More importantly for Rangers fans, Philly lost, and we won’t have to spend the next year thinking about how they won the Cup because we couldn’t close them out on the last game of the season.

    9) I’ve been saying it since before the season starts: Philly is REALLY good. Goaltending was their only question mark. And they have shown that with the exception of Jeff Carter, they are a GREAT playoff team. And Carter just might be because of injury.

    10) Toews had good middle rounds, but was non-existent in the first round and the finals. He shouldn’t have been the pick. I would have gone with Kane One point less than Toews, more goals, scored the series clincher, and only had 4 games in the entire playoffs where he didn’t have a point. Meanwhile, if Philly won, I would have gone with either Chris Pronger or Danny Briere, depending on who played a bigger role in winning the series. At the pace it was going, it probably would have been Briere. Pronger was just totally neutralized in the last 2 games.

    11) It’s good when Sidney Crosby isn’t disrespecting it and being a piece of Carcillo.

    12) Phil Pritchard! Did you know that his “day job” is being curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame? I have never been so jealous of one person.

    13) I liked Roenick at the end of the game. Seeing him cry was really touching. You could just see it in his face and tell through the story of the kid he saw after the 92 Finals how much being moved out of Chicago hurt him and how much he regrets never having lifted the Cup. You could just see how much winning the Cup means to him. It’s not just lip-service. I think he were presented with the choice now of having his whole career, or winning the cup in 1992 and never playing another game again, he would take the Cup and run. It was really refreshing. Think whatever you want about him the rest of the time. In that one moment, you saw how empty he feels his life is without ever having lifted the Cup. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries for a comeback. I would equally not be surprised if he finally forgave Chicago for moving him and going back to their organization.

    14) I like to think that Eddie Olzcyk HATES Pierre McGuire and/or being called Edzo and secretly wants to punch McGuire in the face.

    15) I still think I have a good chance with my picks of Hawks in 5 and Simon Gagne scoring the clincher.

  41. So now that there is no more hockey to be played…do we dare think about what will occur July 1? I know Sather says they are standing pat, but…I’ll believe it when I see it.

  42. Gift of GAB-orik(and Philly Losing!) on

    Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V)
    May 27th, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Hawks in 6

    Clincher- Hawks 4-Philly 3

    FTW?? I feel like the blackhawks bench in OT… don’t know if it is the winner or not!

  43. Not to rain on the Hawks lovefest here, but holy carcillo, I just landed a job interview for tomorrow morning. EEEE! This comes a week and half after being told our entire department was being transferred out of state by the fall.

  44. I agree that Kane should have gotten the Conne Smythe. Toews didn’t do much in the finals.

    The best thing, and it should put it to rest (but I know it won’t) is that Philly thinks that the playing of God Bless America instead of the National Anthem gives them some sort of an edge. It doesn’t. Play the Anthem.

  45. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Anti-climactic? How could people not see that puck in the net? I was celebrating with Kane because I saw it go in just as he did. You could see the twine bulge clear as day.

    If people missed it, that’s too bad. But it was clearly in, and only anti-climactic if you were not paying attention.

    Sad part is that people can rip Leighton all they want, but we all know that was a very Lundqvist type error. The King is prone to those sharp angle shots, always has been.

  46. Fran,

    Your analysis of the current state of the team is mostly right on and also very depressing. I however am more optimistic about the future. Despite the horrendous state of Rangers management, we do seem to have some good young talent on the way.
    If the team is allowed to develop without any more major ovehauls over the next couple of years, I see a much better future. And even though having an elite goalie might not be a prerequisite for being a true contender, the fact that we have Hank gives us more room for error and allows us to get by with perhaps a lower skill level than would otherwise be needed.

  47. Mickey I know how you feel! My company was bought out and everyone was fired but a few people and I had to start working from home for them doing something I didn’t wanna do. Well, got a new job and I start Monday.

    Good luck!

  48. Great news about Stepan and McDonough, they both look like they are at least 1 or 2 years away from the big club though. Although they may skip the AHL like MDZ if they continue to progress well in juniors (and Slats hasn’t filled up the roster with UFA’s and waiver wire pickups!)
    I cant help thinking that Slats will be tying up these contracts and those of Staal, Prust and Girardi in the next 3 weeks so that come July 1st he knows what he has to dabble in the UFA market.

    Something i read today suggested we would be a good fit for Lee Stempniak – has anyone any thoughts on him as a UFA signing?

  49. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I can’t believe rozy makes 5 million this year.

  50. NYRGUY, thanks! I kinda saw this coming, but it was sooner rather than later, if ya know what I mean. Good luck to you in your new job!

  51. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I think I would rather have lombardi than stempniak

  52. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    World cup starts in less than 24 hours….WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  53. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    and boyle only makes 525k. I honestly thought he made like 900k. Everyone should be afraid, I’m looking at capgeek.

  54. Mickey and NYRGuy, good luck.

    huh and Doodie, fair enough. but, again, if they’d lost the skills competition they’d have been out.

    fran, great points.

    Coach, once upon a time, goalies would hug the post on bad-angle shots and you’d see one of those go in every couple of months. Now goalies spend most of the game on their knees, and in some cases (Niemi) they lead with their heads, and you see bad-angle goals all the time.

    Good morning, Sally!

  55. Well, for the record. I wasn’t to far off. I had the hawks winning the cup in 5 and the clincher 5-3. anyway, it is depressing to watch the hawks and flyers and realize that the rangers are far apart from these teams. Unfortunately this crap will go on until that fat head (dolan) sells the team and/or the old miserable fart (sather) leaves.

  56. Tank The Season on

    If we’re going to target any free agents at all, they should be Stempniak, Paul Kariya (on a reasonable 1 or 2 year deal), or if we go for a RFA, Bobby Ryan. I want no part of Volchenkov, Kovalchuk, Marleau, or Plekanec.

  57. Thanks, Carp.

    I know it’s not what will happen and it would probably mean another season like this past one, but it would be interesting to see how the team would play if they kept the same exact team for next year. I would think that they would be embarrassed by what happened and with how the lines seemed to balance out at the end, it just would in intriguing to see. Again, I know that this won’t happen and god forbid if it did, it would be another horribly inconsistent season, but just a random thought.

  58. Good afternoon everyone!

    It took me a while to get here today because i was rudely slapped in the face by the summer and beginning of fall. This is the worst part of the year lol (along with the typical November/December/January record of our beloved Rangers)

  59. who won the contest?
    my picks
    Hawks in 6
    clincher – Hawks 5 Flyers 3
    Game 1 – Hawks 2 Flyers 1

  60. My hopes for the upcoming season

    1) Two of Dreary, Blowzy, and Dredden get traded or dumped in Hartford
    2) Stepan, Kreider, McDonut all make the team
    3) Don’t do a thing on July 1st
    4) One of the Rangers starts dating Megan Fox
    5) Dublowsky gets a new hairstyle
    6) Lose every game of the season and get the first overall pick

    Then I’ll be semi happy.

  61. fran and doodie

    both your last posts were spot on. this team is not even in the same league has any of these teams.

    orr i agree with all your points in last post except lets win games. tough to hope you lose but in the end it might be better. who knows

    july 1st im scared

    marleau 6 years 39 mil i see sather doing this

  62. just think
    2 more years of dru and rozival before they expire and 4 of redden. god please save us

  63. Thanks Julie!

    Hey Orr, what would you do if Dubinsky started dating Fox? Curious minds are… curious. ;)

  64. rozsival gets $ 4 million this coming season followed by $ 3 million his last year. cap hit is $ 5 million both years

  65. more good news. in 2 years averys deal expires too. so drury rozsival and avery. lots of cap room.

  66. Drury’s contract expires after the 2011-2012 season.

    Good afternoon Sally!! did you have fun at the pub?

  67. I would be Dubi’s biggest fan if he managed to get her, and bring her to the Garden 42 times a year.

    I was pissed that Aves blew it with Cuth, but has anyone seen her these days? Wow, who knew dating Phadoof would be so bad. I thought she was in the early stages of pregnancy, but apparently that’s not the case.

    Sloppy seconds is right!

    And back to the Dubi-Fox scenario. It’s possible, because for some reason, she’s into losers/has-beens/irrelevant people with just a bit of fame, so it’s possible.

    I wish I can get on one of those carppy CW teen dramas, cause then I would have a legitimate shot at getting her. Just need an ounce of fame.

  68. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – good luck on the interview tomorrow. Having been out of work for some time now myself, my hopes are that you find something soon… :o)

  69. I don’t think NYR is paying Aves that much money, so he’s not really an issue. But, I wonder how that will all go down, cause clearly he wont be making that same amount of money.

    I can’t wait until the 2012-2013 season.

  70. Linda, I did! Friends are having parties there the next two nights… I might as well just move in there already…

  71. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I agree about avery, he costs us a bit less than 2 mil per. I don’t think his contract is an issue!

  72. contest results in the update above. congrats to our winners and thanks to all who played.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  73. Congrats Vin and Izzy! Well played boys!!! Enjoy the book!

    Sally, a visit to Buffalo should be on the agenda!!

  74. i don’t think aves production is worth even the rangers fair share at 50% nevermind his whole salary. i will welcome when he’s gone just like the others

  75. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    (Gary Bettman)

    “Izzy Mandlebaum, come get the Stanley Cup Contest Prize”


    This one’s for you, Pop!

  76. Congrats Vinny and Izzy!!

    You guys do know, we cant play this contest when the Rangers are in the Finals next year. It wouldnt be good luck.

  77. huh

    I think cap hit is AAV. Rozi I think was 6 years 30 million, so it’s 5 million cap hit a year, regardless of how the contract is structured. i.e. backloaded, frontloaded.

  78. >>7) The only team with no ex-Rangers on it ends up with the

    The brother of an ex-Rangers should count for something, no? Also, EdZo is on their TV broadcast team.

  79. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    you seem quite the negative nancy about everything!

  80. Great to see our South Buffalo boy score just like they drew it up at the Holiday Twin Rinks in Cheektowaga! If only Kane played for the team he rooted for as a kid…. oh well. Seeing those teams shows me just how far the Sabres are from actually competing at that level… they would have been eaten alive.

  81. Rangers song for their home opener should be…

    “The Touch” by Stan Bush.

    The Kings were gonna use it for their home opener, but after the whole thing with the assistant coach and his daughter, they pulled the plug on it.

  82. Hi BuffaloGal! Where do you think Kane will bring the Cup to?

    Linda, by “should be on the agenda”… do you mean it IS on the agenda? :)

  83. Congrats to the Hawks, and congrats to the winners of the contest. I actually got that book for an end of the year gift from one of my students, so I guess I am a winner too, LOL.

    Did anyone notice that the camera focused on Sharp and then Versteeg right as the final credit rolled after the game, right before the news came on? I am sure it was a coincidence, but it is most likely that those two will not be with the Hawks next year. I would love either or both on the Rangers.

  84. Good question as to where Kane will bring the Cup when he comes home….I wonder if he still lives with his parents? ha ha

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    Why do so many people think Byfuglien should have won the Conn Smythe? The guy was invisible for the first half of the playoffs, the hat trick against Vancouver notwithstanding (which were his first goals and points of the playoffs, in his 9th game). He had a great series against San Jose (a goal every game), but was totally dominated by Pronger until Quenneville switched his lines up in game 5. 11 goals and 5 assists aren’t Conn Smythe numbers, especially when 5 goals and 2 assists came in 2 games (the Vancouver hat trick and game 5 of the finals).

    By contrast, Kane had points in every game of the playoffs except for four (19 out of 23), had one less goal than Byfuglien but more than 3.5 times the assists, and only one less point than Toews (but 3 more goals). It should have been Kane.

  86. negative. all i was saying was how much cap room we’ll have when drury rozsival AND avery were gone in 2 years. thats a good thing don’t cha think


    i do not think that both will be gone meaning sharp and versteeg. 1 or other + sopel and goaltender and madden/johnson should do the trick for chicago unless they dump campbell in minors.

  87. Congrats to Vinny and Izzy!

    Thanks for the wishes and luck, Sally, wicky and LI! And LI, I hope you find something soon.

  88. I had a feeling you would say that, Orr. :) And I think you need an iota of fame to be able to date her.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I think Sharp is likely a goner, but they will hang onto Versteeg for now. I think most of the fat they are looking to cut will be impending UFAs like Madden, Johnsson, and Boynton. And with the money they made from the Cup run, they might consider eating Huet’s salary in the minors, especially with Niemi clearly establishing himself as their starter. Who knows, maybe they even find a trade partner for Huet, however unlikely.

    If Sather’s words are any indication, we aren’t moving for Sharp… but c’mon, it’s Sather we’re talking about. Dangle a big fish in front of him and see what he does.

  90. 1. I’m a diehard Ranger fan but it was great to see Chicago win because they clearly demonstrated they wanted THE CUP more than Philly did. Great team in a great city.
    2. I’m delighted that Chris Pronger will not touch THE CUP this year. Hopefully, he never touches it again. Nice to see the officials finally wake up and put him in the box. He would be the most penalized player in the league if refs called every game by the book.
    3. Philadelphia. Is there a worse place for a road team to win THE CUP? A classless team in a classless city.
    4. Montreal vs. Chicago would have made for a better final. Both teams got as far as they did because they played like a TEAM.
    5. Just like the Knicks were forced to do, the Rangers need to address salary cap issues before they can improve beyond the barely mediocre. Unfortunately, next season will probably look a lot like this season.
    6. Players that absolutely need to go: Girardi, Rozival, Redden, Boyle, Jokinen.

  91. Oddly, I think this might actually be a quiet summer for the Rangers signing UFAs. Mostly because Jimmy-boy will be so focused on Lebron that he’ll ignore Sather’s calls about getting approval to send Redden to Hartford so they can sign Players X,Y and Z to huge contracts.

  92. the hawks increase in cap from the big 3, about $10m, plus smaller increases to guys like Niemi and Hjalmorsson, will amount to about $13 mill

    they can easily handle that by burying Huet in the minors, 5.625, letting go ufas Madden, 2.75, Johnsson, Boynton, Burish

    plus, the cap will go up about $2m next year, accdg to bettman

    so, I do not expect the Hawks to have to give up anyone they really want to keep. I certainly don’t see them trading Sharp, who is too valuable to their success at center, and a very popular member of the dressing room and a veteran leadership guy.

  93. Gift of GAB-orik(and Philly Losing!) on

    Thanks all! I’m excited about this book!

    I was feeling a bit nostalgic today and posted some old pics of JJ and Hank from autograph signings i attended… Hank came in like a rock star… haha it was awesome!

    now that there’s no more hockey…. come on July 1st!!
    See all you at the home opener!!

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Gift of Gab, I leafed through a copy at Barnes & Noble. It’s a good list, although, as with any such list, a lot of debateable choices.

  95. I know Jr’s emotions were sweet & touching – yada yad yada.
    But he doesn’t come off as real. With Messier we knew his tears were from the heart.
    I’ve met & worked with JR on different projects. He’s not my favorite person.
    I did get a kick out of Mike Milbury laughing at him.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Tony, like I said: say what you will about him elsewhere, in that one moment, he was just a vulnerable, empty man. I felt sorry for him.

  97. It’s the Chicago Black Hawks, man! {tears rolling down my face}

    I did feel sorry for JR… no matter what people say about him, he was a great hockey player!

    JR should’ve punched Milbury in the face for saying “Oh, i also didnt win one but you dont see me crying” Yeah mofo…because you are a heartless piece of carcillo and wasn’t even a quarter hockey player JR was…

    P.S. Carp, Izzy said that it’s ok to send the book to me.

  98. on nhl live today ej hradek said they were trying to get sather on for for an interview in the next couple weeks….he really sounded serious…who knows,eh?

  99. JR’s reasons for crying were selfish. But hey, you gotta feel bad for him, cause he had a pretty damn good career and never got the chance to win the Cup.

    If Milberries held the Cup, he probably would have dropped it cause he’d be too high on drugs and drunk off Jack to be able to skate with it.

  100. There are a lot of great hockey players that never won the cup. Nobody had to give them a box of tissues.
    If Milbury won the cup he would have beat it with his shoe – remember that ?

  101. good point Toe-knee BUT we don’t see other players in the situation JR was in yesterday so we cant know if they would need a box of tissues or not :P

  102. it was the highest rated NHL game since 1974, getting a 10 share nationally.

    in Chicago, it got an incredible 50 share

    in philly, a 38 share

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    Doodie- “it’s Sather we’re talking about. Dangle a big fish in front of him and see what he does.”

    Sather would pay lobster prices for a 35 year old stink-fish, and tell Dolan that it’ll taste even better if it ages in Hartford for a few years.


    GO BLACK HAWKS in 2011.

  104. i’d take Sharp. Maybe Rangers will send Gilroy to Chicago for him. Gives us a short-term No. 1 center.

  105. I dont know carcillo! on

    In all honesty, I did pick 4-3 as the clinching game. But carp as you say I didnt use the proper format, so shame on me! Its all good the flyers lost, and thats all i could have asked for!!

  106. carp, LOL out of my mind laughing. i thought those two’s haircuts look the same as well. 1989 doesnt have to die!!!

  107. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    he says it bothered him the last month of the season. If that is how he played with a bad knee then, I wish it would have bothered him in the middle of the season.

    I kid, I kid!!!

  108. TV, well, that says a lot about the losing team’s fans/city, don’t it?

    All, I think we’ll be fine here over the summer, as usual!

  109. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    well, you may be right….I haven’t signed off for the night and you have hmmmm

  110. Oh Lundqvist, Lundqvist! When it’s not the headaches, it’s the knee. It’s only a matter of time until we hear about his hurt pinky being responsible for his weak glove hand. I wish that guy had as many playoff wins as he does excuses.

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I laugh at you pathetic comedians complaining about Hank’s excuses. (Your whining is even more annoying, btw)… if you only remembered what the non-Elite NY goalie days were like.

  112. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    From that article…”No one would argue that Lundqvist isn’t skilled, especially Dominik Hasek. A quote from the 45-year-old Czech netminder, who just signed a deal to play with Moscow Spartak of the KHL, amused and honored The King. Asked by reporters who the strongest goalkeeper in the world was, Hasek said: “While I haven’t seen the Russian goalkeepers yet, I think Henrik Lundqvist.”

    “Me? Really?” Lundqvist asked. “Growing up for me, it was Hasek and Patrick Roy, so it’s nice to hear him say that. But when it comes down to it, there are a lot of great goalies.”

  113. True Fans Bleed,

    Some of us don’t live in the past. Until Lundqvist can get the Rangers past the second round of the playoffs, being “elite” will continue to mean SQUAT.

  114. Hank with the headaches at the end of the year, then the hip, now the knees.

    Here’s a thought Hanky, keep it to yourself. Jeez.

    The guy is turning into a tease. Imagine what he’ll be like if he has no problems at all during the final stretch, ahaha.

    Trade Hank!!

    Just kidding. Maybe Hank’s knees wouldn’t hurt if he got Voros off his back.

  115. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some of us don’t live in the past. Until Lundqvist can get the Rangers past the second round of the playoffs, being “elite” will continue to mean SQUAT.
    It only means the most important piece is in place… ya, that’s squat. Hank is all to blame for their poor playoff runs and this year’s playoff miss. Do you even watch the games?

  116. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    well, guess there is no hockey on so let the bickering begin!!!

    France better win tomorrow!!!

    good night erin!

  117. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Fran , your one sick puppy and I think yer a crock of carp. Your views are so stuiped and dumb that it is ovious that we have flaws. Your statements are sick and I wanna puke everytime I have to read that garbage, you have no faith or any real fanship here and to spout off saying how we cant measure up is so stuiped and ignorent.If Eric wants to agree with you then hes not welcomed by me either.

    Olga , You cheer all you want for the Hawk you piece of carp you and I’ll bash you every time you show up. I dont need your cheering the Hawk or Flyers on this blog. It is ignorent and is just bashing the Rangers. Carp , I wont be sorry for what I say to this guy. He shows no class to our organization.

  118. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzllo " Bring on the draft!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ogla said ” Actually, I think I am now first, a Black Hawks fan,”

    Show this goof the door and get him the shoeshine box whiles hes at it!!!

  119. So we are currently 1 hour and 20 minutes away from the kick-off of the most popular sports event in the world – will any boneheads be glued to the TV on Saturday at 2:30pm ET?

  120. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow, Greg… i think i can agree with you on that shoeshine box request. That doesn’t happen often.

  121. It’s only a knee that bothers Hanks? After being rammed, body slammed, and wacked by every team we played against, I’m surprised he’s still alive.

  122. Tank The Season on

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    The Rangers can’t even think about being competitive until at the very least Drury and Rozsival come off the books. That said, they should spend those next 2 seasons tanking for lottery picks (look what it did for the Hawks!) and not sign any UFAs until Malkin hits the open market in 2013 or 2014. That’s the guy the Rangers need to target. If we throw money at Marleau, Kovalchuk, Volchenkov, or Plekanec, nothing good can come of it.

  123. Just a couple of observations………………….


    I must disagree with you on your statement that Hawks were “light years” away from Flyers. This did not become apparent by what happened on the ice during the season. True they were obviously better in the finale when all the chips were on the table, but as Wellington said after the battle of Waterloo…” It was a damned close run thing!”

    Now about Pronger: I’ve watched him for some time now in trying to figure his technique, and it becomes apparent that he really picks his spots very carefully, and is always leaving an opening for himself. He’s sort of like a shark or Orca in watching his prey and then suddenly when least expected he smashes him. I mean REALLY smashes him. He is pitiless. Very accomplished and deadly defensive opponent. Smooth and dangerous….but…he has an Achilles heel…He doesn’t like to be on the receiving end of mayhem and it shows in his reactions to it. …which brings us to the subject of Buff. I fail to read the clamor for his MVP
    selection when he so obviously floated for the first few games, looking like a stranded mariner.

    BUT: there is no denying that once he got the bit in his teeth so to speak and set out to put some hurt on Pronger
    ( which he did magnificently on several occasions) and the upshot was that Pronger seemed to lose about 50% of his effectiveness, as he was constantly on the lookout for Buff. This proved to be a monumental gift to his team…but was it enough to gain MVP? I dunno. It definitely was a key factor in their win, though possibly little noted.

    NOw lets talk a bit about Hartnell. Has anyone taken note of the supreme punishment this guy absorbed down in the crease, game after game, play after play? He was clobbered mercilessly but he kept his nose in there and gave them everything he had constantly. Now relate for us please:

    What player on the Ranger team over this past 3-4 years now, has ever demonstrated this type of total commitment to standing in goal mouth and taking that kind of abuse, and do it to the point of being the main reason why his team won the number of games that they did win? He was not only fearless…he was EFFECTIVE! My hat’s off to the guy…he could play on any team of mine, any day. And who can deny that little Briere also was a was also a warrior, way out of proportion to his size? Bloodied but unbowed. I’ve never cared for the Flyers as a team since their BWB days…But I admire performance and overall technical ability, and I still cannot figure out why the Hurricanes let Laviolette go.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Can someone do me a favor? My job blocks out a lot of websites, including I want to watch the World Cup, but can’t.

    Can someone copy and paste the links to the World Cup game from to a post so I can try them out directly?

    I understand if you don’t. They even blocked espnradio, so I can’t even LISTEN to the games!

  125. hey Doodie, I just tried for ya, nothing was coming through for me, but let me try something. Hold on!

  126. Carp…agreed on your points esp. on Roenick…I felt embarrassed for him. I think my cheeks were turning red as I watched him sob his way through that post game!

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    No go. Thanks though guys. I’ll just have to watch the games on delay, and not use ESPN for the next month or so

  128. nice turn out for the Hawks parade,LMAO at the reporter who just said ‘these people have been waiting 49 years..” and showed a bunch of kids who couldn’t have been over 16!!!

  129. Linda, if he wanted to show emotion he should have layed out
    Pierre, Edzo or Dingleberry

  130. 1-1? Nice to see the first game is a real shootout. Maybe someone should make a goalie switch.

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, as someone who watches hockey, you should know that a low scoring game can be just as good, and sometimes even better, than a high scoring one.

  132. jpg's Sister on

    It was great meeting everyone at Warren 77.

    I am So glad Carcillo didn’t get to hold the cup

  133. jpg’s sister!!! it was great meeting you too! and yes, i agree with you on carcillo not getting his damned hands, or his name, on the Cup

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone have any pictures of these meetups? It would be nice to put some faces to the names.

  135. Doodie

    facebook, type in boneheads and look for the pic of dubi picking his nose..thats where they are

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    I have to remember this when I reactivate my facebook in a month. I deactivated it a few days ago to disconnect for a little while.

  137. Your statement of the blackhawks being the only team without a former Ranger is clearly not true. Didn’t go through the whole list, but Carolina, Buffalo and Colorado have no former Rangers on their teams.

  138. I have always been a Ranger fan, except for one brief period while I lived in Chicago in the l951-52 season, and became a Blackhawks fan by default, due to proximity,for the same reason I became A “go go” Sox fan of the White Sox, and a mournful Cubs fan; they were in Chi, and so was I, and it was also the season of Bobby Thompson’s famous home run off of Ralph Branca, and I was a life long Giants fan both by default, and above all was a hockey and baseball fan for my early life. The Giants lost me forever, with their move,
    and I immediatley substituted the Mets for their spot in my affections….and it’s been a hilarious and bumpy ride…but much fun.

    The weekend I came home I divorced the Hawks, and returned to my Ranger roots…in time for that amazing final game of the season between two out of the playoff teams, Rangers and Hawks, in which Wee Willy Mosienko scored his record hat trick ( which I’ve already mentioned in an earlier posting.)

    And I’m not a NYer. Nutmegger from CT..and you know the divide that separates CT fans… Giants for the Fairield and New Haven county fans, Yanks, too,Jets..ehhh, could go either way at times,) Pats and Red Sox for the Hartford and northeastern CT counties, and Celts, with Knicks for Fairfield and probably NH counties. The fact is that CT is like a parasitic fan condition, without their own native teams to follow ( except for a brief wonderful period of the Whalers) so we latch on to ( and suffer with) our NY brethren for our adopted teams.

    That’s just the WAY IT IS.

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