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Is this the last day of the season?

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Then what do we do?

I have a few things to say about the Rangers going forward, which I’ve thought about and held onto since the skills competition day.

But we won’t shut down. Maybe slow down. But not shut down.


Thanks to all for the 27th birthday wishes. I’ve had better birthdays, but I’ve had worse, too. In 1994, I spent my birthday flying to Vancouver, connecting through Minnesota. Took all damn day. Worse, I was having gall bladder attacks — and anybody whose had those knows what I’m talking about. It would have to come out shortly after the parade. And worse, I had a window seat on a packed plane, and a guy I know was in the middle seat and he’s one of those annoying chatterboxes who doesn’t shut up, ever.

So by comparison, going to a lacrosse triple-header an hour and a half away was a pleasure.

Also CONGRATS to Bonehead TheRealMikeyNJ, who is getting hitched on Friday!!!!! Ah, wedded bliss. Am I right, guys?


Finally, can you believe the NHL, in its desperate attempt to seem hip — or to try to grab the attention of theĀ  hip idiots who like things like, oh, I don’t know, Versus — has gotten into bed with Snoop Dogg? I mean, does it get any trashier than that guy? Are we selling hockey here, or porn and drugs?

See youse tonight.

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