Is this the last day of the season?


Then what do we do?

I have a few things to say about the Rangers going forward, which I’ve thought about and held onto since the skills competition day.

But we won’t shut down. Maybe slow down. But not shut down.


Thanks to all for the 27th birthday wishes. I’ve had better birthdays, but I’ve had worse, too. In 1994, I spent my birthday flying to Vancouver, connecting through Minnesota. Took all damn day. Worse, I was having gall bladder attacks — and anybody whose had those knows what I’m talking about. It would have to come out shortly after the parade. And worse, I had a window seat on a packed plane, and a guy I know was in the middle seat and he’s one of those annoying chatterboxes who doesn’t shut up, ever.

So by comparison, going to a lacrosse triple-header an hour and a half away was a pleasure.

Also CONGRATS to Bonehead TheRealMikeyNJ, who is getting hitched on Friday!!!!! Ah, wedded bliss. Am I right, guys?


Finally, can you believe the NHL, in its desperate attempt to seem hip — or to try to grab the attention of the  hip idiots who like things like, oh, I don’t know, Versus — has gotten into bed with Snoop Dogg? I mean, does it get any trashier than that guy? Are we selling hockey here, or porn and drugs?

See youse tonight.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Congrats Mikey! I got married at the beginning of this year and it is the best thing I have ever done. Good luck to you and your bride to be.

  2. weve had t storms and torndo warnings the whole past week here linda. its good that i was able to get off work without any problems. i was expecting some bs but the people here are pretty good when it comes to a death in the family. i had no problems and everyone was makin me feel better at work. that was my biggest concern, because in ny forget about it, id have to be dead to be able to take off. another thing is my dad just got out of the hospital he had a heart attack anbd could have spinal meningitis. and with his woife dying hes all messed up. worrying about him is whats really bothering me. and my sister wont come with me to texas to be there so im pissed off at her. im not gonna go into any details here, but my family has been in shambles for the past 2 years with something bad happening every few months or so. you guys are all great people here and in a weird way, have helped actually keep me sane the past few years!!. k, gotta get goin. i’ll talk to ya in a week or 2. and that post about “vampire sather” was awesome! take care and if u get a tornado, dont go running into it yelling”take me with you” like i did the other day. haha j/k. make sure you grabby(monologue) a few times in honor of me!! just start randomly talking

  3. gotta agree with Doodie there!

    and grabby, love you bro. Have a safe trip and don’t be too mad at your sister! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, especially your dad, at this time!

  4. Wont anyone be the slightest bit amused if Hossa loses again?

    With that said, I’ll be watching tonight, because if the Hawks win, I cant wait to see Hossa lift his elusive Cup.

  5. just trying to make the NHL marketable to folks who could not care less i suppose.

  6. The potential for no more hockey after tonight makes me kinda sad. Then again, I LOVE seeing the Cup being awarded. One of the most special moments in all of spots, IMHO.

  7. Mike, sorry about your loss. Will see you in a couple.

    MikeyNJ- congrats.

    And let’s see that Cup awarded tonight. Then we will have all the time to talk about line combos and other random gibberish.

  8. Carp, as you well know, today is the anniversary of Game 5 of the ’94 Finals…I’m curious to know, when Messier tied it in the third, was that the loudest you ever heard the Garden?

  9. Add my congrats to RealMickey and condolences to grabby. we’ll miss you both.

    Much as I’d prefer the Hawks to win at home, that’s too close for me! Let’s end this tonight (and maybe it won’t be so bad having the Cup awarded to them in philly!)

    red sox. back off. we don’t roll like that here.

  10. thanks sallywaffle,linda,cr9,carp,babs,ilb,mickey and everyone for the nice sentiments. means alot. oh and happy b day carpy!!! have a great day. i’ll see youse in a few. lets go hawks now, and lets go rangers in 2014!!!!

  11. “do not tell me to back off”

    sounds like someone’s gonna be rolling out the door

  12. This morning I found this super old shine box in my friend’s dad’s basement and I came super close to bringing it home with me for occasions such as these…

  13. Sally, don’t tell us you didn’t take any pictures of it. That could’ve been gold! I imagine it’s an antique beauty wrapped with some old shmata…

  14. Yes, Linda. I have more one that’s better looking. More expensive, I suppose. I keep it for special occasions. This one doesn’t seem to deserve it.

  15. we need a ‘discount’ shinebox, lol, maybe a cardboard box and a dishtowel?

  16. LI RangerFan on

    Bad move by the Trib, IMO. Don’t need to give these guys more motivation than they already have…

  17. Carp,

    When you have done as much for your community as Snoop Dogg has done for his, you can trash talk him and the people who follow him. Until then don’t condemn the man for his personal life and any conditions which he had to endure growing up. And definitely do not call the NHL or fans idiotic. The idiot is you.

  18. Hey Anon

    Dont insult Carp. There is no reason to call him or anyone names. And Carp did not call Snoop idiotic.

    The NHL is idiotic. And many of the fans are idiotic. My god, Glen Sather is still in charge of the Rangers.

  19. Now there’s a shinebox candidate.

    Adam, the loudest I’ve ever heard the Garden was for the clinching game against the Islanders in ’79.

  20. CR9,

    At no point did I imply that Carp called Snoop idiotic. Please re-read.
    And he implied that Snoop Dogg appealed to only “hip idiots.”

  21. Anon- Snoop is a real role model:

    Scroll down to the chapter called “Legal issues”. Observe that this chapter is by far the biggest in this article. I find it laughable that people blame their adult life mistakes on tough growing up.

  22. I think the Garden was the loudest in the 99 EC Finals, Pacers/Knicks Game 3, iirc, the Larry Johnson 4 point play. The overhead camera angle has to be one of my favorite video captures of all time.

    That and the Tino Grand Slam to put the Yanks up 4 runs against the Padres in Game 1 of the 1998 Series. That was a great overhead capture of people spilling beer out of excitement on everyone else!

  23. bull dog line on

    I have been looking over the prospects for the upcoming draft, and 1 name keeps popping out to me for the Rangers. Brett Connoly. He is highly rated, but there is injury concern so he could drop. He is a big scorer, so he fits the Rangers biggest need.
    Any other draft people out there, would like to read your thoughts.

  24. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    real mike

    If you need anything at all, let me know. You know how to get ahold of me!!!

  25. Coach Beeblebrox on

    bull dog: RE:DRAFT – Connolly is a very talented kid, he’s got size and scoring and even with his injury history he will probably go before the Rangers pick at #10. The only way he’s at #10 is if he did not test well in the physical tests at the combine.

    The Rangers will have shot at several real nice kids to draft. Ryan Johanson could be there, he’s a super talented kid with great work ethic and size. The two Russian kids Tarasenko and Burmistrov will likely both be there. Burmistrov might be the most naturally gifted player in this draft, even ahead of Hall and Seguin in the raw hockey IQ department. They may also look at a kid like Skinner or Granlund if no one else is available.

    This will be an interesting draft for the NYR. They are in a good spot to take advantage of that kid that everyone second guesses themselves about picking.

  26. cr9

    the yankee game was not at the garden. so can’t very well be among the loudest at the garden now can it.

  27. OK

    For some odd reasonthere’s been a bit of slamming Hossa in these recent postings, but I’m gonna give my own persoanl opinion of the guy.

    In my opinion he did some unsung and yeoman work for the Hawks all thru this playoff series from the outset. True, he didn;t score like the old Hossa we used to love ( and hate), but he worked his tail off harassing the opponent in their end of the ice, and on numerous occasisons worked almost single handedly keeping them penned in their own end while his team mates regrouped, and then he always seemed in position to influence the play. He was like a roving
    sapper preparing the battleground for his gunners. I woudl wager that his team mates were well aware of the contributions that he made to their final success.

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