Stanley Cup winners (updated)


Hi kids. Today’s the old man’s 27th. So I’m celebrating by going to a state lacrosse tripleheader an hour and a half away. Wooohoooo!


Somebody was talking the other day about Cup-winning goals, and how sometimes obscure players score them.

Well, here’s the whole list borrowed from “Total Stanley Cup.” My favorite is 1935.  Without looking, can you name the four Rangers’ Cup-winners?

Year Player, Team of Goal Period Score Series
2009 Maxime Talbot, Pittsburgh 10:07 2nd 2-1 4-3
2008 Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit 7:36 3rd 3-2 4-2
2007 Travis Moen, Anaheim 15:44 2nd 6-2 4-1
2006 Frantisek Kaberle, Carolina 4:18 2nd 3-1 4-3
2005 …
2004 Ruslan Fedotenko, Tampa Bay 14:38 2nd 2-1 4-3
2003 Mike Rupp, New Jersey 2:22 2nd 3-0 4-3
2002 Brendan Shanahan, Detroit 14:04 2nd 3-1 4-1
2001 Alex Tanguay, Colorado 4:57 2nd 3-1 4-3
2000 Jason Arnott, New Jersey 28:20 OT 2-1 4-2
1999 Brett Hull, Dallas 54:51 OT 3-2 4-2
1998 Martin Lapointe, Detroit 2:26 2nd 4-1 4-0
1997 Darren McCarty, Detroit 13:02 2nd 2-1 4-0
1996 Uwe Krupp, Colorado 44:31 OT 1-0 4-0
1995 Neal Broten, New Jersey 7:56 2nd 5-2 4-0
1994 Mark Messier, NY Rangers 13:29 2nd 3-2 4-3
1993 Kirk Muller, Montreal 3:51 2nd 4-1 4-1
1992 Ron Francis, Pittsburgh 7:59 3rd 6-5 4-0
1991 Ulf Samuelsson, Pittsburgh 2:00 1st 8-0 4-2
1990 Craig Simpson, Edmonton 9:31 2nd 4-1 4-1
1989 Doug Gilmour, Calgary 11:02 3rd 4-2 4-2
1988 Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton 9:44 2nd 6-3 4-0
1987 Jari Kurri, Edmonton 14:59 2nd 3-1 4-3
1986 Bobby Smith, Montreal 10:30 3rd 4-3 4-1
1985 Paul Coffey, Edmonton 17:57 1st 8-3 4-1
1984 Ken Linseman, Edmonton 0:38 2nd 5-2 4-1
1983 Mike Bossy, NY Islanders 12:39 1st 4-2 4-0
1982 Mike Bossy, NY Islanders 5:00 2nd 3-1 4-0
1981 Wayne Merrick, NY Islanders 5:37 1st 5-1 4-1
1980 Bob Nystrom, NY Islanders 7:11 OT 5-4 4-2
1979 Jacques Lemaire, Montreal 1:02 2nd 4-1 4-1
1978 Mario Tremblay, Montreal 9:20 1st 4-1 4-2
1977 Jacques Lemaire, Montreal 4:32 OT 2-1 4-0
1976 Guy Lafleur, Montreal 14:18 3rd 5-3 4-0
1975 Bob Kelly, Philadelphia 0:11 3rd 2-0 4-2
1974 Rick MacLeish, Philadelphia 14:48 1st 1-0 4-2
1973 Yvan Cournoyer, Montreal 8:13 3rd 6-4 4-2
1972 Bobby Orr, Boston 11:18 1st 3-0 4-2
1971 Henri Richard, Montreal 2:34 3rd 3-2 4-3
1970 Bobby Orr, Boston 0:40 OT 4-3 4-0
1969 John Ferguson, Montreal 3:02 3rd 2-1 4-0
1968 J.C. Tremblay, Montreal 11:40 3rd 3-2 4-0
1967 Jim Pappin, Toronto 19:24 2nd 3-1 4-2
1966 Henri Richard, Montreal 2:20 OT 3-2 4-2
1965 Jean Beliveau, Montreal 0:14 1st 4-0 4-3
1964 Andy Bathgate, Toronto 3:04 1st 4-0 4-3
1963 Eddie Shack, Toronto 13:28 3rd 3-1 4-1
1962 Dick Duff, Toronto 14:14 3rd 2-1 4-2
1961 Ab McDonald, Chicago 18:49 2nd 5-1 4-2
1960 Jean Beliveau, Montreal 8:16 1st 4-0 4-0
1959 Marcel Bonin, Montreal 9:55 2nd 5-3 4-1
1958 Bernie Geoffrion, Montreal 19:26 2nd 5-3 4-2
1957 Dickie Moore, Montreal 0:14 2nd 5-1 4-1
1956 Maurice Richard, Montreal 15:08 2nd 3-1 4-1
1955 Gordie Howe, Detroit 19:49 2nd 3-1 4-3
1954 Tony Leswick, Detroit 4:20 OT 2-1 4-3
1953 Elmer Lach, Montreal 1:22 OT 1-0 4-1
1952 Metro Prystai, Detroit 6:50 1st 3-0 4-0
1951 Bill Barilko, Toronto 2:53 OT 3-2 4-1
1950 Pete Babando, Detroit 28:31 OT 4-3 4-3
1949 Cal Gardner, Toronto 19:45 2nd 3-1 4-0
1948 Harry Watson, Toronto 11:13 1st 7-2 4-0
1947 Ted Kennedy, Toronto 14:39 3rd 2-1 4-2
1946 Toe Blake, Montreal 11:06 3rd 6-3 4-1
1945 Babe Pratt, Toronto 12:14 3rd 2-1 4-3
1944 Toe Blake, Montreal 9:12 OT 5-4 4-0
1943 Joe Carveth, Detroit 12:09 1st 2-0 4-0
1942 Pete Langelle, Toronto 9:48 3rd 3-1 4-3
1941 Bobby Bauer, Boston 8:43 2nd 3-1 4-0
1940 Bryan Hextall, NY Rangers 2:07 OT 3-2 4-2
1939 Roy Conacher, Boston 17:54 2nd 3-1 4-1
1938 Carl Voss, Chicago 16:45 2nd 4-3 3-1
1937 Marty Barry, Detroit 19:22 1st 3-0 3-2
1936 Pete Kelly, Detroit 9:45 3rd 3-2 3-1
1935 Baldy Northcott, Mtl. Maroons 16:18 2nd 4-1 3-0
1934 Mush March, Chicago 30:05 OT 1-0 3-1
1933 Bill Cook, NY Rangers 7:34 OT 1-0 3-1
1932 Ace Bailey, Toronto 15:07 3rd 6-4 3-0
1931 Johnny Gagnon, Montreal 9:59 2nd 2-0 3-2
1930 Howie Morenz, Montreal 1:00 2nd 4-3 2-0
1929 Bill Carson, Boston 18:02 3rd 2-1 2-0
1928 Frank Boucher, NY Rangers 3:35 3rd 2-1 3-2
1927 Cy Denneny, Ottawa 7:30 2nd 3-1 2-0-2
1926 Nels Stewart, Mtl. Maroons 2:50 2nd 2-0 3-1
1925 Gizzy Hart, Victoria 2:35 2nd 6-1 3-1
1924 Howie Morenz, Montreal 4:55 1st 3-0 2-0
1923 Punch Broadbent, Ottawa 11:23 1st 1-0 2-0
1922 Babe Dye, Toronto 4:20 1st 5-1 3-2
1921 Jack Darragh, Ottawa 9:40 2nd 2-1 3-2
1920 Jack Darragh, Ottawa 5:00 3rd 6-1 3-2
1919 — no decision —
1918 Corb Denneny, Toronto 10:30 3rd 2-1 3-2


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 4:41 P.M.: The Rangers just announced they have re-signed Dane Byers.

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  1. LI, how funny, i just used the word assinine to describe him on FB!!!

    Carp, that empty 2005 is a killer for hockey fans!

  2. Yep. But what’s great for hockey fans are some of the nicknames down lower. Corb, Punch, Babe, Gizzy, Ace, Mush, Baldy, Toe.

  3. LI RangerFan on

    LOL Linda; that is amazing. Guess it’s an easy word to use when describing Sather… :o)

  4. Gizzy Hart from ’25 is my favorite. I mean, srsly, Gizzy? That has to be a nickname, but for what I cannot fathom.

  5. Happy 27th Carp, is that anniversary at the paper or with the Mrs.? hehe and speaking of 27


  6. Happy Birthday Carp.

    You may want/need to come up with an additional tiebreaker for BSCFEC #1.

    I’m counting 26 people with ‘Blackhawks in 6’, with only 11 unique Clincher scores – which means lots of potential ties. No one nailed the 2nd tiebreaker, the Game# 1 score – although some taking the Flyers in the game are already eliminated because of it.

    4 people left with ‘Hawks in 7’, 3 of which have the same score. So there’s a good chance no one hits the correct score.

    3 people with ‘Flyers in 7’ all with different scores. Good chance no one hits, but does anyone picking the Flyers deserve to win anyway.

    My numbers could be off but you get the idea.

  7. lmao Carpy, sorry ;-)

    but you HAVE been working at the paper since you were 3 correct ;-)

  8. Linda "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARPY!!!!" on

    lmao ilb!

    i still wanna know who kidnapped josh!? He’s been missing for months! I’m worried! I just called all the milk companies and have them putting his floating head picture on their cartons! COME BACK JOSH!

  9. >>i just used the word assinine…

    Linda, are you sure you didn’t mean “Aasenine”?

  10. Gift of GAB(and Carp Birthdays) on

    or this one!

    Happy B-day to the ruler of the Bonehead domain!!

  11. Linda says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARPY!!!!" on

    well played JB! impressed as always with your wit!

  12. Gift of GAB(and Carp Birthdays) on

    All Carp wants for his b-day is salary cap space, and a hard hitting, crease clearing physical d-man!!

  13. Happy 27th Carp! I hope that doesn’t mean that you disappear like Josh did now that you’re not 26 anymore! I think there’s some sort of law that says you have to be 26 to run this blog. : )

  14. Carp

    Happy Birthday, big boy! 27 years old is not 26 that is for sure… children, they grow so fast…sigh :P

    Thanks for that list too… I will call my son or daughter, Gizzy Hart!

    2004 Ruslan Fedotenko is the only Russian who scored the SC winner. That’s my favorite (after Messier/Graves/Noonan 1994 goal of course) lol

  15. Ok, not to make light of a serious epidemic….. but that was too funny about Chelio’s kids. I saw something on the interwebs recently that mentioned Chelios has been playing since the 1500s. Had me laughing for a good 5 minutes.

  16. LW3H

    You’re right…Fedotenko is from Kiev…which is even better because i was born in Ukraine too! So let me rephrase myself…

    Ruslan Fedotenko is the only Russian speaking player to score SC winner!

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Josh finally turned 27?

    In all seriousness, have a very happy birthday Carp.

  18. DANE BYERS!!! I just ordered my season tickets and will have a private jet fly me back and forth!

    NOt to make light of a very serious pandemic but :

    LMFAO @ LW and Chelios’ kids having the flu! Chelios has been around so long, his birth certificate is carved in stone.

  19. That flu pandemic was the most devastating single outbreak in the history. Actually, current estimates suggest the number to be between 50 and 100 mil, most were young adults.
    Some of that disaster still remains an epidemiologic mystery. Most of currently circulating flu viruses are descendants of that 1918 virus. Funny, but people who are still alive from that era (in their 90s)maintain pretty strong level of antibodies. I doubt hockey was a priority during that year.

  20. I don’t about his kids, but I do believe that Chelios should be checked to make sure his level of antibodies remains strong :-)

  21. ilb, wow, it just occured to me … my great aunt turned 100 in February … she’s never ever sick.

  22. LMAO CCCP!! check out the darth vader link!!!

    damn Carpy, thats hilarious!! 2 !!!

  23. ILB, do they get his age by counting his rings, like a tree or use carbon dating?

  24. Linda- geriatrics isn’t my cup of tea, I wouldn’t know. Last time I listened to a hairy chest was 1983.

  25. ilb, you slay me!

    ORR, sorry about your food let down today. Did you find the banana milk?

  26. CARP

    Is she related to Chelios at all?

    And in my opinion, Byers is nothing more than a Wolf Packer. I like the guy, but he’s nothing special.

    What the fugg is this old fool doing aboot Staal? Get it done already!

  27. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I agree with orr on byers, AHLer and that is it. The two fights I have seen him have at the NHL level, he lost both.

  28. Bravo Doodie!! am i going to go to hell because i’m cracking up laughing over that??

  29. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    glad you liked it!!!!

    Back to work I go!!!

  30. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    don’t worry, hell isn’t real unless you are a ranger fan the last ten years!

  31. a little over 22 days and this LeBron James carcillo should be over! Thank you Lord!

    and in 23 days, we’ll see if Slatipus Maximus keeps to his word

  32. Cool article on Darth Vader! Mentally disturbed… at least he’s not a sex addict!


    what movie was that? I like the way she interpreted the difference between Russians and Ukrainians… Head and heart.

  33. lmao the chelios old jokes and ilb wanting to give Dane Byers his own thread! I LOVE YOU GUYS

  34. anyone know what byers got. made 500k last year. will prob get 1.4 like brashear. sather is a lost freaking cause. how much u want to bet we sign marleau for 6.5 mil i see it happening

  35. carp
    happy bday best site ever i read every day a few times a day dont post unless i am pissed

  36. LMAO over Linda loving her Glock! Between her and the man, they are the go-to couple to hang with in dangerous situations (like when your wardrobe malfunctions!)

    Speaking of Linda, sister blog post now up in her honor :)

  37. Stan Fischler is Outed By The Mouth as a Non- ranger fan.

    One of the greatest road victory’s in Rangers televised history. Game 5 1979 at the Nassau Veterans Coliseum

    Check the video out !

  38. happy 27th Carp.
    may you have 27 times 27 more…and then some.

    hope you )and the city of Chicago) will celebrate soon.

  39. NHL Schedule for 2010-2011 will be released on June 22!!
    Initial plannings for a possible Holiday Boneheadapalooza may begin!

  40. I think once the season starts, we should start ‘planning’ the particulars.

    A lot of people may be visiting relatives for the holidays and not able to attend.

    Southwest does not start booking for December until September (i think)

  41. my sister mentioned a bonehead get together at a sabres game. give the opportunity to eat at Anchor Bar, see Niagara Falls, gamble and/or stay at Seneca Niagra Casino…

  42. jpg, i sent you a FB message about a chili place ;-)

    Sally wants us to come to Buffalo for the junior tournament!

  43. Geez Carp, with longevity like that in your family, you should have no trouble making it to age 29!

  44. Oh, by the way, I have a nephew nicknamed Gizzy. I don’t know why. My in-laws are all nuts with nicknames. My father-in-law’s name was Jim, but they called him Jake. My mother-in-law’s name is Helen, but they call her Dovey. My wife’s name is Sue, but the family calls her Tris. She doesn’t have any idea where these nicknames came from. Weird, huh?

  45. I have been searching the internet trying to find Sathers comment from last season. I thought I was missing something but I realized he never spoke to the media after last season either. I’m all for not giving avergae free agents 3 year deals at big money but I do want the team to improve. By doing nothing or just bringing back last years team how are we getting better. Figure Lisin and Voros are gone. Is Brian Boyle gone too? Is Avery gone? If We bring Back Shelley and Prust and Christen. Where is anyone else playing.

    2010-2011 lineup


    Staal-Danny G

    The only thing u did was replace Jokinen with MZA. How is this team any better? Thats what doesn’t make sense what Sather is saying who is getting replaced in this lineup? Other then MZA what other young guy is going to make this team. Is anyone else concerned?

  46. roc, we’re all always concerned :) comes with the territory of Rangers fandom…..

    OK all, ta for me tonight. I hate to see the season end, but I sure hope tomorrow is the last game….GO HAWKS!!!

  47. linda,
    i’ve been out of my mind trying to get a lot of work done before heading to Bonnaroo music fest and then working there.

    as far as cincy chili…
    sorry i’m unable to help you out.
    i know friends who lived down there love Skyline Chili (i believe that’s the name).

    i’ll check on the one you mentioned with someone i know who lived down there for awhile.
    okay, back to work!

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    roc, google chrome comes with detection of foreign languages and the option to translate (it’s a great browser, btw). Here’s it’s translation.
    Plekanec in New York?

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010
    Pierre Gauthier and the Montreal Canadiens will be wary of the New York Rangers.

    According to our sources the New York Post, the priority for the team this summer will find a number one center to play alongside Marian Gaborik.

    Many rumors circulating in the corridors of New York say that the Rangers plan to offer the moon to Tomas Plekanec. They are even willing to send Wade Redden in the minors so that his annual salary of $ 6.5 million is not recorded on the payroll of the team.

    These rumors appear to have merit, knowing the buy side and obsessive training in New York.

    Pierre Gauthier is better to be proactive in this case because Glen Sather ensures grain.

    The Chief Ranger may have many faults, but when he wants something, he usually ends up having …

    Stay tuned …

  49. Thanks jpg, for responding even though you’re so busy! You’re a good man!!

    Have a fantastic time at Bonnaroo, and if they have the new Ben & Jerrys flavor (aptly named bonnaroo buzz) i highly recommend it

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    Thanks for the heads up and the translation. I don’t put much merit in this site just thought it would be fun to talk about.

  51. Carpy, hope your birthday was great! I also hope the Jokinen did NOT pop out of your cake, wearing a Boneheads tshirt!

  52. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    yes, it is transporter 3. Actually a good flick for the most part!

  53. Roc …

    I agree, I think either Sather signs Plecks the UFA route straight up or trades for Patrick Sharp from the crazy, cap-strained Hawks during the draft, or after Plecks signs with someone else on July 1st

  54. I honestly, truly think either Redden gets demoted or Rozsival gets traded and the Rangers go after …

    Plecks or Sharp to Center Gabby


    Volchencov, Z. Michalek, or Exelby to replace Rozy

  55. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I agree and I actually think they will both be gone. The drawback to that may be the fact that he does trade rozy, but it will be for another contracr I’m sure. Just guessing if slats has a fixation for souray, it may be him. Or it may be for a centre like brad richards. I think redden gets demoted regardless. So we may have to fit a banger like volchenkov and a first line centre in with olli and redden cap space.

  56. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Sather will make bad trades, no moves, and/or all the wrong moves. This year’s draft will be another “project” that would still have been available in round three. Then he will sign some “bargain” has-been veteran to center Gaborik for the first 10 games of the season, then drop him to the fourth line when it’s discovered that he has an artificial leg. Tortorella will last 20 games and be replaced by a drooling Mike Keenan who all summer has been straying away from the broadcast booth and into the locker room. He’ll appoint Messier as GM where the puppet strings will be as visible as Howdy Doody’s. It will provide the insulating layer that keeps him in the good graces of Dopey Dolan for the next 4 years. The Rangers will finish in 10th place in 2011. Just below Toronto who finished 15th in the East last year.

    And the Ranger fans will chant “Fire Sather” to no effect, sell out all 42 games in MSG and cheer their heads off as 20 lucky MSG employee’s family members get handed a jersey at the last home game.

    The Chicago Black Hawks will repeat as Stanley Cup Champions, showing just how well a franchise can recover from the death of a senile former owner if it finds some one competent enough to run the team.

  57. i think Olga is digging tunnel under Sather’s house right into his bedroom so he (Olga…never thought I’d call Olga a “he”) can choke Slats in his sleep!

  58. Hi Izzy!

    I have a great feeling inside me right now :) :) :)

    Goodnight my fellow Rangers fans.

  59. I was trying to be nice. I guess that did not come out right. I have a great feeling because of something that just occurred in the world. Sorry for being unclear.

    Goodnight Izzy! Goodnight CCCP! Goodnight All!

  60. sad thing is i have a ball busting boston friend that will rub it in if they win. i normally hate pro basketball. but because of this cr guy i actually want the celtics to win.

  61. Uncle Glennie’s summer plans

    .Go to Banff
    .Stay in Coffin
    .Arise on July 1
    .Smoke Cigars, Drink Jameson, Poop, Cause More Contractual Havoc to the New York Rangers despite my quotes to Larry Brooks
    .Go back in Coffin at 12 am July 2
    .Arise in September for Training Camp

  62. you suggested CR should seek professional help…

    are you an expert in who needs help and who doesn’t?

  63. what i am saying is he is certifiable. i have read enough of his postings to know that. not an expert just an observation that some at least share. maybe you don’t.

  64. so anyone who reads cr rantings and thinks he needs professional help also needs help in your opinion. interesting

  65. Absolutely right…

    When you telling a person that he/she needs a professional help and at the same time you keep on following what that person (who needs a professional help) say, and make the same comments towards that person…it makes one think…you know.

    I accepted him for what he is and what he brings to this place… I helped myself…you know what I mean?

  66. Please dont continue this any further.

    Yes, Im a bit of a whack job. With serious anger issues. So what! I am trying extraordinarily hard to change the CR persona that I have created for myself. Im a great person who does great things for others.

  67. i skipped some of his rants as well especially when he was at the height of his foolishness. saw enough to know he is an individual crying for attention.

    i know you have appointed yourself the policeman on this blog. read it way before you came here. hopefully after you leave too.

  68. celtics

    i see you like to label people…

    now according to you I’m a self appointed policeman of this blog… ok

    and what would you label yourself? casual opinioned observer?

    …and since you’re such an enthusiastic reader of this blog…maybe we can all cheap in and buy you a medal? What you say?

  69. Good game morning, boneheads!

    Stop bickering, boys… Enjoy it, that could be the last game of the season. And I hope it is.
    Let’s go Hawks!

  70. Good morning all! T, mama is very proud of you today!

    jpg, you’re going to bonnaroo!!! say hi to Aves!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  71. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Well my fellow bonehead brothers and sisters, I will be gone for the next two weeks.

    Getting married on Friday!

    Just wnated to chime in before I left.

    I’m from NJ, so the next Warren bonehead party for this season I am definitely in.

    i would LOVE to have PAtrick Sharp on our team. Fits so many problems we currently have and has a hell of a wrist shot

    If Redden AND Rosi are gone before the end fo the season I will be shocked. I still hope Redden gets buried in HArtford, but Torts likes Rosi, but who knows

    Well here’s to hoping I come hoem from my honeymoon to some good ranger news!!

    See ya Boneheads!

  72. hey debbened- thanks for keeping track of the contest, i am not going to be here for the next week and a half to 2 weeks. i have to go to texas for my stepmoms funeral. i wont be able to watch the games either so if i do win, just speak up for me ok. or anybody for that matter. but since youve been keeping track im sure you could. thanks. if somehow i do win, ilb knows my address.oh and carp, whats your email?

  73. Congrats Mikey NJ! Enjoy your wedding day, and your honeymoon even more!

    Sorry to hear about your step mom grabby! Have a safe trip.

    Large bolts of lightning……check
    Massive sounds of thunder…..check
    Heavy rain coming down……..check
    should be losing power any minute!

  74. weve had t storms and torndo warnings the whole past week here linda. its good that i was able to get off work without any problems. i was expecting some bs but the people here are pretty good when it comes to a death in the family. i had no problems and everyone was makin me feel better at work. that was my biggest concern, because in ny forget about it, id have to be dead to be able to take off. another thing is my dad just got out of the hospital he had a heart attack anbd could have spinal meningitis. and with his woife dying hes all messed up. worrying about him is whats really bothering me. and my sister wont come with me to texas to be there so im pissed off at her. im not gonna go into any details here, but my family has been in shambles for the past 2 years with something bad happening every few months or so. you guys are all great people here and in a weird way, have helped actually keep me sane the past few years!!. k, gotta get goin. i’ll talk to ya in a week or 2. and that post about “vampire sather” was awesome! take care and if u get a tornado, dont go running into it yelling”take me with you” like i did the other day. haha j/k. make sure you grabby(monologue) a few times in honor of me!! just start randomly talking

  75. real mikey

    If both the R lads are gone this summer, then in my opinion we will have had as reasonably a good off season as could be expected. ( Thank the Lord for small favors.)

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