It’s Go Time!


Game 5 tonight. Here are some pregame notes from (I didn’t want to do the cut and paste, which wouldn’t align correctly Friday).

A road team has to win one of these games, right? And it will be a huge advantage when it happens.

See youse during the game.

PS, got a kick out of Larry Brooks’ column today, which I know you guys have discussed all day. Especially enjoyable were the “We won’t overpay for free agents” and the idea that guys won’t have jobs based on their contracts. Yeah, right.

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  1. ICCCP

    I don’t know where you got the idea that I was slamming Russian language or Russia or Russians. As I said before I was brought up in a largely Italo/celtic/slavic region.

    I know about Pierogies, because the guy I used to be with in the service was from Chicago of Polish descent, and he’s the one that introduced me to Pierogis. ( They’re good…try em.)

    I have always been interested in other languages, and their relationship to English and one of my best friends who was with the first occupation troops in Japan ( and who taught HIMSELF to speak Japanese fluently, and the idiots in theArmy didn’t have wit enough to make use of this ability, for the Japanese whomhe mingled with over there, were amazed at a round eye, who could speak and comprehend even the street slang of their language. He moved easily through that society and made some permanent friends over there. When he came home again he went to Hawaii, and went to work for the tourist office of Honolulu as an interpreter and guide for the countless Japanese tourist. who visit there.

    In the meantime he taught himself Spanish, and went to the University of Mexico for a couple of years and graduated with a teaching degree. Went back to Hawaii, and returned to his position there, til he eventually became an adjunct professor at the College there. I’d known him since we were kids, and was saddened to get an obit from his daughter of his passing about a year ago. Great guy and extremely knowledgeable about languages.

  2. Spoke too soon. Here we go! It’s go time!

    Franzo-pierogies isn’t a Polish word. At least Ukrainians claim otherwise.

  3. Three great hockey minds! Hey, kids, if you’re learning hockey- whatever they say, don’t do it.

  4. Olga Folkyerself on

    I read Brooks article today. Brooks knows when Sather is lying, his lips move…

  5. Ben Eager has finally found his place in NHL. Wasn’t he a first round pick?

  6. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    that’s right girl…the actual ANTHEM!!!! Not some stupid nonsense song!!!!!

    I got carped of course, but in a nutshell… for the hammer’s rights slats before 01 July (orr disagrees, I know).

  7. For what it’s worth, I disagree too, Wicky. I like Volchenkov, but he’s going to market and he’s going to get $4m-$5m per. Not worth it for a complementary #2/#3 D-man when you’re already in cap hell.

  8. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on


    Amstel Time!

  9. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    I haven’t had this much tension in the Cup Finals since ’94. I think Chicago is MY team. At least until Sather dies…

  10. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I understand the cap situation that everyone worries about, I do too. If you you bury redden (like we should, you free up volchenkov money and back up goalie money (say hedberg), with a little left over. You still have jokinen and prospal dollars (and quite possibly gilroy and rozy cash somehow) to address and number one center, better depth on D and wing perhaps.

  11. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    boy verseet is a heady player, anyone else seem him just calm big buff down after that scrum….smart

  12. We’ll be seeing Boucher in the 2nd! THIS is the team I thought we’d be seeing in the finals! Where have they been??

  13. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    dan patrick, hockey getting big time people!!!

  14. Olgazo- that would make it 6 Amstels. Would you be around for third period?

  15. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    there’s a rumour going around that the flyers are going to pay bartman to come to the rest of the games.

  16. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    ilbzo – I’ve lost a sixpack already. Blackhawks need to catch up to me!

  17. 20 Cent chews on his mouthpiece more than Captain Pizza. At least the Captain has his in his mouth once in a while. 20’s is always hanging out.

  18. The video of that hit on Pronger by Buf should make more money than “Titanic”

  19. With Carcillo out, Hartnell looks a lot more comfortable resuming his role as #1 reprobate on the team.

  20. fran

    It’s a nice story. I know you were not bashing all things Russian. Sorry about your friend. I did however enjoy our verbal volleyball.

    P.S. my mom makes some incredible “vareniki” with potatoes. “Vareniki” is the Russian and Ukrainian word for “pierogi.” She makes them from scratch, boils them and then fries them a bit among some caramelized onions. No words can describe the way they melt in your mouth :P


  21. Brendan Shanahan on between periods on CBC. Better than watching Milbury. But then watching a dog turd on a plate would be better than Milbury.

  22. Gift of GAB-orik on

    Buff is a beast plain and simple. Carp created a monster. Literally coined the phrase.

  23. CCCP, if you’re bringing some vareniki to the next Palooza, then I am there!! I love them.

  24. Gift of GAB-orik on


    hahaha… yea man Milbury is a total D-bag…. and the biggest Ranger hater there is.

  25. JR is singing in his head ‘dont stand, dont stand so, dont stand so close to me’

  26. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    Let’s go Hawks!!!!

    My liver can take it! I started drinking late in life, I was already 13 when I started…

  27. it ‘s about time byfuglien started doing his job. he has been awol since period 2 of game 1. but that was a great hit on Pronger. he really leveled him.

    and Toews is also starting to play tonight like he should

    the goaltending at both ends has been not so good.

  28. lmao ilbzo! i’m hoping for that early Bday present July 1~! wouldnt it be great if he got rid of Redden and brashear, and then was fired!!!!!!!! HOLY CARP!!! my bday celebration would last for weeks!

  29. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    FIRE SATHER, obviously. DON’T hire Messier, he’s a bald headed old fart.

  30. lmao! imagine the kleenex bill! ;-) and gregzo, dont get upset, its all in fun lol

  31. hey guys, a friend of Gift of Gabs is here… he’s tryin to figure things out but say hi to him…

  32. he hasnt posted yet, he’s trying to figure us out! lmao!1 i just called him Damianzo, but he might use a different name to post


  34. Hm, why do I keep hearing the name Chris Pronger every time Chicago scores a goal?

  35. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    Black Hawks win it! I’ll be sleeping good tonight! And Messier is still a bald-headed old fart!!!!

  36. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    Well, I’m going to sleep this off until Wednesday, When the Black Hawks will become the Stanley Cup Champions!!!

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You bet Sather won’t overpay for anymore vets! Just like a baker can’t make more donuts when he’s out of dough! Sather, similarly, is also out of dough.

    Go big buff!

  38. Hawks in 6!

    i’m still alive!

    IF Flys win, it be a lot more painful to see than it was seeing Cindy winning the cup

  39. absolutely!

    Heads, if you do NOT want me to post pics of you up on the FB, please let me know! I dont want anyone to be upset, so I will wait for permission to post your pics.

  40. okay.

    did i mention that tornado warning at 5 a.m. suck?
    if not, they do
    and i’m still amazed at what i’ve been able to accomplish while still being not totally awake (10 fingers/10 toes. check!)

    GO HAWKS!!! ONE MORE!!!!

    g’night everybody everywhere.

  41. jpg, those warnings while you’re sleeping are the scariest thing to hear! I hope you guys are ok!!!

  42. Anybody want to talk for a little bit? Im borderline insane right now!

    LOL @ the Flyers cutting the deficit to 2 like four times and the Hawks answering! LMAO!

  43. cccp

    sounds like good stuff…unfortunately my wife is a Scot—–
    and their food is just barely edible.

    I did read a strange clipping from a British newspaper back during the rigidity of the cold war, that wrote about a Russian sailor apprehended by the French police when he emerged from the Chunnel, after having walked it from England.

    They asked him why he risked his life to do such a thing.

    His response was, “Have you ever tried eating their food?”

  44. thats why they drink alot of beer over there. kinda like why they drink alot of beer in iowa. food is awful!!! theres no diversity whatsoever. i do miss that about ny. best u can get is chain restaurant food liek red lobster, joes crab shack, outback

  45. Good morning, boneheads!

    One game away from well deserved SC by Chicago.
    The only hockey related news in NY area I found was about the Devils being close in hiring their new coach. I’m not linking this one.

    I think we found a new name for Pronger- plunger. Doesn’t he look like one? He’s been pretty good this playoffs in general. Except for last night.

  46. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ‘mornin Ilb and Mr Mike!! Thanks alot again for my Bonehead shirt ilb . I have it on hanger right now. I look sexier then Mike in it too. Not that you care but just saying…

    The Game was great and im still alive!!! Philly in 7 having Giroux baby score the winner!!! Mike yer pick of leanio is really good ,good gowing ming!!

  47. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda ….hmmmmm I saw something but im taking all in jest. I will bite my tounge on dis one. Morning too!!!

  48. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers still Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSS I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Well some of you can go take a firetrucking Truck off but in all …..We miss ya guys!!!!!!

  49. morning ilbzo!! heads, carp, babs, everyone!! go rangers in 2014!!!! cant wait for kreider,stepan,bourque,werek,grachev,byers,weise,mcdonut,sangs and of course the frodo from modo aasen come in and take over in a few years. gonna be a great time in rangerland when we let the prospects develop and add to the core of duby,staal,cally,hank,gabby and AA. if wew do somehow get some cap space from rozy or redden, obviously olli’s 5 mill will go to staal and whatevers left over will be for girardi most likely, so if we do get rid of rozy or redden, and prospal it should be enough to sign a big tough d man and if not, maybe a center for the top line. but what im really lookin forward to is the draft. i hear some of u guys talkin about baby beuk, but hes not as good a hitter as his dad ive read. hes more offensive but we really need a big tough d man and i dont like going for players based on the name. but at the #10 spot(the highest since jessiwoman), and with clark doing the drafting now, im really excited about getting a pretty good player. i do think we have a pretty deep talent pool in the minors now, but one thing we could improve on is goaltending. i know dos nueve is preetty solid, but zaba?? no, wikkmans gone for newbury, a minor leaguer for life probably,auld who isnt too great, and stajcer who didnt have great numumbers in his league.

  50. greg, you are 1 sexy stud, but i still look beter in my shirt(nipples poppin out baby)!!! and yea i got hawks in 7 with the score being 5-3 i believe in that game. honestly dont think philly will win another game, but its good that i picked a flyer for the SC gwg so i have the hawks in the first contest and a flyer in the second, plus yuea, leino is playing great and he definitely has a chance to win me the book!! hes been very consistent so far and usually guys like that who are hot in the playoffs just seem to get the timely goals and if philly wins, hes as good a choice as carter or richards, gagne, briere etc..

  51. Hey guys anyone heard the rumor that Versteeg could be on the block after the season since Chicago is over the cap for next year? Does anyone think he is worth a pick, and a young player? Just a thought, and I wanted to hear some feedback.

    See you all in a little while.

  52. Goooood morning all!

    Been lying low all weekend due to some personal stuff and being plain ol’ lazy.

    What a game last night! Craziness all over the place. I’m out of the contest, but still pulling for the Hawks to win it all.

  53. Good morning all. Just thought I’d pop in today to say I’m loving these finals. Except for Lauren Hart/Kate Smith. Go Hawks.

  54. I think I’m still in it…way off on the first game though…

    Hawks in 6
    clincher – Hawks 5 Flyers 3
    Game 1 – Hawks 2 Flyers 1

  55. In defence of my nation – we are not a bunch of warm beer drinking fish and chip eaters!!

    and don’t trust any Scots, they won’t eat anything unless its been deep fried or cooked in lard!!

    (Although Haggis is quite nice)

  56. The main reason that I’m reduced to chatting about lighthearted stuff and not hockey, is that just about everything that can be said about Rangers etc, has been said. We’ve actually run the subject dry.

    Nothing new til the drafts take place.

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