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Just crawling out … was at a baseball championship quadruple-header yesterday. Left the house at 9 a.m., got home in the wee hours today.

So I’m just hoping to get my brain re-trained on hockey before Game 4 tonight.

Will update if anything comes along. Otherwise, see youse during the game.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:41 P.M.: Some pre-Game 4 notes from the NHL (apologies for the odd spacing … can’t figure it out).

One-Goal Games: Each of the first three games of the Stanley Cup Final has been decided by
one goal for just the fourth time in the expansion era (since 1968). In the three previous series,
the games marked the start of sweeps (Detroit over Washington in 1998, Montreal over
Philadelphia in 1976, Montreal over St. Louis in 1968).
In the 70 Stanley Cup Final series since the best-of-seven format was implemented in 1939, the
first four games have been decided by one goal just twice: 1968 (Montreal over St. Louis in four
games) and 1951 (Toronto over Montreal in five games, all decided in overtime).
Too Close for Comfort: The teams have been tied or separated by one goal 96% of the time
(178:16 of 185:59).
Lead Changes and Comebacks: Eight leads have been erased, which in each case lasted
fewer than eight minutes (1:08, 4:47, 1:38, 2:11 and 3:31 in Game 1; 7:51, 7:57 and 0:20 in
Game 3). There have been five lead changes (three in Game 1, two in Game 3).
Everyone a Threat: The 21 goals have been scored by 17 players.
Home clubs have won the first three games of the Stanley Cup Final for the fifth
consecutive season. Facing a ‘must-win’ in Game 3 after dropping the first two games on the
road, the 2006 Edmonton Oilers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, the 2007 Ottawa Senators
topped the Anaheim Ducks and the 2008 and 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit
Red Wings.
The Oilers, Senators and 2008 Penguins dropped Game 4 at home to trail the series 3-1,
while the 2009 Penguins won Game 4 to even the series.
The Flyers enter Game 4 with a six-game winning streak at Wachovia Center and a
League-best home record of 8-1 in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. They went 2-0 against New
Jersey in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, 2-1 vs. Boston in the Conference Semifinal, 3-0
vs. Montreal in the Conference Final and are 1-0 against Chicago in the Final.
In five home starts, Flyers goaltender Michael Leighton is 5-0 with two shutouts, a 1.18
goals-against average and .958 save percentage, stopping 137 of 143 shots.
The Blackhawks have lost their past nine games in Philadelphia (eight regular-season,
one playoff), a streak that began in 1997-98. The last Blackhawks victory at Wachovia Center
occurred on Nov. 9, 1996, during the building’s inaugural NHL season.
After going scoreless and posting a -3 rating over the first two games of the Stanley Cup
Final, Flyers forward Claude Giroux earned First Star honors in Game 3 for scoring the overtime
winner, adding two assists and posting a +2 rating.
Giroux, 22, increased his playoff points total to 20 (nine goals, 11 assists) in 20 games,
vaulting from 10th place to fifth in the League playoff scoring race.
Giroux tallied the first overtime goal of his NHL career — including the regular season and
Ville Leino enters Game 4 tied for the franchise record for points by a rookie in one playoff
year, set by former Flyer all-star Brian Propp in the club’s run to the Stanley Cup Final against the New York Islanders in 1980 (5-10–15 in 19 GP). Leino ranks fifth on the Flyers in scoring with 15 points (six goals, nine assists) in 16 games.
Chris Pronger enters Game 4 as the scoring leader among defensemen in the 2010
playoffs with 17 points (four goals, 13 assists). He is one point from tying the Flyers’ playoff record for a defenseman set by Doug Crossman in 1987 (4-14–18 in 26 games).
Daniel Briere enters Game 4 ranked first on the Flyers and second in the League in
playoff scoring with 24 points (11 goals, 13 assists). He already has collected six points (2-4–6)
in the Stanley Cup Final. Briere is four points from tying the franchise record for postseason
scoring set by Brian Propp in 1987 (12-16–28).
Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews, who leads the NHL in 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff
scoring with 27 points (seven goals, 20 assists), is two shy of the single-season franchise
record set Denis Savard in 1985 (9-20–29). Toews’ assist on Patrick Kane’s third-period goal
in Game 3 tied Savard’s franchise record for playoff assists (20).

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  1. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Did Sather retire yet? I think there will seriously be a party… perhaps even a parade when he steps down/aside!
    At the very least… I know the boneheads will get together!!!

  2. Tom Foolery on

    Doodie, Maybe Dolan will have a son and we’ll have something to look forward to 30 years or so from now.

  3. Peterman, it was long … but very good games. Vagabond is right. The games were up at Dutchess Stadium, home of the Renegades. Now I start hop-scotching the state for various championships through next weekend.

    On this reality tour, do you include lunch (bagel pizza) and dessert (bite-sized Three Musketeers)?


  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it looks like the NHL made the same typo again as they did the other day.

  5. Did you know that John O’Hurley who played J Peterman actually bought the J Petermam catalog. The catalog was going out of business & O’hurley kept it going.
    Another useless piece of information for you boneheads !

  6. LI RangerFan on

    LOL @ Donald Duck & Finland – did you ever wonder why, since Donald Duck DOESN’T wear pants, he puts a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower?

  7. Johnny LaRue on

    Squidward doesn’t wear pants either, but Spongebob is great. Always hated Donald Duck and most things Disney for that matter.

  8. Hey gang!
    Just droppin in to say hi…
    How’s everyone doin?
    Awesome finals so far…
    Go Hawks!

  9. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Solid question LI….

    I thought ducks were waterproof anyway…

  10. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Sather wraps himself in cigar leafs when he gets out of the shower. I think he writes his fantasy roster in the steam on the glass of his shower…

  11. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    finland and donald, very funny …..and odd!

    I see your point about the money normally, but in the case of the rangers we lack anyone even close to the way he plays back there, so he’s worth every penny (IMHO).

  12. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    excerpt from an article about Sather,

    ” Save for a seventh-rounder named Henrik Lundqvist picked three weeks after he was hired, the GM’s draft record was, as in Edmonton in the ’90s, a black hole until the move for Marc Staal in 2005 triggered an upswing – though fans like those at a “Fire Sather” rally outside the Garden on March 7 will never let go of 2003, when the Rangers selected big Dartmouth winger Hugh Jessiman at No. 12. In one of the best draft classes ever, Jessiman remains the only player among the top 33 picks never to appear in the NHL.”

    How many of you were at the rally!! GO BONEHEADS!!

  13. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    If you want to get sick to the point of throwing up… check out this list of the 2003 NHL draft, what team they play for now, and their NHL totals since being drafted. ** NOTE THE VOID BY JESSIMAN, CUZ HE NEVER PLAYED IN THE NHL.

    seeing the names of the players the Rangers could have drafted… this makes me sick.
    Dustin Brown(captain of the Kings), Zach Parise(Team USA anyone??), Ryan Kessler, Mike Richards(Flyers Captain) all came after the 12th pick. Jeff Carter was taken at number 11.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Good day, all. I was going to read the NHL propaganda that’s up today (sorry, carp – nothing aimed at you), but decided to Ctrl-F two words “Penguins” and “Crosby.” Penguins appears seven times on the page and Crosby twice, I figured that was 9 reasons to get right to reading you boneheads.

    Here’s a question, will the NHL ever market it’s BEST player well? Ovie gets almost no love from NHL headquarters.

  15. I was at the fire sather rally in spirit I was dressed as a giant middle finger!

  16. LMFAO!!! Donald and no pants, Squidward and no pants, Pluto and Goofy? WTB!?!?! Those serious posters are going to complain we’re not talking lines again!!!

    best was CCCP and no pants!

    i HATE goofy!!

  17. “did you ever wonder why, since Donald Duck DOESN’T wear pants, he puts a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower?”

    Clearly Donald doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy Daisy, or any other Duck. He can pull off the no-pants look without getting arrested. For little Duck.


    You’re right. They need a guy like that. But, Volchenkov can’t change this team. He’s just one man. The team will be pretty much the same with him or without him. So, I just think it’s better to pass on him, and let the younger guys get time to play.

  18. Orr- are talking about Donald Duck or Donald Trump?

    If there any desire within the management to get rid of Redden or/and Rozi, I don’t see any reason not go after Volchenkov hard.

  19. ZOMG, today has been craaaazy. Then I come here and read about Donald Duck and Squidward having no pants and am cracking the hartnell up. Thank god the day is almost over.

    Love to you all for being so zany!

  20. Carp, Is your tour of NYS taking you to the Albany area? IF so,let me know and I’ll email you. I’ll buy you a drink of your choice if you are :)

  21. Git of GaB

    THEY ALSO MISSED OUT ON GETZLAFF, AND WHO KNOWS HOW MANY OTHERS…COULD BE COUNTLESS. Sorry about the caps..that’s from my dyslexic left finger.

  22. Once it was obvious that Jessiman was a waste, I promised myself not to ever look at 2003 draft again…I’m prone to bad migraine lol

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What, Mickey?! I was there for a bagel and a coffee, never told me about a free donut.

  24. Did you know that there are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with: orange, purple, and silver!

    Think about it…

  25. LIN

    What’s a Manhattan Special? It sounds familiar.

    BTW, there are non free Donuts. I bought a Toasted Coconut donut. They’re pretty awesome. I also got a Reeses Pieces ice cream shake at the Batman Robins next to it. Great combo. I should have gotten a Cinnamon Bun too.

    Bring on game 4. I’m set!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s a beverage made of coffee and cola.

    I don’t see why you would use a Manhattan Special to make one.

    Egg cream=seltzer+milk+syrup, with vigorous stirring as you add the seltzer to the milk and syrup.

  27. ORR i was thinkig about the wrong thing… I meant U-Bet syrup. Manhattan Special is a coffee soda

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Linda’s right, it’s coffee and espresso soda. Not coffee and cola. Looks like cola.

  29. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Yea… that 2003 draft wasn’t a ‘near miss’, it wasn’t even a ‘remotely close’… it was miss the water when falling out of the boat bad. I know that’s an indictment of more than the GM… i mean they have scouts they pay to find good players…. what a colossal bust that was. Any one of the 10 or so players available with that pick and after could have altered the franchise that year.

    HISTORY WAS MADE. Make that a freakin’ commercial.

  30. cccp

    a long long time ago i learned that there is something that rhymes w/ orange

    door hinge

  31. mdz was on that show from gretzkys restaurant said hes been workin out w/ gary roberts this offseason.

  32. thanks Doodie, i got the two mixed up, you must have posted as i was typing! How are things at the job?? This has been a good two days, Staal and Doodie have both posted! This makes me smile!

    I had a boyfriend who would only use UBet syrup for his egg creams. Manhattan Special kicks!! and OMG I wish they had Bosco here!! I’ll either have to have mom send me some, or order it online.

    I think the Hawks win with a late goal tonight!!! Big Buff gonna break out!

  33. Meant to say “say”, not “saw”!

    Yeah, Whoppers syrup is awesome. It’s better than regular chocolate syrup.

    I’m still waiting for Banana syrup! They used to sell Nesquik Banana Milk. I can’t find it anywhere now.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the Flyers now.Well kinda…ya see we and the Flyers were wrote off as bottom seeders trying to make it. Well Philly made it (barely squeeked in) and we didnt make it. Its a sad story but a true story and the Flyers as hated as I do hate ’em…need to win the cup for us. Yeah for us. WE are alot alike from these sad sack Flyers and if they can make it , so can we!!!!! GO RANGERS!!!!!!

    Oh yeah just reading todays and yesterday blog stuff ,I’m about to check my email as I was asked too.

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carsillo is GARBAGE. Proven today , ahhhhhh sweeet mooosic!!!

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on


  37. when the harntell is Buff gonna lay out pronger?? Sheesh its taking forever. Just knock him off his feet with a tremendous hit and make me smile

  38. are we still allowed to use ORRS word for a banned word??? cuz i just wanna yell it!


  39. Does anybody else not have the sound from the Versus announcers?? I can hear the players, crowd, buzzers, whistles, but no ridiculous comments! It’s craziness, like being at the game!!

    p.s. Screw you, Flyers. I know I hated you the entire time I had to live in Philly but it sucks that you waited until the season I move to bring Stanley Cup finals to town.

  40. I hope Briere’s face is OK after that devastating blow from Kopecky’s stick. Looks like he might’ve suffered the same horrific injury Carcillo gets 4-5 times a game.

  41. WTB happened to the Hawks???? sheesh get your heads outta your brieres and get going

  42. I dont know carcillo! on

    As much as i despise the flyers, id trade the rangers for the flyers straight up. But then again i dont know carcillo!!

  43. hjalmorsson, normally a solid dman, is havinga terrible game. he gave away both goals, just handed the puck to Carle on that one.

    and Byfuglien is playing like crap. he is not doing his job in this series

  44. still counts on

    June 4th, 2010 at 5:05 pm
    Brashear will still be making $1.4 mil next year. In Hartford

    and will still count against the cap

  45. still counts,

    that, and the fact that he acted as his own agent and scammed Sather out of that money, is what makes it perverse lol

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Claude Girioux is my ticket to winning this book contest!!!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Don Cherry is saying the Flyers wont win the series and is saying the goalie is keeping Philly in it!!?? I like Don but hes being a retard. Flyers cant lose. Peroid. They are dark horses and they will win it all. Closest the Flyers got to being out is against the Rangers. Thats a fact!!! Hossa will never win the cup ,call me superstitious.

  47. ding Donger on

    Pronger slashes Toews, gets no call. Leighton highsticks madden, no call. but they call kopecky right away for highsticking

    just like in game 1, no penalties on Flyers. gee, who knew that the Flyers are now the innocent angels of the league.

  48. Tony, you are loaded with useless info. Good job.

    Staal, great to see your name here buddy.

    Johnny, the pizza pound cake guy is also “Eat the fly, eat the fly.”

    Mickey, Albany area is not on the itinerary at this time … usually there in the winter for hoops, etc.

    I met a non-posting Bonehead at the baseball games yesterday. The first thing he said to me was “Holy Carcillo!”

  49. I dont know carcillo! on

    damn the way chicago is playing lieghton could go to the locker room take a carcillo and they still wouldnt score!!

  50. This one’s over!

    It’s looking more and more likely that Hossa will go 0-3 in Stanley Cup Finals. Poor fella!

  51. I couldn’t be more proud.

    hey, where’s Pierre? is it me, or is the telecast so much better when there are no Edzos?

  52. No Pierre in Canada either. He doesn’t work for CBC. Glenn Healy gets the space between the benches all to himself for a couple of games.



    TIE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Hey, the Hawks actually showed up for about 8 minutes tonight! YAY!! Great going, guys!

  55. Dan Carcillo: So much of a Byfuglien-hole that he lets Scott Hartnell be described as a “class act” in comparison…

  56. cr – if you are a ranger fan you do not want the flyers to win the cup. its that simple. now are you really a ranger fan?

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What the Byfuglien is going on?!

    Byfuglien needs to soon = Monster because right now he = ragdoll.

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I looked up the “byfuglien” term and I can’t believe we’ve been using it since October 24th, 2009!

  59. Zzzz

    you mentioned that “we were just like the Flyers”…no we’re not. They have very good hockey players…we have hockey dillettantes, over paid, over pampered and over here. They also have a fine GM and a very good coach. “We” don’t.

    It’s all veddy elemental Zzzzz ol’ boy.

  60. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    morning folks!!

    at least one one game respite from that dumbass song!!!

    Once again, I agree with you on the R and R/Volchenkov debate.

    Hey, speaking of Disney, did you guys hear that mickey and minnie mouse were getting a divorce?? yep, mickey said she was Byfugliening goofy!!!

  61. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    man, can’t under estimate the value of pronger, he is shutting the monster down!

  62. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    Tarasenko seems like a pretty decent prospect.

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