Game 3 notes, etc.


First and foremost, anybody who had Blackhawks in 4 or Flyers in 4 or 5 is already out of the Boneheads Stanley Cup Finals Extravaganza (and picnic) Contest No. 1.

Anybody fessing up to being out of the contest?


Game 3 notes from the NHL:


Home clubs have won the first three games of the Stanley Cup Final for the fifth consecutive season. Facing a ‘must-win’ in Game 3 after dropping the first two games on the road, the 2006 Edmonton Oilers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, the 2007 Ottawa Senators topped the Anaheim Ducks and the 2008 and 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings.

The Flyers registered their first overtime victory in the Stanley Cup Final since 1974, when Bobby Clarke’s goal defeated the Boston Bruins in Game 2 at Boston Garden. They had lost their past four appearances (one in 1987 vs. Edmonton, two in 1980 vs. NY Islanders and one in 1975 vs. Buffalo).
The Blackhawks skated in their first overtime in a Stanley Cup Final since 1971, a victory over Montreal in Game 1, and suffered their first OT loss in the Final since 1944 — a series-clinching loss to Montreal in Game 4. Overall, the Blackhawks moved to 5-2 in Stanley Cup Final overtime.

After going scoreless and posting a -3 rating over the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final, Flyers forward Claude Giroux earned First Star honors tonight after scoring the overtime winner, adding two assists and posting a +2 rating.
Giroux, 22, increased his playoff points total to 20 (nine goals, 11 assists) in 20 games, vaulting from 10th place to fifth in the League playoff scoring race.
Giroux tallied the first overtime goal of his NHL career — including the regular season and playoffs.

The Flyers ran their home winning streak at Wachovia Center to six games and improved their League-best home record in the 2010 playoffs to 8-1. They went 2-0 against New Jersey in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, 2-1 vs. Boston in the Conference Semifinal and 3-0 vs. Montreal in the Conference Final.
In five home starts, Flyers goaltender Michael Leighton is 5-0 with two shutouts, a 1.18 goals-against average and .958 save percentage, stopping 137 of 143 shots.

The Flyers outshot the Blackhawks 15-4 in the third period, matching their advantage in Game 2.

Tonight’s loss snapped a pair of lengthy Blackhawks’ win streaks. They entered Game 3 having won their past seven road games, tying an NHL playoff record, and their past seven games overall.

The Flyers posted their first postseason victory against the Blackhawks tonight. Chicago had won all six games entering Game 3 — a four-game sweep in the 1971 quarterfinals and Games 1 and 2 of this series.
The Flyers also broke a seven-game losing streak in the Stanley Cup Final. The streak included Game 7 in 1987 (to Edmonton), four consecutive losses in 1997 (to Detroit) and Games 1 and 2 this year.

The home club posted a victory for just the fifth time in the past 20 overtime games in the Stanley Cup Final since 1990:

Year        Score

2010        Chicago 3 at Philadelphia 4 (Game 3, Claude Giroux)
2008        Pittsburgh 4 at Detroit 3 (Game 5, Petr Sykora)
2006        Edmonton 4 at Carolina 3 (Game 5, Fernando Pisani)
2004        Tampa Bay 3 at Calgary 2 (Game 6, Martin St. Louis)
Calgary 3 at Tampa Bay 2 (Game 5, Oleg Saprykin)
2003        New Jersey 2 at Anaheim 3 (Game 3, Ruslan Salei)
New Jersey 0 at Anaheim 1 (Game 4, Steve Thomas)
2002        Carolina 3 at Detroit 2 (Game 1, Ron Francis)
Detroit 3 at Carolina 2 (Game 3, Igor Larionov)
2000        Dallas 1 at New Jersey 0 (Game 5, Mike Modano)
New Jersey 2 at Dallas 1 (Game 6, Jason Arnott)
1999        Buffalo 3 at Dallas 2 (Game 1, Jason Woolley)
Dallas 2 at Buffalo 1 (Game 6, Brett Hull)
1998        Washington 4 at Detroit 5 (Game 2, Kris Draper)
1996        Colorado 1 at Florida 0 (Game 4, Uwe Krupp)
1994        Vancouver 3 at NY Rangers 2 (Game 1, Greg Adams)
1993        Los Angeles 2 at Montreal 3 (Game 2, Eric Desjardins)
Montreal 4 at Los Angeles 3 (Game 3, John LeClair)
Montreal 3 at Los Angeles 2 (Game 4, John LeClair)
1990        Edmonton 3 at Boston 2 (Game 1, Petr Klima)

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  1. ct it was the first time this season that I’ve seen them slack off…it showed. And Buff really disappeared sometime between the first and third whistles, never to be seen again.

  2. fran June 3rd, 2010 at 8:32 am

    You know this Carcillo is really not a bad player…but he’s juiced in some inexplicable fashion that I cannot pin down.

    He is actually spastic…if you watch him even with his team mates, they act like they’re ready to grab for a butterfly net, whenever he comes close to anyone. Something slipped a gear somewhere along the line in his development.


    LOL! However, I like him! Aside from the beating he laid on Gabby, the guy is awesome.

  3. Woohoo, a Game 5! More hockey! I’m still in the contest, baby.

    Morning all!

  4. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    i too had the Hawks in 6, so things are still going to plan!

    Carcillo is one of those love/hate guys, just like Avery.

    but Carcillo has no respect for the game.

  5. Personally, I dont care about “respect for the game.” I have no respect for the game. Bill McCreary has no respect for the game. Kerry Fraser had no respect for the game. Mike Milbury has no respect for the game. Pierre Maguire as well.

    I care about a desire to win, and a desire to help your teammates, something Avery and Carcillo clearly have!

  6. Vinny

    Sorry, I didnt mean to come across as confrontational. I respect your opinions. I just have taken a liking to Carcillo, and hate the bad rap he gets because he is a Flyer!

    Anyway, the French Open Women’s Semis Schiavone/Dementieva looks like it’s gonna be a good match!

  7. Oh god. I just got a mental image of Avery and Carcillo going clothes shopping together and comparing fashion notes.


    (scrubs brain violently)

  8. Awww, Dementieva was forced to retire after the 1st set due to an injury of some sort. :(

  9. Looking at that list of OT winners, there are some really random and obscure names. Oleg Saprykin and Jason Woolley being the most obscure.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I had Hawks in 5 and Game 3 is the game I thought Philly would win. I also had game 1 as a 1 goal game, although I had it at 3-2 instead of 6-5.

    Also, I think there is a typo in the release from the NHL. I listed the correction in brackets:

    “Facing a ‘must-win’ in Game 3 after dropping the first two games on the road, the 2006 Edmonton Oilers defeated the Carolina Hurricanes, the 2007 Ottawa Senators topped the Anaheim Ducks and the 2008 and 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins[, featuring Sidney Crosby,] defeated the Detroit Red Wings”

  11. Well, if that release was by MSG, the correction would read “and Chris Drury blocked 7 shots”…

    The Flyers gained some confidence after last night, Chicago needs to come out flying next game…

  12. “Awww, Dementieva was forced to retire after the 1st set due to an injury of some sort”

    The injury was cause by her falling out of bed each morning, after waking up to see Maxim Afinagenovs horrifying face. Poor girl.

    Sharapova has been pathetic ever since that shoulder injury. Talk aboot a has-been. Maybe she needs to do what that other Russian chick Kournikova did, and give up Tennis and go Modeling full time.

  13. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Hawks in 5 Still Alive!!

    And the reason I hate Carcillio, not jsut becasue he looks dirty, talks like a moron, and cries and moans every time he gets a penalty and is one of the biggest embelishers int he league, is becasue if you watched last night he coudl have lsot that game for the Flyers. He’s undisciplined, takes stupid penalties at the worst times, and his talent level is mediocre at best.

    Why he is dressing over James Vanrymsdiek is beyond me.

    Plus JVR is from my hometown, so he’s the onyl Flyer I dont completley hate with all my guts.

    And does anybody else wish Big Buff would jsut CRUSH Briere into the boards? guarantee you wouldnt see him flying up the wing as much if he laid a super hit on him.

    Oh and Laviaolette is a Piece of Carcillo too. You see him Slamming the glass after the refs called that penalty?

    I mean I know we shoudlnt talk, look what our coach did last year, but it jsut made him look like a minor league Coach. Its the SC playoffs, we know you care, don’t cry and moan and pund your fists like a little b#$%!!

  14. Orr

    LOL! Maybe Maxim is just rough…

    Sharapova is – or at least was – much more than Kournikova could have ever dreamed of being. Sharapova is/was one of the top talents in the game. Comparing Sharapova and Kournikova – tennis-wise – is like comparing apples and horses!

    And I’ve met Sharapova! And she is much hotter in person! ****** long legs!

  15. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on


    hey no problem man… you’re allowed to display your thoughts and opinions, and it’s ok to disagree! And i’m not condemning Carcillo as a player… sure i dislike him because he’s on another squad, but i wouldn’t put him in Brashear territory just yet. I don’t care that he was on the team, seeing 87 pull on a Rangers sweater disgusted me.

  16. Vinny

    It’s nice to be able to disagree peacefully!! :)

    As for Brashear: Sure, I didnt like his cheap hit on Betts, and he has been a dirty player, but I’ve always attributed his slimy-ness to Boston Bruin Marty McSorley Sticking him across the head.

    And once Brash put on the Rangers jersey, I was cheering for him and hoping he’d take cheap shots at players on other teams and bring an intimidation factor. Sort of like “realmikey” noted about Big Buff drilling Briere and causing Briere to change his style of play.

  17. CR9

    Don’t worry, I’m not comparing their games, I’m comparing their looks. Ha!

    And yeah, she used to be one of the best. She should have dropped her Dad, cause he’s holding her back, and now she’s dating some goofy looking guy on the Lakers.

    She was better off with Roddick, cause when she was with him, she was on a tear.

    Now Roddick is with that BABE! Brooklyn Decker. Lucky bastard. Despite having to wake up next to that blonde creature, he still can’t fuggin win a major!

  18. Orr

    Im with you! Decker is gorgeous! And her first name is Brooklyn! She’d only be better if she was Bronx Decker! But Andy has won a US Open, IIRC. And Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers is super hot!

  19. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    what a morning. At least orr and cr9 are talking about some serious hotties!!!! But briere, brash, carcillo, and baseball?????? Let’s focus on the hotties out of those choices!

  20. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    how about this for a hockey question? Would anyone here trade our first round pick this year and AA for spezza?

  21. Nothing like two guys who have never gotten laid obsessing over supermodels!


    I say no, if we can give them another prospect and find a way to get rid of the R&R twins and their salaries, then probably.

  22. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    hey damnit, i’ve been laid….oh, you weren’t talking about me!

    I like AA, but I still think he has a short shelf life unless he plays on a line with prust and shelley for a few more years, that being said….I’d do it. You can always clear the cap space by sending redden to htfd. I just hope we get lil bueke in the 2nd rd.

  23. hamhuis was on TEAM1040 vancouver yesterday. summary goes as follows.

    Talks have been very slow with Nashville, waiting on final offer but won’t take a discount. Concerned with the state of the franchise in Nashville, isn’t too sure about a longterm contract there. His family wants him to go to Vancouver as it’s much more convinient since he’s from BC, admits it would be nice for him as well. Wants to play for a winning team and still get fair market value. He is aware Vancouver was trying to persue him at the deadline.

  24. wicky

    most of the time they are! lol

    and i wouldnt do AA and first for Spezza…Spezza is soft…wicky likes soft? :)

  25. Wicky- that trade is a tough call for me. Spezza is a legit, still young, first line center. None of our young guns in the system is a sure thing to become a first line center. AA, on the other hand, is one player I wouldn’t like to trade. I think he hasn’t shown us his full potential yet. I’d say it would depend on who is available once they get closer to a 10th pick.

  26. Thanks Jason! Obsessing? Hardly. I’d rather be talking about men, but I dont want to upset the apple cart!

  27. Hey, we don’t need a crease clearing, hard hitting first line center who scores around every other X-mas, do we?

  28. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    we always need some one that is crease clearing and hard hitting!!!

  29. And speaking of Betts…………………….

    I was stunned when I heard that they’d gotten rid of both Orr and Betts. I used to pay close attention to Betts when he was PK for Rangers, and I noticed several things about him…he had good hands, was a very fast skater and had enormous energy. But Renney was a close locked mind if there ever was one, and he never assigned Betts to any thing more than 4th line status, primarily because of his ability to play a man short. But from day one in Philly I noticed that he was centering a regular line and was very offensively skilled. When I stop to think of the dopes that Rangers have kept and then paired them with the ones they let go…..ugghhhh, They gave up Betts, Orr and Dupuis. They kept Voros and several others who I recall the faces of but the names escape me, You know who they are ( Boyle for one?)

    But now we are treated to the front office version of
    great management moves of the century…Not only did we lose Craig Patrick to the Pens, but followed it up with losing JD to the Blues, and now Don Maloney to the desert kingdom. By the way, how well did those guys do after parting with Rangers hmmmm? ( Oh and did I omit George McPhee?) What IS the matter with me? Where and when will it all end?

  30. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    three would be the perfect number, but a pipe dream for sure. This organization is too busy still trying to get the next leetch instead of focusing on addressing the actual team needs.

  31. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Something i noticed after seeing a pic of the game in Philly. There were thousands of orange shirts in the building. Pittsburgh had ‘white outs’ during their home playoff games, and the Caps ‘rock the red’ campaign. When the Rangers were in the playoffs… they handed out towels.

    The Rangers should do something like that come playoff time… it’s impressive to see.

  32. Roddick won the U.S. Open when Federer and Nadal were practically no-names, and the good players were getting older. He’s always hot and cold, but never gets the job done.

    If I got to dip in Decker, I’d be the king of Tennis. My aces would go through skulls, and I’d be accused of performance enhancers.

    Speaking of babes, anybody see Prince Of Persia? The chick in that movie is pretty hot.

  33. Carp, not sure if this was talked about or not, but what’s your take on the Galarraga situation?

  34. Gift of Gab…you mean you didn’t see everyone in the 100 and lower sections wearing suits???

  35. btw, just go to, their website, to see 10 headlines on the right, and 5 more on the left with pictures, and NOT ONE concerns hockey or the nhl playoff finals.

    like was posted here a day or so ago, ESPN totally disrespects hockey, and they are a joke calling themselves sports leaders.

  36. Jim, Agreed. Everyone wants NHL back on ESPN for the exposure…I’m fine with it being off of it.

    If Dolan wasn’t such a tool then I would be able to watch NHL Network without having to pay more money.

    We get Rangers, Devils, Islanders, Versus, NBC and yet to get NHL Network we HAVE to buy Center Ice??


  37. nyr guy, right. espn would not be more exposure, just more insulting as they ignore hockey over and over again.

    also, I have DirecTV, and I love the NHL Network. but be advised that Dish net does not even offer or carry NHL Network, and neither does ATT U-verse.

    so I would not switch to any service that did not include NHL network

  38. the minute Stanley Cup Final is over, I’m canceling my NHL Network until the regular season… Don’t feel like watching reruns of Cindy winning the cup all summer long.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Should it really be called the NHL network if it only shows one player from the NHL?

  40. Yeah unfortunately I think I’m stuck with Cablevision..and I don’t pay more per month to get the network as much as I want it.

  41. the NHL Network has complete coverage of rounds 2-7 of the NHL draft from LA, and of course will have live coverage of signings on July 1 too

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …with exclusive interviews of Sidney Crosby, only being re-run for the 145,326th and 145,327th time, spliced in between those fine events.

  43. they have the World Jr tourney, the Memorial Cup tourney, NHL on the fly nightly highlights, and live hockey talk shows for 4 hours per day on NHL Network

    no to mention I just saw the 1967 Cup final highlights on there

    a lot of good stuff on there.

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Look at all you CR9’s coming out of the woodwork and closet to defend Bettman and the NHL network.

  45. NHL on the fly, for 12 or so hours straight… the same show over and over and over again. Then 2 hours NHL Live with E.J. Hradek, who talks as if he has full mouth of saliva all the time… then 2 more hours of Geico commercials where the Neanderthal slams zamboni into the boards and Mike Green rats him out lol…then few more hours of Cindy praising, next thing you know its NHL on the fly again! lol

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    SWEEEET!!!!! I am Oficially a bonehead ,wow!!! Id like to Thank Ilb for making it all happen. I also would like to thank Sally and Carp .All the little people that are actually quite heavey like Mike and Tony . I am humbled as I am proud cuz as of today … I AM BONEHEAD!!!!


    Just think game 82 in a shootout and we had ’em!!!

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah I forgot to say , I got my T-shirt in the mail today.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo T , ya saving me money!!! Great idea . If I call the cable company tomorow and cancel NHL network till the new season , ill save some bucks, ty!!

    Wicky , Yeah I was jabberin with some guy on xbox live from Detroit. I told him Gordie Howie and I went to the same elementary school and I told him his coach Mike Babcock is from Saskatoon too , haha..he said he really likes me now. Crazy detroiter!!! GORDIE GORDIE!!!! Yeah Me and gordie both grew up in Saskatoon…im as humble and solid as him. Us King George students really had a certain class ’bout us but we are dirtier then then next and pig headed with a no quit attitude.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ahh but the shear satifaction that the Cable company isnt nickle and dimming me and that pathetic studio in the NHL network dosnt get another dime otta me. The telecast is ok but is done by idiots at best and it reruns too much. If you dedicate a station to the NHL , make it cool ,make it fun, make it something to see. I only watch it cuz i like the way they only talk about the team that is being shown but it can get too overly involded in its script that it looks way to dull and the guys who talk are super boring. NHL network is only good if you DONT have center ice or if a game happens to fall on that station.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on


  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on


  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    NA NA NA NA , hey heyyyy Rangerssssss!!!!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    “when yas ware da svetter yas feels like superman” -Zherdev as he speak about comming back to the Rangers.

  54. Sally – I LOVE YOU !!
    I just got Anthony’s tee shirt today. Thank you so much.
    The little guy is in Kansas on vacation with his mom & dad. As soon as he gets home I’ll take some pictures & post them on FB.

  55. I was going to say breastmilk, but I was afraid Mama would mention newspaper…Oh, wait, she is away! :-)

  56. Oh, wicky, sorry to hear that. If you only attended the same school as GregL ( and Gordie), not only would you be able to read, you would also be able to write…:-)

  57. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    to zo or not to zo, that is the question!

  58. i’ve barely been able to stomach much of this series and i agree BIG TIME with what the Rodent says.

    it’s a load of carcillo that the game is allowed to disintegrate into a pawing, clutching and punching in the playoffs. i like hardnosed play but i saw much more of it along with skill in the earlier series.

    a shame
    and a bigger shame of it completely turns to philly’s overall advantage.
    hopefully, the Blackhawks get it together and just take ’em apart over the 2 games.

  59. according to Gross:

    #Penguins Crosby, #Sabres Miller and #Coyotes Doan finalists for Messier Leadership Award.

    do you think cindy was already penciled in there before Mess “chose” the others?

  60. jpg, it’s expressly written into his contract that he has to win something every year Count Buttman is alive

  61. Chris F

    Actually they don’t even have to reverse that call.

    This will go down as a no hitter that SHOULD have been listed as a perfecto, but wasn’t…and in doing so it will rank among the greatest and most remembered games of all time.

  62. Interesting nugget at the bottom of Garrioch’s blurb in the Ottawa Sun from yesterday:

    Murray added he’s spoken to a couple of teams about moving Anton Volchenkov’s rights before the blueliner becomes a UFA on July 1.

    As reported by the Ottawa Sun, Volchenkov turned down the Senators’ five-year, $20-million offer after the Olympics.

    “I’ve talked to a couple of teams, but the money frightens some of the (GMs) right now.”

    The Capitals and Rangers are considered to be potential suitors.

    Nothing too shocking there, but just the thought of Volchenkov potentially being on the Rangers is making me happy.

  63. Volchenkov will end up in Washington with Ovechkin and Semin…

    Rangers can’t afford Volchenkov with Redden on payroll.

  64. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    you got that right, I think the smartest thing slats could do is trade for his rights at the draft. Redden can be dealt with by the time the season starts. Getting the hammer should be the number one priority in the offseason.

  65. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    yep, that was one guy who would have made a great ranger!!

  66. no brained there… why would Holmstrom leave Detroit at this point of his career or ever? I bet he signed for less than 5 mil for two years

  67. I don’t want Volchenkov. Too much money for a guy who can score one goal. I’m not crazy aboot paying a guy a massive amount of money just to hit people.

    I’d rather wait for one of the young guys to fill that hole.

    Tank for the next 3 years!

  68. Remember when this blog used to be about the New York Rangers? I realize they are not playing, but other blogs appear to have news about them.

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