Game day … not many of those left (updated)


Mornin’ Heads.

Some notes on tonight’s Game 3 in Philly gleened (in other words, borrowed, or stolen) from

Chicago can set an NHL record tonight by winning its eighth consecutive road game.

Chicago’s top line of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Dustin Byfuglien has yet to score a goal (Byfuglien has one assist) and is a collective minus-7.

This is the fifth year in a row that a team has started the Final by winning the first two games at home. The only team that didn’t win the Cup was the 2009 Detroit Red Wings.

One of two streaks will end in this game: Philadelphia has lost all six playoff games to Chicago, but the Blackhawks have dropped their last eight visits to the WachoviaCenter since winning their first trip in November 1996.


Then there’s this from NBC (note the wording of the last sentence):

Hockey Again Powers NBC To Win Night
Game 2 Up 21% Over 2009

NEW YORK,  June 1, 2010 — Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final registered the best overnight rating for a Game 2 on record. The 4.1 overnight rating and 7 share for the Philadelphia Flyers-Chicago Blackhawks Game 2 is higher than all other Stanley Cup Final Game 2s since 1975. NHL overnight data prior to 1975 is unavailable. NBC again won the night, as it did Saturday for Game 1, finishing No. 1 in primetime (2.4, A18-49).

Game 2 posted a 21-percent increase over last year’s Game 2 (3.4) between the then-defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings and the Pittsburgh Penguins, featuring Sidney Crosby.


Finally, R.I.P. Ali-Ollie Woodson, one of the original members of the Temptations. He was 59.



From the NHL:
PHILADELPHIA (June 2, 2010) — Don Maloney of the Phoenix Coyotes is the 2009-10 winner of the NHL General Manager of the Year Award, the National Hockey League announced today. Maloney accepted the award in front of his peers at the NHL General Managers meeting held annually during the Stanley Cup Final.

Voting for this new award was conducted among the 30 Club General Managers and a panel of NHL executives, print and broadcast media at the conclusion of the regular season. Maloney, George McPhee of the Washington Capitals and David Poile of the Nashville Predators were identified as the three finalists for the trophy last month.

Maloney steered the Coyotes through an uncertain and turbulent off-season, charting the course for the most successful regular season in franchise history. His biggest move was hiring head coach Dave Tippett, who guided the Coyotes to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2002 by posting a 50-27-5 record for 107 points and setting franchise records for wins and points in a season.

Maloney added several players to the Coyotes roster over the summer, acquiring RW Radim Vrbata, D Sami Lepisto, LW Lauri Korpikoski and D Jim Vandermeer through trades and signing veteran free agent D Adrian Aucoin, C Vernon Fiddler, G Jason LaBarbera, LW Taylor Pyatt and C Robert Lang. Those players joined a veteran core that already included LW Shane Doan, D Ed Jovanovski, D Zbynek Michalek and G Ilya Bryzgalov.

With the Coyotes already enjoying a breakout season, the acquisitions of RW Lee Stempniak, LW Wojtek Wolski and C Petteri Nokelainen plus defensemen Derek Morris and Mathieu Schneider at the Mar. 3 trade deadline propelled the club to even greater heights as Phoenix won nine consecutive games immediately following the deadline to tie a club record. Stempniak was named the NHL’s First Star for the Month of March after leading the League with 13 goals in 14 games while Wolski recorded 18 points (six goals, 12 assists) in 18 games with his new club.

Maloney, 51, completed his third season in Phoenix. He joined the Coyotes in May 2007 following 10 years in the front office of the New York Rangers.

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  1. Engagement Czech star goalie Dominik Hasek in Spartak Moscow is virtually certain. Although 45 years old hero of Olympics in Nagano officially maintains that the only certainty is that it will continue in a career, told Russian newspaper Sport Express admitted that he engaged in the Continental League is seriously considering.

    “I have received offers from several clubs and I know that in the Czech Republic really want me to stay home. But I say sincerely that I want to try something new. KHL for example,” said the goalkeeper, who last season helped Pardubicím to win the title. Spartak attracts him to the Czech coach Milos Riha.

    According to Reuters news agency plans to hold Spartak Monday press conference to notify Hašek arrival.

  2. Mornin all!

    Does it sicken anyone else to see that for $6m a year you can have a Future HoF Norris trophy winning defenseman or for $500k more you can have Wade Redden?

  3. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    wholly orr!!! Congrats and where you been?

  4. I went to Pennsylvania for a few weeks, and I forgot my phone, so I didn’t have any access to the internet, sadly.

    But, I come home today, and I see two sets of Megan Fox bikini pics. Nice welcoming home gift.

  5. UKRanger, At least Redden doesn’t make the money that Ollie Perez of the Mets does. And amazingly, Redden was better last year that Ollie’s been this year. Which says a lot considering how awful Redden was.

  6. UK, someone had mentioned that the other day. What a slap in the face eh? Lidstrom would probably be lowballed by Sather.

    Bizarro world for sure

  7. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    oh, and morning carp, TR (thanks for the always great updates), linda, mickey, orr and the rest!

  8. AGrossRecord

    Ex-#NYRangers assistant GM Don Maloney named #NHL GM of the year for his work turning around the #Coyotes.

  9. ORRS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  10. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    oh, and tr, welcome to “carped nation”, where for the longest time I was its only citizen!!!!

  11. Morning Head on

    wow, carp starting off the blog talking about morning head. that is a wonderful thing

  12. leethhalloffame on

    This just in……Glen Sather has been elected as the worst GM in the NHL. He received the dunce cap shaped trophy in front of his peers at the annual Stanley Cup NHL General Managers Meeting. Overcome by emotion Sather stated “I owe it all to the owner of this fine orga-NI-zation Mr. Dolan. With my 10 years of futility anyone else would have fired me years ago. How you like me now Ranger fans?”

  13. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp- just a note re: Ali-Ollie Woodson. He was not an original Temptation. He replaced Dennis Edwards who replaced David Ruffian

    On the hockey side, couldn’t NBC have gotten a better analyst than Mike Milbury. Talk about the Peter Principle. Milbury is the perfect example. Opinions are fine, but personal bias is not.

  14. Oh. Well, R.I.P. anyway. I should have known, actually, since the original Temps must be in their 70s now.

  15. Mickey M

    I too find it a preposterous situation where TWO NY pro teams, are almost carbon copies of one another in idiotic leadership..both GM’s comatose, and a bench director who is clueless.

  16. Blue Seat Horror on

    You hear that Bettman? Your coveted American viewing audience has spoken. We don’t want Sydney Crosby in the finals.

    This just in. It was a beautiful day for 18 holes at Pittsburgh Field Club, featuring Sidney Crosby…

  17. fran, But at least Minaya talks to the press so we know he is alive. With Sather, who knows if he really is alive or if he really IS a reincarnation of Darth Vader.

  18. Thinking about it some more, if Ollie=Redden, then maybe, just maybe Pelf could equal Dubinsky next year. Whereas he has a break-out, finally put it all together on a consistent basis type of year that Pelf is having.

  19. ORR- welcome back, bud. Got to give us a fair warning, people started to worry. Enjoy the new pics, we will see you in another month :-)

    And Linda is back full time! Life’s back to normal.

    Well deserved by Maloney.

    LMAO @ “featuring Sidney Crosby”. Never ends.

  20. Thanks Ilb, Tony, CR, Mick and everyone else. I would have given you all a heads up, but I didn’t think there would be no internet.

    Gladly there was a TV, so I can watch Hockey. GO HAWKS!

  21. Thanks ilbzo!! ‘featuring’ lmao good one.

    Orr, i was in NY for 11 days and had internet access once, at a Starbucks. I think I’m changing my parents names to Fred and Wilma

  22. Does anyone else think that Glen is one of those GMs who already spoke to Burke about Kaberle? And is it only me or does anyone else think that we do not need him?

  23. Glen probably did speak to him. These GM’s talk all the time and just throw around what ifs and how abouts. Just part of the business, and I guess they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they weren’t doing that. I don’t think we need Kaberle though. Don’t get me wrong, he is a hell of a dman, but we need a rugged banger more than we need him right now.

  24. Linda, how did I NOT meet you in NYC??? It seems I just missed you at Warren. Figures, ha. How was your trip?

  25. I was convinced Brian Burke would somehow manage to vote for himself enough times to win that GM award.

    Any news on who Sather voted for? Would be interesting to see who he thinks did a good job and how the work of those people differed from his own. Unless he just barked at some intern down to phone while he was on a fishing trip, telling him to vote for “Burkie and whoever those guys in Phoenix and Edmonton are these days”.

  26. Boneheads represent !

    At 8 PM Tonight,

    Join us On Blueshirt Banter Radio as we interview Former Rangers James Patrick and current Buffalo Sabres assistant coach.

    All the details to listen are here :

  27. Kaberle.. don’t we have him already, figuratively speaking?

    Would just be another redundancy on the backline.

  28. Nasty, as we got to the subway station by Warren, I saw a guy who looked like you getting off the train, and also, when we got to Penn Station, I saw another guy who looked like you heading in the direction we just came from! WEIRD!!! Hopefully get to meet ya at the next Festapalooza

  29. LOL, too funny. I get that all the time. I look like EVERYONE! People think they see me all over the place. I was at MSG and then took a cab to Warren. Sometimes I am so tempted to play alon?” Too funny.

  30. Hey, I started with a “Too funny” and ended with “Too funny”. I feel the need to punch myself in the face for that one.

  31. LIN

    Yeah, when you walk around random places, there’s a bunch internet connections that you pick up, and sometimes they don’t have a password, so you can do to them what Dredden, and Dreary do to the Rangers salary cap.

  32. Nasty- too funny!

    The Mouth- the time of your show is 8 pm tonight? It’s also Go time! You need someone to help you with your schedule :)

  33. hello all!!

    and Linda’s back!!!

    how was Bon Jovi?

    as far as the headline referencing not many games left
    i hope there’s just 2 left in the season and we can say goodbye to that piece of carcillo.

  34. Good afternoon, Carp! And welcome back, Orr!

    Gonna put my Temptations record on when I get home. Then I’ll feed the kitties some salmon-flavored temptations.

  35. Hello Sally. Been wearing my bonehead shirt A LOT, and it is such a great conversation starter. People ask where they can get one, and I tell them I can get them one, but you have to gather with the rest of the Boneheads in a dark dingy basement and cut your arm and drip blood in to a …….and by that point they usually say to forget about it.

  36. I’m hoping the Flyers win tonight because I picked the Hawks in 5 :)

    Also, I won’t be home Friday night and I want to see the Cup raising ceremony so five games would be ideal for me.

  37. hey Nasty1

    send me your address.
    if you want, send me a message over at facebook.
    i’m nearly done with the Pearl Jam discs.

  38. JPG, I got the PJ Philly Box set in the mail on Saturday and it is amazing. I was at Night 4 on Halloween and it was such an event. Great times. I will send you my address from facebook when I get home. Facebook is blocked at my work.

  39. I’m rooting for Philthy tonight, or in Game 4. I want to see the Hawks win it in Chicago.

    BTW, why wasn’t Monster Buff on team USA? We could have used him to drive Luongo nuts in that final game.

  40. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    no way to kaberle!!!!!!!

    He is nothing more than a rozy/redden clone, and the last thing we need is another puck moving “positionally sound” d man.

    MDZ is a keeper, gilroy is like a stray dog (all jumpy and never quite sure what to do thanks to the safe is death guy), girardi plays far to many “gutless” games IMO to be a “physical, rugged d man”, staal has a lot of potential but needs to have a physical rugged vet d man as a mentor to get to that leve. He does not have anyone like that on out roster to help him develop that way. Right now he plays too many gutless games as well. Rozy and redden just flat out blow and need to go!!!!! Ericsson is fine for a 7th guy at a low price.

    Our blueline needs a lot of help!!

  41. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    no way buff on USA, he might have taken drury’s spot!!!!

  42. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp- the only “original” Tempatation still alive is Otis Williams, the founding member. Paul Williams was the 1st to go. It was a suicide coupled with alcoholism. In the early ’90s, David Ruffian died from a cocaine overdose Eddie Kendricks succumbed to lung cancer & Melvin Franklin from the complications of diabetes & arthritis. As they say, “no group could out-sing, out-dance or out-dress the Tempts. Every so often, VHI shows the Tempations movie biography. It’s not bad

  43. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    let me put this another way as far as the d men go. If your top six d men are as follows (not in any order):

    staal, girardi, mdz, volchenkov, pronger, bieksa

    then I have no problem with the “level” of physicality or the ruggedness of staal and girardi. They are not your “toughest” d men nor are they expected to be.

    now, let’s say your top six look like this (or the rangers current blueline):

    staal, girardi, campbell, streit, kaberle, gonchar

    You are in deep trouble, that is a marshmallow D. No way stall and girardi the way they currently play should be your toughest D men……Period!!! That D will have Hank wishing voros’ tweets were his only problem!!!

  44. Thanks for the welcome back guys! I missed all youse guys!!

    jpg, Bon Jovi was really good! They played several songs I could have done without, but for a dude getting on in years (lol) Jon’s pretty freakin active up there. The New Meadowlands was very nice, my big fat butt fit nicely into the seat with room to spare. Only problem was the vendors were slower than frozen carcillo. My friend went to get a drink and it took her almost half an hour to make it back to our seats (there were only 2 people ahead of her.) I mean sheesh, the register tells you exactly how much change to give back. ;-)

    Nasty, was your wife with you for the concert/late night bonehead appearance?

  45. wicky, I think Hank ALREADY wishes Voros and his tweets were his worst problem, lol.

  46. thanks mickey. no whiplash this time lol, thats ONLY for Metallica!

    ORR, i was getting worried about you. It’s bad enough Mako doesnt want to be found.

  47. On one hand (left) I want the Hawks to sweep these pieces of Carcillo.
    On the other hand (right) I want the Hawks to win the cup on home ice.

  48. LMFAO @ Mako Brasco! That’s freakin hilarious!

    I think he’s waiting for the season to start to reappear. It’s summer, he’s swimming with the fishes lol

  49. Linda wishes LeBron James would go away on

    ok this ‘i wear no pants’ commercial is disturbing

  50. Renney's Rascals on

    Has anyone else heard about the possibility of Brock Beukeboom coming to NYR?? I read that the Oilers are interested in him (Kevin Lowe being Jeff’s former linemate), but if he is anything like his father, which I have read he is, then I think he would be a great fit in New York. It’s hard to find a Rangers fan who doesn’t love Jeff Beukeboom, and I am getting excited at the thought of what his son is like!

  51. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGE……Orr is back??..Linda too!!!! Wow this is like the days of our lives or All my children.

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!


    oh BTW plz cut Drury,Redden and Rozi.

  52. Linda’s back!!! what took you so long? were you walking back to Alabama from New York? :P

    ORR is back too, i see. WB.

    now we have to locate kaspar and MAKO.

  53. Linda wishes LeBron James would go away on


    thats an interesting theory CCCP. maybe we can get the government to investigate it.

  54. Linda wishes LeBron James would go away on

    lmfao @ the tasty kakes cup!! the only cup the flyers will lift, outside of their athletic supporters!

  55. If the Tasty Kakes Cup were the real prize for winning the playoffs, the Devils would win every year.

  56. Linda wishes LeBron James would go away on

    yes LW, they’d win it going away!!

    great link CCCP!!!

  57. yes, it would be nice if the Hawks won on home ice
    but i don’t want to give an inch to those carcillos.
    a parade through downtown Chicago will placate the team’s fans.

    in my rush
    i forgot to congratulate Don Maloney for doing out west what we wish he’d be doing at MSG.

  58. My friend was thinking about ordering a cheesesteak tonight and i told him he couldn’t during the SC cuz philly sux. he got the chicken francaise. true story.

  59. Drop the darn puck! I’m ready to go, go, GO!

    Hey, my racoon-eyed friend is back! Yay!

  60. Since I haven’t been too active here lately, I might have missed the news. Has Rade Wedden been waived/bought out yet?

  61. lmao @ emeriks voice cracking when he said Briere

    ugh McCreary… CR must be besides himself

  62. Why would CR be besides himself? Im not watching the Finals game.

    I did know that McCreary was a referee for the finals, and wondered the other day on here what he has done – besides cheat the Rangers for years – to earn a spot in the Finals.

  63. Emerick? You mean Versus haven’t given Beninati the Cup Final gig? Shame on them.

    Tell me they’ve kept on Bob “never-ending question” Harwood and the blonde robot?

  64. blonde raccoon eyes is there. Haven’t seen Harwood. I’ve only seen/heard Doc, Edzo and Rocky Raccoon

  65. >>…and the blonde robot?

    Pretty funny! I’ll take Ms. Roboto [racoon eyes and all] over Harwood any day.

  66. had the same thought when they showed his oscar mayer lipped face on the screen.

  67. Buff gets the penalty?? What about the cross-check from Pronger? Nice one, McCreary!

  68. i cant underfstand why tehy have to throw crosbys name in their every chance they get, especially when they could promote the famous chris drury. little league all star, 7.5 million dollar mouthpiece chewer/ shot blocker, business man(pap clutchio’s), he drives a clutchmobile, so hes probably a crimefighter/superhero.

  69. 2-1 Flyers, on a “video goal”.

    Did I say how much I hate video reviews?

  70. Why wasn’t Briere given a penalty for slamming into Niemi? He wasn’t even pushed!!

  71. philly needs to win afew games anyway!! i want a game 7!! more hockey. dont care who wins. it would be totally hysterical if hossa doesnt geta cup after jumping from frontrunner to frontrunner each year.

  72. Glenn Healy’s ripping Carcillo for basically turning every line he’s put on to Carcillo. van Riemsdyk must be delighted to be sitting for him. Given it’s the Flyers, I’m still expecting Riley Cote to suit up as soon as they face elimination.

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    Carp. you’re not bald… or has someone re-touched your picture?

    I’m old, but I have as much hair as I did when I was 18. It just a lot farther back on my head, that’s all…

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dit didda dit didda dit didda dit-a-ditta, Dit didda dit didda dit didda dit-a-dit…


  75. reginald dunlop on

    still looking for the definitive view to show puck in net to overrule ref on ice……. the angle tv is using is from in front on a slant so any puck in air shows white ice, making it appear to be a goal BUT what about the overhead???? the other 2 angles dont show it completely over the line…… it has to be definite to overrule call on ice UNLESS it is Gary’s buddy Ed Snider’s team????????

  76. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    I hate the flyers, but to start the game with that BS garbage song instead of the national anthem is flat out disgusting!!!!!

    Go Hawks!!!

  77. what is the point of having the doofus from daily line and ken daneyko in between commercials? does anybody even watch that show? i dont. its worse than listening to pierre and edzo all game long

  78. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on Black Hawks! One good period to put the death grip on these guys…

  79. linzo- i think hes the first red headed wolfman i ever seen. but his hairdo is just comical. i swear my daughter is still laughing after seeing him just now. kids say the darndest things. she said daddy, he looks like a ugly girl dog!! i said youre exactly right!!

  80. Got to love the playoff beards. When they both benches, the guys look like a bunch of Hasidic Jews dressed in hockey jerseys. Jonathan Toews, however, looks like a 12 year old Orthodox boy trying to grow sideburns.

  81. Jay Leino gets it right back, even before the Hawks goal announcement was made.

  82. yea get an overweight, bald, old ex b ball player to promote taco bell. great idea. i think im havin papa clutchio’s tonight. at least i know its chris frakin drury makin it! mmm anchovies and mouthgaurds!!

  83. I want Hawks to win, but not before overtime. Hey, I just want more hockey before I got to bed.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    Waaaayyyy too much time in the Hawks end. Go play in the other side for awhile…

  85. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    I hope Doan wins!!!

  86. too many deer??? ohh man i wish!! id shoot em all!! cant find too many deer except for the 1-80 road pizza. we have plenty of olli jokinens here though. they have a giant jokinen at the iowa state fair. thing weighed 3000 lbs and couldnt stand up. it just lays on its side all day. man id love to kill that olli. pork chops and ham sandwiches for a year

  87. is it by the poconos? use to go there to this place called timothy lake. me and my friends would go there, find people and just party with them all night.

  88. I love overtime hockey, without the sudden death nature. Teams should be given an entire period to settle the score.

  89. They just got screwed by a premature whistle. I couldnt have cared less who won prior to this. But they screwed them. Screwed them. Screwed them.



    TAKE THAT BILL MCCREARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  91. why do you want philly to win so bad cr9? if i didnt know better, id think u were a philly fan with all the cheering youve been doing for them this playoffs

  92. Wow, at SOME point in this series you gotta think the Hawks are going to actually show up. They certainly haven’t looked like the same team.

  93. mike

    I said I didnt care who won prior to the Flyers getting cheated by a premature whistle. Then, I just wanted PHilly to win this game, and this game only. The rest, I could not care less about.

  94. The fact that there are midgets fighting on spiketv right now makes me feel better about Philly winning

  95. CCCP

    I swear Im not rooting for the Flyers. Even though I wouldnt be upset if they won, because they beat the Bruins. I just didnt want to see them get cheated out of a game due to a premature whistle.

  96. wickyzo (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    good night jason (and that is still the dumbest carcillo song ever).

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    sweeeet my boy Giroux scored!!!! Warm up my book Carp….ima coming home!!!!

  98. You know this Carcillo is really not a bad player…but he’s juiced in some inexplicable fashion that I cannot pin down.

    He is actually spastic…if you watch him even with his team mates, they act like they’re ready to grab for a butterfly net, whenever he comes close to anyone. Something slipped a gear somewhere along the line in his development.

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