Post-Game 2 notes (updated)


From the NHL:



The all-time record of home clubs sweeping Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final is 31-2 (.939). In 1971, Chicago won the first two games at home but lost to Montreal in seven games. In 2009, Detroit won the first two games at home but lost to Pittsburgh in seven games.


Blackhawks forward Ben Eager picked an opportune time to tally his first goal of the 2010 playoffs, notching the game-winning goal at 17:37 of the second period. Eager had not scored in 13 playoff games entering Game 2 and had a 15-game goal drought when adding regular-season play. His last goal came Apr. 7 vs. St. Louis.

Eager has tallied two career NHL playoff goals in 33 games and both have been game-winners. His first playoff goal/game-winner came for the Blackhawks in a 6-3 win at Vancouver on May 2, 2009.

Drafted in the first round, 23rd overall, by the Phoenix Coyotes in 2002, Eager was traded to Philadelphia in February 2004 and made his NHL debut with the Flyers in 2005-06. He made 111 regular-season and two playoff appearances for the Flyers until his trade to Chicago for D Jim Vandermeer in December 2007.


Blackhawks forward Marian Hossa opened the scoring at 17:09 of the second period, breaking a streak of eight consecutive Stanley Cup Final games without a goal. Hossa did not score in all seven games of the 2009 Final as a member of the Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh and in Game 1 Saturday. His last Stanley Cup Final goal had come as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 6 of the 2008 Final, a 3-2 loss to Detroit in the series-clinching game.

Hossa’s point total through the first two games of this series (1-2-3) matches his Final series total in 2009 with Detroit (0-3-3 in seven games).

Hossa also ended an eight-game goal drought in the 2010 postseason; he had not scored since Game 3 against Vancouver in the Western Conference Semifinal series on May 5.


The Blackhawks won their seventh consecutive game and improved to 10-1 in their past 11 games. After dropping a 5-1 decision to the Vancouver Canucks to open their Western Conference Semifinal the Blackhawks have gone 4-1 against Vancouver, 4-0 against San Jose and 2-0 against Philadelphia.


Chicago improved to 8-1 in the 2010 playoffs when they score first, 9-1 when leading after two periods and 5-1 when outshot by their opponent (Phi 33, Chi 26).


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:23 P.M.: First, Happy Anniversary. As Michael Obernauer’s terric story in the Daily News today notes, 10 years ago today the Rangers named Glen Sather president/GM for life.

Found an interesting story on … which by the way is doing a terrific job of covering the finals. It’s a story about the 2007 draft lottery in which Chicago won the ping-pong ball toss over Philadelphia.

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  1. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    twitter wankers!!!!!


  2. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    Happy belated Memorial Day!!! Thanks vets!!!

    Good night sally and john boy!!!

  3. What a special year for Duke University and the New York Yankees!!!!!

    The subject of stalking, lies, and vitriol from Selena Roberts, Alex Rodriguez carries the Yankees on his back all postseason, delivering big hit after big hit on the way to the 27th Yankees World Series Title.

    In a year that there were many more talented and athletic teams in the NCAA Tournament – a year in which Coach K grew as a coach from his duties with the USA Men’s team – Duke’s hard nosed physical team plan led to a championship.

    Jon Scheyer said just before the NCAA Tournament while at a dinner with Mickey Krzyzewski and her daughters when asked about his experiences in his 4 years at DUKE! Jon Scheyer: “The best is yet to come” he said. And how profoundly true that statement turned out to be.

    Then, the subject of more lies and vitriol from Selena Roberts, the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team gets the first championship in their history, with the Duke Seniors getting their deserved sendoff!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no greater feeling in life than to see “the Good” rewarded!!

  4. 3 Markers in a Frame on

    Not impressed by Blackhawks so far at all. They’re nearly lost and got outplayed in both games. Tonight in the third period they pulled classic Rangers trick ‘play not to lose’ and looked quite awful with the exception of Niemi. And BTW, where were Kane and Toews these past two games finishing both with 0 points and -3 in the first game and nowhere to be seen tonight as well.

  5. What impresses me most of all by the Hawks is their overall team speed. I cannot recall a time when I saw this before.
    I don,t only mean their skating, which itself is out standing, but their overall quickness. Fast hands, fast feet, fast decision making and then laser like hard, long range passes that always find a team mate’s stick ( without bouncing off, a/la rangers). Flyers are pretty quick themselves, but they do not compare with the Hawks in that department. When I think back to this past season, and recall the casual and very leisurely soft, long range passes by Rangers to their team mates, and none of them were hard enough to stick without an interception or misdirection ( well maybe once in a while), it reinforced the conclusion that I had last season that Rangers are simply not “ready for prime time” as the saying goes.

    And the maddening thing about it is that no one seems to notice this. So listen my children, and ponder this:
    Unless the Ranger management does something about getting people who are dedicated to the long hard grind, and with
    better motivation and performance than they have shown over
    the past several years, coaches and management who are determined to put a winning product on the ice, then it will be a long boring season (AGAIN) next season.

    As they stand right now, they are light years away from competing with such teams as these two. They don,t even rise to the performance of the teams that have been defeated by these two. Even Vancouver and Nashville showed more speed and skill and determination than Rangers have done.

    It’s almost like stealing the fans money..the old bait and switch routine. They disguise their efforts by distracting the fans with “special nights” that honor this one and that one, but there simply is no expertise demonstrated at the management levels and player selection committees … or whatever they use for this purpose.

    On ice they are strictly minor league, wearing the uniforms of past Ranger stalwarts, but with little real professionalism inside them.

  6. Good morning all! I fell asleep at the start of the second, so all I can really offer is this: carcillo surely earned his name. WTB was that carcillo with Pierre et al on the ice duplicating the plays they were talking about from game 1?! Byfuglien!

  7. Fran:

    There have been more than one post on here about how lousy a passing team the Rangers are. Believe me, it’s very obvious that the Rangers have a hard time completing more than two passes in a row.

    The Ranger management game plan has been the same for a while now. Get one name player that will put people in the seats and it doesn’t matter who else fills out the roster. Watch out this summer for the big bait and switch. Two name players! They might bite the bullet with Redden then use the remaining cap money on one big name player, instead of building a winning team, and puff out their chest about how they are committed to winning. Meanwhile the rest of the roster is mediocre at best.

    Ah, the joys of being a Ranger fan.

  8. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Dave Maloney on Hockey night live summed up the Rangers needs this off season perfectly

    Drease clearing Banging D-man
    Resign Staal and Girardi as your top pair Defensmen
    DONT go out and look for the huge aqcuisition like Kovalchuck
    And build a culture from within, as the depth in the minors really hasn’t been this deep for the Rangers in many many years

    And by the way Joe MItchellidiot is doing braodcasting duites on the NHL network.

    Yeah he’s still as terrible and retarded as he was during the regular season

  9. You should read the blueshirt banter’s article on buying out Redden, just looking at those numbers shows how improbably it would be. 2 years at $2m per and 2 years of $4m, followed by 4 more years of $2m – its wrong!

    Its down to 3 options (demotion, retirement, trade) – i’m excluding death as i’m not sure the Ranger faithful would take their hatred that far!

  10. allmost looks like Sather’s giving the finger while holding that apple in the pic from that article Tom Foolery posted would make a good photo shop…

  11. Morning Carp, Morning Bones!
    Happy June to all of youse!

    great link Tom, awesome way to start the morning, looking at the face of destruction!

  12. CR, you can’t possibly be throwing A-Rod into the “the Good” bin. He’s a drug cheat and he treated his wife and children like Tiger Woods treated his.

  13. Happy Anniversary indeed. I remember how excited my paw was at the intro of Slats. Woof. Thx for the link, Tom. I’m so glad Chicago won again, I hope they can keep it up in Philly. Couple of great games so far. Plus, without Crosby playing, I can actually watch and enjoy the finals. Yay!

  14. yes today marks 10 years for sather.
    are we getting him a cake?

    we should get him a cake.

  15. and have sparky lyle do his thing to sathers cake that he did to cakes while he was with the yankees

  16. Jaromir Jagr revived the Rangers, but ironically, also revived the ego of Glen Sather, who decided he deserved the credit for the Rangers post-lockout resurgence. So he quickly dumped Jagr, then was surprised that the Rangers went immediately down the drain.
    And the Flyers are in the finals because Tortorella spent the entire season sacrificing wins in order to show his players who was in charge. One point. Tortorella’s ego is as big a problem as Sather’s.

  17. Even if the Hawks haven’t won in dominating fashion in their first two games, the bottom line is they’ve been on the higher side of the scoreboard in both games. Both teams top units haven’t lit the lamp, but most Stanley Cup winners get contributions from up and down their line ups. The Hawks have gotten theirs from their secondary and tertiary guys like Kopecky and Eager and the Flyers haven’t gotten enough out of theirs.

  18. Next Devils Head Coach?

    – Interviewed with the Devils last year.

    – No Devils HC announcement yet – I their guy still busy?

    – Made the playoffs every year as HC at the Minor level

    – Won Championships with 2 different franchises as HC in Minors

    – New Jersey guy

    – Will install a system that can win and be exciting (help pay the rent)

    – Named Assistant Coach of the Year – NHL FanHouse poll of 24 NHL head coaches, pro scouts and color commentators

    – Soon to win Stanley Cup as an NHL assistant?

    – He helped create the Monster that is Byfuglien (and others) in Minors

    – Blackhawks Assistant Coach – Mike Haviland?

  19. A decade of managerial ineptitude. That deserves more than a cake… maybe a one-way trip down the Amazon. Tell him the golf there is great and it’s a reward for his years of meritorious service.

  20. Not an exploding cigar (or the middle finger), but the best I could do with available time and ability:

    If you get the official Rangers news feed on Facebook, practically every item gets (rightly) flooded with Fire Sather responses in the comments. But there is still a minor resistance movement,it seems. Someone just posted the following quite remarkable (insane) comment:

    “I am still looking for a ‘fire Sather’ person to come up with a name of a GM who will turn this team around.. you all say fire him.. but NO ONE.. has a name that will do a better job… give us the magic saviour?”

    Gee, wish I could think of just ONE name…

  21. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    ummm…..going down the drain had nothing to do with jagr leaving, he did us a favor by going!

    Is it me, or is campbell pretty much as bad a signing as redden???

  22. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    10 years…. wow. What a crippling time it has been. A few good moves overshadowed by dozens of bad ones. But the cigar lives on!

  23. I completed the adoption today of an abused hound mix!! He is a super cutie patootie!!

    I’ll be sending Mama pictures later for Paws and Claws!!

  24. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on


    Good for you and the new family member!!!

  25. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I ‘ll give Sather a cake, laced with Poison so he just dies already!


    Seriously, the guy is a complete failure as the New York Rangers GM and thankfully hiistory will remember him for two things:

    Winning cups in edmonton
    Seriously crippling the NY Rangers for over ten years

    10 years without a championship, and division title, or even getting out of the second round in any other sport gets you fired after 5 years, max.

    Oh wait, I forgot, he has nude pictures of the baby RE-Tard Jimmy Dolan so he’s in the position for life

    At least Reporters are actually calling him out on his terribe record, about time.

  26. Good afternoon, everyone!

    Long day at work, so a few points.
    I can’t believe it’s been only 10 years. The pain suggests much longer term. Cake for him? I’d make it from an unavoidable side product that comes with having dogs as your family members. Between wicky’s, CR’s and my dogs, we would have plenty of dough. Sally’s and Mama’s cats would supply the icing.

    Wicky- I was thinking the same about Campbell yesterday. He’s been god-awful. The weakest link on their defense by far. He also clearly avoids being hit. Is he hurt?

    The series has been much more competitive than I anticipated. In fact, last night I thought the Flyers had better chances. Niemi has been the difference.

    Linda- are you officially back? We all hope so.

  27. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Chris Pronger stealing pucks at the end of the games with the Blackhawks…. article and video posted on Yahoo Sports.
    He might be the biggest piece of Carcillo on that team!

    what a clown. Good for Eager to challenge him at the end of the game. I hope the Blackhawks sweep the Flyers, and taunt them in their own building.

  28. Yeah, and good job by NBC/Versus missing all that stuff at the end. As usual. We need closeups of the crowd and the goalie and the bench while all hell is breaking loose.

  29. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    you said it Carp.

    Time and time again while interesting things are happening, they’re showing useless pictures, or showing an on ice interview nobody can hear anyway.

    Nice to see Chicago doing the Rangers crowd salute. Ahh… imitation.

    As far as Pronger goes…. i don’t call it gamesmanship. I call it classless and childish. You lost, get off the ice, and leave the puck. Should be a REAL interesting game 3 after a chippy game 2.

  30. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    This is what we have to work with for next years SET salary.

    Not including Staal and Girardi getting resigned.

    Gabby – 7.5 – Wing
    Drury – 8.0 – Center
    Cally – 2.4 – Wing
    Avery – 4.0 – Wing
    Dubi – 2.0 – Center/Wing
    Artie – .765 – Center
    Boyle – .525 – Center
    Voros – .900 – Wing

    Redden – 6.5
    Rosi – 4.0
    Gilroy – 2.1
    Del Z – .875

    Lundqvist – 7.75

    13 Players signed

    Total Cap hit:

    Expected Cap next season:
    $57-58 million

    Cap Space:

    What needs to Happen:
    Staal, Girardi, Prust & Shelley absoultely need to be resigned

    Christensen possibly

    7th D-man from either Hartford or Free Agency

    Back-up Goalie to play 15-25 games a season

    Total players needed to Fill Torts 22 man roster:
    8 players

    BArring trades, and Tomato Faces magic negotiating skills this is where we stand at the draft

  31. TheREALMikeyNJ –

    According to we’re at 45,597,000. I think the Rangers are only hit for half of Avery’s 4 mil.

  32. Mikey –


    Salary cap hit is calculated as the average salary over the life of his contract. shows the actual salary for each year and the cap hit

  33. bull dog line on

    why do the Rangers have to sign Girardi? did everybody forget how bad he was last season, how soft he was last season. let him walk>
    as far as Staal goes, I know I am in the minority, but I would not give him a multi year deal. he still has a lot to prove before I would give a 5 or 7 year deal.

  34. How do we know Pronger doesn’t read Rangers Report?

    “..I don’t speak gibberish,” said Pronger

  35. the Hawks are a HUGE TV hit in chicago. and this series is busting the NHL playoff records.


    from the Chicago Sun Times—

    The first two games of the finals pitting the Chicago Blackhawks against the Philadelphia Flyers pulled nothing short of phenomenal ratings in the Chicago market on WMAQ. The match-up is proving to be popular nationally too.

    But the second game Monday night easily trumped the impressive Saturday night results with a 25.1 overnight rating. That means the hockey game was on in 878,000 Chicago area households. Huge. ABC’s “Bachelorette,” the next highest-rated show Monday night, could do no better than a 4.8 rating in the Chicago market.

    “This is more remarkable than an Olympic number or a Chicago Bears number because it is history in the making,” said Wert. “A hockey game never saw this kind of embrace by its home city; the fan base just grew exponentially,” added Wert.

    Nationally, 3.2 million households tuned in Saturday night — a 2.8 rating — the best showing for a Stanley Cup finals opening game since 1999, when a Dallas-Buffalo game scored a 3.7 rating. Saturday night’s national hockey rating was 12 percent higher than the 2009 Stanley Cup finals opening game between Detroit and Pittsburgh.

    Monday night’s game reached 4.7 million households nationally — a 4.1 rating — the highest national TV rating ever for a second game of the Stanley Cup finals.

  36. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Sorry for the miscue on some of the numbers
    Got it from NHL cap space

    But jsut wanted to illustrate who we actually have signed for next season, and what were looking to do to build a decent competetive team

    And onyl reason I have Girardi down is becasue everyone from the Rangers brass keep saying, and so does Maloney that there ogign to resign him and that its a priority

    Hence why I Included him

    But I would want Shelley and PRust resigned, you need guys like that on our team

  37. the Flyers just barely edged the Rangers in a shootout on the last night of the season, and the Flyers are in the cup finals. thus, there is very little difference between the eastern teams in this cap parity world

    I am not suggesting that the Rangers have the talent of the Caps and Pens, but that does not mean they can’t finish 7th or 8th and make a playoff run like the Flyers did

    but you don’t win with the equally play 6 dmen crap. the Hawks and Flyers don’t do that. you must play your top 4 dmen way more than the other 2. so, bury Redden in the minors, and use his cap hit to sign a decent aggressive dman and another Prust type forward.

    and play Del Zotto more on the PP, and a lot less even strength, where he is a big minus

  38. I’d keep Girardi – he’s still very young, and when paired with Staal he was good, but all too often they were split up and paired with Roszi or MDZ or Redden and it threw him off his game. Staal and Girardi should be kept together and used as top line shutdown and PK guys for 25+ mins a night, let the others man the PP and face off against the 2/3/4 lines then hopefully it helps MDZ development and keeps Redden away from top players who blow by him like hes not even there.

    As for others, Pronger is a piece of Carcillo and Carcillo cant hit anyone for Carcillo, even when the guy is stood still!!

  39. Mikey – i’d be very surprised if Prust and Shelley arent re-signed this summer. The coaches and other players talked very positively about both and their salaries are very cap friendly.

    I think Girardi will get another 2 years at under $2m per. Staal will probably get 4 years and the “experts” keep mentioning figures of around $4m per.

  40. CTBlueshirt on

    Re-sign Prust and Shelley only if they’re willing to take bargain bin deals, much like they signed Rissmiller and Voros for a few years ago. Prust might be worth a bit more because i think he’s getting a chance to showcase his skill more than he did in Calgary but he’s another 3rd/4th liner.

    With Shelley it would be nice to have a competent enforcer, or at least not a Brashear part 2 but the guy is honestly going to play a handful of minutes each game. He’s not going to do give you what he gave for the last 10 or so games of the season and just having him around isn’t going to make the team better. If he’s ok with a low salary and being scratched for a games every so often then he might be worth. The Rangers need to focus on improving their secondary scoring. That will help cure a lot more ills than assembling marginal level talent.

  41. Girardi, while awful at times last year, seemed to turn it on towards the end of the season. And UKRanger nailed it- he plays very well when paired with Staal. Their games complement each other, imo. It was when he was with MDZ that he had the most trouble and I attribute part of that to him trying to cover MDZ’s mistakes too much.

  42. I remember from multiple sources that at the moment they are at around $45+ mil. The expected cap is around $58 mil for 2010-2011 season. The Rangers can be at around $63.5 mil during the summer. They can not do anything with Redden and other dead wood until after training camp. Not much room to resign everybody and add a big name or two. Could be a blessing…

  43. Or you could just play Redden 10 minutes while playing Del Zotto 30, if possible with the young guy.

    Doodie – 30.6% of Rangers draft picks from 2001-08 have played in the NHL, compared to NHL average of 29.6%. 16.7% of Rangers draft picks have played at least 82 NHL games, compared to NHL average of 16.4%.

    “…bad investments have forced them to rely on more young players than, say, the Detroit Red Wings, who find and hold onto solid NHL players; this allows them to be extremely judicious in promoting prospects.”

    Rangers draft picks (2001-08) production has been well below average.
    Rangers: .336 forward PPG, -3.2 defensemen +/- per season
    NHL average: .488 forward PPG, -.77 defensemen +/- per season
    Obviously, the Rangers have better save %, .94 to .889

    The Rangers have been an above-average team because they spend money to cover up draft mistakes, $54.6 million per season, $10 million higher than average and in first by $2 million. They spend $580,000 per standings point, $80,000 more than average.

    “The large payrolls got them into the habit of buying entire teams, and it has now covered up the faults of this GM — one who not only failed to maximize value from his budget, but also failed to get good value from the draft.”

    “There’s some buzz that Sather will slowly begin transferring his GM responsibilities to Mark Messier, while he holds onto the president title — similar to what happened in Atlanta with former GM Don Waddell. So perhaps fans won’t get their wish of a Sather firing, but they will see a new guy calling the shots.

    In this upcoming draft, the Rangers pick No. 10 in the first round. In ESPN’s Gare Joyce’s Mock Draft 3.0, they pick Peterborough center Austin Watson in the first round. Joyce adds: “The Rangers are the team that has the recent history to position themselves to take a Russian player — but they have to believe that other teams will be so scared off by Filatov, Radulov & Co. that a good Russian player will be available to them in the second round.””

  44. Spider- where’d you dig up those stats and quotes? Some really interesting and damning stuff in there.

  45. NM, you already answered my question. :)

    ‘S what I get for actually doing work at 5 to 5.

  46. I know what you mean guys – Carter was flat on his a$$ with his helmet off thinking “what a Carcillohead” the other guy just laughed in his face and skated off.

    MDZ might be good paired with an Eriksson type steady #6 D-man and then hogging the PP minutes to utilise his best skills. He only needs to be playing 15 minutes a night for the next year or two until he’s got the defensive side of his game up to scratch and eliminated the rookie mistakes.

    2 things i can’t see happening in the near future are Sather getting fired (he may move upstairs slowly to save face) or Redden getting off the books, its too big of a contract to swallow in the minors and way too big and long to buyout – our only hope is a trade but that could only be for someone else’s garbage.

  47. Folks, you can combine our 6 d-men any other way you want, it still wouldn’t be much better from the last year. They need a banger. Wicky might suggest 2. I doubt they will have the money…

  48. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    So here’s a thought…

    Carcillo headbutted a guy… no action? no suspension?

  49. Great job by the daily news beat writer for finally writing a original story and not just copying every other beat writer like he normally does!! Bring back John Delpania this new guy is a joke and a disgrace to the sports. He gets no inside info like John did it’s a joke that his writing for the daily news.

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