Happy Memorial Day!


And while you enjoy your holiday and your cookout, or whatever you’re doing — not to mention Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals — take a few minutes to remember what we’re celebrating today.

Take a moment to remember and appreciate those who sacrificed so much for all of us. I can’t even imagine what so many of our veterans and active-duty soldiers have gone through.

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I know, the finals are great but you guys need Rangers.

OK, here’s some. MSG Network’s series “MSG Countdown” which debuted last week, tomorrow night at 8 p.m. offers “Rangers Fights, Brawls and Melees.”

I have seen the video and it’s pretty good. I would have included a few others in place of, for example, P.J. Stock beating up Mariusz Czerkawski, or Joe Paterson (as a Ranger) fighting Nick Fotiu (as a Flyer). I would have included Joey Kocur vs. Bob Probert; the Rangers-Flyers preseason brawl of 1985; some “best of” Barry Beck or Eddie Johnstone; the tag-teamer against Washington in the playoffs, where Mark Hardy beat up Geoff Courtnall and Kris King outslugged Nick Kypreos at center ice, Clark Gillies-Eddie Hospodar;  George McPhee-Dave Brown (they had a McPhee-Rick Tocchet punchout, but not the one from the ’86 playoffs); Fotiu-Holmgren or Fotiu (as a Ranger)-anybody, etc.

But what they came up with was a pretty good sampling. Definitely worth a watch.

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  1. I didn’t see the fights on MSG yet but some of my favs include, shockingly James Patrick destoying the Flyers Dave Poulan. Eddie johnstone killing the Isles Gary Howatt, Colton Orr putting to bed Todd Fedoryk and McPhee making a bloodie mess of Rick “you bet” Tocchet in the playoffs. Also Gravy abusing Peppy for the Devil all rivaly stuff

  2. Anybody watch “25 things about Sienfeld that you didn’t know ” ?
    I knew 24. What I didn’t know was that the original title was going to be “stand up” & the pilot was titled “Sienfeld Chronicle”
    Learn something every day !

  3. hedberg, the Patrick-Poulin fight(s) were in that preseason brawl. Orr-Fedoruk is in the show, but a different McPhee-Tocchet fight is included, not the one you mentioned.

  4. For rivaly sake we need a better video of Dereck Sanderson mugging Bobby Clarke and more recently Dubi feeding Flyers Capt in center ice on the logo this year.

  5. I’ve got groundbreaking Rangers news. The Rangers will, without a shadow of a doubt, win the 2014 Stanley Cup!

  6. Johnny LaRue on

    I saw that TV Guide Seinfeld show. The one thing I learned was that Larry David was the voice of Steinbrenner. “How do you make that alcoholic chicken?”

  7. I will take a 1-0 double OT thriller though. Haven’t had one of those in a while in the finals.

  8. Evgeni Kuznetsov –

    “My idol is Wayne Gretzky. And my dream is to beat all his records.” “Why not try to hit a player after he passes? When we came to Canada we see different hockey — there are smaller rinks, and lots of contact. When you’re already used to doing it in Russia, the transition to the North American game will be easier.” “I don’t want to be drafted high because I want to be drafted by the Rangers.” “I want to be honest: My dream has always been to play in the NHL.”

  9. Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I hope generations from now people still remember that we celebrate something special, and it’s not about BBQ grills.

    We had a great weekend, driving back. Hoping not to hit crazy traffic, so I can watch the game live.

  10. Interesting info, TR. If he wanted to break all TGOs records, he should’ve started at 5.

  11. hahahaha yeah for real. hes got high hopes. he did just sign a 2 yr deal w/ his khl team so hes going to drop in the draft.

  12. Nobody’s breaking Gretzky’s records, son.

    Johnny, of all people, I’m shocked you didn’t know that.

  13. Good afternoon all! Just got back my fab weekend. A special Memorial Day shout out to wicky, and to all.

    Are we all excited about tonight?

    Tony, I have to find those shows! bet I could pass easy….

    ranger909, at first I misread your link as something guest bloggers for rangers need new direction and I was gonna get ticked!

    FB boneheads, you should read what happened to poor Linda on her last leg home. It’s a WTB moment.

    Off to enjoy rest of afternoon. Later all!

  14. reginald dunlop on

    how about some footage of the Joe VanNess- Colon Campbell brawl?????

  15. I think the night Beck fought Wilson after he fought Holmgren during a line brawl was the same night we almost ended the Flyers unbeaten streak which went to 33 games. I was at that 1-1 tie game, if I don’t have 2 games mixed up. All 5 players on the ice for a full scale brawl, filthy flyers.

  16. Mickey M the 1-0 is the clincher in game 5 for the Hawks, can’t see it tonite, maybe 3-1 Hawks, nobody wanting to make a mistake.

  17. they got the ww2 series the pacific on hbo today. its a very good and realistic. they got band of brothers on spike too.

    babs- what happened to linda? oh and what did i say to crack u up? haha

  18. Johnny LaRue on

    Carp, you’d be surprised at what I don’t know. I once tried to make a list of all the things I don’t know but I didn’t know what to put on it.

  19. Johnny LaRue on

    mike in ia, sometimes I think you might be higher than either one. High on life of course.

  20. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Carp- great photo of lady liberty with our boys passing by. Best image of memorial day weekend I’ve seen so far. That being said hope everybody had a great weekend & everubody took a minute out to thank our servicemen & women past & present for their service. Without them the bonehead facebook page would be written in anything but english.
    Let’s go Hawks!

  21. couple of good ones in philly in dec of 1978…clarke cross-checked espo in the back of the neck in the corner,and phil clocked him with his glove on…later in the same game,fotiu took a big decision over holmgren…holmgren was schultz’s replacement,but he was a good player and kind of an honorable tough guy…..also in jan 1979 at msg, hedberg and nilsson both fought against the canucks….they both more than held their own….go hawks…

  22. All, it’s highly likely that post sick, post sun and fun, and pre work tomorrow (sigh) I shall not make the back and forth between game and computer tonight. mama gonna plotz with the kitties she thinks…..so have a grand time. I’ll catch up on your insights (lol) tomorrow.

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  23. Hope everybody had a great Memorial Day weekend! I’m kind of partied out, so I’m just going to chill and watch the game in a bit. Go Hawks!!

  24. I’m getting the CBC coverage (thank God). I’m guessing NBC didn’t have Milbury perform some sort of bizarre Phantom of the Opera soliloquy and mock organ playing to set the game up? Because that’s exactly what Don Cherry was doing. Not sure what those Canadians are smoking…

  25. Blue Seat Horror on

    Alright, so NBC has isocams on Byfuglien and Pronger. That’s redundant, given that they’ll be together the whole game. Waste of resources.

  26. Pierre Maguire simply does not know anything about hockey. He speaks, and all that comes out of his mouth is garbage. And on May 13, 2010, he was the frontrunner for the Tampa Bay GM job ??? Who in their right mind would even consider Pierre Maguire for any job within an organization other than toilet cleaner?

    Sorry, Rant Over.

  27. CTBlueshirt on

    I really want to see that piece of Carcillo get sent to the box for a bullCarcillo penalty and then watch Ed Snyder Carcillo a brick when the Hawks score a decisive goal on the ensuing PP.

  28. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    Too many men on the ice for Philly- if you count the referees…

  29. Holy Geez, what a sequence. Hard hitting, great scoring opportunity! Carcillo was telling somebody something right before the commercial break there.

    And NBC left for a commercial break prematurely earlier. How much more unprofessional can NBC get?

  30. “Too many men on the ice for Philly- if you count the referees…”

    Beware of black helicopters.

  31. GEICO should really think about getting Carcillo in their commercials. He won’t need any make up at all. For either the caveman or the lizard.

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    CR9, someone might hire McGuire if they are looking to sell the team or get a good draft pick.

  33. Blue Seat Horror on

    Ha Ha Ha. Carcillo was going to take a swing at the guy who knocked him down…until he saw it was Byfuglien. Chicken carcillo.

  34. Blue Seat Horror on

    If this game stays close, look for Carcillo to start diving every time a Blackhawk gets within 5 feet of him.

  35. Blue Seat Horror on

    Richards for elbowing? I didn’t think they were allowed to call elbowing on Richards.

  36. CTBlueshirt on

    This can only go on for so long, the Flyers have had next to no offensive zone presence.




  38. My arm hurts from the fact that I can’t even put the remote down. I need it every few seconds to press the mute button when that lil’ egg-head Pierre opens his trap. UGH!!!!

  39. The more I watch Carcillo, the more he grows on me! I actually kind of like the guy!

  40. ilb
    you really insulted the lizzard.He is more like a mad cow carsillo with this crazy, retarded look in his pigs eyes. I would like Byfuglien make him carsilliated all around the place.

  41. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    New York Rangers traded Mattias Norstrom, Ray Ferraro, Ian Laperriere, Nathan Lafayette and 4th round selection (Sean Blanchard) in 1997 to the Los Angeles Kings for Marty McSorley, Jari Kurri and Shane Churla.

    What a God-awful trade that was!!!!!

  42. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Pronger is a huge piece of Carcillo. All he does is throw elbows. He deserves a stick up his Byfuglien…

  43. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    “Pronger is a huge piece of Carcillo. All he does is throw elbows.”

    If Pronger was a Ranger he’d be found in the penalty box, dead of old age.

  44. CTBlueshirt on

    Hawks are dominating puck possession, need to turn it into goals soon. This has the feeling of a game where one team controls the game for most of it and the other gets a lucky bounce and that’s enough to win.

  45. CTBlueshirt on

    Could you imagine the Rangers immediately converging on a player in front of Lundqvist that quickly?

  46. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    This game seems to be lasting for ever!

    mike- bite your tongue- off!

  47. i wish glen healy would just smack the back of pierres head while hes talking every 5 seconds. hes not one of the 2 broadcast guys. he talks more than both!!

  48. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    Tony Esposito #35- the second hockey jersey I ever bought.

    Unfortunately, it was 50 pounds ago. It’s now hanging on the wall.

  49. Shattenkirkheadzo the Situation on

    Olgazo – indeed

    Blackhawks better get their heads out of their blackbutts. The thought of the cup parading down Broad St instead of Michigan Ave makes me sick

  50. does Gretzky also has a record in organizing chicken wings bones? that pile looks very well orginized lol

  51. i love that pierre is still broadcasting between teh glass. hes like a little puppy starved for attention down there., jealous that edzo gets to sit in a chair and he dont. jealous that edzo has hair and he dont. jealous cause nbc makes him run from between the glass to the get everyone dinks and snacks. and hes got chance to get hit with a puck!!

  52. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    to all past present and currently serving this nation in all uniforms and all supporting roles. Thank You. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

    Hail Friends! anyone else smell a stiff broom?

  53. Nobody is really that concerned about the victor of this series, right? It’s just some fun hockey to watch for me.

  54. All Pierre Maguire does is talk in cliches. Cliches he probably doesnt even understand.

  55. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on

    I can’t understand any Ranger fan wanting Philly to win. Not after watching the Ranger-Flyer history over the years.

    ANYBODY but the Flyers… Chicago is my second team anyway. It may soon be my first- until Sather is gone, anyway.

  56. Anybody heard anything from Orr (FB, email, etc.)?

    He has not been online for 30 days on PS3.

  57. cr9- i asked that earlier. hes been gone unusually long. i thought he lost another bet, or a new megan fox movie came out. but yea i wonder why hes been gone so long

  58. Blue Seat Horror on

    Somebody needs to reboot Edzo. He’s stuck on the word outstanding again.

  59. Blue Seat Horror on

    I don’t want Sharp on the Rangers anymore. Though with a huge post hit like that he fits in.

  60. Olgazo Folkzoyerselfzo on


    Hawks up 2-0. Now go to Philly and close it out!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I think it’s fairly obvious that the Flyers are one of the best teams in the NHL. And also obvious that the Hawks are the best team in the game. Winning 6-5 games and 2-1 games. In a Cup Final game, no less.

  62. I’m officially jealous of Hawks fans. Man, that team is fun to watch and they play the right way, with the skill level that the Rangers can only dream of having.

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