Gotta love Game 1


Some thoughts:

1) Couldn’t help but wonder how much better this series might be if they played it in Chicago Stadium and the Spectrum.

2) I love both of those uniforms, the Blackhawks’ red and the Flyers’ white (Seinfeld reference: “My Blackhawks jacket, love my Blackhawks jacket.”).

3) That was a fabulous game to watch, but not nearly perfectly played. How much of it was the goalies, how much of it was jitters, how much of it was all the time off between the Conference Finals and the Cup Finals? What is this, the NBA?

4) Eleven goals in Game 1. Made me think back to the last time the Rangers were in the playoffs and they scored seven goals over the last six games against an awful defensive team and an unproven rookie goalie.

5) Safe is Death. Just wanted to say that.

6) Once again, NBC can’t get away from the hockey fast enough once it’s over.

7) Why, in the scorebox at the top of the screen, is “PHILADELPHIA”  so small? I know it’s a big word, and it won’t fit in the same size box as “CHICAGO”  … so how about shortening it to, oh I don’t know, something like “PHILA.” but in a font size that can actually be seen by human eyes?

8) How do you supposed Bud Light feels? It pays for ads on the boards during the Stanley Cup Finals, pays for commercials throughout the playoff telecasts, and unless I’m mistaken is an official NHL sponsor (maybe not). Then every time the Blackhawks score or win, they play the Amstel Light song.

9) Hey, they stole the stick salute.

10) Byfuglien=Monster.

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  1. It was a very exciting game to watch ( any back and forth flow is), and perhaps a bit of humility now from Philly fans?

  2. As to the sound that Hawks make, I’m sure they’re capable of sound, but there are no specific sounds attributed to them that I can recall. They are truly silent assassins. They spot their prey flying below them, fold their wings and drop like a missile at their prey, and when about to strike they extend their talons,an then there’s just a puff of feathers, and they flap off to their nest to feed their brood. Truly they are very interesting birds.

  3. go hawks,……cry cryers………….buttman should retire with sather…………..buds are suds. ………

  4. Very entertaining game, but it’s apparent that Chicago has the better offensive talent. They just keep bringing them – Kane, Sharp, Toews, Hossa, Versteeg, Byfuglien=Monster, etc. etc.

    It’s too bad that the salary cap will force the team to break up after this season. Well, it won’t be bad if the Rangers get one or two of their players. :)

  5. fran, the hawks we have in our neck of the woods (red-tails) make a distinct screaching sound. there’s no way to spell it out. But they definitely do make a sound. I doubt they do it before they dive bomb on a chipmunk, squirrel or smaller bird, though.

    I think Blackhawks make the Amstel Light song sound.

  6. leetchhalloffame on

    The best thing aboot these playoffs is that they are almost over. That means we can start talking draft and Rangers 2010/11. It also means FIRE SATHER!!

  7. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    good morning all. I hope you all have a good safe weekend!

    Yep, she is really good. As far as covers go, I still love those two she did the best probably.

    How about NBC leading with an eminem song….the only part of their broadcast I liked. Even ESPN’s second broadcast team (panger and lev, a big rangers fan) was far superior to anything any other network had. Hey bettman….jackass…..put the NHL back on ESPN!!!!!!!

  8. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    anyone have a link where we can watch the tunisia vs france game today???

  9. speaking of drafting. the combine is going on. wanted to share something from the penguins camp.

    Kevin Hayes (RW ranked 26th on NHL Central Scouting’s final list of North American skaters, will follow his older brother to Boston College.) said this:

    “I’m out of school this week, but I still have a homework assignment from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The question was if the success of the team depended on climbing Mount Everest, who would you choose to go and why. They gave you a list of 15 random guys like Sidney Crosby, Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone, Tim Tebow and Adolf Hitler. You have to choose eight people, split them up into two teams of four and then appoint a leader of each team. I have to turn it in Wednesday. Charlie had Pittsburgh today too, so he has the same assignment. We are definitely going to compare notes.”

  10. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    cool story. Thanks for the link btw, I’d hug you but carp would get jealous!!!

  11. lol np

    i got another leaked question

    For the Islanders, Connor Brickley had to take a psych test of 180 multiple-choice questions. One question he relayed was if you could have a job with the same pay that took the same time, would you rather be a bank robber or a painter.

  12. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    next thing you know they gonna make these guys take the stupid wonderlic!!!! I hated that thing!!!!

  13. hey heads!! hope everyone is having a great weekend. great game last night. very exciting. but thats what u get with 2 avg goalies. well niemi is proving to be very capable, but still, hes a young guy and leighton just came out of nowhere. anyway, for the poster named “dan”, who asked if anyone was having choppiness watchin the game, i was too. im still not getting nbc very well. and dan, i think i know who you are. tell melissa to sign on here and become a bonehead!! shes on the fb bonehead group!!

  14. yes cant wait for draft and seeing who we gt at #10. also cant wait for free agency to see if we can sign or trade for one of the many skilled forwards on the hawks!! but i really just want to see how grachev does in training camp this year. i really hope he can improve and make at least 10 games on the big team next year.

  15. k, gotta play this new game i got called red dead redemption. and then bbq wit the fam later. see ya guys later!! oh and ilb, i tried teh shirt on again last night afetr i worked out, and man did i look sexy. i think im gonna keep it and use it as my work out shirt, and in teh summer i always drop 15-20 lbs anyway so it will fit better. but i really want an xl ok so let me know how much it will cost. if u cant get anymore, dont worry about it.

  16. mike

    i know. Another talent i have, wasted. lol

    been lookin into this other kid we might be able to scoop up @ 40. Evgeny Kuznetsov. The rangers pick @ 10, 40 and im hopeful somewhere earlier than 40 in the 2nd round.

    i believe we only have 6 picks right now (3rd for boyle and 6th for niemi) someone correct me if im wrong. Rangers need another early pick.

  17. screw ESPN. they dropped the NHL. they had a one year option at $60 mill coming out of the lockout, and they DECLINED THE OPTION.

    and if you look at their sportscenter or their espn news channel, they give very little coverage to hockey. it is an afterthought at the end of the show after all the bball, bouncyball, and every other sport gets covered.

    and, in ’04 before the lockout, espn had already moved the nhl games to their secondary espn2 channel, and they had already dropped the 1/2 hour nhl2nite show with buccigross

    no, the guys who run espn hate hockey, and they prove it every night. even Tom Mees, who used to be the main hockey guy at espn, said in a newspaper article that the guys who run espn consider hockey a “timefiller, nothing more”

    those are the facts.

  18. CJ from Buffalo on


    I think ESPN doesnt show hockey on SC because they dont broadcast it. They show basketball, football, baseball, etc on their networks so obviously they’re going to show those sports over hockey on SC. Plus hockey isnt as popular in the US.

  19. Carp
    What the hell is wrong with you? You like the Flyers uni’s, that orange makes me want to puke! Seriously what is wrong with you, most times your normal, I guess if you blog long enough? Still sticking with Hawks in 5. 1-0 final how doesn’t everyone see it coming?

  20. no, CJ, espn did not feature hockey very much on its sportscenter even when they HAD the contract and the games.

    not as popular? the Bruins got way higher ratings going head to head vs the red sox and celtics during this years playoffs. the ratings in Buffalo where you are, are stratospheric. in Pitt as well, and chi, philly, sj, etc etc

    on new years day now hockey is the leader

  21. stranded at the birmingham airport, but holy carcillo i missed ytou guys so much! tons to catch up on, but just had to drop in and say hiya

  22. ESPN doesn’t have hockey any more because they can get better ratings with poker.

    They’re lucky that they get some national exposure through NBC because, if I remember correctly, NBC pays nothing for the broadcast rights.

  23. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends and wicky always chimes in!!) on

    a damn 1 to 1 draw!

  24. sorry hedberg.

    LW, yeah, I’m going to DVR that baby.

    The thing is, I don’t believe it does them any good to have national exposure. They still pretty much get only the hardcore hockey fans. No Yankees fan, for example, is going to turn off Yanks-Indians to watch Flyers-Blackhawks unless he’s already a hockey fan, too.

    OK, once a year they get a national jolt from the Winter Classic. The ratings have been good these playoffs, too. In Boston they were off the charts — better than the Red Sox and Celtics. But I don’t think they’re pulling in American Idol or Dancing with the Stars fans.

  25. … but what do I know? I don’t think having teams in the South does them any good either. They obviously disagree.

  26. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    I agree with you carp, maybe the california teams are ok and I guess dallas always has a good draw, but other than that….there should be teams in QC, manitoba and so on!!

  27. NEW YORK (AP)—The Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks are already a television hit in the Stanley Cup finals.

    Chicago’s stirring 6-5 victory Saturday night in Game 1 produced the best overnight rating for a hockey finals opener in 11 years.

    The game on NBC garnered a 2.8 overnight rating and 6 share, the best numbers since 1999 when Buffalo and Dallas produced a rating of 3.7 on FOX. Saturday night’s rating was 12 percent higher than last year’s opener between Detroit and Pittsburgh.

    The rating for Blackhawks-Flyers Game 1 is the highest overnight number for an opener played on a Saturday since Detroit-Philadelphia drew a 5.1 in 1997 on FOX. Chicago led all markets with a 16.8 rating and 35 share. Philadelphia followed at 13.2 rating and a 25 share.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wicky said;
    “I agree with you carp, maybe the california teams are ok and I guess dallas always has a good draw, but other than that….there should be teams in QC, manitoba and so on!!”

    …Youuuu whooooo Wicky , you can say it…come on..Sas-kat-chew-won!!! Yeah Sask needs a team MORE then manitoba and QC!! Geeze they had “thier”chance!!!

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!! Flyers suck!!!

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on


    Go Rangers!!!!! Lets work out so we are BIG and STRONG come the regular season!!!! Time to beef up Delzotto !!!

    Dubi , you need a few more pounds so ya can pounds out Richards as hes basking in his stanley cup ring.

    Yeah our team is still the best and we didnt even make the playoffs!!!! Just think if we did? Wow .Our team is gonna go on another winning streak and this time we will keep our lead . We will be well rested for the playoffs but then the goofy Flyers seemed spent but still have lots in the tank so who knows if ‘saving” it for the playoffs is right? Jagr could do it , coast a little during the season and then go all hog wild during the cup run. I still think that was his choice and if YOU scored over 600 goals then maybe id listen to any nay sayer on Jagrs desicions.

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    I remember hating ESPN more when they had hockey because of the horrible coverage they gave it, then totally disowning it when they axed the NHL.

  32. TV, yeah, the numbers are good. Not great. Not nearly as good as they were in 1999, as you can see right there in the story. But better than last year by a little bit.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m sorry guys, I disagree with the ESPN bashing. I loved staying up Wednesday (i think) to watch a double-header. I’d have MSG streaming Rangers, the 7:30pm ESPN game, a little ‘tween coverage with Melrose before the 10pm/10:15pm matchup and the NHL2Nite after the game! IT was great. And as a little guy I thought Clement and Thorne were second best (to Sam and JD, of course). Those were the days.

  34. LINDZO!

    Welcome back!

    You guys had a quiet day, eh? Sorry, couldn’t chime. Fishing all day. Was hitting like crazy! Well, it wasn’t hitting that much, but I was crazy fishing anyway lol..

    Great game last night. Don’t expect that up and down hockey tomorrow. Both teams were nervous, made too many mistakes… They may as well have played without their goalies.

  35. Good evening all! I have nothing much to add, mostly cause I’m typing on an Ipad for the first time and I stink at it. Started this sentence yesterday! See ya all tomorrow! GO HAWKS!

  36. Blue Seat Horror on

    Alright True Fans, maybe I was a little harsh. Given a choice between an ESPN broadcast from back then and a Versus/NBC one from today, the ESPN one wins by a mile. I had a problem with Clement back then because he did Flyers games.

    I’m glad EA Sports put Thorne and Clement together again.

  37. da wickstas (carped as always) on

    yes, samsqwatch needs a team as well!!!

    ESPN was really good with hockey, atleast far better than anything we have now (outside of HNIC and MSG of course).

    Welcome back linda and the rest!

    Good night jason!!!

  38. reginald dunlop on

    11……. why does the NHL network pregame show not cover the hour before the game starts…… warmups, lineups, events leading up to game itself…..instead we get a taped show that was previously shown 2 hours before the game…..bush league coverage….come on showcase the game….. 5th avenue dopes

  39. Caught the third period the other night. What a wild game, eh?

    Hope everyone’s weekend is going well.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    The early bird catches the mike …

  41. hey linda how was your trip? were u in ny this whole time? we started to wory about ya. speaking of which, did orr lose another bet? did transformers 3 come out or what? jennifers body 2?

  42. breaker 1-9 for radio check, this is dogman to catbird, do u copy catbird? we have a sather sighting in sector 5! take him out catbird.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    …BUZZZ….yo dogman…BUZZZ..BUZZZZ..this is catbird…overr

  44. whats that catbird-zzzlo?? orr and staalwart have been hit by a slatipuss butt bomb?? set up a defensive perimeter around them and switch to anti sather rounds, over. i want that beast taken out before nightfall. and make sure you bring back his cigars!!

  45. Draft Question on

    If Kreider was in this year’s draft, would he be rated ahead of Hall and Seguin? Opinions please.

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