Finals finally!


Just got back from dinner and had to make a few calls.

Thought you guys needed a new game post (we haven’t had a game in so long I forgot).

The contest No. 1 is closed now.

Contest No. 2, I believe, is also filled up. Thanks to ddebened for keeping score.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    No need to congradulate me….Ive been foist befer!!! Ahhh Ill just bask in my greatness for a bit here..

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sorry Momma!!! I snapped it up!!! Cr9 , ya snooze ,ya lose…sorry buddy!!!

  3. ZzZzllo!

    dde, I do remember those commercials (to answer the question from the previous post).

    And, Tony, I don’t remember Hedda, but the name sounds familiar.

    Good evening, Sally!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I am KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!! Wohooooooooo!!!!! umm I got that from T I think?

  5. Has anyone told Carp he is the greatest?

    If not, I will! Carpy, you’re the greatest!!!!

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Great job Carp , your a posting machine!!!! These contest are good ideas too .Good job man.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Awww Cr9 ya posted yer “suck up” before I did !!

  8. Tony, I totally know who Hedda is. Is she really Dennis’ grandmum though? if true, did not know that. if not true, good one :)

  9. Greg

    Im a man without a need to be foist!!! And like they say, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!!!!

    I was just excited Carp created a new post!!!

  10. Greg

    Damn straight!! I love getting myself some good will so when I inevitably do something stupid and worthy of banning, I will be given the benefit of the doubt!!!

  11. Carp –

    That’s Dennis Hopper in the commercials if I didn’t make it clear.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Just watch the Flyers take game #1

  13. Greg -Game freakin 82 can you believe it? Skilz competishun no less. Could be us. Should be us. If only we had a elite goalie!

  14. Waiver wire goalies are way better. We should have called Valiquette back up for the stretch!

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sweeeeeeeeeet!!! I dunno why …but i swallowed a flyyy , I dunno why I cheer for the Flyersssss!!!

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah ddeb GAME 82 fricking TWO man in a shoot out!!!! geeeze!!!!

  17. Thanks CCCP

    Glen Healy looks like he wants to elbow Pierre out of the way. lol

  18. I think Big Buff will be held in check scoring wise but will still be a big factor with screens and the attention that he’ll draw.

  19. Linda or Sally,
    I would like to join your Boneheads group on Facebook. I am an avid Rangers fan and post from time to time here. How do I join you guys on Facebook??? Go Hawks!!!

  20. LOL @ Caw! Caw!

    Oh well, I turned the channel to watch some of the Lakers, and it’s 2-1. Bye Bye Flyers!! Thanks for taking care of the Bruins for me!!

  21. Mama

    I think Noremry just said Woot Woot, because that is a fun phrase that young women use, and young men sometimes too!

    Woot Woot!!!

  22. Blue Seat Horror on

    Blogmama, I think a hawk says Screeeeeee! Screeeeeeee!…or “Give me my 20 cents or I’ll beat you up.”

  23. Julie, do a group search for “boneheads”… we’re the one with the picture of Dubinsky picking his nose.

  24. Julie, I think Linda’s still out of pocket. Sally can help if she sees your post. In the meantime, I think if you go the the boneheads group on FB and “ask to join” that may work. They are the keepers of the FB castle, helps keep the trolls out :)

    and welcome!

  25. Nor, double LMAO, your link and what you said to Sally. I listened to that url and the kitties freaked to the window!!

    Sally, getting better, thanks. not 100 percent, but getting there..gonna send you an e-mail

  26. Nor, I never get tired of SEEING it!

    Mama, I’m sorry I never responded to the last email! I’ll get to it soon :)

  27. Hossa better step up in the finals…mofo just glides along… three different teams three Cup finals.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZzllo " Flyers Suck !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I said 4 – 2 Flyers tonight…could come true!!!

  29. TheMessiah94 on

    Hawks look pretty nervous. Good that they’re down only 1 after the 1st. We’ll see what they can do on the power play (assuming the Flyers are capable of committing a foul!) lol

  30. Sally

    If you can saw those two large shirts together, which will make it one xlarge shirt… then ill take it! :)

  31. Thanks Sally and Mama! Hope to be chatting with you guys soon on Facebook! Tie game again. This is making me nervous!

  32. Sally, do you know where Linda is?

    dde, I knew that was him as soon as I saw it.

    I am already sick of all the “Edzos” and of Milbury.

  33. Carp, I think she’s still in transit, right Sally?

    I am so sick of the edzos and milbury. blech. and double blech.

    all, have fun tonight. I gotta sign off and fall asleep to game for an early morning. be out of touch til Monday. (but am always on bonehead alert!)

    ta, and go hawks!

  34. TheMessiah94 on

    Why is that a penalty??? He was just helping the guy get off the ice. That third defense pairing only plays 4 minutes a night!

  35. Carp, yeah I’m pretty sure Linda’s still on vacation. Hopefully she’ll join us again soon!

    Mama, hope you feel better soon!

  36. Sally,
    I just requested to join the Boneheads group on Facebook. My name on there is Jewels.
    No call on Richards for that?! Man!

  37. Mama, enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend! Get fully better soon!


    Why is Bill McCreary refereeing a Stanley Cup Finals? What has he done to earn that?

    Flyers up 4-3, and if it stands, that’s my final score for Game 1!

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    How can both referees miss a high stick on the puck carrier? What are they looking at?

  39. No one is going to have the score of this tiebreaker.

    9-8 in OT at this pace.

  40. LOL! 5-4 Hawks! I mean, when the Rangers need 1 goal with half a game left, it’s struggle and claw and fight and hit post after post and great save after great save. And here both of these teams are just answering immediately.

  41. SCOOORE AGAIN! We need a goal, and it aint ever coming. And another answer for the Flyers.

  42. Blue Seat Horror on

    At 5-5 after 2, does that pretty much knock out EVERYONE’S prediction for game 1?

  43. pull the plyers on

    terrible play by Hossa. blind fancy pass instead of just backhanding a shot. that was a momemtum changer.

    in the reg season, the Flyers got 2 goals in the last minute to beat the Hawks, and so far in both periods the Hawks have blown the lead with last minute goals allowed. not a good sign.

  44. I dont know carcillo! on

    chicago wins 8-7, on alfonso sorianos walkoff homerun in the bottom of the ninth!oooops wrong sport!

  45. Blue Seat Horror on

    Wow! It’s amazing that the Flyers have done nothing to warrant a penalty call yet! Have they turned the corner and given up their wicked ways??

    As per Betts scoring…Hartnell You Sather! You geriatric team wrecker.

  46. Blue Seat Horror on

    Yeah, I know Olga. I was just venting. McCreary and O’Halloran…the Flyers couldn’t have hoped for a better pair to officiate the first game.

  47. Blue Seat Horror on

    Game 1 is where teams focus on stopping all the big players and the secondary scoring has a field day.

  48. Flyers are getting away with a lot of “stick to parallel to the ice” calls.

  49. Olga Folkyerself on

    I hope Chicago tightens up a little on defense though. I can’t take too many 6-5 games….

  50. Olga Folkyerself on

    Every time I see Pierre McGuire, I think of a huge flesh-colored light bulb with a face painted on it.

  51. Blue Seat Horror on

    Olga, that is byfuglien hilarious! His manlove for Edzo is embarrassing.

  52. TheMessiah94 on

    Hawks really took over in the 3rd, and established their game. Hopefully this carries over to the rest of the series. FIRE MCCREARY!!!!

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