Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!


Happy 16th anniversary Stephane. And Howie Rose. And Brian Leetch, who opened the scoring with one of the greatest goals he ever scored.

First things first. The Rangers, starting today, are doing profiles on the top 20 prospects in the organization — one each week day not including the Memorial Day Holiday. You can see the story here and go to the Rangers’ site each day for the latest profile.


Now onto Boneheads Stanley Cup Finals Extravaganza Contest (and picnic) No. 1.

This one is where you pick the series. Winner and number of games. Here’s the kicker. I’m going to ask you for a score of the clinching game, and a score of the first game. Those will be the two tiebreakers, in that order.

So your ballot, if you choose to participate, should look something like this:

Flyers in 5.

Clincher: 6-4 Flyers.

Game 1: 4-2 Blackhawks.

I’m going to ask youse to play fair. One ballot per person. Don’t make me go checking your IPs.

Get ’em in between now and gametime Saturday. The winner gets a copy of the book “100 Ranger Greats” co-authored by my late friend ans NHL historian, John Halligan.

I’ll have details on the the BSCFEC (ap) No. 2 tonight, I hope.


Can I just say something about all this hoopla about the Super Bowl coming to New Jersey? People were making signs and gathering to cheer the decision, and calling the radio stations …

Unless you own a hotel in the East Rutherford, N.J. area or have a stake in the NFL or the Giants or Jets, why the byfuglien do you care? You won’t be able to get a ticket, and you couldn’t afford it if you could get one. There are only going to be a few thousand even available after all the NFL/team/player/sponsor allotments. You are going to watch the 2014 Super Bowl in the same place you watched every other Super Bowl — on your couch. The Giants and Jets aren’t going to be in it. It’s more likely to be your arch-enemies, like New England vs. Dallas.

You won’t be able to get into any of the big parties. You will be able to stand in line and pay plenty to get into the “NFL experience” things, which really are no big deal other than an attempt to get you to spend more of your money on crappy merchandise.

So, in summary, the very rich will be at the game, and the very rich will be getting richer off the game, and the whole thing is going to cause traffic problems and probably cost the taxpayers of the two fine states plenty for security and police, etc. Oh, and it’s going to help the Giants and Jets sell more PSLs.

Why are we supposed to be excited about that?

Oh, plus the world is supposed to end in 2012.

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  1. onecupin70years on

    16 years ago for the Rangers is like yesterday for all of us. What’s the hurry for the cup?

    Carp , you’re right about the tickets , all the movie stars , rich and biz men will be there. So I hope its 3 degrees and windy that day.

  2. “Matteau, Matteau, Matteau!”

    Blackhawks in 7
    clincher: 4-3 Blackhawks
    game 1: 3-2 Hawks

    Totally agree with your comments about the super bowl. standing in Times square and cheering a tv screen announcement?!? some folks need to learn to read or find a hobby.

  3. By the way Carp: how did Mr Nike Sasquatch treat Mr Titleist? i hope he “bombed” him!

  4. Hawks in 5.
    Clincher: Hawks 3-2
    Game One: Hawks 4-2

    (I’m waiting for somebody to pick a different winners for the clincher and the series.)

    Nice to see a few comments of the “Euros are all soft and I want to see the Rangers sign/pick only North Americans” variety below the last couple of posts. Do people really still believe that Carcillo?

  5. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Blackhawks in 5
    Clincher…Blackhawks 4-1
    Game One …Blackhawks 4-1

    Carp: Great Rant on the post today, except besides the chance that two teams we hate will play, there is also the cool chance that both occupants of the stadium could play each other, how cool would that be ? Giants-Jets in their own stadium, with zero degrees, -20 winds, and flurries.

  6. Yeah, Mr.Sasquatch was pretty rough on Mr. Titleist. So much so that they might have a rematch today.

  7. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Happy 26th mrs Carp!

    My $0.02 on Super Bowl 2014- yawn…

    LW3H- agree with you, whoever said that (Ogie?) is starting to sound like Don Cherry.

    Hawks in 6.
    Clincher- 4-2.
    Game 1= 4-1 Hawks.

  8. Mike- That’s all you can say this am? Go get your coffee, bud. Did your get your T?

  9. looks like that one might have to last a lifetime…….the curse of nosen…….

  10. no i didnt get it yet ilb. mails slow here. it takes at least a full week to get any mail through to my father in texas.its much closer than ny. yea i just got up. i got my coffee though. m writing an essay as we speak!

  11. Hawks in 4
    Clincher: Hawks 4-2
    Game 1: Hawks 5-3

    As for the super bowl, one reason to get excited is that there’s a decent chance it’ll be played in real late-season football conditions. It’s always seemed odd to me that the weather gets worse and worse as the season moves on, only to be removed as a factor for the ultimate game. Save the perfect weather for the Pro Bowl.

  12. i cant believe philly got this damn far. at the beginning we all thought they would be the worst in the division, even with pronger. they dont miss lupul, or luca bratzi, whatever his name is.

  13. Mike- I guess USPS starts using deers to carry mail once they cross the IA border :)

  14. for cr9- “I think he’s unique, particularly in the way he skates and because he uses such a long stick for being a player of his size,” said Naslund

    hmmm, sounds like your type of player cr!!

  15. CCCP, the answer to your trivia question on the previous post is Joe Kocur :)

  16. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Hawks in 6

    Clincher- Hawks 4-Philly 3
    Game One- Hawks 3-Philly 1

    If we went to print on t-shirts that said Byfuglien=Monster… we could sell them out in Chicago! And since you coined the phrase.. you should get a lovely royalty!

  17. Sorry guys. i got to make this prediction:

    Flyers in 7

    Clincher – 5-3 Flyers

    game 1 – Blackhawks 5-2

  18. Carp: The 2014 Super Bowl in New Jersey will be held on the 2nd, 9th or 16th of February depending on how that season’s scheduling is set up.

    If the Rangers are home during Super Bowl week my extra pair of center ice blue seats should go for big bucks on Craigslist or the Rangers ticket exchange.

    Thats the only benefit I’ll get.

  19. 1st off…Been reading posts here for quite a while (have never posted before)…always great stuff here..Thanks to Carp for giving Ranger Fans a home in the off season. Here is my “Matteau” story…I work in a small town in the suburbs of NYC, and in Oct of 94 i was stopping into a small restaurant and around 10:30PM to get a coffee prior to starting work at 11PM. The place was almost empty, and as I looked around, I noticed Lou Lamorillo sitting at a table with a woman who looked to be his wife. After i was handed my coffee, I walked by his table and repeated the Howie Rose Call-“Matteau-Matteau-Matteau” just loud enough so that he could hear it, and continued on out the door without turning around. The owner of the place was a devil fan, and I guess Lamorillo said something to him because he called me on it the next day. He pretended to be ticked off at me, but we had a pretty good laugh about it.

  20. Hawks in 5.
    Clincher: Hawks 5-2
    Game One: Hawks 3-1

    PS – MickeyM – you took mine! =)

  21. Good story, irish99…Post more often. I wonder what they put in your coffee every time you’ve been there since… Ever wondered why you’ve had an upset stomach for years? :-)

  22. Blackhawks in 5
    Clincher: 3-1 Blackhawks
    Game 1: 4-3 Blackhawks

    I’ll even say at least one game goes to OT

  23. Everyone hates the Flyers or are they that much worse? hehe
    I say
    Hawks in 7.
    Clincher: 5-3 Hawks
    Game 1: 3-2 Philly

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Flyers in 5? That’s a *BOLD* prediction. I don’t think you’ll win your book.

    Hawks in 5.

    Clincher 4-1.
    Game 1: 3-2 Hawks.

  25. Carp,

    That seems like a pretty jaded take on NY/NJ getting the Bowl. Not necessarily inaccurate, but so focused on the negative. There ARE a lot of people who own hotels and restaurants and bars and coffee shops, etc., in and around the city who will benefit. New York is the capital of the world and it’s good for people to be reminded of it and for sports leagues to pay it respect. And it could add an awesome element of weather to a game that isn’t always so interesting.

    And it’s fun — because it’s fun. It’ll energize the city and the area. It’s like having a party at your house. You spend more than you should, you worry about cleaning up, people act like idiots, but you still want people to have a good time. Because it’s a party and we’re social animals.

    Go Giants.

  26. Hawks in 6

    First game: Philly 4-2

    Clincher: Hawks 3-2 (in OT)

    And Carp, what’s up with the negativity about the Super Bowl being played in NY/NJ? Try and enjoy it, you’ll probably never get to experience it being played in NY again…

  27. If there are any CEO’s on here that don’t want to get their poor wittle piggies chilly, I’ll buy your superbowl tkt.

  28. Oh, and one more thing, the Winter Classics sell out. People will attend a cold Superbowl. Just to say they were there.

  29. “Matteau! And Howie! ?”

    Agreed, Mickey! I was watching Matteau and the Messier Guarantee videos on youtube a couple days ago!!

    Inspiring and chills-giving!!

    The Rangers have 1 more hill to climb baby!! But it’s Mount Vancouver! :)

  30. FLYERS IN 6




  31. The funniest thing about Howie’s call (at least to me) was that it took me YEARS to figure out what he said after “And the Rangers have one more hill to climb baby”. I actually found the call online and DL’s it, and would listen to it over and over again trying to figure out what exactly that second line was. Eventually, I got it and it was literally an ‘AHA!’ moment.

  32. while i want the hawks to sweep with all shutouts they have two serious problems
    1.super mush hossa (put him in the bathroom)
    2.kane on the cover of nhl10 (ea curse anyone)

  33. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    Hawks in 6

    game one: Flyers 3-2

    clinching game: Hawks 5-3

  34. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    Oh, and good morning all. Is hossa dressing? maybe I should pick the flyers….oh well.

    It’s football, play it in any weather, I think the super bowl should rotate to every team’s stadium each year, regardless of weather or location!!!

  35. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I loved those highlights, great hearing the game called on espn (too bad that isn;t the case now). I still think larmer was one of those unsung heroes on that team!

    Back to work, later folks!

  36. ilb

    One of the peculiarities of English is this one…the word Deer refers to the animal and there is no plural of the word ( deer can mean a deer, several deer or the entire species. No word, “deers”….. these oddities keep cropping up.

    Just a little note on language oddities. (especially ours.)

  37. Reginald Dunlop on

    jeez………..all the negativity about the super bowl…. I thought I was listening to my favorite visiting team locker room attendant for a minute there

  38. On my way to the post office now to mail t-shirts. I’ve still got 2 larges and 1 small left, if anyone’s interested…

  39. wicky, work is overrated!

    (so says she is who is stuck in the office for the next 3.5 hours on a gorgeous afternoon)

  40. LI RangerFan on

    Right with ya’, Mickey. In the office ’til 6…

    Need to find an alternative to this work BS…


  41. Screw the Giants and their PSL.

    We’re losing our seats after 32 years do to their corporate greed. Never putting another dollar towards the Giants or the NFL.

  42. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Izzy’s Picks…

    Chicago in 5 games

    Clincher: Chicago 4-2

    First game: Chicago 5-3

    It’s Go Time!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s Go Black Hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I make that 39 out 43 people so far that think the Hawks will win. Are the Flyers unpopular with us Rangers fans or something?

  44. LW3H, I have a sincere hatred of all things Philly. So much so that if Shane Victorino and Dan Carcillo punched each other’s lights out over a stupid argument, I would be estactic. And probably sell tickerts to the rematch.

  45. Hawks in 5
    Game 1: Hawks 3-2
    Game 5: Hawks 4-1

    And Happy Stephane Matteau Day everyone

  46. Shor, Sounds good to me! But I refuse to be the secretary or the financial person. Neither position suits me very well, lol.

  47. Plus MZA played on a line with Niklas Sundstrom, Markus Naslund & Peter Forsberg in the Swedish league.
    I could score on that line – LOL

  48. dang Carp,
    your sarcasm in regards to the super bowl is thick enough to have plugged up that oil leak in the gulf.

    not saying it’s not appreciated because it is!
    and spot on, i might add.

    although, i’d like the book
    i’m not going to pick…sadly too superstitious.

    all i gotta say is GO BLACKHAWKS!!!!!

  49. Good afternoon all!

    Shory, Staal, nice to see ya! irish, welcome, pull up a keyboard and stay a while. Great story!

    Glad to see most of you are betting on Hawks.
    Mama’s home sick today (byfuglien!) but just had to pop in to wish Mrs. Carp a happy 26th!

    p.s. on super bowl, i’m not a carer at all, but I’m with wicky. just rotate. for all that I don’t care, I always thought it odd when they stopped playing in cold weather spots. It’s a winter sport for byfuglien’s sake. baseball has to suck up weather issues in the series. why can’t they.
    ok, lecture over. back to bed.

  50. ok, lecture over. back to bed.


    could you make me a pastrami sandwich on your way over? :P

  51. Sorry to hear you’re sick, Mama. I hope the Flyers can win the Cup to make you feel better.

  52. Anyone else hear that Bettman said NHL will announce Winter Classic location on Francesa today? Let’s hope it’s Citifield.

  53. i thought he announced today that bettman would announce the location tomorrow on the show. i could be wrong.

  54. cccp

    if you post the link to the video (in this case the link was to a .wmv file) it will show the video.

    its quite possible that if you linked to a specific youtube video whereas the end of the url was a .flv that this will be the case as well.

  55. tr

    How do you get this stuff!!! Holy Geez!! You are awesome!

    Is this a sign he’s on his way out of Ott?

  56. cr9

    hes on his way to washington.
    it was a baltimore publication that posted it. once im not too busy here ill post a link.

  57. Love the ending Carp – it’s why I keep coming back to this site. Clearly the funniest, the most direct, and the best stuff.

    Here we go:

    Blackhawks in 6

    Game 6: 5-2 Hawks

    Game 1: 4-2 Hawks

    Down Goes Leighton, Down Goes Pronger, Does Goes Dan-yell, and down goes a whining bunch of orange wearing flyers fans who must wait for another chance to drink out of the cup.

    Let me know when you need me to send you my address for the book.


  58. garth butcher on

    NHL will announce Friday what has previously been reported: Was vs Pit @ Heinz Field Jan. 1 and Mtl vs. Cgy at McMahon Stadium in mid-Feb.
    less than a minute ago via UberTwitter
    Bob McKenzie

  59. I’m sure this was discussed before when it was first rumoured, but Picksburgh playing in another Winter Classic really does stink.

    And can’t the Cup Final itself generate enough publicity already for the NHL without having to crowbar more Crosby/Ovechkin fodder into the media spotlight this week?

  60. Volchenkov to Washington??

    oh and F winter classic… i didnt see the last one and i wont be watching this one either.

  61. woah i may be wrong about volchenkov
    he has it down to 2 teams, washington being one of em.

    thats about all im going to say, i dont like being wrong so im leaving it at that.

  62. checked out the first installment of the 20 Prospects in 20 Days
    Lee Baldwin

    ummm….color me HUH?!?!?!?

    i wish him the best but i had not heard anything about him, his signing, his playing in Hartford…

    anyone with a more in-depth knowledge have any idea about this guy, can’t say kid since he’s already 22??

  63. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hawks in 6

    Clincher: Hawks 3-2

    Opener: Flyers 5-4

    I heard on XM that Volchenkov would probably draw $5+mil/per on the FA market. Anybody know if this is valid?

    Can the Rangers really afford that if it’s true? Can’t get rid of Redden’s salary until after training camp (barring Sather Jedi mind trick trade), right? Way too late.

  64. For me, worse than seeing New England or Dallas play at the Meadowlands would be seeing the flippin’ Eagles play there. I’ve lived in PA the last 20 years and hate all things Philadelphia.

  65. Blue Seat Horror on

    I figure I’ll join the Stuper Bowl cynicism with a quiz question…it’s a 2 parter.

    What aging/way past their prime rocker/rock band will perform at half-time in the Meadowlands, and will they even bother to tune up before taking the stage?

  66. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hey Carp, I think your tiebreaker for the contest should have been how many penalty minutes each team would have in the clincher…

  67. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    If we were EVER going to overpay for someone, it better be the hammer!!!!!

    package received!!! Thanks you and mrs ilb and sally soooooooo much!!!! AWESOME!!!!

    Also, I think moose and elk are used just like deer is. It is the same for plural….I think!

  68. Also, I think moose and elk are used just like deer is. It is the same for plural….


    well, it’s not true… yesterday i saw 2 mooses and 3 elks! :P

  69. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I’ve laureled….congrats to Pat Tillman’s family, he was elected to the college football HOF today. A true hero and person we should all try to emulate!!!!

  70. Here we go:

    Blackhawks in 6

    Clincher 3-1 Blackhawks

    Game 1 4-2 Blackhawks

  71. TR, you are THE man when all the inside info. I love that :)

    And a hearty good morning all!

  72. FiveFootZero on

    Hey Sally, I’m a little late to the party…what t-shirts? Can’t read back through so many posts. Let me know…I might be interested!

    Got our Season Subscriber renewal form this week…good to know that our ticket prices WILL NOT be going up.

  73. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    This is where Bettman is going to Jump the shark with the Winter Classic

    First by putting in a team that has already played in it before, and secondly by having two of them a month apart.

    I would much rather just have the Calgary/Montreal one be the only one, cause neither has ever had it, and both are canadian teams whihc will draw huge number for people to watch

    But having another one jsut to have Pig Lips and Ovie against each other?
    If it seems like its a gimick, thats becasue IT IS!!

    Bettman sucks

  74. CTBlueshirt on

    Blackhawks in 5.
    Game 1, Hawks 4 – Flyers 2
    Clincher, Hawks 3 – Flyers 2

  75. As a hockey fan living in North Carolina I fail to see the attraction of the Winter Classic. Why should I be enamored about watching a game that’s played outside over a game played indoors?

    Are there different rules? Will there be more scoring? Better plays? What makes it an event that I have to watch that makes it better than any other regular season game? I’m sorry. I don’t get it. Maybe somebody can explain it to me.

    As for the fans attending, is it supposed to be better to be sitting outside in the cold over sitting inside? Except for the fact that there are more tickets available, why is it a better game to watch in person?

  76. why is it a better game to watch in person?


    Because uncle Gary says so! Isnt that enough? And dont forget that you sit A LOT further from the ice than indoor games!

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How does the NHL expect to market the event better if Pitts is again playing? A significant majority of the non-Pittsburgh American hockey fan base strongly dislike Crosby. I try to watch as many NHL games as a I can and when the Rangers aren’t on (and I have the time) I’ll throw on the Devils, Islanders, Versus, or check out ATDHE for a game. However, I will not be watching another winter classic featuring Cindy Sausage Lipschittz. What a disappointment.

  78. Mikey, Montreal played in the outdoor Heritage Classic against Edmonton in 2003, which was the precursor to the Winter Classic.

    It’s a shame that we’re being passed over again, but you really can’t fault the NHL for showcasing its best superstars.

  79. LI RangerFan on

    RealMikey – from what I have read in the past, NBC doesn’t want the Canadian teams in the Winter Classic because they think they will not get the ratings in the US without having two USA teams in the event.

    I completely agree with you about Pittsburgh being a repeat participant, and also the whole Crosby / Ovechkin thing.

    When will these folks realize that there is more (SO MUCH more) to the NHL than just those two guys… >.<

  80. Il

    You are correct when you say that it is acceptable. But that is due to common usage ( rarely applied however), and it is one of the reasons that the Toronto team can for example get away with calling themselves the Maple Leafs, rather than Leaves. Matter of personal preference, and especially when one considers how ungainly the sound of Maple Leaves would be on the ear.

    Wolf becomes wolves, as wolfs is a bit jarring. Mouses become Mice, Lions remain Lions, and Bulls are still Bulls.

  81. Hawks in 6
    Game One Score: Hawks 3-1
    Clincher Score: Hawks 5-3
    Stanley Cup Winner: Kane

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