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Thanks for taking care of this for me today, Boneheads.

From the NYR:


New York, May 26, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Mats Zuccarello Aasen.

“Mats is a highly skilled player with excellent hockey sense,” stated Sather.  “He has produced at every level he has played, and we think his offensive abilities, both as a scorer and play maker, make him a valuable asset to the organization.”

Zuccarello Aasen, 22, skated in 55 games with MODO of the Swedish Elite League (SEL) this past season, registering 23 goals and 41 assists for 64 points, along with 62 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played, goals, assists, points and penalty minutes.  Zuccarello Aasen led the SEL in scoring with 64 points, en route to capturing the Guldhjälmen award as the league’s Most Valuable Player.  He also ranked third in the league in goals and shots (164), tied for third in assists, and led all SEL forwards in average icetime (22:17).

The 5-9, 170-pounder has appeared in 90 career SEL games with Modo, recording 35 goals and 69 assists for 104 points, along with 10 penalty minutes.  Zuccarello Aasen has also skated in 98 career games with Frisk Asker of the GET-ligaen in Norway, registering 63 goals and 68 assists for 131 points, including 96 penalty minutes.  He captured the Norwegian “Player of the Year” award in 2007-08, ranking second in the league in assists (40), third in points (64) and tied for sixth in goals (24).  Zuccarello Aasen led the league in playoff scoring that season, ranking first in goals (12), assists (15) and points (27) in 15 post-season games.

Internationally, the Oslo, Norway native has represented his country in several tournaments, including the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, finishing third on the team in scoring with three points (one goal and two assists) in four contests.  Recently, Zuccarello Aasen participated in the 2010 World Championship in Germany, marking his third World Championship appearance with Norway.  He finished the tournament tied for the team lead with three goals and second on Norway with four points in six contests.  He also led Norway with 17 shots on goal and two game winning goals in the tournament.

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  1. so happy this day finally came. i really thought this wasnt happening till june 1st.

    now we draft nino, kabanov, beuk, olsen come draft day.

    try to address some needs on july 1st w/o overspending.

  2. leatherneck … I don’t disagree with you on Drury. I think he’s OK as captain, and the players really like and respect him and the coach does too. And he does a lot of good little things in games — great at blocking shots, not bad at winning faceoffs, decent PK. But he gets killed here all the time, and I understand why … he makes too much money to be a PK/third-liner. He’s an albatross in that way.

    So I just wanted to see what the Boneheads thought of the Flyers’ captain, who has led by example and produced in these playoffs.

  3. LMAO at 5-9, 170-pounder! Is that standing up on Gianone’s shoulders, Carp?

  4. I think the other sites list him as 5-7. From what I saw on the TV, mrs ilb and mrs tr are about his height

  5. A new Prucha? Or a new Fleury? Hopefully the personality/life events of the former and the finishing skills of the latter, I guess.

  6. Leatherneckinlv on

    I think we need to draft Dylan McIlrath..he is another Buekeboom in the making and i also like Jon Merrill as well, another Marc Staal type D-man…I honestly think that Sheahan will fall into the 2nd round, so what i know is we can get McIlrath later than the 10th if Jon Merrill is not available at 1oth, trade the pic down for another 2nd round pic…package those 2 2nd rounders for say the 33rd to 35th pick if Sheahan is still on the board. Personally I dont like European players, and frankly am not impressed by MZA. We need character players and power forwards and a bruising D-man.. Sheahan will be a power forward and McIlrath the bruising D-man. Hey carp you study any of the draft prospects for this year? Any thoughts on my potential scenario?

  7. leather, I don’t. but a lot of our Boneheads do … I don’t go to the draft anymore, so I really have lost interest. In the old days I’d talk to the player personnel director and do previews for The Hockey News, Blueshirt, etc. Now I don’t write a word about it (you know, for my real job or any other publications).

    Besides, it’s such a crapshoot. It really is.

  8. That’s right, Carp. With Sather at the helm it’s been mostly crap.

    So, the smurf is on board. Now sign Zherdev and the team will be scoring at a record pace. (Ha!)

  9. Leather- thanks for the info. I personally don’t have nearly as much knowledge about the upcoming draft as you do, and I don’t know how many boneheads do, so why don’t you tell us a bit more about those guys, thanks.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I feel a draft comming in!!! " … says Greg L. on

    MATS ZUCCARELLO AASEN , what a name!!!! We gots carsillyos ,Carpenelios,chelios and now zuccarello!!!!

  11. ZzZz, I’m going to put an LLO on the end of your name, my man.


    leather, keep on bringing it.

    Cross Check, forget Zherdev. Ain’t happenin.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I feel a draft comming in!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp ,thats perty dam sweet.

    No Zherdev!!?? Well , hes kinda like an ex girlfriend…fun to have around once in a while but he wont get along with our new friends.

    We have a scoop full of jessmans and a pinch of Richards and Parise in the Draft…so how will we pan out??? Interesting senerios will take place at the Draft table. Its a carp shoot and picking the right players is no easy task.

  13. Carp, neither are the goals.

    I don’t see this munchkin being a big scorer in the NHL. But, hey, when you’ve got no cap space to work with you try stuff and pray that it works.

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I feel a draft comming in!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Alright boys and girls …go look at yer Rangers Jersey right now …ah not the white one…the Blue one. Thereee it is…beuty isnt it? Kinda looks like it needs some more new identies. The jersey alone is sweet but as it goes to new players , the jersey takes on a whole new life of its own. At the draft , the new kids who get the chance to don the Rangers Blue will wear it with pride and honour and they have a chance to add to the legacy , the pride of the Jersey. When you come to NY , you are treated very very well because we appreciate our young drafties. In the past we have abandoned our young stars for older more proven vets. This time ’round we have a diffent mind set ..that the kids who come to NY ..they stay!! We do not use them as a tool or a puzzle piece that is used to auction them off to the highest NHL teams bidder later on. We are grabbing kids who want and will play for the NEW York Rangers. The draft is more exciting now adays cuz we now know ,we are keeping our picks. We are building a team around youth!!! Draft time is comming so its time to get out the New Rangers sweater and present it to our new youths who proudly wants to be Rangers and Stay Rangers . Life is good.

  15. i believe she is still in NY, Tony.

    I think she said she’s here until Thursday? I could be wrong though

  16. C, awesome quote! Here’s one I’ve kept on my fridge for years, by Jodie Foster. Perfect for this blog:
    “Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.”

    words to live by!

    ta all!

  17. Coach Beeblebrox on

    MZA = 5-feet 6-inches, 170 pounds of pure dynamic fury.

    The NYC fans are going to love this little dynamo. Take note of the stick he uses, its two sizes too big. It gives him deceptive reach and allows him to play a game, bigger than that of his size. Plus he’s a fearless little water bug, slippery as a greased weasel. I think this kid is going to thrive in the spotlight. Unlike Prucha, he knows how to avoid getting clobbered, so he should have more than one good year.

    I’m predicting 26 goals and 50 points in his rookie season.

  18. who am i?

    I won 4 Stanley Cups…one with the Rangers in 94 and three more (2 as a player and one as a video coach for the same team) with another original six team.

    who am i?

  19. Leatherneckinlv on

    As a team need this kid McIlrath is the one we need to target as he is a Beukeboom clone..he still needs to fill out a bit 20lbs more, decent skating ability at 6’5″ 215..good open ice hitter as well, drops the gloves…Merrill is more of a MDZ type player with an edge, great passer will hit and is 6’4″ and Forbort is a talented D-man at 6’4 hard to compare him to…maybe more like a Girardi type with more offensive skill but less of a hitter…Riley sheahan has been a bad boy and a good thing because that may cause him to drop into the 2nd round…good power forward type player, some what like a Shane Doan, has a mean streak as well. Any of 2 of these 4 we get will be a great draft day and if Sather plays it right it is very possible to do so, should they target McIlrath we can trade down in the draft to say 16 to 19 and get him and get a 2nd rounder and trade 2 2nd rounders to a team in the 30 to 34 range to get Sheahan..lets pray so

  20. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    MZA is a small europa-type w/o an edge – unlike Fleury who played with a heart like a lion. If Glennie wants to go small, then at least go small with western canadians, europas typically don’t play with an edge. Glennie trying to emulate Les Habs?

  21. CCCP

    I give up! I went to shower, and 30 minutes later, I cant figure it out!

    The only original six teams to win around the same time as 1994 were the Canadiens and Red Wings.

    Who played for the either of those teams and for the 1994 Rangers?

    I know Avery was on the early 2000 Red Wings that won the Cup!!!!

  22. I’m glad MZA is aboard…but please tell me there is reason to believe he won’t turn out to be like Lisin?

    I don’t really trust Torts being patient with these guys…I feel like he was only patient with MDZ because he started so hot…

  23. I think MZA ia going to be a wait and see. He sounds good and some of the video i’ve seen is impressive, he can pass and shoot and is not just a perimeter player like some other smaller forwards. But, its a big step up from a top European league to the NHL. Saying that he’s young and has time to adapt, but we need him to be ready because of our (likeable) Albatross of a Captain and the 2 Deadweights in Defence hogging $18.5m of cap space.

  24. As for the draft, who needs to draft a guy who plays like Beukeboom when you can draft someone with the Beukeboom DNA?

    If he’s still there when we pick at #40 do we take him? He might not be there when we pick next at #100…

    “The younger Beukeboom shares a lot of similarities with his father, both on and off the ice. He is a physically imposing defenseman who makes opposing defenders pay the price in front of the net and along the boards. He is stand-up kid with great character and leadership ability. Brock plays with a kind of rugged swagger that would make him a fan favourite in any NHL city, though the mean streak doesn’t quite measure up to Dad’s. What he does offer in addition to those defensive qualities is above average skating ability, flashes of strong offensive instincts, and perhaps one of the most powerful point shots in junior hockey. The kid took home the award for the CHL’s hardest shot at the CHL All-Stars game in January.”

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