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No matter which team wins the Stanley Cup, one of the four longest current droughts between Stanley Cups will end. Which will mean the Islanders’ 27-year drought moves up the ladder to fourth longest.

Of course, it also means the Rangers’ streak of 16 years takes a step up, too.

God, 16 years. Has it really been?


Have you seen the Dustin Byfuglien “History will be Made” promo yet?




This just in from NHLPA:


…Sidney Crosby jersey raises $37,100 for World Vision’s Haiti earthquake relief
TORONTO, ON (May 25, 2010) — Hockey fans have raised $94,000 USD to help rebuild a children’s hospital in Haiti through a National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) online auction of Team Canada jerseys worn during the 2010 Olympics, as part of the “Hockey for Haiti” relief initiative.

The NHLPA’s one-week sale of 23 Canadian jerseys – which were worn in Canada’s February 23rd victory over Germany – for the “Hockey for Haiti” relief project ended May 18th, with Sidney Crosby’s jersey topping the sales at $37,100 USD. Nineteen of the Team Canada jerseys raised over $2,000 USD each, including that of playoff scoring leader, Jonathan Toews, which raised $7,600 USD.

Today, hockey fans have one final chance to bid on Team USA jerseys, before the second phase of the auction begins a staggered closing at 7:00 p.m. ET. The Team USA jerseys include the jersey worn by USA goaltender Ryan Miller in his first career Olympic victory, as well as jerseys worn by Patrick Kane, Zach Parise and the entire USA roster.

In the coming weeks, many international jerseys are up for auction. The Team Finland phase starts later on this evening, which will include a jersey worn by Olympic men’s hockey all-time scoring leader, Teemu Selanne.

In total, the auction includes 140 hockey jerseys worn by NHL players from 12 different countries.  All proceeds from the NHLPA’s auction of Olympic jerseys will go to “Hockey for Haiti”, a joint initiative between Georges Laraque, the NHLPA and World Vision Canada.

Hockey fans looking to bid on a jersey, should visit or

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  1. Gregm_section403 on

    Granted, 1st in June without NYR playoff hockey isn’t as prestigious as 1st on opening night, or 1st during a playoff game. but i’ll take it!

    Ughhh. Flyers. barf.

  2. Jeez, I go away to do actual work and there’s a new post. LOL.

    LI, Sorry to hear people have targeted you on the ice in the past. That sucks. :(

  3. zarleyzalapski on

    does this mean the rangers would have made the finals if we won that shootout? thanks ollie

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It means the devils would have gone to round two, would have lost to Montreal. Pitts would have beaten Boston (round 2) and lost to Montreal in the East Finals. It only changes the cup match up to Habs vs. Hawks. Ultimately, the Habs got screwed.

  5. Carp, which ilb’s comment?
    And could you please carp me on the previous post? People are still yapping down there

  6. billybleedsblue on

    I’m not one to think the Rangers would have lost to the Devils, and I’m also not one to really even think about “what if’s” right now.

    The Habs did all the dirty work in the East, but didn’t have enough in the tank in the end.

    My only hope is that Chicago gets the job done.

    My greatest fear is that the Flyers “level the playing field” by taking somebody (on Chicago) out early in the series, and move on to win.

  7. Callahan’s jersey is only at $635. How wrong is it that I am seriously pondering putting in a bid for it? It’s only money… right.

  8. Shanahan last night (I admit, I watched that idiotic show for a few minutes) said the Flyers should be thanking Montreal for taking out Washington and Pittsburgh for them. He’s right, you know?

  9. Saw your article on Stevie Y ilb. Interesting choice. Tampa has a good nest of young talent though and if he makes the smart moves he could have them as a decent team in a couple of years. First would be obviously to get rid of Vinny L’s contract.

    Paging Darth Sather.

  10. The best thing about Montreal taking out the Pens and Caps is that we haven’t had to hear about Ovechkin and Crosby incessantly. It’s refreshing.

  11. btw, ilb, if you ask to get carp’d it’s not the same thing as actually getting carp’d, so it doesn’t really count :)

  12. From a financial standpoint, yes, it’s pretty bad. Other teams were able to lock up their centerpieces with less of a cap hit but more years. Still, Vinny is a lot closer to earning his $ than Redden will ever be. And who knows how they treat buy outs of long term deals after the new CBA. I think for both owners and players they might want to see something like an opt out clause implemented.

  13. You sure Mama? ilb is a card (well t-shirt) carrying member of the YOU GOT CARPED club. He might be able to request it upon demand.

  14. I don’t know, Redden only has 4 years left and Vinny has like 10 doesn’t he. Granted Vinny is still a very good player and Redden is barely NHL caliber at this point, but still.

  15. Carp
    don’t the Maple Leafs beat out islanders?
    i thought their last was in ’67… (just going by my cold medicine-addled brain right now after waking up with a real bonehead of an ache due to sinus clog)

    CCCP hope all went well with tests.

  16. No to Vinny. His contract is only a part of an issue, and I believe that his and similar contracts will be addressed by new CBA one way or another. But I still think that Tampa will ask for an rm and a leg for him.

  17. Speaking of Ts. Tony, GregL, Grabby and wickies- your Ts will be mailed today. I’m going to a post office after work. Was hoping to do it Saturday, but blame GregL. He took his sweet time before emailing his address to me. Then he forgot to include his name, I had to ask for it. I bet you lunch he misspelled his last name too :)

  18. CTBlueshirt on

    I don’t disagree Carp, it will probably not end well for Vinny. Maybe by the time Gomez’s deal is up on Montreal, the Habs will finally get their Beliveau Jr.

    But you never know what might get worked out for buy outs/opt outs under a new CBA. The ludicrous length of the deals have become a hot button topic for owners/GMs the past few seasons.

    Also, even if there’s a modest rise in the cap the next few years, that will still diminish $7MM at the tail end of his deal.

  19. Here’s a thought: Hockey in June is always weird. Baseball is in full swing, it’s hot out, etc. I think they should use the “condensed” Olympic schedule all the time, and when there’s no Olympics, the season ends 2 weeks earlier. The Stanley Cup would then be awarded by the end of May. The players get an extra 2 weeks off at the end, and I bet there would be slightly greater interest in the playoffs and finals in April/May rather than in May/June.

  20. CTBlueshirt on

    For the record I’m not advocating trading for Vinny, but I think Rangers fans are conditioned to think any big name, big contract player that is rumored to be on the outs from a small market club is earmarked for NY.

  21. Hi Guys and Gals, and the one and only Mama!!

    Ilb, Id like to donate to the cause you referred the other day re: those without food. Could you please post the link again?!

    I need to send Sally my addy for a T!

    Mama, I would like do something for the boneheads in the spirit of good karma!!

    Any true Rangers fan would want this mystery gift, so would you mind if I sent 2 of the mystery gifts to you at the Gannett addy for Lohud? (1 for you, 1 for Carp)

  22. Tony

    I’ll know soon if I have either Barretts (pre cancer) or cancer of the asparagus!! Doc said it’s most likely Barretts, and as opposed to many years ago, today they can “fix” or “repair” the Barretts before it becomes cancer!!

  23. Also, Congrats to the Flyers! They really earned this! I will not be cheering for the Flyers in the finals, but if they win, I will certainly not be upset! If the FlyCrew win, it should give more teams the incentive to go all out against the Boston team in each sport.

  24. How you feelin’ CR?

    jpg, off the top of my head … the longest streaks between cups, currently, are Chi (’61), Tor (’67), Boston (was it ’72?), Philly (’75) and Isles (’83). Some teams have never won (St.L, LA, etc.). Then probably Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal (can you believe that?), NYR.

  25. Carp

    Feeling inspired!! Just watched the ‘Lost’ and ’24’ finales!

    Lost = YUCK!

    24 = Fine, because they set it up for movies!

    Carp, have you tried emailing Orr? I havent seen him on here in days (weeks?). I messaged him on the PS3, and no response.

  26. Geez CR! I hope it’s the first kind! I’m sending good thoughts. Glad to see you back so soon!
    hmmmm. a mystery gift?! sure, send away (both to my attention. carp is rarely in the office, but I’ll get it to him). You have the addy?


  27. HEY ILB!

    I am interesting in getting a Lohud Bonehead t shirt, and would
    definitely like to donate in the process. How do I go about making
    that happen?

    Thanks! Email me if easier.

  28. Tony!! Heyyyy!! Watch it, pal!! ;-)


    The Journal News
    1 Gannett Drive
    White Plains, NY 10604


    Thanks for the positive thoughts!! Im sure I’ll be fine!!

  29. NYR2thecore on

    They should have put Cindy’s jock strap for auction. Bettman would have paid much more than $37,100 for it.

  30. CR, Saying a prayer for you and hoping it’s the first one. Hang in there and stay positive.

  31. And add me ans another ‘no’ to VinnyL. Well, with one caveat… the player going the other way is Redden. We all know that isn’t happening and with the team as cap-strapped as it is already, I highly doubt it would take place.

  32. CR, correct.

    Tony, I’m not worried. beside, there’s always workmans comp (kidding CR!)

    Tony and all….ilb reposted link above…

  33. Mike G- email Sally, she may have a couple left. I’m all out.
    Her email is in one of the posts from yesterday.

    guys im SUPER LAZY and have not/didnt try all that hard after i got thru 75 comments to look for sallys email. anyone know it so i can try and snag a boneheads tshirt? GO HAWKS?!

  34. So, the other night at the Yanks/Mets game I met Brian Cashman, super pumped and took a picture of him. My question to you all, if you ran into Glen Carcillo-head Sather at a game, what would your reaction, first comment be?

    Mine would be, “Glen! Pleasure meeting you, when are you retiring?”

  35. i think ORR went to Hollywood to look for Megan Fox!


    I hope everything will turn good for you.

    and as for my tests… i am officially on VACATION!!!! SWEET!

    I believe i did very well on my exams because i am very smart!

  36. stupid question

    was Jim Schoenfeld Rangers ass. GM back when Slats signed Gomez Drury and Redden? I know Redden came in later but…

  37. billybleedsblue on

    Remember, there are no stupid questions.

    Yes, you in the back, with the stupid question?

  38. No its mustard this time….I think that was a punch line to a bill clinton/Lewinsky joke.

  39. billybleedsblue on

    Ha, I got the quote almost right…from ATHF:

    Ignignort: “Any questions? No? Remember, there are no stupid questions….Yes… you…. in the back…. the retard with the dumb question?”

    I like his voice characterization a lot, it’s so smug.

  40. not for nothing and i know some know it all will have something to say about this-

    heikkinen never got a chance on the rangers
    he has a wicked accurate shot
    his shot gets thru 75% of the time from the point
    he throws the body around
    he knows how to clear the net

    and the rangers never gave him a chance
    such a shame

  41. Thanks for the well wishes.


    No. Gomez and Drury signed and then a month later, Schoenie was named ass. GM.

  42. billybleedsblue on

    TR, won’t it be great to track Heikkinen now? He could be the one that got away…

  43. billy

    i knew his potential. im pretty bummed.
    cool guy, very friendly and down to earth.

    rangers do however get a good young talent from the islanders for a 6th rd pick.

  44. Mama, I may come across as one, but I’m not an azz hole. I would not do something like that!

    Also, it’s not that I did not like LOST, I just dont quite understand it. I have been called dense before…

    CCCP, what are you studying and/or what university do you attend?

  45. Rangers let one Suomi Dman go so they could trade for another Suomi Dman… oy vey… when will this end?

  46. billybleedsblue on

    That page says they’ve reached an agreement on terms of his contract…which are…?

    He’s listed as 6’3″ 210, but he’s only 19…time to bulk-up a little?

    Can he play point on the PP? And, will the blueshirts give him ice-time?

  47. i wasn’t making fun of Suomi players…just funny how we let heikkinen go and now trade for basically the same player

  48. billybleedsblue on

    CCCP, gotcha. Thought maybe you knew something I didn’t. As far as I know, Finns are typically of good character and work ethic. And this guy has some leadership under his belt at the 2010 U-20 World Junior Championship…sounds good to me! Bring him on!

    At 19 though, he’s nowhere near his physical prime…so that’s at least 1 difference between him and Heikkinen at 25 years…

  49. mama

    its all good
    the only good thing about him leaving is ill have a place to work overseas for a bit if i choose to.

  50. Such a shame. Heikkinen was quietly effective in his 1-2 game stint with the big league club. Would have loved to have seen more from him.

  51. also he played very well at the WJ but not so good in WC. he has a history of injuries – wrist, foot, had hip surgery – but he wasnt going to sign w/ the islanders so i guess a 6th rder was the best they could do.

  52. Basically, he swapped an older Finnish D-men for a younger D-man with the same skill-set. Which is good, since he will be cheaper on the entry-level contract

    Personally, I think Sather thought he traded for Antti Niemi ??

  53. he has a history of injuries


    that’s where Sather was sold… history of injury? ill take him!

  54. cccp
    i believe the only surgery he had was his hip. the other 2 (hand, foot) i believe were just minor injuries.

  55. CCCP

    Are you really a Yaley? I was born and brought up in the
    Elm City…great place when I was a kid…really gone to pot now.

    Tables are still down at Mory’s and the place where Louie dwells is no more, nor is the “dear old Temple Bar we loved so well”

    My son in law is superintendent of the Yale Pharmacy.
    Daughter used to work at Yale New Have Hospital, but has now migrated down here to Florida…where she is relatively safe going to and from work now.

  56. fran

    sorry but i was just kidding… do i really sound like Yale candidate? lol

    I am about to transfer to Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus) I’m studying to be a RN :)

  57. CCCP

    Awesome! You had be believing you were a Yaley! LOL! Anyways, Congratulations and enjoy your vacation!! You earned it!!

  58. An RN, CCCP? Good for you. My Dad was an LPN for years, has some great stories of the stuff they used to do on the overnight shifts to keep themselves occupied.

  59. now i feel bad for lying to a senior citizen :P

    Thank you CR… this past semester felt like the longest one yet.

  60. TheREALMikeyNJ on


    I agree

    NEVER understood why Heikninen wast given a chance

    He was exactly what we need last year acuurate shot, Cleared the crease, liked to rough it up and make huge hits

    Stupid letting him get away especially since it was cheap to get him in the first place

  61. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    I never understood why denisov didn’t get a chance.

    I still think it is odd that we have not traded with the fishies since 1972 and we hose them the first time????

    What is all this talk about vinny L?

  62. CTBlueshirt on

    It stems from the talk about Yzerman becoming the new Bolts GM. First order of business should be to clear Vinny L’s contract from the books. If I were Stevie Y I’d call up Sather and see if I could dupe him into taking him for 1st rounder or high end prospect.

  63. CTBlueshirt on

    Congrats spiderpig, welcome to the depressing realities of the working world.

  64. billybleedsblue on

    TR “the only good thing about him leaving is ill have a place to work overseas for a bit if i choose to.”

    Huh? Couldn’t help my curiosity…I’ll have to check back later…gotta jet.

    Let’s go Hawks! (What?!? who said that?!?)

  65. I think there is something about Heikkinen that never fully surfaced. I don’t blame him for not taking a two way contract.

    Wicky- I never found that pic on FB you were referring to.

    CCCP- good for you! Medicine is nothing without nursing. Very impressed. I mentioned it before, but since you are now on vacation- mrs ilb suggested that we have a dinner at a Russian place. Or we can have at our house. I forgot, does your girl speak Russian or Spanish?

  66. billybleedsblue on

    wow, ok, I gotta run, but Helsinki?!?!?! If I had the chance to go there (again), I would! Finland is amazing.

  67. Spiderpig

    nice! i wish i could say “I graduated” already!


    Thanks man! I really like nursing profession.

    And yes, we can definitely go out but not this week… i have some things planed out already. Thank you for invitation.

    P.S. My girl is from Odessa, too :P

  68. Blue Seat Horror on

    Niemi sounds like a dream for Sather. Hockey’s future rates him as a 5th or 6th D-man with a grade of D, his numbers have been declining as his junior year has progressed, and he’s injury prone. Do I smell a $3mil/7 year contract?

    I’d rather have Heikkinen.

    Congrats to our collegians.

    CR, I wish you the best.

    No on Vinny L. He may have bad numbers because he’s depressed about being replaced by Stamkos, but i’m not willing to find out at that price/contract length.

  69. Blue Seat Horror on

    Sorry, need to correct some brainflatulence.

    …his junior career has progressed…

    …$3mil/year – 7 year contract…

  70. hmmm. helsinki? that may not work with my hatred of cold, but wtb, after the day I’ve had….

    ilb and C, oh my heavens, I would love to be at that dinner! doesn’t mrs. ilb need someone there who doesn’t speak russian? it would be like going out with Baryshnikov in that Sex and the City episode, but not! :)

  71. Mama, and who is helping me when her family comes over?

    Where is Orr, really?

  72. hmmm. helsinki? that may not work with my hatred of cold, but wtb, after the day I’ve had….

    ilb and C, oh my heavens, I would love to be at that dinner! doesn’t mrs. ilb need someone there who doesn’t speak russian? it would be like going out with Baryshnikov in that Sex and the City episode, but not! :)

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