Sandy issues


I wasn’t up on the weekend hockey stuff, what with all the baseball …

But are youse all aware of the sand allegations by the Flys at the Bell Centre?

Jacques Martin this morning said there was a complete investigation done and that the allegations are a complete fabrication.

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  1. maybe. ask Sally.

    Johnny, I shaved the moustache then buttered up.

    And what do you mean, 1983? I was born in 1984.

  2. Kinda like growing the grass long to stop the speedsters or cutting it real short to help your team’s speedsters.

    More power to’em, I say.

    Unless they get caught, that is ;)

  3. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – I have to respectfully disagree with you. Purposely causing damage, no matter how minor, with skate blades can result in serious injury, particularly to the knees.

    If the allegations are false, then that’s another issue. But to compare this with long / short grass is just not the same, IMO. :o)

  4. Someone posted that story not long ago. I do remember Rchards and Timonnen and someone else getting off the ice like someone shot them in their foot. Whatever, the Habs still lost.

  5. Oops, forgot to remove zo. I wonder who exactly conducted “the full investigation”?

  6. okay.
    i know i’m late on this but my brain is finally becoming out of the exhaustion fog after all the walking around the city on Saturday, driving back to Ohio and then working Sunday and today.

    first off,
    IT WAS GREAT HANGING OUT WITH ALL THE BONEHEADS LAST FRIDAY!!! hope that my schedule will allow me to do that again.

    thanks again ilb for the shirt!!! and if you ever make an xl for CCCP, please double efforts for this guy.

    my only bummer is that i didn’t get the chance to talk to Sean or Aaron, but we left in a hurry. and also missing the female tumbling down the steps craziness. funny, i didn’t realize they were doors at first and when i did realize it my first thought was of someone falling through ’em.

    oh yeah, Nasty, in regards to my mention of Pearl Jam, consider the efforts doubled.
    send me an email

  7. From

    Artem Anisimov was unable to finish Sunday’s gold medal game at the 2010 IIHF World Championship in Germany due to a hand injury suffered in the first period of the game.

    he received pain-killing injections between periods but still wasn’t able to hold a stick.

    …and Sergei Fedorov suffered a concussion as the result of his second period collision with Alexander Ovechkin. The 41-year old Fedorov was also unable to finish the game, leaving the Russians two centers short for the third period.

  8. Random responses:

    from earlier post, Blue, given my “luck” in Vegas, even I’d bet on Flyers making finals. I hope the Hawks make quick cheesesteaks out of them.

    LI, I think MickeyM was joking?

    jpg, once again, as the “early” train home person, I missed that fun too. P.S. Didn’t know you were coming, and it was an awesome surprise getting to meet you!

    I ended my day with 90 minutes at the DMV for 3 minutes worth of business. Byfuglien.

  9. Has the Mark Hardy story gotten any less disturbing? I hope so. His daughter? Not that it was good as just “a woman,” but still.

  10. oh yeah, roc, thanks for the post and link (to the report’s good friend Andrew Gross!)

    here’s what I take from his post: hysterical that he also had tech problems and baseball coverage bugging him, just like Carp! Conspiracy!?

    I also say good for him for getting the interview, but as he even said, Shoney playing close to vest. What else do you think he’s going to say, to anyone?

  11. Blue Seat Horror on

    roc, I think it’s basically a pr piece for Torts. That word “heart” gets thrown around the Rangers locker room to smooth out lack of performance, most commonly attached to Drury or Torts.

    I’m not throwing in the towel with this team. Not quite ready to join the lynch mob gunning for Torts. It has only been one full season (plus one playoff push) under the new management and new system. Tampa was 27-40-11-4 after Tortorella’s first full season, so this year doesn’t seem as bad compared to that. I’d like to see if they truly do weed out the dead weight, play some more youth, and learn from their mistakes (as was promised in the exit interviews). If they play hard, I’m willing to watch them build from the farm.

  12. Blue Seat Horror on

    Blogmama, maybe the Hawks will make deep-dish cheesesteaks out of the Flyers…

  13. Hey folks!
    Carp…totally agree! I’m lovin watching the Hawks…
    And Byfuglien is freakin sick!
    Our Byfuglien was supposed to be…Jessimen…WTB?!!!??!!

  14. Blue, if you’re a true fan (like True Fan) you never throw in the towel! That’s just part of the pain and pleasure of being a Rangers fan. Every year hope, every year get heartbroken, but it comes with the territory eh? Look at the Hawks fans! I will die a Blueshirt!

    and yes, deep-dish cheesesteaks would be ideal! No cheese, though, no onions or anything else, just bad meat!

  15. Staal! where you been dude! missed you! gotta step away for a bit, but let me know what’s up? at least at work e-mail….gotta run…ta!

  16. , he will not say anything more about where Zuccarello Aasen end up.
    via –

    – Is the New York Rangers, the team that has shown the greatest and most serious interest?

    – Rangers are among those who have shown great interest yes, Ryman said to TV 2 Sport.

    He argues that there will be no final clarification around Zuccarellos club selection before 1 June.

  17. billybleedsblue on

    If the Flyers don’t want sand everywhere, they better tell Carcillo to stop shaking-out his pants’ legs.

  18. Blue Seat Horror on

    Blogmama, I may throw my towel (usually at the TV), but I never throw it in…
    My tenure as one of the heartbroken began in the Kisio era and has never wavered.

  19. Another Pronger mistake, another goal against! It looks like Canadiens will take this match.

  20. on the shortie should have been a penalty against richards…he basically punched the habs point man in the face…..ugh the hawks better take lord stanley home

  21. It went well! Thank You! I’m so glad this semester is about to end! It was a crazy one!

    Btw, You can call me T instead of C… as in first letter of my name…Tolik

    my friends call me T and I like that better. :P

  22. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    you got a reference in the newest blueshirt bulletin issue (relax guys i have like a 25 year subscription to the rag that started in like 1990).

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I feel a draft comming in!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Throw in the towel!!??? Waver??? Give up on our Rangers!!!????? Whaaa?? HUH?? sayyy whaaaaaa???
    They break our hearts because we love ’em . Rangers will be back and Ill be there every step of the way!!!!

    Go Rangers!!!!!!

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "I feel a draft comming in!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Flyers are like a bad curse that will never go away. They have those two ladies singing the Anthem and it seems to fire up the Goofy Flyers!!?? I dont get it. We had ’em and now LOOK at ’em. Smiling thier way to the finals. I bet they win the cup too. Seriously…do ya really think Hossa will actually pick the right team?? Im cheering for Chicago but we know whos gonna win the cup…Flyers baby ,we were the closest team to knocking them out!!!! We were close.
    When the Flyers win the cup and upset the mighty Blackhawks then Car”silly”o will have the last laugh. Now im gonna puke.

  25. Yeah wicky! and yeah C! (T? not A? Ok, ilb, help me out here :) sorry pal, you’re stuck with C from me :)

    Greg, Blue and I are with ya!

    I can’t watch anymore. ugh. and at their home too. No thanks. See ya later and for game 1 of the finals…ta!

  26. Greg

    stop being “dilutional”

    You’re saying that this coulda been Rangers instead of Flys?

    Grega plz! :P

  27. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    did some of the FB pics disappear from the other night at w77?

  28. wicky, what did they say? I was the original Blueshirt Bulletin writer. My friend Rick Resnick was the founder.

    what did they say on Versus about that piece of carcillo not playing? Is he hurt or scratched?

  29. Blue Seat Horror on

    So, if Montreal loses, does that mean the Habs and the Sharks play for the bronze?

  30. Blue Seat Horror on

    I think it’s really cool that Mr. and Mrs. Subban called their son Penalty Kill…

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    I tip my hat to the Canadiens for beating the Capitals and embarrassing the Penquins. Now I will resume my regularly scheduled dislike of them.

  32. 1.) I can’t sleep. because there’s a block party on my street. I have 1 week before I move out of south philly and this happens. argh

    2.) I will forever thank chicago if they can save me from having to watch a flyers cup parade go by.

  33. So if Tortorella hadn’t benched and punished offensive players to teach them who was boss during the season, the Rangers probably would have gotten at least one more point, and the Flyers wouldn’t have made the playoffs. Or as Dave Maloney said all season long, Tortorella didn’t “put the best players on the ice to win” as he was too busy with his pseudo-psychological punishments.
    And for all those who say Tortorella deserves more time, Laviolette only had half a season, or less, to take the Flyers to the finals. But at least we have Tortorella to tell us how stupid everyone else is. Thanks.

  34. I hate the Flyers..

    KC…I would love to argue with you..but I can’t think of any points that would go against what you said…

  35. For Carp: from blueshirt bulletin top 5 rookie moments of April #4 Dos Nueva ” taking a page from Lohud’s Rick Carpinello’the young net minder Chad Johnson had difficult shoes to fill upon being called up in relief of ousted veteran Steve Valiquette. He made the most of his opportuunity’ in 5 appearances he recording a record of 1-2-1 & a gaa 2.35″

  36. Tank The Season on

    Let’s not kid ourselves, the Rangers would not have made it to the Finals had we made the playoffs.

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