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Hey, sorry so late again. The three Yankees-Mets games knocked the heck out of me — traffic jams on the Whitestone every night after midnight, getting home between 1 and 2 a.m., getting to bed at 3.

So I slept in today. Also, as we get down to the final eight or so (or fewer) hockey games left in the season, we should probably start getting used to days with no posts, or minimal posts like this.

I would have been happy to see San Jose get in, but I’m ecstatic to watch Chicago in the final (love the uniforms, love the young legs, love Byfuglien=monster; love 20-Cent, plus I think their coach is one of the best in the biz and has been for years). If the Flys get in, there’s no doubt which team I want to win.


Got this from the Rangers this a.m. (or p.m.):


NEW YORK, May 24, 2010 The New York Rangers Youth Hockey Camp returns for the 6th year this summer, providing children with top-level hockey instruction with a focus on team participation and personal development. The camp consists of three multi-day sessions in Tarrytown, NY, and a newly developed program in Bridgeport, CT. The schedule is as follows:

July 12-16: Premier Camp at MSG Training Center, Tarrytown, NY.

July 19-23: Premier Camp at MSG Training Center, Tarrytown, NY.

July 26-30: Goaltending Camp at MSG Training Center , Tarrytown, NY.

Aug 16-20: Satellite Camp at Wonderland of Ice, Bridgeport, CT.

Through New York Rangers Youth Hockey Camp, youth players 7-15 years old will have the opportunity to learn from the top instructors in the tri-state area, including members of the Rangers Coaching and Training Staff, as well as Rangers great Adam Graves who will return to assist with skills development for all campers.  The children will also be visited by a selection of Rangers current top players and alumni throughout the program. In 2009, New York Rangers Captain Chris Drury, Ryan Callahan and Sean Avery made special appearances.

“It’s a privilege to be able to provide young hockey players with this caliber of professional training. Our hockey school emphasizes a complete NHL level development program both on and off the ice,” said Rangers legend Adam Graves, a key participant in running the camp through his role in Rangers Hockey and Business Operation.

For more information on Rangers Youth Hockey Camp, or to register your child, please visit or call (212) 465-6553. All sessions have limited openings.

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  1. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    Carp….why so nice to see you…THANKS for the carping!!!

    Repost for nasty:
    not whining at all bro, thanks for the sit rep. Look at it this way, if you are like me, work is like a rest from everything else!!!

    you really love carping me don’t you? I have to have the most times carped trophy!!!

  2. LMAO at wicky’s new name. I guess it’s related to the comment you made on one of my pics on FB. Didn’t have time to look, but can only imagine.

  3. sorry, wicky. I don’t do it on purpose. … but some people think it’s an honor. I don’t know why.

  4. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    perhaps some of the current Rangers should participate instead of instruct at the development camps

  5. wicky (ILB says stay thirsty my friends!!) on

    when you look at the pic comment, it will all fall into place my friend!!!

    just to be associated with you and the rest here at RR is an honour!!!

  6. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Anyone pay any attention to the Ice Hockey World Championship tourney? Basically a Czech club team won the event, which meant winning games against some real high caliber teams like Russia. Jagr’s quotes after the championship game were priceless. To paraphrase what he said….”this shows has little talent has to do with winning”

  7. It’s about time!! She needs to just be thrown in a padded room and left there for a long long long long long time. She’s come along way since “Freaky Friday” and the “Herbie” movie, LOL.

  8. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Gotta say i’m happy to see Chicago in, the uni’s are awesome, and i think they’re gonna roll through the finals. Go Hawks!

  9. I am rooting for Chicago as well. Pretty much have been since the playoffs started. Good young team. Would have liked for it to have been Hawks/Habs, but seeing the Flyers make it all the way to finals and then get swept by the Hawks will be fun to watch too, ha. I don’t really think Hawks will sweep, but I do think they will win.

  10. Speaking of the Blackhawks…………………..

    I don’t know if I ever told you folks this incident before ( perhaps it was the guys over at the Post some time ago)

    But my folks were always long time Ranger fans, and the Rangers had their farm in my old home town of New Haven ( the Ramblers). They went to every game, and as many Rangers games as they could ( times were tight in those days). I got out of the servicve and under the GIBill went out to Chicago and chicago Tech, before deciding that engineering and design wasn’t my bag. Worked as a cab driver there for a year or so..every Blackhawk game. Team only won 17 games all season, and there were seldom more than 5,000 fans in old Chi Stadium on Madison Ave. That was when the Wirtz and the Detroit guys ran the Hawks and used them for a dumping ground for their antiques.

    Hawks did have some star players but not enough of them.
    What was that Detroit family thast used to run the League along with Connie Smythe of the Leafs) They ran ruough shod over the players.(Get hold of that Canadian print film, entitled “Net Value” how Ted Lindsay tried for a union back then.)

    But when it was time for me to come home it was the 1948-49 season, and I returned home the spring of 1949…..immediately went to the old MSG Garden ( 55th and 8th Ave) where the sight lines were great.
    Hawks and Rangers were hopelessly out of playoff contention
    (only 6 teams then)…no American players.)

    Rangers goal tender Chuck Rayner was out injured and this was the season rap up – meant nothing in standings at all.
    Young kid named Lorne Anderson brought up to play goal.

    Center Ice face off, Wee Wilolie Mosienko playing wing for hawks. Puck dropped, ( think Center was Gus Bodnar passed to Mosie, darts in shoots – bingo goal.

    Return to center face off. {Puck dropped, Mosie snakes it, speeds in ( very fast and agile winger) shoots – goal.
    Center ice face off, Mosie snags the puck in sweeps in pulls the kid,goal. Faceoff center ice….it was like watching a replay over and over again..unreal quality to it. Time elapsed for those three goals …21 seconds.


    In a game that was just closing out the season. You could have heard a pin drop in that Garden…and Anderson was never heard from again. NO one knew how momentous that display would become in hockey lore…or though about the record lasting all these years and the players and styles that changed. ………..memories. When you see something that happens that is really significant, and you were there…never forget it.

  11. Minor recollection error on my part, it was the l952 season as I now recall, I forgot that between the time I was discharged from the Corps,and I returned home from Chi, a couple of years had passed. and the Detroit family whose name I was trying to recall was NORRIS. ( Nobody’s perfect.)

  12. Amazing story, Fran..You should tell us more of them…
    Geez, my parents were too young to even get married that year, and I’m no spring chicken….

  13. Yes, Fran, keep them coming. I knew Bill Mosienko had the record for three fastest goals, and think I knew it was 21 seconds. I didn’t know it happened at old MSG.

    or that he was called Wee Willie.

    Great stuff.

  14. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Fran…thanks for sharing, great stuff.

    (here’s a story not nearly as good, and I reserve the right to get many facts wrong, but this is how I remember it)

    When I was just a young kid, must of been real early 60’s, my dad took me to see the LI Ducks play at the Commack Arena.

    The goalie took a shot in the forehead, and there was lots of blood. The game was delayed around 15 minutes, while they stitched him up. he came back out and played the rest of the game. Apparently , they had no back up goalie that day. I believe his name was Johnson. It was probably sometime between 1961 and 1965 and the goalies were not wearing masks yet.

  15. Johnny LaRue on

    Laugh of the day: Sitting in the barber shop waiting for Gino and I pick up the sports section of the Morris Daily Record and there is a column by a guy who they claim is Rick Carpiniello. But the picture appeared to have been taken in 1983 and the supposed Carp has a mustache that he must have grown instead of taking a vacation one summer. Too bad the paper’s website doesn’t include the photo with the column.

  16. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Still haven’t heard from folks about shirts. Email me if you want a large or a small (only one left). No promises on other sizes, but let me know if you’d want one.

  17. Great story, Fran. And what a memory, with all the details,too.

    1952.. jeez, my parents were only in grade school then. LOL.

  18. Sally, would LOVE one, but those sizes won’t cut it for me. Maybe next batch, if there is one. I can email ya later on, if you want.

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    I’ve already ruled the Habs out twice this postseason, so I’m not going to do it again. But odds are it’s a Phi-Chi final. Byfuglien-Pronger should be fun to watch. I give it to Buff. The Bolland-Carcillo contest should be fun. They’d better get some traffic cops for both crease areas, going to be some gridlock.

  20. Blue Seat Horror on

    Don’t know if this has been posted yet, but Rozsival was picked as one of the best 3 players for the Czech team by the coaches, and Dubinsky was also selected for the honor for USA at the Worlds.

    I think Rozsival was bitten by a rabid bat before the worlds, because the few instances I saw him he seemed meaner than he is for the Rangers. Heck of a lot more shots. Must be all that open ice. Though he did take some timely bad penalties. Congrats to him, and hopefully he can gain some confidence from it. Still remember how great he was in that 2nd round series against Buffalo a few years ago. He was a speed bump possessed.

  21. Gee thanks for all the kind words guys.. I didn’t know that there would be much interest in what the “old guys” did back then. That Rangers team was not really all that bad, because they had three great centers…Don “Bones” Raleigh, Buddy O’Connor and Edgar Laprade. The big problem was that the Wings had Gordie Howe Red Kelly, and guys of that quality, and Canadiens had Rocket Richard, Bill Durnan
    ( Goal..ambidextrous goalie, caught with both hands) big guy, wings Like Kenny Mosdell, Elmer Lach,and Bert Olmstead( who they stole from the Hawks) Kenny Reardon..really tough D man)* all, all stars in their day, all forgotten now. But I loved the old Garden…much more than the present one. Far better sight lines ( in fact something that I was not aware of for years is that that Garden and the old Boston Garden, were almost identical to one another in construction. Possibly done by same builders and architect.Present Garden slopes too flatly for proper hockey vision in too many sections.

    *Side Story

    Emile Francis was their backup goaltender in New Haven.
    A very fine G, extremely agile and quick, (how he got his nickname ” The Cat”.

    Ramblers playing the Buffalo Bisons, Buffalo Defenseman Terry Reardon ( Kenny’s brother), shoots head on at Francis and the puck hits him square in the face. ( no masks then you know). Emile drops to the ice like a stone. Out like a light.Blood all over the ice…dead silent arena. Carry him off.scurrying around looking for a backup goal tender…about 15 minutes pass ..Emile skates back out to the ice. Face all covered in bandages and his nose had wires coming out of it, under the bandages,,,eyes all black and blue. Finishes the game, Bisons, won, but Francis got a standing ovation from the packed house ( yeah we packed that place all the time Talk about guts?

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