Next day fallout: Hangovers, T-shirts, and Mama met who?


Sorry for the late post, but apparently most of youse who attended the festivities last night are just crawling out of bed anyway.

I can’t imagine there’s bigger news than Laurel meeting Avery. Did that really happen?

But I do have big news. The T-shirt, photo right. Our awesomest Sally designed them, and ilb oversaw them (though he admits, by “oversaw” he means he basically “did carcillo” in the process.

Sally (good afternoon, by the way!) made this shirt which features the Rangers Report jersey, the bones where the head should be (get it?) and the exclamation “First” in the balloon coming out of the Bonehead.

On the back, it simply says, “You Got Carped!”

Now, many have received these shirts at the Palooza Friday night. I’m still trying to get all the details as to their availability and cost, etc. But basically, ilb said, they’re free. However, he is asking that anybody who can afford to, please, in exchange make a donation to the following charity:

Fill The Cup. Click here for more info. 

I will give you more details after I speak with ilb later.

And Sally, you absolutely rule, girl! Sorry I missed you all.

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  1. Get that man a T-shirt! Mine seems so appropriate right now, since I just got carped!

    yes, it’s true. mama shook the hand that is sweet 16, but nasty beat me on the handshakes by a mile! chelios and eddie vedder, too. hartnell me!

    OK, all, time to get the lead out. chores await. catch ya all later.

  2. and yes as i was goin outside i introduced laurel to sean. it finally happened, lol.

  3. OK, I just spoke to Carp. So I’ll add some more details. Sally and I were able to get 30 Ts without the need to charge anyone for them. All we ask is, boneheads who got them, and if you have any means to do it, please use that link and donate as much or as little as you can for each T. This is an awesome charity. Hard to imagine, but there are still people in the world without any food.
    Those 30 include the two I have at home for wicky and mrs, Grabby, GregL and Tony. Sally probably have more leftover Ts from last night, but I don’t think she is awake yet :).
    Again, donation is totally optional.

    However, I think if we need to order more, people may have to pay. It’s around $15 per plus shipping. My guess is that we will have to order certain amount for the shop to make them. Sorry, we didn’t order more, we had no idea how many ‘heads would show up.

    Damn iPhone, my thumb hurts.

  4. Unbelievably great time last night! All you Boneheads are awsome; everyone had a great time! Will share pics on FB page later, and I have a pic of Sally she asked me to email to you Carp! TR thanks for getting this together; Sally and Ilb you rock too! Avery, Voros and Higgins in the house last night. No Dubi though (at least to 1:15am)…poor Sally!

  5. CR, you can get a shirt…just ask ilb or sally, and maybe make the donation since they went to all that trouble and are asking for nothing in return personally. I made mine earlier today. least I could do for the most generous person I know, ilb.

  6. nothing like online banking and bill paying, and a huge piece of hartnelling carcillo to take the buzz off an otherwise great post-night delight.

    On one side of humanity you have Sally and ilb, and on the other….well, you get my point.

  7. I hope carp will be able to post some pictures on (rr)sometime this weekend.Im glad you boneheads had a good time.ilb how can I get a shirt?

  8. Inter WINS!!!!!





  9. NYR, we all meant to take a big group shot of us wearing the T-shirts to post here, but um, that never happened :) Much to my regret.
    While I’d love to be able to post the other pics here, I’ve talked to Carp about this, and the palooza photogs are only going to post on the FB boneheads page. If you’re not a member, please join! Sally or Linda are the official mamas of that site, so get in touch with them.

    Don’t know if ilb is seeing all the requests for shirts, but Carp said he’d talk to talk to him to get you all details on how to order one. And trust me, if you’re a true bonehead, you want one!! I wish I’d snagged a second one. One to wear and one to keep for posterity. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just keep Carp’s! (kidding)

  10. BM-

    I think we need a Bonehead signal (like Batman), you know a beacon of light when trouble arises or a fellow Bonehead is in distress.

    Crossed bones projected over the Gothom skyline.

  11. Gotham

    Nasty –

    “getting to meet all of you amazing people, well most of you”

    So whom that you met wasn’t so amazing?

    I kid because initially I read it the wrong way and was like way.

    Get them picures posted guys.

  12. ddeb, LMAO on both posts! I thought the same thing!

    and I love this: Crossed bones projected over the Gothom skyline.

    maybe we need the goal song to be sung from the rooftops? kind of like Steve Martin in “The Lonely Guy.” :) anyone ever see that? classic….

  13. and let’s not refer to me as BM, shall we :) sounds like carcillo….(my mom was a nurse, if that’s any explanation. ilb will understand :)

  14. mike, babs is 100 percent acceptable, in fact, universal :)

    BM, not so much :)

    and there, I can’t call this a wicky. it’s a laurel…or a babs, but not a BM….

  15. Ilb/Sally, $50. for hunger. One shirt please, I need “Ludacris-size” so I may have to wait on the 2nd batch. Let me know on FB or something. :)

  16. Lonely guy, All By Myself – I sense a theme here Mama – OK play that way. ;)

  17. ddeb…..LOL. Hey, I got stuck on computer for a while, but I’m gone….really. BTW, your comment would be all the funnier if I were a guy :)

    TA! Go Habs, go HAWKS!

  18. If you have any XL, I would love a shirt, but I feel like I should attend a paloozafest before I’m eligible. Start planning the next one! :)

  19. Spent some time with my parents. Back now. BANJ, CR, NY 1979 and whoever else wants the shirts- whatever I have at home will be mailed to out of state people. I’m just waiting for two more addresses. But like I mentioned before, Sally most likely has a few left from last night in her bag. I have no clue how many left out of 30. I can’t get in touch with the girl since earlier today, hope she is OK.

    BANJ- thanks for your generous donation. I do know for sure that the largest we have left is L. We largely underestimated the average size of the boneheads and only ordered like 7 XL, LMAO.

    The Habs look done, hate to say it.

  20. me too, i sat down and never got back up. lol. i get too comfortable in there.

  21. Tony, thanks! and Sally, did you hear his idea!!! take orders first for payment, then take your talent away!!! you and ilb have a good side biz/fundraiser going here…

    ilb, LMAO….sent you e-mail fyi

    yeah, I laurel’d. so what.

  22. I am wearing my t shirt to my friends 30th tonight. I am SURE it will be a conversation starter.

  23. After you all left, TR, Mrs. TR, and myself were sitting in the corner and were attacked my Cougar Fest 2010. LOL. If we could do it over again it would have been a lot funnier of a story to tell.

  24. Nasty, outstanding! I’d say take orders and fundraise, but I think only true heads (and their mr. or mrs.) deserve…otherwise, it dilutes the brand..:)

  25. oh god. that was so weird. a whole swarm of people walked in as we paid the check. we got stuck in the corner. lol

  26. Mama is still sad she missed the sidewalk fest….not so much the cougar dealio….eww!

    though TR, Mrs. TR must have been LHAO….she gives Hil a run for the money….

  27. Oh, we were laughing alright. Actually, TR, remember the one who was from out of town in the pink jacket? Well, she was leaning on the doors that lead to downstairs and actually fell through them and down the stairs. It was funny, then not so funny because she looked to really be hurt, then funny again after she shook it off. All in all, FUNNY! LOL The one named Megan kept trying to talk to me, and finally I just went to my brother and his friends and turned my back to her, and later I saw her making out with some kid against the wall next to the bathroom. LOL. Cougar on the hunt, and she caught one. HA HA

  28. And when I say fell down the stairs, I mean straight up did the alchi roll right down to the bottom!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Nasty, I have no idea how to respond to that. With laughter or, what’s our word for vomit here?? Yegads! I feel bad for pink jacket….:)

  30. What a day…

    How’s everybody doing today? Great time last night (as was mentioned many times already)
    I’ve been studying ALL FREAKING DAY!! gggrrr

    I’ll definitely make a donation as soon as i’m done with homework later tonight! I would love a bigger shirt size… can we order more? I don’t mind to pay. My girl took the t-shirt from me and wearing it already! lol I’d love an XL, please.

  31. Had a blast last night meeting the heads. Great time, funny people, cool place, and a commemorative t-shirt!! Kudos to Sally for the awesome shirt idea. And great idea by ilb about Fill the Cup, we made our donation. Looking forward to palooza II.

  32. CCCP (or C:), meeting you in person was almost better than meeting Aves!

    Really, really got to go now. TA heads! and Hartnell the carcillos. GO HAWKS!

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WTG boneheads !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sweet time , niceeeee!!! Love it when my fellow bloggonians are happy and proud to be Ranger fans!!! Awsome!!!! Great feeling to be on the “good guys” side . Nasty , Ya gotta be carefull cuz yeah Cougars bite!!!!! Sounds like a blast!!!

    The Shirt is sweet. Nice jobs guys. Sally and ilb , I appreciate all youse have done. Sally Ill try not to ride ya so hard about the Sabres, and Ilb …. :) tanks!!!

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WTG boneheads !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Meeting CCCP is better then Aves cuz CCCP is a star!!! Hes famous ’round here. The guys a battery legend man. If I met CCCP I’d ask for his autograph.

  35. CCCP what are you studying? If it’s Anatomy & Physiology we can get CR9 to help you with the hard parts. groan

  36. Greg, you are correct!

    ddeb, be nice, unnecessary roughness…

    haven’t heard from sally or linda, but I think they’re just in travel zone…you’ll hear from them I’m sure!

    why am I still here? you all kill me…is this not the best blog or what! (ha!)

  37. Laurel

    Thanks… I guess. You know I’m COOL :P


    Not only i would sign anything for you, i would also let you take a picture with me!


    I wish it was A&P! Organic chemistry is what I’m killing myself with!

  38. Yes, C, I do, but then again…that link! I don’t even want to know how you about that….I think it’s time for mama to really retire…off to a dinner then passing out. til tomorrow all…TA!

  39. ddebened May 22nd, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    “CCCP what are you studying? If it’s Anatomy & Physiology we can get CR9 to help you with the hard parts. groan”

    Ya know, I pass on by the hurtful derogatory comments made on here about me by some sicko, so as to not give credence to the comments, but all the rest of you have made it an acceptable place to insult me. Thanks!

    You make a funny comment and then “groan” at the end like I made some comment.

    I am making a concerted effort to change my behavior on here. The least you could do is knock off the unnecessary comments.

    A little touchy today. Rant over.

  40. oh god i wish i was there when she fell. that would have been classic, hahahaha.

  41. ddeb, be nice?? Not sure I follow. I’m not always sarcastic.

    Re: L & S – I realize they are probably both “incommunicado”

    I know Linda has ‘The Man’ to look after her but someone made a comment that planted a seed of concern for Sally.

    Just figured she’d have posted something fun about last night already.

  42. CR9 – If I offended you (I highly doubt it) I’m sorry.

    You have changed your behavior. Just be yourself dude. Not a caricature.

    The ‘groan’ was because it’s a corny old joke.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WTG boneheads !!! " … says Greg L. on

    True bluest , ahhh tanks ddeb .

    Cr9 , comere you and give me an ‘ol Ranger hug!!!! thats it …yeah you see me , get over here big guy!!!

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WTG boneheads !!! " … says Greg L. on

    caricture!!!??? HAHAHAHAHAA um lemme HELP you on dis one ..its Character!!!! No google needed either buddy!!!

  45. Just spoke to Sally. She’s fine.

    GregL- you finally showed up, thank you. Do you know that you’re holding up the whole bunch of ‘heads waiting for a T to be sent to them? I have no desire to go to the oust office twice. I need you to email me your address :

    Do me a favor, try not to misspell your own address, will you? Otherwise this T will end up Turkey or something :)

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " WTG boneheads !!! " … says Greg L. on

    oh …ic ah sweeeet!!!! ok ok umm panicking time…one sec.

  47. Greg –

    I’ve suspected for some time that you’ve been pulling our leg but it’s kind of like admitting you know there is no Santa Claus.

    Thx- ilb

  48. nasty that’s awesome that you got to meet eddie vedder especially after those 2 sick shows. Guess I should have come out and met all of youse…sorry I missed it.

  49. It sounds like all of youse had a great time last night! Laurel, lucky you getting to finally meet Sean Avery!!!! How awesome was that?!

  50. so where the byfuglien are all the photos?

    email some to me at

    Johnny, I’m not sure how official any of these rankings are.

    ps, sorry for my absence … not only am I at Citi Field all weekend, but I’m having an internet connection nightmare with this piece of carcillo Mac laptop.

  51. This place is dead:

    I might have to use my Hippo Hurricane Holler:


  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers fan base is getting stronger !!! " … says Greg L. on

    The Rangers need a warm welcome back when they step back onto the ice!! That team gave it’s all and we need to let ’em know we appreciate the effort from guys like Dubinsky,Callahan ,Hank ,Delzotto,Staalsie and the other unsung heros of the team. To see a group of Flyers rally and make it 1 game away from the Stanley Cup only means that a team like ours DID have a chance. Any team can make it , it takes the best group of individuals that can think team ahead of themselves that go all the way. A Stong team like Chicago makes one think different cuz of all their pure talent ,But a team like the Flyers who can defy all odds and come out the winner is what dreams are made of. The Rangers were 1 shoot shot away from having a chance…a shot at lord Stanley’s mug. As of now we can only dream but that winner of the shoot out in game 82 is one game away from the cup!!Can you believe it??

  53. >>Inter WINS!!!!!

    Inter with the treble, a first for an Italian team, I believe.

    Too bad The Special One is on his way to Real Madrid.

  54. Shirt is awesome. Let me know how to grab one, but did anyone offer the past moderator: Sam one? He (as Carp has admitted) really got this moving. As I just settled in from the road and watch MSG Vault, you need to remember where you’re from. (Carp, you do a fantastic and fun filled blog, but homage to Sam, who I feel got this moving). Just my thoughts, even though Sam gets more time with Mr Titelist than Carp.

  55. A little snippet from Larry Brooks:

    “The Rangers will announce the signing of free agent Mats Zuccarello-Aasen this week following the conclusion of the World Championship tournament.

    The fleet Norwegian Hobbit, who at 5-foot-7 (wink) is a latter day descendent of Herb Brooks’ Smurf Mark Pavelich — the Blueshirts can only pray — has agreed to a two-year deal believed worth the Entry Level base cap of $900,000. It’s unknown whether the contract includes bonuses.

    The Blueshirts have initiated contact and discussions with Ryan McDonough’s family advisers that will continue this week, we’ve been informed. As a college athlete, the Wisconsin senior is not permitted to retain an agent to negotiate on his behalf while maintaining his NCAA eligibility.”

    He also mentioned that Erik Christensen played the last two games with a separated shoulder.

  56. So Brooks said Erik Christensen had a separated shoulder at the end of the season. Yet Tortorella chose him to go first in the shootout to make the playoffs? And then criticized Christensen for not playing well enough? Another example of both Tortorella’s feeble coaching skills and horrendous personality problems.

  57. Per Zip:

    In what will be the first of many, Steve Zipay takes his first attempt at predicting the Rangers’ 2010-11 roster.

    So what’s interesting:
    He has Erik Christensen, Brandon Prust, Marc Staal and Dan Girardi all returning to Rangers as RFA, no shock there. Same with Sheley returning as a UFA.

    No Olli, Parenteau, Prospal and Lisin, not terribly surprised, though I could see Prospal back in NY if salary was reasonable.

    He has Bobby Sanguinetti going in a package for Kris Versteeg (I would prefer Patrick Sharp, but we will see what happens).

    The backup goalie will be one of Peter Budaj, Martin Biron or Johan Hedberg. Prefer one of the last two or bringing back Auld to Buddha Budaj.

    On paper a third line of Avery-Anisimov-Zuccarello-Aasen could be very potent.

    The roster has both Redden and Rozsival and as every one else hopes and speculates, one could be gone via trade or likely banished to minors, to clear up space for a big-time scorer/first-line center and solid defenseman.

    So what do you think, how realistic is the prospective roster?

  58. christenson playing with a seperated shoulder and torts being torts is not right.

    brooks also said they are talking to mcdonaughs family about a contract………

  59. The White Plains Batman on

    Hopefully they’re not putting any significant pressure on McD to get here. The last thing you want to do is smother him and his family or else that Brooks Nostradamus claim of him not signing here will come true.

  60. A team like the one Zip has constructed – with the major possibilities for improvement being addition by subtraction (those proposed by him as well as perhpas burying Redden in the minors) and the simple improvement of the team’s young assets – is intriguing as long as the Rangers truly have a good sense of what their assets are capable of. If Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal,Girardi, Anisimov, MZA, MDZ truly have a very large upside and can reach that under Tortorella, great. I personally remain a bit skeptical about the D – I wasn’t especially impressed with Gilroy last year, and Redden is on a steep decline. Rozie is passable and there is no perfect answer here. I also am not sure Chicago makes that trade but if they did I might try to get them to take Gilroy instead of Sanguinetti – I too would prefer Sharp. I think if they were to ship Redden to the minors, and use that money to sign a much better defenseman I would feel pretty good about this team.

    Although that third line is intriguing they’re not especially tough and the team still lacks size. Philly would beat the hell out of us.

  61. dde, Hippo Hurricane Holler! I wonder how many people here remember that?

    Nasty, Avery-Anisimov-Zuccarello-Aasen? Can you have four guys on one line?

    Big Blue, I’m sure you know that I could never give Sam enough credit for this, and I absolutely try to do so every chance I can. So, again, Sammy, you’re the best buddy. Thank you for leaving this to me in your “will” when you left us.

  62. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    Let me start by saying we should bronze mama’s hand and then auction it off for a good cause (I’m kidding of course mama, congrats on the hand shake).

    BIG HUGE THANKS AGAIN to ilb and sally for the great work on the T’s and then to mrs ilb and ilb for being AWESOME enough to remember those of us at the far outposts of rangerland. (hope you enjoyed the beer pic we sent)!!

    The pink jkt lady waaaaayyy too LMFAO!!!

    spector reported that the russian hammer seems less likely to resign with the sens, slats better figure out a way to trade for him during the draft, spector thinks the caps are going to go for him if he becomes an UFA.

    re your post, prust, shelley, staal, yes. Girardi I would trade, but he might be back, EC i’m neutral on. The departures seems accurate. I think hedberg far and away should be the back up.

    I would certainly do the trade with sangs. I think mza is on the roster, and would have avery on the 2nd line more than the 3rd (he just seems to play better when he is getting 2nd line minutes….more time to agitate with more important opposing players).

    I would mortgage the farm to get a jack johnson from LA, I think gilroy may be traded, i wouldn’t mind seeing colby armstrong on this team, the hammer for sure. I think rozy gets traded (i just have this feeling it is for souray, who i think would have been on this team already if not for the broken hand in a fight at the deadline). Send redden to the minors period!!!!! This team needs a physical top 2 line forward, a number one centre, two physical d men (3 in my book), and a back up goalie!!!

    If the flyers win (apparently they will) I am certainly rooting for whoever comes out of the west (hawks it looks like). The only way I do not gag at the site of the flyers with the cup is lappy. With the way he has played and for so long, he can;t have his name on the cup enough IMHO!!!!

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