Palooza night!


Morning kids. I’ve got nothing to say and no time to say it …

Got to beat the Friday traffic to Citi Field in a bit.

So, for those going to the Boneheadpalooza, have fun!

DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING IF YOU DRINK (or driving on your iPhone). Some of youse should come on later and tell us how it went … but don’t blog drunk, either.

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  1. Just spoke to Sally, told her CCCP might be coming… She was ecstatic. You better show up, bro!

  2. bbb- thats what im talkin about. yanks-mets in may?? who cares?? this is a hockey bar!! hcokey playoffs baby!! 2 original 6 are in it. like i said, i love baseball and the yanks. but not nearly as much as the rangers and hockey i n general. theres plenty of bars to show the yanks game. especially if theres tons of people going there who are diehard hockey fans. i know its business, but still dont like it

  3. yes fran, u are a seasoned vet as far as im concerned. i love hearing old stories of the rangers and hockey that you contribute. youre a bonehead whether u know it or not!!

  4. billybleedsblue on

    I’ve walked out of places in the past for their inability to show a cup finals game because of baseball and basketball games being played. Hockey just isn’t popular, to say the least.

    Incidentally, on Warren77’s website, under their sports events schedule, only san jose/chicago is listed on the page. No mention of anything else. You guys will be in luck.

  5. 3B-they will show the game, for sure. But there will be a couple TVs with Yanks-Mets too, they do have a mixed crowd, not only hockey fans.

  6. Mets’ll be down by a dozen by the second inning. I could only imagine Torts’ reaction if someone pulled what Maine did last night… Oh wait, Redden did and he still played.

    I swear, the two franchises mirror each other so much, I wonder why I root for both teams.

  7. Blue Seat Horror on

    Have fun tonight everyone. If anyone’s drinking beer, have an Old Speckled Hen for me.

  8. Just met Sally. Long story. What a nice girl! It’s always awkward to meet a bonehead who you’ve seemingly known for long time, but have never actually met…

  9. Have fun tonight everyone!! And no drinking and driving!!

    Leave that to Dany Heatley! He’s the expert!

  10. Tony, and how am I supposed to accomplish that and have a couple of Kettle Ones with soda? Plus a few for Wicky. And I’m planning to drink for myself too, lol

  11. Kidding, of course. Mrs ilb doesn’t drink at all, so there is my designated driver.

  12. billybleedsblue on

    Have fun everyone, I’m heading over to the river for a little happy hour of my own. Maybe I’ll make some other event some other time. Take pics you boneheads! Go Chicago!

  13. billybleedsblue on

    You’re more likely to end up on the floor than the roof. They should call ’em floories.

  14. “The Los Angeles Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy has been charged with a misdemeanor sexual abuse.
    According to a KABC-TV report, Hardy was arrested after a complaint was made against him “from a woman in her 20s who claimed to be a relative of Hardy’s.” The Kings issued a statement saying that they’re aware that Hardy has been charged and they have no further comments at this time. May. 21 – 2:01 pm et.”

  15. Blue Seat Horror on

    Thanks for getting the reference, billy! I’m a bit behind. I just saw that last weekend.

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