Mark Hardy arrested


Former Ranger Mark Hardy is in a heap of trouble. Here’s a breaking story.

This hurts me because I always liked the guy — and I’m not jumping to conclusions or declaring him guilty — but this goes to show that you never, never know.


By the way, Hardy is the L.A. Kings assistant coach who had a fight with Sean Avery when he was in Los Angeles. One of the main reasons I didn’t like Avery when the Rangers first got him. Maybe, pending the outcome of this case, I change my mind on Avery?

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  1. That is a horrible story, no matter which way you cut it.

    Carp, how’s the wx at citi?

  2. Weather.

    Sorry, shorthanded lingo in my field. It tends to crop up at the worst times. lol.

  3. Good. You screw with Avery, you pay the price! Boom! (I didnt read the story, so I dont know what happened!)

    Tony Arz

    What do you mean? You guys gave me a shinebox? But Im not a troll. Im the biggest Rangers fan that exists.

    And why you giving other people shine boxes?

  4. But I thought shineboxes were reserved for trolls and non Ranger fans, like local fan?

  5. Dont stop posting shirtless photos him, Mama… Every Rangers fan desires Avery without garments on!

  6. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Hmm… this discussion is heading south in a hurry… pardon the pun.

  7. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    I don’t know if it happened or not…. but your own daughter? That’s a special kind of sick if it went down.

  8. CTBlueshirt on

    Yup, nice warm weather that will make Citi into a launching pad (for the visiting team) :(

  9. Blue Seat Horror on

    True, GAB. It was pretty lame. I think Cal Clutterbuck is still my favorite current name, though I do like that there was once a Stephen King in the league, and now come to find out the Idaho Steelheads have a Richard Backman in goal!

  10. His daughter? I’ll hold my judgement until more details come out.

    Mama, long story, I’ll tell you tonight.

  11. YAY! Carp, Mama’s tellin you!! When your on vaca., it will be time for Avery garmentless photos!! Im still waiting for my underwear modeling photos of Avery, Mama! Think you can make it happen?!

  12. Down, CR, down……good boy! (and I should be so lucky!)

    OK, all, i’m getting ready to end this hartnelling week and head to the festapalooza soon!! wheeee. Enjoy the game here without us. You’ll be filled in at some point :)

    and just so you all know, mama don’t like a post about mama, mama gonna hit the eject button!!!

    TA all!

  13. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    So here’s a question for the weekend:

    Once the Blackhawks win the cup, and go into the draft KNOWING they can not afford all there players next season, who would you guys and gals rather have if good Ole Uncle Tomato Faced Piece of Carcillo could make a deal?

    Patrick Sharp or Kris Versteeg?

    My personal preference is Sharp

  14. CTBlueshirt on

    Sharp is the better player now but he’s also in his prime and can probably only project a decline.

    Versteeg has more upside. If the Rangers are content with a longer term plan then I’d go with Versteeg.

  15. And we were all wondering who will give Ilya 10 mil a season… The KHL will!! Damn, someone needs to destroy that league! lol

  16. CTBlueshirt on

    Ok, leaving work soon. I’m going to be one of the early ones to W77. I’ll be wearing an orange polo shirt. Or for those that I know on facebook, you probably already know what I look like.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boneheads reunite!!! " … says Greg L. on

    My Card board Cut out better be there!!!

    Um Cr9 , Im the biggest Ranger fan!!! HAAHHAHAA!!

  18. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boneheads reunite!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Khl is like the WHA in its day but with Money!!!

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boneheads reunite!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I love Rangersssssssss hockey!!!!

  20. CTBlueshirt on

    Current roll call for Bonehead Fest:
    Linda & soon to be mr Linda
    ilb & mrs ilb
    fozzy & mr fozzy

  21. Carp- Sally said good evening :)

    Laurel said hello everyone.

    CCCP- one from me : prynesy svoyu zhopu syuda!

  22. This does not sound right.There must be more to this story than we are hearing.Maybe she was concealing drugs?

    from steve zipay column –
    Police arrested former NHL defenseman and current L.A. Kings assistant coach Mark Hardy in Washington D.C. on suspicion of sexual abusing his 21-year-old daughter. Hardy reportedly “put his hand down her shorts and touched her genital area without her permission.” He will be charged with “misdemeanor sexual abuse.”

  23. Dustin Byfuglien is the man, I wish the rangers had a player like this, fights,body checks, scores goals, what a player.

  24. Blue Seat Horror on

    Since when did San Jose hire the Rangers defense to play for them? At least that’s what it looked like on that OT goal. Everybody looking somewhere besides where the puck was going. Poor Nabokov.

  25. The White Plains Batman on

    Jay Wells was acquired for Randy Moller and David Shaw was dealt for Beuk.

    There you go. The good ole’ days.

  26. So I guess I’m the FIRST one back! Sweet!

    Great time at W77! Boneheads rock! Got a sick Rangers Report t-shirt…thank you Sally and ilb!! Awesome time! Carp, you were greatly missed.

    right before i was leaving Chris Higgins came in… i know right…who cares…he can’t score for carcillo anyway!

  27. Chris Higgins? At W77? He probably meant to go to Palm Restaurant down the block, but you know how his aim is…

    Anyway, great time tonight. Will report more tomorrow. Night, everyone.

  28. great time at W77.
    great to meet all the Boneheads

    missed Voros but saw Sean Avery as i was leaving and in the process of hailing a cab.
    gave him the “hello” nod but i didn’t want to crash his conversation.
    oh well….maybe next time.

    g’night all!

  29. Hey all! Yes, it is late late late. Just got home from the last train (ugh, drunken 10 year olds!) and my feet are killing me from the stupid teetering shoes I wore all night..but, what a great palooza!
    The worst part about being in a large group of folks you want to talk to and get to know is, you only get about 5 minutes per person…wish I’d had more time with you all, but oh what a wonderful start!

    More tomorrow, but a special shout out to Sally and ilb. You both are the awesomest awesomest! Right Carp?

    Oh, yeah, I met Aves……TA!

  30. jpg is still up! great meeting you! a total treat.

    yes, spider, the most unbelievable t-shirts! They are still gettable. Carp has the details and I’m sure he’ll post the info.

  31. ddeb, it was grand. Hope you can make one sometime.
    Now, if I don’t sign off and go to bed, I shall fall to pieces. so ta!

  32. Avril Lavigne – Fall To Pieces
    Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces
    Patsy Cline – I Fall To Pieces

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Boneheads reunite!!! " … says Greg L. on

    La LA LAAAAA LAAA laaaaaaa!!!!

  34. Good morning, ‘heads!

    Friendly advice: if you have two puppies at home, don’t stay up late. They don’t care if you want to sleep in, they want to play at 6:30 am.

    But we had a great time last night at W77. What a pleasure to finally meet Lindzo ( and the man), Mama, Sally, Fozzy (and mr), Nora ( and mr), Agravaine and Jorek( met before), CCCP, CTB, jpg ( with mrs and sister, TR and mrs- not the first time. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. We seem to know each other well on the blog, but it’s always awkward to meet face to face because you don’t know what to expect. Let me tell you this: what you read on the blog is exactly what you see in “real” life. A bunch of honest, open human beings. People who you want to become friends with right away. Nothing fake, nothing artificial. Someone was complaining the other day that it was more social than real sport blog. As of today, I’ll take it as a complement. TY. We just happen to have one passion- the team and the game. Except my wife and ” the man”(what a great guy, Linda!) could care less about hockey. Guess what, they had a great, great time.
    Boneheads who couldn’t make- maybe next time. Just to report- Tony, as promised I had one for you, and wicky knows the amount of drinks I had on his behalf, lol. Hey, he’s got a bit family.
    Boneheads who could make, but didn’t- eat your heart out! :-)

    In terms of the game- I don’t remember much, but what I realized is that these two teams don’t need any neutral zone strategy- they don’t spend any time in neutral zone..

  35. Plenty of pics, Tony. None as professional as you would create though :( They will be available on FB once the ‘heads sober up. I didn’t take any, was too busy yapping.

  36. i left my camera in the car and once i sat down i never got back up, hahahahaha/ seriously, what a great night.

    soon as i got home i put that shirt on. that was the best part of the night, lol. thanks again sally and ilb. such a fun night.

  37. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    I took a pic and sent it to ilb, does that count?

    Glad everyone had fubn and was safe….sounds awesome. Thanks to all of you for representing all of us!!!!

    I hope the zzzzz, grabby, wicky cutouts were great!

  38. ilb, at the risk of sounding like CR9 – I love ya man !
    How much do I owe you ?
    Send it to my business:
    Cameo Studios
    7000 E. Shea Blvd #1760
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

  39. Tony, I’m as likely to convert as Frank Sinatra to sing rap. Sorry. :-)

    I got the Ts for you, Grabby and GregL- I’ll need your addreses too.

    I got for for wicky and mrs. I have your address. Sorry, didn’t make any XXsmall for wicksters.

    Carp is about to tell you how to pay for them. I think….

  40. Great Byfuglien time meeting everyone. What can I say? Everyone was so friendly so sorry I am no longer UESBlueshirt and could’ve stayed longer.

    T-shirts, an original Sally and ilb production c’est manifique.

    On top of that the Hawks-Sharks game was fantastic. Very un-Rangers like hockey and the man who put the B in WTB getting the winner? Fantastically fantastic. By the way, where was Nabokov looking on that goal? That was an almost Higgins-proof empty net.

  41. Oh yeah and Eddie Cahill who played Jim Craig in Miracle and is on CSI NY was there too. I’ve seen him before at bars near MSG and I know he wrote a blog about following the Rangers on a couple of years ago and it was cool to see him there just to watch the game. The Hawks contingent at W77 was loud and proud last night.

  42. Good afternoon all! ilb, that was the most awesome post. My feet are still killing me. I am throwing out my shoes. and I’m honestly thrilled it’s cloudy today so I don’t feel the need to haul off my butt and go outside. I am too old for paloozas but I had the best time!!!

    I loved how the whole bar cheered when the Hawks won. OK, nap time?

  43. Mama had to wear the high heeled shoes otherwise she wouldn’t have measured
    up to the tremendously tall CCCP.

  44. I have to agree with everyone who already posted. I just woke up, after not getting home until almost 6 in the morning. It was a great evening for me. Especially after two nights of Pearl Jam at MSG, getting to meet all of you amazing people, well most of you. Sally, this shirt is so freaking cool. Thank you so much, and it was nice to talk with you for a bit. It is so cool to be able to put (screen)names to faces now. TR, it is always a pleasure. You are your wife are two of the coolest and most down to earth people. Thanks for the hospitality. I am definitely going to have to get Mrs. Nasty in there some time. If you two are ever in my area in Jersey, we will have to go get a burger or something. JPG, please let me know where I can read your concert review.

    And YES, Avery, Chelios, and Eddie Vedder were all outside having drinks on the sidewalk. I was able to shake all of their hands before I left, and I got to thank Vedder for an AMAZING two nights at the Garden.

    MAN OH MAN what a night!!!!

  45. You were a brave soul taking the last train back from Grand Central. On my tain a person a few seats down almost got into a fight with the conductor because he wanted him to hold the train for his friends.

    Then later on someone kicked over a beer and it flowed down to my end of the car.

  46. Speaking about ts. My son, crazy Rangers and RR fan,who lives 20 min. drive from Philly, will attend the game Monday in Wachovia in a T-shirt reading : “I better Die, sinking in a sea of Rangers Blue, than Live in orange carsillo!”. I hope he will get home in one piece. (Despite being a trusted doctor, he is one big, scary looking dude with certain fighting skills).Will see.

  47. Nasty, I may just lose my coffee now. Hartnell!! Hartnell Hartnell Hartnell!!!

    CT, I had a bunch of recent college grads next to me, with one particularly loud and offensive jerk. People were asking him to keep it down. He said to me, I swear, shut up, you’re 50. 50!!!! if he hadn’t been a very large drunken carcillo, I would have taken him down. where was the man when I needed him!

  48. :) I was bummed to hear that I missed a few of you boneheads. We will definitely have more opportunities though. We should make it a yearly thing. Maybe get a “Bonehead Box” at a game or something. Ha. That would be freaking nuts! I be that could get us on television.

  49. I am so tired this morning. I am lucky Mrs. Nasty was Mrs. Nice this morning and took both kids to my daughter’s gymnastics practice and let me sleep. I just woke up and had a granola bar and a red bull, ha. The breakfast of champions.

  50. You got to shake Sean Avery’s hand?????????

    I knew I should have flown out to NY! DAMN IT! I knew it!

  51. Blech….I am going to resume my prone position and try to wrap my addled brain around today’s puzzle. Catch ya all later…

  52. Nasty, I hope you never wash that hand again! Youre one of new heroes!!

    Glad that all you guys had a great time!! Hope to be there next time to meet all of you awesome people!!

    How do I get an RR shirt?

  53. CTBlueshirt on

    Actually no, I was wearing the hat if another blue team that frustrates it’s fans with incompetent management and lackluster play. But maybe one day in the future…

  54. oops. Nasty, you’re one of my new heroes!! AVERY! AVERY!

    ilb, weather here is perfect day for the beach!

  55. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    ok, getting ready to go change the oil in the rover. And yes, mrs wants to know who we send some cash to for the shirts (and we understand no xxs sizes ilb, we harbour no ill will).

  56. Why was that elusive, tiny, difficult to find, Big Buff left alone in front of the net last night?

  57. ddebened?? :) finished Saturday puzzle in an hour. quite impressed with myself today!

    wicky, btw, the little wicksters are adorable! ilb showed pics.

  58. The guy is 51 and looks like 75. He ought to be ashamed of himself. I remember Foxy saying that Hardy was drinking a bit hard at parties. I guess they gonna blame the booze and send him to rehab now. Sicko…

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