Defecting to NY


I’m picturing Petr Nedved coming over from his native Czech to Canada for the World Juniors and defecting, hiding in Canada and never going back, becoming a Canadian citizen.

I don’t want to make light of that, because what Nedved did was extremely courageous and serious.

But I can’t help but imagine all these Boneheads parachuting into town this weekend for tomorrow’s Boneheadpalooza and deciding to never go back from whence they came.

Anyway, I must sadly say that I’m working all weekend at Yankees-Mets and will not be attending the official function in Tribeca Friday night. Byfuglien. I still hold out hope that the game ends quickly and I can get there late, but it’s doubtful. Usually we get out of the stadium around 12:30 or later. By the time I got downtown and parked it would probably be close to 1:30, and this ain’t the good old days of knocking back Tequilas until 4 a.m. These are the bad old days of trying and failing to stay awake for West Coast hockey games on TV.

But I hope youse all have a blast, and that some of youse will send pictures to me via e-mail.

I’ve got to go see Mr. Titleist today, my only day off this week (some day off, I have to blog in the morning, then write a column when I get back). At least we get some hockey tonight; as ilb pointed out, there aren’t many hockey nights left in this season.

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  1. Repost

    Re: Zherdev

    The Rangers need to have another scorer besides Gabby and they don’t have a lot of cap room to do it with. So, they can’t pick up a $10 million a year player like Kovalchuk. Zherdev would fill the bill even with his uneven play and lack of defense. Either that or they have to resort to importing smurfs from Sweden.

  2. Hello fellow boneheads!

    Hope those of you in town for the boneheadpalozza have a GREAT time!

  3. Cross Check I agree, Nicky Z would definitely help with scoring, and we don’t have many other good options.

  4. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    well, best of luck to all of you traveling. Have a blast for us at the fest and don’t forget lots of pics (especially the cut outs).

    Off to work.

    Enjoy and be safe!

  5. Good morning all! Only a little more than 24 hours til boneheadfestapaloozavus! Whee!
    It’s a beautiful day here. Wish I were Carp’s caddy :)

  6. Blue Seat Horror on

    I don’t have an appointment with Mr. Titleist. I have an appointment with Mssrs. Gravel, Bedding Sand, and Paver.

  7. CCCP, thanks buddy. FYI all, not a regular, and let’s move past it now please.

    Peabrain, just cause Carp isn’t here, doesn’t mean this blog doesn’t get watched. Please, take yourself elsewhere. I can ban too, just so you know. And you are. Again. Hmm. I wonder if such postings can result in legal action?

  8. FESTIVUS SALUTATIONS FROM STARBUCKS SELDEN, where for a $5 gift card i can have internet access for 2 hours a day!!

    WTB!?!?! I gotta figure out a way to bring my parents into the 21 century!! Not able to connect from their house at all! GRRRRRR

  9. billybleedsblue on

    Hello LInda! Are you enjoying a frappachino or perhaps a latte of some sort? The parents don’t even have 56k or perhaps some 800 baud modem of sorts? Hmmm. Well, there are worse things than not having internet…like, being a Devils fan for instance!


    can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow night!!

  11. ilb, when i got your message yesterday, i truly busted up laughing on the plane! Tel Aviv Airlines!!! dying!!!!!!

    whats new in the land of the dying sun aka the New York Rangers? any great rumors i missed yesterday or today???

  12. Dde- I don’t think I know enough about Prokhorov, but from what I’ve read ( Russian newspapers at my mom’s lol), he can afford to buy Cablevision and it’s holdings. He also is truly into sports, so he probably would be a good owner. We will see what he accomplishes with Nets. I doubt Dolans are selling the team anyway.

  13. This is it, Linda, not much. As dde reporting, sounds like Prokhorov offered to buy the Rangers. Apparently Dolans told him to byfuglien off.

  14. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    The illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator! That creature has stolen the space modulator!

  15. just wanted to say that i check this website everyday, and although i never comment or anything, the conversations the little group of you have entertain me a whole lot. so thanks!

  16. And ta all. gotta go home and rest up for the big boneheadsfestivuspaloozanutterbutternesss! My alerting friends, though, can always reach me at my other e-mail address….niters!

  17. Mama, was that word from Norwegian newspaper too? Which reminds me, TR thanks for two great links, but can you gist it for us, my Norwegian isn’t clicking today for some reason :-)

  18. TR

    Thanks for the links, bro! i like the pictures in those articles :)

    As for Prokhorov

    I really don’t know anything about the guy… i read few articles about him in Daily News and he sounds like a pretty passionate guy with VERY deep pockets. I think Nets fans should be excited about their new team owner. Though, missing out on a top draft pick could prove to be a major blow to a franchise like the Nets. I’ll definitely try to follow the Nets now since they are moving to Brooklyn and have a Russian owner now. Rangers fans can only dream about team owner who’s passionate about the sport.

    Btw, Ted Leonsis who owns the caps is buying the Washington Wizards who won the first overall pick in upcoming NBA draft. How the hell the worst team in a league (Nets) ends up with third overall pick?? Dumb NBA

  19. The White Plains Batman on

    Prokhorov reminds me of that dude from Sex In The City; the charming rich Russian guy who is a famous dancer in real life, forgot his name; sometimes you gotta watch stuff like that with girls you’re dating :(

    In any event I like what he’s trying to do. Time will tell if he is successful but he has a 5-year plan and can the Nets get any worse?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Islanders eventually move into that arena by the middle part of the decade. That would stink.

  20. Yup, Mikhail Baryshnikov. Co-owns a pretty good Russian place on 52 and Broadway called Russian Samovar. You can meet a few Russian hockey players if you go there enough.

  21. Don’t get me started on Mikhail Baryshnikov, Misha, who I have adored since I was a teenager (4 years ago, fyi). I love those episodes with him! “and he tasted like blackberries…” or some berry…omg!

    um, sorry all. batman started it :(

    do i see the dolans selling to Prokhorov? Um, no.

  22. i don’t know if i’ll be joining you guys as a full-time bonehead, i can barely keep up now! i might chime in here and there, however.

  23. Latona, what ilb said! It gets even harder to keep up in season, trust me :) but thanks for chiming in with your kind comments and always read even if you can’t!!

    This is the best Rangers blog by far, and I’m not carcilloing you! (you know what the means right? :)

  24. Hmmm.. I’ll pick up your tab in exchange of a good crack..

    Should we call Sally Field? She’ll sort it out for you :-)

  25. Tony, tomb and ilb (who is going to save me so much money!) I’m with you and hear you. It’s not for one, it’s against another, remember…can’t wait til I can legit be for someone….off to eat late dinner….

  26. yes, yes i do know what carcillo means.. and byfueglin too! but just know that even if i’m not engaging in the frenzy that is this blog, i am always reading!

  27. CR, oh, I try :) but it’s a lesson in not crossing mama. ilb is now out, like, $700 tomorrow!

    Latona, as the blogmama, I hereby declare you an honorary bonehead! You got the lingo, the right attitude, and a love of the Report and Rangers (I assume).

  28. They are really trying to crack Leighton’s confidence. Good move. Shouldn’t take much.

  29. Welcome aboard, Latona!
    Like you, I read the blog more than I post. Usually, I try not to post until I have something to say that hasn’t been said yet. That’s not always too easy with so many knowledgable boneheads giving their opinions. Still, this is where I come for most of my Ranger news. The boneheads are the best!

  30. ordered in ilb. I was starving!

    NYR 1979, I say to you what I’ve said to Latona…and thanks!

    All, gotta go. Full day at the salt mine tomorrow then the boneheadpaloozavustival! (that’s kinds Norwayish!) Plus, and TR knows why! I am soooo bummed right now that I live in Westchester, have to be at work in the morning, and am not 25 anymore or all that wouldn’t matter…dang!

    have a good night all! Tomorrow……TA!

  31. Gagne was the entire reason for their turnaround against the Bruins. Unbelievable talent he is.

  32. EddieJ!! wow, today we have a hat trick of regular readers who became honorary boneheads with comments!
    EddieJ, thanks for your comments, too. As you all should know, yes, you get kicked here sometimes, but all comments are welcome. Glad you all read and enjoy, but pop in with thoughts any time. Heck, if you read regularly, you know we are all equal opportunity enjoyers and destroyers…but all with Ranger love :)

    and CR…comments like that are of course always correct!

  33. we’ll see, ilb. I hope, but we’ll see, As for tomorrow, HAWKS!

    wicky, those laurels were for you :) I am officially saying TA.

  34. blogmama – in season andrew gross and steve zipay are better sources of information. while they have less posters they also have higher quality than at least a few that regularly post here.

    its not cool at all you pounding the chest and saying this is the best. very unprofessional

  35. What- and who exactly measures that quality ? Also, we tend not to hide our names.

  36. I don’t think I want to engage in any further discussion with you, anyway. So mr/ mrs what- friendly suggestion: perhaps you should just stay were the higher quality is for a bit longer.

  37. what is as hidden as ilb2001 is.

    the other guys are great sources of info. this place is more of a social club. so different strokes for different folks.

    i find it distasteful that 1 of the hosts of the blog is putting the others down with the following comment (1 of the competitors used to work here and deserves better).

    This is the best Rangers blog by far

    so far from the truth it really is not funny

  38. I’ll let any regulars reply to what, but in the meantime…

    what, as you may, or may not know, as has been explained here a zillion times, Gross and Zip get to cover the beat as full-time reporters. Carp doesn’t. Yet he still is one of the most respected Rangers reporters. And this is one of the most popular Rangers blogs. And I’ll pound my chest when and how I like. Jeez. That was some unnecessary roughness.

  39. yeah i know shine box and all.

    someone who is good knows it and doesn’t have to brag

  40. And this is one of the most popular Rangers blogs

    quite different than

    This is the best Rangers blog by far

  41. Ilb is a combination of my first and last names. Most of the boneheads know them.
    Can you explain ” what”?
    You don’t need to be at the place that you don’t believe has a good quality. You can just continue visiting Zip and Gross. Both, btw, are great places, no doubt.

  42. To quote what: “(1 of the competitors used to work here and deserves better).

    Yeah, I know and knew Gross, and he gets cited here all the time, and we all adore and respect him.

    hmm. interesting use of the phrase “used to work ‘here.’ ” in full, you said, ” i find it distasteful that 1 of the hosts of the blog is putting the others down with the following comment (1 of the competitors used to work here and deserves better).

    This is the best Rangers blog by far

    so far from the truth it really is not funny”

    You in house and have a problem with me? Take it elsewhere. Nobody was putting anybody down. Heads?

  43. no i’m not in house.

    your previous comment backed off the over the top comment of best rangers blog by far to a much more acceptable this is one of the most popular ranger blogs

  44. Useless conversation. You don’t need to come here and give your opinion. It won’t count.
    Mama, I’m planning to retire for the night. I think you should do the same. Save all your energy for tomorrow. Something tells me we will all need it :-)

  45. ilb

    glad to see this closed club really welcomes those who might stick up for the great work done by a few others.

    that was all this was about. correcting the exaggerated self praise a few comments ago.

  46. soo I guess it’s pretty dead in here. I would just like to add that the ex-atlantic division all-stars just defeated the flyers 5-1. that is all.

  47. Hey, what, I love both of those guys. They’re my friends and great reporters who do a fantastic job with the news, and we credit them all the time here.

    and they have the second and third best Rangers blogs anywhere.

    I’m kidding, of course. But it’s true.

  48. Carp, and is there a specific reason why my last post with the link to NHLPA auction for Haiti didn’t go through?

  49. ilb, I don’t know. but I just un-spammed it. I guess our spam filter just doesn’t like certain links.




  51. plus, no gibberish. Or jibberish. And — this is where it all started — no bonehead comments.

    CCCP, you also forgot immaturely.

  52. Common folks, you haven’t noticed? Drury’s jersey is going for $10 more than Callahan’s as of now. WTB?

  53. reginald dunlop on

    Hey Carpy, got to interview the fill in hitting coach…. heard he had an awesome football coach in high school….

  54. Latona, NYR 1979, EddieJ

    $.02 gets you an Official Membership Card, a Boneheads sticker,a decoder ring and unlimited jibberish!

  55. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Good luck boneheads, on your Summer Jam!

    Have Fun!

    What in Holy Hell?

  56. Hi Guys,
    For all of u going to boneheadfestivitus (sorry Mama, nothing norwegian about that insane long word u wrote.;)
    have an amazing time! Wish I could be there ! lost of luuuuuve! (Mama: I expect u to give Aves a big smoootch on my behalf if you get the chance. :)

    Just have to say: I ADORE SHANNY!! He tweeted this: I believe the only thing I said to her was, “that’s not nice”

  57. I’ve been posting here for some time now but never considered myself a bonehead. I figured that the only true boneheads were inside NY’ers ( which I’m not…being a Floridian expat from CT.

    The real boneheads all seem to know each other personally, and share a lot of inside Noo Yawk stuff, which we outlanders are not privy to. But as to being a Ranger follower ( since 1949) I always felt that I could contribute a bit of historical material to the conversation. I’ve always been well accepted by the clan however.

  58. I just want to say this is the best Rangers blog out there! I always read throughout the day and enjoy all of your comments. Have a great time tonight!

  59. fran not all Boneheads are in NY and we don’t all know each other personally though a bunch are meeting tonight!!!! Yay!

    We just share a love of the sport and built a great community here at the best all around Rangers blog out there. We get the information and sources are always credited and the community is what puts this blog ahead of the others. I’ve gone to Zipay’s blog and while the info is great the atmosphere is lacking. I like the all around package.

    Glad we don’t need to choose info or camaraderie because we get both!

  60. Good morning, ‘heads!
    Big day, eh? I’d better start preparing myself for tonight, kinda game day morning routine. Beer or vodka?:)

    Fran – oh, you’re a bonehead! You don’t have to be in NY at all. Always like your comments. Since 1949? Sheesh…

  61. Heeyyyyy :)

    Getting this outta the way early- to all the ‘heads getting together tonight- have fun, have LOTS of fun, and have a drink for me. :)

    It’s a series now, n’est-pas?

  62. Good morning all heads! ddeb, your comment made me laugh so much I spit :) I’m much happier today! Looking forward to the fest (that short enuf for ya?). Those of you who can’t make it will be there in spirit I’m sure. Now go HABS!

  63. Matteauonov on

    I’d just like to point out that this is the best Ranger blog by far. Fact.

  64. People are getting there at 7:30, oh ok that makes it a lot easier.

    I was in Germany earlier this week for work and my body isn’t 100% sure what time zone it is now.

  65. Start early, Tony..Those stagecoaches aren’t very reliable, I’ve heard. Especially when the ambient temperature is that high :)

  66. I like when people say it’s a 110 degrees, but it’s dry heat. 110 is a 110 lol!

  67. I have a feeling that we’ll be lucky if Warren has one TV tuned in to the Hawks-Sharks game while the Subway Series game is on.

  68. ilb- id rather be in 110 degre heat than high 80’s with 90% humidity. first time i went to texas, my dad said mike, its really hot in the summer. u will wanna stay inside. it got about 110-115 the whole time i was there. it was hot, but i’ll take that anyday over florida in the summer. humidity kills me.
    btw, todays boneheadapaloozafestivus/picnic right?? have a good time everyone!!

  69. ct- a hockey players bar should have only hockey!!!! as much as i love the yankees, and baseball, that aint cool. u know they would have hockey on every tv if we were in the playoffs i bet.

  70. Mike, don’t disagree but the Rangers aren’t in it and the Subway Series is the biggest thing going on this weekend. Avery might be a hockey player but in for business purposes putting on the Mets-Yankees makes the most sense.

  71. Mama, I know they’ll have it, but I’m sure most of them will be tuned to the game. Which I’m ok with…until the Mets are down by 10 by the 3rd inning.

  72. Salty

    thsnks for the kind words, but I’ve never felt put out by anything. I’m often disagreed with ( and quite a few times rightly so,) and Mike, as far as not bringing other sports into the mix…when there’s absolutely nothing emanating from the Rangers front O…why not? Just about everything else is fair game including chill blaines, secret and not so secret affairs abudding ( tell me it ain’t so), I’m easy to convince exotic cujlinary endeavers etc…so a little Mets chit chat,( considering the fact that the NY Post blog is closed tighter than a witches, sphincter)..bring on the extras…I read ’em all. btw Mike in IA….would it surprise you to learn that my sainted cousin Jack, married a girl from Waterloo, and he wound up being playing coach of the Waterloo Blackhawks for several seasons, before moving up to take over the Fighting Saints team from ( is it Dubuque?) Later he moved on to be a sacout for the ashington Caps for a couple of years prior to moving over to Central Scouting for the NHL and is just about ready to retire and travel to a visit to Ireland where our sainted ancestors migrated from. The Ol’ sod you know.

    I personally was not much of a player…but I was a very successful coach and teacher of the game to several scores of youngsters in CT for a number of years.

    My entire family has always been involved with the sport…none better. But being a Ranger follower, you just know that I bad to also be a Mets fan.

    I do hope however, that we are not presented in the fall with the prospect of that same dreary crew that (dis)graced the Garden ice last season. One has only to watch ( for instance) the Hawks Sharks contest to see what this game is really about and how it should be played. Then when you watch the Rangers, it’s like going from a College game to a high school game.

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