U.S. wins relegation pool; Dubinsky scores again


Got this from USA Hockey:

U.S. Men’s National Team Downs Italy, 3-2, in Shootout at 2010 IIHF World Men’s Championship

COLOGNE, Germany – T.J. Oshie (Warroad, Minn./St. Louis Blues/Univ. of North Dakota) scored twice in the shootout, including the decisive goal in the seventh round, to lift the U.S. Men’s National Team to a 3-2 victory over Italy here today in the final game for both teams at the 2010 International Ice Hockey Federation World Men’s Championship.

“I’m proud of our players,” said U.S. Head Coach Scott Gordon. “After the tough start we had, we did a nice job coming back and winning our final three games.”

Team USA won the relegation pool to finish 13th in the 16-team tournament.

The U.S. got the lone goal in the opening period at 11:45 and it came from tournament point-leader Brandon Dubinsky (Anchorage, Alaska/New York Rangers). While on the power play and with David Moss (Livonia, Mich./Calgary Flames/Univ. of Michigan) camped in front of Italian netminder Daniel Bellissimo, Dubinsky blasted a shot from the left faceoff dot that went into the upper corner of the net. Andy Greene (Trenton, Mich./New Jersey Devils/Miami Univ.) and Ryan Potulny (Grand Forks, N.D./Edmonton Oilers/Univ. of Minnesota) assisted on the play.

Italy’s Giulio Scandella got free between the circles and beat Scott Clemmensen (Des Moines, Iowa/Florida Panthers/Boston College) between the legs at 14:00 for the only goal of the middle frame. Clemmensen had 10 saves in the period, including a few from point-blank range. The U.S. nearly took the lead late in the period, but Bellissimo slid across the net to foil Mike Lundin‘s (Apple Valley, Minn./Tampa Bay Lightning/Univ. of Maine) attempt from the left edge of the crease.

Italy took a 2-1 lead at 6:49 of the third period when Stefano Margoni’s wrist shot from the left point eluded Clemmensen. With Team USA on the power play, Potulny tied the game at 11:08 when he put home a rebound following Dubinsky’s initial shot.

The U.S. had a few golden chances down the stretch to win the game, most notably Moss’ point-blank backhand shot from the edge of the crease, but was not able to solve Bellissimo. Italy pulled its netminder in the waning seconds, hoping to win in regulation.

Both teams had chances in overtime. Clemmensen stopped Luca Ansoldi on a break 1:40 into the extra session, while Dubinsky fired one over the net from in close and Keith Yandle (Boston, Mass./Phoenix Coyotes) was stopped from the center slot.

The shootout, normally three rounds, went seven rounds. Both teams scored on its first attempt, including Oshie for Team USA, but each team missed on their final two chances to send the shootout into extra rounds. After Clemmensen stopped Alexander Egger in the top of the seventh round, Oshie froze Bellissimo with a fake and fired the puck over his glove and into the upper corner of the net.

Clemmensen turned aside 26 shots to earn the victory. He finished the tournament with a 1.56 goals-against average and .941 save percentage as Team USA’s goaltender of record in all six of its games.

The U.S. Men’s National Team concluded play in the 2010 IIHF World Men’s Championship with a record of 2-1-2-1 (W-OTW-OTL-L). Team USA will not know what group it will play in during next year’s World Championship until this tournament is concluded and the world rankings are updated.

NOTES: Brandon Dubinsky was named U.S. Player of the Game … Scott Clemmensen, Dubinsky and Matt Greene (Grand Ledge, Mich./Los Angeles Kings/Univ. of North Dakota) were named Team USA’s three best players of the tournament … Italy’s goal at 14:00 of the second period ended a stretch of 156:02 in which the U.S. did not yield a goal in the World Championship … The U.S. had a 52-28 shots-on-goal advantage … The IIHF World Men’s Championship relegation round featured each group’s last-place team. Each team played three round-robin games, with the bottom two teams relegated to Division I in next year’s World Championship … For Team USA’s roster, click here … Coverage of the 2010 U.S. Men’s National Team can be found here.

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  1. Sup Carp!

    cant believe the “first” spot was open for full FOUR minutes! I just got home and i guess it was waiting for me! buuuhaaahaaa

  2. Sheesh CCCP, some battery hook up you are! :-)

    and btw, thanks for the Pen()s comment!!

    Morning boneheads!!

  3. Blue Seat Horror on

    Hail to King CCCP!

    Good to see Duby warming up to the first line center role. Hopefully he’ll carry the experience into next season and step it up a little. Granted he stepped it up three games too late against far inferior teams, but still maybe it’ll boost his confidence. I think he can be a great second liner. 25-30 goals would be great.

  4. pumpkin head on

    Anyone see this bit about buying out Captain Clutch on SNY? What do you think, worth it, or is it better to just bite the (clutch) bullet? This is how his cap hit breaks down apparently.

    2010-11- $1.216 million

    2011-12- $4.216 million

    2012-13- $2.166 million

    2013-12- $2.166 million

  5. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    you da man!!!

    Afternoon carp!!

    So for those of us that unable to attend boneheadfest (or being represented by a cardboard cutout), just remember the motocross outdoor nationals start this weekend on speed and the WC is only a few weeks away.

    Hope the habs show up tonight!

    Go Habs Go!!!

  6. Morning Crosboneheads! Kidding!

    And today would have been my 7th wedding anniversary!!! WooooHooooo!!

  7. Blue Seat Horror on

    Linda, 13th out of 16 is merely pathetic. Being bumped down to Division I would have been beyond pathetic. That’s the optimist in me talking.

  8. Be proud! They beat Italy in SO. ITALY! That country has the whole Mediterranean Sea to skate on.

  9. Don’t start googling that bullcarcillo CCCP just posted. He is probably jealous :)

  10. CCCP doesnt have to be jealous, we know he’s a busy man! But he’s breakin girls hearts lol

  11. People in the neighborhood were complaining about the smell that was coming from the place… apparently it was Lindsay Lohans underwear!

  12. breakin girls hearts…story of my life! :P

    …well, you just never know what could happen on the 21st.

  13. Got to like what Backstrom did. 10 year deal, averaging $6.7 mil per. At 22, and with more than 100 points per season, he could’ve asked for upper $9 mil per. He wants to stay in Washington and play with OV.

  14. lmfao @ long lost pair! again, you slay me!! and you know that sally, laurel and myself (along with Nora and Fozzy i am sure) have our fingers crossed that you will be able to make it!

  15. i don’t like these long term deals… its 10 freaking years! A very long time! I don’t know about a discount either…$6.7 mil is a lot of dough to be hitting your cap space for the next 10 years.

  16. Blue Seat Horror on

    It was actually a pair of Aaron Voros’ underwear they found in her purse, which she always kept close to her and swore she would never, ever wash because he was such a great boyfriend and she missed him so much.

    Voros denied ever knowing her.

  17. It’s a function of new CBA. If you don’t lock your young star long term, you end up losing him to UFA in their prime.

  18. Voros denied? I think he just forgot. Must’ve been memorable. Plus a couple of concussions…

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    Canada downed 3-2 by Czechs. Judging by the scoresheet they weren’t very sporting about it either. Lot of roughing penalties at the 60:00 mark.

  20. funny how he was her ‘ex boyfriend’ and today theres pics of her and some older chick saying they’ve been dating since the fall! This chicks had more boyfriends/girlfriends in 6 months than I’ve had boyfriends the entire time i was in high school lol!!

    yes ILB, no car, not enough money to rent one. We might have to leave Warren early to get back to penn at 1:00am for our train back to LI. I can’t imagine waiting until 3:15am for the next one that gets to LI at 4:37, then hoping there’s a cab there to take us back to my parents, then getting up at like 9 to get ready for & help my mom with the get together my parents are having at 1!!!

  21. lmao ilb, especially since a bunch of us are getting there earlier to watch the game ;-)

  22. So Jagr and a bunch of Czech KHL-ers beat Messier’s Canadians. Good thing Slats knew that Jagr wouldn’t be of any use to the Rangers, and got Redden, Drury, Naslund, Gomez and Rissmiller to pick up the slack.

  23. rissmiller. that was awesome.

    the summer w/o sean
    with special guests patrick rissmiller, aaron voros and andreas jamtin.

    boy did we run around like chickens w/o heads trying to sign someone “like” avery….

  24. What a boring F’in day!!!


    You have about 3 weeks before you get an incomplete for the year.

  25. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    llort! It’s troll spelled backwards! This is their kingdom!

  26. Aren’t we supposedly signing a Norweigen troll?

    No wait, he’s just vertically challenged. My bad :)

  27. to the peabrain who just got banned … if you are a regular who was impostering and want to talk about it, e-mail me. Otherwise, just remain banned.

  28. Did someone write that Carcillo had got himself bitch slapped b y someone the last game? Id’ liked to have seen that one.

    I’d not worry about Russian translation too much…there’s enough Ivans opining on this forum to relieve you of your worries. For one thing, Russians don’t really have prepositions in their language ( they like to keep things simple) they say things like, Mnye droostna, and mnye kholodna, when they’re sad and cold. Like – you Tarzan – me Jane ( not -I hope).

  29. lmao Ogie @ llort, outstanding!!

    NYR, gonna catch up with some old friends, possibly go upstate to meet my baby nephew (and, of course, see my bro, niece and sister in law), going to a concert, and possibly to Carcilloy field for a Mets loss!

  30. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Can’t take all the credit…stole the idea from troll 2.

  31. Thanks NYR, Cafe Amici for some pizza, Friendlys for some butter crunch ice cream, and DD for a donut, although i might want to try Tims, I heard there are a few in NY now! And, of course, all the awesomey goodness that will be Warren 77 friday night!

  32. Linda

    Have a few drinks like I do before getting on the plane, I’m out before everyone sits down and don’t wake up til we’re on the ground.

  33. Fran, what’s droostna? Rusiian is my first language, never heard the word. And it’s kholodno. Friendly suggestion- refrain from commenting on things you have very little knowledge of, I’ll leave it at that.

    Who got banned? And for what?

  34. Did i just misspell Russian? Let me go have a drink. And thanks, CCCP, I was going to say it next.

  35. that tweet was from a while back but a friend of mine is saying that even though someone said it wasnt true (think it may have been DDreg) its still likely to happen.

    im not 100% but its nice to know that with the money we can resign girardi and staal possibly.

  36. ilb,Russian may be your first language, but your keyboard is in English lol ;-) you’ve started the party early haven’t you?

    Sounds like a good idea Jason, but the only thing I’ll be drinking until Friday night is water! Saving my alcohol and carbs bloatedness for then lol!

  37. TR- did you really think they would resign Olli?

    I had no clue Minsk had a hockey team, btw. CCCP- did you?

  38. wait, lmao @ ilb being feisty up there!! WHOA brother! Poor fran had no idea that was coming

  39. Laurel, the mans netbook came back today. I just hope i can ride someones signal while at my parents…11 days without access will drive me insane,but probably break me of my addiction to RR LOL!!! My parents must be the only people in the country with no computer!

  40. ilb

    it’s a new team i believe… but i’ve heard about the team. Vladimir Denisov, who once was a Rangers property is on that team…decent dman btw.

    Denisov *impressed with his physicality* and signed his first NHL contract with the New York Rangers for the 2008-09 season on July 10, 2008. Denisov was assigned to AHL affiliate, the Hartford Wolf Pack, to start the season.

    *Vladimir eclipsed previous highs for goals and assists, however frustrated from lack of opportunity with the Rangers he requested a trade in January but played the season out*


  41. Have a good flight, Lindzo. Txt me when you land, I’ll let the ‘heads know you arrived safely.

  42. Class and Flyers fans, Linda? An epitome of oxymoron. Or the same without oxy.

  43. I’ve been wayyyyy out of the loop…and I hear Dubi is the tournament points leader? Is this a good thing? Or the competition isn’t good?

  44. The White Plains Batman on

    Densinov was kinda an older brother figure to Anisimov in his second season with the Pack. I remember in one of Artie’s interviews he said they hung out all the time and then Vlad’s family arrived so they couldn’t hang out as much.

    He was pretty good for the Pack.

    But it’s time for the Russian Tank aka Pavel Valatenko to arrive.

    Also, does anyone have MZA’s updated stats for this tournament?

  45. CR, did you read that link Linda posted? Come on, you gotta give up Flyers and Philly now!!! :)

    I would not be “mostly magnanimous.” hartnelling carcillos.

  46. I wish Carpy!!! argh, i just looked at the schedule, i dont know if i’ll get to a Mets game. If so, I will definitely let ya know!

  47. Sorry Mama!

    I dont really care who wins now. It’s finally time to enjoy some playoff hockey.

    But I will not root against Philly, not after the favor they did for me. They gave me a Christmas present in early May that I will NEVER forget. And I have fallen for Simon Gagne!

  48. Would be kind of nice to Betts grab himself a Cup. One of the classiest Rangers of the decade past.

  49. Carp

    Enjoy the series! It should be a fun one! Did you cover the 2000 Subway World Series?

  50. I know Laurel!!!! if my parents and i dont go upstate to visit my bro, maybe theres an outside chance i could go to the Sunday night game! Gotta meet Carp!!! He’s my hero!!

  51. is that the 25th or 26th too many men penalty this playoff year? that is pathetic. i think they were saying the other day in all of last years games, there was a total of 17!

  52. Ha! Linda, got your FB message! you rock girl!

    boneheadsfestpalooza attendees, please see “boneheads fest request” on FB. and Linda put something up, too, cause she rocks :)

    TA really now….:

  53. Blue Seat Horror on

    Alright, as much as I hate Philly, You gotta love the “Ole” chant.

  54. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    ha ha mama laureled!!!

    I always thought kovalenko was nicknamed the russian tank?!?!

  55. I’m gonna puke. Thats a funny word, Puke, can i use that?

    WTB?? Boston has their epic choke job and now these Philly bums are playing like a team possessed. This only makes me more pissed off about the Rangers. The Habs have clearly been partying with their nutcase fans since last Wednesday. If I have to watch Philly play for the cup, IM GONNA PUKE. GOD DAMN RANGERS.

  56. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    R E W A R D

    Have YOU seen the Canadiens offense?

    Last seen on May 12th, in Pittsburgh Pa.

    Answers to Ole, Ole…

    If found, send immediately to Bell Centre, Montreal.

    Or Call: Un, Huit Cents, SACRE BLEU- ask for Jacques Eaudeurr

  57. don’t worry carp. you’re still getting 100 + comments each day in the off season. can’t expect 500 or 1,000 every day during spring and summer. people have other things to do in their lives too besides posting. maybe getting out and enjoying some better weather is a good thing.

  58. Im excited for the Flyers. They deserve to reap the benefits of their stellar performance against the Bruins!

  59. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    You’re not fooling anyone. You’re excited for anything in hockey pants…

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    Go Hawks!

    Come on
    Baby don’t you wanna go
    Baby don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Oh sweet home Chicago

    Well, one and one is two
    Six and two is eight
    Come on baby don’t ya make me late
    Baby don’t you wanna go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet home Chicago

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oh Linda!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth!

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!

  62. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    May 18- Two Ranger fans were arrested today in Buffalo NY for attempting to murder Glen Sather, the GM and President of the New York Rangers. When asked what they were doing in Buffalo, the two fans said, “because that’s where the end of the line was”.

    Film at Eleven.

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GAME FRICKING 82 MAN!!!! in a bloody shoot out of all things…

    BTW Linda , you drink and be merry for the plaine ride ,Have a great trip out in the air!!!!

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Why Carp? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??? Why in a shoot out??? Will we ever live this down? Will I ? We were the closeset team to take the Flyers out!! We were!!! We almost had ’em!! We lost in a skills competition and we got out skilled when it counted the most. Why did we hang on to the lead like we did? We wanted the shoot out..but it backfired!!!! I spoke to Philly fans before the game …thay were spent and given up on thier team. We gave them life and now look were they are…Our Team just had to make the playoffs …then who knows what would have happened.

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Izzy , Chicago can go take a flying firetruck. Sure I want ’em to win too but really now…maybe on the chicago blog ya can drool over that crap franchise who only got good cuz of the draft. When we have draft blunders like Blackburn,Cherapanov,Jesseman and Pavel Brendel ..I just can’t get excited over other teams fortunes.

    Rangers would have been still in buddy , that where you ARE WRONG!! You hatefull mustard you. Hate all ya want but it wont change my views.

  66. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Keep rooting for the Rangers, Greg. You’ll have Madison Square Garden all to yourself today.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers stink? AHHHHH hit ’em again as they are down. You are pathetic. Beat on ’em some more…come ..do it!! Your in a great place to say how crappy the Rangers are. Yeah we all hate the Rangers over here…We can’t stand them. Wake up Izzy you moron ,if it wasn’t for the Rangers none of us would know each other. Have some respect. Keep it up .Trash this team some more …If you wanna see a reaction outta me.
    Sorry Carp but I wont take constant picking on the Rangers.

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thank nothing for taking us out Cr9. You so fricking in love with Philly for knocking out yer hated Boston but you fail to realize that the same Flyers took out us!!! Cant believe you love a team for taking out Boston and its the same team who took us out?

    You said” But I will not root against Philly, not after the favor they did for me. They gave me a Christmas present in early May that I will NEVER forget.”

    The present we got is being eliminated in GAME 82 in a shoot out Cr9…whats yer problem? I cheer for the Flyer to see other teams pain but I do want them squashed by Chicago in the finals.

    Carp , I cant believe the NON LOYALTY I see . I wanna puke or freak out?

    IZZY , Rangers rule and you drool ..go grab a hankie.

  69. Oh, Greg. Poor Greg. Our team does not have nearly the talent that the Flyers have. And we have, by far, the better goalie, but Boucher was playing very well prior to injury, and now Leighton is playing out of his mind.

  70. VS is annoying…every single thing is brought to us by some crap..

    Marian Hossa – brought to you by “Albatros”

  71. Blue Seat Horror on

    Okay, so which is worse: Having to listen to Benanati and his softened, deadened, rejected shots; or Eerick and the stabbing, driiiiiiving, ooooooaaaaauuuuuh Niemi!!!?

    If you were relegated to hell, which one would be calling your damnation?

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah Olga , I know Carps not a Ranger fan but he is writing the blog so he has an excuse to be here. Why are you here if you dont like the Rangers?

  73. you guys are a riot.

    Izzy i take it back you no good dirty dawg you!!!!
    LMAO @ the Christmas carcillo!!
    Blue Seat,what a quandry you have presented us with!

  74. Welcome to Ranger Report brought to you by ‘Tampons – so what if it’s once a month?’

    and by ‘Pizza box – sorry, we ate what’s inside’

    and by ‘Chevrolet – three pedals, and all for break’

  75. Olga Folkyerself on

    I like the Rangers. I hate the last ten years of Ranger History. I hate Sather. I hate Dolan. I hate what they’ve done to the team. I hate that it won’t change until Sather retires or Dolan sells the team.

    I’m rooting for the Black Hawks because the Rangers weren’t good enough to make the playoffs. I like the Black Hawks because they are a good example of what a team can accomplish when their stupid owner drops dead and someone that knows what they are doing runs the team.

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , yeah its funny how great the Flyers are now that they are 2 games from being in the stanley cup finals. Yeah the FLYERS are sooo talented!!! Great team!!! Awsome goaltending!! Great leadership!!! Awsome team toughness!!! The Flyers are now unbeatable…funny how they just got into the playoffs by the skin of thier teeth yet they have ALL the talent and the Rangers had none.

    Yeah we sure got it handed to us …we were eliminated at xmas time. Yeah we never had a chance cuz the Flyers are soooo talented. Rangers never ever had a chance right?? Talk about baseball fans(yankees or Mets) who SAY they are Ranger fans. Peeps who slam the Rangers really dont know a thing about hockey and are really baseball fan comming on a Hockey web site to talk trash. Bring it on. Ive been hear longer then Olga and IZZY and to me they are trolls who only wanna stir things up. I dont mind them if they stay but dont be slammin my Rangers..let Carp do that!!

  77. Blue Seat Horror on

    Sharks are byfuglien screwed. Maybe Boyle needs to put one into his own net to wake up the team.

  78. The more I think about it, the more I want the Flyers in SCF so they can get embarrassed by Chicago in 4.

  79. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Damn You, Olga! Don’t you know how much the truth hurts the dimwitted? Next time, wait until you hear that distinctive popping sound- then you’ll know when Greg has gotten his head out of his rear end. Then you just need to get the carcillo out of his ears.

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oops! 3-1 now. Don’t get complacent with the lead, Hawks. It’s too early to coast…

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ask CCCP how many fans came out to the “fire sather” Rally?
    They didnt because it is stuiped. To stand out on the streets and protest yer own team during a playoff drive is absolutly selfish. Embarrasing to ,really dumb and useless. Absolutly USELESS. Fire Sather? HAHAHAA ..come on , Ill bet you anything that he will never leave. Ever. Sather is never leaving. GET USED TO IT. You say to me to get in reality…Yeah looks like im dilutional huh.

  82. Knock it off, boys. Enjoy the hockey. We will all be crying for any game in a month. Do they still play on Chelsea in July?:)

  83. SJ looks like the Rangers in the defensive zone…running around as if they’re playing musical chairs game

  84. cant they just pay her to look pretty and stay away from the players with “chew same questions” crap?

  85. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    And now the Between Periods Report- brought to you by Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test.

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will be back!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAA CCCP ..I used yer name!!!

    Im just fine , peachy keen.

    Olga , gimee a big sloppy Cr9 kiss !!!

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rest up for next season, Greg. Rangers need all the rabid fans they can get. :) You’ll have to get your kisses directly from CR9 though…

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    Cherry Poppin’ Daddies…

    So long Toots, bound for Chicago, it’s all right
    I can’t stay as long as I oughtta, it’s almost light
    And that’s the final star, and you’ve been the best so far
    But you’re sleepin’ all alone in that big sky

    So long Toots (bound for Chicago!)
    So long Toots (bound for Chicago!)
    So long Toots, bound for Chicago now

  89. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    2 games to none for the Black Hawks. Well done, boys.

    “Now it’s on to Chicago and let’s win there…”- Bobby Kennedy

  90. Just to chime in on a couple of things:

    Good for Dubi that he is scoring and finding chemistry with other players, hopefully the experience will be a good one and give hime some confidence for next season. Realistically though, the scoring is way out of proportion due to the lack of quality opposition in the relegation round and he didn’t get anything against Germany, Finland & Denmark plus he was being outscored by Jarkko Immonen at that point.

    As for buying out Drury that was mentioned earlier, i don’t see the point when he only has 2 years left (same with Roszi), we should be actively trying to trade them both come the deadline and due to the fact their salaries are much lower than their cap hits in the final year it should make them a lot easier to trade.

    The big question is what is Sather doing about Redden?

  91. bull dog line on

    WOW! just think of how far the Flyers could, if only they had an ELITE goalie.

  92. LI RangerFan on

    Izzy – sorry, but the Bobby Kennedy reference is out of line, IMO. If you were alive during that period in history, it’s not a very funny comment…

  93. ilb2001

    Lighten up Jacques…I used phonetic spelling, by how it sounded,
    ( admittedly don’t know the cyrrillics), but just plucking yer strings a bit,, OK ?………………..mate? ( a little Aussie lingo there.) Oh, I feel so multi-cultural today.

    The Jagodas, Ukrainians, owned a little mom and pop grocery store next to us years ago in New Haven, and they used to speak sort of Russian all the time, and this is what it sounded like to me then….but ya gotta admit..English is a far more complex “sprach” isn’t it? Nicht Wahr?

  94. Hey, I’m good, Fran. No hard feelings at all. Got to disagree though, Russian is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Very few rules, you just have to know how to, not why.

    Good morning, ‘heads!
    Good morning, Mike!

  95. fran

    I’m not sure if you’re being funny again or not fran (it’s that old humor that i don’t get i guess) BUT…English is more complex than Russian language? Keep saying that to yourself, fran. Too bad you only lived by mom and pop’s little grocery store, otherwise you’d know better.

    And not to insult English, but it is not complex– it’s just more convoluted. You’re correct, in Russian language we do not use prepositions because there’s no need to use extra words just to get to the point… Russian is more direct.

    Also, Russian verbs and adjectives are gender specific. We have to change words based on the gender of the subject of the sentence. Let’s just say you would need to know a whole lot of words to speak/write in Russian correctly … whereas in English the same verb and adjective applies to him, her, it and them; therefore, it’s easy to learn English. This is why most of the globe speaks English, but not so many people take on Russian. In agencies like CIA or US Dept of State, Russian speaking cadre gets paid top dollar. Is knowledge of English as valuable?

    Just plucking yer strings, fran.

  96. Well, I see things remained their usual calm reasoned way her last night :)

    The Habs are killing me. Good morning all!

  97. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I’m making my predictions right now

    Blackhawks win the cup in 6 games against – it doesnt really matter

    Philly will not have an answer for Chicago’s top lines and for Bfyuglin crashing the net and deflecting in goals.

    And thats assuming Montreal doesnt storm back and win the next two games to tie the series up.

    And If Montreal wins, they have the same problem, plus there smaller, so its the same answer

    Either way, Neither team left in the East is goign to be raising the cup this year, and that is jsut fine with me

    LEts Go Hawks!!

    Oh and it still feels good knowing Cindy Sausage Lips is at Mario’s crying in his pillowcasue he aint playing no more!!

  98. Cross check Charlie….from the last post it was a Edmonton Paper, and a Pit paper, discussing moving Malkin to sure up Pits top six forwards (adding a scoring winger for Sid), and they want a top 4 defenseman. I will have to see if I can find the links for the newspapers.

  99. Morning Boneheads! Going to be embarking on our trip to Birmingham to catch our flight soon! Just wanted to check in and say hello, and hope I’ll be able to check in with you guys later! Behave!!!

  100. LMAO at addicted Linda! Are you sure you can’t log in from the plane? :-)

    Tony, the Habs apparently live in Syberian time zone…

  101. CCCP

    Thanks for the Russian free tutoring…I’ve always had
    European neighbors in that area when I was a kid.. two Armenian families across the street with 5-6 African Americans beside them, Italians on the other side (elderly widow with 14 kids ( teens and grownups) still at home),

    those Ukrainians, were very nice neighbors, two sons Walter and (could it have been something like Mikhail?…everybody called him Mitzo or something like that.) and the two girls Olga and Stella and not only beautiful but BIG. I’d guess that both went about 5-10, 5-11)more Italians up the street, and no Hispanics anywhere nearby, but further up the street were 3 Polish families, and they were big folks too. The Armenian kid was a violinist, and he could play beautifully. Mostly classical stuff. That’s where I got hooked on it.

    It was a great neighborhood ( both my grand parents emigrated from Ireland, , and used to scare hell out of me with stories about Banshees, and “the wee people” …..
    and how rotten the Yankees ( English to them) were.) No English in that area at all.
    but we all got along swell with no problems racially or ethnically at all.

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