No. 7 vs. No. 8


Gotta tell ya, this is tremendously tremendous. Just that it’s historical. And hysterical.

What are the ironic chances that a Game 7 will go exactly as an entire series goes: Down 0-3, then four straight goals, making it down 0-3, then four straight wins for the Flys?

Though the coverage could have been a tad better last night.

Have I mentioned how I feel about Versus?

How in holy hell can they go to commercial when a goal is being reviewed? I am not 100 percent sure about this, but since the P.A. guy in Boston announced that the play was under review AFTER Versus came back from its commercials kind of tells me that the NHL guys in Toronto had to wait through the commercials to see the replays. Are you byfuglien kidding me? And when they did come back and show the replays, those lame three angles were all they had? That inconclusive stuff was the best they could do? The NHL must demand that its broadcast partners never do this again.

I won’t even go into the confused words of the broadcasters.

Then, after the historical ending, Versus showed us how many shots of Peter Laviolette? How many shots of Bruins fans? How many shots of Flyers fans? How many shots from the arena in Philly? Every other entity that covers hockey figured out 10, 15, 20 years ago that you never cut away from the handshake line. Never. You don’t do it. This is what the viewers want to see. You stay there, on the ice, with the players.

Not Versus. They think we want to watch fans who are watching the handshakes. WTB!?


When it was 3-1, I said that I always thought Philly looked like a different team when Simon Gagne was in the lineup. I also said it was too late. Right. And Wrong.

And how about the Bruins, once again (see: 1979) getting bounced from the playoffs on a too-many-men penalty. The last coach to have such a major mess-up? Don Cherry.


Here’s the schedule for the Conference finals:

Eastern Conference Final

Game 1: Sunday, May 16 at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. VERSUS.

Game 2: Tuesday, May 18 at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. VERSUS.

Game 3: Thursday, May 20 at Montreal, 7 p.m. VERSUS.

Game 4: Saturday, May 22 at Montreal, 3 p.m. NBC.

*Game 5: Monday, May 24 at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. VERSUS.

*Game 6:  Wednesday, May 26 at Montreal, 7 p.m. VERSUS.

*Game 7: Friday, May 28 at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. VERSUS.

Western Conference Final

Game 1: Sunday, May 16 at San Jose, 3 p.m. NBC.

Game 2: Tuesday, May 18 at San Jose, 10 p.m. VERSUS.

Game 3: Friday, May 21 at Chicago, 8 p.m. VERSUS.

Game 4: Sunday, May 23 at Chicago, 3 p.m. NBC.

*Game 5: Tuesday, May 25 at San Jose, 9 p.m. VERSUS.

*Game 6: Thursday, May 27 at Chicago, 8 p.m. VERSUS.

*Game 7: Saturday, May 29 at San Jose, 8 p.m. VERSUS.

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  1. just goes to show you that anybody can win the stanley cup if you have a good coach. just make it to the playoffs.

  2. Once you think Versus has hit the floor in broadcasting a hockey game, it starts digging underneath the floor. And to think, they are the be all end all for the Conference Finals…oh happy happy joy joy. How many faceoffs will they miss? How many crowd shots will we get during scrums? Fan shots should NOT supercede the action on the ice, or the hand shake line for that matter.


    *FIRE SATHER that good for nothing relic*

  3. I don’t know, rcm. Do you think Tortorella would be a better coach today if Jokinen had scored in the shootout? And Laviolette would be a worse coach?

    And, as mediocre as both Leastern finalists really are, they both have more front-line skill than you-know-who.

    History shows that mediocre teams rarely win the Cup, even with great coaches.

  4. HOLY CARP Hawks and Sharks at Warren! We’re gonna have to get there before 10 Sally!!!!

  5. For all that are saying this could have been us please stop saying that. We all know if the Rangers made it in they would have lost to the Caps!!

  6. I think actually winning the Cup would show you that, not getting to the Conference Final. Whoever makes it from the East will still be a pretty big underdog to win the thing.

  7. The Puck Drops Here on

    #7 playing #8 just proves what you’ve been saying all along, Carp. The Leastern Conference.

  8. Carp- When is World Championship over? And any news from the meetings the Ranger brass had a few weeks ago?

  9. What a great feeling for Betts, also. Blair was a truly classy Ranger who always gave 100% every time out there! Go grab yourself a Cup, Blair!

  10. And also a large thanks to the Flyers for keeping us out of the playoffs. We were never going to go anywhere anyways, and you did me a ginormous favor that can never be repaid!

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Haha, Linda! It’s funny, i’m watching that video, which i’ve never seen before (i’m in my 20’s, it’s not really from my era), and I’m thinking how those women are beautiful, but there’s no Vida Guerra’s amongst them … if you know what i’m saying. Interesting how ideals have changed.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …no Vida Guerra or Kim Kardashian’s (in case my point is lost).

  13. LMAO True. That was the era slightly before the explosion of humongously fake boobs.

    And I don’t know why so many guys think Kim Kardashian is ugly, that is one pretty girl.

  14. Linda

    They think that about Kim K. because they think she is a slu*. I think she is quite gorgeous, and obviously, so does Cristiano Ronaldo. And I’ll trust Ronaldo’s tastes any day!

  15. The White Plains Batman on

    Pass on Gonchar. The key word(s) this summer is short term and value.

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Linda, there has also been an explosion of the “Ballistic Backside Bullseye’s,” as our beloved Benninati, a word-smith genius, might say.

  17. The White Plains Batman on

    I don’t know y’all I like the Hawks (Byfuglien is a beast) but gotta say go Sharks!!!! If the Hawks win then it’s go Hawks!!! Just go West Coast please!!!!!

  18. Vida Guerra is a butterface…but her behind is legendary!

    And can we please stop saying that the Rangers would’ve lost to this team or that team if we made it in…If any one of us could see the future we wouldnt be here right now.

    I can’t see the future, but i am definitely looking forward to it.

  19. Blue Seat Horror on

    Good Morn…er Afternoon all.

    Finally some consistency from some of the Rangers. If team USA continues its stellar play in the relegation division they too can finish one spot out of the playoffs.

    You know what, though, no matter what game it is I always like to see a scoresheet full of Rangers. Warms my heart.

  20. haha love the hendrix songs! one of my faves even though i wasnt around back then. how bout hear my train a’comin. makes me wanna hop on one and get back to ny!! for boneheadapalooza

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If we’re talking ‘Buttorface,’ Vida’s definitely the former.

  22. If we’re talking ‘Buttorface,’ Vida’s definitely the former.


    i am a bit confused….are you agreeing with me? lol

  23. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on


    definite pass on gonchar, not only is he really not the type of d man we need, but i believe he is the over 35 like brashear so we would have his 5 mil on the books no matter what!!!

    I wonder how many more wins we would have if we had managed to keep semenov at the start of last year!

    The NHL was never more popular than when the rangers were going deep in the playoffs and the games were on ESPN….I’m just saying!!!

  24. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    I have to agree with grabby here, if she is who i think she is, her face is pretty good

  25. im a ny’er!!! hahaha. just sayin, i dont get whats wrong with her face. its not ugly at all. dont tell me you going a little cr9 on me!!! haha j/k

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Her rear is better than her front, for sure, but she’s certainly not ugly.

  27. wicky

    dont think…GOOGLE! :p


    i didnt say she was ugly… all i said was that her butt looks better than her face lol

  28. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    ok, back to work…she has one serious booty on her though!!!

  29. Chris Kreider also had a goal for the US.

    In Canada’s 12-1 blowout win over Norway, MDZ only got 8:40 of ice time. Low man by far.

    1st period 0
    2nd period 42 sec
    3rd period 7:58

    I don’t think he’s gotten a SOG in 4 games and it looks like his ice time has gone steadily downward.

  30. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    good afternoon all! lets go habs……the next series should be a great series both teams with amazing post seasons so far…i just think the luck is going to run out for the habs now but we have seen it all this postseason so you just never know….that is why 6 weeks ago you just had to root for the rangers to get into the dance… just never know…..lets go habs lets go HAWKS!

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’m also surprised by MDZ’s limited time, can anyone explain?

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Unless the Flyers hurt Halak, I don’t think Leighton will be able to keep up with him. Montreal also has too much speed and ridiculous transition through the neutral zone and I think that will create havoc for the slower (and slightly more injured) Flyers. My guess will be Habs.

    West has a pretty crazy matchup. That series comes down to Niemi and Nabakov. If one of them plays consistently, they’ll take the series. I want to see the Sharks win, but the numbers show they were dominated in the season series. They were 1-3 and in their one win the Sharks were outshot 47-14, but somehow got stand-up goaltending from Nabby and pulled out the W. The Hawks also seemed to beat the Sharks in the midst of winning streaks, a sign that their team systems just don’t match up well for the Sharks, even when the Sharks are playing well.

    Hawks vs. Habs for the cup?

  33. TR – you’re confusing the Carcillo out of me.
    (Not that I might not be wrong)

    First link vs Norway shows: 0 SOG 0 Pts

    1st period 0
    2nd period 42 sec
    3rd period 7:58

    Looks like he got in the 2nd after 39:06 goal until 39:48 goal (42 seconds) on the extended PP that carried into 3rd period.
    Then he probably started 3rd on the PP. He was on for 2 PP and 1 ES goal.

    the game before canada was against france ?
    game before that was against jagrs team?

    Canada played Italy, Latvia & Switzerland in Preliminary Round

    Norway in Qualification Round

  34. LOL- just saw “oh my god. MDZ
    not MZA”

    but you got me to look a little deeper – I didn’t see MDZ was on for those PP goals at first.

  35. ddebened

    i thoght you were referring to aasen
    i was like have i been watching the wrong games?

    mza and mdz is going to get confusing.

  36. So, I’m watching the Memorial Cup on the NHL Network and who should be receiving a hero’s standing ovation and dropping the ceremonial puck?


    Hint: he’s one half of our R&R duo.

  37. Good afternoon all! I am still sick, SICK, over last night. WTB and WTH! GO HABS!!!! Then GO HAWKS!!!

    TR had been hoping, and our prayers are answered. Game night at warren for blogfestivus!!! Attendees, if you choose, get there for game. TR’s table reservation is for later, but that’s OK. Come hang by bar for game….

    Ok, this is more capital letters and exclamation points that I usually use, but this post demands it!

  38. I hear that Mets attendance this season is 17% below expectations…most in the league BY THE WAY.

    How about Rangers fans giving MSG a little wake up call this early season, and launch an uprising about Bettman as a fan killer? Bettman and his Versus stroke. You gotta let these people know that you not gonna take it any more. Down in Florida here we’re trapped. We get hosed out when the Panthers and Lightning are playing home games, and with the Marlins and Rays in the summer. Getting to be not worth going to NHL Center Ice, and MLB.

    Funny you should mention the Mets. Here is an alleged ball team with a Cluelss GM a walking dead man for a Bench manager, and owners who must be in la la land.

    David Wright. When is this team going to wake up to the fact that the guy has totally lost any recognition of the strike Zone. He takes two beautiful pitches down center
    of the plate and then flails at an outside pitch he could not reach with an oar. And not once in a while…routinely.

    And rope a dope Manuel still clogs up the hitting portion of the lineup with three guys who cannot muster an attack if they were being raided..

    ( Even the Marlins play by play were chuckling over the brain dead resolution of keeping Reyes in cleanup, instead of lead off.) ( We can only get Mets games when the Marlins are playing THEM.)

    All this guy does is throw away one game after another (and predictably), and then keeps trotting out the invisible man…Perez.

    No wonder that attendance is down…and watch it get lower if this crap keeps up.

  39. >>JBytes, oh no, his name doesn’t start with an R does it?


    Are you thinking of Rade Wedden?

  40. Sally, do try! But whenever is good. When do you get in town btw? e-mail me at work and let me know your schedule. We already know Linda is busy, busy, busy.

    Fran, talking baseball to me is like talking Swahili. Haven’t cared since the Nettles/Schmidt era. But here’s the thing, for better or worse, and I think it’s going to get worse when the MSG renovations happen, the Rangers will always play to a “sellout crowd.” Jets are hurting too, I hear, but they won’t bring prices down.
    Basically, cost of being a fan in person is ridiculous.

  41. JBytes. Oy. that’s all I’ll say.

    OK kids, off to enjoy the rest of the day. I was proud of you last night, btw….way to love each other!

    and to repeat myself as a final goodbye….Go HABS then HAWKS!


  42. Laurel, depending on the weather Friday, we may be in the city for most of the day. If the weather is bad, we’ll LIRR it in later on, but if it’s nice, we’ll probably be there by 2 or 3 depending on the train schedule

  43. Blogfestivus folks ( or boneheadsfest). See you for game or after. Linda, if you’re in city early would love to meet, but employment calls first…see ya at warren at 8 or after…

    TA! and go Hawks!

  44. Carp, if the habs win it all(which I think they will) is it still the leastern conference?

  45. wooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo

    Mama, you’re sick over last night???????????

    That was one the 30 greatest nights of my life! That one will last a lifetime!

  46. CR, cause from the home computer I get typo’d stupid sometimes. And yes, I am sick over last night. Now I am signing off….see ya later all!

  47. The White Plains Batman on

    Wow, it’s dead in here Jim. My weekend plans got all botched so I have nothing to do, guess the rest of the gang is oot and aboot.

    Not much hockey left to watch.

    6 weeks to go till the draft though.

    7 weeks until July 1st looniness.

  48. Mama,
    Been out all day and waiting to get back to ask you just one question……………..who was that idiot that guaranteed a Bruins win last night?

  49. So heres my story:

    A few days ago, the man met up with an old friend of his for some coffee, and she asked if we’d like to go to the Vipers ( our AFL team) game with her, her husband and their family tonight. At first I didn’t want to go, because we have our trip to NY coming and need all the money we can muster, but I’ve wanted to go to a game since we’ve been here.

    So, the man and i go, get our tickets one section over from theirs and THEY NEVER SHOWED UP!!! he texted at the end of the first quarter and she said they just got home from the lake and would be there soon. NEVER SHOWED UP! We left and went to get a little ice cream and he says to me….

    “There is no comparing a Vipers game and a hockey game. The hockey games are way more fun, there’s always something going on.” I was so proud of him that i had tears in my eyes! LOL

  50. isnt it Carpy! lol, i’m just pissed that his friend and family, who invited us to hang with them, never showed up. Rudeness of the highest order. Bright side to all of it, I am slowly planting the enjoyment of hockey into his being!!!! and that baskin robbins has baseball nut ice cream back lol!

  51. sup guys! Im an aspiring model named Kim and I want to make it on my own in the industry! I love messing around with cute boys and just having a good time you know?! I love my kittens, and just can’t get enough of them… and I like it when guys show my kitten the same attention jk lmao!

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