It’s beyond belief


The Leastern Conference Final will feature the No. 8 seed, and either the No. 7 or No. 6.

And if it turns out to be Philly and Montreal, or 7 vs. 8, remember that the Flys got in on that skills competition point, and that Bettman Bonus Point got them the seventh seed on a tiebreaker over the Habs.

But even more remarkable than the Canadiens knocking out the Presidents’ Trophy winners and then the defending Stanley Cup champs in back-to-back Game 7s is this:

The Flyers are only the sixth team in history — IN HISTORY! — to come back from 0-3 to force a Game 7.

The last team to do it: The Islanders in 1975. Those Isles, as we said the other day, beat the Penguins after being down 0-3, then played the Flyers, fell 0-3 again, and forced a seventh game which the Flyers won.

And, of course, the Islanders’ comeback vs. Pittsburgh was one of only two IN HISTORY in which a team down 0-3 actually won the series. Toronto did it to Detroit in the 1942 Stanley Cup final. That’s it.

Holy Carcillo!


What the heck was Mike Richter doing in Ed Snider’s box last night?


The NHL Network will show you some of the best junior prospects from the Canadian Hockey League, including drafted players and those who will be drafted in 2010, with telecasts of games during the Memorial Cup playoffs, starting tomorrow.

Here’s the schedule:

2010 Memorial Cup on NHL Network U.S. Schedule

Date        Game        Time (ET)
Friday, May 14        Memorial Cup Preview Show        7:00 p.m.
Windsor Spitfires @ Brandon Wheat Kings        8:00 p.m.
Saturday, May 15        Calgary Hitmen @ Moncton Wildcats        3:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 16        Brandon Wheat Kings @ Moncton Wildcats        3:00 p.m.
Monday, May 17        Calgary Hitmen @ Windsor Spitfires        8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 18        Moncton Wildcats @ Windsor Spitfires        8:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 19        Brandon Wheat Kings @ Calgary Hitmen        8:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 20        Tiebreaker (if necessary)        8:00 p.m.
Friday, May 21        Semifinal Game        8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 23        Championship Pre-Game Show        2:30 p.m.
Championship Game        3:00 p.m.


Mr. Titleist is calling an emergency meeting. Gotta go. Won’t be back until tonight. See youse.

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    And of course if the Rangers had made the playoffs, they would have been knocked out in the first round.

  2. And the Pittsburgh “fans” started leaving with 10 minutes left in the game? Really? Pathetic.

  3. CTBlueshirt on

    Yeah kc, especially when it’s the last game in the only building the team has ever known.

  4. CTBlueshirt on

    Well neutralize the Pens top threats like Crosby and Malkin and the rest of their forwards are very average except for Staal but he was playing with 1 foot.

    Their D is mostly puck movers, except for Orpik and while he’s a great crash and bang D he isn’t really a top rate shutdown guy that completely diffuses the attack.

    Also Fleury played bi-polar. Very good in their wins in the series and downright awful in the losses, especially games 6 and 7.

    Another problem with the Pens, like the Caps is they heavily rely on their talent to win games. They don’t have a dedicated system and if you can stifle the playmakers you can usually hold them off, much like the Devils did in the regular season.

  5. Did anyone notice that Cindy was hardly ever shown on camera after THEY LOST!!!!!!!! The camera can’t find another player during the year or in the playoffs when the Pens are winning but have the Pens lose???? Oh please don’t show the long, sad face of the NHL on the line of shame!!! Please, keep my Cindy off camera. I don’t want anyone to see him cry!!

    So, Gary, who’s your face of the NHL Semi’s now?

  6. FiveFootZero on

    Anyone else think it’s ironic that the Canadiens won the very first and very last games in that building?

  7. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Dear Cindy Crosby:

    HA HA HA!!!

    Eat it you little crying, whining piece of carcillo
    I hope you never touch The cup again.

    With that said, the Habs are playing loose, they know there not expected to win anything, and with crazy goaltending from Halak, there finding ways to win games.

    Philly though needs to lose, I just cant stand them especially Briere.

    Either way , whoever wins the east is going to get swept in the finals

    Chicago or the Sharks will walk all over any of the three remaining leastern conf teams

    No new Rnagers news? I’m so sick of talking non blueshirt Hockey

  8. Good Morning!!! In honor of the Crosbyless semifinals and SC finals, I just wanted to say:

    It’s a beautiful mornin’ ahhh
    I think I’ll go outside a while
    An just smile
    Just take in some clean fresh air boy

  9. Still giddy that Cindy is GONZO. No more getting him shoved in our faces will be refreshing.

    From the previous thread- tomb, thanks for the link. It makes much more sense now. :)

  10. CTBlueshirt on

    Crosby really comes off as such an ungracious loser:

    On his early penalty that resulted in Montreal’s first goal:

    “I was stunned,” Crosby said. “I don’t know how that’s a penalty 10 seconds into the game.”

    So would it have been better if it was 10 minutes into the game? How did you feel about that marginal call you drew against Hal Gill after he lost his stick. You know the one where you overreacted after getting shoved?

    In a video interview he said something to the effect that he’s never seen a team who’s gameplan it was to get massively outshot and give up lots of scoring chances.

    That smacks of a complete lack of respect for your opponent. And the scoring chances must not have been that good Sid because you and Geno combined for 2 goals the entire series. Sorry, I just can’t respect a player that whines and complains when things don’t go his way.

  11. Carp,
    I’m a little late to the Neil Young banter. Best songs starts “They were hiding behind haybales…..THRASHER off of RNS. Good arguement for greatest rocker ever.Longevity,influence younger generation, great live, electric,or wooden, great bands Buffalo Springfield, CSNY,Crazy Horse. He has played every worthwhile event in the last 40 yrs, Woodstock,Live Aid,Live8,911 telethon(stole the show with Imagine,very gutsy)every Farm Aid,Dylanfest, Bill Graham tribute,Bridge school,Last Waltz

  12. TheMessiah94 on

    CT – What’s even better was that Cindy said that he didn’t understand why the Pens came out so flat in the first. It’s because you took a penalty 10 seconds in, and the Canadiens scored on the power play. That’s why, you dummy. He doesn’t take any responsibility for it at all. Good riddance Ball Park lips.

  13. Good morning all! I am very very habby today! Now, Boston needs to get off the Hartnelling butts and kick the carcillo out of Philly!!!!!

  14. Linda says HALAK A LAK A LAK A on

    the face of the game = SORE LOSER and even worse a sore winner. what a disgrace

  15. Well, Gomez would be better on the Cup than Crosby.. but… yuck.

    Hoping Jed Ortmeyer gets his name on it instead.

  16. Been in Pitt alot the last 2 yrs. The blame will go to Fluery and Malkin, wheather it’s right or wrong. Cindy will skate on this one. And agreed he is a bad winner and a sore loser good riddiance.

  17. pumpkin head on

    I’ve kinda hated the Habs before, but they’ve gotten rid of both Blow-vechkin and Cindy, and now we can just watch hockey without them being promoted and lauded every 5 seconds. So way to go Montreal. Hope the fans didn’t burn too much of their own city down in celebration (but Pens fans can burn as much of their own city as they want :) ).

  18. “In a video interview he said something to the effect that he’s never seen a team who’s gameplan it was to get massively outshot and give up lots of scoring chances. ”

    It’s a version of the so-called rope-a-dope. They laid on the ropes and you were the dope.

  19. Sally
    The digitally remaster the Last Waltz and took out the Redden rock under NY nose. I read a inview and Neil said Robbie shouldn’t have done that, he wasn’t proud of it but it was “real”. He said he flew all night from Atlanta and someone but out there for him and well the rest is history. Increadible honest just like his music warts and all, simply the best. I did think that performance was shakey @ best though. Like the youtube duo’s @ bridge school with McCartney and the Boss, they evn look @ him like he’s the man. Good to see and hear NYR & NY fans in the mix

  20. Two other nice events for ole Neil. Vancouver Olympics and 1969 Big Sur concerts the list goes on….

  21. @Carp Actually, the Flyers got in based on their record over 82 games. The point from OT was just part of their season total.

  22. So glad the Boneheads are happy today.

    Good morning, Sally!

    And Linda, you Young Rascal.

    Gotta go. Fore right!

  23. anon, don’t know what you’re saying, but they got into the playoffs on a shootout goal, a bonus point, after tying the Rangers on the final day of the season. And that tied them with Montreal. The Flyers won the tiebreaker.

    Now, gotta go. Fore right!

  24. @Carp there were 81 other games that added to their point total. The Rangers also would not have been where they were without their previous 81 games’ points including 4 points from wins after the end regulation. To say that one game decided the team composition of the playoffs is false. If you think that, then you can probably take most of next year off and just cover game 82.

  25. Linda says HALAK A LAK A LAK A on

    what killed the Rangers was their utter ineptness from November through March. And that’s been a trend for a few seasons now

  26. Regarding Richter, who is truly a great Ranger -one of my faves. When I saw it, I tried giving him a pass cause he’s from PA, but by this morning I was pretty torqued. Holy cow, that guy Snider is such a neanderthal and it’s the bleepin’ Flyers. C’mon Mike, watch it on TV…please! And have any business meeting away from the rink.

  27. TheMessiah94 on

    We really are, Carp! The grass is greener, the air is clearer, food tastes better! Now if we can just get rid of the Philthies it’ll be fantastic!

  28. Richter’s an aspiring politician now which means……….well, you know what it means.

    If you have money to donate, Richter will come over and vigorously shake your hand too.

  29. Cindy is still crying into his pillow this morning. I love it.

    Richer, what is holy hell are you thinking consorting with the enemy? Bad goalie, bad goalie.

  30. somewhere on the internets, is a picture of crosby leaving the mellon head arena with a case of pampers, his thumb in his mouth, and Bettman caressing him.

  31. ive got this big smile on my face since i woke up today and i have no clue why….

    anyone else w/ these symptoms?
    webMD turns up nothing…


  32. So the NHL Network will show prospects, but they can’t show playoff games? What’s the point of owning your own network if you won’t even put playoff games on it?

    By the ways, the Habs last night became the third team to ever beat the Caps and Penguins in the same playoff year. The other two: the 1988-89 Flyers and the 1992-93 Islanders. Ironically, both of those teams were then knocked out the playoffs by the Habs.

  33. Shocking that the Rangers aren’t on that list. I think they’d be up there though for a list of most times beaten by the Pens and Caps.

    Have they ever won a playoff series against the Pens?

  34. So my 10 year old grandson, Anthony, sent Hank a letter in Feb asking for a autograph on a picture I took of him during a game. Think I should tell him to forget it ? Poor kid keep checking the mailbox every day.

  35. man Tony, i thought he’d have at least gotten back a black and white 5X7 with the signature stamped on it by now! Poor lil man. Maybe if he forgets about it, something will come.

  36. linda

    phew thats a relief
    now at least i can do some research on it

    wonder if my healthcare covers that….

  37. Tony, maybe you should get a Henrik photo and fake autograph it? A bit misleading but it would probably make his day.

  38. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    I have to amend a statement I made a few threads ago. Someone posted they wanted nicky Z and plekance on the rangers and I gave a resounding no to both. I still give a resounding no to nicky z, but for some reason I was thinking of kostitsyn not plekanec. plekanec I am neutral on, kostitsyn get a resounding no (either one of them). Go habs go!!!!

  39. TR- it’s called “from Crosby’s lips to yours”. WebMD doesn’t list sufficient evidence based medicine on it, but I checked alternative medicine handbook, they strongly suggest hard liquor.

    Will be busy for the next few day, don’t know if will be able to post. But I just wanted to make sure you all know that whatever I have to do, will be done with much greater degree of exuberance. Now, if Boston can only end the season for a team full of carcillo!

    PS. Why does my auto spell checker underline the word carcillo in red? Which part of that word does it not understand?

  40. hmmmmm…..i finally got a really good night’s sleep in a looooong time.

    it’s cloudy outside but really the sun shines on all of us cindy haters today. what a whining poor sport and bad role model. i wish don cherry would really give it to him on a constant basis because he deserves it.
    maybe that’s a pittsburgh……just look the other way at sports players’ bad behavior.

    too bad i wasn’t around for the Neil Young talk. one of my all-time favorites!

    as far as the montreal fans rioting…i think that’s like a provincial pastime there. they rioted when Metallica cancelled due to James Hetfield catching and GNR cutting their set short. i think they rioted for something else as well. (and of course there was the canucks fans’ rioting after WE WON THE CUP!!)

  41. CTBlueshirt on

    Plekanec would make a good #2 center on a team that already has a good #1 center. In other words, not the Rangers.

    I wouldn’t complain if Anisimov developed into a Plekanec-like player though with a bit more consistency. 20 goals, 40 assists.

  42. interesting article

    all the way at the bottom ->

    In another game on Thursday afternoon at Mannheim, Germany, Norway’s Olympic sensation Mats Zuccarello Aasen had a goal and an assist on a pair of third-period power plays to break open a 1-1 tie and give the Norwegians a 5-1 win over France, which dropped into the relegation round, where it joins Team USA and Italy.

  43. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    will do and please return the favor to all in the ilb household!!!!!!!!

    I hate punk assed kirk muller though!

  44. billybleedsblue on

    Last night, I couldn’t help but to think that the penalty on Crosby at the start was just a gambit by the officials to mask later and more horrific calls. You know, like they would say “Well, we DID penalize Crosby early on, so don’t complain…”

    I thought it was like, totally preemptive to set up some Bull-Carcillo later-on. Too bad it didn’t work out at all like that!

    I was so upset at the call on Gill there in the third, and one of my friends watching the game says something like, “Hey, that’s your NHL. That’s what you want. And you wonder why hockey isn’t popular. It’s because of carp like that.”

    Calls like that really do make the game look bad. Thank goodness bad calls were really a non-factor in the game.

  45. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    from zipay on twitter

    Hoho…former NYR linemate Mikey Nylander crosschecks Jagr from behind into boards. Jags gets up favoring back. Penalty to the Swede


  46. Zuccarello – 3GP – 2G – 1A – 3P
    Anisimov – 3GP – 1G – 0A – 1P
    Rozsival – 2GP – 0G – 1A – 1P
    Kreider -3GP – 0G – 1A – 1P
    Dubinsky – 3GP – 0G – 0A – 0P
    Staal – 3GP – 0G – 0A – 0P
    Del Zotto – 3GP – 0G – 0A – 0P
    Gilroy – 3GP – 0G – 0A – 0P

    “if” we did sign MZA, these would be the stats from the nyr players. am i missing anyone?

  47. TheMessiah94 on

    Wow, good to see the Rangers players are very consistent, no matter where they play.

  48. lmao my eyes are playing tricks on me, I thought TR wrote what a goal by hunchback!!

  49. the messiah

    hahahahaha, good one

    i spelled it wrong
    think its hubacek

    could be wrong. the video quality is horrid on this feed.

  50. billybleedsblue on

    TR, the new NHL dating one is pretty funny too…

    Redden: “Holy Carcillo, look over there! I signed the contract, you guys are so Byfugliened now!”

  51. Jeesz, Dubinsky’s answers were boring and dry from the Q and A.

    Two Staals on the Canes now. Could be good for Jared.

  52. im hopeful to have more on roman cervenka later.
    looks like its down to TO and NY

  53. Crosby is even more sad that Bettman won’t go to Jareds for him now


  54. I liked the moves that Montreal made in the off season and I thought they would be a lot better in the regular season even though they had a lot of injuries. But looking at there numbers this off season not only is both Halak and Price restricted free agents but also Lapierre, Kostitsyn, Pouliot, and Pyatt. I can’t imagine letting most of those guys go. Where it gets dicey are the UFA with Moore, Darche, Metropolit, and the guy I’ve been paying close attention to for a while Tomas Plekanec. He wins faceoffs and hes had at least 20 goals each season. I’d love to see him centering Gabo. Unbelievable though that they have at least 8 defenseman that can play. 9 if you count Mara.

  55. old coach 92 on

    Just opened my invoice on subcentral for next year’s season tickets and saw that the price was the same as last year. Even though they missed the playoffs, I figured that Dolan would use the renovation as a reason to increase the price. Small favors.


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  57. Tom Jenkinson is pretty talented dude…though, i am not a big fan of such hard style of music… I’m into underground GoaTrance music, or Ambient music in general, if you know what i mean…It used to be a huge scene in NY few years back…not so much now days…i like music with emotions and not just noise…

  58. cccp

    the new album was kinda funky. i was quite shocked w/ it at first. its definitely grown on me.

    ny has definitely changed thats for sure, lol.

  59. i dont know why my comment isnt posting. maybe its the link?

    its the album called just a souvenir.

  60. anon, not to belabor the point, because of course you are correct … all 82 count.

    But I was in Philly that day and the Boneheads were going nuts because, unless I’m terribly mistaken, the winner of that game was going to the playoffs and the loser was going home. And the Flys won in a skills competition. The Rangers got a Bettman Bonus point and the Flys got the extra Bettman Bonus point for winning a skills competition that had nothing to do with hockey, and the Flys indeed went to the playoffs and the Rangers didn’t. So is it safe enough to say that point was the difference?

    Hey, I saw Vinny Prospal on the golf cour… er, I mean, at my meeting today. That’s the second time.

  61. Blue Seat Horror on

    Good morning everyone!

    In response to TR’s stats. 3 things come to mind:

    Gilroy really only played 2 games and a period.
    He’s not a forward, but Chad Johnson did see a period of action in net for Canada.

    And don’t forget, Rozsival is also a very impressive minus 3.

  62. good morning??? Blue, what are ya drinking my friend??

    LMAO @ very impressive minus 3

  63. Blue Seat Horror on

    I wish I was drinking right now. I just got to work, and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to join in the fray.

  64. SALLY are you there?? In 7 days, at this time, we will be drinking something awesome and eating some yummy food at WARREN 77 GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO

  65. skills competition on

    the rangers missed the playoffs because of many reasons especially their play for most of the season. it actually would have been a shame if they made them and washington would have been glad as they would have easily won.

    i for one will not cry about losing out on last day. they didn’t deserve a better fate.

  66. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    What kind of “fan” leaves a game 7 before its over? Pens or not, lousy fandom – and it was the last game in the igloo! Baffling! Does blowmez skate the cup? Go Habs!

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If the Rangers made the playoffs, the Pens might have won the cup. Since the Rangers were NOT winning the cup, I will take that trade-off: No playoffs in lieu of Pitts being eliminated.

  68. Is anybody here interested in answering Steve Lepore’s (Puck the Media) questionnaire about local hockey broadcasters? I would do it, but haven’t watched enough games, since I have been away from home.

    “BIG PROJECT: Folks, if you watch your local team’s broadcasters more than 65-70 games a year and would like to answer some questions DM me with an e-mail address and the team you watch. This is my summer project, and I need reps from all 30 teams. Help me out?”

  69. carp, sorry if someone said this before, be ed snyder is a hardcore republican. Mike richter has wanted to get into politics as a republican. why wouldn’t he try to become friends with a big MONEY GIVING republican owner in his own sport. Ed Synder is the guy that had sarah palin drop the puck at a rangers vs flyers game even though she went running in the morning wearing a rangers t-shirt and was more excited to meet scott gomez an dubi than the team that was hosting her. SOOOO I think it was just politics!

  70. leetchhalloffame on

    Been in hibernation since Joke-a-non’s missed shootout attempt. Has Slats been fired yet?

  71. joey
    Richter’s a Democrat, not a Republican. He’s been talked up for Kristen Gillibrand’s congressional seat in NY. Forget the fact that he lives in Connecticut, that problem is easily fixed – buy house in NY, run for office, problem solved (see Clinton, Hillary).

    Now being a Democrat doesn’t stop any self respecting politician from hitting up the other side for cash, does it?

  72. GC, Richter does own property in NY. He has a place up near Lake Placid, where he went to prep school.

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