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Ooops … my bad

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Can the Cinderella Habs do it again. Can the No. 8 seed beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Penguins in a Game 7, after coming back from 3-1 down to beat the Presidents’ Trophy winning Capitals in a Game 7?

Before I go any further, I need to point out how badly I messed up. Of course the Habs were never down 3-1 in this series, which I wrote in this post earlier and was quickly pointed out to me. That’s what happens when I write in the early a.m. The caffeine hasn’t hit my brain yet … not that I need an excuse to get something wrong. I’m pretty good at that.

So moving on with the point, even though it is now completely unrelated …

Two local teams were involved in two of the best comeback double-dips ever.

In 1975, the Islanders came back from 3-0 to beat the Penguins, only the second team ever to come all the way back from 3-0 (and only two teams in all of major league sports have ever done that — the 1942 Maple Leaves, and the 2004 Boston Red Sox against you-know-who).

But did you know that in the very next series in 1975, the Isles fell behind against Philly, 3-0, and came all the way back to force a Game 7?

Which reminds me of 1994. Vancouver came back from 3-1 to beat Calgary in the first round, and in the Stanley Cup final, came back from 3-1 again to force a Game 7 … which the Canucks would lose to you-know-who.

Readers have pointed out that Minnesota did come back from 3-1 twice in the playoffs in 2003.


Did I mention that I hate Versus?

The game ends, a dramatic game in Montreal, fairly well televised, and there is an obvious scrum going on along the boards.

But Versus — as it seems to do every single time there is any kind of fracas breaking out on the ice — goes to closeups elsewhere, in this case the two benches. Why? What the byfuglien? (did I just coin a new Bonehead acronym: WTB?).

So the camera eventually goes for a moment to the skirmish, and we see that Brian Gionta is doing something to somebody in a Penguins uniform, down on the ice along the boards, and Mike Emrick starts to tell us that something is happening on the ice as we see more closeups of players and people not involved.

Then Versus goes immediately to five straight bryzgalov commercials! Five. Then two Versus promos, including one for that new Versus show — you know the one … the one you’d pretty much have to be brain-dead to even think about watching. The one with the geek talking about pointspreads and over/unders, the one with the girl reading us stuff from the internet?

What in Holy Hell?


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