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Can the Cinderella Habs do it again. Can the No. 8 seed beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Penguins in a Game 7, after coming back from 3-1 down to beat the Presidents’ Trophy winning Capitals in a Game 7?

Before I go any further, I need to point out how badly I messed up. Of course the Habs were never down 3-1 in this series, which I wrote in this post earlier and was quickly pointed out to me. That’s what happens when I write in the early a.m. The caffeine hasn’t hit my brain yet … not that I need an excuse to get something wrong. I’m pretty good at that.

So moving on with the point, even though it is now completely unrelated …

Two local teams were involved in two of the best comeback double-dips ever.

In 1975, the Islanders came back from 3-0 to beat the Penguins, only the second team ever to come all the way back from 3-0 (and only two teams in all of major league sports have ever done that — the 1942 Maple Leaves, and the 2004 Boston Red Sox against you-know-who).

But did you know that in the very next series in 1975, the Isles fell behind against Philly, 3-0, and came all the way back to force a Game 7?

Which reminds me of 1994. Vancouver came back from 3-1 to beat Calgary in the first round, and in the Stanley Cup final, came back from 3-1 again to force a Game 7 … which the Canucks would lose to you-know-who.

Readers have pointed out that Minnesota did come back from 3-1 twice in the playoffs in 2003.


Did I mention that I hate Versus?

The game ends, a dramatic game in Montreal, fairly well televised, and there is an obvious scrum going on along the boards.

But Versus — as it seems to do every single time there is any kind of fracas breaking out on the ice — goes to closeups elsewhere, in this case the two benches. Why? What the byfuglien? (did I just coin a new Bonehead acronym: WTB?).

So the camera eventually goes for a moment to the skirmish, and we see that Brian Gionta is doing something to somebody in a Penguins uniform, down on the ice along the boards, and Mike Emrick starts to tell us that something is happening on the ice as we see more closeups of players and people not involved.

Then Versus goes immediately to five straight bryzgalov commercials! Five. Then two Versus promos, including one for that new Versus show — you know the one … the one you’d pretty much have to be brain-dead to even think about watching. The one with the geek talking about pointspreads and over/unders, the one with the girl reading us stuff from the internet?

What in Holy Hell?


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  1. 2 things. The Wild were down 3-1 twice in 2003 and came back to win the series. Against Col and Van. Another thing is this Montreal series has seen each team alternate wins. Montreal tied it 1-1, 2-2 and now 3-3. They were never down 3-1.

  2. habs were never down 3-1 in this series but they still have shocked and been a really cool team to follow thisplayoffs carp. i really think they have a shot to get to the finals if they can get past this next game.

  3. oops, zissou already mentioned that. anyway, i dont hate versus. because its the only way to watch without going online which is horrible.but i do think its pathetic having a guy liek beninati calling a stanley cup plaoff game. his “backdoor bang bang” phrase is soo byfuglien lame and almost anything he says. along with a few others there arent too many really great broadcasters. the west coast teams color guys and pbp guys are better. i would nver want to have some friends over to watch a playoff hockey game with bang bang boy doing commentary. its laughable. the camera angles used to go wacky all the time too but theyve kinda fixed it. but yea, that show daily line is so boring too. that guy they have doin the comic relief is ok i guess. the other 3 should be shining bill patricks shoes

  4. yes lw! the “VERSUS” crew!!! every other word they say is versus!.. “versus, the only channel thats on versus”!! idiots

  5. Good mornihg, ‘heads!
    You forgot to mention another brewing (no pun) comeback- Flyers against the Bruins. I hope this one doesn’t work.
    Another thought, why do they even bother playing for EC champion? Do you think any of the four still left has any chance against WC?

    I like WTB. *A lot.*

  6. “Do you think any of the four still left has any chance against WC?”

    I thought Pittsburgh would be the only one with a chance, but after last night’s game I’m not so sure.

    Is it me or does Malkin’s play look very ordinary in this series?

  7. Malkin has his moments. Sometimes he looks great (game 5), sometimes he looks pedestrian. MAF has been just OK for them, and they miss Rob Scuderi on their D.

  8. The Habs have been unreal this post season. I don’t know how they are managing to do this, but it’s been great fun and even better theater. Halak, for the most part, has been tremendously tremendous.

  9. MickeyM, I believe that coaching has a lot to do with it too. Martin outcoached Boudreau and he is doing the same to Bylsma.

  10. ilb, No doubt about that. Martin’s coaching has been on point all playoffs long. I loved how he recognized the Moore-Pyatt-Lapierre line was going last night and rode them for most of the game. Sure do wish Torts would do the same thing…

  11. This is really nauseating. From Ron Cook from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

    MONTREAL — I have to be honest, I thought long and hard about going all negative on you this morning and mentioning David Volek and Tom Fitzgerald. But that would be living a lie. I truly don’t believe the Penguins are looking at another Game 7 nightmare at Mellon Arena. Not Wednesday night against the Montreal Canadiens. Not in what would be the final hockey game in the grand old building.

    I’m betting on Penguins captain Sidney Crosby.

    Especially after what I saw happen at the end of the Canadiens’ 4-3 win in Game 6 Monday night at the Bell Centre.

    Really, is there a better bet in all of sports these days than Crosby, particularly when he’s amped up and clearly annoyed by the opponents?

    I know some of you are worried sick. The Canadiens began to thoroughly outplay the Penguins after falling behind, 2-1, in the second period Monday night and really didn’t stop until they had completed their fourth survival win of these playoffs. Surely, they will come to town feeling mighty confident that they can dethrone the defending Stanley Cup champions and advance to the Eastern Conference final against Boston or Philadelphia. They have stayed in the series by outscoring the Penguins, 11-6, at even strength, excluding empty-net goals.

    You also probably know they have a white-hot goaltender — Jaroslav Halak — who is threatening to do to the Penguins what he did to the powerful Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs when he won Games 5, 6 and 7 by stopping 131 of 134 shots. After allowing the Penguins to take that 2-1 lead by giving up a weak goal to defenseman Kris Letang on the power play, he turned away the next 16 shots he faced before giving up a deflection goal to Bill Guerin that made it 4-3 with 1:24 left.

    Too little, too late for the Penguins.

    My ears still are ringing from the bedlam in the Bell Centre. Talk about pain. But, I swear, there’s nothing wrong with my mind. I’m still betting on Crosby. In one game — winner take all — I want him on my side.

    “You just try to make sure you’re at your best,” Crosby said of his approach to Game 7. “It’s just one game and so many things can happen. You just try to play your best like everyone else and see where that leaves you.”

    It’s a strategy that’s worked pretty well for Crosby in previous big games. He scored the first and final goals in the 6-2 win at Washington in Game 7 last season. He also scored the overtime goal for Canada to beat the United States in the gold-medal game at the Vancouver Olympics in February.

    I dare to think Crosby has at least one more big goal in him this series.

    “I hope, yeah, I hope so,” Crosby said. “There’s one game left. It’s the biggest game yet. So, yeah … ”

    This was fewer than 10 minutes after Game 6. Crosby was perfectly calm, unlike the man who had to be held back by the officials from going after Montreal defenseman Josh Gorges after the final horn sounded. As the game ended, Crosby cross-checked Canadiens forward Tomas Plekanec in retaliation — at least in his mind — for some unexplained offense. He then began chirping at Gorges and had to be restrained after Gorges skated over to put in his two cents. Some will say Crosby was frustrated by the loss. I’m thinking he was angry. I’m also thinking anger, in this case, is a good thing.

    Crosby has had — at least by his incredible standards — a quiet series. He didn’t score his first goal until Monday night when he swatted the puck out of the air and into Halak’s net to pull the Penguins into a 1-1 tie.

    “It was nice to see one go in,” he conceded. “You work so hard to get your chances.”

    He also had an assist on Letang’s goal.

    Funny, I thought Game 6 was going to be the night that Crosby did something remarkable, something more than a one-goal, one-assist night. Canadiens defenseman Hal Gill, who had played so well against him in the first five games of the series, didn’t dress because of what’s believed to be a deep leg cut from Penguins winger Chris Kunitz’s skate blade in Game 5. So maybe I was off by a game. Game 7 would be just fine, right?

    Crosby sounded as if he can’t wait when he explained the postgame scrum with Plekanec and Gorges.

    “That’s just Plekanec,” Crosby said, biting off each word. “It’s better to get that stuff over with. We’ve got more hockey to play. Game 7.”

    Sure, anything can happen.

    You remember Volek’s overtime goal for the New York Islanders to beat a terrific Penguins team in Game 7 of the 1993 playoffs? How about Fitzgerald’s third-period goal for the Florida Panthers that stunned the Penguins in the ’96 conference final?

    There won’t be a repeat Wednesday night at Mellon Arena.

    Write it down.

    Crosby won’t allow it to happen.

    Read more:

  12. Did he not forget that Crosby was pretty invisible in the elimination games of the Olympics except for the game winning goal? Or that he wasn’t even on the ice for most of Game 7 last year in Detroit?

    Please, it’s a Game 7. You get scoring from anyone you can. Would you rather have Crosby get a spectacular hat trick and the Pens lose or would you rather have Max Talbot be the hero again?

  13. The Daily Line may not be too great of a show, but Jenn Sterger is slamming, so it makes the show bearable.

  14. Oh my god Carp, you are the man, I was screaming at the television last night to show the scrum. The player that Gionta was scrapping with was Malkin! Even more reason to show it. Both highly skilled players who never fight but at the end of the game are showing their emotional side. This is what makes hockey first of better then other sports because of the edge and its also compelling. YES, there are bad hits and stupid fights throughout the year, but in the playoffs of any of the major sports if there is any kind of scrum happening the cameras are right on in and will show replays of it. WHY the versus people think they are getting new hockey fans by not showing the fracases is Abdelkader backwards. Also EVERY penalty called needs to be shown on replay, I dont care if it’s obvious, if there are only 2 or 3 penalties in a period they deserve replays.

  15. according to our European scout Krisy, MZA is having a good game and breaking in a new number ;-) Goal and an assist for him so far!

  16. Reginald Dunlop on

    Versus blows…….Ed Snider’s baby…….why don’t they show the anthems before the games???? In Chicago and Vancouver it is part of the whole experience but some fool Snider crony has decided NOT to show them……..putrid….. almost as bad as benedumdum’s suits

  17. Well written story, Carp. I guess WTB wouldn’t go too well with that type of story, eh? Thanks for the link, mama.

  18. sots on goal
    cze -46 nor -13

    jagr and rozsival look real good together.

    great game.

    grotness got to be mvp for norway.

  19. Ant, if you want slammin’ there are plenty of better ways and places to find it than having to sit through that putrid show.

    I mean, how bad must it be if one of the promos has the geek saying, “I’m going to take the over!” That’s one of the highlights? WTB?

  20. The thing I absolutely hate about Versus is when they cut out SO early after a game ends, and they say, “We hope you enjoyed our bonus coverage.”


  21. TheMessiah94 on

    If anybody thinks the writer from Pittsburgh is bad, try listening to Mike Lange who does the Pens’ play-by-play. That guy is totally UNLISTENABLE! He makes Beninati sound like JD calling the play. He is such a homer, it’s really horrible. And every time they score he has to inject some stupid rhyme or comment. Even the guy from Buffalo isn’t nearly this bad. So…..

    GO HABS!!!!!!!!!

  22. Imagine Bruce Boudreau in her outfit? One wouldn’t be able to tell them apart..

  23. Could it be that the NHL doesn’t want Versus to focus their cameras too much on fights and scrums? Remember, the league is still desperately trying to appeal to mainstream America, which uses the “too violent” excuse for not liking hockey, but have no problem with boxing.

  24. TheMessiah94 on

    What’s boxing??? Do they still do that? Seems like UFC/MMA has totally taken their thunder.

  25. Carp – you corrected the Montreal thing, but as Zissou (post #1) said, Minnesota came back from 3-1 down in back-to-back series in the 2003 playoffs, so it wouldn’t be the first time it had been done.

    That was pre-lockout though, when the league was simply known as the National Hockey League rather than “the NHL on Versus”, so I’m not entirely surprised if the brainiacs on Versus weren’t aware of it. One of the blonde robots (not Engblom, a female one) said to a San Jose player after they’d beaten Detroit that the Sharks had just reached the Conference Final for the first time. Correct. If you ignore the time they got there in 2004…

  26. LW3H. Ugh. I’m wrong again. My first instinct was to write nothing today. Maybe I should have stuck to that.

    That’s why in the paper and on LoHud, I have people edit my stuff. They find these things before they get into the paper or on the site, and they save my Zuccarello-Aasen all the time.

    Though I got the Versus thing right … I don’t think the league orders them to not show the rough stuff, because when guys drop the gloves and really duke it out, the camera is right there for the whole thing. Plus the NHL sells that whole on-the-edge, ferocious battles thing on its own site, on its own network, and in its video games. And Versus shows the most violent of all sports (if you can call it a sport) plus bull fighting and violence-filled blooper shows and of course boxing.

  27. Carp,

    Right on about the Versus thing. I was screaming at the TV last night when they cut to a commercial after seeing the scrum at the end of the game. How can you cut from that?

  28. Versus is the absolutely worst and every true fan knows it. Why can’t we have the NHL on ESPN again, where it belongs? Ah, Bettman. The idiot would thought moving Winipeg to Phoenix was a great idea. How much is that going to cost the league?

    If I could get the local Montreal feed of the games I would watch that in a second. Once in April Versus just rebroadcast a CBC feed. I was ecstatic.

  29. And to think that the brain dead Bettman, allowed that half baked TV’er to buy into the TV of games of the NHL, and will probably expand them next season ( which will actually remove me from the viewing pool. I’m having enough trouble getting ball games that are not locked out down here in Fla, but the return of a bigger and better Versus will be too much for me to stomach. Oh and btw…they upped their rates ( VS did) to Direct TV, which forced Direct to drop them. InsaNITY PREVAILS AT THE HIGhEST LEVEL OF SPORTS.

  30. You are watching the NHL On Versus !

    I know Carp and a lot of you loathe versus. but I actually don’t mind it. it’s not a quality broadcast by Canadian or informed hockey fan television standards but at least I know where to find the games.

    Rangers Beat Winnipeg Jets In Sloppiest Defensive NHL Game Ever Played

  31. Ohhh Sally… Did you see that you can ask Dubinsky a question on the Rangers site? I’m tempted to ask if he practices all his faces in a mirror before games.

  32. Linda WTB FO' LIFE! on

    Sally, ask him why he parts his hair on the side (for ORR) and invite him to bonehead fest lol!!!

  33. One more question: the league has it’s own television network. Why doesn’t it broadcast these games itself? Is VS really in more households then the NHL network? I smell inside dealing.

  34. I flip out when Versus cuts off before the Rangers raise their sticks after a home win! As Rangers fans, we don’t get all that much to cheer about, yet Versus denies us that moment.

    I was at the Bruins/Flyers game last night. I guess someone had to witness to the worst playoff game ever. The most that home fans got to clap was for clearing the zone on a P-kill. The funniest part was that fans tied their giveaway towels in a knot and used them to peg the Flyers while they were hugging and groping each other on the ice after their win. I don’t condone throwing stuff on the ice but surely even the Flyers were impressed with the accuracy of some of the throws :)

    And thank you, Carp, because carcillo is now a standard substitute in my swearing vocabulary. Something that not many people seem to get.

  35. The only thing Versus got right last night IMO was when the commentators shut up and let the raucous crowd at the Bell Centre tell you all you needed to know about what was going on.

  36. I believe the NHL Network came about after the Versus contract was signed. The league just can’t pull out of their contract with Versus because they have their own network- it would be a breach of contract and the league would have a mess of a legal battle on their hands.

  37. I’m convinced Dubinsky’s a Mad Men fan. It’s the only reason to explain the hair part.

  38. I know Mara is on IR but is he traveling with the team? If so his beard must be pretty fantastic by now.

  39. I hate Versus as much as everyone else, but I notice that, even in games televised by our own beloved MSG, the cameras are very slow when it comes to televising a scrum. They don’t go to commercials like Versus, but sometimes I’ll see a scrum happen on the ice and the cameras will close up on some other player who’s not involved in the scrum. Then, all of a sudden, a few seconds later, the camera will go to the scrum and there will be a fight already in progress. The only thing I can think of as an explanation, is maybe the director is not paying attention?

  40. i found a wallet with $530 cash and two Yankees tickets for the game on Saturday inside the wallet…i found it in my building and i know who it belongs to… what should i do? :)

  41. Give me the cash and Yankees tickets to CR9.

    Give it back to the owner, my froog.

  42. but i dont really like that guy…he leaves above me and walks very loud all the time! lol

    ddeb… thanks Droog :)

  43. So the NHL creates a network that they can’t show major games on in the US? What is the point – to show replays and classic games?

    They have to get out of that VS contract and brand their own content, because VS just wants to use hockey to brand themselves and to sell every possible space to advertisers. Even the replays are brought to you by some company.

  44. I thought you were joking about the girl reading stuff off the internet, but it wasn’t a joke – she actually reads the facebook posts. I mean really, are you honestly that hard strapped to come up with your own content? In any event, Carp, hilarious stuff as usual. Keep it going….five straight bryzgalov commercials –can’t stop laughing…

  45. lol ddeb

    i love the pink bunny slippers! I wish that guy could just disappear like those pirates, but i guess i will have to do what’s right!

    Rangers fans…always trying to do what’s right!

  46. CCCP-I think your neighbor sent you a message:”I’ll give you $530 if you go watch the Yankees”. :)

  47. dde- I read the story too. They released them, alright. Welcome to Russian judicial system.

  48. I don’t know if you Pearl Jam fans know about this but I stumbled across this website today.
    I love PJ, have never seen them but, my “troubled youth” days of high school and early college were stuffed with grunge, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, PJ, Alice n Chains… Anyway this is a sick site where you can listen to live PJ shows…absolutely freakin awesome. Check out the 1991 shows they are incredible! They were soooo good back then! Still good now, but the angst and freaking rippin shows back then were awesome!
    1991 at Wetlands is amazing!

  49. You did the right thing CCCP, one day, someone may return YOUR wallet with all its contents and money inside, or maybe you’ll just win the mega millions!

  50. CCCP -But we’re all proud of you.

    ilb – hey, “there were not sufficient legal grounds to detain them”

  51. I’m proud to know you, CCCP. I wish I could say for certain that I would have done the same thing.

  52. lol ilb, the one about the Mellon Arena was hysterical… after that one i stopped reading

  53. CJ from Buffalo on

    Anyone know whats going on with the Coyotes? Are they gonna stay in Phoenix?

  54. CJ, CCCP put a link up to its trailer about a week ago…it was freakin disturbing.

  55. What action already! None of these teams wants anything to do with the middle zone

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers were robbed on game 82!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , If you see his Idetification in the wallet then yer almost compelled to return it. You knew it was his for some reason and giving it back was the right thing to do. Now …WHO carries $500 bucks in thier wallet? …to have a few tickets in there too is stuiped. The guy never gave you a reward (what a jerk). I like what you did but why do idiots always get rewarded? The goof stomps on yer floor and acts like its no big deal when you returned his wallet. Next time take $200 and “slide” the rest under his door. He would have still been happy and took only a $200 hit . If the guy has kids …well strike that last part cuz id never wanna have poor little kids suffer for thier dads stuipity.
    In all actuality CCCP , you are a hero.

  57. CJ from Buffalo on

    Thanks JBytes. I’d love to see them move to Winnipeg although, I’m surprised Gary would be willing to give up on his project in Phx.

  58. TheMessiah94 on

    Looks like the Canucks will be losing Edler to a knee injury on a VERY late hit by Byfuglien. Stupid Bill McCreary is standing 4 feet away from it and staring right at it, and doesn’t make a call. God, I wish he would retire already.

  59. Greg –

    What if the guy had no kids but had 3 dogs and 2 cats?

    Remember Big Mama’s watching what you say.

  60. Greg called me a hero… I’m touched, deep!

    Thnx carp…I am proud to “know” you too!

    Thnx for the link Linda… that movie will definitely compete for the grosses movie ever! Can’t wait to see it!

  61. Linda WTB 4 LIFE on

    you’re the most interesting man in the world CCCP,i bet your mom has a tattoo that says “SON”

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago looks like they are killing a 15 minute power play. Get some offense going fer cryin’ out loud!

  63. Linda WTB 4 LIFE on

    what the hell is with things being thrown on the ice besides hats and octopus lately??

  64. This is what you get Vancouver for having some of the worst uniforms in league history.

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago moves on!!!! I’m seriously thinking of rooting for the Black Hawks next year and for as long as Dolan, Sather & Co. continue to ruin the Rangers. Those two bozos will never win a Cup.

    It’s fun to watch a team who’s ownership cares how well the team does. Chicago has gone farther this year in the playoffs than Sather has since he came to NY.

  66. the hawks are much better since the owner died and left the team to his son.

    just sayin

  67. Just catching up on the replays of the first 3 goals, Luongo looks like Tom Glavine 2007.

  68. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s a fact. It took that idiot owner Bill Wirtz to die before Chicago fans came back to their team. That’s what will have to happen at MSG. Dolan will never win a Cup. Either he sells the team or dies before they are good again. I don’t think I want to wait that long anymore.

  69. Why is the channel named VS? It’s mostly hunting and fishing for it’s non-hockey programs right? So it’s supposed to be deer vs rifle, fish vs hook?

  70. Yeah well at least with the hook you could snag a shark or something and get dragged overboard. I give the fish much better chances than the deer.

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    The deer’s best chances are you hitting him with your car and he comes horns first thru your windshield.

  72. I got a vintage style Kane t-shirt from the NHL store the other week. I mostly got it because I think the red Hawks jersey is still the best looking jersey in all of sports.

  73. Luongo – “The end of the day I don’t think they’re a better team than us”…

    Your 2nd straight year with your jockstrap hanging in the rafters in your nail in the coffin game says otherwise.

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    I have an old Red BlackHawks jersey with Esposito’s #35 on it. I almost got the Black BlackHawks jersey. I think it’s the best logo in sports too.

  75. >>Luongo – “The end of the day I don’t think they’re a better team than us”…

    I guess “better” is no longer judged in terms of wins and losses?

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now I need to root for Boston. Philly is the worst team in pro sports, Montreal has enough Cups for forever, Crosby and Co. already have their Cup, and besides, Boston has never met Chicago in the Cup finals.

  77. Ugh! That Habs vs Pens matchup is a game i can’t cheer for anyone (Cindy vs Blowmez…no thanks) at least with the other game i hate Philthy more than the Bruins…

    I think Go Hawks – it might at least serve as a small wake up call to Slats to give youth a chance!

  78. As for the wallet…You could have used the old Flip Wilson technique…brought the wallet and a bat – when you found the owner, just say that you didn’t know whether to hit him with the bat or give him the wallet. But you finally decided to be a good guy and give him the wallet….but then say to him
    ” but I am gonna hit you with the bat,”

  79. Ever before considering that their feud in UFC 107 in December, there have been many situations, where by it was assumed that Evans and Jackson may collide alongside one yet another. On the other hand, Jackson announced a retirement, which did not last for prolonged, but fit the match on hold. Now, with the star announcing a return, very a lot not long ago, the feud has been reignited. Each of them will get an chance to settle their differences the moment and for all when they go head-to-head alongside a single yet another in UFC 114 on May well 29.

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