This has to be the lightest traffic I’ve ever witnessed here. I’m not complaining. I understand it was Mother’s Day. I understand it’s now been a month since your boys went home. I also understand there hasn’t been much news whatsoever from the Rangers.

So I should have expected this summer’s slowdown to come earlier than last summer’s.

And it isn’t as if I’m bringing much to the table lately. I’ve been very busy, and I apologize. Hope to pick it up a bit soon.


I like to watch hockey, and I like the other sports, too. So I admit I’ve been flipping the channels during these playoffs, which continue to be mostly fabulous.

I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally turned off a game just because Cliche-machine Beninati is doing it, but I have put on the radio when it’s involved the Rangers. However, a 3-0 game with Beninati made my switch to the Yankees-Red Sox (which was also a blowout) a no-brainer. Goodbye Versus.

I have to admit, though, that through all the other series, I have had no problem whatsoever with the various play-by-play guys, and I have even taken a new shining to some of the color analysts like Darryl Reaugh (sp?) and especially Billy Jaffe. I still love Eddie “tremendously tremendous” Olczyk when he’s without his between-the-benches “Edzo” guy.

One more question for Versus: Is the Stanley Cup playoffs really a good time to have tryouts for a studio job?

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  1. I think Billy Jaffe is by far the best play by play. The young lady who keeps asking “How important was it to…” should not even be editing the middle school newspaper.

  2. BRAVO CARP!!!!!!!!!

    beninati actually kills whatever game he’s doing! I love watching on the new tv, but I think i’m just going to bring it over to hockeystreams so I don’t have to listen to that asshat!!!

    And I couldn’t agree with you more. Versus, after all this time, is still so totally clueless when it comes to coverage. You’d think they’d have gotten it by now. The talking to the coaches or players DURING the period is unnecessary, save that for between periods or after the game. It’s the same questions and answers every single time…yawn. The studio ‘guests’ I don’t mind as much, although it would be nice if McCarty put in his toof and if Keenan didn’t look like a mannequin!

    Loved Billy Jaffe with Sam, would be nice if we could trade Michelobetti to the Isles and see how Jaffe and Sam mesh during Rangers games.

  3. Just to finish off with Beninati. Have you noticed that he was wearing stripe tie, shirt and suit yesterday? Does he know that’s a no-no in fashion? Is there anyone professional on VS who could tell them what’s allowed? Sure way to induce seizures in some sensitive population.

  4. ilb, the other day he was in mustard yellowish green , and the guy he was with had on a schnazzy pink tie. Professional at VS? I think the bull riding guys!

  5. hey long time no post! I just love how you keep poking at Bennotti Carp. I bet he goes home and has a shrine to doc emrick.

  6. Good day, everyone! I didnt get a good chance yesterday to say thank you for wishing a Happy Birthday to me…so,


  7. Billy Jaffe is definitely the keeper of the bunch. He works for MSG Networks, correct? Maybe we should start a petition to have him transferred from the Mausoleum to the Garden?

    Not only are those in-game player/coach interviews annoying, they trivialise the game, itself. These are not All-Star games; keep that stupid microphone away from the players and let them concentrate on the task at hand.

  8. So two games tonight, both at 7pm. Exclusive VS coverage. Nice. Fans, eat your heart out!

  9. that is incredibly incredible ilb. what a farce! how do they allow that to happen??

  10. TheMessiah94 on

    Let’s hope the Habs can somehow beat the Pittsburgh Whiners tonight. Looks like Hal Gill will probably be out tonight too. Can the Pens possibly get any more breaks?

    Also heard that Carcillo may be out tonight vs. the B’s.

  11. Mess, i pray that the Habs win! As horrible as this sounds coming from a hockey fan, i could hardly watch the SC Finals last season. A friend ( a huge Wings fan) went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game, towards the end, I was getting agitated and she told me i was bad luck, so I walked outside and glanced at the tv from there. I can say that somehow, to this day, I have YET to see Count Bettman hand his lover the Cup. Whenever i sense it coming on TV i look away. Would be horrible for that team to win it again.

  12. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    afternoon all!

    I would love to trade gianone for jaffe!

    I really wish ESPN had hockey back, the commercials alone were with their weight in gold!

  13. There’s a sign for some kind of coffee hanging in our cafeteria here. I forget the name but it’s similar enough that every morning I see it and every morning I think I’m seeing Beninati’s name and every morning it annoys me.

  14. I don’t follow NBA or NFL at all so I can’t really compare…but is NHL the only league that employs so many idiots?

  15. well CCCP, it’s run by idiots and you don’t really thing they would hire people smarter than themselves would you?

  16. i definitely miss the days of bill clement and gary thorne on espn they were very entertaining together….i enjoyed sam rosen during the caps/habs series but have not heard him during the 2nd round…is he done on TV for the year and back doing radio for the nhl playoffs?

  17. TheMessiah94 on

    That’s hilarious, Linda! I did the same thing!! To this day, I have to trust other people when they say that the Pens won last year, because I refused to watch it!

    At some point you would think karma will be making an appearance to pay back Matt Cooke and the rest of his whiny friends.

  18. Mess, i’m wondering this, if the diaper wearer wins again this year, would Bettman spontaneously combust with joy? If so, a new commissioner would be needed! Could be a necessary evil to get rid of the bane of the NHL’s existence. NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Lets go Habs or Bruins or Sharks or possibly Hawks. SAVE US!!!!!

  19. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    i agree, the fact that they call the nhl 10 games makes me miss them more!

  20. TheMessiah94 on

    I actually hate the Pens more than the Devils, Isles, and Flyers combined. At least those teams don’t lose on purpose (hello Mario Lemieux draft in 1984), and get handed the #1 pick to save them from moving. Ugh, that franchise makes me sick.

  21. Just wanted to drop a line…

    I was in Shop Rite on Saturday grocery shopping (In North Jersey) and I saw a New York Times Great Rangers Moments packet of some sort…

    It’s a bunch of replica pages from the NY Times over the years featuring famous events in Rangers’ history.

    Their first Stanley Cup…Their second…the one in 1940…the 1950 Double OT loss…On through the 1979 playoffs…the Messier trade…the 94 Cup…Gretzky…and all of the recent banner raising ceremonies…

    Well worth picking it up…it was 10 bucks but quite a fun look back at history as it was being written…

    The trade for Messier in ’91? They list his cons as: Injury Prone. Doesn’t play defense. Old.

    I enjoyed it…I think some other fans will enjoy it, too

  22. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    i don’t really understand all the joe m hate, i mean he is a lot less annoying than most announcers. The biggest thing against him is he took over for JD. I mean anyone would be bad compared to JD. I think he is pretty good and he always seems to promote the more physical side and does a pretty good job of bringing up the flaws of the team.

  23. im surprised to see a lot of people down on Micheletti, a few of my buddies think he is tough to listen to as well and throughout the year i have seen alot of people complaining about Micheletti, he has big shoes to fill after JD moved on but i actually like him a lot and i think he does a good job….

    to change topics a bit we can talk about the garden renovation plan….i am loving this suspense bridge above the ice/court Redden/Drury better be gone by then or they better watch their BACKS

    Email below from the Rangers from 6may:

    We wanted to share with you some exciting news on the upcoming renovation of the “World’s Most Famous Arena.” As you know, we are planning a dramatic transformation of Madison Square Garden that will take place in phases. The building will be transformed into a state-of-the-art facility that lives up to its iconic stature, while preserving The Garden’s great history and distinctive architecture.

    The ultimate goal of the renovation is to dramatically enhance the experience for all of our guests, reinforcing The Garden’s place as the leading sports and entertainment venue in the world. Some of the many significant upgrades will include: a brand new 7th Avenue entrance, significantly wider concourses, several new first-class food and entertainment amenities, improved sightlines, more comfortable seating, a dynamic new scoreboard, new suites, clubs and hospitality areas, and views of the city from several areas of the building.

    At the conclusion of the Knicks and Rangers 2010-11 seasons, The Garden will be closed for three consecutive summers to complete work on this project. The Arena will be open for the Knicks and Rangers seasons each year, along with our roster of world-class events during this timeframe. While there will be construction-related activity ongoing during the seasons, including work on the concourses, certain suites, concessions and restrooms, we are taking all possible steps to minimize disruption to fans. Below is a description of The Garden transformation phases that are planned to be completed over the next three summers (some areas will debut during the Knicks and Rangers seasons):

    2011-12 Season

    Lower Bowl seating area with larger, more comfortable seats

    Expanded Lower Concourse with city views, enhanced concession stands featuring Coca-Cola products, more restrooms and additional retail locations

    20 new Event Level Suites offering a sophisticated atmosphere and the best seats in the house

    New Delta SKY360 Event Level Club offering exclusive dining options and views of athletes entering and exiting the locker room area

    2012-13 Season

    Upper Bowl seating area with larger, more comfortable seats and significantly improved sightlines

    Expanded Upper Concourse with city views, enhanced concession stands featuring Coca-Cola products, more restrooms and additional retail locations

    58 new Lower Level Suites that are larger and half the distance to the court/ice with bowl seating

    New all-inclusive Super Club with seating in the arena and exclusive club space available for corporations and individuals looking to entertain at Knicks and Rangers games

    2013-14 Season

    New 7th Avenue Entrance featuring interactive kiosks, retail locations and a broadcast area

    Two spectacular new Bridges that will be suspended above the court/ice for a one-of-a-kind view of the action

    New 10th floor Party Decks offering a selection of new food and beverage options and a unique social gathering space with direct views into the arena bowl

    New state-of-the-art GardenVision center-hung scoreboard

    18 completely remodeled 9th floor Suites

    We are dedicated to providing you, our most loyal customers, with a transformed Garden that will meet your greatest expectations for the “World’s Most Famous Arena.” We hope that you share our excitement for the new Madison Square Garden and the role it will play in creating defining moments and great traditions for New Yorkers and fans around the world. This transformation is important to New York given that The Garden, much like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park, is part of the fabric of New York. We are pleased that our construction manager, Turner Construction, has advised us that the renovation will involve more than 2.6 million man hours of union labor, the equivalent of at least 1,300 full-time equivalent jobs, and will create as many as 3,700 union construction jobs.

    Moving forward we will offer you a host of resources, including regular communications, informational events and interactive online tools regarding the highly anticipated renovation of The Garden to ensure that you are fully informed as progress continues. If you go to, select renderings of the transformed Garden are available to view.

    Thank you for your support and commitment to the New York Rangers, we look forward to seeing you at The Garden in the fall.

  24. i dont think New York is the proper place to have any kind of bridge over the ice surface lol!!! we’ll have some crazed brethern in FIRE SATHER shirts paragliding onto the ice surface lmao

  25. LMAO!!! linday hows the summer treating you so far! i was away for a few weeks, now hears to hoping the SHARKS/CANUCKS/HAWKS win it all….lets go HABS tonight

  26. Anybody else have this problem with Versus HD, specifically on Cablevision? The picture and sound continually freeze up for a few seconds at a time. This almost never happens on any other HD station, but happens all the time on VS.

  27. Hey Setho!!! my visit back home is 9 days away, so i’m totally excited to get back to NY and get my ‘swaggah’ back!!

    Stan, I have that problem here in AL, i’ve just been watching the regular VS.

  28. Linda, thanks, its good to know (I guess) that its just Versus screwing up visually as well as every other way.

  29. I have TWC. The picture is good, but sometimes I wish the sound would freeze lol.

  30. As much as I love Sam, I would have NO problem with swapping announcers with the Isles. I’m sure Howie would love to come back and do Rangers games. :)

  31. I’m back…kinda. Been away from here for awhile. Carp, going into next season, shouldn’t the Rangers 1st priority be to sign a playmaking center/forward (i.e. Tomas Plekanec)?

    Seems like they try to get scorers and put them all together, but nobody can pass them the puck. Also I hear Nicky Z might be coming back for his second stint on Broadway. Maybe if Torts is smart and puts him with Gabby they’ll actually develop some chemistry.

  32. Hey Orr, is global warming Dubinsky’s fault too? Kinda always wondered who we should blame for that.

  33. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    one of my fave joe m moments of the season is during the canucks rangers shift brawl and byers and bieksa go to the box while everything else is still going on on the ice, sam says byers needs to calm down and stay in the box and joe goes but why sam why. Classic. I think he calls a pretty good game and is pretty enjoyable to listen to (thick forearms aside).

  34. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    big no vote to plekanec and i hope no nicky as well.

  35. The Zherdev rumour is intriguing, I’ll admit. But I just cannot see him coming back if Torts is still the head coach.

  36. sorry GC, i know a lot of people do NOT like pigeons! What group do you think I should have mentioned? I have a particular one in mind, but we try not to be political in here lol ;-)

  37. Yea!! STAAL!!!! howyadoin?

    there was a rumor going around last week about the Rangers possibly talking to Zherdev. Now that we know Torts had hip surgery in the last few weeks, and should be in less pain next season, Zherdev coming back is a must! I need to see Torts “DIO” anger face a few times a month! We need the pulsating neck veins! If Drury doesnt garner that reaction, Zherdev is a must! :-)

  38. I think Zherdev would be great, maybe Sloppy Sather could also land Kelly Kisio, Pavel the Russian Rockey Bure, and Bernie Nichols

  39. Linda
    I hate pigeons too. I just hate Versus more. They’re responsible for far more carcillo than pigeons are.

    Wait, this just in from Hockey Central….Chris Simpson has an in-game interview with a pigeon after the break. Stay tuned.

  40. Mickey,
    global warming is my fault…don’t forget that, I am trying to build the biggest most expansive ‘carbon footprint’ I can.
    Actually it’s #43’s fault, along with…
    Katrina, the current oil spill, Tennessee floods, wildfires in Cali, the state of the Rangers, and on and on…

  41. Somebody mentioned Thorne and Clement. The only problem I have with Thorne is he get so excited I think he’s going to pop a blood vessel or something. A weak shot from the blue line that the goalie routinely saves and he makes it sound like it just missed by inches.

    Clement…he was a Flyer. ’nuff said.

    As a hockey fan I just can’t root for the Canadiens to win. A Canadiens-Bruins Eastern final would be dull with the winner having the opportunity to get embarrassed in the finals. At least the Penguins and San Jose or Chicago would be an interesting series.

    Oh..and Zherdev…uh….anybody besides Gaborik get 25 goals? How many did Zherdev get with the Rangers? If the contract demands aren’t outrageous, why not?

  42. TheMessiah94 on

    Where is Chris Simpson? Haven’t seen her lately. It’s been Charissa Whatshername and somebody else. lol

  43. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I hate Joe Dumbelletti becasue of all the colro announcers he meanders on and on and distracts Sam from actually callin gthings happening while the game is goign on.

    Ever year I get to about November and I’m putting the radio on to listen to Maloney on 1010
    I woudl take Dave or JAffe stealing Joe M’s job in a heartbeat

    The guy is just annoying to listen to, and likes the sound of his own voice mroe than what is happenign on the ice, period

  44. Heya, Staal!

    I’m.. glad that you are doing that. At least you have something to strive for.

    #43? I’m stumped.

  45. hey Carp,

    if you ever get the opportunity
    the San Jose color guy is really really good.
    informative, doesn’t act as home team cheering squad and has some fun with the game

    just can’t think of his name right now

  46. OK, I just had mini moment of utter glee at the thought of a healthy Gaborik and a healthy, in his prime Pavel Bure on the same line. Then I woke up from my popcorn and latte induced happy place and realized it would never happen. :(

  47. stumped MickeyM

    george bush – 43rd president – responsible for everything

  48. I don’t really have a problem with Joe M. Yeah, he uses the terms,”superb” and “thing of beauty” a little too much, but I guess all announcers have their pet expressions. “In all honesty”, look at Dave Maloney.

    I liked Gary Thorne, but he butchered names more than “The Big Whistle” if that’s possible. (No offense to Bill Chadwick- he’s one of my all-time favorites.)

  49. thanks for clearing that up bklynmike.
    43 is responsible for earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunami’s, hurricanes, fire’s, the Duggar’s….

  50. bklynmike, AHH, OK, then. Thanks for helping to ‘unstump’ me. I never think in terms of politics, that’s what it never came to mind.

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