Happy Mother’s Day!


So the Sharks are the first team to the conference finals. And I have to tell you, I’m really happy for a really good kid (kid?) who not only has found a great place to play but has become an absolute force and contributor to that team’s success.

Way to go Manny.

Now, I don’t want to kick up the whole firestorm again (OK, maybe I do), but during the season I brought up how well Malhotra was playing a role, and how poorly so many Rangers were playing, and the idea that I’d take Malhotra over so many of them.

So what if, this summer, San Jose offered Malhotra and asked the Rangers for a list of current players they couldn’t get for him (assuming no-trade clauses and money were not issues).

Who’d be on your list?

Here’s mine: Gaborik, Lundqvist, Staal, Del Zotto, Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov.

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  1. I got carped. Expected. Either me or Linda lol.

    Good morning, boneheads!

    Happy Mother’s Day! Please appreciate your moms and what they’ve sacrificed for you. Try to spend as much time as you can with them. My mom is older now and I’m trying to see her as often as possible. Special congrats to boneheads moms. I know at least one- Linda! You’re a great mother, girl! Btw, does Blogmama count? I guess so!

    Happy Birthday, CCCP! Pozdravlyayu, molodoi chelovek! Rasty bolshoy, ne bud’ lapshoy!

    Cynar, welcome aboard! Marleau isn’t an ideal center, in my opinion, he needs to be set up, not a set up man for Gaborik. But he’s got speed and size. So he can work. Having said that, I wouldn’t engage into any biiding war over him. Remember, his numbers also reflect that he is playing with Thornton.

  2. Linda say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCCPZO!! on


    Thank you very much ILB, what you said means a lot!!

  3. Carp, did you forget to put Drury on tat list? :)
    Did you consult with John Muckler on that issue, btw?

    I think I’d add Gilroy to that list. I feel that he is still finding his way and we haven’t seen the best of him yet.

  4. Did I misspell bidding? That’s what I got for spending all morning with my mother and talking Russian only. I’ll take it.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day! I love you, Mom!

    Thanks for birthday wishes, everyone! Being 26 (33) means a lot!

  6. Well Carp…that is an easy list to put together..

    The untouchables: Gaborik, Lundqvist, Staal, Del Zotto, Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov.

    The rest of the pile: fill in the blank

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I would also say that Gilroy, this early in his career, is untouchable for a Manny Malhotra. Grachev and a few of the other youngsters also not moving for a Malhotra.

  8. Yeah, presumably that’s a list of current roster players only. You certainly don’t trade Grachev, Stepan, McDonough et al for a third-liner like Malhotra at this point.

    And if money was not an issue, would you really swap Drury for Malhotra? Tough to argue that Drury still isn’t a better player (similar stats this year notwithstanding).

  9. So happy for Malhotra’s success. But he is doing well on a team that has many solid 1st line players around him. And not to mention, well-coached. The Rangers need to worry about more first line talent instead of jumping to add more 3rd liners again.

  10. The White Plains Batman on

    I think Manny’s ship has sailed. I was absolutely devastated when they traded him and York in separate deals in 01-02 but it’s time to move on. San Jose has always been a good home for ex-Rangers (Dalhen, Mullen, Kission, Turcotte, Nicholls, Harvey, Graves, and many more)

    Manny is a UFA at the end of the season, but I’d rather go after Nicholas Wallin as a cheap #6-7, that guy can play.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why would the Rangers get Manny if they already overpay for Drury, essentially the same players?

  12. Thank you, Jason!

    May 9 also marks the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the WWII! The Victory day! When i was born, the hospital presented my mother with a “Order of Victory” with my full name and date of birth engraved on the back of it…Not a real “Order of Victory” but it made me very proud when i was old enough…i carried that thing everywhere with me…I still have it laying around somewhere at my mom’s apartment.

    Growing up in former USSR, May 9 was a great day for me! Everybody would dress up, parents buy balloons and little red Soviet flags for us and we would go to a Victory Parade! A big National Holliday on my birthday! It was a big deal for me growing up!

    Happy Victory Day to all War Veterans!

  13. interesting article about Dolan

    Maybe he keeps the Rangers so mediocre because he reads the blog and the things we say about him?

  14. Linda say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCCPZO!! on

    he keeps them mediocre to make up for his “little man syndrome” lol ;-)

  15. Linda say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCCPZO!! on

    Happy Mothers Day to Mrs. Carp, Mama Carp, & Josh’s mom

  16. I’m copying this from someone else’s FB status but think it applies:
    For My Friends that have Mothers in Heaven: If roses grow in heaven, Lord, pick a bunch for me. Place them in my Mother’s arms & tell her they’re from me. Tell her that I love & miss her, & when she turns to smile ~ place a kiss upon her cheek & hold her for a while ~ Because remembering her is easy ~ I do it everyday ~

  17. Nice, Tony…Appreciate your moms while they are still around,’heads I consider myself lucky to have her.

  18. Sid Farkus on

    Manny and Ortmeyer are both UFAs. Bring them both back…package deal. Forget “skill” players, just make the team be Callahan, Prust, Voros, Manny, Ortmeyer, Avery, Shelly, Eric Belanger(UFA), Kyle Wellwood(UFA), and give Gabo back to the Wild for Cal Clutterbuck. A whole character team of 3rd liners who hit and battle. It might be crazy enough to work.

  19. Errrr, THE Kyle Wellwood? The same Kyle Wellwood who has the “character” to show up to training camp overweight and who “hits and battles” enough to accumulate 30 PIMS in his entire NHL career?

    No complaints about Gaborik for Clutterbuck though. That’s a no-brainer…

  20. Linda say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CCCPZO!! on

    lmao @ having “clusterbuck” on the team! oh the nicknames and words that would generate!

    Having a good bday CCCP & Jason??

  21. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    Happy BD USSR, i mean CCCP!!!

    Happy mum’s day linda, sally, mama, and the rest of the mum’s out there!

    Happy mum’s day to mrs ilb!!!!!!

    the malhotra thing do not trade list….gabby, hank, prust, avery, shelley, cally, mdz, staal.

    oh, and happy bd jason!

  22. ZzZzo NYR ZzZzo " Let's start the draft already!!!?? " … says Greg L. on

    Yo CCCP , I posted ya last night in the AM . I said a few things that im too lazy to repost. Have a great day you birthday-boy you and Jason having a bday too , cool. Momma day too , geeze what a day!!

  23. Manny has 1 point this playoff series.

    Granted that’s not his job, goal scoring, but he has one point.

    He certainly had his best year, goal wise, so congrats to Manny.

    I always liked Manny and never wanted him traded. he does bring those intangibles to the ice.

    The fond memories I have of Manny is his breakaway goal in his first few games he played and his one-punch knockout of Ken Danyeko of the Devils.

    But Manny was traded for a player in Roman Lyashenko who ended up committing suicide, a player who was supposed to have Manny-like skills but better offensively.

    Wow, Cheraponov, Lyashenko, Cherneski, Blackburn…all tragic Ranger stories.

  24. Da Wickys- I’m either utterly dumb or getting old. I would even rule out both. Shuddup… Anyway, I didn’t mention the person who is actually behind all the good things in your household. Happy mother’s day, N.! You deserve a medal for just dealing with that crease clearer, let alone two young girls.

  25. So, Manny turned out just like Muckler predicted? Didn’t Rangers fans want to kill that coach for his scouting report?

  26. No, they wanted to kill him for treating a teen-age kid, a great kid, a hard-working kid who only wanted to play and learn and help, like a piece of carcillo. They wanted to kill him for making the kid a non-asset for the organization, completely devaluing him (among others).

    Oh, and they wanted to kill him because he couldn’t coach.

  27. Carpy, that dude looked like he was embalmed. He was a horror show, and you’re absolutely right, he treated Manny like Carp. He was another guy we were stuck with because of his past! Oy. Forward thinking ownership and management…what a concept

  28. ilb, i think we need to add wicky to our lil carped family! we can then be a circle lol

  29. Coach Beeblebrox on

    ON SALE!



    That’s right folks, you too can get your very own Glen Sather for a limited time. Sather is not only a vacuum, he’s also and air compressor, that’s right folks, your Sather will not only SUCK, but he will also BLOW!


    This offer is only good for the next 20 years of you life so act now!

    He sucks! He blows! He can’t judge talent and he’s the only man outside of Wall Street who has sucked for the past decade and STILL managed to KEEP HIS JOB!

  30. You know what’s funny? When John Muckler said that Manny could become a good 3rd liner in the league a lot of people thought he was putting him down. Muckler, in fact, was right on the money.

  31. Not sure Muckler actually said that so nicely. He still treated him like carcillo.

    ali, let’s see Prust do something for more than a couple of weeks before we move him to the third line.

  32. Olga Folkyerself on

    Muckler was putting Manny down when he said that. He shouldn’t make negative personnel assessments of his own players in public.

    It’s way too late for Malhotra to help the Rangers. They need so much more than that to be competitive that it’s downright scary.

    3-0 Vancouver. Better start channel surfing…

  33. Good night, Carp!

    And happy birthday CCCP & Jason!

    And happy mama’s day to the mamas and especially you, blogmama! Just got back from celebrating with my mamas IRL… listening to the new records I picked up there :)

  34. Carp, you are right. Muckler didn’t say it in a nice way. He was putting Manny down. I don’t remember the exact wording, but when he was confronted by someone in a couple of days, he said, defending himself: “Whats wrong with the career of Guy Carbonneau?”

  35. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    mrs wicky says big thanks and the ilbs rock!

  36. Sharp can distribute the puck very well. And he can shoot it too. Slats, are you up?

  37. Thanks, wickies. Which reminds me, how’s the toilet training going? If I recall correctly, the young crease clearer can’t be produced until the girls are dry. Hank isn’t getting any younger, you know.

  38. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on


    The toilet training is at a stand still, our oldest isn’t interested in the least…..Hank will have to wait a few more years before the crease clearer is born……and then he’ll have to wait just a few more years till he can skate and clear the crease.

  39. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    this is just not good at all…

    NHL: “Ahem, ‘lower body injury,’ thank you.” RT @taryneliza_beth: TSN reporting Salo out with a ruptured testicle. (via @hosea24hours)

  40. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    man, i don’t know which one i hate worse, basketball or baseball. They both suck. That being said, steve nash is a stud for a basketball player. You would think he is canadian or something!

  41. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    yes, they read it all the time. Usually the more coherent posts are from one of them under my login!

  42. The first time I saw Kyle Wellwood skate onto the ice for the Leafs, and they showed a close up of him, I thought they’d suited up a 16 year old girl. He is a talented skater ( but so was Peggy Fleming), and if memory serves me rightly, he does seem a bit on the ah, tender side? Seems to injure very easily. He’s a good player no question about that, but he does seem to inhabit sick bay a lot.

  43. What’s this about Manny Malhotra?…sure he developed into a solid journeyman player, but you don’t ravage the torso of your team, for a journeyman. Even if the torso is badly bruised.

  44. >>man, i don’t know which one i hate worse, basketball or baseball. They both

    I can tell you which one *I* hate: *basketball*. It’s the only one of the major American sports that I refuse to watch. Firstly, I fail to see the excitement in a bunch of overgrown humanoids shooting a ball through a hoop with their hands; the difficulty factor doesn’t impress me at all. Secondly, I really detest the whole thuggish culture of most of those players. I put basketball right down there with [c]rap music.

  45. I think Maholtra is like most of the Rangers already on the roster. A couple of good 3rd liners, that if you put them with a good or great player they LOOK like 2nd or 1st liners. What bothers me is Ranger fans have become excited about a player like Maholtra, or even Chrsitensen(sp) I think the Rangers need more a lot more then were all talking about. I know I brought up Marleau, and most of you said what I was thinking, that his price is being driven up already and he’s not worth it. But don’t you guys think it’s sad when we can say boy Christensen, or even Callahan, is a great player. Nothing against these guys I love Callahan and the effort he gives every night, but we don’t have any legitimate 1st line guys except Gaborik. Where do we get a 1st line center or another winger from, given how bad Sather has messed up our cap? I don’t know I’m just very down about how some players are going to be free agents and again it’s another year with Sather’s signing stopping us from advancing that next step. Sorry for the long post.

    See you guys later!

  46. Tony, your post from 1:21pm yesterday made me cry. It’s so true for me this year.

    Thanks for posting that.

  47. Good morning all! Belated happy birthdays and mother’s day (and thanks Sally!)

    Let’s go Hawks! (or Sharks, I could live that…)

    am I gonna get carp’d now?

  48. I’ve gotta say something about the Mets.
    It almost seems as though there was an evil genius at work
    somehow that manipulates the Mets and Rangers and infects them both with the same malady. lousycoachitis.

    Here you have two major league teams from what is arguably the sports capitol of the world, and they are handled by two people who have no clue as to how to handle the people that they are directing, and who are both pig headed by not arranging the best attacking lineup possible game after game.

    You know what happens with Tortorella and the Rangers, we;ve tied up acres of cyberspace covering it. But now we have the Mets manager who exhibits the same attitude as did his forerunner Randolph. Pigheadedness. How else do you explain away a lineup that has three people in the middle of the lineup who have no capacity to unwind themselves from the atrocious performances that they’ve been giving for the most part, since season opener.
    David Wright has shown that he has absolutely no concept of the strike zone any longer. Something happened to him a couple of years ago, and except for a few teasers he’s never overcome it.
    Bay is infected by the same problem. Francoeur has his own set of problems, but by keeping them in the batting order that Manuel seems wedded to, he’s been killing chances of recovery. And how did you like the handling of Perez yesterday? Wasn’t that a gem of managerial dexterity?

    Let’s face it – Wright is no longer a # 3 hole hitter, and Perez is no reliable starter. Period. Someone clue in the manager.

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