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Because I was not around yesterday, we missed the following news. And even though it’s a day late (and my usual dollar short) I wanted to put up because I’m exhausted trying to figure out what to do about the problems that came to a head (again) yesterday.

So while I ponder:


NEW YORK (May 6, 2010) — Don Maloney of the Phoenix Coyotes, George McPhee of the Washington Capitals and David Poile of the Nashville Predators have been voted finalists for the inaugural NHL General Manager of the Year Award, the National Hockey League announced today.
Voting for this new award was conducted among the 30 Club General Managers and a panel of NHL executives, print and broadcast media. The winner will be announced during the 2010 Stanley Cup Final.
Following are the finalists, in alphabetical order, for NHL General Manager of the Year:
Don Maloney, Phoenix Coyotes:
Maloney steered the Coyotes through an uncertain and turbulent off-season, charting the course for the most successful regular season in franchise history. His biggest move was hiring head coach Dave Tippett, who guided the Coyotes to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2002 by posting a 50-27-5 record for 107 points and setting franchise records for wins and points in a season. With the Coyotes already enjoying a breakout season, the acquisitions of forwards Lee Stempniak and Wojtek Wolski plus defensemen Derek Morris and Mathieu Schneider at the Mar. 3 trade deadline propelled the club to even greater heights.
George McPhee, Washington Capitals:
McPhee’s Capitals set a club record with 121 points (54-15-13) on the way to the first Presidents’ Trophy in franchise history and their third consecutive Southeast Division title. The Capitals tallied 313 goals, becoming the NHL’s highest-scoring club since 1995-96. The club’s biggest free-agent signing last summer, forward Mike Knuble, tallied 29 goals and made a good fit on the top line alongside Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. Organizational depth was highlighted by the contributions made by several players recalled from the Capitals’ AHL affiliate, the Hershey Bears, who also posted the top record in their league (60-17-3).
David Poile, Nashville Predators:
Under Poile’s leadership the Predators qualified for the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the fifth time in the past six seasons with a 47-29-6 record for 100 points. More than half of the regular lineup was drafted and developed by the organization, including core defensemen Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Dan Hamhuis and Kevin Klein. Leading scorer Patric Hornqvist and starting goaltender Pekka Rinne were selected by Nashville with the 230th and 258th overall selections in their respective draft years. Poile entered an elite class on March 21 when the Predators defeated St. Louis for his 1,000th regular-season win as a GM.



…Crosby, Ovechkin, Sedin voted by fellow members of the National Hockey League Players’ Association as finalists for the “Most Outstanding Player” award

TORONTO (May 6, 2010) – The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) announced today that Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals and Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks have been selected as finalists for the 2009-10 Ted Lindsay Award. The Ted Lindsay Award will be presented annually to the “Most Outstanding Player” in the NHL, as voted by fellow members of the NHLPA.

On April 29, 2010, the Ted Lindsay Award was introduced, and it remains the only award voted on by the players themselves, carrying on the tradition established by the Lester B. Pearson Award. The Award honours Ted Lindsay, an All-Star forward known for his skill, tenacity, leadership and his role in establishing the original Players’ Association.



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  1. leetchhalloffame on

    Do they have a “Worst NHL GM Of The Year” award? If they do I’d like to nominate…..Slats. FIRE SATHER!!

  2. Carp,

    Now that the 2nd full MSG renovation is reportedly set in stone and is underway (in places behind the scenes), or so they say, do you like it?

  3. Sather would win a “Worst GM in all of pro sports” award if there was one.

  4. Maloney deserves the vote in my book.

    Carp, I wouldn’t worry too much about the problem. Not worth your time. It has probably sorted itself out already. If not, it will.

  5. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Actually, there is a worst GM in all of sports award. I just made one with a post it note and wrote it out for Glen Sather. So yeah, it’s like official now.

  6. Jason … I don’t know any details. Do you have any? I’ve heard the pressbox is moving from that great location above the Zamboni entrance — where I’ve been sitting since 1978-79 — to up in the rafters, like all the new buildings. Can’t say I love that.

    Tony, sure was. I must have told you guys the story about the guy who tried to steal his car stereo.

  7. Carp,

    There was a big right up in the Times the other day. The renovation is gonna be split into 3 summers and if either the Knicks or Rangers have a deep postseason (HAHAHAHAHA), then it would force the Rangers to start the season on the road for a few weeks.

    Heres the breakdown of the summers:
    At the conclusion of the Knicks and Rangers 2010-11 seasons, The Garden will be closed for three consecutive summers to complete work on this project. The Arena will be open for the Knicks and Rangers seasons each year, along with our roster of world-class events during this timeframe. While there will be construction-related activity ongoing during the seasons, including work on the concourses, certain suites, concessions and restrooms, we are taking all possible steps to minimize disruption to fans. Below is a description of The Garden transformation phases that are planned to be completed over the next three summers (some areas will debut during the Knicks and Rangers seasons):

    2011-12 Season
    · Lower Bowl seating area with larger, more comfortable seats
    · Expanded Lower Concourse with city views, enhanced concession stands featuring Coca-Cola products, more restrooms and additional retail locations
    · 20 new Event Level Suites offering a sophisticated atmosphere and the best seats in the house
    · New Delta SKY360 Event Level Club offering exclusive dining options and views of athletes entering and exiting the locker room area

    2012-13 Season
    · Upper Bowl seating area with larger, more comfortable seats and significantly improved sightlines
    · Expanded Upper Concourse with city views, enhanced concession stands featuring Coca-Cola products, more restrooms and additional retail locations
    · 58 new Lower Level Suites that are larger and half the distance to the court/ice with bowl seating
    · New all-inclusive Super Club with seating in the arena and exclusive club space available for corporations and individuals looking to entertain at Knicks and Rangers games

    2013-14 Season
    · New 7th Avenue Entrance featuring interactive kiosks, retail locations and a broadcast area
    · Two spectacular new Bridges that will be suspended above the court/ice for a one-of-a-kind view of the action
    · New 10th floor Party Decks offering a selection of new food and beverage options and a unique social gathering space with direct views into the arena bowl
    · New state-of-the-art GardenVision center-hung scoreboard
    · 18 completely remodeled 9th floor Suites

    And a link:

  8. Jason

    everything looks great, although I am not sure how i feel about the “BRIDGE”. Hopefully it is not going to block sight lines. Looks like an interesting idea, but if someones view is blocked (like the columns in the new meadowlands), that’s not going to be a good design.

  9. Thanks, Jason for the info.

    The way both teams look as of now, the renovation should be done by the middle of next May.

  10. Linda,

    I agree with you about the “bridge” but everything else looks good. Looks like it will be an entire new building which what I remember from the last renovation, I barely remember the pre 91 Garden other than no scoreboard and the seating coloration, didn’t do. It’ll be interesting to see certain parts done before certain seasons and then it all coming together at the end.

  11. More restrooms is always a good thing,I hate missing game action because I’m in line for that.

  12. Jason,

    do you go to games frequently throughout the season or are you a transplanted NYer like myself, Tony, Grabby and jpg to name a few? By the time I get to go to a game at MSG, the renovation may have already been completed! The photos and renderings look outstanding and shnazzy! Now if we’d only have the proper front office personnel to go along with the new look!!


  13. Linda,

    I do, I’ve had 10 game packs, I know some people with season tickets that give me a deal on their seats when they don’t use them. I only went to 3-4 games this past season after going to 15-18 last season. I couldn’t do the plan this year, I didn’t think it was worth it, I was right.

  14. Wow. I noticed two things in that photo.

    One, I don’t think I’d like being on that bridge and trusting it to stay up. But that’s just my fear of heights. I don’t even like being this tall.

    Two, on that scoreboard, it’s only the second period and Lundqvist has already given up three to the Sabres. You’d have to assume they go on to lose that game. Right?

  15. lol Carp –

    New all-inclusive Super Club. Does that mean you can have all the Coca Cola products you want?

    Those bridges are a novel idea but I can see more than one beer being spilled on someones head.

  16. NO Carp. That’s not Hank in net in 2014. You see the unnamed Ranger who reads this site finally told Sather about it. After Slats read all the Fire Sather posts, he decided to take the advice of several posters and traded Hank for draft picks (which he later squandered).
    Actually that’s Valli in net, who after a stint in the KHL, returned to sign a $7 mil long term deal with the Rangers, who had the cap space in 2014 after certain contracts came off the books.
    I see it clearly in my crystal ball. Anything else you need me to look up?

    As for the bridges, they will be built so loyal fans who can’t stand it anymore can jump onto the ice……most likely sustaining a lower and upper body injury.

  17. Reasonable prediction, GCBlue. Except Sather squandered the picks before he even got them.

  18. Does the agreement with Coca-Cola mean that all fans get a free ticket to Disney World with the purchase of a Rangers or Knicks ticket? To counter-balance your depression upon watching the teams, they’re going to send you to the happiest place on earth. But only in July, August or September, cause they still want to make you suffer in some way.

  19. GCBlue –

    What do you see the economy doing? but more importantly who wins American Idol??

  20. dde and GC, absolutely hilarious! i was thinking about some firetrucktard dumping his beer on the ice, but swan diving after a tough loss is a visual spectacle

  21. Economy will pick up as a result of higher ticket prices and $18 Coca Colas.

    When I ask about American Idol, I only hear Bettman’s voice saying “Sydney Crosby is America’s only idol, stop asking!”

  22. Jason, looks like you were wise to hold on to some of your money this past season;-)

  23. Wait a second, Linda. Two weeks before the Boneheads Festivus? Where do I find the list of people who are coming again lol?

  24. Universal Sports (an NBC partnership) to Broadcast IIHF World Men’s Championship

    From the article:

    All of the televised games will also be available online on a pay-per-view basis at Prices will range from $0.99 for individual non-medal-round games to $1.99 for the bronze-medal and gold-medal games and $14.99 for the all-access pass.

  25. LOL, GCB. Though I believe that is Hank in net in the photo.

    Besides, isn’t the world supposed to end in 2012?

    (which means discounted season tickets for 2013).

    Hi Linda!

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  26. GC, lol @ Crosby’s is America’s only idol.

    Funniest part is that all the teeny boppers tweens would actually vote for him. Gag.

  27. ya know dde, i bet i get those on hockeystreams! i’ll have to check that out!

    well Mickey, we all know how the young, pink jersey wearing girls in America like boys who look/act like girls. I just dont know how he’d hold up against the ultra manly Justin Bieber. Them lil girls are sending death threats to Kim Kardashian for pete’s sake!

  28. congratulations to Don Maloney and George McPhee (although, i don’t think George would be in much of a mood for the award after getting tossed in the first round)

    as far as Ted Lindsay Award, here’s how it will go down
    (shocked if it does not)
    just like when Jagr was robbed of the Hart by a late season joe thornton who was traded to a much better team,
    the mainly North American voters would rather have one of their own win than a European.
    the other unfortunate possibility would be that the European vote would be split (kinda like Academy Awards and two people from same film in an acting category).
    either way (and with bettman in the back room counting the votes)
    it will go to the crybaby.

  29. Everyone,

    The world CAN NOT end in 2012, sorry but Marty McFly already showed us what 2015 looks like and it looks like we’re still around!

  30. Linda- oh, yeah, of course :)

    It’s too bad we can’t have the Wicksters on 21st. That whole family would be a lot of fun and pleasure to meet for everyone.

  31. LOL Linda, I’m not needling you. Didn’t you say December 21st is your Birthday?

  32. i know you’re not! i just thought you knew of my evil plan!!LOL

    July 12 my friend…. every year uncle glennie gives me INSANE birthday presents

  33. linda,
    funny in one way but sad in another.

    you know that photos of entertainment stars will start showing up on the net.
    even worse is the debate that such invasion of privacy may not even help safety.
    oh well……..back to hockey!

  34. totally agree jpg. and if they are assuring us there will be no privac issue, they should be sued to the ends of the earth WHEN those images start showing up on the net. With some of the people the TSA has hired, I wouldn’t trust them to stock fruits and veggies at the local supermarket, let alone with privacy lol.

  35. That article [i]was[/i] hockey related, the guy he beat up was a big Pen()s fan.

  36. Linda, But, but.. it’s Sidney. He wins everything. And complains to Gary and Mario if he doesn’t. The catfight between him and Bieber would be entertaining, though. With Adam Lambert as the ref.

  37. as long as the earth opens up underneath them and swallows them into its molten core. That would be the biggest slap fight ever. Just hope cid doesnt go for the groins lol

  38. People are jerks, and sloppy, how are you going to control spills above the action/ice with that darned bridge?

  39. Times Square evacuated again due to suspicious package.

    not much for details yet

    someone tweeted:

    .. said to be in front of MTV Networks HQ. Blame Canada, I mean South Park?

  40. The “suspicious” cooler is actually food for Dredden’s pony. He dropped it while chasing an imaginary drug dealer.

    Seriously, what the fugg is going on lately. Explosive packed cars, suspicious coolers. What’s next, Dreary will ask for a trade?

  41. well heck, if it turns into a slap fight, they’ll have to invite Semin to come and be third man in.

  42. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Zipay is reporting Rangers talking to Zherdev about making possible return

    I thgouth Torts and Sather didn’t like him the first time he was here?


  43. From zip’s twitter:

    RT @GenadiB: Rangers start to talk with Nikolai Zherdev to make his possible return to NHL

  44. Honestly, I’m really shocked at this. Torts obv didn’t like him/his game all that much and he didn’t have a good year in the KHL, I think( yes, I’m too lazy to look it up ;) Buuut, putting him as the second line RW behind Gabby would make for a nice 1-2 scoring punch on that side. It would push Cally down to the third line, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. Unless they shift Z or Cally to the left side.Hrmm

  45. Nice looking renovations but…is the bridge right above the ice?? Wtf? I wanna watch the game…I don’t wanna be disrupted by some drunk fans walking around above the ice… I wonder how much this renovation will cost us? :)

  46. After first class treatment, chartered planes, limos to the Colliseum, etc, a year in KHL Siberia may go a long way to adjusting a young man’s attitude (and hopefully work ethic). No arguing the kid’s got talent. Is he worth another shot to see if he can gel with Gaborik? He’d have to play off wing. Can his finess game work on line with Anisimov and Grachev?

    Would be interesting at the right price and contract length. Of course, Torts would have to find a way to coach him….that may put an end to the speculation right there.

  47. Tony, too inconsistent to be sure. But talent doesn’t disappear and return night to night. That means it’s his head that needs the work. I like that Mess is now in the organization and available to mentor. Just saying with the right coach and mentors, this guy could become what everyboby sees he can be.

    For some reason, I always thought this kid’s career would in the end, look a lot like Kovalev’s.

  48. Russian twitter lmao?

    I always thought with his shot Z should be playing off wing. His work ethics should be adjusted before he is ready to return back. But I agree, this would a decent 1-2 punch.

    First line center, anyone?

  49. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Torts is the guy to get the magic out of Zherdev. That said, I also don’t think Torts is long for this Ranger world. Not with throwing Gabby under the bus like he did more than once.

    Believe me, don’t mean to start the Torts watch. That will happen by itself next season if he doesn’t adjust to his current situation (past successes won’t matter here). Torts may be the greatest coach in the world, but we’ve all said many times this team lacks the talent. I’d rather have a boat load of talent and figure out how to get the right coach to lead them, than a great coach and a mediocre squad.

  50. I like the idea of Nikky Z as a second line scoring threat. Its not like we’re overloaded with guys who can score 25 goals and 60 pts.

  51. ilb, if Zherdev and Gabby click, YOU could be the first line center.

    Zherdev-Dubi-Gaborick? Especially since I don’t think Prospal comes back (someone will give him 2-3 mil – not sure the Rangers would, or should). Remember, there was period of time when Z and Dubi had great chemistry.

  52. Nikky Z eh, that would be a very interesting development. Unless both he and Torts have changed, how would that work a 2nd time?

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