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Just got this from the NYR:

Unique Interactive Experiences and Insider Access to Players

New York, May 7, 2010 – The New York Rangers will introduce a number of new online initiatives to give fans a more interactive experience and inside look at a select group of the team’s players competing at the 2010 IIHF World Championships, being held May 7 – 23 in Germany.  Fans will be able to follow and engage players across multiple platforms, including newyorkrangers.com, Facebook and Twitter, as the tournament progresses.
On newyorkrangers.com fans will have the opportunity to follow two Rangers on a daily basis as they compete for the 2010 World Championship.  Defenseman Matt Gilroy (USA) and Goaltender Chad Johnson (CAN), will both contribute a daily journal to the team’s website.  These entries will give visitors to the website a “player’s-eye-view” into their daily routines at the tournament.
Also on the team’s website, Defenseman Marc Staal (CAN), Forward Brandon Dubinsky (USA) and Rangers Prospect, Forward Chris Kreider (USA) will provide a unique perspective from abroad.  Fans will be able to submit questions to the players via newyorkrangers.com.
The New York Rangers will also feature “tweets” from Defenseman Michael Del Zotto (CAN) on the team’s Twitter feed – http://twitter.com/thenyrangers.  Del Zotto will comment on a variety of topics, from competing on the international stage to his off-ice activities with his teammates.

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  1. Tony,

    What’s going down there with the Yotes? Big stories on TSN and such about within 3 weeks they could be relocated to Winnipeg since the Reinsdorf deal looks dead and Ice Edge doesn’t look like they want in that badly.

  2. That’s actually pretty cool of the team to do that. Would much prefer the playofs, but *shrug*

  3. Someone on the last post pointed out a Nikky Z- Dubi-Gabby line. That would be great, except Torts wants Dubi on left wing for next year and no way in heck do I want Nikky Z anywhere near the center position.

  4. Jason, don’t know if that’s true. I thought Bettman guaranteed the team will be here next year because they were working on the 2010-2011 schedule. But nothing surprises me!
    I hope they don’t move, I get to see NHL hockey any time I want

  5. Considering the roster Team Russia brings to IIHF WC (11 players from Vancouver Olympics) vs. rosters of other teams…Russia better win the whole thing! Though, i don’t think it will be easy for them to win because everyone will want to beat Ovechkin and Kovalchuk…

  6. If Z really wants to come back to the NHL, despite getting more cash, and more Russian prostitutes down in the KHL, then I think he’s worth bringing back for one year.

    You never know, maybe he learned his lesson and got his Carp together. Or not. Either way, who cares. If he plays horrible, it’s nail #76 in Slats’ coffin, so it’s good in my book.

  7. Shoot the game is on TV. I’ve been suffeering through this horrendous stream.



    CBS over-the-air 39.2

    Time Warner 114
    NBC over-the-air 2.2

    New York City
    Time Warner 162
    Comcast 249
    Cablevision 119
    RCN 29
    Verizon Fios 464
    NBC over-the-air 4.4

    Time Warner 111


    Northern Area
    Comcast 249
    Cablevision 110
    Verizon FIOS 464
    NBC over-the-air 4.4

    Southern Area
    Comcast 249
    Verizon FIOS 464
    NBC over-the-air 10.3

  8. Ok, assuming (big if) Prospal takes a discount, what about Zherdev – Prospal – Gabby? Then Dubi – Anisimov – Cally as your second.

    Heck, I don’t care. We’re back to talking lines!!!! Happy Friday!

  9. ORR, you are quite generous! Everytime that guy takes a breathe he gets another nail lol.

    CCCP, maybe they will do better than they did in the Olympics ;-) and in the playoffs ;-)

  10. I’d rather have a guy who will bust his tail for 25 goals in a season than a guy who floats and gets his 25 from nothing but talent.


    It’d be tough to see them go after they built such a good rapport with the fans thanks to the season they had, they’re a fun team to watch play and easy to root for. Though I guess a winner is always easy to root for.

  11. NYC

    Cablevision 119… is this a package channel? Because i just checked and there’s no channel 119 on cablevision

  12. bull dog line on

    CG, what about everybody’s favorite journeymen, Christensen, where does he fit in? What about the captain? 4th line. how about the AHL star, PAP, 4th line. No matter how you slice it up, it is still a team full of 3rd, and 4th liners.
    Halak= ELITE!

  13. bull dog line on

    the Rangers will always have the best goalie of all the non playoff teams.

  14. Linda

    i hope Russians will do better than they did in the Olympics too… though, the world cup isn’t as prestige as the Olympics…

  15. Bull dog,
    Orr is right, this team’s not winning the cup next year so keep accumulating and developing talent. I let Christensen walk and go after Z. I know, not a center, but much more upside than Christensen, IF you can get it out of him. Move Prospal to center or try Dubi there.

    The captain is doing a fine job on the fourth line. Why upset that karma? leave him there.

  16. Maybe that means AV34 is over there too, taking MDZ out for some “sauerkraut” and a “beer”.

  17. bull dog line on

    would you trade Hank, for Halak straight up.
    how many goalies are still in the playoffs that you think Hank is better than.
    not bitter, just realistic.

  18. WTF?

    are any of you hearing this garbage about sather negotiating with zherdev right now?

    i guess we’re trying to bring him back?


  19. well.. i guess you cant watch the games at that site i posted… they want 99 cents for the game! lol

  20. bull dog line

    i wouldn’t trade Hank straight up for Halak…

    and i don’t see Montreal as the team with a lot of talent, though a little more than the Rangers… i guess anything can happen in playoffs… just look at the Washington.

  21. Bull Dog Line,

    I can’t believe you are so high on Halak. I mean, I get it, he’s have a great playoffs but c’mon. The guy has played 101 regular season games and finally had a good season this one after 3 up and down seasons in Hamilton and Montreal or not impressive with Montreal.

    Let’s see him win the Cup this year or do this a few years in a row and make a career out of it, for all we know, this guy is the next Jim Carey or Patrick Lalime.

  22. Oh, we are back to normal. Officially. Talking lines and trading Hank. Life is good!

  23. MickeyM -wondered that myself – it was cut and paste from


  24. GC, I am intrigued by a Z-Vinny-Gabby line, though who would play defense? I really like Dubi-AA-Cally. Lots of potential there and Dubi and Cally can do the banging and the board work to let AA free get to creative.

  25. bull dog line on

    I guess my point is that you can always find a goalie. arguably, Hank is better than every goalie left except Luongo, but without talent up front, it will never matter how good Hank is. and to chime in on Zherdev, I would sign him for the right price. don’t you think he may have helped a little this past season.

  26. Yup, there is no D in that line. But remember, a great man once said “safe is death”!

    Defense? Who needs defense? We have Hank!! Oh wait, did we trade him? I think we did. Oh well, Malik’s a free agent. I say we get him back too.

    We’re putting the band back together, taking it on the road.

  27. You can always find a goalie? The last goalie NYR found was Richter right before he got his concussion from that puck. What year was it again?

  28. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Zherdev-Artie-Gabby – ??

    IF Artie is ready for top line duties

    If Z wanted t come back on a one year, 2.5 or 3 mil deal I wouldnt be against it.

    Tomato face better bite the bullet and send Redden down to Hartford so he can free up that 7 mil in cap space\

  29. on a lighter note, as of one minute ago, i have over $300 million dollars waiting for me, according to junk mail!!

  30. Bull Dog,

    You might be always able to find a goalie but at what expense and how good. Do you not remember between the years that Richter was hurt and the lockout?

    We had ELEVEN goaltenders suit up for us in 4 season (00-01 to 03-04)

    Mike Richter, Kirk McLean, Guy Hebert, Jason LaBarbera, Johan Holmqvist, Vitali, Yeremeyev, Mike Dunham, Dan Blackburn, Stephen Valiquette, Jamie McLennan & Jussi Markkanen.

  31. In fact, the goaltender is the most difficult position to find. Just ask the Flyers. The last time they had a decent goaltender ORR wasn’t even in his parents’ plan.

  32. dde, that is really odd, cause I looked and it said TWC didn’t offer that station in the ALB market.

  33. CTBlueshirt on

    Tony, yes it does. However I believe he’s still counted for total salary during the off-season. A team can go above the cap by 10% during the summer but then must be cap compliant by the time the season starts.

  34. i am not going to make this political, because an ugly woman is an ugly woman no matter what, but Obama’s possible pick for the supreme court…. oy, she looks like janet napolitanos more masculine sister! why must you scare me New York Daily News!???

  35. All right, Linda and Mama! We’re in the presence of millionaires. I’m honored.

  36. one email actually offered me over $111,000,000!! another one was over 92 million! its so funny. With that, I could buy out Redden!

  37. bull dog line

    Halak played in 45 regular season games + 7 olimpic games

    Rask played in 45 regular season games…

    Boucher in 33

    Nabokov in 71 + 4 Olympic games

    Luongo in 68 + 7 Olympic games

    Lundqvist played 73 regular season games + 4 Olympic games…total of 81 games…the most of any goalie currently in playoffs

    Now, none of the mentioned goalies had to carry their respective teams all season long the way Lundqvist does every year…That is why Halak and Rask look pretty good right now…I guess what i am saying is that running your best players into the ground isn’t good in a long run…

    P.S. i still think Hank is an ELITE goalie.

  38. CTBlueshirt on

    Blackburn looked like he was going to be good before his injury.

    Aside from the above referenced period, Rangers have been very lucky to have quality goaltending for the past 25 years. Beezer, Richter, Blah, Lundqvist.

    Very few teams can claim to have had that sort of consistency in net. Obviously Uncle Daddy has been around for a long time but before him Terreri was nothing to write home about. The Sabres had Hasek and now Miller but even Hasek’s era goes back to only the mid 90’s.

  39. CT,now only if they could have quality offense and defense to go with the goaltending.

  40. CCCP- did you mention the amount and the quality of shots that he had to face?

  41. ilb

    that goes w/o saying…

    i also made a mistake.. Luongo played in 5 not 7 Olympic games…so that is even less games than Hank

  42. ORR- I only caught the last 10 min. The line he plays on was pretty good.

  43. CTBlueshirt on

    What’s odd is that you think of Vancouver as having a team built around defense and goaltending but this year they were 2nd in the NHL, 1st in the West in scoring.

  44. bull dog line on

    they found Hank in the late rounds, where did Halak come from, Neimi, Jimmy Howard. all goalies still playing right now.
    you are right, they ride Hank into the ground. they have to, because they can’t score. I would rather have a talented team, and an average goalie, than a great goalie that has no hope of wining the cup because of lack of talent up front.
    by the way, look it up, philly has had some very good runs without a goalie. been to the finals, and conference finals more that once.

  45. With Lundqvist’s rickety knee he’ll be working at IKEA long before he has a solid team built around him.

  46. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    I guess I’m going to put a little more validity into cr’s conspiracy theories!

    So I get frakking carped (shocker there) two threads ago responding to mama, and nothing, not even a “you should be used to this by now wicky” or anything. Then linda gets carped on the next thread and it’s all about “oh soooooo sorry linda..blah blah blah”!!!


  47. rangers missed out on krasnoslobodtsev. just signed an extension w/ astana today.

  48. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    ouch baby, ouch!

    yeah, well you are no ….nevermind we did that game already didn’t we!!!

  49. The White Plains Batman on

    Hockey back in Winnipeg would be cool but much like Ghostbusters 3 (which isn’t gonna happen)..I’ll believe it when I actually see it.

    As for GM of the year; Pollie hands down. McPhee has the money and the top five pick, Maloney did a great job but Tippet made them a playoff team, but Pollie has done the best hob drafting the most solid no-name team around the NHL. His entire freaking blue line is homegrown.

  50. well Batman, that doesnt count because it’s the south and the south knows nothing about hockey

    (as the sarcasm drips all over the blog)

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