Worlds and water and Walter’s


The mis-named World Championships — the best teams in the world are playing for the Stanley Cup during the World Championships — begin Friday in some huge stadium, with crowds in the 75,000 neighborhood.

Here is the US schedule, and links to other info courtesy of

The US roster is down to only two Ryans, after having nothing but Ryans for the Olympic games.


Wish I could be listening to talk radio in Philly today, because there’s not much that’s more hysterical than hearing Flyers fans whine and blame and point fingers and complain. What a shame.


I have two appointments today, and of course they’re both outside, and of course the forecast is for scattered thunderstorms. The first is with Mr. Titleist in the early a.m. The next is a local baseball game (two-time defending state champion Mamaroneck) which is across the street from Walter’s Hot Dogs. So even if it rains all day, that last part is win-win-win.

Also, one of my playing partners this morning might be a certain 26-year-old with whom you guys are familiar.

PS, for those who asked and sent wishes, the old ticker checked out just fine the other day. I’m gonna be around for a long while. Calls for a hot dog.

See youse.

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  1. Greg,

    Second that motion! the problem is next round, i guess ill have to root for Crosby and Co over the Bruins…..either way LETS GO WESTERN CONFERENCE!

  2. CTBlueshirt on

    My preferences in the East at this point are ABC, Anybody But Crosby. I’m hoping the Habs can rebound and take tonight’s game and guarantee at least a 6 game series, although I’m still not expecting the Habs to win the round, and then maybe a well rested Bruins can ding them up even more if not knock them out.

    I doubt the Bruins can knock them out considering they lost Krejci but perhaps Super Miro (Satan) can show then Pens what they could have had.

  3. Good to hear, Carp. Perhaps next time at the game I can bring you something more substantial than seltzer.

  4. By the way that mis-named World Championship represents the world much better than the World Series. And it’s also watched more.

  5. I got to find out if the WC’s are being carried in my market. Never seen them before, but I’m interested this year.

  6. That’s great news Carpy! Now enjoy your day on the links and your hot dog, I just hope you DON’T think of Crosby’s lips whilst eating it!

  7. Good health to you Carp – why not make it a Chilli Dog?

    I’m with Laurel, World Series, pah!

    The best players may be playing for a Stanley Cup but its good to see a lot of younger players getting the chance to wear their respective nation’s colours with pride – beats the hell out of wearing a sabre-tooth tiger or a comedy penguin or a maple leaf (oops won’t one nation be wearing those, dummy!!).

    p.s. election day here – will be up late watching the results come in, what hockey is on tonight to spell me when the declarations slow down?

  8. LT goes Big Ben huh? I guess he should have had a bigger entourage to prevent any arrest/prosecution?

  9. Carp – had to give you a shout on FB for the Flyers/Radio comment – classic. Thanks for the laugh!

  10. I will never understand what makes people think they can get away with something like that. Boggles the mind, really.

  11. Laurel, i used to say that too.. now i’m just an equal opportunity offender.

  12. To everyone on the FB group who doesnt check alot:

    we need the final tally for those who are going to be at Warren on the 21st. There is a discussion tab for it, so if you plan on going, let us know by May 12. Thanks

  13. Of course, leave it to New York fans to assume the guy is guilty. For all we know, the girl is a Patriots fan…

    My prayers are with you, Lawrence. If you hadn’t won 2 Super Bowls with the New York Giants, maybe you wouldnt have been targeted your entire life.

    Shame for you, too, Plax. But Im sure the tradeoff was worth it. Heck, I would have taken 10 years in prison for the Super Bowl XLII win over the Pats.

  14. TheMessiah94 on

    Wow, now the B’s lose Krejci for the season. So that’s 2 regulars gone for the playoffs. Can Pens get any luckier??

    Man, I would love to see those pieces of carcillo Crysby and Cooke suffer injuries to knock them out of the playoffs.

  15. Im in one of those hate-filled tirade moods today, so I’ll explain it once, and then hope the Pens can win tonight.

    I will not assume LT is guilty. For all I know, the girl or the police are fans of the Patriots, and lying to screw the guy over.

    If LT did what he is indeed accused of, I feel bad for the poor girl. But I still will not hold anything against LT. I will attribute it to his personal issues. LT always has a place in my heart for his 2 Super Bowl victories. My puppy is even named after him!

    I know how he has been targeted his entire life for winning 2 Super Bowls with the Giants.

    I also know, had he won 2 Super Bowls and revolutionized the LineBacker position with the Patriots, his life would be much different today.

  16. CR, sometimes your sports idols need to take responsibility for their actions. They cannot rest on laurels earned years ago, especially when they exhibit unlawful, criminal behavior. His life wouldnt be any different whatever team he played for. It WOULD be different if he was a regular schmoe, he’d probably be locked up for life.

  17. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp: going back to your comment yesterday about the great #2, I’d like your take. I’ve always felt the “hockey world” either didn’t appreciate or recognize Leetch as it should have. While #2 was quietly doing his excellent job both offensively & defensively every year, we never heard or saw in print how exceptional a player he was. Not even in the years 1996-1997 when he was arguably the best player in the game. What we did see were all sorts of plaudits for the likes of Rob Blake & Scott Niedermayer. I still get infurated at all the accolades Nierdermayer receives. To me, he’s remebered as the defenseman both Mattheau & Graves went around to score series’ winning goals against. I also heard, “look at all those years NYR missed the palyoffs”. While that is true, it should be pointed out that Leetch led the League in blocked shots on at least one occasion & was near the top in several others.

  18. first,
    glad to hear your ticker is fine Carp
    enjoy the hot dogs….really, if the place is so good, you’re going to eat just one?!?!?!?

    accidentally read CR’s comments.
    while i will give the not used enough “innocent until proven guilty” phrase that is supposed to be an integral part of our justice system, CR’s comments just make shudder.

    and his love of crybaby and the pens is just vomit-inducing.
    what the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!?

    back to work!

  19. CR, it does not matter what team the police or the underaged girl is a fan of. What DOES matter is that he is accused of something that is not only legally wrong, but is seen as morally wrong by a large percentage of people. Now, I will agree that he has only been accused of this crime and that innocent until proven guilty certainly applies in this case. We need to let the police and attorneys do their investigation thoroughly and it may very well come out that this accusation is false. But to say that he is innocent because he’s a favorite player of yours/player on your favorite team is just ludicrious.

  20. While there are many great things about the blogosphere, one unfortunate aspect is that sometimes certain “challenged” individuals find the freedom and anonymity of the keyboard an invitation to pollute.

  21. I’m sorry I even brought it up now, even though it’s a huge story on a slow day for a hockey blog. I’d personally like us to move on from debating CR. I’d also like to say I hope the Pens lose and Boston wins.

  22. Actually, CR has somewhat of a point. You can’t really jump to conclusions so quickly. The whole story hasn’t been released yet, no details, nothing but the accusation. That being said, the fact of the matter is, he shouldn’t have been with a 15 year old girl. So, for that alone, he’s guilty. As far as the “rape” goes, you never know. He’s “supposebly” a Hall Of Famer, and probably still has loads of money, so maybe she’s trying to get a payday, and maybe she beat herself up afterward to make it look convincing. This isn’t the first time somtthing like this happen.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending the guy, I’m on nobodies side.

    I’m on Roman Polanski’s side!

  23. we go by the adage ‘innocent until proven guilty’, but a 51 year old man *should know better* than to be in a hotel room with a 15 year old girl, especially someone with LT’s reputation. Sure, she may have told him she was 18, but at the age of 51, and being a public figure, why take that chance?

  24. Good news on the heart, Carp! Hope you don’t get rained out! (i’m steering clear of the LT conversation)

  25. Exactly, Lin. But, maybe this girl looks a lot older than 15, so who knows.

    Hockey players have so much more class than other Athletes. All they do is drink and drive, and have affairs with other players wife/girlfriend.

  26. Most teenagers today DO look older, all the more reason for guys to use the head that holds their brain when heading into certain situations! USE YOUR BRAIN MEN, and don’t get into situations like this!

    And in the hockey players category, we have dany’ drink, drive and kill a teammate’ heatley.

  27. I’d love to see an unbelievable comeback by the Wings, the Habs stifle the Pens and come back like they did last series and the Hawks and Bruins close out their series.

    An Original 6 Final Four!

  28. Linda
    the problem is that the majority of men don’t think with their brains because there is usually a System Override directed by another part of the body.

  29. on a lighter note, they just added a new ‘stupidest invention ever’ to the link i shared with ya last week… There is now a WHITE CASTLE candle,that yes, smells like belly bombers! Net proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks.

  30. Yup, and Heatley already has a protege, Nick Hogan. He’s his successor. He learned how to get into viscous car accidents, and not only keep himself alive without harm, but keep his shotgun rider alive, but barely.

    Hate the Hogans!

  31. CTBlueshirt on

    In the court of law LT is allowed due process.

    In the court of public opinion LT long ago lost his rights.

    To even suggest that a person would claim getting sexually assaulted by a former player simply because she’s a fan of a Boston related team is an utter and shameless disregard of the sensitive nature of the purported crime.

    CR, I am going to guess that you little to no dealings with victims of sexual assault. If you have then I think you’re doing them a great disservice by dismissing an accusation such as this due to a perverted conspiracy theory. Of all the lines you’ve managed to cross on this blog this is perhaps the most egregious.

  32. Hey Flyers, sorry about that AGAIN! that is just beyond the pale. I’m sorry, I don’t agree with going on to other teams sites and spewing stuff like that. You can disagree, but when you talk like that, it just annihilates any insightful opinion you might have. It’s actually INCITEFUL. It’s embarrassing

  33. I see my comments are disliked as usual…

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    I used to know LT some time ago. He is, without a doubt, a good man, great leader, and extraordinary person.

    I believe he has been set up. And in the end, I hope he he did not commit the crime he is accused of and is acquitted of these charges. However, I will not judge him if he is not acquitted.

  34. “A person is guilty of rape in the third degree when: 1. He or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person who is incapable of consent by reason of some factor other than being less than seventeen years old; 2. Being twenty-one years old or more, he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person less than seventeen years old; or 3. He or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person without such person’s consent where such lack of consent is by reason of some factor other than incapacity to consent. Rape in the third degree is a class E felony. McKinney’s Penal Law ยง 130.25”

    my best friend is a lawyer.

  35. CR9 – up until my next sentence, I can maintain that I haven’t attacked you personally. But you’re being a collosal arse. Grow up.

  36. LMAO @ all the attempts to defend LT. Forget the rape or statutory rape. He is 51. Could conceivably be a grandpa. He slept with young adolescent. System Override? You have to have a System to override it.

    LMAO @ myself for wasting more than 2 min of my day typing this .

  37. CTBlueshirt on

    Ugh, good lord Flyers we’re sorry you had to deal with that.

    Let’s make a deal, we’ll see what we can do about your unwanted visitor if you agree to cut down on the supply of whatever magical dust you guys sprinkle on players like Werth and Victorino and convince Halladay that 5 innings now count as a complete game and he can stop after that. Deal?

  38. All these comments and not one curious about who Carp is playing golf with?! CARP WHO IS IT?! haha. CR9 is a super serial [insert cursewords here].

  39. This guy wouldn’t have been in this situation if he wasn’t on Dancing With The Stars. How can a 15 year old girl know who this guy was?

    Dancing With The Stars is bad for your life!! But, the girls are hot on the show. I like that P______y Cat Doll chick.

    I never watched it, but I’m tempted.

  40. CR9 -You are a sick F

    Yes, LT is due a fair trial, is innocent until proven guilty and just by the printing of the story will be guilty in the court of public opinion.

    And I fully understand making an exaggerated statement to make a point.

    But you are sick.

  41. AHAHAH attention whore. i love that saying. Speaking of which, what are the odds that Daniel Carcillo shows up on the score sheet in game 4?

  42. “In 2001, Taylor was convicted of possessing drug paraphernalia in New Jersey. The conviction stemmed from the September 1998 discovery in a hotel room of a butane torch and other materials commonly used to smoke crack.

    In 1996 and 1997, he was arrested in South Carolina and Florida on drug charges. In those cases, he either admitted his guilt or agreed to enter a pretrial intervention program.

    In 2000, he drew five years of federal probation for filing false tax returns and for tax evasion.”

    Role model until now…

  43. Orr

    Thanks for not bashing me! I guess some of these people have never heard of women lying about a famous athlete to gain fame/money. I pray this all works out in LT’s favor, and he is indeed innocent of the charges! What a great story that would be!

  44. Folks, I haven’t been reading most of his comments for about a month. I’ve felt much better since. Unfortunately, you have to read all other posts that mention his. I’ve said what I felt about it a couple of days ago. For now, my advice would be, the least attention he gets, the better it is for this place.

  45. CR, you’d be singing a much different tune if you had a female relative or close friend that had been raped.

  46. What does SHE’S SIXTEEN have anything to do with it.

    I never read the article, only received a text from my brother.

    Do we know if he actually had sex with a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD?????????????

    Is that a fact? Has he admitted to it?

  47. ilb2001

    i wasn’t defending LT. i was just saying that many men think with their junk and not their brain.

    Linda got it. (thanks)

  48. Amen, ilb.

    So, hockey talk… how do you think our fellas will do for their respective teams at the WC’s?

  49. TheMessiah94 on

    Wow, it really sucks when the Rangers are out of the playoffs. We’re relegated to talking about some dirtbag ex-football player. What a creep.

  50. MickeyM

    In fact, a close friend of mine was raped several years ago. That has nothing to do with anything.

  51. ilb- You didn’t challenge me (start the game) that night. I sent you a challenge a day or so later and it expired after 4 days. I’ll take my lumps.

    Just sent you a challenge

  52. dde- I can’t play on that site, bud. 2 days per move? I started a game with some fellow. I guess about 10 games ago. I’m still waiting for his first move lol. I neve went back since. The better place is Yahoo games. You can set up your own time per move etc. I don’t usually play longer then 10 min games.

  53. ilb

    it’s fan. just didn’t want to be misunderstood on such a delicate matter.

  54. “Gribetz, a former Rockland district attorney, said he’s confident Taylor will be released on bail later this afternoon and eventually exonerated. “We firmly contend he is innocent of the charges and will be fully exonerated,” Gribetz said.”


    “The police got involved after the girl texted her uncle as the pimp drove her down to the Bronx, St. Lawrence said. The uncle called the New York City Police Department and officers met the pimp’s car in the city, St. Lawrence said.”

    She had been WRONGFULLY and CRIMINALLY pimped out since she was 15, and yet SOMEHOW she texts her uncle the night she is supposebly “meeting Lawrence Taylor.”

    PLEASE! If this does not scream of setup, I dont know what does.

  55. Moving on, ORR, moving on.

    All, I’m serious here. This conversation has gotten out of hand. I kick myself for posting it, though I’m sure word have reached here at some point. But I want it stopped now, please. Thanks..

  56. CR, neither does the team who she or the police root for.

    But you know what, I’ll be the better person here and step away.

  57. he made a move and you timed out

    2 days is the max time, doesn’t mean you have to use it all

    I’ll finish it today. 10 minutes is a bit fast though.

  58. Blogmama

    nothing wrong with you posting it. it relates to those who follow New York sports.

    it just got out of hand due to a certain person’s comments that took “innocent until proven guilty” into some demented territory.

  59. Mama, Ryan’s? ok…

    Cally (duh!), Kesler, Carter, Bobby, O’Riley, Getzlaf, Whitney, Potulny, Miller, Suter, Malone….

    Some else continue, let’s see if we can name all the Ryan’s in the NHL.

  60. the sad blog related part about this whole thing is that long time posters are going to toss in the towel on the blog, and new people are going to not even want to grab the towel and contribute. I’m here because you guys are my link to the team, to discussion with fellow Rangers fans, discussions on multiple topics. But this is getting to the point of shock value just for shock values sake, and it’s overtaking what’s supposed to be a good thing.

  61. Smyth


    Thanks, Linda. Im ‘sarcasm’ glad my defending of LT is a problem for you and everyone else. I wonder what you must think of LT’s lawyers, or for that matter, OJ Simpson’s lawyers.

  62. Ryan Lundqvist? Hank and Joel’s long-lost half brother? Maybe he’s a goal scoring, pretty passing center that the team desperately needs.

  63. ummmm……how’s this?

    so what free agents do you see Sather overpaying for
    this summer??


  64. Listening to the LT press conference, the chief is saying LT never beat the girl.

    Now that I have a little knowledge of the story, the pimp is the sick one here. This whole thing is the pimp’s fault. I know it’s common in other parts of the world, sex trafficking and such, but how could you knowingly pimp out an underage girl like that. He’s the real criminal here, and has yet to be charged.

    And how was LT supposed to know she was underage. It’s not entirely his fault.

  65. jpg, Plekanek (or however his name is spelled). I can see him doing the Souray for Redden deal, too. Which I can stomach only on the basis that Redden and his albatross of a contract will be gone.

    Darth’s first order of business NEEDS to be locking up Staal long-term.

  66. When the blog is wearing heavy on folks like Linda, it’s time to worry.

    If there was ever a time to turn the page, this is it. Carp, new post? Don’t need a topic, call it “Just Because”.

  67. Sorry, LI. I just feel terrible for the guy. It’s really sad watching his arraignment.

  68. Linda – Sort of, I said Ryan Soap

    Ha Ha- looked it up and it went of the air in 1989!

  69. dde, mad props to you. I thought I had, as my man calls it, useless trivia loading up my brain. Hell, he doesnt understand I could win us money one day with all that useless trivia!!

  70. Linda -You could be like Rosie Perez in White Men Can’t Jump

    Funny I remember during college one of my roomates used to watch General Hospital during that Luke and Laura thing.

    I loosened the cover for you Mama. So to speak.

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