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Laurel here, and thanks to GCBlue for the idea of the day. Time for a new post. Carp is tied up this afternoon, so I hope he doesn’t mind me stepping in with this clean slate, but it was time. As for hockey, here’s the link Carp provided earlier on Team USA in the WC’s, their schedule and other tidbits. By the way, has anybody posted thoughts on Johnson as captain? Just curious. And it’ll be nice to root for Dubi again before fall.

Not to rehash the day, but let me be clear. This is a clean slate. A fresh start. Mind that please. Cause Mama is not happy. Now, resume your Ryan’ing…Ryan Gosling anyone?

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  1. “because because because because because, because of the wonderful things he does….”

  2. Orr-

    Question for $100. You’ve probably seen this girl a hundred times. Who is Mélissa Theuriau?

  3. Ryan Church

    loved him as a Met, but sadly, Jerry didn’t like him for some reason. And him being traded brought Frenchy to NY!

  4. How am I supposed to know? Ryan isn’t a common name in Russia lol. I can do Ilyas though.

  5. Good afternoon, Carp! How’s Joshy??

    Sorry I haven’t been around the past couple days. What’d I miss? Why’s mama mad?

  6. Sally, short version: one of the cats developed vey bad diarrhea, pooped all over the blog.

  7. vey, on the other hand, is a mixed version of “very” and “oy, vey”. Put it on FB, Linda lol. Cat’s name was Ryan, I think, btw.

  8. LOL she’s everywhere – better than looking at that white haired old geezer with the big glasses and the sour puss

  9. ilb -I’ve got a softball game at 6, and a hockey game after that. I’ll have to take a raincheck.

    Do I need to download software? If so, I’d prefer gameknot. We can play reasonably fast.

    Got to go now.

  10. Oy vey, what a day for poor mama. I’m outta here. Here’s an idea….watch a game tonight, comment, love each other :) I’m historical for now…TA!

  11. Well “P” in CCCP in Russian reads as a letter “R” and “C” reads as a letter “S” so to read my name properly one should read it as SSSR… SSSRyan :P

  12. billybleedsblue on

    I’ll take my dog split w. cheddar, 1 slice of crispy bacon, mustard and ketchup, on a toasted bun please. Great, now I’m starving.

    Good stuff on Zubov btw, I guess I never realized that bit about the rules change possibly affecting the Rangers’ decision to move him. Very interesting. All water under the bridge now I guess…

  13. billybleedsblue on

    Ulf Samuelsson was a good example of instant “hate-to-love” btw. The moment he pulled the blue sweater over his head, I accepted him immediately and was happy that he was on “my team.”

  14. >>ill talk football
    >>football sux!

    Yeah, you forgot the word “American”.

  15. i saw an anniversary card today that said

    “you had me at shalom’ i thought it was awesome!

  16. i just watched “broad street bullies” this morning andi got psyched for friday night’s game…i hope the bruins crush those orange and black pieces of carcillo in front of all those uncivilized paying pieces of carcillo….anyone who remembers those days saw how disgusting it was….toughness? leetch taking a hit to make a play…not dave the hammer beating a fellow athlete up as part of a stategy….1975 forever….and can’t mccarty see a dentist?

  17. >>Staal’s back? Severed tandon? Hope they’re not rushing him

    They definitely are. I think the doctors say says he cannot damage it any further. Whether or not he plays depends on his pain threshold.

  18. Sid Farkus on

    Either Betman really loves the Pens or the Refs do because this is getting kind of rediculous.

  19. Is Keith Jones wearing the orange tie in honor of his favorite team, the Flyers? I think he can starting using the black one.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    May 6th, 2010 at 8:09 pm
    4 zip Winglets!

    TSN says Franzen: 4 vs. Sharks: 0!

  21. lmao thats great!! No wonder why CJ has like 4 posts in a row yelling FRANZEN on FB, i just thought he was stuttering!

  22. for all the Fringe and Pearl Jam fans..

    “Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready composed the score for tonight’s entire episode of #FRINGE! Check it out: http://bit.ly/a2nZ00

  23. Blue Seat Horror on

    Guess Franzen doesn’t want to lose to the Sharks again. Midway through the first it was 4-0 Detroit. Goals by Franzen. Franzen. Franzen. And, oh yeah. Franzen.

  24. own goal and the announcer says… this time boyle gets an assist!!!!!!! lmfao!! 3 goals by franzen in the first, and they are talking to that other criminal Todd Bertuzzi

  25. Blue Seat Horror on

    Not a bad playoofs so far for Boyle. GWG in overtime and now an assist on his own net.

  26. according to my calculations, I could have twenty million dollars thanks to various spam emails today!!

  27. CJ from Buffalo on

    Sharks announcers are annoying.

    Nope Linda, not stuttering lmao!


    lmao CJ!!! you said typing impediment…i thought that was a great phrase

  29. i just got an email from the thrashers, introducing their new gm with an q and a…. imagine Slatipuss doing that

  30. lmao, i get viagra and cialis emails. i guess the name LINDA or the word GIRL does not register with ed spammers lol

  31. Blue Seat Horror on

    Time for those sausage lips to start trembling, and for lieutenant slewfoot to start pouting.

  32. TheMessiah94 on

    Why do they even bother playing these games? They might as well just give the Pens the cup now. I’m almost convinced these games are fixed for Pittsburgh.

  33. Blue Seat Horror on

    Geez, now we only get twenty minutes of Crosby coverage on Hockey Central tonight instead of the full half hour.

  34. What’s the deal with SJ now?
    I guess they realized they can’t win this series otherwise they will be too tough for Boston.
    Sorry, Linda

  35. just out of curiosity i scrolled down
    the nhl.com site
    and at the bottom where it lists
    the first person mentioned is…wait for it
    wait it…

    SEAN AVERY!!!!!!!!
    yeah, Mr. Avery Rules and Mr. Words Hurt More Than a Todd Bertuzzi Crippling For Life Punch To The Back Of The Head!!!!

  36. franzen has 4 goals and 2 assists in the game… thats 3 months for drury!

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Is it safe to come out yet? Is HE gone?

  38. CCCP, i was wondering if you were still around. It was kinda slow, was gonna ask if you wanted to scour the net for more funny tshirts lol

  39. You do that, guys. I’m going to say good night. Was a good half of the day, don’t want to spoil it. Something tells me it ain’t over. YET.

  40. What a nice refreshing thread this one is.

    Good god, I returned from my golf/hot dog(s)/baseball game and skipped through the last one, and some emails from you guys and Laurel … man it was depressing.

    I fear I may have to address the problems.


  41. hope golf/hot dogs/ baseball game was all part of a glorious day, until you got your emails!


  42. carp its time on

    carp just see his work on the flyers blog. you can see the unedited version of that guy. he is annoying most everyone and crying for attention. please ban him for the sake of all concerned (including him) maybe he’ll get the help he desperately needs. otherwise just enabling him.

  43. i think he’s banned himself. he’s not showing up on the FB group anymore, nor is he on my personal FB, and I did not delete him. It’s sad really.

  44. Olga Folkyerself on

    I suspect that you are so far in the minority that you have to be either CR9 or Jaromir Jagr.

  45. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well then, I hope you two will be most happy together. Just do it elsewhere, would you?

  46. Sucks that things got to turn this way… after all we are here for the same reason…to root for (big sigh) the Rangers…to be honest…i really don’t care how he acts on the flyers blog…in a way it is sort of funny how these flyers fans come here asking for help as soon as carcillo got a bit tough for them…

    i know that we have endured a lot from this guy but do we really need to ban him just because he has a strong opinion about certain things? Are we turning into flyers fans? lol

    A lot of us provoke him by bringing up those certain subject (intentionally or unintentionally) that get him all fired up and crazy…I’m not saying that I’m innocent or that it’s not fun (sometimes) to poke at him, all I’m saying is that he’s a Rangers fan and not a local fan. Let’s think about it…One more chance, eh? :P

    don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me…please!

  47. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    very late to the party here, but better late than never

    I liked campbell as a coach!!!

    LT is slime!!!!!

    Go B’s, Habs, Nucks, Wings!!!!!!

    And lastly…MAMA…..you did not read the previous posts very well, so I will repost for you and await an apology (you know i love you):

    wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!)
    May 5th, 2010 at 5:01 pm
    i agree, ulfie was a great ranger and deserves far more credit than he gets for his play here.
    try any of kittie’s music if you are going through a harder phase, they are an awesome canadian band.
    I have a crush on linda!!!
    jack johnson was named captain of USA, that is all you need to say about him. If we are going to package prospects and young roster players for anyone, it better be him!!!!!

    while it is all important MAMA, that last subject is key, especially with your new post topic on this thread!!

    congrats on the good review!!

    Good night jim bob!!!

  48. I don’t really want people getting banned because we don’t like their opinions.

    While I may think his belief system is totally out of whack and find his take on the LT thing objectionable I don’t think he should be banned for it.

    The question will be when is the guy “yelling fire in a crowded theater”

    The guy needs help though and I hope he gets it.

    Maybe Carp needs to give him a time out. (short temporary ban)

  49. Morning all.

    The Wings really showed the Sharks how to NOT fold like a card table last night. How come the Rangers can’t ever find a gem like Franzen, it’s just sad.

    And les Habs- wow. What can you say except one hell of a gutsy third period.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Good Morning Mickey !

    You too CTB ,ok CCCP too (sigh)

  51. Good morning, boneheads!

    Good games last night. I think that win was Wings’ swan song.
    The Habs may still surprise, but at the end we will have to deal with Crosby in CF.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hi , and hi to Ilb too. Hello.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nawww , sliced ham . Speaking of Hams . Cr9 has removed himself from the beloved facebook group!!?? wow , now Ive gotta join it!!!

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Everyday we get closer. One more day ,then another and then we are finally there. We will wait with anticipation and the time will come … Rangers hockey!! IT is only 4 months away!!!

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Oh yeah ilb , I average around 9 min to win a game of chess.

  56. Good morning, Greg, ilb and CT!

    Mmm, peanut butter and toast.. breakfast of champions right here.

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    i expect tumbleweeds to blow through here… it’s like a ghost town and only one person is missing, eh?

  58. Good morning all! It’s Friday, payday and beautiful so I’m in a better mood.

    CCCP, I really liked your post. What’s your question.

    wicky, huh???

  59. True fans, the Rangers have been on the golf course for nearly a month now, I think we’ve already run through whatever we could talk about until draft day and free agency. Plus, it’s the weather has been great, for the most part.

  60. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    you had asked if anyone had posted on captain johnson yet, i was just reposting what i had a couple of days ago!!!! you obviously don’t read my posts (i kid)!

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