Rainy Monday


I got nuthin’.

Except a routine doctor’s appointment. So I gotta go. Maybe I’ll come up with something better this afternoon. Until then, you Boneheads can carry the conversation.

Oh, and so much for my pick: Pittsburgh over Montreal in 4.

See youse.

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  1. Morning boneheads. Was away from the computer for a good chunk of the weekend, did I miss anything fun?

  2. iDoodie Machetto on

    With the exception of Montreal over Washington, if you had asked me before the season which would be the top eight teams in the NHL, the teams currently left in the playoffs would have been my answer. Maybe I might have picked Calgary over Vancouver, but I think I would’ve stayed with Wancouver (for Tikkanen). Funny how that worked out after their regular season performances (particularly Philly and Boston).

  3. I usually don’t repost, but I feel like this one I need to. And good luck at doctor’s, Carp.

    May 3rd, 2010 at 8:51 am
    Good morning, boneheads!

    Great games last night. Sharks look like real deal this year. I still believe that Vancouver will win it all. They look more solid and have better goaltending than Sharks.

    On the other note, I’m not sure if people want to talk about it, but I do. This place is starting to be more and more difficult to read and more unpleasant to visit. I wonder how many people who just read and don’t post stopped visiting. There are a lot of incoherent, almost psychotic, self centered posts that have very little to do with the spirit and nature of this place. I might be the only one who feels this way, but something tells me I’m not.

  4. Gotta say I agree with you there, ilb. A lot of times I’ll skim the posts just cause they are so out there sometimes.

  5. Good Morning Carpy, boneheads and everyone!!

    ilb, i’ve tried to ease up on my jibberish, especially for the off season. Also, i just sent a little message to CR and asked if he can ease up also. I know we get bored in the off season, but even I couldn’t read it last night, so you know that’s saying a lot ;-)

  6. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    I agree about vancouver and some of the jibberish as well!

    HAHA, mama laureled like 20 times yesterday….I love it!!!

  7. Linda, I wasn’t talking about your jibberish at all. Yours is pretty coherent and not psychotic lol. I’ll take it any day.

  8. thanks Banj and ilb. NOT PSYCHOTIC!!?? i’m insulted ;-)

    did not watch any of the hockey yesterday, but did have the horrible mets game on espn. grrrrr will be trying to get in on my first conference call this evening, so I hope i’ll get to see some of the games tonight.

  9. Seems like a slow day. So how bout this… Pick 2 players from each team left in the playoffs that you’d like to have on the Rangers. They don’t have to make a complete team, just any two players you’d like to see wearing Ranger blue.

    Montreal- Camalleri and Plecanek
    Pitt- Orpik and (as much as it pains me to say it) Crosby
    Boston- Kreijci and Boychuk
    Philly- Carter and Giroux
    Detroit- Datsyuk and Kronwall
    SJ- Pavelski and Heatley
    Chicago- Kane and Sharp
    Vancouver- Kesler and Edler

  10. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- ilb is absolutely right about the blog being more and more unpleasant to visit. You only need to look at last night’s psychotic break from CR to know why a lot of people have stopped posting. I stopped by a couple times during the game, but chose not to read that garbage, or respond to it. So I left.

    It’s CR9! Dump him! I’m naming names!

  11. Chicago – Kane & Toes
    Canucks – Kesler & Burrows
    Sharks – Pavelski & Boyle
    Wings – Datsyuk & Franzen

    Habs – Cammalleri & Markov
    Pens – Crosby & Staal
    Flyers – Richards & Carter
    Bruins – Savard & Wheeler

    And I’d like to see the depressed blonde chick replace John Giannone.

  12. CTBlueshirt on

    Montreal- Markov, Camallerri
    Pitt- Crosby, Malkin
    Boston- Bergeron, Lucic
    Philly- Carter and Giroux
    Detroit- Datsyuk and Lidstrom
    SJ- Pavelski and Boyle
    Chicago- Kane and Keith
    Vancouver- Kesler and Henrik Sedin

  13. Jeez! I forgot about Burrows. He’s been quiet so far in the playoffs though

  14. It was hard to choose between Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Imagine either of them centering Gabby. He’d score over 60.

  15. CT, I’d take Keith only if Seabrook came with. Keith/Seabrook and Staal/MDZ would be a pretty nice top 4 D.

  16. ILB – I don’t post a whole lot, but I was going to stay away until training camp. I would rather read nothing than some of the garbage that was being posted here.

  17. Oh yeah, i forgot aboot the Hunchback of Massachusetts. I’ll take him over Wheeler.


    Those are risky picks. Lidstrom could retire at any moment, and if you remove Henrik from Daniel’s hip, he might turn into a baby.

    Some kind of crazy witchcraft magic going on between those freak twins.

  18. lmao ORR, are those two EVER apart? By the way, I like your pics, well, except for crosby ;-) i know, i know, skill level. i’d get over it maybe

  19. ESPN INSIDER Headline…

    Caps-Rangers trade idea
    9:50AM ET
    Mike Green | Capitals

    Here’s a trade idea to ponder.

    Now I know they aren’t credible, but still interesting that it was even mentioned…

  20. conspiracy theory on


    completely agree on some of the posts. until carp cares about quality and not numbers then the cr9’s and orr’s of the world will continue to ruin things.

    they should take the outrageous stuff to the facebook area

  21. Good morning, Sally!

    ilb, I completely agree. But my hands are tied a little bit, you know, freedom of speech and all. Maybe you guys can convince the especially bad offenders to back off. That would help, I think. If lines are crossed (not a Seinfeld reference) I can ban people. But I also don’t want to ban if I don’t have to.

    I also think it’s partly a product of your boys missing the playoffs. And people not being ready to start the offseason.

  22. Conspiracy = Another one of Olga’s imaginary friends. Well it’s better to pretend to post as someone else than to talk to yourself, despite the fact that doing both is extremely pathetic :p


    I hope so, or else that would be some kind of sicko orgy between all the Mr. and Mrs. Sedins, with maybe a guest appearance by Sundin, although he’s probably there to scare the kids asleep with those psychotic looks of his.

  23. iB2001

    Your are not imagining things. There are a lot of old veteran posters here who all seem to know one another and it has begun to look more like an insiders clique, wherein the same ones post the same types of commentary constantly, and it’s usually personal stuff between them all. It’s sometimes distracting, but it’s usually harmless, and some of it is downright funny. You just have to acclimatize yourself to the system. Carp keeps a pretty cool hand on the tiller though.

  24. NYR, is that the mike green and someone else for staal, dubi or cally one they were tossing around??

  25. Conspiracy- I never found anything wrong with ORR’s posts. Those usually are funny and very coherent. And he knows a thing or two about hockey. In fact, his posts give a bit more zest to this place. And do you have a name?

    Fran- old veteran posters who know each other? Hmmmm…Well, that isn’t an issue at all. In fact, I believe this is what keeps this place in such a great shape.

    Carp, I know…

  26. conspiracy theory on

    carp you’ve threatened banning people for using certain words. orr and cr9 are repeat offenders so your threats ring hollow. either follow through or be like referee bruce hood – ie turn em loose bruce, and let everything go.

    and for orrs benefit i’m not olga either. olga/hugo should change their name too unless this place really does want to let everything go in the spirit of larger numbers.

    actions speak louder than words carp.

  27. Hey, this was supposed to be a discussion about toning things down….not an assault on Carp!!!

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE CR9!
    He’s divorced, gay, obnoxious and dumb. He’s GOT to be used to rejection by now.

    How did I get into this? I said nothing bad about ORR (Today, anyway) And I don’t need other names to say so. In fact if CR9 is banned, I’ll change my name to something more legitimate.

    FIRE SATHER, linda!

  29. Sorry all AGAIN for my lunacy.

    To use the words of others, I have been becoming a bit (a lot) ‘psychotic’ as the Bruins have progressed. It doesnt help me any to have no AC, and be stuck in 90 degrees. And last night, I was trying to some work on genocide prevention, and was dripping sweat!

    Excuses, excuses, I know… It’s up to me to take into account others’ wishes, and stop my nonsense!!!!!!

    ESPN Insider Article

    Here’s a trade idea, via the New York Post’s Larry Brooks.

    Brooks writes: “Mike Green, caught in purgatory, is a blue-chip stock who never has traded lower. And OK, here’s a two-part question: If [Caps GM George] McPhee were to come calling tomorrow offering Green and maybe Tomas Fleischmann or Eric Fehr to the Rangers for Marc Staal and, say, Ryan Callahan or Brandon Dubinsky, what would you do and what would you have GM Glen Sather do?”

    Now this is all purely speculative, but there have been angry fans and writers suggesting all kinds of Capitals trade after the loss to the eight-seeded Montreal Canadiens. Some of those ideas include Green, but Fleischmann and Fehr really could be dealt since they are restricted free agents this season and are in line for a raise.

  30. iDoodie Machetto on

    Linda, thanks for remembering and the well wishes. It actually sucks a lot, but the pay is much better and the place is more prestigious, so I’m hoping to stick it out for a year an then move on to somewhere a little less demanding.

    My twos:

    kane, Keith, datsyuk, rafalski, heatley, Clowe, sedin twins, Richards, giroux, Crosby, Malkin, markov, halak, chara, and wheeler.

  31. That’s the article!! good find cr, i couldnt get to it for some reason!!

    Doodie, i hate to hear that it sucks, but if you’re planning on greener pastures in a year, it won’t be too hard to stick it out! Just think, the beginning of the new season should help, as well as all the primo hockey talk we have here ;-)

  32. conspiracy, I’m not going to defend myself to somebody who comes on here with a fake name and says stuff like that.

    You know my email address if you want to talk.

  33. Reginald Dunlop on

    that’s why you’re the writer Carpy……coded messages…nice

  34. why all the hate for Carp? He doesn’t even have to keep this going if he doesn’t want to or it becomes too much of a hassle for him. He’s doing it cause he likes doing it, not because he’s trying to pump up his name or wants all the glory for being a hero in keeping this place going after Weinman left. It’s not about him, it’s about us as a community and if you can’t deal with that, there are plenty of other websites and blogs out there that are Ranger oriented.

  35. billybleedsblue on

    Hey Carp, nice article about the lacrosse kids with the spinal/neck injuries. Good thing that one boy’s brother (was it?) was there to keep him from going back on the field! It’s nice to read your high school coverage in the paper, but to be honest with you, I’d rather see a dedicated NHL article with your name on it.

    I know I’m in the minority of the readers, but, it’s gotta count for something. Well, at any rate, we still have the blog…

  36. TheREALMikeyNJ on


    Dont mind the morons questioning you, there idiots.

    And the lack of Rangers topics/dicsussion has fallen off obviously because were out of the playoffs, and in a real non news two months until the draft comes around

    Happens every year, and this will be my 4th or 5th year around this blog

    Us ole wiley vets know that no post is better than a bad post!!

    But thanks for keeping the blog going in these long dog days of summer Carp!

  37. Bad trade idea from Uncle Larry. Are Fleischman and Fehr upgrades on Dubi and Cally? And this team needs defensemen who can play defense, not Mike Green. I would stick with what we’ve got. If they want Staal then I want Backstrom.

  38. thanks Peter, i was not too keen on that trade when I read it yesterday.

    in regards to the blog… we try to self police. when things get out of hand, we try to take care of it amongst ourselves, sometimes it’s successful, other times not so much. the big guns get involved when it becomes too much.

    But, as with any other place on the net, not everyone is going to like what goes on here. differing opinion, when well presented, are always welcome,and encouraged. there are a lot of great hockey minds out there amongst our fellow Rangers fans, and occassionally fans of other teams, and it’s always good to see what they have to say. outright personal attacks, thats just silly.

    Noone forces anyone to come here if they don’t like the tone, topic or other posters. Carp and Laurel do a good job of trying to make everyone feel welcome, but there are just some that will not like the ‘flavah’ of this blog. As Mickey said, there are plenty of other places to go to get your Rangers fix. Most of us prefer coming here because its more of a kinship. We’d like for others to stay and contribute, but we can’t force ya.

  39. Larry comes up with these delirious trade ideas every year. I’d say no to that one. Green was rendered ineffective by less than great d-corp of Montreal. And he is still inept in his own zone.

  40. ilb, so in other words, Sather’s got a crush on him and will try with all his might to get him here!

  41. Mickey, well said.

    It’s up to the kids to behave back there. Otherwise, Papa Carp will turn this station wagon around and head back home! (sorry, 40 yr old flashback)

  42. for any of the new people on the FB group who are interested, meet up information has been posted on the group, so if you’d like to join us, just post your reply.

    sorry about that guys! Now back to our regularly scheduled ‘postgramming’

  43. Kudos CR9 for considering other people’s opinions and then jumping right back into things without taking it personally…be good if everyone would stop making it personal.

  44. Thanks, Mikey, and all.

    I would like to keep this blog going as is, light and fun and jibberishy. But I also don’t want to lose touch of what it is. So I need youse guys to really tone it down a bit.

    As I said to “conspiracy theory” guy, I don’t give a rat’s bryzgalov about the numbers. But I don’t want to lose any of our regulars, and in fact I’d love to add new people … or else they might just shut this thing down and tell me to go back to having only one job.

    I don’t think we’re anywhere near that happening yet.

  45. One of the things I like best about this place- besides the people, of course- is all the new words that have been invented. I used ‘holy carcillo’ the other day (in the presence of a priest, no less) and got back a dozen blank stares. To which I mumbled ‘inside joke’ and directed the conversation to another topic. I was dying laughing inside though.

  46. I can without question be one of the most scathingly intense posters this blog sees…and I’m sure people have stopped visiting because of me in the past… but CR9 has single handedly turned this place into unreadable garbage for me…rarely a relevant, well written, or thought out post from that guy. Sure, hockey has not been the “true focus” of most of the posts anymore for quite some time, but this guy takes it to a different level and it’s enough that I don’t really poke around here much anymore.

    It’s really emabarrassing to read someone so delusional, it sorta makes me wish I could commit suicide _for_ him. I didn’t see the rant last night as I hardly stop in these days, but it’s no surprise that the rest of you are equally disgusted with him and how he has turned the blog into his own personal toilet/therapist’s chair/sexual confusion outlet, etc.

  47. billybleeds, thanks. between you and I, when they took me off the Rangers beat I went kicking and screaming.

    But the promotion was a great career move, especially since they’ve pretty much, you know, eliminated the Rangers beat. As I said the other day, though, I’d still love for the Rangers beat to be my full-time job.

  48. Blueblood

    No problem. In the words of Mama, I am a real wackadoodle! I guess I come across as a real dudebag sometimes! I wish I could contribute to the blog in terms of hockey, but I am not familiar with the technical side of hockey!

    There are some things that are obvious for any hockey fan and Rangers fan, including myself.

    But when it comes to discussing lines, dont know anything about it.

    I was one who thought having Scott Gomez with Jagr would greatly help Jagr. Gomez’s ability to carry the puck up the ice and maintain possession would take a lot of pressure of Jagr, and also Gomez’s passing ability would be able to find Jagr in open spaces.

    And none of that came to fruition!

  49. And as for the bashing of Carp, I truly appreciate Carp.

    He probably could and should have banned me 500 times by now, but Carp is a forgiving and kind human being, something we all should strive to be.

  50. billybleedsblue on

    So, I couldn’t help myself…I went back and read the posts from last night. I have to say that sometimes the things that are said here would be more appropriate if they weren’t said here, and said somewhere else, like the rant and raves section of CL for example.

    I feel at times like it’s too bad there isn’t the technology on this page to ignore certain people, but then again, it’s just as easy to scroll down/over undesirables. I find myself picking and choosing which comments I read more and more.

    Also, Carp, it’s hard to win 4 straight in these playoffs, eh? In the 1st round, I picked the Caps to sweep the Habs and I also picked the Blackhawks to sweep. Not so much!

  51. LINES! That’s what we should be discussing. How could we forget about the all important lines?!

    Bure- Gertzky- Gaborik
    Dubinsky- Anisimov-Callahan

    They could go all the way with those lines.


    Carp is this a turn your head and cough
    or a turn around and rest on your elbows dr’s appointment?
    Good luck!

  53. OneCup
    Bet you Carp pulls a line from his favorite coach and says…..”I’m not gonna answer that question”.

  54. Golly gosh, I am such a doofus. I misspelled GRETZKY. *facepalm*

    Someone needs to take away my hockey fan membership for that. Inexcusable.

  55. bull dog line on

    favorite Ranger lines,
    Johnstone, Allison, and Maloney, the JAM line.
    and of course the Bull Dog Line, Tkachuk, Fairburn, and Balon (later became Vickers).

  56. Blue Seat Horror on

    I have been visiting this site on a read-only basis for about 2 seasons now and I have to say, y’all are funny as Carcillo. Sometimes I sit at work just laughing my Byfuglien Zuccarello-Aasen off. Thanks for that.

    By the way, no way would I trade Staal for Green. Green may put up points but he’s a defensive liability who disappears in the playoffs (2 years in a row now). He may still be learning how to last through an 82 game season and the playoffs, but I’d rather have Del Zotto.

  57. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Just a reminder to all of you on this blog born after 1980; the words “there” and “they’re” are not synonymous. (Synonymous – meaning the same, or almost the same, as another word in the same language, or being an alternative name for somebody or something; for those of you with a post 1980 public education.)

  58. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    They goof that up too? It’s worse than I thought.

  59. you guys are going to confuse people with the proper usage rules for

    there, their, they’re !!! what about dees dems dose?

  60. Orr – Some people just cant find happiness unless they’re complaining aboot something.

  61. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Instead of ‘claus’ he writes ‘claws’. Now that’s humourous! Today’s comedians could learn from this card.

  62. the only problem that i have with Carp is that i dont have any problem with him…and that bothers me a lot! :)

  63. Ah, Beninati…Trust me folks, we will miss his voice one month from now. Nah….

  64. Johnny, Snoozers!

    Blue Seat, jump right in there with the rest. Any time, all the time.

    Ogie, I gave up on the usage a long time ago. At least, that type of usage. There are plenty of others that still concern me.

    OneCup, cough, cough. No, it wasn’t that. And of course they couldn’t get it done the first time (last Monday, the machine broke) and so it was rescheduled for this morning (the machine broke during the test this time) so I had to drive home, a half hour, then go back another half an hour to a different office, where, upon arrival, I was told appointments were running 45 minutes late, and then finally had the exam at around 4:30. Nice, huh? Oh, and got to drive the half hour one more time — a sixth time, total, for this one test — right into the teeth of rush hour. So, figuratively, yeah: cough, cough and knees up to your chest and all of those things.

    Finally, thanks for the kind words, CR. Now be a really good dude and scale back the anger and the other stuff a bit, for all of us.

  65. Olga Folkyerself on


    Boston 1-0!!!!!!!

  66. Johnny LaRue on

    Hmm, sounds like Carp’s medical chart might describe him as “difficult”.

  67. How come we dont have any word substitution for Beninati?

    Something like “Hey, look at that elephant…he’s got huge beninatis!”

    ..and i dont mean ears!

  68. I think the beninati would be in the vicinity of those elephant things. sort of right behind them.

  69. >>Something like “Hey, look at that elephant…he’s got huge beninatis!”
    >>..and i dont mean ears!


  70. I’m drawing a blank … who was on the right side with Maloney and Espo in 1978-79 (Maloney’s rookie year)?

  71. Carp, men don’t wear ‘tank tops’ they wear MUSCLE SHIRTS! girls wear ‘tank tops’, unless, of course, they have muscles ;-)

    beninati sounds too close to benihana to use for “tushy”

  72. Johnny, those aren’t buoys.

    OK, now I’m posting like CR, ZzZz and mike. So I’m out for a while.

  73. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry, the link is Carp’d. If you copy and paste it, you’ll see some Faaaaaaaaaaaast feet. I still don’t know which Joe’s feet we’re talking about and why that was said.


    Is that what les Américains call “wife beaters”?

  75. True- Beninati said Rusk likes plays drums. That’s where fast hands and feet come from.

  76. JB, i’ve always called ’em muscle shirts. wife beaters seems pretty white trashy, and i dont think anyone here is that!

  77. Carcillo fell like he was shot in the face. Begin crosschecked him on his shoulder

  78. ilb, carcillo LOOKS like he was shot in the face. Just a followup JB, carcillo wears wife beaters ;-)

  79. >>JB, i’ve always called ‘em muscle shirts. wife beaters seems pretty white trashy, and i
    >>dont think anyone here is that!

    Linda, I’m surprised that some feminine group has not yet called for the abolishment of that term. I’m not the most PC person, but I do find it a bit insensitive.

    Speaking of political correctness, I wonder if Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson has ever heard Lou Reed’s “Walk on The Wild Side.”

    1-1. Bring on OT for Olga!

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    Actually JB it’s the Pit-Mon series I want to go to endless overtimes. I dislike both of them.

    Boston all the way here… and as soon as possible.

  81. JB, that is an EXCELLENT point! good job. now that i think about it, it is surprising that nobody has gotten on that bandwagon. I grew up in a time where words weren’t ‘bannable’,(either that or people had thicker skin) but these days, with all the sensitivity and PCness, that’s a phrase surprisingly NOT on the radar.

  82. Has San Jose finally turned the corner and ready to dominate? If they are on their game, they are freakin nasty

  83. I doubt Lucic is anywhere near 100%. His hits are not as nasty, he isn’t skating that well either

  84. LMAO, ORR. I knew the guy personally for a few years. Long story. If you’re on the FB, I’ll tell you. I think you’ll like this one.

  85. I was on FB, but i changed my email, and i completely forgot what my password was for my FB name.

    I have a bad habit of using different passwords for everything, and it finally backfired.

  86. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Intermission Post. Let’s Go Bruins! What in Holy Hell!!! Their Power play stinks, is Pearn in Boston now?

  87. Anyone’s game. Let’s go, Bruins! Does anyone think any of those teams has a chance against four left in the West?


    Carp, Tortorella must have been the doctor , glad to hear all is well.

  89. I can’t believe the linesman called an icing on that play. It reminds me of 1994’s Game 7 against Vancouver.

  90. Olga Folkyerself on


    Now on to Chicago, and let’s win there!!!!!

  91. on a side note, tonight on the philadelphia flyers, the first native Alabamian to play in the NHL was to be in the lineup. Jared Ross was brought up due to the injury bug that hit the flyers. I was on a conference call and did not get to see that game. anyone remember hearing his name/did he do anything?

  92. Olga Folkyerself on

    J. Ross- Phi 10 shifts. 6:39 ice time. No goals. no assists, No penalty minutes.

  93. man those sedin boys, as talented as they are, sure are creeeeeeeeepy looking! they’d be on wanted posters if they wore Harry Carey glasses!

  94. Silly’s good, Izzo.

    The only way to assure that you have a chance to win a Cup as a team is to arrange the KHL transfer for Hossa.

  95. Some night for B-town. B’s win late, beat the carcillos; Celtics are bombing LeBron (12 points) and Cavs in Cleveland, and Sox pounding Angels in Fenway.

    But CR will enjoy this: In the ESPN booth in Fenway, doing color, is Aaron Boone.

  96. Aaron Boone has been drinking the Red Sox koolaid! It’s probably in his ESPN contract, so I cant blame him…

    The only game I was concerned with tonight was the Cavs.
    Lebron and the Cavs dont even seem like they care tonight.
    Mike Brown should be called Mike Green, because he is in the Celtics’ pockets.
    He allowed a 9 point deficit to balloon into a 21 point deficit without ever calling a timeout to stop the bleeding.

    The NBA couldnt start this series quick enough, to get Lebron out there with his hurt elbow. But now, with the series tied 1-1, the next game is on Friday, enough time to give the Celtics’ old legs time to rest.

    Wow, Cant say Im surprised.

  97. The amount of times I’ve seen the Cavs have possessions in which Lebron NEVER TOUCHES THE BALL is unbelievable.


    But I guess that’s what you get when the Cavs stick with a pathetic disgrace loser piece of effing carcillo as your coach.

  98. And the Cavs crowd didnt even care either.

    If Lebron comes to NY, they’ll boo him…

    but it would be their own fault. They dont even care about this game.

    This was the key game in the series.

    Great job Mike Green and Cavs crowd. You did great tonight. You did your job. You helped the Celtics. Isnt that what you cheered the Cavs on all year for, to help the Celtics in the end…

  99. Yes Linda, it does. But unfortunately, now the series is in the hands of the Celtics.

    The Celtics now have the all important home court advantage.

  100. Chicago’s guys are circling around Vancouver’s net like a bunch of hungry hawks.

  101. Carp didnt do anything of the sort.

    My blood is boiling, and Im ready to take out a television.

    Ive got no air conditioning until Thursday, and the Cavs gifted this game away like it was Christmas.

    The Bruins and Sox were not my concern tonight. The Cavaliers were, and they just showed up with no effort. NO EFFORT. No effort WHATSOEVER.

  102. oh no cr that’s not good. I can’t even imagine the AC being out down here, not that it cools off the house that much with NO INSULATION AROUND THE WINDOWS!! ggggrrrrr

  103. LaRuezo, i like it!!!

    olgazo, i’m just glad i wasn’t drinking anything when i read that!

    its kinda quiet here tonight. I think ilbzo fell asleep!

  104. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    End of Period 2. Chicago has their work cut out for them. They can’t go to Vancouver 0-2.

  105. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    Izzo seems to be gonzo too. I don’t think they care for the Lavender Menace.

  106. hey, Chris Drury blocks shots too! what does that make him?


    Drury is a fork…he hits once and leave 4 holes!

  107. Johnny, Bozo the Clown? or Eric?

    Sorry, guys. I didn’t think it was bad to have him talking about, you know, sports instead of … you know.

  108. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    The more the merrier CCCPZO!

    (There are exceptions to the rule, though.)

  109. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    Just a matter of time Carpzo.

    Carpzo sounds like the fifth Marx Brother.

  110. malHITra!! i love it!!!

    welcome to the madness CCCPZZZO!!

    lavendar menace…you ALMOST caught me drinking that time Olga!!

  111. “Drury is a fork…he hits once and leave 4 holes!”

    lmfao, too damned witty. I just love you guys, you’re smart and hysterical

    the fifth marx brother… haaaaaa!

    good thing the 3rd is about to start

  112. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    Tied Up!!!!!!! Shorthanded!!!!

    whats a Lavender Menaczos? lol

    It’s a loooooong story…

  113. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    I like the Blackhawks. Best Jersey in the league. No Cup since 1961.

  114. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    Chicago Black Hawks are also a prime example of the good things that can happen when an idiot owner drops dead. New York Ranger fans should take note…

  115. ‘Nucks never won one…too bad Linden retired… it’ll be kind of sad if Vancouver wins the Cup w/o him this year… I always liked Trevor Linden as a player

  116. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    Empty net seals the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4-2 and Chicago is BACK, BABY!

  117. Olgazo Folkyerself on

    JBytes May 3rd, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    2-0. Blackhawks down! They’re so done.

    Wait for it…. 4-2 Hawks Win!!!!!!!!

  118. chuk schreier on

    Penguins- Crosby (if he were a ranger i wouldnt hate him)and Staal
    Canadiens- Cammaleri and Markov
    Bruins- Savard and Chara ( hate Chara to)
    Flyers- Richards and Giroux
    Sharks- Pavelski and Heatley
    Red wings- Datsyuk and Lidstrom
    Blackhawks- Kieth and Kane
    Cancuks- Henrik Sedin and Kessler

  119. chuk schreier on

    Did anybody see on Rangers website the choices for moment of the year it really just sums up how poor the season was
    1. Dubinsky scores in 3rd to beat Canes on new years eve
    2. Del Zotto first goal
    3. Henrik saves on penalty shot vs. Bruins in the game they lost???
    4. Avery penalty shot goal vs. Lightning game before break

  120. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    damn, nucks lost!

    ok, to catch up on the two from remaining teams game here are mine

    nucks burrows and kesler
    pens orpik and crosby
    bruins chara and lucic
    canadiens pouliot and lapierre
    hawks burish and seabrook
    wings franzen and kronwall (this one is really tough, or holmstrom and tollefsen)
    sharks clowe and thornton
    flyers lappy and coburn

    good night jason

  121. Long story. Put some clothes on, Beater:)

    Good morning, ‘heads. It’s getting interesting in the West, eh?

  122. i’d pick
    nucks-edler,sedins twins(they come as a package deal.)

    thats a freakin all star team right theryie!! had to have dany freakin heatley on theier’y’re too. good mornin’ ilbo!!!! bilbo, and the rest of the hobbit headzo’s. i love you all no matter what some of you guys post. bu i do think certain people,me included (at times) could maybe keep it a little more hockey related even if the rangers arent in it. just no talk about guys bodies. orr was told to lay off talkin about fox and women all the time, but at least that didnt make me wanna puke. the sexual stuff really is not called for here. im just saying this because if kids do read this blog, then talking about men or women in that way is just as bad as using a foul word. stuff like, oh shes pretty hot. is fine with me, but some of teh stuff can be a little too risque.(sp)?

  123. “May 3rd, 2010 at 10:17 pm
    And the Cavs crowd didnt even care either.
    If Lebron comes to NY, they’ll boo him…
    but it would be their own fault. They dont even care about this game.
    This was the key game in the series.
    Great job Mike Green and Cavs crowd. You did great tonight. You did your job. You helped the Celtics. Isnt that what you cheered the Cavs on all year for, to help the Celtics in the end…”

    stick to hockey, moron.

  124. G’morning folks.

    Lots of really good picks from everyone on the two from each team. You really could make an excellent team from all the players left in the playoffs. One that could probably beat this year’s Rangers, sad to say.

  125. CTBlueshirt on

    Probably beat this year’s Rangers?

    The only probable part about them not beating the Rangers is if they probably all have freak accidents and miss the game…think Simpsons and the All-Star softball team episode.


    Just kidding Mickey. It was a good idea to see what the people of blog thought about the better teams of the league.

  126. CT, Not a Simpsons fan, so I know not of what you speak. But, yeah, I get the gist and you’re right, they most likely win against the Rangers, even if Hank stands on his head.

    Thanks, thought it was a interesting exercise and got people back to thinking about hockey.

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