Happy Uno de Mayo!


I’m getting an upper-body injury (headache) over all these idiot coaches and their injury speak.

This was Pittsburgh’s Dan Bylsma on Jordan Staal’s injury:

“We’re undisclosed with the injury.”

We’re undisclosed with the injury? What are you inventing a new language here?

Isn’t he pretty much saying to his fans, “We’re not only lying to you, but we’re lying right to your face”?

At least John Tortorella has the decency (decency?) to say, “I’m not going to tell you” rather than make up or misuse words in the language with which to lie.

Anyway, if the Canadiens want to target Staal, it’s pretty obvious what the injury is, and they can easily confirm it by going to the video in about three seconds. Likewise, the Habs are going “lower-body injury” with Andrei Markov, when I could tell you what the injury is.

Meanwhile, the Flyers’ Paul Holmgren, of all people, was up front and honest about Simon Gagne’s foot injury, not calling it a lower-body injury, and saying that Gagne was going for an MRI. That’s how you treat your fans, folks.

OK, that was my rant for today. You guys know I hate this roundabout way of lying. So I said it.


Meant to point this out the other day, after Andrew Gross wrote about it. Blair Betts is doing a playoff blog on the Flyers site.

See youse.


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  1. woooooo hoooooo good job 4ever! Good morning guru of the Pen()s!

    and you know it’s officially the weekend in alabama when you’re under a tornado watch until 4pm CST.

  2. It couldn’t be achieved without all you, guys. Thanks to Linda, my parents, Big Guy upstairs, Great Rick and incredible cast of our bloggers. I solemnly swear, the moment it becomes really important to me, I will stop reading this blog.

  3. Good morning, Sally!

    I did not leave you hanging. I not only slapped you five, but I put my computer screen on a top shelf so I would have to leap to slap your hand. Outside of a chest bump, I don’t know what else I could have done.

  4. drastic measure by Carpy, you should feel important Sassy!

    Thanks for the mention 4ever! Izzy’s still sleeping,so it’s easy for others to be on top of the mountain in the morning lol!! Keep up the good work!

  5. we’re undisclosed with the injury? WOW. Is having your head up your butt considered an upper or lower body injury?

  6. Well I just read on TSN that Staal is out for the remainder of the playoffs. So I guess it doesn’t really matter what they want to call it.

  7. Shhhhh…They are trying to keep his injury undisclosed for his doctors. Let them try to figure it out. Anyone else knows.

    Good morning, ‘heads.

  8. “We’re undisclosed with the injury.”
    Did Bylsma attend the same high school as GregL?

  9. I dont understand. Staal is out for the playoffs?

    Heh heh heh, just more conspiring in favor of the Bruins.

  10. just found out my daughter was in a car accident at 6:45 this morning, she was on her way to school, and some woman ran a red light and tboned her. 3 bruised ribs and 7 stitches in her knee. THANK GOD it wasn’t worse. It’s time for her to move out of MA!

  11. thanks guys. I swear, now it will take me a few hours to calm down. She’s taking a nap,upset that she missed school and that they are without hubbys car for a few days, and i’m all upset and worried.

    CR, Staal had tendon surgery. Don’t think the bruins had anything to do with that

  12. Jarret - Fire Sather on

    Be interesting to count how many of the last few years worth of ex-rangers are still in the playoffs, or at least made it to round 1.

  13. Any fan that cries that they’re being “lied to” is a flat out whiner. I’m sorry. It’s a smart move. You’re basically asking the coach to tell the rest of the league what’s wrong with one of their players, and if you want to hurt him even more then hit him in this specific spot, etc.

    It’s the players, medical staff, and coaching staffs business and nobody else.

    But, it’s pretty obvious that it is a foot/ankle injury, so there’s not much to hide, but that doesn’t mean it should be announced to the world.

    Anyway, it’s way too hot today. I miss Winter.

  14. Montreal took out Staal purposely to help the Bruins!

    COME ON FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ORR, more often than not the site of injury is pretty obvious right on the spot.

  16. And NBC is advocating intentionally injuring Chris Pronger of the Flyers to take him out of the series.

    Hmmm, who are the Flyers playing?

    Oh, that’s right, the BOSTON Bruins


    ESPN advocating the injuring of Lebron.

  17. lmao in what alternate universe would ANYONE having ANYTHING to do with ANY aspect of Montreal, try to help the Bruins? hilarity on unknown levels ensues!

  18. hey everyone. sorry to hear about your daughter linda. hope she gets better. car accidents are pretty traumatizing. i crashed my dads car on william floyd parkway when i was about 18-19. had 4 friends in the car. it is a good thing she is not seriously hurt, but it does change you forever. i was wearing my seat belt that day, but one of my friends wasnt. yea, tragedy. i never wore it either. i was lucky. i dont think ive evr gone a day without making sure that when i drive everyone wears a seatbelt or i dont drive. but yea, sue the carcillo out of the other drivers insurance co.

  19. Linda, I can assure you this series will be as long as you’ve ever seen lol

  20. yea grabby, i wont put the key in the ignition if seatbelts are not on. It’s hard being so far away and getting these phone calls though, no matter how old your kids are, they will always be your little girl or baby boy lol

  21. ohh god can we go one day without seeing the words “boston” or “bruins” ???? i hate boston more than ever now just because i have to see it everyday here! lol

  22. Ilb, You’re right, it is pretty obvious on most occasions, but i still don’t think there is a need to explain it to the fans, cause it doesn’t make much of a difference. Either he can play, or he can’t play, that’s all that needs to be said, in my opinion.


    The Flyers dont even look like they care!!!!!!!!!

    This is Ovechkin’s fault! He was too busy taking a run at Jaromir to care about winning his 1st round series.

  24. ORR, actually, since it’s obvious, I find it pretty dumb when people ask about it, as well as when coaches try to hide it.

  25. true ilb, it’s not like the other team has no clue a guy has a lame wing or wheel or whatever. They all know who’s hurt and where.

  26. This sick loser Pierre…he cant stop mentioning Boston Bruins.

    He has mentioned them 30 times already.

    No mention of Philadelphia Flyers.

  27. Ahhhh, Peter Laviolette’s hometown is Franklin, Massachusetts.

    I no longer wonder why the Flyers wont show up for this series.

  28. This is unbelievable. The Bruins should have at least 3 goals right now. Im lucky they only have 1.

    This is not what the Flyers did against us in the season finale.

    Damn Capitals, couldnt bother to win 1 game up 3-1. But they couldnt allow us to win 1 down 3-1.

  29. cr9, you really hate the bruins worse than teh flyers?? carcillo tried killing our star fwd!! they always try to beat up on us. bruins are no good either but cmon, is the team or soem people from the actual city that you hate? because i hate certain players on teams, i really dont equate the hatred of a team compared to the people who root for them. of course the fans are gonna be hostile. everywhere u go man. its pride for your team. what i dont like is guys liek carcillo who likes to fight non fighters. and the whole team of cheapshot artists that most of teh flyers are.

  30. oh cr9,. do u really think with savard back and with carter and gagne both out that teh flyers are gonna win this series?? i dont. boucher may have a few good games here but not teh whole series. not with savard back makin plays.

  31. THIS IS JUST SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pierre is talking about the loss of Marco Sturm, and what Lucic has to do to step up.

    THe Flyers are without Gagne, Carter, and Laperierre. NO MENTION!

    THe Sabres were without Vanek.

    In all the years we faced the Pens, Sabres, Caps, etc. we never missed any good players.

    Here the Bruins are without Vanek, and now the Flyers 3, and probably the Pens without Staal.

    If any of you want to make some money, bet on a the Western team with the most key injuries.

  32. and ill tell ya from experience cr9, rask is one hell of a goalie. i had him as my starter in makos bonehead league because he outplayed nik backstrom. the guy saved the bruins skins so many times and not for him, i wouldnt have made the bonehead playoffs!! hey btw mako, if u read this, we gotta do that again next season! it was great man. thanks

  33. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    morning/afternoon all!!

    Weird being off on saturday!!

    So, here’s hoping the sens let the hammer test the market and slats opens the checkbook………

  34. Linda, glad she’s OK. Thank God for seatbelts.

    CR, maybe your heart would be better off if you didn’t watch Boston games, ESPN games, NBC games, Versus games, or games involving referees or umpires.

    CCCP, that’s really twisted.

    Orr, so you as a fan, don’t want to know if one of your team’s players is going to be available for the next game, or the next series or next season?

    Jarret, we did that the other day. Scroll down a few posts. It’s amazing how many there are/were.

  35. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    since sally gets all of this “special” computer treatment, how about cross checking your computer for me!!!

    Anyone else think that movie the expendables looks fantastic???

  36. CARP

    Sure i want to know. I don’t like to be kept in the dark when it comes to the availability of a player, but I don’t care to know the specifics of the injury, and like i said, for the most part i understand why teams use the “lower/upper body” quote for every injured player.


    I thought so, i just wanted to make sure.

  37. 4everanger on

    …and think about it: before Carsillo become a biggest piece of carsillo this side of Mississipi, he was a little boy, adored by his parents,which you can’t say about Chara.

  38. what do you suppose NBC is going to do if they go multiple OTs here and they have Kentucky Derby coverage starting at 4?

    Yup, goodbye hockey.

    Maybe they’d put it on MSNBC or something, or Versus.

  39. Carp

    They took off a Sabres/Ottawa game a couple years ago, when it went to multiple overtimes.

    It was the year the Sabres knocked us out.


    Dunkin donuts is slimy, putrid, and pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. To Answer Orr and Carp:

    They have cut it off before for horse racing, but WILL NOT this time, because this time it includes a Boston team, not a NY team.

  41. The way CR feels aboot Boston, i feel aboot NBC.

    1) The cancel The Black Donnelly’s
    2) They screw playoffs hockey for Horse racing in an elimination game
    3) They screw Conan O’Brien
    4) They hire Mike Milberries
    5) They’re considering canceling Chuck

    These guys have been on my brash*t list for ages!

  42. TheMessiah94 on

    Is it just me or could the Flyers have been called for about 6 different penalties on that last shift? They were just tackling guys! Good to see the officiating is horribly consistent in the 2nd round.

  43. Flyers are hanging on for dear life. Funny thing is, all they need for a win is a lucky bounce.

  44. they put the game in a small box and broke in because tornado action is going on in counties north and west of here. I see that CR must be breaking walls in his house.

  45. >>Any fan that cries that they’re being “lied to” is a flat out whiner.

    I think most of the whinging is being done by the press which feels that they’re being prevented from doing their job. If you ask most fans, you’ll find that they’re fine with not knowing about the specifics of player injuries. As far as I’m concerned, injuries should be classified as company trade secrets.

  46. Linda

    No. Breaking walls and doors and doorframes and tvs and phones, etc. was so 5 years ago for me.

    I’ve grown a bit in that time.

    It’s just one game. I’m trying to keep my composure.

  47. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Whoaaa Linda , Ive been in 1 T-bone accedent and it was my side that got hit. I wasnt hurt but I was shook up. Your daughter may be ok but keep an eye on her cuz with scrapes and bruises she really did get hurt.

  48. he just comes back and wins the game for them…

    im starting to lose it now…

    it must be so nice for all of you to laugh at me because savard won it…

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Lindaaaaa , Ya know what I mean , an eye as in …you do have a pc don’t you? With today’s technology you can web cam!!! It dont matter how far!!! One day I’ll teach ya what that little box with the monitor attached in the corner does. I think it relays messages or something?

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , Boston winning is no joke. That team will play the Penguins and lose. Relax man cuz Boston wont be do much more after Philthy Philly.

  51. The White Plains Batman on

    NBC’s been idiots ever since they canceled Star Trek back in 1969, not to mention NOT canceling Heroes now as that show has become a disaster.

  52. I’ve never seen Star Trek, but I was tempted to watch Heroes because of that hot midget Hayden Planetarium, but it’s just not worth the time.

    If Fox was on the show, maybe I’d tune in.

  53. The White Plains Batman on

    Wow Orr, can’t believe you’ve never seen some incarnation of Star Trek pre this JJ Abrams reboot.

    I’m actually excited about the new Fox movie Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin and Malkovich. Liked the DC character and curious if it’s gonna be a disaster or well done.


  55. I saw some kind of Star Trek when i was a little younger, with the bald guy, Patrick Stewart i think his name is. But, I’ve never watched the original. I like the Asian guy though, he’s on Howard Sterns radio show every now and then. He’s funny, and has funny Star Trek stories aboot Shatner, and how much of a bouchebag he is.

    “see 3:17 posting

    or was it just idle threats”

    The fact that you’re scared to post as who you really are, just so you don’t come off as a baby on this blog, is pretty fuggin sad. I’ll never be banned, unless that reject Dubi somehow manages to win this blog over. You’d probably stick around and pay for his god-like opinions, ahaha!!

  56. >>…not to mention NOT canceling Heroes now as that show has become a disaster.

    That show is STILL on? It jumped the shark about two seasons ago.

  57. Boston fans must feel pretty good right now… their team leading 1-0 in conference semis and they have 2nd overall pick this year…not too shabby at all.

  58. That post at 3:17 by Orrr…..

    that banned word was only meant for me………….

    If I use the word, Im banned.

    That rule is not for anyone else.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on




    It doesn’t matter which order you say them, It Works!!!!!

  60. Olga Folkyerself on


    It DOES matter which order! Check out the first letters vertically CR…

  61. Sid Farkus on

    Great game earlier today. Tonights match up is promising and i’m pulling for the Hawks.

    Brief Memo to the NHL: Scrap all commercials and make one for Brooks Laich with the simple words…”Where NFL and NBA players are usually shooting out tires. NHL players are changing them for the fans”

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    It took me half as long to come up with it as you did to figure it out.

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    I didn’t say how long it took. You lose a point for making it up, and lose another for not comprehending English.

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    You didn’t deny it took you twice as long, or four hours to figure it out. So my remark on you not comprehending English too well must be right then?

    Second language or just a room temperature IQ?

  65. I was waiting for your explanation before i defended myself, cause I’m a fair guy. But, I wish it did take me four hours to figure out, because that would leave me two hours to try and figure it out, and another two to comment. Which means i have a DeLorean in my driveway.

  66. The problem is, you think aboot me too much. But, I’m glad this time it’s what you think i may or may not have instead of me wanking, which is what you usually think of me doing, ahaha. Sicko!

  67. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Have you all re-adressed the elite Halak discussion yet? What about that game against Pittsburgh, is Halak still elite?

  68. seriously, cmon guys, i had no problem with your guys lovers spat. but when you bring up flying deloreans into teh argument, that crossed teh line for me. “oh, my flux capacitor is bigger than yours”, no mine is”!!! well lemme tell ya, i went to the future and got teh sports history book that old biff got and im gonna win all the money from betting against teh rangers!! im not sharing with u guys either until you make liek a tree and get outta here!!!


    I havent seen B2TF in forever, but I love that Biff!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. roads?! where we’re going, we dont need roads!!! great scott!!!! mcfly!!!! hello, anybody in there?? mcfly!! whats the matta mcly? chicken!! ohh calvin your a dreamboat. calvin? why do you keep calling me calvin? well its written all over your underwear silly!

  71. sucks mjf got parkinsons. i wouldve loved to see a 4th. even though teh story was pretty much played out. i wish they still would make a sequel. not neccesarily a remake, but maybe like doc browns character travels back from the old west in his flying train and goes to the distant future to help mcfly’s graet great great grandson or something!! with all the remakes being made nowadays, that would be a good one to continue the franchise. maybe it wouldnt be good in the longrun because its kinda hard to top the original trilogy. you know what id love to see though. a sequel or even a prequel to bladerunner. i mean the original was so moody and atmospheric. i was entranced by it. the action was kinda dull, but you make a bladerunner sequel with some more action, but keeping with the noirish style that hampton and ridley scott established in it. also, that guy vangelis was great with teh music. they gotta make a sequel i hate the ending where deckard and rachel are just about to go on teh run. i love having to leave certain endings to teh imagination. but that movie has so much potential to be a great sequel. it reminded me of the pink floyd song welcome to the machine or oen of their other weird songs.

  72. Im not much of a movie guy. I watch TV Shows (preferably ones that dont mention the Red Sox incessantly or have a main star Red Sox fan like the Shield)!!!!

    Dont know anything about bladerunner.

    I do remember my favorite non main character from the B2TF series was the woman Doc fell in love with, the woman who was going to die in the Chavez Ravine (sp?)

  73. after all, as jimi hendrix put it”pink floyd are the mad scientists of rock music”. too bad hendrix died so young. i wasnt around back then, but im a guitar head. love his songs. he could go on for a half hour just jamming. improvising. each song was done differently almost evry tiem he performed.

  74. yea shes in the movie stepbrothers. mary steenburgen i think. she looks like she was a fox back in the day. yea not many people get into stuff like bladerunner. idk y but im just into weird sci-fi, and stuff like that. its kind of a psychological movie. makes ya think a little. love stanley kubrick movies also. i even kinda liked eyes wide shut.

  75. trying to get my kid to go to bed. her mother doesnt have any concept of tiem and that 4 year olds need to go to bed at 8-9, not 1-2 am!! shes such a tard

  76. Im into some weird sci-fi stuff too. Just not a movie guy! I cant stand something ending after 2 hours.

    What other sci-fi stuff you like?

    Joss Whedon stuff?

  77. watching Nucks Hawks replay on nhl network,wow!Henrik and Daniel Sedin shouldnt be allowed to play with each other,they pass to each other using “the shining”,unbelievable.

    2 minutes for”to many Sedins on the ice”

    btw you know Torts wouldnt play them together,they have to much chemistry.

  78. Sammy is great on VS,CR,ima combo headlock-noogie your punk azz ifn i ever see you,for what ive heard you say about my granpappy Sam.

  79. Getting first post while the Rangers season is over is like winning in preseason is doesnt really count

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