Game 7, one more time (updated)


Washington is playing a Game 7 for the fourth consecutive series — all of those at home:

2008: Lost to Philadelphia, 3-2.
2009: Beat the Rangers, 2-1.
2009: Lost to Pittsburgh, 6-2.

It still strikes me as incredible that those rag-tag Rangers had a 3-1 series lead on the Caps and were in the game in Game 7 with a chance to advance. I’m not sure these Canadiens are any better, and this time the tables are turned … the Habs having trailed 3-1 in games.

As for Montreal, since 1971,when it beat Chicago to win the Stanley Cup in a Game 7, all of the Habs Game 7s have been against Boston. Until tonight.


Last night’s Game 7 turned out to be a dud. Kind of reminded me of the Rangers-Devils Game 7 in 1992, after their brawl at the end of Game 6. Total letdown. But does anybody want to play the Red Wings now? San Jose sure doesn’t. But has no choice.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2:40 P.M. (and fairly late): Jack Adams Trophy finalists (coach of the year, voted on by the broadcasters): Joe Sacco, Barry Trotz and Dave Tippett.

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    Linda April 28th, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Mikey, thanks for getting the day started on the right foot

    FIRE SATHER!!!! good morning olga, wherever you are lol

  2. a link to how you can seduce anyone? and people complain about cr’s mancrushes??

    Will definitely have the Caps Habs on tonight. The man like Ovechkinstein. I think the Wings come out of the West. Like Carpy said, who wants to play them now?

  3. i think my friend don would go live in a cave if that happened. I’ve known the kid since 1996 and he’s the biggest Caps fan alive.

  4. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    IF the Caps lose it will be the biggest upset since the Oilers made their push past the entire West in 2005 (i think 05 was the year).

  5. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Redwings win again. Snoooze.

    IIRC the Rangers had one thing going for them in that Caps series—Jose Threeormore. Once Varlamov stepped in they couldn’t score again.

  6. It’d be great if the Habs could win tonight. Halak will have to be just as good as the other night, if not better.

  7. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Caps just can’t seem to close people out in a timely fashion… that can bite you. I need to see the Penguins eliminated… I can’t stand the thought of Crosby in the finals again.

  8. Monster game coming from Alex the Great. Sleeping giant is going to wreck some havoc. BTW does Mike Green stink in every big game?

  9. I was rooting for Phoenix, until I heard about Arizona’s latest immigration laws. Yikes! I hope Prucha doesn’t get picked up walking the streets.

    Anyway, I fell asleep after the first period. When I came to and saw the score was already 3-1, I turned off the telly.

  10. So, the high octane Caps offence has scored a grand total of ONE goal in each of the previous two matches? With the way Montreal has been able to “tenderise” them, they’ll need a mini miracle to beat Halak tonight.

  11. Can’t wait for tonight’s game. I think the Monster will take it up a notch. If Backstrom sings along, the Habs are cooked.

    Two words about last night- Nicklas Lidstrom.

  12. “I hope Prucha doesn’t get picked up walking the streets.”

    Renney so crushed Petr’s spririts that he turned to the world’s oldest profession to make himself feel better.


    I KID. I KID.

  13. It is so dead in Rangerland…Has anyone checked Eklund out? I’m on a verge of going on his site. Nah….

  14. seriously, they take our damn jobs. then they make some money and go back to mexico and throw grande fiestas smacking a barcak obama pinata around.

  15. I won’t, Mike…Not that desperate.

    What jobs are they taking, bro? What they do, very few Americans want to even look at.

  16. ilbzo- lidstrom was great. so poised. he just slows the game down and sees it in slo mo. hes so good even at 40. he,zetter and datsyuk are all clutch playoff performners. experience will only take them so far though. sharks do have heatley soo, idk. i wanted heatley on the rangers. we had to get glass hips though. how bad was gabby in that last game? guy really has skill but how good is he in big games? even if he plays a full season, hes usually playing at 60-70% because hes never gonna be fully healed from his groin n hip problems

  17. poor Walt!

    That creature must have some superstyling grill!! I take such joy in finding funny stuff on the net and sharing it with you guys!

  18. ilb, nope. Just trying to inject a little levity and some life into an otherwise dull day ;)

  19. well, my father lives in texas. i lived there for a few months. it got so bad there, the crime, they fill the prison systems and we gotta pay to keep them fed and housed in prison??. bs man. dont think im a racist cuz i have plenty of dominican puerto rican friends. my best friend is colombian. my father got canned from the factory in texas because they could pay the mexicans a fraction of teh price. they dont spend that money they earn here either. tehy go back to where they came from with it. they come here, lots of them go to prison because they are gangbangers, and the ones that arent, take jobs away. my father had that job. they took it away from him so they wouldnt have to pay him MINIMUM WAGE!!! im not saying its liek that everywhere. just from personal experience, i am not against people having to be pulled over and have their id checked. ohh big freakin inconvenience for what they gain from america

  20. besides, I’ll freely admit that was where my mind went when I read that comment. My brain=a VERY scary place to be. Sometimes even I don’t want to be in there, lol.

  21. GRABBY, not the forum. This can only get very ugly as people have hugely different opinions on this matter! Politics and religion should never be discussed on here because it causes too many bad feelings between everyone.

  22. The most solid all around team so far in the playoffs is Vancouver, at least to me. Any team that has Ryan Kessler centering their second line is in great shape. They can also find another gear if need to. And Luongo hasn’t been his best yet.

  23. yes linda youre right. i will not bring this up again. politics always brings out the worst in people. and its not the place for it. my bad. just my opinion.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How can you say that? They got crushed in LA and the series looked doubtful a little while there.

    In my opinion, the “most solid” team has been Philly. Although that was a benefit of the matchup (the Flyers won 5 of 6 against NJ this year). The “Best” team, unfortunately, has probably been Pittsburgh.

  25. well, i couldnt care less who thinks what of me linda. i dont know any of you really. i come here to talk hockey, and i figure, i gotta sit here and listen to cr9’s gay rants, mikey nj’s die sather die drivel. but, yea, back to hockey. playoffs baby!

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If it’s any consolation, I don’t really care what people say about you either mikey.

  27. hey, that came out wrong linda. alot fo you guys are good people who are nice, and just funny,smart and intelligent hockey and ranger fans. ya know what, ima shoot ya an email on fb. im so stressed out right now. im sorry everyone for bringin up politics.

  28. True fans- they got crushed by a very good team. That’s when they found a new gear. And toyed with them. Philly played a lousy opponent. Btw, it’s tough to answer the question “How you can say that?”, especially if it pertains to someone’s opinion :)

  29. using the haiku theme and tv sitcom theme at Yankees LH:

    I dream of Jeetie
    With Alex, Threes company
    cuz they golden boys

    Hmmm…How to seduce? I wonder if that covers PBFs?!

  30. actually, there had been very faint rumours it might be the Rangers ECHL affiliate or the Isles AHL affiliate that would go into that arena. Kinda fitting that it’s the Devs coming back since it was their affiliate not that long ago.

  31. Hey, hey… Linda, Mikey- what am I, chopped liver? Where is my email? I’m kinda bored at work today lol

  32. Also from Yankees LH

    i am straight, not bi
    For Jeets I gay, cannot lie
    dream of Jeets, I fly

  33. cr9, theres something medically wrong with me. its not good. but i will pray. trust me. i just hate when people wish death on sather. human life is precious. im scared dude. i’ll be back later.

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Btw, it’s tough to answer the question “How you can say that?”, especially if it pertains to someone’s opinion :)

    How can you say that?!
    Fair point, though. In my opinion, your opinion is wrong :)


  35. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Head-up, Mikey. Keep fighting.

    Don’t know what you’re going through, but you know we’re here for ya.

  36. oh man, Mikey. That is… I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll add you into my prayers and send good vibes your way. (hugs)

  37. Linda, my down time lasts a few hours only, if I’m lucky. I actually like it more when I’m busy.

  38. thanks guys n gals. lets hope rangers get their carcillo together. i wanna see a cup soon. i’ll be bcak later though. i have to make some calls to teh doctor

  39. i’m with you ilb, the days go much faster when you’re busy!!
    i’ll think of an interestig topic and email you !!

    Grabby, you KNOW i’m always there for ya! just an email away my friend!!

    Mickey, if the silly stuff you come out with is ok, then so is CR’s.

  40. Linda, where’s my email?

    I know we said no politics, but I’m really sick of all these Canadians coming here and being good at hockey and eating all the maple syrup. Just had to get that off my chest.

  41. CR, that doesnt mean go freakin crazy! Restraint there big boy, remember, kiddies read the blog! Keep the mancrushes to a low roar, for the sake of bonehead sanity!

  42. Mickey

    No prob. We’re all family here (& Im the crazy uncle!). When I get out of control, just tell me to stop!

  43. Linda, they like it on their moose burgers.

    Quiz time boneheads! Which little booger guy turns the big two four tomorrow?

  44. Good afternoon all! A bit of cabin fever going on here today I see.

    mike, holy carp…so sorry to hear. I hope everything works out OK.

  45. Sally , ilb email check

    CR…ok,there’s ground rules now. YOU cannot keep invading other people’s harems! You claimed JJ and Hank( who hasnt claimed Hank outside of me) so those are the ones you gotta stick with. No more dipping into other peoples harems.

  46. I understand, Sally, you are right. Mea culpa. Can you please tell me next time that you are ABOUT to say silly things? :-)

  47. ilb, just look for the GOOD MORNING CARP, from sally, after that,just warn her!!

    and wouldnt you think driving on the iPad would be easier?

  48. No, I like to drive on iPhone better:)

    Ipad is great. I was skeptical at first, but I got to play with it for a bit. Considering what I’ll be using it for, it will replace the laptop. I’m waiting for a 3G, though.

  49. Ilb, I’ll make sure to run things by you first. It’s really easy cause I can just program my robobrain to automatically contact you before I output words. Beep beep.

  50. Tomorrow is not only Dubinsky’s birthday, it’s also Dan Girardi’s.

    If the team was still playing, they could throw them a double b-day party.

  51. CR, that may not be a good thing. there was a crazy great uncle in the family many moons ago, all he did was, well, inappropriate for the blog but lets just say if you were 15 or over, you did NOT want to have to hug him

  52. while Girardi is elbow deep in baby poop on his bday, Dubinsky will be chin deep in ice cream at Serendipity! Sorry sally!

  53. I wish I could afford an iPad. I saw a friend of mine’s and fell in love. and it’s a lot smaller and lighter than I thought it would be.

    happy birthday to babcock!

  54. There you go, mama! Perhaps you can start a new sister blog on gadgets? I’ll be all over it. Kidding aside, if someone has an Amazon Kindle, an iPad will kill it within a year.

  55. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream, that is the question. Or maybe it’ll be a jim dandy sundae.

  56. Linda

    Who died and made u boss of Hot guys?! ;)

    Im a homewrecker! I’ll steal Aves, Zetts, Doobs, if i want to :)

    Your 2:24 post completely lost me. Local fan?

  57. OK, you guys totally lost me. But that’s OK. I find being lost quite calming and soothing.

    Robobonehead! Hah.

    Mike, you know we’re all here for you man. Hang in there.

  58. Trois b-days in one day? Pretty cool. Babcock’s will be better cause his team is onto round two.

    Sally, you’ll have to post pics of those cupcakes. They sound delish!

  59. I got an emergency appointment for my Tiki today with the vet.

    She has started getting growths on her face. Im a bit concerned!

    Wish the little lady luck!

  60. Those are 3 deserving candidates for the Adams. I think Tippet should get it though. He worked a miracle.

  61. The voters are members of the NHL broadcasters association, and probably no more than one or two per NHL city, just as with the writers’ votes — so you don’t have nine NY voters and one Nashville, etc.

    Beninati is definitely a member of the association. Maybe even an executive. I don’t know if he votes (or, he’d probably say, “casts a ballot”). I doubt Milbury is or does.

  62. Tippet. I think it’s a great award.
    Beninati probably “drops it in the slot”.
    Milbury is still best described as a big part of hygienic equipment that rightfully isn’t allowed to be mentioned on this blog:)

  63. Here comes my “beep beep”. And it isn’t from Sally. And there goes my downtime. Ta! I’m lucky if I make it home for the game.

  64. CR, good luck with poor Tiki! but Aves is mine. we have discussed.

    ilb, now you’re TA’ing? do I get to keep anything here?

  65. Tusky the Husky is okay!!!!

    They were just pus pimples/irritations due to, apparently being bitten by something, though I dont know how. I dont allow her near any ant hills or anything when I walk her.

    She gave her an injection, and the nodules should be gone in 7 days, but the drug will run through her system for 19 days!

  66. Hi Ogie. Buy you a soda after the game? on

    Crap, no Prucha skating the cup this year. Guess will have to wait till next year in Winnipeg; sorry Tony.

  67. Mike – Hope all turns out well…stay strong. Don’t want to invade your privacy at all, but have gone through some pretty scary medical things too. Waiting and getting your head around it is the hardest part. Just remember, whatever it is you will beat it. Support from people who care or who have been there can be a big help too. Good luck, hang in there.

  68. Thanks guys!

    Now I can focus all my positive energy on hoping Mike’s ok.

    We’re all behind you, buddy!

  69. And sorry to be negative, but I just heard from a friend that on PTI on ESPN, Mike Wilbon and Tony K were advocating “intetionally hitting Lebron in the arm over and over throughout the game” and that “big baby would be available for those duties”

    Lebron just injured his arm the other day.

    ESPN = advocating intetionally hurting another player, the best player in the NBA…

    because he’s facing the Boston Celtics.

  70. That’s the smart thing to do. If a good player is hurt, you target him in that specific area. It’s strategy. That’s why in hockey, it’s always “lower” and “upper” body injuries.


    Put him in a body baaag!

  71. tonight may be sam rosen last game. once versus goes to more exclusive games in 2nd round hes gone. i will miss sammy

  72. Linda, MickeyM, and other Mets fans I do not remember….

    The Mets finished a 9-1 homestand, and stand at 13-9 overall!

  73. that is absolutely insane CR!!

    Anyone want to come over? I need a serious night out with massive drinking involved!

  74. If the Caps don’t score early to get Halak out of his zone, the news won’t be good for them after the final whistle.

    “I see dead playoffs…for Caps.”

  75. Does anyone else expect Sam Rosen to blurt out “Good play by Chris Drury!” while calling the Caps-Canadiens game?

  76. Are there any priests in here? Halak is playing like a man possessed; we should try an exorcism on him.

  77. Haha, Jesus Gómez just got asked a question prefaced by: “If you were in their shoes as a great shooter…”

  78. ThisYearsModel on

    Problem is…..if Montreal wins, the Penguins path to the finals is assured. Want to see the crybaby lift the cup again?

  79. Just another example of how Montreal and Boston have been in cahoots for all these years. Best of friends…

  80. So far the Habs have more STRUCTURE. And the Caps look like they have no idea what to do with the puck

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Washington Capitals , GO DIE IN HELL!!!!

    beat us at a game 7 will ya!!!!

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Washinton your all a bunch of Wankers!!!

  83. 20 more minutes!! Get it done Habs.

    I wouldn’t get so quick to throw the Pens back in the finals if the Craps lose. They didn’t look that dominant against the Sens.

    Never know.

    GO HAWKS! That’s all that matters.

  84. Btw, Semin will want a big raise after next year I bet you. Did you see him pushing the puck to avoid being hit? In game 7? Sheesh..



  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GREAT CALL!!!!!!!!






  88. I hope OV gets a beautiful pass by Backstrom with one second left, and he completely misses the puck on an open net, but thinks he scores, and does a crazy celebration only to realize that he didn’t score.

    Haha, that would be so priceless.

  89. How do people not see whats going on here. WHy wouldnt the NHL want OV in the next round???????????


  90. Either its a penalty for goalie interference, or its a goal.

    That referee needs to be run.

    Come on OV make him pay.

  91. From the Caps blog

    This is a conspiracy, it has to be.

    by Ovietracker on Apr 28, 2010 8:59 PM EDT reply


    You’re right buddy. IT IS!

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    KEEP CRYING Cr9 , Craps are gonna loseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on



    poor OV looks scared!!!

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Halak is Elite and looks like he wants his “Elite” card this year!!

    Hank wishes he could play like Halak.

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “This is a conspiracy, it has to be.”

    HUH??? WHAAA??? yeah right!!

    its called LOSING.

    Get the picture.

  96. Yeah, Greg, but if the Caps tie it and then win the game in triple OT with Halak making 70 saves, we can say he blew it, right?

  97. capital offense on

    on the left side of my computer it says “Caps Lock”

    that is what happened after game 5. they locked up and choked up, and got Halak-ed instead of shellacked

  98. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Carp , What makes teams win the cup?? You said the Ranger wont win the cup cuz we have no TALENT!!!

    Try asking Monteal who has more talent?? them or Washingone?

    Team work wins ,better team not players MR Rick ,Our Rangers were a team!!!

    We were.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Washington are a joke.

    Nj are a joke.

  100. oh well..
    they got screwed out of a goal…
    there’s cheating, and then there’s something worse than cheating…
    that was criminaling. that referee criminaled the Capitals…
    where was your effort OV in this series, like when you took out Jagr in the Olympics…
    You sat on our bench during our practice to try and come back…
    you tried your hardest to come back 3-1. Here you are losing from up 3-1 to help the bruins…

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHA they scored!!! I love it…make Washingtons pain hurt three-or -more times more!!!Ty Moore.

  102. Olga Folkyerself on

    Washington Capitals won the President’s Trophy.
    The Presidents live in Washington.
    Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to Kennedy.
    The Kennedys had Marilyn Monroe killed.
    The Kennedys are from…. yep! Boston!

    Conspiracy! Can it be any plainer?

  103. this team got cheated out of a goal…
    Chimera just did what dominic moore would have done with us…
    moore actually scoring a key goal for another team…
    chimera just fired the puck into the crowd…
    caps only have 1 power play goal all series…

  104. Power play to DC with 1:44 left. I’m sure they’ll pull the goalie too. This should be interesting.

  105. The Washington Chokers will never win a cup, president trophy and they get knock out in the first round by Montreal.

  106. Olga Folkyerself on

    What an upset. I wanted Montreal to lose, but this ending is strangely satisfying…

  107. total choke job by Ovechkin. he let Josh Gorges shut him down. they just took away that move to the forehand as he comes across the blue line. that is all Ovechkin has. they took that away and he is useless.

    Semin and Green stunk too

  108. Let’s not call Halak “great goaltender” just yet, Sam. He’s won one lousy series, not the Cup.

  109. one goal the difference…
    OV, the only thing that piece of carcillo is good for is beating the Rangers, help out the bruins, put a huge hit on Jagr in the Olympics, then die the rest of the Olympics…
    you’re just like most other people you frakkin piece of carcillo…
    even worse is sam rosen, this sickening disgusting human being…i hope the rangers fire this sac of carcillo…
    we keep michael kay, we hire joe micheletti, we keep sam rosen…mismanagement all the way around…
    30 years old…how long am i going to have to wait until i get to listen to decent commentators, commentators who actually care about the team they cover…
    why are you saluting the fans….why not salute the bruins because that’s who you just helped..
    his name should be scam rosen,,,no, sham rosen…hes a sham of a broadcaster…
    why not salute the referees OV, or salute your lack of effort….where were your big hits that you stuck on rangers or jagr….you punk
    i love sidney crosby….at least he is interested in trying against all teams…

  110. Something is telling me the stanely cup is going to be for the third year in a row, the red wings against the penguins.

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    LW3H , thats right . If he doesn’t win , he blew it. Just like Hank. I knew ya were refering to that. Halak SEALED the deal. Hank could learn a thing or 3 watching goalies that make the ultimate difference. Winning is everything anf Hank had his chance. Hank is great but not Elite.

  112. TheMessiah94 on

    Without a doubt, if this was the Rangers instead of Montreal, Washington wins this game 1-0.

  113. a six seed is getting home ice…only couldve been the bruins…
    caps and pens….and yet the bruins as a six seed end with home ice…
    Well, NOW I LOVE CARCILLO.. Come on Carcillo, take some runs at Bruins and do to them what they did to Vanek…TAKE THEM OUT! THAKE THEM OUT!! TAKEW THEM OUT!!!

  114. TheMessiah94 on

    Man, I hate the Femguins. Maybe Halak can stay in the zone and beat Cindy. Help us, Jaroslav… you’re our only hope.

  115. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boston plays Philly, with home ice and Savard is coming back. I like their chances…

  116. holy CARCILLO….this is kinda bitter sweet after here the damn caps fans in our bldg game 6 last year with the damn C A P S CAPS CAPS CAPS CHANT…good to see the habs fans in attendance… or philly goes to the leastern conference finals…its amazing we sit here everyday and analyze anything and everything and just like wall street really no one has a clue….the only thing i know is we need HANK>>> that is why u just have to get into the tourney and u just never will know what happens with a goalie who gets in a zone..good to hear Sam’s voice all series long!

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9 , First ya want Ovechkin to win then yer happy?? DUDE , YOU HAVE ZERO LOYALTY .

    Ov hit Jagr and I was upset. Really really upset. Jagr is a class act, to have Ov cream him like he did shows NO class.

    Ovechkin in our practice then mocking out salute. The guy is a jerk but talented and fierce. He could learn a thing or two from Crosby.

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    4,6,7,8 seeds in the East. Now if Chicago can only come out of the West on top!

  119. This may sound crazy, but I will be rooting for Pittsburgh to beat Montreal. The last thing we should want is for those arrogant Habs fans to have a chance to win a Cup in this decade.

  120. nearly every game, referees have an impact, when is the time going to come for some sort of consequences for them…suspensions?

    they never cease to hurt some team…

  121. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Messiah , Rangers would have won 3 -1 buddy. Keep up the Ranger bashing and Ill go get the shoe shine box!! Isnt that right Tony!!

  122. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR is close to a mental breakdown! I just don’t know from which side of it he’s on…

  123. Gee, a man asking another man to “bend over a little bit” just doesn’t sound too right.

  124. greg
    you are an absolute ********* ********* *********** *****************!
    i have 2 loyalties.
    To the Rangers…
    To my anti-boston life philosophy…
    caps winning would have helped the bruins chances of losing next round….
    ov is a dirtbag…he is a clown…and i hope he never wins anything unless he prevents a boston team from winning, or he plays with the Rangers.

  125. Olga Folkyerself on

    JBytes, I’m with you. I hate Montreal and all their arrogant fans. They have enough Cups… Besides, Boston has a lousy history with Montreal. I’d rather they go against Pittsburgh.

  126. what a joke. Gainey last summer just dumped everyone and put together a UFA grab bag collection of smurfs. and all it takes is one hot goalie

  127. Don’t you all know what will happen? The Hawks and Pens will meet in the finals, and the Pens will win in 7, and Hossa will lose his chances at winning the Cup for the third straight year.


  128. and greg, i have more loyalty than you, or anybody on here….i give everything i have for my teams, and my anti-boston philosophy…my chest is killing me…to the point i think im going to have a heart attack….and you know what…i dont care…i just want the bruins to lose…i will give almost anything in my life for them to lose…id give up my gf, but not my dogs!

  129. I would be really shocked if the Penguins don’t make it to the Stanely Cup. I also think the Detroit Redwings are healthy this year in the playoffs and will win the cup.

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    My cheering for Phlthy philly has now come to an end. They beat us in Game fricking eighty two man and now it is time for the BIG BAD BRUINS to beat the CARSILLYO outta Carcillio!!! Go Chara , SMASH THAT CARCILLO!!!!


    Yep, I’d like to see that too; it would be too funny. He definitely should consider retiring if that were to happen.

  132. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , you are EXACTLY RIGHT. Hossa curse will prevail.Id bet $$$ on it!!!

  133. Not that it really matters but I found it pretty weird that every seed is still represented in the playoffs. Usually you have both #1 seeds win or the #2’s, etc. Right now you got 1. Sharks 2. Blackhawks 3. Canucks 4. Penguins 5. Wings 6. Bruins 7. Flyers 8. Canadiens

    Of course that does not mean anything but that is something pretty odd that you do not see very often.

  134. Olga Folkyerself on

    CR- “i think im going to have a heart attack…”

    Ignore it. Just snort some coke and go jogging.

  135. ov is a punk…i saw him giving minimal effort this game…
    he didnt care…he stopped time and time again in this game…not putting hits on people…stopping short of pucks to avoid hits…….ov is a piece of slop….all he cared about was how he played against us…
    i wonder what that piece of carcillo sally jenkins is writing this year…
    last year she attacked us for the hit brashear put on bettts.
    i wonder if she even cares that they got cheated out of a tying goal….
    the referees took this game, and you know what sally jenkins, that putred human being, will do…nothing..why she doesnt care.

  136. Greg

    it’s time to get over the 82 syndrome, buddy… rangers lost the season way before that last game…move on :)

  137. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP haha tue true , btw Yer spot on ’bout Hal Gill!!!

    Honeslty Cr9 , no offense but Im cheering for Boston. I need to see Chara kill Carsillo-garbage and I need for the Big Bad Bruins to take ’em out.

  138. i despise all referees and umpires with a passion known to nobody….
    i cant stand them with every thing i have….
    i hope when their time on earth stops, they rot in the depths of heat….
    this world has one type of people to get rid of…referees…
    not criminals..referees….
    referees are worse than criminals….they are criminals who get away with what they do…i hate sthem so much…..
    i despise them…i cant even keep my dogs with me when im this agnry because i cant get them upset…
    why am this upset…the referees….its’ always the referees..[
    they take control of games,,they decide outcomes…they are terrible people….i hate them…..
    they are shortening my life little by little….
    ill be lucky to make it 35……
    heart disease in the family….severe chest pains…..i hate referees for everything theyve done to me.

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , um Game a shoot out. WE were NOT out yet. You know it , I know it. We lost cuz Hank tanked in it and if he didnt …we would be here still. Rangers jelled at game 82 .too late ok fine but we were in it. Even you thought we’d win it!!! The Flyers fans were scared , I talked to a few of em on xbox . We had that game …but we lost in the shoot out. I’d have cashed in Cindy’s golden goal just have Hank save all his shootout shots.

  140. Another funny thing… two x-Rangers both contributed to this win for Habs… Gomer with assist and Moore with the game winner…funny

  141. well, its up to carcillo. i love you carcillo. all you need to do is get in the heads of the bruins…you’re a gritty dirty player…take some runs at the what you need to do to help the flyers win…
    my prayers are with you carcillo.

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    well, its up to carcillo. i love you carcillo. my prayers are with you carcillo.

    You are just full of Carcillo.

  143. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Cr9….take it easy buddy!! Yer not gonna die. RELAX!!!!

    For petes sake man , who cares about BOSTON. All the anxiety is cuz of hatered. Harness that hate and turn it to LOVE. Rangers love. It is the OFF season. Time to Relax Cr9.
    Just relaxxxx , our season and anxiety is over. If you are the true Ranger fan ( not NEW YORK FAN) … you wont let another team give ya a firetrucking heart attack. Its fun to hate other teams but dont lose yer life cuz of it. You dumb shizzle-stick you.

  144. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carcillo had his glory and now it is time for him to pay.

    Boston is gonna kill the Flyers …I cant wait!!!

  145. We need a psychiatrist. I would wait on cardiologist though…

    So who is having the last laugh in that Gomez trade? I hope this McDonagh kid works out.

  146. I still think Gomez was traded because he was the easier of the two to trade simply because of his limited NTC. Although it didn’t seem like Torts was too taken with him.

  147. Well, if you’re a true Rangers fan, you have to go against your division opponents. I think…Tough choices though. Got to sleep on it. You’re right CCCP about Gill. We got Semenov instead. That was a solid signing.

  148. oh well, anger released, and mylanta taken…i feel a little better…got to focus my positive energy on the flyers now.

  149. That kid Pyatt played well also and was part of that gomez trade. I starting to think Sather got screwed.

  150. Easy choice, just hope a Western team wins. I don’t think the Pens are as good as last year, their best shutdown/defensive D is Orpik and the rest of their guys are puck movers. And you never know which MA Fleury will show up.

  151. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come to think of it, I don’t think Chicago and Boston ever met in the Finals before.

  152. The way you have to look at the Gomez trade is, we needed a goal scorer, so we got Gabby, and we couldn’t get Gabby without getting rid of Gomez and his huge contract.

    It’s still a solid trade, unless Pyatt becomes a star which is not gonna happen. McDonut could be good, but either way, it doesn’t matter. It was good to get that contract off the books.

    Hopefully somehow, someway one of Dreary, Blowzy, and Dredden’s contracts will be gone. I’m leaning towards Dredden, don’t know aboot you guys.

  153. shot 39: you could have buckled
    shot 40: you could have cowered
    shot 41: you could have cried ‘Uncle’
    shot 42: you could have tapped out -after all you’ve done more than you should have to do

    But NO -you closed the deal

    Mr. Halak, your application for ELITE card status is being processed

  154. Did anybody notice that some idiot behind the Caps bench had a Huggy-Bear jersey on!?!? lol

  155. Did anybody notice that some idiot behind the Caps bench had a Huggy-Bear jersey on!?!? lol


    maybe it was the only jersey on sale that day! lol

  156. Olga Folkyerself on

    And at the end, Caps are no better than the Rangers…

    Well, they are one series better…

  157. Olga Folkyerself on

    But NO -you closed the deal

    Mr. Halak, your application for ELITE card status is being processed

    He should have done that for Slovakia…

  158. Presidents’ Trophy winners with 121 points with + 85 goal differential and only ONE series better than the Rangers?

    nah…at the end, they are still no better than the Rangers! lol

  159. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well then, there is one winner and all 29 others are tied for last place. But I’d still would have preferred the Rangers had Washington’s year than their own. Washington at least has hope for next year. Rangers will stink again with Sather.

  160. great third effort by Laich that was nuts

    How many blocked shots did MTL have? Over 40? Damn. Halak was huge but they were outplayed and outcoached as well.

  161. I know I’ve been MIA lately…but wow…Montreal did what we couldn’t do last year…

    Oh well…

  162. Olga Folkyerself on

    An Olympic Medal would certainly help a goalie’s “eliticity”.

    BTW- That new word is now copyrighted. :)

  163. i never thought i’d be rooting for teams like Philly or Montreal… LOLZ!!!!!

    it’s for selfish reasons of course. none of them are going anywhere.

  164. NYRGUY

    Actually, the Craps couldn’t do what they did to us. Finish a series when up 3-1.

    Either way, they’re just as pathetic as NYR.

    Go Moore! Another ex-Ranger coming up Rosie O’Donnell-like huge.

  165. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t root FOR, noonan. Root AGAINST. You’ll be able to look into the mirror in the morning…

  166. i still cant believe the referees criminaled the caps out of a game. it never gets old for referees, does it. got to inject themselves into games, all the time.

  167. orr

    the capitals just did not care to beat the canadiens, as they cared to beat the rangers last year. of course with a little referee help for the canadiens this year.

    same way the canadiens couldnt even pull 1 game as the 8 seed last year against the bruins, but took the series as the 8 seed this year from the caps.

    it all works hand in hand.

  168. CR9
    what in the bleep is your problem with Boston?
    yes, i know that there’s a rivalry between the yanks and the red sox. and yes, the bruins are part of the original six but really….

    i’m a Rangers fan but it would be much much worse to watch cindy holding up the Cup again and have to deal with all the lovefest to follow. ewwwwwwww!! because he’s such a whiny crybaby, and writers and broadcasters ignore that fact. he gets away with not shaking hands in the Cup final yet if it was a european he would have been ripped forever.

  169. Olga Folkyerself on

    He was raped by a referee in a Boston Hand-Balls Tournament sponsored by NAMBLA International.

  170. Tank The Season on

    We have the 10th overall pick, so our season >>> Caps and Devs seasons.

    Sad that Crosby has essetially gotten a bye into the SC finals, at least Bettman is now deprived of a Crosby vs Ovechkin lovefest.

    Only team I can route for on the East is now Montreal, for Dom Moore and Paul Mara.

    I want SJ or Chicago to win it all. Ex Rangers on both teams.

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