Playoffs? What playoffs? (updated)


Here’s a little game I started playing in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Play along if you like.

Name the former Rangers still alive in the playoffs (and there are plenty of them, and some just jump right off the scoresheet lately).

Include players, coaches, assistants, GMs, etc.

Sort of like a blue, red and white Where’s Waldo.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:19 P.M.: Captain Clutch missed out on the Masterton (perseverence, dedication) Trophy for which he was the Rangers’ nominee. The finalists are Jed Ortmeyer of San Jose, Kurtis Foster of Tampa Bay, and Jose Three… er … Theodore of Washington.

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  1. mike in ia
    April 26th, 2010 at 10:09 am
    im here with ya my russkie friend!! just dream of volchenkov and kovalchuk wearing the blue n red baby!!!

  2. Okay let’s go!

    San Jose-Malhotra, Ortmeyer
    Caps-Knuble, Poti
    Coyotes-Korpikoski, Prucha, Schneider, Morris Don Maloney, LaBarbera, Montoya
    Canadiens-Gomez, Tom Pyatt (technically NYR property), Perry Pearne
    Preds-Specimen haha
    Sabres-Lindy Ruff, James Patrick

  3. LMAO, I completely forgot Huge Speciman was promoted to the Preds! I had him down for the Milwaukee Admirals. I am SO behind the times.

  4. Good Morning All!

    I have been released from being falsely imprisoned, and am safe and sound!

    What a beautiful day! What a beautiful life!

    The New York Rangers and fans (not CR9) will always hold a special place in my heart!

  5. Glen Sather. He hasn’t admitted in public the team is out, I believe he still thinks we are in.

  6. The Yankees meet the President today!!!!!!!!!!


    Carp, are you going to be covering it?????????

  7. No surprise…

    If the Bruins wanted or needed Volchenkov, the Sens would magically be trying to resign Cullen and Sutton, allow Volch. to walk.


  8. Volchenkov paired with MDZ would a darn nice pairing. Staal/Volchenkov as a shut down pair might be even nicer.

  9. Speculation is that Volchenkov will seek as much as $5 million per season on a multi-year deal. A steep price for a defenseman, whose 4 goals this season equaled a career best.


    HA! 5 million? thats it?? Rozi and Redden can’t play half decent the way Volchenkov plays… and they make 10.5 million!

  10. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Todays my Birthday!!

    The big 34 which means almost as much as turning 31, or 32 or 33!

    And this Ranger fan jumps off the cliff of marriage in a month and a half (Got my groomsmen all customized ranger t-shirts!!)

    And Lemaire has retired.

    Now watch Uncle Lou do a pre-emptive strike and trade Brodeur

  11. Some of the behind the scenes guys

    Pat Verbeek is a scout with the Wings
    Luc Robitaille has a front office job with the Kings
    Lucien Dublois is a scout with the ‘Nucks
    Pierre Dorian is a scout with the Sens (was a Rangers scout)
    Andre Beaulieu is a scout with the Flyers (was a Rangers scout)
    Peter Laviolette is the coach of the Flyers
    George McPhee is the GM of the Caps

  12. >>General Manager Lou Lamoriello notified the team of Lemaire’s departure because
    >>Lamoriello said the coach was too emotional to address the players…

    Stay classy, Jacques!

  13. Carp,
    Speaking of former Rangers, wasn’t that Pierre Larouche sitting with Mario Lemieux Saturday night?

  14. Good afternoon, Sally! Recovered from your report and your early a.m. wakeup?

    Happy B-Day and congrats Mikey. What am I going to be in the wedding party?

  15. Anyone else ridiculously excited for Wings/Yotes game 7? For some reason, I adore game 7s in the first round.

  16. Kevin Stevens is a scout with the Pens
    Eric Lacroix is with the Av’s in some function or another

    Carp, anyone else out there?

  17. Phi: Betts, Laperriere
    Pit: Dupuis
    Mon: Gomez, Moore, Mara
    Bos: Savard, Whitfield
    Was: Knuble, Poti
    Chi: Johnsson
    Van: Samuelsson
    San: Malhotra, Ortmeyer
    Phx: Korpikoski, Prucha, Morris, Schneider, LaBarbera

    Ones that are knocked out:

    NJ: Mottau; Ott: Cullen, Kovalev

    If I missed any please let me know…I am interested.

  18. I’ll take this a step further. Draft picks the Rangers traded that were drafted by other teams still in the playoffs.

    Tomas Kopecky (part of the Knuble trade)

    I think that’s the only one though.

  19. David

    Savard should be added to the concussed players still in the playoffs!

    He gets a group all by his lonesome.

  20. Since when can Lucic pop in 30 goals a year.

    Lucic can barely throw 30 clean nonviolent hits a year

  21. as much as i like the yotes wouldnt it be better for the wings to win so and i say that for this reason.




  22. If we start including scouts, the list will balloon out of control …

    Paul Fenton is the assistant GM in Nashville, though.

    Whatever happened to Zidlicky?

  23. eric

    Speak for yourself. Not everyone here hates the Penguins.

    Many of us, including me, dont mind the Penguins, and have great admiration for SIDNEY!!

  24. Hits are usually violent. Hit’s that aren’t violent aren’t really hits, are they?

  25. Jason


    I should me more specific. Lucic can barely throw 30 hits a year in which he not actively trying to injure someone.

  26. I’m not saying Lucic can pop in 30, I’m meant a Lucic *like* player, who can pop in 30.



    Oh goood, the misery, the paaain! How can we live in a world where we don’t have Blair fuggin Betts to center our 4th line?? ::sheds three tears::

  27. To be fair to Blair Betts, he did have 18 points in 63 games.

    The Rangers fourth line by the end of the season: 19 points in a combined 133 games.

  28. good riddance Jock on

    classy?? Lemaire ruined NHL hockey in the decade from the mid ’90s for 10 years with his clutching and grabbing and trapping boring style that caused the need for rule changes

    even the fans in Minnesota were thrilled when he left there. they were sick and tired of his boring crap.

    and he did a horrible job in NJ this year. they played with zero emotion in that series, and he gave captain Jamie L shabby treatment late in the season and lost the team because of it.

  29. How does it not matter? Put him with 2 guys who have 5 points each (with his 18 that could go up to 10+) and thats a few more wins this year. Wins we needed to get into the playoffs.

  30. Hahaha, gimme a break. This is NYR we’re talking aboot. Betts would NOT make a difference on this team, besides more shots blocked.

    He wouldn’t make a difference.

    I’d rather have one of Dreary’s kids play 2nd line minutes than Dreary himself. At least when he screws up, Torts can yell at him, and he’ll cry. That would be entertaining.

  31. Orr, I get what you are saying, but in a hypothetical world, having Betts rather than Drury would have opened up cap space for another player that could score and/or a physical d-man. Just for carcillo and giggles sake, say the Rangers sign Gomez only in that summer. They could have kept him and had him centering Gabby this season. Which may have led to more goals for Gabby.

    The possibilities are intriguing.

  32. ALL HAT - NO CATTLE on

    “The Yanks meet the president (actually “Chairman”) today,” almost makes me happy my Phillies lost the World Series. Maybe the Yankees can have a day with Fidel, and Putin, too, just to be “fair.”

  33. I’d take Betts over Dreary, obviously for cap reasons alone. I’d take Dreary over Betts if he was making Betts salary.

    But i don’t care aboot Betts and his 8 goals, 16 points on the 4th line. He wouldn’t have helped NYR.

    Slats has made some retarded decisions, but letting Betts walk was not one of them.

  34. “I’d take Dreary over Betts if he was making Betts salary.”

    Agreed. Drury has more offensive skills than Betts, even if he is on the decline in that area.

  35. I’d like to see Foster win the Masterton. That was a gruesome injury he had and for him to come back from that is pretty incredible.

    Not to diminish what Orts went through.

  36. again, know its eklund but other guys have speculated on the same thing…

    Hockey Buzz Eklund Eklund

    hearing more that Slats is moving to a new position in NY. risebrough will be GM. Just waiting on what Messier wants his involvement to be.

  37. Fly line, Dreger tweeted last week that any speculation over Darth moving on was dead in the water. He’s staying, dagnabit!

  38. bull dog line on

    Tom Pyatt, Montreal Canadiens. Former Rangers prospect, and brother of Taylor Pyatt.

  39. Thanks Mickey….lost money, gained weight. :) had a blast. If any of you ever get to Vegas you must see the Beatles Cirque de Soleil show Love. It is mindblowingly awesome.

  40. ALL HAT – NO CATTLE April 26th, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    “The Yanks meet the president (actually “Chairman”) today,” almost makes me happy my Phillies lost the World Series. Maybe the Yankees can have a day with Fidel, and Putin, too, just to be “fair.” ”

    Didn’t know Glenn Beck was a Rangers fan!

  41. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Thanks Carp, Blogomam, and the rest of you boneheads, much appreciated

    Carp you can be in the wedding!!!

    It’s kind of funny, cause the priest who is marrying us said to me last week, “So how many bonesheads in your party?” I laughed and said “8, so 16 total on each side.”

    The Priest replied, “That’s quite a gaggle of boneheads” and I was crying from laughing so hard!

  42. I don’t think Taylor Pyatt played this year at all. Could be wrong. The Pyatt now playing is Taylor’s younger brother, Tommy.

  43. Oh. I stand (or rather, sit) corrected. My bad on that. Thanks for setting me straight, Orr.

  44. Jaromir Jagr on

    I was never prucha’d!

    I am the most gorgeous man alive!

    When I wore that blue and red, I could do anything (except get the referees to be fair)!

  45. We all feel your pain, Jaromir.

    We know that after your 54 goal season, the opposing teams were allowed, by the referees, to strangle you and commit penalties against you all game without repercussions.

    We appreciate everything you did, and we also appreciate the beauty, brains, and class you brought to the franchise we so adore!

  46. Linda, dunno. Weird word web linkage I guess. May be part of our new blog software “upgrade.”

    btw, check sister blog tomorrow morning for west coast report….

  47. the sports related ones arent bad, but uh, i dont think the guys need bridesmaid tips from vera wang lol

  48. Ooooooh Ooooooh Ooooooh. Did somebody say Vera Wang?

    Me and CR9 love fashion, and love Vera Wang!

    Who should wear the wedding dress, me or CR9?

  49. Orr

    What have I told you about comparing that guy to my Jaromitrio?

    He slightly resembled the Jaromir, but no further than slightly.

    We do not insult Mr. Jagr!

  50. Hard to believe Prez Obama’s snub of A-Rod was anything but intentional.
    35 minutes ago via TweetDeck


    What a piece of carcillo. Pieces of frakkin carcillo reporters who try to make stuff up to feel good about themselves and drum up controversy where there is none.

  51. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    man you guys rocked on the ex rangers naming game. Someone said the big nasty and someone else got the little ball of hate (two of my fave ever rangers). I think you guys have got them all.

    I think theodore should get the award for losing his child, but i also think pyatt should have got it last year for losing his fiance.

    Volchenkov is a must, even at 5 mil or so on this team. They still need another rugged physical in your face guy if they get the hammer, a guy like sutton, witt, or someone else of the crease clearing ilk.

    I’m just guessing here, but I think slats is staying.

    Happy BD and congrats mikey!

    Resign prust and shelley!

  52. To be honest, Obama made a perfectly good decision not mentioning ARod.

    And it wasn’t personal.

    If Obama mentions ARod, he can guarantee himself ZERO CHANCE at reelection

    Smart decision, Mr. President. I want a Democrat in office, to continue our championship building!!

  53. Rangers Report on

    ban the boston hater. his posts have zero to do with hockey and the Rangers, which is supposed to be the topic.

    it is not a facebook page. let him go there to post his tripe.

  54. well this page hasnt been strictly about the Rangers in a very long time…and basicaly anything goes…but that’s not the point… things are funny once…twice…maybe three times (which is pushing it)… use it but dont abuse it…you know what i mean.

  55. once long time posters stop posting,then it becomes a problem. We go off topic a lot, but not to the point of beating it to death.

  56. ruh roh….when lin & the calm CCCP are saying it’s too much…it’s toooo much….it’s time for me 2 take a break from RR!!

    Be back when the Sabres extend the series tonight!!

  57. Brooks Orpik- Pitt…..oh yea he was never a NYR we did offer him some big cash, about the only time I was excited in the off season in 12 yrs. Smart guy went with the home town discount and stayed away from the trainwreck that is Dolan/Sather

  58. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    we should pursue….the hammer, holmstrom, armstrong, hedberg, sutton, witt, a first line centre (maybe marleau), no puck moving d men and no smallish forwards or positionally sound players!!!

  59. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    he took a discount to stay somewhere, even more reason to sign him……character! Neil did the same thing to us last summer.

  60. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    If we lose out on the hammer, it will be a serious mistake by this organization.

  61. forget Witt. he was sent to the minors by the lowly Isles because he cannot skate anymore. he never had much mobility, but last season he lost a step beyond that. he is through.

  62. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    he has certainly lost a step, but as far a rugged d men go, he is an upgrade over anything we currently have!

  63. They have a couple of choices in how to build the team. They could go back to the type of team that Renney was trying to build, sort of like the Nashville Predators of the East where they get a hard working team built on defense. In which case acquiring players like Volchenkov fit. They could also try to upgrade the skill level of the forwards, continue using most of the existing D (hopefully not Redden but let’s assume that he’s not moved) and try a more run and gun system.

    Either way, it’s about time for the Rangers to figure out what type of team they want to be when they make their summer roster overhaul.

    Based on this season’s FA market, there’s a better chance to become a more defensive oriented team. Witt and Sutton are dinosaurs and with the cap situation as it is it’s not worth paying those guys FA dollars given their age and modest skill level.

    Holmstrom is also up there in age, his body has taken a beating since he’s been in the league and honestly I don’t know how well he’ll do outside a team like Detroit where he often picks up garbage goals created by players like Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Lidstrom, etc. A player like Cally or Drury back in his prime are/were players that can score from close in during goal mouth scrambles after more skilled players create the scoring chances from anywhere on the ice. I don’t know if the Rangers necessarily need to address that area via free agency.

    Marleau is a pure and simple a product of Joe Thornton. You pay him $6-$7MM a year and you’ve got another Drury on your hands.

  64. iDoodie Machetto on

    Whatever, he’s in their organization. Marc Savard hasn’t played either. Don Maloney hasn’t played either. He’s in the organization.

    I’m counting Giroux and Scatchard.

    Shanahan has his NHL job. Judges?

  65. iDoodie Machetto on

    Scatchard played for the Wolf Pack and was on a tryout basis for the Rangers. I’m counting it.

    I got to the game late, all that’s left are the REALLY obscure ones.

  66. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    while i really appreciate your in depth analysis of the situation, the fact remains that the two most glaring holes on this roster is the lack of a physical intimidating blueline and a true first line centre. Now, while your analysis is outstanding, how about putting some suggestions in your blurb as well. I mean, anyone with any hockey sense at all see the 2 huge holes and that we have no one in our system to fill either hole, so who would you get then??? I am not picking an arguement (not trying to anyhow), but let’s be solutions oriented here!

  67. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    of course we, could continue to not have a first line centre or a physical blueline and waste gabby and hank while they are here and continue getting smallish soft players and positionally sound d men as well. I would not sign marleau to a 6 million dollar deal at all, I do not know the dollar amounts on these players or if they would even be available. That being said, I think hammer is worth just about whatever he is asking below 5.5 mil. As far as the rest go…witt is not woth 3 mil…1.5 mil yes, 3 mil…no. I was giving examples of players out there that are the TYPE of players we need, if sutton is asking 4 mil per, no, he is not worth it. Again, if you have suggestions, I’m all for it.

  68. iDoodie Machetto on

    Marleau is having a career year because of Thornton and Heatley, but I assure you, he is far superior to Drury.

  69. iDoodie Machetto on

    Orr, does Marc Savard count? He hasn’t played in the playoffs.

    That “played in the playoffs” designation is BC.

  70. I wouldn’t compare Marleau with Drury, he has much better offensive skills. Having said that, Marleau isn’t a set up guy, he needs someone to set him up. But, his main weapon is his speed. That may work with Gaborik. He is far from ideal, and at his asking price wouldn’t be very good option. Sather, however, may not have a choice. The better option would be to get Richards, not sure it’s feasible. Plekanec could work, but who said he was going to be cheap? And between him and Gaborik, teams with big d-men will eat them up alive.

  71. I’d take Volchenkov if they’re going with a D oriented team. I’d also give a look to Willie Mitchell assuming his head is back on straight. But D that man their position well, provide timely hits and don’t take too many obstruction penalties are a rare commodity in the league.

    Someone like Orpik, who could have gotten paid more had he truly hit the FA market, or Niklas Kronwall are blood and guts players that most teams like to retain. Thus anytime one of them do become available they should probably command at least a $4MM a year deal, something along the lines of what Rob Scuderi got last year.

    Don’t forget the Rangers deepest part of their farm system is in their D and then perhaps at center ice (Stepan, Kreider). You start clogging up the depth chart with FAs then you’re essentially capping the ceiling of your prospects.

    Some years there aren’t many true high impact players available on the FA market. This year, outside of Kovalchuk, the market is rather thin. Aside from Marleau, Tomas Plekanec is probably the best option out there at center.

    During the salary cap era the worst value relative to the volume of available FAs has tended to be in the $3MM-$5MM range (think Rozi, Kotalik, Jeff Finger, Alex Tanguay, Nik Antropov – consider his 10 year track record before this year, etc).

    Obviously Drury, Gomez, Briere, Redden and Brian Campbell were bad deals, but vs the overall pool that tends to be available they make up a smaller segment of the population. Your best bets are guys that outperform modest deals like Prospal after his buy out or waiver wire picks up like Rich Peverley. Otherwise the money afforded to B-level FAs is often better spent retaining your own FAs.

  72. Lol, he will be a Dreary if he plays here. Dreary was Drury before he came here.


    Eh, you might have an argument there, you’ll have to take that up with Carp. But, i don’t think Scatchard was even paid by the organisation, which is why i say he doesn’t count. If he played in the playoffs, that is.

  73. i almost wish wicky would get his wish and the rangers would sign sutton or witt. then he’d (and everyone else here) realize how bad those guys are at this stage of their careers.

  74. Marleau is definitely an innately higher skilled player than Drury but you separate him from Jumbo Joe and Heatley and his numbers probably dip down into the low 60’s and high 50’s. On average that’s a bit better than Drury, but I meant more to say that you’ll be paying him the salary of a guy you’re expecting to produce probably 20-30% more than he actually will.

  75. CTB- that is a nature of a free market and a function of demand at a specific playing position each year.
    None of our young centers in the system is projected to be a number one center. One hopes they do turn into one, but that’s not a strategy.

    I think Volcnenkov should be number one priority. Remember, they may still try that Edmonton deal for Souray.

  76. the better teams go with mobile dmen, not sloths who just dump the puck up the boards. Duncan Keith of Chi is the perfect example of a guy who is not a big hitter or tough guy, but a great skating mobile dman who is a 2 way dman, not a one zone sloth

    sorry, but when crease clearing means slow and can’t handle the puck, then that is not the guy to go after.

  77. Reggie Dunlop, Joe McGrath, Ned Braden, Dave Carlson, Jeff Hanson, Steve Hanson, Jack Hanson, Denis Lemieux, Johnny Upton, Jean-Guy Drouin

    Oops wrong list…

  78. Caps are being intimidated physically. They’ll need to step it up if they’re to have a chance at closing this series.

    Cammalleri 2, Caps 0!

  79. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    interesting take on players from everyone.

    I agree with ilb, not about his hammer misspelling…LMFAO, but richards is the guy I would try to get, but he has a big salary.

    You have to give and take on many players, if you get a guy like witt or sutton, you have to understand that you have a guy that is going to be very good in fornt of his own net, but not so good with speed up the ice. Keith is a good d man, but these not great at any aspect of the game guys, but good a most of them are nice to have, but we have plenty of those now, what we do not have is a feared open ice hitter (hammer) and a rugged crease clearing guy (witt or someone else like him). I dare any of you to ask hank (if it was possible) if he would lie to have a tough crease clearing guy on this roster or another “positionally sound” not great at any one thing d man in front of him.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    DING DONG the Wickyed witch!! The wickyed witch….DING DONG the Wickyed witch is goneeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!Sorry Cr9 I just had to say that .No offense dude. Peeps are just getting creeped out . Jagr is funny and cool but to think he is ..umm sexy absolutely gross. Jagr is a beast on the ice NOT in the bedroom. When hockey and sexuality collide then you create monsters like Graham James. Hockey is an out let away from sex so combining the two Cr9 its gonna get you in hot water. We love your passion and you ..but not yer gay homosexual antics. I honestly don’t want kids reading how hockey players are sexual.

    Right now you are on another blog but just remember some of us only come here .

    MikeyNJ Happy B-day!!

    Laurel , did ya see what I said about you while ya were away?

  81. TheMessiah94 on

    Wow, this sucks… if the Caps go out, Hot Dog Lips is guaranteed to be in the finals again. UGH!!!

  82. Oh well, were looking at a Game 7, and if the Caps dont win, the Bruins have home advantage next round :(

  83. Halak is definitely in the Caps players’ heads now.

    I like those diving penalties the referees are calling.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on



  85. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    hal gill, a slow crease clearing d man the ranger fans would never want because the team doesn’t need him…ummmm…right!?

  86. I feel absolutely sick. From watching that Satan celebration. I just threw up everything I ate.

    They just brought on a washed up old man, Satan, midway through the season, and he’s scoring series clinching goals for them…. sick!

  87. this was pretty funny from a sabres fan..

    Dave Wieserner
    48 seconds ago · Report

  88. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    caps goal the fault of markov, a positionally sound puck moving d man that most ranger fans would love to have on the rangers….rangers need to get some more hockey intelligent fans!

  89. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    i would take ruff as well.

    That’s ok CR, youhave to understand that the rangers NEVER EVER need to add anyone form outside this phenomenal organization as most of these well informed, articulate rangers fans will tell you. Our organization has every possible need in it and they are all first ballot HOFers that will be allstars their whole careers. This organization is the best ever and we need nothing from outside it. Adding players from outside to fill glaring holes is not necessary because all can be filled from within, no really, we have all we need in the organization..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    Too close for comfort, but BOSTON blacks out all the rest of the Sabres games!!!!!

    Take THAT!

  91. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    hmmm, bruins have a big slow d man…oh well never mind…thanks jagr (you putz)

  92. Holy &*(.

    Bruins. Amazing. Montreal. Philly. The yotes. Crazy.

    Meanwhile, what’s up with these weird recommendations at the end of every post suddenly? When did that start? Is it paying for Carp to go to more games? Hope so.

  93. wicky

    i never said anything about not needing upgrades from outside our organization

    i feel sick, my chest is hurting.

    Please, hockey gods, allow the Caps to win Game 7.

  94. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    I know you didn’t, I was actually agreeing with some things you were saying and trying to point out that most rangers fans seem to be of the opinion that I was spoofing in my post!

  95. Carp –

    My apologies … I was sure that Buffalo was going all the way to the cup finals this year – you picked Boston over Buffalo – well done! I was shocked the way Miller played in some cases – he had some lousey play in front some times, but I really thought he would dominate and they would beat Boston in five. I was WAY wrong!

  96. it really is just sad. the referees stole away the whole series, as did the taking out of vanek. everybody on espn cried about poor marc savard. but nobody cared one bit about vanek, their best scorer.

    its a farce and a travesty, and i truly hope that justice is served, and the pens get the opportunity to sweep away the bruins.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    “the referees stole away the whole series”

    Yeah. Right. The song of the truly desparate.

  98. Bruins earned their win. Caps are having a few serious issues. Number one-goaltending.

  99. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    April 26th, 2010 at 10:07 pm
    it really is just sad. the referees stole away the whole series, as did the taking out of vanek. everybody on espn cried about poor marc savard. but nobody cared one bit about vanek, their best scorer.
    Sorry, CR. You are flat out wrong. Boston won 4 of 6 games against Buff this year, they continued that play into the playoffs. Please stop whining, you sound like your man crush, Crosby.

  100. Olga Folkyerself on

    According to CR, the referees are responsible for everything from Swine Flu to the extinction of the passenger pigeon. As far as his wailing about Vanek, if Vanek was wearing a bruins jersey, he’s be singing the praises of whoever hit him and “righteously” took him out of the series. Exactly as he did when Cooke took out Savard. CR’s just another clown with a keyboard…

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I forgot about that, CR was praising Cooke for the hit on Savard. Disgusting.

  102. true fans

    ill take ur word for it.

    i didnt praise the clean hit on savard, until after savard came out with his distasteful press conference.

  103. ….rangers need to get some more hockey intelligent fans!

    per wicky

    i guess that means people who are in single digits in concussions? sutton and witt are dogs at this point in their careers

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    What did Savard say?

    OWWWWWWW!!!!! That @(&#%$^* almost took my #!*&)$& head off! Gosh I hope I didn’t offend any Boston-hating CRetins out there…

  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    Black Hawks Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5-3 Empty net goal by Madden.

    Chicago vs. Vancouver

  106. haha hawks nucks part deux!!! that is gonna be one awesoem series. gotta wonder if hawks can outscore them cuz i give luongo a huge edge over niemi

  107. nice job true. im like 1 for 6! absolutely crazy playoffs though. the habs caps series is great too. cant believe the caps are getting pushed to 7 games again. they will probably win but halak has become the man for the habs. that was the best goaltending ive seen in a long time. since last year game 4 against teh caps when hank stood on his head

  108. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I can’t believe the Caps series either! But they have done this like 4 of the past 5 or 6 series they’ve played! Rangers, PEnguins, and I think Penguins the year prior.

  109. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well. All in all, a very enjoyable hockey evening. Boston advances, Chicago advances. Would have like to see Montreal eliminated, but there is one more chance for that. Washington will be a lot tougher at home for game seven.


  110. wicky (Positionally sound=soft in NHL speak!!) on

    if you think that the rangers have a number one centre or a couple of hard hitting physical crease clearing d men in our organization that can play consistently at the NHL level then my statement applies to you, if you do not, then there you go!

  111. yea you can just see ovies face and you know hes thinking “wtf why do we have to face a guy liek this in net for teh 2nd straight year”!!! hes pissed. one thing i noticed is when he doesnt score after awhile, he starts trying to force it. but i just cant see the habs and especially halak doing this again in 2 straight. butg im gonna be glued to teh tv. i took my vacation at teh right tiem i guess. best non ranger playoffs ive ever seen.. k im out everyone. later.

  112. Hey carp forgive me if you answered this already but whats with the sponsered ads? Do you guys get ad revenue whenever we click it (so i can help the blog!) or is it $ for being posted?

  113. When is the draft?

    I’m so not interested in watching other teams in the playoffs, there’s nowhere near enough fights to be interesting….Vote Jed!

  114. It was with mixed emotions that I watched the Hawks /Preds games —- it was really great great hockey. It was unsettling to realize how far below those standards this entire Ranger team is. Those clubs played fast ( VERY) fast hockey throughout the series, and they are so much alike that it was creepy. But the pin point passing, the stick and puck control, the sheer speed that they skated all games long, and the power of their physical play was stunning to behold………….AND …the goaltending.

    I couldn’t help chuckling as I thought of the way that Redden Rozy, Girardi, and yeah, in fact all of the Ranger defense fell so far short of those standards. As for the forwards..forget about it. No comparison..anywhere. and it was obvious in the coaching also.

    But one thing kept me on edge while the action was going on, and recalling the Flyers Devs series. This team does not need a Kovalchuk type player at scads of big bucks. It wouldn’t help them one bit, all other things considered.
    They must develop some dedicated warriors who can go out on the ice and not keep looking around for a nice safe boardsey corner to hide in, til the horn sounds.

    It’s so depressing to realize that most of these mopes who played here this year…will be back next year…and no better. Gotta tell you folks…for the first time in my memory…I’m losing interest.

  115. I was thinking last night what the Rangers have to do to become a better team. We all know the glaring deficiencies from lack of top line skill to a lack of grit and guts. I looked at it from the angle of “what have the successful teams done?”

    Some stats to ponder (post lockout years):

    This season
    Most GF: Washington (313), 86 goals diff
    Rangers: 16th in GF (219), 5 goals diff
    Best Goals Against: NJ (186), 30 goals diff, lost 1st rd
    Best Goals Diff: Washington (313 GF, 227 GA)
    Rangers: 10th goals against (214)

    Last season (08/09)
    Champions: Pitt (6th in GF, 28 goals diff)
    Runner Up: Detroit (1st in GF, 49 goals diff)
    Rangers: 28th in GF, -12 goals diff
    Best goals against: Boston (190), lost in 2nd rd
    Best goals difference: Boston (80)lost in 2nd rd
    Rangers: 6th in GA (212), -12 goals diff

    Champions: Detroit (3rd in GF, 73 goals diff)
    Runner Up: Pitt (7th in GF, 28 goals diff)
    Rangers: 25th in GF, 15 goals diff
    Best goals against: Detroit (179), champion
    Best goals difference: Detroit (73), champion
    Rangers: 4th in GA (190), 15 goals diff

    Champions: Anaheim (8th in GF, 56 goals diff)
    Runner Up: Ottawa (2nd in GF, 70 goals diff)
    Rangers: 18th in GF, 22 goals diff
    Best goals against: Minnesota (184), lost in 1st rd
    Best goals difference: Ottawa (70), finalist
    Rangers: 9th in GA (211), 22 goals diff

    Champions: Carolina (3rd in GF, 28 goals diff)
    Runner Up: Edmonton (15th in GF, 7 goals diff)
    Rangers: 14th in GF, 39 goals diff
    Best goals against: Calgary (193) lost in 1st rd
    Best goals difference: Ottawa (107) lost in 2nd rd
    Rangers: 4th in GA (211), 39 goals diff

    Basically the Rangers have been a pretty good team in terms of scoring defense since the lockout. Their main problem, especially since that 1st season has been scoring. With the exception of Edmonton, every team that has played in the Finals has been at least a top 10 team in scoring and usually has a goals differential of at least +0.35 per game (Rangers have had that goal differential only once).

    However, having the best goals against average doesn’t quite guarantee post-season success like it might have in the late 90’s/early 00’s which may explain why the Devils have had limited success since the lockout.

    I think the key to having a successful team in this era is having a good balance between scoring and defense. You don’t have to be the best in either, and even if we think the Rangers D has been pretty poor the last few seasons the numbers suggest otherwise (never out of the top 10). They need to focus more on providing scoring support for Lundqvist and giving themselves a bigger margin for error.

  116. Great games last night, and I agree that it’s amazing the difference between our squad and what other teams put on the ice. I forgot what a confident team looks like. Personally, so long as the Pens don’t win it – i’m happy. Goooo – everyone else!!

  117. CTB- good work. Even though it’s pretty obvious that they need more offense, that itself isn’t that simple. Most of our success in terms of GAA is due to our goaltending. So improving the D will give us some margin per se. What your stats, as compelling as they look, don’t tell is how many of those goals were game losing goals. It doesn’t tell how tired Hank gets by the end of the season by playing too many games and how many shots he has to face, and how difficult those shots were etc. Good, thoughtful analysis, though.

  118. ilb, in terms of defense the area I’d like to see the most improvement is being able to recover the puck by creating turnovers and then transition the puck out of their end.

    Now that can be done with more physical D but it also has to be accomplished with players that understand where the passing lanes are as well as having the ability to change strategies after the other team adapts their forechecking.

    How many times do we see the Rangers pinned in their own end, unable to break out simply because the pass from down low isn’t to an open player? It was pointed out early on that many of the D consistently pass to the same spot every time they break out making it very easy to clog the breakout patterns.

    I still think that scoring should be their top priority. The Rangers are much closer to being the tightest team in the league on D than they are being one of the higher scoring teams.

    I believe there was around 11-12 games this season where Lundqvist allowed 2 or less goals and the Rangers still lost the game. Even scoring an extra 15-20 goals this year could have turned some of those those losses into wins.

  119. I think more scoring is as important as D on our team next year. I believe that some of that scoring will come from young players who will get better next year. And we are not going to be much better next year without a real first line center.

    Is it only me or does anyone else think that every single defenseman playing for Chicago last night could easily play on our first pair any day? LOL.

  120. CTB, wow, some serious number crunching there. In short, they need to score more. Being able pass and receive a pass competently would go a long way to accomplishing that. I swear I saw more passes go awry this year than Imelda Marcos had shoes!

  121. iDoodie Machetto on

    Wow CTB. You took 1000 words and a lot of research to say: the better your goal differential, the more likely you are to win the Cup.

    Not exactly groundbreaking news. Score a lot more goals than you let in and you will hve success. Wow. I’m shocked. I thought it was the opposite.

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