Sixes all around


This is the first time since 1992 that seven of eight first-round playoff series have reached Game 6, with Pittsburgh and San Jose (sigh of relief!) moving on to the next round last night.

Today’s Game 6s:
Phoenix-Detroit (Wings up 3-2) (On NBC, 2 p.m).
Vancouver-LA (‘Nucks up 3-2).

Tomorrow’s Game 6s:
Washington-Montreal (Caps up 3-2).
Buffalo-Boston (B’s up 3-2).
Chicago-Nashville (‘Hawks up 3-2).

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  1. Good morning, Sally!

    Somebody took out Josh about three weeks ago. Dammit.

    Where the byfuglien is everybody today?

  2. Good morning, Carp and Boneheads!

    I have been rather absent from the blog of late due to the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me! On Wednesday, my wife gave birth to our first child: a beautiful, healthy, 7-pound, 4-ounce boy. I was a little concerned at first, because he came out looking a little blue and red, but quickly realized he was just letting Daddy know that he was ready for the playoffs! I had to break the news to him that the Rangers missed the playoffs, but we’ll try again next season.

    See you all when I see you – keep up the good reporting!

    ChrisOD (and the newest Ranger fan – JemOD)

  3. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Sally, all I do is post capital letters, and it always go through ;)

    Carp, You looked magnificent. You were real, and spectacular!!! You fine mother hartneller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CROSBY!!!!!!!!

    Im still high on Crosby!!!!

    Except when he faces us, I love that kid!!! How can you not!!!!

  4. Three weeks ago? I’m slow. Is he coming back?

    I don’t know about the rest of the boneheads, but I’m here thinking about stabbing myself in the eye so I don’t have to write the rest of this “theories of leaderhip in the nonprofit sector” paper.

  5. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    Absolutely excellent pictures!!!!!!! Enjoy the newborn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. congrats ChrisOD!

    glad Volchenkov can go rest up,Sathers got a blank check with your name on it!
    tho i was rooting for the Sens.

  7. Chris, CONGRATS! to you and your wife!!! And thanks for bringing another Bonehead into the world! Get some sleep, buddy. You’re going to need it.

    Sally, this is as good a place as any to procrastinate. Good luck.

  8. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Mamas BACK FROM HER VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Sally, it’s the playoffs. You think an eye-stabbing (or “upper body injury” to use the correct terminology) is enough to keep you out?

  10. Hello all,

    Been a bit busy, I apologize. Going to Mets/Braves tonight to sit in the rain! Awesome!

  11. Mama’s back!? Yay!

    LW3H, it’s social work school, they should be pretty understanding, right? Hey, did you make anything for the PD Doan Face contest?

  12. Sally – I did one, but they posted one from somebody else with pretty much exactly the same idea. Not a whole lot of inspiration for it, since it’s basically the same concept as the Crosby one.

  13. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Anyone who loves Crosby without having a connection to Pitts or the penguins doesn’t watch hockey on any channel other than MSG. If you’ve seen as many ‘exclusive’ interviews with Cindy Crawford as I’ve seen you quickly hate the guy, his attitude, and the NHL’s excessive marketing of a guy who is the second (or maybe even third) best nhl player in the world. Nothing about Crosby says honor, chivalry or even working hard to earn his breaks. He dives, whines, and cheapshots skaters and goalies for an advantage. I can only hope an injury term’s his career soon, very soon.

  14. Carp,
    Can you ban CR9 just for his juvenile posts and forget the massive amounts of warnings about language? It’s a hockey blog not a dating service, and it would make a whole lot of us hockey people happy. thanks for the consideration and i’m not talking about a NBA lifetime ban, i’m talking a lifetime.

  15. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    I understand your position. I also feel bad for you, that you cant experience the same joy that I experience. I mean, you and I are Rangers fans, so I understand why you cant :(

    But I find joy wherever it comes, because life is too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Speaking of 3-2, I just got back from playing in my own futbol playoffs. My boys came back from a 0-2 deficit and scored three goals in the second half to win 3-2. I hate playing in the cold and rain, but it’s all worth it when you win.

    Congratulations to your family, ChrisOD. Take good care of the little guy. Oh, and, you can say goodbye to normal sleep as you know it.

    [I need some hot tea.]

  17. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    True fans

    While I have said the same things re: Crosby diving, whining, not earning his breaks…Pens fans would point out that people said the same thing about Gretzky when he came up.

  18. Hi, everyone!
    Congrats, Chris to you and mrs. And welcome little JemOD!

    Great games last night. I don’t remember that kind of high level hockey in the first round for awhile.

  19. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    Congrats on the birth of your son Chris! May he bring much joy to you and your wife!

  20. Congrats Chris.

    Whats your son’s Bday?? I had a little Girl last year on April 19th and she had her first actually taste of Rangers playoff defeat with the 7 game series loss to the Caps.

    That series loss still hurts, and no playoffs this year … I think my daughter has cursed the Rangers !!! ha

  21. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    morning/afternoon to everyone!!

    congrats, did I miss the name?


    you are wise beyond your years!

    so what did you think of the draft?

    Just read on spectors that the wings are bringing back hudler next season and may not be able to resign holmstrom, he is getting a bit older but would be a great fit for us.

  22. Holmstrom spends more time at the net per game than all our forwards combined. He will need a brand new back when he retires, I’m afraid.

    Hug the ladies for us, Wicky.

  23. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    yep, that is why he would be a very good fit for a season or two.

    I’ll pass it on!

  24. they are ALL great players on

    Crosby is a great hockey player, and he promotes the sport and increases its popularity. I am a Rangers fan, but I am not so partisan or singleminded that I cannot admit that and give credit to great players like Ovechkin, Crosby, etc.

    if those guys were in the western conference they would not be so nearly despised by Ranger fans because they are not rivals. I don’t hear that kind of hate here towards Thornton, or Sedin, or Lidstrom or Datsyuk

    so it is clearly a partisan issue, a rivals issue, that creates the hatred that is not much different than the irrational Boston hate

    iow, I’m sure that Pens fans and Caps fans are saying the same things about Gaborik or Henrik.

    it is to be taken with a grain of salt because it is not grounded in fact, but partisanship

    don’t think it’s partisan?? well, just look at the reaction of Pens fans after the Olympics. they gave Ryan Miller a bigger ovation than their own player, Crosby. that tells it better than anything.

  25. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    i have to agree on that, I mean if you are going to hate a player, hate that slew footing little female dog boyle!!! That is well directed animosity!!

  26. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    “female dog boyle”


    I agree. Brian Boyle should be subject to animosity!!! He’s a Red Sox fan!!! IM KIDDING!!!!

  27. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    There’s this pesky little rat that wont seem to go away..

    I just fed it Boston Cream Pie!!!

  28. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    Going into next year, this is how I see the roster
    Dubi – unknown – Gabby
    Avery – EC – Cally
    Prust – AA – MZA
    Shelley – Drury – Weiss

    Staal – Girardi
    Rozi – MDZ
    Boykin – Gilroy

    Redden to Hartford. Rozi and Vinny are traded at the deadline, Sangs/Sauer/Heikkinen is called up

    Here is the problem, we still have a big hole at top line C.
    Avery, EC, Cally are all 3rd line players. Maybe we can end up the year with AA, MZA and Grachev as our second line (dream scenario). Otherwise, we will have the same issues as this past season, no secondary scoring. Another 7th-8th finish or just missing the playoffs. Another lousy pick.

  29. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    I dont know anything about that Sens guy Volchenkov….Can someone explain to me why he is good and would be a good addition to our team…and what price he should cost.

  30. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on



    There used to be a Boston Market near me…and *gasp* I actually liked their food. I then started getting Boston Market TV dinners, and felt like I was betraying my beliefs…..

    but then the Boston Market closed down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I decided to stop eating their tv dinners too!!!!!!!

  31. I think that Plekanec and Sutton would be decent signings by the Rangers because they need a center and a big physical Dman without doling out huge Drury-like contracts

  32. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Correction from the post by morg

    CR9 and Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundqvist and Petr Prucha need to get a freakin room already!!!!!!!!

  33. True fans bleed RW&B on

    I don’t hate ovechkin, I actually think he’s great for the nhl and an awesome personality for any sport. I don’t hate anyone in the nhl besides Crosby and Brodeur. I dislike Boyle for being a dirty player and the same for ruutu and Cooke, all those ‘idiot’ types.

    The two players I hate most are the whiniest, yet most frequently discussed guys in the game. Hence why I hate them. Marty is over-rated and Crosby is a mega-[word worth banning].
    Partisan theory foiled.

  34. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    Thats a nasty hit!!!

    But we need scoring, guys that are accountable for their actions, defense, passing, heck we need it all.

    Does Volchenkov provide that?

  35. Take a stroll around Riverside Park with hundreds of dogs and their owners and enjoy the celebration of our four-legged loved ones

    be sure to wear your “carpy” shoes to this one!hundreds of dogs = much carcillo!

  36. I like Plekanec and Volchenkov too, but don’t get too fooled into thinking they would come cheap, since other teams’ GMs will strangely enough like them a bit as well.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see Plekanec get $5m per and Volchenkov $4m per (or for both to re-sign before 1 July), quite aside from whether Sather signing UFAs is a good thing as a general concept.

  37. LW3H,you are right as rain,every GM with an extra 4/5 mill(and ours currently with out that much$)and with a need for a banger Dman will take a run at Anton,if Sather dumps Reds in hftd than we may have a chance atgetting him,as well as keeping our other RFAs that need to be taken care of.

  38. it is the LENGTH of the contracts that become a problem. the Drury-Gomez-Redden_rosival contracts, bad players yes, would not be so debilitating if they were 2 yr deals instead of half-decade team destroyers.

  39. Maybe playing shorthanded is a new strategy for Phoenix? They may not escape this 5v3 unscathed.

  40. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Dredden and Rozi dont have to be debilitating contracts.

    They can be sent down to the minors.

    MSG and Dolan make enough money to eat their contracts.

  41. Emrick is the biggest moron. it is called a “save” you moron

    he keeps saying “blocked off” by Bryzgalov

    I guess only his fat hero Marty can make “saves”

  42. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    Boykin is a good physical D man that this team needs, but the problem is elsewhere. We have too many 3rd line forwards playing top 6 minutes and you focus on the defensive pairing.

    “expecting some of those dudes gone”
    You listed just 1, Avery, who is the least likely to go anywhere. You can do better than that.

  43. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Please tell me somebody hates this too………..

    There is a commentator, on Versus last night….

    Who says “he *MELTS* the puck”

    I mean, COME ON!!! It’s freezes the puck, and yet the squadudebag has to use a completely opposite meaning with the word *MELT*

  44. u guys hear doc say “lowry korpikoski”?? is that how he wants his name pronounced now or what? first its korpikowski, now its lowry!

  45. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Also, did anyone notice how now, all of a sudden, for Versus, Sam Rosen says “Period” correctly.

    For MSG, he says the First or Second Purriod.

    I’d fire Sam Rosen. H

    That drives me bananas!!! PURRIOD!!! PURRIOD!!!

  46. To be fair to Emrick, “Lauri” probably is pronounced “Lowry” in Finnish. I have no defence for squib, careen, waffleboard, Chico etc etc…

  47. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    EC is an RFA, easy decision. Girardi is a Dman, I hope you knew he was not a Forward. Shelley plays on the 4th line anyway.
    We are talking about too many third liners playing top 6 minutes. The more you write, the more your hockey IQ becomes questionable. Sather, is that you?

  48. yes lw, i can very well se korpi asking them to pronounce it lowry. i just find it funny how his name gets butchered still after how long hes been in the league. i mean its not too long, but varlamov cleared his deal up pretty quickly

  49. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Kidding, too, morg.

    While I dislike Sam sometimes, he is the closest thing to a real Rangers fan commentating our broadcasts that we are likely to get!!!


  50. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    yep, that was aaron ward and after the period ward said it was his own fault he got hit like that, you “always” have to be aware of volchenkov when he is on the ice or he will tattoo you. How many guys say that about any of the ranger d men now?????????

  51. GNH,i said nothing about foward/d,did you?those guys i mentioned might be gone,you had them in your lines smartypants,go get your shinebox meathead.

  52. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    wow I didnt even know Volchenkov was a Dman… Dump Redden and Rozi to the minors, and sign him up!!!

  53. i think talbot actually won. but since its crosbys basement, they all of a suden skip his “goals” and make him win!!! conspiracy!!! propaganda!!!

  54. Good afternoon all! It’s great (eh) to be back!

    Chris, hearty congrats!

    Ahem, Carp, as you spoke on 4/22 it was only 8 a.m. Vegas time. Geez. As for partying and blackjack, I know not of what you speak :)

    So, I’m up to date on the series. What else did I miss? Has everyone been behaving?

  55. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    We need a big dman whos willing to get his hands dirty!

  56. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Everyone’s been behaving…..

    Except me (shocking, i know), the umpires/referees, and of course, the loser Sabres sans Vanek!!

    Crosby behaved well!!! Crosbylicious!!!!

  57. Gotta love how NBC spends approximately 15 seconds analysing the first period before skipping straight to Penguins highlights from yesterday.

  58. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    “we need a blog free of subhuman cretins”

    So no referees/umpires allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont worry, Carp said he’d ban any umpires/referees that come on to the blog.

  59. cr9, i sware, u talk about guys like crosby in a sexual way one more time, im outta here for good. i cant deal with your pre pubescent juvenile man lovin jokes anymore

  60. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    Why wouldnt NBC show highlights of the Pens.

    They are a great team deserving of a lot of coverage!! BOOOM!!!


  61. i loved avatar wick. there makin a sequel too. they were gonna cast michael beihn to play stephen langs character but cameron didnt want it to be too much like aliens. lang was good though i thought

  62. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    “pre pubescent juvenile man”

    What was pre pubescent juvenile man about Crosbylicious????????????

    Nick Swisher, of the 27 Time World Series Champion New York Yankees, is nicknamed Swishalicious!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nothing sexual about it!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  63. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    nice to have you back

    sweet, looking forward to that one!

  64. Pierre: “Did you have any scouting reports on Rafalski when you were with the Islanders, Mike?”

    Mike: “What the hell is a ‘scouting report’, Pierre?”

  65. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    how can ya not love Crosby (except when he’s facing us)!!!

    He may go down as one of the greatest players to play this game.

    His leadership is beyond words!!

  66. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    English must be your second language.
    My original post was pretty clear. But I am not surprised, like I said your hockey IQ, or lack thereof, was exposed in 3 posts.
    I am going to enjoy the rest of the game. When you think you can put 2 good hockey sentences together, you will be worth reading. For now you are just above static.

  67. GNH,this Boykin guy,he some diamond in the rough that plays in the SEL or KHL or something?i cant find a Boykin any ol where.maybe you are Sather?,maybe this Boykin guy had a sick game against MZA in the sel or something shut him down,like the gentle ben Boyle?Artie Anisemov deal?

    while your down there shining them shoes why dontcha get the gum off the bottom of my soles also.

  68. Special teams coming up big for Coyotes. 2-0, on the power play. Another goal from a former Ranger.

    Make it 2-1 now.

  69. >>emrick calling Prucha Vrbata. the guy is incompetent

    Cut him some slack; he’s still mourning the Devils elimination.

  70. btw English is my second language.and you really did a great job on my wingtips,heres a nickel,i remember when candybars where a nickel!

  71. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on

    emrick’s a devils schill, until his devils face the Bruins.

    Then he becomes a Bruins schill!!

  72. One thing I love about this place is its absolute consistency :) I’m gone another week and still nothing changes!

    CR, I gotta say, I hate Crosby, so I can’t side with you on this one, sorry :( but I still like you!
    Besides, the only non-Ranger licious player allowed here is really only Miller. Go nuts over at bonesheads, why don’t you…:)

  73. I’m happy for Prucha
    Korpedo and Prucha are waving a big fat nicotine stained middle finger to Mr. Sather

  74. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    No matter how much things change, they always stay the same!!!

    Why do u hate Crosby?? You mean u dont want to be a Crosbonehead?!!!

  75. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    Actually, since I like Datsyuk, I do find him beautiful!

    But, whew! is that Zetterberg dreamy or what!!

    I would pay all the money in the world for the Rangers to have the 2 most gorgeous Henriks!!!!

  76. Oy vey….well all, I’d love to stay and play, but I gotta finish post trip chores etc., and Stanley and Cup need mama’s attention…..see ya all tomorrow! Hate being home, but nice to be back here :)

  77. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    Zetterberg is Sally’s man???

    I think not!! When it comes to my Henriks, I will fight 2 the death!!!! ;)

  78. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    The line about the shoe shine may have been funny the first time, maybe the second time, but after a while you are just repeating yourself like a parrot.
    I still cannot get over the line that Girardi is a forward and Shelley is a top 6 forward.
    Way to go Mr hockey IQ.

  79. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    The guy who plays G for the Rangers, lol. You would not know the difference anyway.

  80. Mama, SO glad you’re back!

    CR, what’d we say about boykin up the bonehead name like that???

    And yes, I’ve got the dibs on Zetterburger.

  81. GaborikNeedsHelp on

    Anyway, we now know that besides the shoeshine line, your vocabulary is very limited. Enjoy your afternoon talking to your shoes.

  82. Enjoy the game, folks. Stop bickering.

    Welcome back, mama.

    Bryzgalov has been the difference. This one is going to 7

  83. good for Derek Morris standing up for a teammate…why cant the Rangers have a guy like Morris…oh, wait a minute…

  84. Yup, right move. You are running people all over the place, get ready to fight. At 5-1, great move by Morris.

  85. Did you hear Pierre say “top 7 skaters”? Did he actually count? Are you sure it’s not 7.5?

  86. It was 5-1, with 3:31 left, and you’re going crazy cheering and blowing the horn on your second goal? Gee, when is a goal not worth cheering?

  87. OK, congrats Yotes. Game number 7.

    Edzos, sounds like we will have to listen to Beninati tonight.

  88. im thinking he ment Boyton who is in chicagos organization,but im not sure,i looked tho,

    btw was fun GNH,no offense.

  89. LOWRY Korpikoski. whata jerk Emrick is. maybe if I call him Dowry Emrick then he will get other people’s name right.

  90. mama’s first wicky….

    thanks Sally! On hold with NY Times fighting over their byfuglien bill Hartnell-up for the 2nd time. ARGH!

    hi ilb!!!

    morg, who you fighting with???

  91. im gonna go on a Grabby style monologue if somebody dont say something soon….hello?…..guys…..GNH?……….Boykin?

  92. alright,Morgy,here i am,now check out my styleee steeez,G’ah.Wicky,watch me clear that crease like a dry cleaner!…whos bumpin Hank?ill give em the ol SlapChop like my boy Vince…KEEEEEYAHHHH!

  93. Carp, sorry for clogging up your inbox…mama is just glad to be back :)

    All, really gotta go now. Morg, still send me your furry bench. ORR, well, we’ll catch up.

    Less than 4 weeks til Sally and Linda are in NY!!!! Whooohoooo!


  94. Sister blog team is a GREAT idea! Dubinsky and Gomez both volunteer. Here are their stats:

    Dubinsky: 3’6″ 7lbs 0g 0a 0p
    Sneaky, intelligent, fast, makes funny gurgling noises

    Gomez: 3’0″ 25lbs 0g 0a 0p
    Sleepy, loyal, good eater

  95. Ive got
    Biggie: 7lbs fearless likes to fight,and will take on much bigger opponents
    Brooklyn: 14lbs curly tail is disarming(for a chihuahua)almost mesmerizing
    Angel: 7lbs,much like her father Bigs,tougher than her size
    Coco: 5lbs,so cute, I mean a 5 lb chi,what can you say?

  96. I have man friends, but i just don’t to be left alone with only one. I hate when one of us runs out of things to say, then you have the awkward silence, and all the other awkward carp. That’s why i like to be around women, cause they’re always yapping.

  97. Mama. you missed this place, I gather…

    Wait, I got a second pair:

    Leo-14 lbs (big for a Maltese)- a crease clearer
    Casey-6.5 lb, but very sound positionally!

  98. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    Can we share Zetterberg for the rest of the playoffs???

    Please, I need my 2 Hankies. I’ll even let you have Sedin, since he is nothing to write home about.

  99. CR9 (why does nobody talk about New York Potato Salad?!) on


    It’d be even more awkward around me!!!!!!! LMAO!!!

  100. CR9 (Henrik Lundqvist and Zetterberg are MY 2 HENRIKS!) on


    As the middle girl in that Full House show would say “How rude!” ;)

    I was just trying to be nice, because u were soooo rude, now I am taking complete control over Zetts! :-)

  101. CR9 (Henrik Lundqvist and Zetterberg are MY 2 HENRIKS!) AVERY is mine TOO! on

    And now, because Im in the mood, Im stealing Avery away from Laurel!

    Im a homewrecker!

  102. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I honestly thought boykin was like some bodyguard guy or something.

    Can’t wait for the NYC get together

  103. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    no, but we are going to UPS one of the wickstas out there to participate for us (representing grabby and zzzzz as well). ILB is going to pick her up at the closest UPS store!

  104. CR9 (Henrik Lundqvist and Zetterberg are MY 2 HENRIKS!) AVERY is mine TOO! on


    I will be, with Henrik Zetterberg on one arm, and Sean Avery on the other arm!


  105. CR9 (Henrik Lundqvist and Zetterberg are MY 2 HENRIKS!) AVERY is mine TOO! on

    Is it Crosboneheadpalooza, because then I can go get a Sidney mask and wear it?

  106. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    ok, we’ll send her, but be aware, she eats more!!!

    Hopefully the rest of us will make the next one!

    we’ll take it under advisement!

  107. cccp- voted for kovalchuk too!!! im afraid were vastly outnumbered, but i do want the guy on the team. him and gabby minus redden and rozy would be 10 steps in teh right directioon!! u need a guy like him to contend with the best and hank isnt getting any younger!!

  108. how bout the yotes ladies and gentys. watcjhin the former rangers thrive under a good coach and system. given a chance to shine. and morris does what girardi never had the nards to do. and we didnt want to resign him? whynot? cuz he screwed up against ovy in the playoffs? ehh hes teh best what ya want??

  109. mmm rainbow sherbet!!! i love this frosty fruity treat! anyway, im enjoying a nice bowl of sherbet and i had to come back to my fave place on the web. im enjoyin a stogey with slats right now too. gues s waht guys??? he told me were getting kovalchunk!!!

  110. >>what is going on? why havent teh habs caps playe their game 6 yuet???

    Because Versus wants it for Monday night now that the Penguins are done with their series.

  111. imagine the kings in teh east. they would be up there with teh caps and pens. in fact, theyd probably beat the pens if they played each other in teh finals

  112. CR9 (Henrik Lundqvist and Zetterberg are MY 2 HENRIKS!) AVERY is mine TOO! on


    Im here too.

    And Lundqvist, Zetterberg, Avery, and Jaromir are with me as well!

  113. Henrik Lundqvist on

    Hello, Mike.

    I love all the attention I receive for my stunningly good looks.

    Thanks to all.

  114. Now, now. I kidnapped nobody. You came under your own free will. Me tying you up is just false imprisonment, not kidnapping.

  115. hank!!! is that really you?? will you marry my sister? she is a babe and is part swedish!! yes, she can cook. swedish meatballs yes!! and smoked salmon, pickled herring! the woiks!

  116. Kings have a pretty good team, but I think they’ll be done tonight. Funny thing is, with the way the league is “balanced” nowadays, they might not even make the playoffs next year.

  117. Henrik Lundqvist on

    Yes. It is me. If CR9 releases me from being falsely imprisoned, I would be glad to marry your sister. You sound like a great guy, Mike. So any sister of yours must be a great lady!

  118. >>oh gotcha. was rteally hopin to see the habs extend teh series tonight. i always root for
    >>teh undrgod

    I like to root for the underdogs too, except when that dog happens to be the Devils, Canadiens, Islanders, Flyers, or Penguins.

  119. well, i hate teh caps for what tey did to us last year. i hate ovie and backstrom doing the mock salute on garden ice insulting the rangers tradition. couple of punks. and i hate humpty dumpty behind teh bench.

  120. >>undergod???

    I saw and kept it because I didn’t want to misquote you.
    [“one nation under god”.]

  121. well im off. gonna play soem nhl. later fellas, and cr9, u better let aves and hank loose from your buffalo bill cave before training camp buddy

  122. Please, somebody. Ask CR9 to release me from my imprisonment.

    He is infatuated with me. Obsessed.

  123. Henrik Zetterberg on

    Sally, Help me! I will marry you, if you get this wackadoodle CR9 away from me! He has an infatuation with the name Henrik. Yikes!

  124. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sally, you may have your Henrik Zetterberg back! He is yours!

    But, Jaromir, you stay with me, for good! You will never leave me, Jaromir!

  125. Yes, my wittle baby Jaromirl By ‘you will never leave me’, that means you are stuck with me FOREVER!

  126. Then comes back and makes a potentially game saving stop. Anyway, Kings will not be able to hang on for too much longer. Canucks are about to take it to another gear.

  127. What a save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaromir is not feeling the love from you two fellows, Orr and JBytes.

    He feels betrayed that nobody cares about his current situation.

  128. If CR9 does not immediately release me, when I finally escape, I will join the Bruins.

  129. Dont you threaten me, Jaromir! You will not use such foul language in my presence!

    Lets go Kings!!!!!


    The Canucks will be moving on!

  131. CR9 (This is Jaromir's world, we're just living in it!) on

    Good Night, Carp.
    Good Night, Sally.
    Good Night, Orr
    Good Night, JBytes
    Good Night, Linda
    And Finally…
    Good Night, my sweet Jaromir. And dont you EVER hold the Bruins over my head again!!

  132. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    well, that sucked….sorta! Guess it is back to finishing my playoff elimination in the 2nd round as gm of my first full nhl10 season!!

  133. Jaromir Jagr on


    If you fall for me
    I’m not easy to please
    I’mma tear you apart
    Told you from the start, baby from the start.

  134. Man! Huge Storm! Power’s out here!

    And it is scalding hot!

    Im used to 60 degrees!! Damn it!!

  135. What did I do this time???

    Why cant u at least use ur real handle, like hedberg?


    I cant sleep!!! It’s too hot! UGH!

  136. Wait a second, I just realized…

    The Coyotes were the better seed, they must have won Game 6 at Detroit…


    Oh, man. How did Detroit allow this to happen…

  137. Chelsea stomped all over Stoke today, 7-0. The Premier League comes down to the Chelsea/Liverpool matchup, at Liverpool, next week.

  138. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    don’t know why my post didn’t go earlier, but xbox!!!

  139. im up at teh crack of butt for a job hunting search. got an email this am about a bounty hunter job. they will pay me a million in cash and boston red sox memorabilia to take this guy out whos been stalking him after i saw him at a bruins game. he was screaming something about henrik is better than tuuka and he saw a marc savard jersey on me. thats when he went bonkers. the email said his friends have been disappearing one by one lately and one of them was last seen wearing a shirt that said”i heart referees” so you know hes probably been the first to go. anyway, he said something about a cave, a sewing machine and a naked guy screaming jaromir!!!! so his friends are probably goners. they look nothing like jagr. k gotta hurry. be back soon. if only i knew where to start looking for this madman!!!

  140. Good morning, ‘heads! Mikey, you need help with this one, let me know. I’ll do it for free.

    Sally, 6;25 am? That paper must be a real killer :0)

    Vancouver so far appears to be the most solid team in the playoffs.

  141. Laurel – get my Vizsla on the wing, he’s got an excellent drag back move and great speed…good 2nd/3rd liner!

    Kaiza, DOB 9/11/04, H 24″, W 24kg

    p.s. is anyone reading all these reports (i think Dreger on TSN reported one) that there is no chance of Slats being sacked or resigning this summer. It just shows that Dolan only cares about those “sell-outs” and not how the team actually plays…

  142. It just shows that Dolan only cares about those “sell-outs” and not how the team actually plays…


    blame the fans…

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