One down (updated)


Some thoughts about the first series to end:

1) The NHL does a few things better than the other big-league sports, and one of them is the post-series handshake, one of the coolest things in sports, still. That’s why it bothers me when a Scott Stevens — when he was a younger player — skipped a handshake at the end of a series with the Rangers and why it still bothers me that Sid Crosby didn’t shake hands with the Red Wings, especially captain Nik Lidstrom, after winning the Cup last season. I give Brodeur the benefit of the doubt with Avery two years ago, because I can only imagine what Avery was saying to him, not to mention the stick-waving. But if you have any sense of history, any sense of what’s right, you shake hands at the end of the series. Win or lose. You just suck it up and do it.

2) There’s no way Kovalchuk goes back to New Jersey. I think he will get crazy money, and if I’m the NYR — whether Glen Sather or somebody else is calling the shots — I ignore him and any other big-ticket guys this summer. But I would be interested in a Paul Martin.

3) Ian Laperriere. I loved the guy when he was a rookie with the Blues, I loved the trade the Rangers made to get him in 1995 — for a downward-trending Stephane Matteau. And then the Rangers turned around and threw him into that one-sided trade that just keeps on getting worse: Ray Ferraro, Mattias Norstrom, Nathan LaFayette, Laperriere and a pick for Jari Kurri, Marty McSorley and Shane Churla. My God. I hope the guy’s OK.

4) Whenever the Penguins season ends, the best part for me will be the wrecking ball aimed at that crappy Igloo.

5) Do you think the Devils wish Olli Jokinen had done something better than that 5-hole try in that Game 82 shootout?

6) I agreed with Doc Emrick, and loved that he said it, when coincidental minors were called for a little shoving and facewashing: That no penalty would have been called on such a play in the playoffs 10 years ago. So true. So sad.

7) With the Devils out, so are my chances of going 8 for 8 in “The inaugural  Olli Jokinen Five-Hole/Beat the Blogfather Challenge and Picnic.But I’m guessing a lot of youse are 0-1 with me.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 2: 48 P.M.: Norris Trophy finalists: Drew Doughty, Mike Green (ugh!), Duncan Keith.

I really hate it when guys who are all offense and no defense, like Green, get the award.

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  1. YOu know, this idiot Carcillo can really play hockey when he puts his mind to it and stops running around trying to intimidate guys. ( Most of whom are unintimidated anyhow.)

    The Devils had plenty of scoring chances, but they were very timid in all their actions for the entire series. You could see the handwriting on the wall. And Flyers have been a steadily improving team, and a lot of the credit has to go to the goal tender. They may well develop into the “sleeper” team this playoffs.

    The Blackhawks won a very hotly contested game last night against a very stubborn and aggressive ( and talented) Predator team. Hawks had the puck in the Preds zone for nearly an entire period and were unable to get past that all over the ice defense of Nashville. those guys are very well coached and follow thru on what they’ve been taught.
    Night and day between these teams and Rangers who come out looking like ECHL team players in comparison.

  2. CTBlueshirt
    April 14th, 2010 at 9:07 am
    Caps over Habs in 5
    Flyers over Devils in 7
    Sabres over Bruins in 6 (despite all of the ref’s help of the B’s)
    Pens over Sens in 6
    Sharks over Avs in 6
    Blackhawks over Preds in 4
    ‘Nucks over Kings in 7
    Wings over ‘Yotes in 7

    Will probably lose out on the B’s-Sabres and definitely not picking the # of games per series but I had faith in another 1st round flop for Uncle Daddy and co.

  3. Player for player the Preds have probably the deepest blueline in the league. I think any team would love to have Suter or Weber let alone both. They get by very much like the late 90s Devils. And therein lies the problem for the Devils ever since Stevens/Niedermayer/Rafalski
    departed is their blueline talent is a fraction of what it used to be.

  4. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Too bad the Devils and Flyers couldn’t both lose.
    Watching some other NHL playoff games, I would say these two teams are an entire level below some of the other good teams.

    Carp…I am also 0-1 and will not go 8 for 8

  5. Good morning, Carp!

    So far it’s looking like I cursed all the teams I picked for the challenge. Only real exception is the Penguins, who I WISH I had cursed.

  6. Stayed up for Sharks game and saw interview with Laperierre. Looked like Joe Frazier after the Thrilla….but seemed to be okay. Said he was scared because he initially could not see….hit was above right eye. Didn’t say how many stitches….

  7. How much do you think this series cost Kovalchuk in terms of money and or years, if at all?

    I think he still gets a boat load of cash, but maybe not the 10 year, $10 mil per, he may have gotten if he was more dominant.

  8. The Devils looked exactly like the Rangers did during that last game against the Flyers, it was obvious they would lose. I’m 1-0, btw. I’m sure that won’t last.

    Kovalchuk will likely end up signing with the WC team. Don’t get me wrong, if he settles for Gaborik-like contract and we can move some dead wood, yes. But there is no way he will settle for $7.5 mil for 5 years. Dosvydania! Dy the way, I doubt he will go to KHL, not after Dinamo Moscow team folded, the financial situation may not be great out there.

    I’m not sure about Paul Martin. He is solid in both ends, but not what we need. I expect our young core to get better next year anyway. What we need is more physicality on the blueline. Martin doesn’t have that.

  9. I don’t know if any GM was actually going to give Kovalchuk the money he was supposedly demanding from the Trashers. Considering that neither Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin make that much it would be tough for his agent to argue that he’s worth as much as any of them.

    Granted those 3 signed extensions before hitting true free agency, but his lack of individual and team awards (assuming there are GMs outside of Sather that place a premium on that sort of stuff) will certainly counteract any argument that he’s a player that can transform a franchise.

  10. I think the Kings make a big push for him. Especially if they let Frolov walk.

    Or you never know, if Detroit thinks it’s time to move on from Lidstrom they have an awful lot of cap space opening up. Datsyuk and Kovalchuk? Maybe it didn’t work out in the Olympics but they’d have a real training camp and an entire season to figure it out.

  11. pumpkin head on

    The only thing about signing Paul Martin… look at the track record of Devils to Rangers players. Gomezes and Drivers and ugh…

  12. I can still see someone giving him in the range of $8.75-9 mil per for 7 or so years. He is also a left winger.

  13. I am thinking we should get someone that most of us have been wanting to get all along, Patrick Sharp. Do it!

  14. Exactly pumpkin head. No Devils, no Sabres, no guys named Glen(n). Sabres and Devils players tend to benefit from a strong system.

    Sabres are obviously more attack oriented. Even though Briere had a decent series against the Devils, he’s making pretty much Drury money and hasn’t been and most likely will never be worth his cap hit.

    We don’t even have to go into the details of Kalinin or Kotalik do we?

  15. Hi everyone,

    For the last 2 years I have been reading your blog every day, but never posted. But today, I am reading all negative comments about Kovalchuk and it makes me mad. So I had to respond it. Since he arrived here I have been reading most of his interviews and watching him play because I have been praying for more than a year for him to come to NY and become part of Rangers Organization. Since the day 1, he showed that he cared about Devils (Remember his fight against Avery when Avery commented about Fasco?) and did everything he could to improve Devils. I don’t know how many of you saw, but when he kills penalty he blocks shot. And any situation he was in, he does try. I believe he is team-oriented player, not selfish Diva some people believe. He speaks well with dignity and his intervies showed me that he has level-head. I wish he plays for us.

    There I’ve said it all I wanted and I don’t care about anybody else’s opinions. In my book, he is a winner!


  16. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Kovalchuck is a winner and a legit star in the NHL.

    But hsi asking price, and our own cap hell make it a dumb move to even try to go after him.

    And we dont need another sniper at 7-10mil. We need a center

    I agree with NAsty, would LOVE to see us somehow someway get Patrick Sharp in Rnager blue next year!

    And I wouldnt mind Paul MArtin at all, he’s young, he had an off year with not alot of games played due to his injury, but he’ll get top dolalr in Free agency so not sure we can even afford him either

  17. Well Rangers 9909 maybe Kovy isn’t selfish, but you clearly are if you don’t care about the opinions of anyone else on this blog. I mean, agree or disagree, but you can’t say that you don’t care. You obviously do care, because the only reason that you wrote your post is because you don’t like what others have been saying about Ilya. Hmmmmm?

  18. Rangers9909 I think I know what you are saying, but you could have easily come on here and said it differently. In all honesty, I would take Ilya on this team too, but not for the money he wants. I am done with big contracts. We need to really rebuild and draft well. We have a decent enough core.

    I hope that you said what you were trying to say incorrectly. If not, then would you kindly step down from your soap box and go get your _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

    A message from your favorite neighborhood Nasty 1.

  19. Come on someone, fill in the blanks for me. I tried to make it a fun little game. First one to answer gets a nice cold Molson on me at the next Warren gathering.

  20. 1-0, baby! I took the Flyers. Buh-bye Devils and Fatty McPhat.

    I LOOOOVE multiple OT games. Sens/Pens was great last night and Leclair was outstanding.

    Nasty- SHINE BOX. :)

  21. MickeyM, next time we are both at Warren, a Molson or another drink of choice for you. Should be a Molson though.

  22. rangers=sadness on

    haha Chico crying! i can only imagine… Leave Marty alone!!!
    Has anyone been keeping up with this Doug Risebrough business? I hope its true but most likely he will go to Tampa…

  23. Nasty, next time there will be my first time there :) I may have to make a special trip to NYC just for that free beer.

  24. Oh, and A plus to infinity on Carp’s #1. There’s something so ‘old school’ and gentlemanly about the teams shaking hands after beating the carcillo out of each other over the previous 4-7 games.

  25. I’m still shocked the Devils blew a gasket against the Flies.

    I think The Rangers should add a UFA D-man at a modest price like you said Carp (like Martin) and go with what they have but bring up more players from Hartford.

    The rangers have to commit to youth.

    Speaking of the Flies ,HBO is doing a segment on the Broadstreet Bullies on their Real Sports program on May 4th.

    The Michael Del Zotto Hi-Lite Reel Of Extraordinary Magnitude :

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There I’ve said it all I wanted and I don’t care about anybody else’s opinions. In my book, Kovalchuk is a winner!

    And i’m not going to let it ruin my post-Earth day Friday!

    Seriously though, Kovalchuk’s not won anything. The devils were making the playoffs with or without him and you can argue that he is a FLUB because he was invisible in the playoffs. He now has 1 playoff win… that is NOT a winner.

  27. I thought everyone here agreed that Ilya is a premier, elite goalscorer. He didn’t have a chance to play for any good organization and it isn’t his fault. Players with his skills are difficult to come by. I will go further and say that he is more offensive threat than Gaborik. But his fault or not, he hasn’t proven that he can carry a team deep into the playoffs. And that now includes the Devils. Therefore, his reported asking price is way too nigh. Would look good on the left wing in our uniform if he settles for Gaborik-like contract. If not-dosvydania! That is what we were saying. Which part of that wasn’t clear to you, Rangers9909?

  28. I also dont get why ppl call him Kovalchoke? He only played in 9 playoff games over 8 years in NHL! He, btw, has 8 points in 9 playoff games… being traded for the first time in his career…It wasn’t really a right situation for him… so i don’t know… i wouldn’t call him a choke just yet…

  29. Kovalchuk is open to re-signing with Devils

    It looks like Ilya Kovalchuk is open to re-signing with the New Jersey Devils.

    “I love everything here,” Kovalchuk said. “I think it’s a great organization. I appreciate [general manager Lou Lamoriello] giving me a chance to play here. It was a great experience. I played with some great players. I loved it. So, we all know it’s a business. I’m open to anything.” The New Jersey Devils traded for Kovalchuk with the hope that he might provide them with the boost they needed to win a Stanley Cup. Although it seemed like a solid transaction at the time, the Devils’ wasted the opportunity with their first round exit. If they are unable to re-sign Kovalchuk, then they will have gotten very little return from the prospects and draft picks they gave up to Atlanta.

  30. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Kovy aint resigning with the Devs. There is as much likelihood of that as me suddenly gaining some sort of respect for any racist, arrogant, hateful, lying, thieving, and cheating Boston sports organization.

  31. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Doesnt anyone else sort of, just sort of, beel bad for Marty.

    He is a Hall of Fame goalie, one of the greatest of all time, and the way they just went out so easily…

    I mean, I know’s worthy of being hated, but not as much as Tuuuukka Rask, IMO.

  32. I think the valid criticisms of Kovalchuk for this year’s playoffs were that he “only” scored an empty net goal and a goal on a 5 on 3. The lager picture is that he was the point man for a very ineffective power play that certainly had it’s fair share of opportunities to bury the Flyers in games 3 through 5.

    Small sample size for sure, but this was his first audition to show he could be a true difference maker for a contender and he wasn’t. You can’t put the Devils failures all at his feet since so many of his other teammates didn’t show up, but when push came to shove he was still part of a team that got pushed around and didn’t do much in the way of shoving back.

  33. CCCP- what would you expect? You think he woud say he hated it in NJ and no way he was going to sign with them. And do you think Lou will give him what he demands.

    CR9- I doubt any of ecurrent Boston sports organization knows that you even exist, let alone giving you any sort of respect.

  34. CR9 – Kovy aint resigning with the Devs. There is as much likelihood of that as me suddenly gaining some sort of respect for any racist, arrogant, hateful, lying, thieving, and cheating Boston sports organization.


    …and then lobotomy was performed and he became a proud Bostonian!

  35. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    ilb – I didnt say anything about having respect for me, I said “as much likelihood as me having respect for any of them.”

  36. Kovalchuk is smart enough to say all the right things. Yes, he’s going to go where he gets paid but heck, he turned down $100M to stay in Atlanta. Money may not be his only motivation. Don’t mean to sound naive, just saying I think getting his money AND having options is a given.

    As I said back at the trade deadline, the opportunity to add someone of his talent at his age is rare. The Rangers are not going to be high enough in any draft to stumble across a guy like him so you gotta hope for free agency. As ilb and others said, IF you can get him for a $7-8M cap hit (assuming you’re going to pay more but structure as a Hossa-like contract), then you gotta try to get him. Obviously it only happens with Dolan swallowing the Redden-to-Harford pill. Absent that, no need to discuss. That gets you most of the way there in making the cap room.
    Rangers can’t realistically compete with one elite scoring threat that has to face the opposing top D every shift. Gotta be in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes!

  37. CR, you do realize that the Bruins were the first NHL team to have a minority player?

    But just to be fair, while the Yankees were one of the last teams in MLB to integrate their roster (8 years after Jackie Robinson) although the Red Sox were the last team to do it (12 years after JR).

    Also, you’ve terribly misread and misjudged the opinions of the people on the blog if you think any of us feel any sympathy for Brodeur. Or for that manner, that any of us want to see Crosby do well or the Pens win again this year.

    Conversely, I think most of us would say that we’d be fine if the NHL let Ray Bourque and Bobby Orr get their names engraved on the Cup again, just because they were two all time greats.

  38. I hope the Kings get Kovy. Can you imagine him with Kopitar? Sick!

    That would really put them over the edge. Doughty and Kovalchook at the point on that already dangerous PP.

    I’m getting chills thinking aboot it. Let Frolov walk.

    Then we can sign him for 7 years.

  39. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Whoopidy doo! The Bruins had that guy, I forgot his name. But ESPN makes sure to do a story on the idiot at least once a year, to remind us how they brought him into the league. They perform one kind act, and they get decades of praise. JOKE!

    Yes, the Red Sox were the last team to integrate, 17 YEARS after, IIRC!

    Ray Bourque does have his name engraved on the Cup, fortunately with the Avs. As does Bobby Orr, twice IIRC, so Im not sure what the point of that comment was.


    My point about Brodeur is, he’s really not a bad guy when you think about it. He’s probably got personal issues that make him act like a dirtbag. Sid the Kid, he’s a whiny baby, but come on, he has unbelievable talent. Why wouldnt we want the Pens to win again?

    If the Pens win again, maybe our organization will feel some necessity to actually compete.

  40. Sympathy for Brodeur? Isn’t it the same goalie who wanted to play against the Rangers in every single game during our dark times, just to make sure that he keeps the winning streak going for years? Even if some of those games had no real meaning for his team? Sympathy my foot! In fact, I’d love for someone to ingrave his current record against Hank right on his goalie mask.

  41. Frolov is shoot out gold in NHL10. I actually have him and Kovalchuk on my team in GM mode.

  42. I’m 0-1 as well, but it feels gooooood…

    And since we’re dealing in rumour and speculation around now, why all the positivity towards Doug Risebrough? Yes, anyone not called Glen Sather would likely be an improvement as GM, but I doubt there are a whole load of Minnesota fans with deeply fond memories of Risebrough’s work there. And if Sather goes, I think *nobody* (Messier included) with any ties to him should replace him. Wishful thinking, I know.

  43. CR9 = Local Fan?

    I don’t understand how any Ranger fan can feel sorry for Fatso under any circumstance.

  44. ilb

    CCCP- what would you expect? You think he woud say he hated it in NJ and no way he was going to sign with them. And do you think Lou will give him what he demands.


    Of course he’ll say all the right things…but I wouldn’t rule NJ out… I think they have better chance of resigning him than anyone else… Lou has the magic wand

  45. Well they were the first and in a sport that still is predominantly white, it is a big deal. If you’re not a minority (as I am) then maybe you don’t appreciate those sort of milestones.

    And I gave you the number of years that it took the Red Sox to integrate. Frankly, every MLB team that didn’t allow minority players on their rosters did so for racist reasons. The Yankees, the Red Sox, even the Dodgers who were the first to integrate.

    And I have a lot of respect for the Bruins trading Bourque to the Avalanche and allowing him to play for a contender. Because he carried that franchise for so many years and they recognized the best way of saying thanks to a legendary player was to give him a legitimate shot of winning a Cup.

    The Pens winning the Cup will not change the way the Rangers are run. A much more hated rival in the Devils won for years with a more efficient and practical method of team construction and that didn’t make the powers that be in MSG budge one bit.

    And if you’re willing to ignore the animosity that Brodeur has made no secret of toward the Rangers or the fact that he wrecked his own marriage and split up his own family for selfish reasons then I’d like to know how you can breathe with your head stuck so far in the sand.

  46. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    “CR9 = Local Fan?”

    I think not, pal!

    I’m just saying the guy has got issues, and acts like a dirtbag because of it. Maybe he got up all those times 2 face the Rangers because he respects the Rangers?

    Although I do have a soft spot for the Devils organization, because George Steinbrenner owns a part of it!

  47. CT…well said!
    And if you’re willing to ignore the animosity that Brodeur has made no secret of toward the Rangers or the fact that he wrecked his own marriage and split up his own family for selfish reasons then I’d like to know how you can breathe with your head stuck so far in the sand.

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  49. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Im not a minority, but I certainly am an avid believer in the rights of minorities and females. I was probably more excited than anyone that Barack Obama became President, not because of politics, but because it shows a real growth. Who would have thought several decades ago when dirtbag white people (Im white) were enslaving others, and treating others differently simply because of the color their skin, that an African American would become President!

    The only other thing I’d like to see is a female become President!


    As for Bourque, it was a classy thing to do, but I am not going to praise them for something that should be expected. Every other team does it too, why should the Bruins be the only team to receive praise for it?

    You got me with the Pens thing. But as for Brodeur, you dont know the guy personally. Everybody in life makes mistakes. So he has animosity towards the Rangers…probably because he’s jealous of us.

  50. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Cant use your real handle on here? Piece of Rasking carcillo.

  51. Anders Hedberg should be our next GM. Clean house of all the Edmonton old cronies. Mess can stick around and learn the ropes. Put Sather out to pasture.

  52. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Im just going to let it be.

    Obviously, none of you are going to feel bad for the Devs (George Steinbrenner!), but you will certainly feel bad for the Broooooooons when they get their azzes knocked out.

  53. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    I feel absoultely ZERO sympathy for Scumbag Brodeur

    Yes he’s a great goalie, one of the best.

    But like said above, the amount of times he’s bashed the Rangers in the Press, bashed Hank’s style fo play, and his overall attitude, on top of the BOAT LOADS of money he makes; and you want RANGER FANS to give him sympathy?

    No. Eat it MArty. Your team sucked and got ousted in the first round AGAIN after winning the division in points


  54. billybleedsblue on

    1. The Handshake is one of the classiest moments in all professional sports. The fact they do it after every round makes it even classier. Carp, you kind of forgot to mention Sid Crosby blowing his nose in his hand before handshake with team USA. Let’s not forget that please.

    2. I agree that Kovalchuk does not return to Jersey. I felt they just added him for the playoff run to get home ice and possibly find some scoring from him in the playoffs, which we all now know, did NOT happen. For the love of all that is good, may he NOT come to the Rangers.

    3. Ian Laperriere. Wow, talk about taking one for the team. I too hope the guy is ok. As much as I dislike the Flyers, I kinda carry a torch for him and also Betts while I’m at it. What a tough son-of-a-gun to take that puck like that.

    4) Was the Igloo that crappy? I’ve never been…can’t imagine that I’m missing much.

    5) It’s funny to think that the Devils would have rathered play the Rangers, with their inability to beat us in the playoffs. But with Avery out, and Callahan hurt, and Hank hurt…maybe now, they are wishing they hadn’t rooted against the Blueshirts…

    6) Not only was Doc Emrick right, but in the post game, you could tell that Ken Danekyo was upset with some soft calls in the series. The reality is that 10 years ago was then, and this is now. I hate to say it, but the old-way is gone.

    7) I picked the Flyers to win, but in 6 games. I’ve already messed up on my two picks for sweeps, and the rest doesn’t look so great.

  55. Brodeur’s one of the greatest of all time, maybe the best. But feel sorry for him? That’s a stretch. You can respect a great player for his skill and accomplishments (Crosby, Malkin, Ovie, etc) but to feel for them when they’re down, don’t think so.

    But the discussion made me think. Other than Brodeur, who have been the opposing players that you have actually DESPISED over the years. I’ve been a Ranger fan for over 40 years and can’t really think of many where the venon really flowed. Yeah, couldn’t stand this guy or that guy, but real hatred? Not really even within the strong rivalries. Not like some other sports (Jet fan – see Marino, Knick fan – see Reggie Miller).
    Only ones that come to mind for me go way back. Billy Smith, Dave Schultz, Bobby Clark, Derek Sanderson (before he became a Ranger, and then I loved him).
    I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot. What do you guys got?

  56. 1. Why do hockey people like to make a big deal about “the handshake”? When something becomes a requirement, it loses all its special meaning. European football players voluntarily exchange sweaty jerseys after kicking, tripping, kneeing and elbowing each other for 90+ minutes. I think that’s far more meaningful than a forced handshake.

  57. TheMessiah94 on

    How can anyone here possibly be a Pens fan?? That organization has been a joke for a long time. Remember when they were losing games intentionally so that they would get the #1 pick in the draft (Mario Lemieux)???

    Then in the early 2000’s they sucked really bad and the building was 3/4 empty. They were able to draft Malkin & Fleury with very high draft picks.

    Then their owner Mario Lemieux was planning on moving the team out of Pittsburgh because of the lease they had with the arena. But wait – along comes Mario’s good friend, Buttman to save the day & keep them in Pittsburgh!! And what do you know?! Just like that, the Pens “win” (wink wink, nudge nudge) the draft lottery & select Cindy Hot Dog Lips!! And now the Pens sell out every game.

    Sorry, I have NO respect for that organization.

  58. so-called supposed stars on

    anybody calling kovalsuck a winner is delusional. he won NOTHING in atl and NOTHING in NJ with much better talent. he is a selfish, lazy player who is only interested when he has the puck. he stays on for 2 min shifts like Kovalev did, and obviously does NOT fit in with defensive hockey as the past couple months have proven

    oh, and he stunk in the olympics too.

    oh, and tell me how much gaborik is a winner too. the rangers made the playoffs without him, but missed them with him and his late season slump

  59. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Sorry I didnt get the reference. Didnt like the comparison to Local fan.

    I have not one bad word to say about the Rangers organization (sans Sather). I live and die NY, just have a soft spot for George Steinbrenner’s Devils.

  60. goodbye risebrough on

    and another reason to say no to Risebrough. his favorite coach is Jock-itch Lemaire, the french version of Renney

    NO WAY to Lemaire

  61. Have to disagree with all you pro-Kovalchukers – he is closer to being Alexei Yashin than to any franchise type player. The Rangers have been seduced and failed miserably with his likes before. Great talent with good numbers that doesn’t make anyone better around him. The Devils were a .500 team with him and went out meekly in the playoffs. Just as Atlanta went out meekly against the Rangers when he was there. He’s a cap busting Yashin and I hope he becomes someone else’s problem If he re-signs with the Devs, buy stock in Smuckers because Lamoriello will be smashing a lot of jelly jars.

  62. pumpkin head
    April 23rd, 2010 at 9:28 am
    The only thing about signing Paul Martin… look at the track record of Devils to Rangers players. Gomezes and Drivers and ugh…

    yes but thats because the devils had played the trap for so long. their players didnt do well here because we played teh exact opposite style of hockey than teh devils. now i would take kovalchuk here. i am not gonna base my opinion of him from this playoffs. hes obviously a great goal scorer and would help take the load off gabby. hes still pretty young, 27-28? and he would do much better under a torts system than lemaire. but, we have to get rid of redden and rozy. that leaves even less room to sign a volchenkov or witt type d man. and if staal gets 3 mill which is probably the lowest he would get, it just doesnt make too much sense. go back before dru was signed. if dru was never signed, just gomez, and now that gomez is gone, we couldve had kovalchoke this summer. if we had enough room you guys really wouldnt want him on the team?

  63. unless we put even more rooks on d. 1 is enough. i say give sangs the spot, so if we signed volchenkov, we could have staal-girardi
    sangs-? who would be good there? a cheap vet? gilroy? williams?

  64. As much as I respect Lou Lam, I think the game has passed him by. He can build a team that can win in the regular season, but his teams are just NOT built for the high pace of the playoffs. It’s been proven three years in a row. His teams are still built for pre-lockout hockey.

    And I think it’s time for them to start looking to replace Marty. It’s CLEAR he’s not the same goalie anymore. He’s probably not even in the top 10 in the league. His stats are inflated because of the system.

    As for players Rangers fans have despised, you are missing the most obvious…Denis Potvin. I think we all hated Espo before he came to the Rangers, and Orr (because we had Park). And there’s probably a few others I can’t think of.

  65. wake up ilbzo!!! im not doing any report card, in depth analysis!! i was joking. heres a quick one though

    gabby-B, very good scorer
    duby-B-, good guy,picks noses and scored more while missing 10 or so games
    cally-B, very consistent as always. wouldve gotten an A if he wouldve scored more. and has to stop teh drury cloning process. we dont need a mini drury
    prospal-B+, great signing for cheap. scored 20. nice tan
    hank-B. not best season statistically, but was solid and gave us a chance like always, and has nice butt
    avery-C. ehh, doesnt seem to like torts and his play was way too inconsistent,although when he wants to, can be one of the top players for this team. x factor- gets a + for calling a players only meeting with hank, and being awesome so i give him a c+
    drury-D, blocked shots,killed penalties. 8 million dollar blair betts. need i say more? wasnt clutch either. 1 overtime winner i think all year.
    EC-C, was decent. has good hands but didnt score enough for being on the top line. plus he sounds like hes depressed and the combo of him and drury probably doesnt inspire the team much.
    AA-C+, started off great,but needs to use his size more and be more aware of whats goin on around him. is a good passer and has skill but cant be setting his standards low. he needs to play on teh top lines and not eb satisfied with playing 4th line. overall an ok season.
    shelly/prust-A-. for what they cost, and the limited minutes they recieved they really were our best forwards on many nights, same with papsmear, but he gets a B. because he didnt score enough. good passer though.
    boyle-C. for a guy his size, he should be laying guys out every shift. and he doesnt score. he really is good at pk’ing and faceoffs though.
    olli nostrildamus-D. sucked.
    redden-F- sucked bad., worse than last year. needs to get a job in a funeral parlor
    rozy-c-, played much better towards the end, or wouldve been a d or f. he can still play but is way overpaid. scored 13, then 10 goals in the o6 and 07 seasons. only had 3 this season. too many mistakes early on and not enough”jam” is his downfall.
    staal- A-, excellent in the 2nd half of the season. scored more, added soem offense to his game while not letting his d game suffer. at first it did but he got better as teh season went along. wouldve gotten an A if he would be more physical
    giradi-C-. ehh, whatever. if he wouldve beat teh carcillo out of carcillo he would get a b. but hes a wuss. and he regressed this season
    dz-A, awesome kid. played great on the pp. his d game will get better as he goesand learns. and he hits!! if he gets bigger and stronger he could be somethin really special.
    gilroy-C, was great at first, but lost his confidence. needs to come back stronger next season and work on his positioning and d.
    eriksson- ? for his tiem here, he was a steady vet presence but nothing stood out. too slow and old but solid enough and poised to be a decent fill in until gilroy or another rook becomes ready .
    voros- C-. good team guy, rah rah. but he sucks at hockey. is only playing at all because he is big and will fight. and he cant do that very well either. nice guy and team player but dont need him anymore since the bash brothers(me and wicky) joined the team!!
    lisin-c. fast, but not too good away from the puck, and isnt too good at boardplay. has good offensive instincts but usually gets outworked and loses it. needs to be more physical and read plays better

    torts-C-. all other things aside, hes a good coach, but he needs to take responsibility for sucking thsi season. he changed lines too much,was too stubborn and not benching the deadwood enough. like redden,rozy and dru. needs to chill a bit and answer some damn questions!!!

  66. billybleedsblue on

    Mario Lemieux–for being such a BIG baby. How about Ulf Samuelsson, well, until the day he put on the Blueshirt. That was instant hate turned love.

  67. billybleedsblue on

    How about Vaclav Varada for running down (or trying to) Gretzky every chance he got in games in ’99? He was a pest that guy. Maybe not exactly most hated though…

  68. Maybe Kovalchuk isn’t a winner yet… How many chances has Kovalchuk been given to succeed with a real team? NONE! Atlanta has been a horrible team for years and the Devils don’t really count because the team was build w/o him and joining that team for last 27 games of the season player cannot really be considered part of that team. Can Jokinen be considered part of the Rangers? I didn’t think so…

    Speaking of Olympics… that entire Russian team was bad… not just Kovalchuk… but if I remember correctly the previous year at the World Ice Hockey Championships in Switzerland, Kovalchuk was a big part of team Russia who won gold… and guess who was named an MVP of that tournament? That’s right Ilya Kovalchuk with 5 goals and 14 points in 9 games.

  69. MikeyNJ, this is your final warning on the “bag” word. Use it again and you’re out. Capice?

    billybleeds, the Devils would have gotten Montreal in the first round if the Rangers had won the joke of a skills competition in Philly.

    JBytes, I don’t think they’re forced to shake hands. It’s just such a tradition that they do it. Which makes it great.

    Stevek, I think it’s a bit premature to declare that the game has passed by Lamoriello. He’s still probably the best GM in hockey. Certainly the best in the Atlantic Division by about a zillion lightyears.

  70. Mikey, I promise I read it all. And I happen to agree with most of it. I would, perhaps be more generous with some of the guys, but not by much. Don’t know about Hanks’ butt though. Not my…uhm…specialty.

  71. billybleedsblue on

    How about Brashear for his hit on Blair Betts game 6 (amoungst other things)? Betts was one of my favorite players of recent years for the Rangers. I was so upset when he came to New York, what a goon.

  72. Carp, I’d say Ken Holland beats Lou Lam. He’s won in both the pre and post salary cap era and he’s also had the issue of replacing core players and drafting low on a perennial basis in what’s been a much tougher conference, particularly post-lockout.

  73. I’m actually pretty confident that Lou will make his team competitive next year too. He may stumble on one issue: his loyalty to Brodeur.

  74. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, right on, I stand corrected. Still, if the Devils had a choice, now that I really think about it, they would have rathered played Montreal for sure. The Debbies didn’t play so great against Philly during the regular season…which is funny, I mean, they played great against the Penguins, but couldn’t handle other lesser teams. At any rate, it doesn’t really matter now as they are done.

    Yea Carp, the handshake is tradition is right! It’s not a requirement. The league doesn’t hand-out fines for players that decide to not participate on whatever level.

  75. Brashear was hated for sure because of the one play on Betts. But I wouldn’t call it long-term venom.

    Park was/is my all-time favorite Ranger. But I never hated Orr. How could you? One of the best ever and nothing but class.

    Denis Potvin, a duh! How’d I miss that one? Thanks Steve.

  76. world championship?? hahaha

    you mean the annual losers tourney for those who don’t make the playoffs or get bounced quickly in round 1. whoooppppeeee !!!


  77. Ken Holland is a great GM, arguably the best in the NHL, but all of those great draft picks in the higher rounds were probably not his picks, so he has had help.

    Best Management overall in the NHL. The keep getting all these scorers, and great D-men, and now they finally got something they desperately needed, which is a goalie.

    So fuggin lucky!!

    That being said…GO YOTES!

  78. >>…The league doesn’t hand-out fines for players that decide to not
    >>participate on whatever level.

    I wonder what would happen if the entire losing team headed for the dressing room at the final whistle. You don’t think they’d at least get a phone call from Bettman or Campbell?

    It’s nice that players can put aside their in-game animosities to exchange pleasantries, but I don’t think it’s worth commenting on every time it happens. Those hockey announcers always go out of their way to throw in their “only in hockey” each and every time.

  79. whirled- there is enough talent in that world championship tourney to make plenty of teams still in the playoffs look very pale.

  80. I find it funny that Buttman has the balls to suspend a player for refusing to show up for the All Star game “festivities”, but wont fine a player for refusing to shake someones hand at the end of a playoff series. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

  81. My youngest grandson, Anthony, has tickets to the Coyotes playoff game tonight with his dad. My daughter just grounded him. I think she did that to get his tickets – LOL
    Is that wrong ?

  82. TheMessiah94 on

    Well they also suspend players for saying “sloppy seconds”, but if you give someone a cheap shot to the head and sideline him for a couple of months, well that’s ok.

    I’m beginning to see that the Rangers management, and the league’s management have some sort of symbiotic relationship.

  83. ilb,

    Agreed, but the world championship teams do get to pick the top players from the non-playoff teams. The world championships do matter, but it doesn’t seem to match the prestige of the Stanley Cup or the Olympics since it’s not really a “our best vs. your best” type tournament for all teams.

  84. Ken Holland is a great GM, arguably the best in the NHL, but all of those great draft picks in the higher rounds were probably not his picks, so he has had help.


    I think that can be said of any GM. The Wings European scouting is just heads and shoulders above everyone else’s.

  85. Tony,
    Your daughter’s actions are justified. Anything goes when it comes to playoff tickets. But as he is your namesake, I believe it is your duty to intervene. Threaten to take her out of the will, take little Tony to the game yourself and get better seats just to piss her off, whatever it takes.

  86. Grabby, nice grades. I lol’d at the little “extras’ ya put in there. But what would you give Sather and Schoeney? ;)

  87. I wish the world championships were on tv, or someplace where I could watch them. It’d be fun.

  88. iDoodie Machetto on

    Carp, who was the last purely offensive guy to win the Norris? Coffey? MacInnis? Either way, it’s been a really long time.

    What bothers me is that a purely defensive guy will never win it. I guess maybe Rod Langway counts, but that’s it.

  89. ALL HAT - NO CATTLE on

    Re players who are all offense and no D, I recall Mike Bossy had to carry that denigrating tag for most of his career, deserved or not. The bottom line really is the DIFFERENCE between the positive and the negative side.

    Sure, you let in 30 goals to your checks over a season, that is not good. But you score 50 goals on your own, you are up a net 20 goals. I think this is a more valuable player than someone who lets in 20 goals but scores just 15. So the question is, how is a player doing, on balance? This is why even-strength goals, for and against, are so critical, and I believe, the best measuring rod of overall ability, value, and team contribution.

    Seems to me Bobby Orr was a defensive sieve, also, trapped up the ice in the offensive zone as often as he was. But he and the Bruins came out ahead by a mile, such was his offensive production.

  90. One can argue that, Doodie. He won with 102 points in 1992 and 78 in 1997. MacInis won with 62 in 1999.

  91. TheREALMikeyNj on

    Carp: Sorry about that one

    I thought that “bag” was one of the allowed ones

    Mio Capito, GraZie!!

  92. The White Plains Batman on

    Holland’s been a great GM as has Lou L but both are at an interesting point in their respective careers; how long do they live off old glories?

    Both the Devils and Red Wings are still insanely competitive and most definitely playoff teams but it’s clear that the key guys like Lidstrom, Brodeur, Holmstrem, etc. are aging and no one knows if the new guys can replace them.

    NJ is going to need a new goalie and some new Dmen soon, and Detroit after Datsyuk and Zetterberg has some great role players (Helm, Abdelkader, Filpulla who is their version of Dubi), but no surefire 3rd young offensive juggernaut.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “Doesnt anyone else sort of, just sort of, beel bad for Marty.”-Cr9
    Keep it up Cr9 and Im gonna start loving Boston.

    Yo Ranger9909 ,you have been reading this blog for 2 years?? Then why would you “steal” a name by another blogger?
    We have a rapper if ya didnt know named Ranger 909 ,so if ya kindly stop using his name and stop acting like some NJ fool who like Kova-chump.

    Kova-puke is Hossa 3.1

  94. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ilb , Exactly!!! Brodeur always wanted to play against us.

    HE IS EMEMY #1

    I cheered on Team Canada but never like Fatso at all!! He needs to retire now. Seriously he sucks now. Washed up. Done , kaputt, off to pasture , out to sea…Marty is done like dinner , stick a fork in him!!

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “Although I do have a soft spot for the Devils organization”-Cr9

    Alright buddy , Its On!!!!

    Boston is an ORIGINAL 6 team , have some respect and stop acting like a fool. Boston College had Brian Leetch.
    Your selfish tward yer hated to Boston but understand the pain of Marty!??? Yer a hipocret ,bigtime lover-boy.

  96. carp…..gotta disagree…you can’t have it both ways…forwards with 14 goals and 20 assista with +16,or d-men with 5 goals and 15 assists with + 12 are considered good defensive players…green does suck on defense but he’s a +39…looking at numbers,he got 76 pts in 75 games…those are great numbers…didn’t gretzky have a +80 or something like that one year? anyway,let’s hope slats becomes a minus

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , gotta be the Yankee thing. No real hockey fan hates Boston , unless yer Montreal.

  98. good evening all and happy friday…it is a wonderful friday as the devils are heading to the golf course with our beloved rangers and to do it at home with a complete no show after the 1st pp-i must say i feel good today….and now where do they go-they gave up a lot for ilya and i agree with you carp no way does he come back to NJ….anyways i think he goes out west to a team like the kings maybe or could be ready to take the next step or maybe dallas can make him a bigger offer…we shall see!

    now it looks like the flyers will get the CAPS so LETS GO CAPS!

  99. emj, don’t want to dredge up this whole argument again, but I’ll repeat, in a nutshell, my point: Plus/minus is the most overrated, misunderstood and misused stat in sports. It’s virtually worthless when comparing players on different teams.

    And it IS ABSOLUTELY NOT a defensive stat. But people think it is …

    Forgot who asked, but Coffey was probably the worst offender in terms of great offenseman, horrible defenseman. Gonchar was sort of like that, too. Green is terrible defensively. I don’t care what his +/- says.

    MacInnis, Leetch, Potvin. Bourque, those guys combined offense with defense. Killed penalties, etc. I agree it’s a shame that Langway will probably be the last truly defensive-Dman to win the Norris. Chara was close, but he scores some goals and gets points.

  100. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Whats ur problem, hombre?! I can feel bad for whomever I want to feel bad for!! I love Mr. Steinbrenner, and so I have the slightest bit of sympathy for his Devils getting knocked out.

    No need to play tit for tat, and root for the Brooons. My dislike of their teams has to do with more than just the Yankees.

    The treatment those people dish out, I wouldnt wish on my worst enemies.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I just wrote a bunch of posts saying how I think fatty should retire and how I dislike him. He always wants to play the Rangers making him #1 enemy. I wrote all this today and you write ” I feel sorry for marty”

    If You were saying how Boston sucks and ya hate them like you do , I Never start crying sympathy for them , do I?
    You see what I mean. I leave yer Boston thing alone and you leave the Marty sympathy alone cuz if ya read my posts ya would know it offends me. Just like me yakking up Boston offends you. Respect me , ill respect you buddy.

    CCCP ,maybe ill mention it later..

  102. CR, I don’t think Mr. Steinbrenner (why is he Mr.? because he’s rich?) owns any part of the Devils anymore.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    How can you feel sorry for a goalie who PURPOSLEY never misses a Ranger game to drill it to us…he is pure Devil and I can’t stand him.

  104. Deb Kaufman/Placey on Versus instead of Mike Keenan. I’ll make that trade any time.

  105. I’ll never forgive The Cars for selling the rights to one of their classics to Penzoil. Where’s Ric Ocasek these days?

  106. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    I’ll let it go.

    Mr. Carpiniello

    I didnt know that. It still says on Mr. Steinbrenner’s IMDB that he owns a share of them.

    He is Mister because it is a sign of respect. He is a truly great man, a great American, a great philanthropist, a great owner. A role model to all.

  107. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Aww, that’s sad. Had the Pens won, maybe the guy would have been in a better mood, and there wouldnt have been any unnecessary loss of life.

  108. They couldn’t start the second period of the Habs-Caps game because Toronto had issues with the overhead cameras used in goal reviews.

    OV got one back. 2-1, Habs. They won’t need the cameras for that one.

  109. After OV scored, Sam says, “And now, here comes Washington.” That sounds, oh, so ominous.

  110. I’m not as outraged as some about Green getting a Norris nomination, though I think offensive D-men need to put up numbers really out of the ordinary to be worthy of it – putting up 30+ goals in today’s game like Green did last year, for example.

    As the award is supposed to reward “all-around” play though, I don’t really understand the clamour to recognise purely defensive D-men either. Equally, if a player is “all defense, no offense”, I think they should be head and shoulders above the rest in that area to qualify.

  111. From Wyshynski’s Twitter feed just now:
    ‘HUGE ovation for Donald Brashear, in the house watching Caps. Showed fight clips on Jumbotron. Chant of “Don-ald.”‘

    Yuck. They’ll probably get the chance to boo Blair Betts next round too.

  112. I was at work today working behind the counter at my golf course….. Dan Carcillo walks in…. if only he knew a little about what was going through my mind as I checked him in…. hahaha

  113. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Awesome, bleedblue!!

  114. It looks like there’ll be no third period comeback for the Caps tonight; the Habs have them all bottled up. They keep on shooting low on Halak and getting nowhere.

  115. The Rangers’ inseparable leaders

    “I think we are similar types of players, but there is so much I can still learn from Dru,” explained Callahan, the 24-year-old right wing. “His experience; his preparation; his leadership. I am very fortunate to be able to spend so much time with him and be able to learn from him.”|NYR|home

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Drury is a role model? For what? An Over-paid shot blocker?

    Cr9 , Btw Boston sucks ..don’t worry about them winning!!! Fat chance they’ll ever make it to the finals again . Why do ya think Ray Bourque left? Cuz no one ever wins a cup in Boston. He was smart and left that losing club.

  117. The White Plains Batman on

    Boston’s gonna get a very good player in Hall/Seguin and then they have their own first rounder too so you never know.

  118. ORR- My lunch: 2 Big Macs, 2 Cheesburgers, 1 Chicken Snack Wrap and a Side Salad to keep it healthy; I might need to sleep an extra hour to burn that off.

  119. CJ from Buffalo on

    Darren Dreger:

    Speculation should end. Glen Sather will remain Pres+GM for the New York Rangers.

  120. Love it Carp –

    one of the coolest things in sports,…Win or lose. You just suck it up and do it.

  121. I really hated Bobby Clarke – both while he was playing and then when he became GM of the Flyers.

    Absoultely hated Mario because he dove and cried all the time – such a baby and whiner. Plus, when Graves got suspended for a routine slash that broke his hand in the playoffs, Mario comes back and plays in the series and Graves gets 4 games off.

    I was not a big fan of Jagr when he was on the Pens either – I felt like for someone with such powerful legs, he left his feet all the time and dove.

    Speaking of Lemiuex, didn’t he high stick David Shaw one time and Shaw speared him? I vaguely remember Shaw getting something like 12 games for that – Mario flopped to the ice like a fish.

  122. 6 cross checks to the back, 2 elbows to the head, throw in a few face palms, 4 slashes etc, etc … OK the series over lets shake hands – how BEAUTIFUL it THAT!

    It’s what makes winning the Cup GLORIOUS.

  123. The White Plains Batman on

    Wow, that video was crazy viscous slash. Cool seeing Leetch and Greschner together again for those brief few years.

    David Shaw, Leetch’s first D partner, brought the Rangers Beuk later on….old times.

  124. James (G)'s therapist on

    Mr. Carp- I just wanted to let you know that my patient James G is still undergoing intensive psycho therapy to recover from above mentioned trade involving mr. laperierre. please refrain from ever mentioning it again or James will begin to sob and pull his hair out much like he did during the home stretch that followed that trade deadline debacle. Thank you.


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