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The Rangers took the Flyers beyond the end of the regular season, beyond the end of Game 82. They also beat the Flyers three times during the season, twice down the stretch.

Granted, if the Rangers had won the skills competition they’d have gotten Washington in the first round, not New Jersey.

But my question is this:

Do you think, in a playoff series with the Devils, the Rangers would be in the same position as the Flyers, up 3-1?


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:06 p.m.: Lady Byng (who cares?) finalists: Pavel Datsyuk, Brad Richards and Martin St. Louis.

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  1. Yeah, they would have a better chance against the Devils than Capitals. The Rangers would have a good chance to be at 2-2 based on the Devils inconsistencies.

  2. Good morning, Carp!

    I don’t know… maybe they would have just decided to create a super team instead with Ovie and Green and Lundqvist and Gaborik. Or maybe Torts would finally realize that all he needed to do all along was to put Jokinen behind the enemy net and tell him to inhale until the puck got sucked into the goal.

  3. Carp,

    way back when in sept. i posted here saying i thought the devils would finally miss the playoffs because of their situation with their dman and obviously they proved me wrong but in the playoffs the dman are more what i had pictured them to be way back when in sept and they have looked terrible, the talented/physical forwards on philly are just wearing the devils and dman down and are winning all the battles and loose pucks….i dont know if we would be up 3-1 because i dont know if our dman would be able to contain parise and kovalchuk and i think our dman would be worn down by the devils forwards but i think it would be a tight series-maybe 2-2 at this point and a coin toss in game 7 without OLI deciding the outcome!

  4. Oh my bad, I was thinking if they went against Washington. NJ and the Rangers would never form a superteam.

    I think the Rangers would have won the series in only 3 games.

  5. From the previous post…

    bulldog, if the Rangers wanna make me an advisor, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. And for much less money than Redden makes. :) In all honestly though, that is just my opinion on Kovalchuk. It could turn out the entire opposite way and I would be thrilled.

  6. I would have loved to play the Devils first round (probably would have beaten them 4-2)but moot point because we would have gotten Washington and wouldn’t have beaten them. But love watching Chico & Dano cry each night.

  7. I think Devils and Rangers would be tied at 2. Two teams that are very similiar and 97 out of 100 times play it close to the vest and on equal footing. We’d also get lots of entertainment from Avery v Brodeur ;)

  8. “Or maybe Torts would finally realize that all he needed to do all along was to put Jokinen behind the enemy net and tell him to inhale until the puck got sucked into the goal.”

    Just choked on my coffee at this one. Bravo Sally!

  9. Hanks seems to own Fatso, so I think they might be up 3-1. The playoffs are all about matchups. The Rangers match up well with the Devils. They would be destroyed by the Caps, though. Not a good matchup.

  10. Chico has gotten beyond intolerable when it comes to listening to him come up with excuses for the Devils and the brilliance of every little play a Devils player makes. The guy can’t admit that not only have the Devils gotten outplayed, they’ve gotten run over for long stretches.

    It’s really funny to read how Devils fans are calling for similar things that the Rangers fans have been saying for the past couple of seasons. Get rid of Langenbrunner = Drury, Elias is washed up, Colin White/Mottau = R&R, Zajac = Inconsistent Dubinsky, etc.

  11. Against the debbies we seem to rely on which Sean Avery turns up and whether our defense can shift David Clarkson from the crease…..if we accomplish those 2 it would be a series win and confine fatso to eating moose burgers and maple syrup on the golf course for the summer…

  12. CT happy belated birthday, and I agree 100% on Chico. I don’t mind Doc or even Daneyko anymore, but Chico is almost embarrassing. The homer of all homers IMO. I think a Rangers/Devils series would have been a great one. And I do think we could have beaten them. And I don’t think we would have lost in 4 to Washington. I don’t think we win the series, but I do think we make it a 6 or 7 game series.

    I think the Devils win the next game and the Flyers finish it at home. I would love to see the Devils lose at home though, so then we can hear all the Philly fans cheering, and then hear another Chico meltdown like 2 years ago when we finished the Debbies off at home. I wish I had the audio of that, and I would start my day to it ever day. LOL

  13. Sad that this franchise has been so degraded we are now forced to imagine fantasy playoff series to comment on. Or maybe it’s sad that we bother.

  14. bull dog line on

    The Rangers high skill level, and elite goaltending would over whelm the Devils. then there elite goalie would have stolen the next series against the Caps.
    the Rangers are always a lot better when we can make it up as we go along eh.

  15. Reginald Dunlop on

    hmmmm……. do the Rangers beat the Devils in the 1st round??????……..does Norm McLean go back for seconds????

  16. Chris, didn’t you know that we got complimentary tickets on the sad van to frown town? Nasty was the driver.

  17. CT, would you (or anybody) happily trade Drury, Redden, Rozsival and Dubinsky for Langenbrunner, White, Mottau and Zajac? And any of the “washed-up” Rangers for Elias?

  18. That is right, and we have a few tickets still available. I was thinking of starting up my company for NY sports teams, well most of them anyway. It would be called “Sad Van Tours” and we would venture around NYC (Frown Town) and look at the possible parade routes that we will not be taking any time soon. I think it would be a gold mine. Anyone want in?

  19. CCCP, of course Boucher is going to get torched by any of those teams you mentioned, but it is looking like he is going to get to play in 2 more rounds than our elite goalie Hank. do you think that is because Boucher is better than Hank, or is that the Flyers have just a little bit more talent and toughness than the Rangers.


    bull dog line

    I don’t think anyone here would argue that Flyers have more talent and toughness than the Rangers… and maybe even better coached too then the Rangers. In the last four years though, Hank has played in more playoff games than Boucher in his entire career! Hank also played in twice as many games this season than Boucher…so Boucher is a lot more rested and is playing like he wants to prove himself and that he belongs in NHL…and the Devils seem like a perfect candidate for Boucher to do so since the Devils can’t score. So it’s a win-win situation for Boucher.
    Now imagine if our ELITE goalie had a couple of elite goal scorers and couple of elite dmen in front of him…this team would be ELITE!

    Oh and…as someone mentioned last night that the Devils came back from being down 3-1 before… and they came back against Flyers. So it aint over until bearded lady sings.

    P.S. Rangers would beat Devils.

  20. Absolutely, Clutch will be the Tour guide on my off days. “Move your feetsa to Capt. Clutch Pizza.”

  21. czechthemout!!! on


    The only reason we were able to stay in the last game against the Flyers is because of LQ. We were totaly outplayed the entire game. You made a good point the other day about how little talent we have compared to the other playoff teams. The Flyers are a very talented team that is now getting some quality goal tending from a sub par quality goalie. If LQ was a Flyer, they would have been right there for the top spot in the eastern conference.

    The Devils are also a vastly more talented team than we are. They also get good goal tending from uncle daddy. The reason that the Devs are in the brink is a testament to the talent level of the flyers and Boucher’s unexpectedly high level of play.

    I worry that we will once again not make the playoffs next season as well. Biggest reason is that our top level prospects (Stepan,Kreider,McDonogh,Grachev,Werek,Weise) are all either a year or more away from stepping into the lineup.

    I am hoping that we dump our crap(no need to list names) for next year and allow what ever young player we can(Byers,Sags) unto the lineup and let the chips fall where they may. Another top ten pick and good draft will possibly set us uo to compete for a title in maybe 3-4 years. LQ will still be in his prime as will Gabby,Cally,Dubi,MDZ,Staal. With the aforementioned kids just enetering their prime. What is left is for who ever the GM is(NOT SATHER) to make some shrewed FA signings to plug whatever dificincies may remain.

  22. I think these playoffs are proving what the believers were preaching all along while some were pushing for a lottery pick…in the playoffs, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

    Preds up 2-1 on the Hawks?
    Flyers up 3-1 on the Debbies?
    Boston (who I believe scored less goals than the Rangers) up 2-1 on Buffalo?

    Hell, Henrik absolutely carried the Rangers to a 3-1 lead over the Caps last year. Who knows what could’ve happened??

    Now, if you’ll excuse me…

    (teeing up Titleist)

  23. Carp, NO to the first one. I would trade Redden for Elias though. What’s Elias’ cap hit? Gotta be less then Wade-O’s.

  24. Who cares if we would be up or down it’s a guess, but the non guess is we aint close to a real team which NJ/Philly aint. We have serious lack of heart and more serious LOFT.

  25. No Avery for Lady Byng this year? Strange. I’m afraid if Torts keeps him on a short leash for another year, Aves could win it in 2011.

  26. Carp,

    I’d do a lot of those trades just based on the salary cap implications. In terms of actual talent? Elias would definitely tip the scale in terms of talent going the Rangers way, but I think his best days are behind him. If that list included Prospal from the Rangers I think you’d basically be swapping highly alike players.

    I think the Devils right now have more talent, obviously having Kovalchuk and Parise makes a big difference. But as for which team potentially has the higher upside? I’d give that to the Rangers. And who knows how many goals Kovalchuk would have scored in a full season with the Rangers, the fact of the matter is that they both scored the same number of goals this season.

    The Devils played a more consistent game early on but if I’ve read it correctly never won more than 2 or 3 in a row after December or January. So basically they never got into the long winless stretches the Rangers did but they never set the league on fire in the 2nd half either.

  27. Spiderpig, Avery said after the season he would have been ready for Game 1, if there had been one. Cally, OTOH, I think, would not have been ready until a potential round 2, if at all.

  28. And who knows how many goals Kovalchuk would have scored in a full season with the Rangers


    That should read in a full season with the Devils.

    Sorry about that folks.

  29. Wouldn’t suggest the Rangers deserved to be anything other than #9 in the East. But other than against the Caps or Pens (who would’ve smoked the Rangers), I think it would’ve been a very competitive series against anyone else in the East.

    I wasn’t that impressed by what I saw of the Sabres and Devils this year and Ottawa must be the weakest #5 seed in a long, long time (admittedly, they have three key players hurt right now).

    So, in summary, the East stunk this year.

  30. iDoodie machetto on

    Anyone else find it ironic that two players brought into the NHL under tortorella are up for the lady bing?

  31. I think that the series may not be 3-1, but the Rangers would fair pretty well against the devils. Perhaps it would be a 2-2 series right now.
    BUT this also depends on how tired henrik really was at the end of that season. I think if Henrik was outstanding, the series could be 3-1 Rangers.

    It seems to me that other than in game 3, Marty really hasn’t played that well. I felt like some of the goals he let in were weak, but more importantly he hasn’t looked confident, like “Bring it on.” He hasn’t had that firey attitude that I think he needs to help the devils confidence.

    Game 3 I felt like Marty kept the devils in that game, despite how poorly they played in front of him.

  32. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Rangers up 3-1 on the Devils?

    Is a bear Catholic?
    Does the Pope carcillo in the woods?

    No. Sather’s best teams peaked when they won a round in the playoffs. This was not one of Sather’s “best” teams by any relevant definition. They would be lucky to be down 3-1 to anybody in the playoffs.

  33. bull dog line on

    sorry, I am not beer me. I did not agree with much of what he had to say.
    but that was an ELITE guess.

  34. NYR could have easily beat the Devs. Broduer just isn’t the same. He’s a playoff choker.

    The best part is that they lost Bergfors, and they’re gonna lose KovakCHOOK, barring some unforeseen incident.

    I honestly think he’s going back to the Trashers next season. Especially since they have made a few changes to management, and they came close to making the playoffs.

    They’ll be a lot better.

  35. ALL HAT - NO CATTLE on

    I think, with Avery and Callahan available and effective, the Rangers could have hexed Marty and Co., once again, but gotten no further than round one.

    What disturbs me re the Rangers failure to make the playoffs, is the fact that we are not seeing an immediate purging, starting at the top of the organization, the GM position, which would have made missing the playoffs a long-term benefit, not a short-term set-back. The Rangers are like a marshmallow-soft grade school system, now, where no one is a failure, where everybody gets a passing grade “for trying hard,” even the slackers and truants.

    More and more I am seeing lower standards of accountability in all sports, how about Michael Vick being reinstated by the NFL as the best example of the societal cancer of “relativism?” No one is really a failure, no one is really a criminal, no one is really immoral, it just never ends, this reticense to evaluate people on merit, or demerit, for fear of some kind of legal reprisal or bad publicity.

    I have passionately supported the New York Rangers almost all my life, but I now hate what they have become – mediocre as a business philosophy, in every respect, except for the priority to financially bleed white their base of public support. I have always been mesmerized by their dazzling, nicely trimmed uniform, and with all the charisma and magic and color and pageantry which comprises an NHL game, which is more like a larger-than-life spectacle, it seems. But I have more of a commitment to achieving a level of accomplishment and excellence in my own life, than the hockey team I root for has as regards putting a championship caliber team on the ice.

    And the gap is widening, as the years of the Sather-era drone by. I will grudgingly stay with it, but this is no damn fun, anymore.

  36. It would have been a great series to watch but I’m not buying that the Rangers would have beat the Devils easily…..or at all…

    Washington however would have roasted them in 5

  37. @Izzy
    “No. Sather’s best teams peaked when they won a round in the playoffs. This was not one of Sather’s “best” teams by any relevant definition. They would be lucky to be down 3-1 to anybody in the playoffs.”

    There’s no way that the Rangers should have been up on the capitals 3-1 last season in the playoffs. But it happened. And that wasn’t Sather’s best team either. It was a team led in scoring by Zherdev and Naslund. The point isn’t whether or not it should happen, it’s whether or not it COULD happen. and there’s no evidence that would suggest the Devils would run away with this theoretical series. I mean, the Rangers simply play better against the devils than they do during the rest of the season.

    I think that the key would be how tired henrik is. And I think that riding into the playoffs after that stretch run might help energize him…

  38. Of course, Boyle is a Bostonian and will try to affect MDZ’s thinking and get him to be a Boston fan.

    Hopefully, DZ is smart enough to realize Boyle’s master plan, and remain a Yankees fan.

  39. @bull dog line I really am hoping that kovi will be a Ranger next year. They’ll probably have to waive redden or trade drury to sign him, but it would be pretty sweet… just not sure where that cap space would come from…

  40. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I think they would have been up against the devils as well. The addition of prust and shelley were huge. They were the only reason we were even close to getting into the playoffs. That being said I think our lack of physicality on the blue line would have ended our playoff run fairly early like it has every other frakking season!!

  41. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I long for the ulfie days!!!!! Days without stupid 4 on 4 or shoot out gimmicks to try to draw in casual fans while alienating true hockey fans and the game itself!

  42. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    The question last year was not “How did the Rangers lose a series up 3-1?” The question was “How did they get to 3-1 in the first place?”

    Anything “could” happen. The question actually is “Do I THINK it would happen?” No, I don’t. Don’t think with your heart, think it through with cold logic. If you had to bet your last dollar on it, would you pick the Rangers to be up 3-1 in the series right now?

  43. Between Philly, NJ & the Rangers, only one team has a decent sized scoring upside (mostly due to their solid PP) & that’s the Flyers. When you think about the Playoffs, it’s really only (#1) Who has the best goaltending, (#2) Who has the best power play, & (#3) Who has the best penalty killing. The Devils offensive attack doesn’t scare the Flyers… would the Rangers offense pose any problems? Maybe.

    I don’t believe anyone in the East can score enough to beat either PIT or WAS in a best of seven (I’m leaning CAPS.) The West is where the REAL Playoffs are happening with eight legit teams, all with a real shot at the Cup. I picked Phoenix at the start, but unless Doan gets back in the line-up, they won’t make it.

  44. Agree completely jpg.

    Looks like the East could have 3 short series, 1 potentially long one (B’s-Sabres) while the West look like they could all go the distance.

  45. JPG

    Fluery is giving up a lot of goals. The only reason why they’re ahead is because Elliot/LeClaire are giving up more.

    Pens don’t look as mighty as the last two seasons. But, maybe they’ll get it together after this series.

    I’d hate to see them make it to the finals for a 3rd year. Same with the Wings.

  46. @Izzy Mandlebaum
    true, but I wouldn’t have bet my last dollar on them being up 3-1 on the caps.

    This is an impossible question to answer definitively because we simply don’t know what would have happened.

    All I’m saying is that I think that if the devils played the way they’ve played in this series, and the rangers played the way they did in the last 8 or so games, the Rangers would have a 3-1 lead in my opinion.

  47. Good observation Orr. I was talking about this with some other people (non-Boneheads).

    On top of Fleury’s inconsistency, the Pens don’t really have a true shutdown D this year. Orpik can lay people out, but he’s not necessarily going to completely diffuse an attack. Everyone else from Gonchar-Letang-Goligoski and what’s left of Leopold are puck movers and Mark Eaton is just plain bad. Who woulda thought Scuderi and Gill were really that valuable?

    But Crosby is turning up his game again this year and as much as I hate the guy, when he wants to control a game almost singlehandedly, he can.

  48. the west has been great to watch so far. pens series is quite dull. thje only one i am enjoying from the east is philly/nj. the caps and habs are having a good series but after the caps last big win, habs might be down for trhe count. switching goalies really doesnt help too much unless youre playing the rangers!!

  49. i think carp is trying to torture us with teh what if question!!! haha you sneaky guy you. he knows how to push our butons and is getting some good discussion from it. youre a wily vet carp!!!

  50. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Fair enough mightymatt. This IS an impossible question. I blame Carp for asking it.

    I’m glad you didn’t bet your last dollar, too. I wouldn’t want to see you drooling hungrily on the windows as I was buying double-cheeseburgers off the Dollar Menu with your money. :)

  51. does that make orr the avery of the blog, ya know, from u keepin himin check? i wonder who the brashear of the blog is? and dont say me u wiseguys!!

  52. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    TR, but Flavah IS rocking the white jeans!

    totally agree wicky! get rid of the gimmicks!!

  53. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    mike, i have an idea for the brashear but will keep it to myself lol!!

    Great posts today gentlemen! And yea grabby, I love watching the West games!

  54. hes goin to need a year to adjust as well. he needs to work on his mobility. so figure once GSJ contract is up or at the trade deadline expect to see this kid backing up “the monster” (or until the next heart attack).

  55. All Hat
    you know you’re paraphrasing my complaints about this organization for over 3 years now and it still comes full circle to the owner. Period. ( and oddly enough the Mets are in the same boat.) NY area teams??????

    A rabid fan support group ( who shell out big bucks for these mediocrities) and are so taken advantage of by ownership.)

    I’ve followed Rangers since the l949-50 season …(you know -just a couple of years following WWII.) Long time. NOw retired in FL and we get constantly “blacked out” by Bettman’s newest love. the Versus airers. ( Rank amateurs that haven’t a clue as to following a hockey game. But the blocking out of Ranger games when the VS crew deigns to air them isk what rankles me, and for that I have a gripe against Direct TV.) I am beginning to become bored with this Ranger management team wherein nothing changes really. Last years dolts are replaced by this years dolts and the GM Coach tandems go on and on and on…. into nothingness. They atart out with a bang and end in a whimper to quote a famous observation.

    In these playoffs we are seeing the true story of the advancement of the NHL beyond the east coast and it is stunning in it’s western superiority: example…the dramatic cowing of the vaunted BlackHawks by Nashville.
    Extraordinary playing by a relatively unknown team, that is breathtaking. They not only have been defeating the Hawks but actually dominating them – all over the ice.

    ONe may well say that the sun has begun to set in the east.

    And the pivot point is in the greater NYC area. Congratulations Ranger owners. You are making history.

  56. gotta say about bratwurst lips, he is more of a big game guy than ovie. the guy doesnt just let off rockets go from the blueline constantly like ovie does. ovie needs to utilize his teammates better. sometimes he takes shots that have a ridiculously low chance of going in. hes definitely more of a power fwd with supreme m skill but crosby is smarter and stealthier. id take either one in a heartbeat over anybody on our team including hank

  57. ctb
    it doesnt shock me that hes looking into these types of goalies.
    he needed to do something like this or MZA cause of the pick he gave up for kessel.
    its a huge signing for them. w/ alaire up there now this kid and jonas are going to be a great pairing for the leafs.

  58. id take dan bismol or kaboose boudreau over torts the infantile egomaniac anyday too. hell, id take eaton over half our d. hey, i might as well just change teams!! haha hell no!! just tryin to piss greg off1!

  59. no salty is more like a disgruntled reporter that has dealt with torts too long. not brashear. that award goes to “a fecal fan”!!!

  60. fecal was banished to hartford just like brash!! hey ct, hope you dont live in an apartment. cuz fecal/brash is looking for a roomie!!

  61. Thanks, Mike.

    Orr, I only give you misconducts, not minors. Wouldn’t put the team down a man.

    CT, wait … you talk to non-Boneheads?!

  62. CR gets minor penalties … got another one this morning. doesn’t know it yet, but a suspension is coming.

  63. anybody wanna see my season report cards and in depth analysis???? i know i do!!! ilbzo- get out your tri-focals and an adult diaper. youre gonna be here awhile!

  64. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    mike, that is NOT who i was thinking of for brashear, but funny too!

  65. carp- is he gonna get lisin’ed or brashear’ed?? oh no, dont tell me. were gonna milbury him !!! right? hanson brothers style!! puttin the foil on!!

  66. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    eagerly awaiting your report card grabby!! and those new pics on fb too ;-)

  67. Kovalchuk is a selfish player. he does not fit into the devils team approach. in fact, they are worse with him, because they now are not a smooth functioning team oriented machine like they used to be. now it’s 2 full minute shifts for mr selfish while he loafs and gives half hearted effort on his shifts

    no surprise that Atl was a bush league opponent swept in 4 for the rangers when he was with them in that playoff series. it is all about him and how much money he can demand, not about team success.

  68. No Way…The Flyers are a good team that just sucked all year…The Rangers just plain sucked all year like they were supposed too.

  69. Johnny LaRue on

    Of course the Rangers would be beating the Devils. The Devils will not win anything because they don’t have the guts to bench Marty like Canada did in the olympics.

  70. I don’t know if we have Brashear on the blog, but I have an idea who is Shelley and who is Prust.

  71. This made me laugh. Pearl Jam just added a show to their tour, and it is on May 18th at the Rock. I guess they figure that there will not be much going on there at the time.

  72. I guess I shouldn’t laugh though, because I am going both nights at MSG on the 20th and 21st and there is definitely not anything going on there then either :(

  73. Great video, TR. He reminds me of an agile turbo Porsche cabrio. It’s too bad there are too many “Lincoln Navigators” on NHL roads.

  74. Small players who play smart can succeed in the NHL. The ones that skate with their head down and admire passes too long are the ones that don’t make it. If he is a smart player, like a Fleury or St. Louis, he could have a nice career for himself.

  75. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao Nasty! are you going to add the 3rd date to your itinerary also?

  76. Jeez peoples, I go away for lunch and to do some actual work and y’all go posting like crazies. LOL.

    Niiice of Boyle to show MDZ what college life is like.

  77. my 2 cents. I think the Rangers would have been up 3-1 as well. I just don’t think Brodeur is a viable big time goalie any longer. His failures in recent playoff seasons and his Olympic performance has proven this. If they don’t get big time scoring they will lose to anyone in the playoffs. And when you really only have only two viable scorers and no D who can move the puck effectively, this is what will happen. Not that the Rangers are any better, but I’d take Hank over Marty in a big game any day.

  78. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    ok, wait a minute, who am I (I think wicky, but I better not be brash or you will force me to take you all on one at a time)

    the adult diaper thing had me needing one, hilarious bro!!!!

  79. Tony- but they have Carcillo with 2 goals on Marty already. And a ton of other carcillo…

  80. Wicky- something tells me diapers are not that difficult to find in your house :)

    Mikey- where is your promised report card? Do you think we have all day to sit and wait for it? And then spend another 1.5 hrs to read it?

  81. “And the gap is widening, as the years of the Sather-era drone by. I will grudgingly stay with it, but this is no damn fun, anymore.”

    There will come a time when Rangers fans just say the heck with it. I don’t give a carcillo any more. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that time is next season.

  82. Something more annoying than the Rangers play last season… being on hold with the doctor’s office. Just gimme my byfuglien prescription!

  83. Cross Check

    How can a true fan of any team just quit on them.

    I will never quit on them no matter how bad they are.

    I’ll always look for the positive, and right now, that is, we have the best goalie in the world, and the best looking man in the world. HANKIE Bear!!!

  84. CR9

    When they are paying a lot of money to buy tickets to see garbage.

    I’m not in the NY area, but if I had season tickets I would have to think twice about giving the team my hard earned money so that they can pay the likes of Redden and Drury a gazillion dollars to do nothing.

  85. This just in:

    Yankees acquire Kevin Youkilis, Jason Varitek and Jonathan Papelbon for Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera.

  86. LI RangerFan on

    Orr: re: “…just cause Aves is into clothes doesn’t mean he’s gay!!”

    …not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  87. LI RangerFan on

    X-Check – as a season ticket holder, I definitely hear what you’re saying, but there is no way I’d give up the tickets.

    There have been plenty of times during the season that I have complained about the quality of the team’s performance vs. what we’re spending on going to MSG.

    It’s hockey, though. And, there’s nothing better…

  88. And now I don’t need the prescription after 25 years? Medical field, you are SOOOO confusing. GRRRR!!

  89. That made up faux holiday, Patriots day.

    What a joke of a holiday.

    They invent holidays for themselves, as they invent championships like the Beanpot final.


  90. They would have beat the devils in the series, they are in Marty’s head, and Marty is not the goalie he once was.. they would have beat New Jersey but most likely would have lost to Washington
    They would have had a shot vs Buffalo also, as you say, it is the Leastern Conference, against about any team out west they probably wouldnt have much of a shot

  91. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    CCCP I’m laughing because CT probably just made CR’s head explode!

  92. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – do you no longer need the prescription, or is the doctor / pharmacist no longer getting reimbursed by the insurance company????

  93. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    Tony, it’s a beautiful San Diego like 73 here today. About to go out and get some sunlight and exercise!

  94. LI, the doctor- my cardiologist, actually- says I no longer need the prescription. It was for amoxicillian for a dentist appointment and I’ve needed the meds for over 25 years since my heart surgery. Apparently the regulations changed a few years ago. That’s OK, I guess. But kinda scary that I wouldn’t need it anymore.

  95. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    ok, so mrs wicky certainly doesn’t think I am the brashear of the blog… guys better watch out, she might go all chris simon hollweg on you guys!!!

  96. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – well good for you that you don’t need to take it anymore. The less stuff you need to take, the better…

  97. LI, True dat. Figures I wouldn’t have to take them once I got over my fear of swallowing pills whole. Used to have to crush them up and let me tell you, that carcillo is nasty tasting.

  98. MikeyM- LMAO, hate to break it to you after 25 years, but Amoxicillin does come in nicely tasting cherry flavored suspension. Perhaps you should send your doctor a “thank you” card.

  99. It aint a legit reason.

    Patriots day is a crock of carcillo.

    It’s just more of their bullcarcillo.

    Not only does the rest of America praise them and honor them every single day, they do too with their made up holidays and their made up championships.

    Theyre all sick!

  100. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    oh, ok. I missed that earlier I guess. If I don’t get resigned, do I still get to come to the blog???

  101. by the way guys, you all forgot…..

    The RANGERS are Victoria Cup champions, and I think we won the METRO ICE challenge one year!!!!!

    But of course, Bettman is trying to put Boston in next years Victoria Cup, so as to hand them another championship!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    Sather got us a Victoria Cup.

    Let’s go Sather!!!

  103. ALL HAT - NO CATTLE on

    Thanks, Carp, re my writing potential. I compose (pen) popular and country music, got 20 songs registered with BMI in Nashville. Putting lyrics to music is fun and tremendously challenging, and sometimes rewarding.

  104. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    And of course New England Clam Chowder

    And Boston baked beans

    and Boston buffalo wings.

    Boston this Boston that. Every where you turn, it’s Boston.

    I refuse to eat their foods, I refuse to watch their TV (Boston Legal). I refuse to step foot in that state again.


    Damn Patriots day talk made me angry!

  105. I also heard Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are doing a commemorative screening of Good Will Hunting at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

  106. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    You guys are sick ;)

    I refuse to watch two animals, Affleck and Damon.

    I refuse to read Stephen King.

    Theyre all DIRT, I Tell YOU!!

    I’d never send my kid to MIT. Harvard.

    Did I mention my ex wife was a closet Red Sox fan!! Sick broad!

  107. I’m thinking never would be a good time to tell CR that I can drive to MA in 45 minutes. :)

  108. mmmmmmmmm donuts.

    Re: The question – I’m not sure what I think. I don’t think the Devils are all that great despite being at the top of the division all season. But, the Rangers were bad for most of the season so……

    I’d say the series would be tied 2-2.

  109. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    They were arrogant even back then. They are given credit because they didnt like the taxes set forth by England. Instead of peaceably protesting, the dumped all the tea, the property of someone else, into the Harbor.

    And they get credit and praise for it. You know what those people were. They were nothing more than terrorists. And it gets praised as the Boston tea party.


  110. Down by the River…
    Down by the banks of the River Charles
    (Oh, that’s what’s happenin’ baby)
    That’s where you’ll find me
    Along with lovers, muggers, and thieves.
    (Ahh, but they’re cool people)
    I love that dirty water
    ‘Oh oh, Boston, you’re my home

  111. Am I alone here trying to pick a team to cheer for ? I find myself cheering against teams rather than cheering for teams. I’m trying my best to cheer for my local Coyotes, but the passion just ain’t there.

  112. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    Im gonna change the subject to something I enjoy talking about.

    How HOT is Henrik Lundqvist. Seriously. Flowy beautiful hair. Beautiful facial hair. Perfect facial structure. Dreamy eyes. Great abs, great body. Perfect height. Great athletic skill.

    Go to christine’s blog. She has some great pictures and video of our Hankie Pankie.

  113. Not the Pens, Tony! They are EVIL personified. Or at least, I prefer to think of them like that.

  114. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    Even his name is spelled perfectly.. First, Henrik, PERFECT. Second, LundQVist. Not the average Lundquist, but LundQVist.

    Who doesnt love a QV sound?!?!

  115. CR

    Do you cringe when they play “Shipping Off To Boston” when they play it at the Garden for Rangers games?

  116. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on


    I have never heard it before.

    But I do cringe when I hear Sweet Caroline (from that dirtbag Neil Diamond – Red Sox fan and Red Sox song) played after wins.

    Also, every time I go to the grocery store and see Boston Creme Pie, it makes me sick.

    I used to say to my ex wife whenever I saw it “Honey, do you want some Scumbag Creme Pie” and she’s always give me the evil stink eye.

  117. CR

    You need to amend your name, we also won the first and only “French’s Mustard Cup”

  118. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on


    Absolutely Beautiful, for a toilet background. Heck, I might have it put in the bottom of my toilet. Thanks!

    But Im not sure I want to dirty the bottom of my toilet.

  119. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on


    Im pretty sure my implication was that my carcillo is cleaner than a picture of the landfill known as Fenway Field!

  120. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on


    You SICK ANIMAL!! ;)

    The only way a toilet could be dirtier than with a picture of Fenway Field, is if Big Papi used it.

    And if Big Papi used my toilet, I think I’d have to move, immediately.

  121. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    Are steroids included with that sauce, or do you have to pay extra?

  122. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    And there they are, Boston Party Tours, making a play on words off the Tea Party of Terrorism.


  123. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    You guys were funny at first. Now Im just getting angry. Time to take some time off :(

  124. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao @ en fuego hot sauce! You guys are killin it! I gotta find my boston pics ;-)

  125. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on


    your book came today! i have to try to clean off some of the gummy looking stuff on it, but I will let you know when it’s on the way!!

  126. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    i think people who write headlines for stories should actually READ the stories first. The poor guy died at the hospital, NOT on stage. Geez, you’d think that they NY POST headline writers wrote that

  127. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao TR, that song is hilariously awesome! ‘and his hair was………perfect’

  128. linda

    in those 94 commercials for the frenchs cup they used that some but he said “rangers in london” instead. cant find a vid or pics anywhere.

  129. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    ORR, some of the headlines they write are different from what the article says. Silly.

    Some of their headlines and photos are hilarious though!

  130. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " GO RANGERSSSS!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Mike!!!??? Changing teams!!!??? Now im gonna puke.

    CT happy belated Bday!!!

    Tony , is is NO other choices. You are cheering on teams to lose. Great plan. Its the right thing to do buddy!!! No Rangers , No passion.

    CCC , not CCCP !!! This loss makes me wanna be a Rangers fan even more!!! When the chips are down dude ..ya just gotta have Faith ,, baby!!

    Wasn’t that great tv show called CHEERS from Boston??

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " GO RANGERSSSS!!! " … says Greg L. on

    COME ON!!!!! CR never got this upset when the Rangers got eliminated!!!???? He hates Boston more thatn he loves the rangers , I know it!!

    Sally ( no offense ) Never gets this excited to watch Rangers hockey. I have never seen her Cheer like she does for Rangers likes she does Buffalo. Just some observations.
    It just makes me feel QUEZZY when I see “go Buffalo” or some other crap team being cheered for. Cheering for other teams on a Rangers blog is kinda like wearing a NYI jersey at msg. Out of place.

  132. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    oh that’s right, I was signed by slatipuss…..or here on the blog, I guess my lifetime contract would be from carpipuss!!!!!

    Anyone remember or have a link to the old ESPN commercials from the playoffs in like the mid to late 90’s where they were crime scenes after a team was eliminated, they were the most hilarious one EVER!!!!

  133. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " GO RANGERSSSS!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Callahan’s a swell guy …he sure is , isn’t he SAM??


    You guys sound like a bunch of old ladies haggling over used plates at a garage sale!!! Its the same , boring ,awe struck acting I see game in and game out. At least in Buffalo and Pitts you have annoucers who actually get excited and talk hockey , not all this rubbing each other shoulders during the game like our guys do. Don’t get me wrong cuz our guys aren’t that far off. We just need a little more Prust and Shelly outta ’em next year.

    Wasn’t there a show with Tony Danza …Who’s the Boss-ton?

  134. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao who’s the boss ton!! +1

    Wicky, lifetime bonehead! that’s the pinnacle!

    GO SALLYbres!

  135. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " New Avery rule plz for the shoot out!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sallybres is quite unique itself. Ya said a few others a few days ago Linda that were creativly-creative. Im +3 so far today!!!!

    Simple Answer ( to Carp)

    ” Do you think, in a playoff series with the Devils, the Rangers would be in the same position as the Flyers, up 3-1?”

    No Carp , series would be tied 2 -2

    We play them perty even so Im saying a tie. We’d win the next 2 games and beat ’em 4 -2 in the series.

    Truth is , if we had won the shoot out. Rangers would be winning games right now. That my friends hurts.

  136. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    Et tu, Linda?



    I hate Boston so much because I love my NY teams (Rangers)!

    And you have the audacity to mention Cheers, that disgraceful joke of a show?

  137. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    Now Im a serial killer and a person who commits massacres?

    Not funny.

  138. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " New Avery rule plz for the shoot out!! " … says Greg L. on

    How about mixing up the shoot out? Its a crap shoot anyways.It’s a bloody skills competition for pete sakes! It a Showdown’77 with Peter Puck!! Come on , we know it is a farce !!!

    NEW IDEA!!!

    Every penaty ya get during a game…is a another shooter ya can use on the shoot out.

    Line ’em up at center ice , all the players that add up to the penaties they each got…let’s say Our team got 6 PP chances , so we get 6 guys to shoot ,to lets say the other teams got 4 guys. Uneven ? , yeah smarter then.

    No cleaning the ice. All shooter are at center ice and each team rotates skates by the blow of the whistle.

    Idea is , If your team is gonna take selfish penaties may cost thenm in the end. Each Penalty will be notices ,hence cleaning up the game while were doing a stuiped “skills” event.

  139. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    CR, tis all in good fun! When someone else comes along with rantings, I’m sure we’ll all jump on that. We kid because we love!

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz! " … says Greg L. on

    “I hate Boston so much because I love my NY teams (Rangers)!” -Cr9

    Is this really true? Come on now…really? I think yer hate goes beyond the love of your city. NY is better then Boston. There I said it!!! Boston plays second fiddle to NY and people here in Canada ..see it. Ya don’t need to be like them( Bostonians) and act like a child. ( no offense cuz im more childish then you). You almost give Boston “publicity” like people always saying “Carcillio”. I do take back my “cheers” refrence and appologise for saying that Filthy “B” word.

    “Et tu, Linda?” …wow , I even felt the Dagger!!

    wow alotta quotations!!

  141. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao greg, and to shake things up even more, the guys who take YOUR penalties should have to be YOUR shootout guys! LMAO. Imagine having a shootout lineup of Brashear, Shelley, Rozsival and Aves!!!

  142. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on


    And Don Orsillo and Jerry Remdawg sound upset!!!!!!!!

  143. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    You’re a good guy, Greg!



    Save it! Pffffft. ;)

  144. I love Cheers.

    I love the North End of Boston, my second favorite city in America (to New York).

    I love Fenway Park, and loved Boston Garden.

    Nothing like Boston sausage and peppers cooking outside the arenas up there.

    Patriots Day is a fabulous holiday. Should be celebrated nationwide.

    Bobby Orr was the second best player I’ve ever seen. Ted Williams might have been the greatest hitter ever, and he could have broken Babe Ruth’s home run record if he didn’t miss, like, seven years in the service.

    Anybody ever been to Mike’s Pastry on Hanover Street in Boston?

  145. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    they have awesome chowda too Carp! My daughter got married in Boston, and almost went to school there also. Very historical place, i like to visit.

  146. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    The Great Carpini

    There’s a reason why patriots day is celebrated in only like 3 states. Because it’s just a fictitious holiday!!

    Ted Williams? Greatest hitter ever? Please. He batted .200 in his only World Series appearance.

    The guy who abused Ted Williams frozen head is a better hitter than Williams! BANG!

    Fenway Field! Get it right!

    Just playin’ with ya, Carpini

  147. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on



  148. Olga Folkyerself on

    Bruins get the power play. The refs are really on top of things tonight… :)

  149. So, I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago. The waitress asks what would we like for our appetiser. I looked at her and said, “I’ll have the fried cammalleri please.” She responded, “Would that be the calamari?” I said, “Yes, fried *cammalleri*.” My date, who does not follow hockey, couldn’t understand why I was laughing hysterically as the waitress walked away.

  150. Legal Seafood!

    Fanuiel Hall.

    Red Auerbach.

    Boston Common.

    The Charles River.

    Newbury Street. Boylston.

    What did A-Rod do in his postseason career before last year?

  151. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on


    Nice to see your attempted antagonism. I thought I attempted to call a truce by rooting for the Blackhawks. Im guessing you didnt accept the truce?

    I didnt see the penalty, so I cant make a judgment if it was cheap or not.

  152. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    The Great Carpini

    I dont care what Arod did before last year (even though his overall postseason stats prior to last year are not bad, by any means).

    AROD has a ring! Teddy Losegame has a frozen head, beaten by a monkey wrench!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!

    Phil Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BANG!!!!

  153. Bogus call against Lucic! They seem to call these boarding penalties against him quite a bit.

  154. Olga Folkyerself on

    I didn’t know you were around. I thought you were banned or something. Glad to hear you’re rooting for Chicago. Me too.

  155. CR9 (The only NHL team to win the Victoria Cup) on

    That’s the twitter of Ted Williams’ head.

    This is one of his frozen beaten in heads’ tweets:

    I have as many World Series rings as I do bodies!!!! 7:16 AM Oct 2nd, 2009 via web

  156. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    LMAO JB! thats massively hysterical! People just don’t know

    i actually said HOLY CARP the other day. Looked at like i had seven heads. It was so worth it!

  157. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    thanks to Carp, when New Years 2012 rolls around i MIGHT be successful in my NO CURSING resolution!

  158. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    When Boston ( Milbury and co) jumped in the stands…classless organization really if ya think about it.
    Then Ray Bourque came aboard. He was so classy , he set it straight and with Cam the “goon” Neely ..Boston got respect back but has NEVER , will NEVER win the Stanley Cup . Sad really for a bunch of stinky Bears.

  159. JB

    I know. First they had the Dennis Miller show, which failed. Then that stupid unoriginal Sports Soup which might still be going on, but sucks pink hairy ones, and now this one.

    I can’t even appreciate the chick with the Jersey Shore colored cleavage, cause she’s just NOT FUNNY!

  160. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    ORR, over time, the horror would morph into brashear! I was like HOLY CARP,it’s brashear 12 years ago!

  161. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Exactly, Greg! All Rangers fans should hate the Bruins for beating and bludgeoning our fans in our house.

  162. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Why? Sather got us the Victoria Cup!

    We were the inaugural Victoria Cup Champions!



  163. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I can talk trash on every NHL team. Everyone. Just because people on here talk carp about us , it DOES’NT mean we are the only sad case around. Everyteam has a fault and a weakness. We are the coolest team on ice.
    Sure we have some sucky players , what team don’t? The Rangers lost out in the shoot out and didnt deseve NOT to make it. We didnt. FireTruck up yer ORR-hole if I’ll believe anyone who says different.Sorry. We deserved to be here. We were as good as all this carp im seeing here in these playoffs…we’d be winning games .

  164. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    carter and gagne getting foot surgery…. hmmmm

    228 wings, new record!

  165. Olga Folkyerself on

    228 wings without a drop of sauce on him! That’s another record!

    FI-RE SA-THER!!!!

  166. >>carter and gagne getting foot surgery…. hmmmm

    I think the Devils just found new life. Flyers are toast!

    That TGO ad made me laugh actually.

  167. Olga Folkyerself on

    Geez, if Boston could score on some of those chances… Buffalo would be in trouble.

  168. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    you could be right JB. that could really hamper the flyers scoring ability, but oh yea, that’s right, doesnt that whack job have 3 goals?

  169. >>Geez, if Boston could score on some of those chances…

    Buffalo scores on theirs. 2-1.

  170. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Sabres lead 2-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sabres lead 2-0 after two. Did you know the Sabres are 31-1 when leading after two periods?


  172. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    “Sabres lead 2-0 after two. Did you know the Sabres are 31-1 when leading after two periods?”

    Attempted jinx, negated.

  173. Olga Folkyerself on

    Think you’ll do better than last time? You have an extra goal to work with tonight.

  174. For an Islanders announcer, Jaffe is really a treat to listen to. Why can’t we send Michelleti back to them?

  175. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Thanks! That pic with the Yankees hat just made my day!

  176. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    SAVE MILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This dirtbag old man, Recchi. INJURE HIM!

  177. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    What a cheap call.

    The Bruins defender rode the Sabre into the goalie, and theyre calling Goalie in the interference.

    And this dirtbag Sam Nosen aint mentioning how that happens to a LundQ all the time.

    Score. 2-1 Sabres. And this dirtbag Rosen is yelling like a maniac. FIRE ROSEN!

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boston Scores!!!! Beer Me!

    Not Miller time, Sam Adams- Boston Lager!!


  179. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on



    They are cheating them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. carp

    when are you going to stop threatening people and actually start banning. otherwise you’re just the boy that cried wolf.

    three obvious choices

    olga (name is over the top)

  181. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    SOrry, Lindy Ruff, you’re not facing the Rangers anymore. No more cheap calls for you.

  182. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Sorry “when” if my name offends. I just changed it for you.

    Happy, Pappy?

  183. Hugo Folkyerself on


    Tied Up!!!!!!

    Gimme another Boston Lager!!!!!


  184. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    THIS IS JUST SICK!!!!!!!!!!

    THANKS A LOT MILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why are you going against me, OLGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A rangers fan intenionally rooting for the BRUINS to go against another Rangers fan!!!!!!!!!!


    Heart attack time is coming………..

  185. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    Come on, WHENS BUFFALo gonna GET A POWER PLAY??????????????

  186. Hugo Folkyerself on

    I’m rooting for Buffalo to lose because they black out Ranger Telecasts…

  187. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    COME ON SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!

  188. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    The Sabres had 4 minutes in the Bruins zone, and didnt see a power play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please referees! Fairness! Just once?

  189. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    and the excuse is, that the ref was turned around!!!!!!!!!!!

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. great playoff hockey on

    the first round of the NHL playoffs has the best, most exciting action of any sports’ first playoff round. by far. no question.

  191. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sabre games being televised instead of Ranger games is insane, Id FREAK OUT TOO!!! Im with ya on that one Olga !!!

  192. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I wonder if Boston Rob is watching the Game?

  193. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    I have no reason to worry. With the Caps and Pens going back home up 3-1, they should move on.

    And either team should be able to take care of the Bruins.

  194. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on

    dirtbag Boston Rob. I dont even watch reality shows, and I know that guy is a putred piece of carcillo.

  195. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Am I missing something here But who the heck Is teddyballgame and im assuming he got mugged or something?

    Pardon my Ignoramus-anti-baseball-slang-guys Wrong Blog on that one Cr9 , ya must have mixed it up on yer yankees blog eh? Im serious.

  196. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Me Can-eh-duh , hockey…duh..puck!!!! , Ho-ockey , ppuck!!!! Life is easy.

  197. CR9 (Teddy Ballgame's head has dents from the monkey wrench beating it took) on


    Ted Williams was a great hitter, who NEVER won a World Series. In fact, he batted .200 in his only World Series, like a flop and a bum.

    He died. His son (god bless him!) froze Williams’ head with the hope of one day bringing him back to life, and made the Williams family a laughing stock.

  198. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hate to say it BUT Hank would have let in that break away.


  199. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Next season ,plz!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Freezing just the head!!!?? Geeze , that is dumb. Everyone knows ya have to freeze the whole body like in the Demolition man!!!

  200. Hugo Folkyerself on

    If Tyler Ennis becomes a UFA, does his agent call up all the GM’s, saying “T.Ennis Anyone?”

  201. Hugo Folkyerself on

    That was a fast period! This is HOCKEY! Not that bilge-water Sather & Co. pump out of the Garden basement.

  202. that damn Versus. they won’t even show the LA game during the intermission. instaed of having a second channel. or letting NHL network handle overflow situations, Versus blacks out its fans.

  203. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    i totally agree with you though,this is a terrible job by the NHL. when your own network is not showing a game, there’s a problem lol

  204. they are showing it now, but only a few minutes before the Buff boston game resumes.

    thanks, I’ll try that site.

  205. The NHL Network should pick up one of the feeds when there’s a VS conflict. It’s also ridiculous that I can’t watch it on NHL Centre Ice, which I PAID for.

  206. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    thats what I’m talkin about Orr. I noticed it available for the iTouch and wanted to get some opinions on it before I download it.

  207. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    damnit! and the kings scored too! sheesh. put the kings game back on atdhe!

  208. good call by the linesman on the too many men penalty.

    lets go bruins. lesser evil for this ranger fan for them to beat the other ny team

  209. Hugo Folkyerself on


  210. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Buffalo is now 31-2 when leading after two periods!!!!!

    BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! The Olga jinx continues!

  211. >>looks like your dream came true JB LOL

    HAHAHA! If only all my dreams had a 50-50 chance of becoming true.

  212. idiot Drew Stafford got on the ice when there were already 5 guys. he cost them the game

  213. >>just the good ones! you don’t want the bad ones coming true

    Oops, I almost forgot all about the bad ones. My nightmares are bad enough in my sleep; I wouldn’t want to live them.

  214. I like the way that they bathe the whole net area in red light when the Kings score. all rinks should do that.

  215. db, but a lot of those rinks look like they’re run by idiots when somebody hits the post and the lights go on.

    good night, boys and girls and John-Boy and Mary Ellen.

    Good night, Sally!

  216. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    Damn kings!!!!!

    Thought you might enjoy this from kirk morrison the raiders middle linebacker on his twitter:

    Yep, he didn’t start it but finished RT @Raiderbeejay: Had 2 be the only black dude on the ice. RT @kirkmorrison52 a fight broke end of game

    Man please don;t screw up the draft tomorrow night slatipuss, I mean hologram Al.

  217. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Oh Please Let Eklund be right for once!!

    Chasing a rumor this morning from an A1 source…It is looking like Doug Risebrough could be the next GM of the NY Rangers. According to my source, Sather would be moved to a “new” position in the organization.

    Moving Sather out would not be much of a surprise given the past decade or so, however bringing in Doug Risebrough wouid be an interesting departure for the Blue Shirts. I really like Doug as a GM, however he is widely looked at as one of the most conservative/stand pat GMs in the league…quite the opposite of the NY Rangers M.O.. Could Doug shange hos ways and make the sorts of mood this ownership requires? We will see…

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