Even Stevens (updated)


I can’t ever recall a first playoff round in which every series was tied 1-1 (and hence every one will be, or is, 2-1).

But the games have been sick so far. Great action. Hitting. Offensive chances. Good stuff — with the exception of some of the NHL’s replay-challenged broadcast partners and their inability to stay on the ice when there’s an altercation or something else happening on the ice while they’re in closeup of somebody else somewhere else.

If you’re paying attention to the playoffs to date, you are probably noticing more and more how far behind the top 16 teams (and more) the Rangers really are in terms of top-level talent.


I forgot to mention — and this makes me feel old — that yesterday was the 11th anniversary of one of my favorite hockey days ever. On April 18, 1999, The Great One called it a career and played his final game at MSG, and MSG did it absolutely right. MSG is really good at special hockey days and nights. The best, actually.

But I cannot believe TGO has been off skates for 11 years already!


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:25 P.M.: The three finalists for the Vezina Trophy (as voted by the league’s GMs) are Brodeur, Bryzgalov and, of course, Miller.

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  1. ahhh didn’t come in first. choked like the sharks..oops too soon..almost there though!

  2. Good morning, boneheads!
    Great playoffs so far, indeed.
    Carp, we are behind in talent, but we do have a good core of young players, some with great talent. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think we would make some noise against the Caps. They still have no idea who their starting goaltender is.

    I remember that last game too. Jagr with OT GWG. Still hurts.

  3. your boy Malik on

    Carp, I was at the Gretzky game – my husband wanted me to sell the tickets – but I took my then 15-year old daughter in to the Garden early – we signed the big greeting card and watched warmups. My daughter held up a sign she made and Gretzky gave her a smile, skated towards her and waved – a truly wonderful memory!

  4. That ought to be a reminder of how fast time flies…even when you’re not having fun.
    The way you feel about time and Gretzky, I feel about Chuck Rayner et al…seems like only a few years ago.

  5. Gregm_section403 on

    I was at the Gretzky game too. It was the season before I got season tickets, so I paid sick $$$ to sit in the last row of blue seats all the way in the corner.

    The best part was Gretzky’s final assist coming on none other than a Brian Leetch goal!!!

  6. Man I remember Gretzky rocking Ranger Blue. It’s been 11 whole years… must be getting old.

  7. At least in the context of the Eastern conference, I don’t know if it’s necessarily the gap in talent but definitely the level of intensity and consistent play where the Rangers are laggards. Basically the only team that beat the Rangers handily in the season series (in terms of overall gameplay, not necessarily the W-L-OTL record) was the Pens. They had even or winning records against the Devils/Flyers/Sens/Bruins and played mostly close games with the Caps/Habs/Sabres.

    The West would be another story. I could foresee them getting swept by any of the playoff teams from the West. Unless it’s the Caps or Pens from the East in the Finals, whatever team emerges from the West would have to be favorites in that series.

  8. good morning all….playoff action has been great…although we split with the flyers and devils in the regular season in a 7 game series we would just get worn down, their forwards hit shift after shift after shift, that is why i like Torts’s theme of atleast trying to get younger….drury, prospal, roszy, etc would be hufffing and puffing after getting smashed in the corner by the likes of zubrus, clarkson, hartnell, carcillo, etc….guys i hate carcillo as much as anyone on this site but this is the kinda 4th line player we need, he has grit and has some skill….make a great pass on the 2nd goal last night and is in the right place to win it for the flyers….

  9. Seth, that’s why I had the caveat of “intensity and consistency”. I agree, the Rangers wouldn’t seem like the a team that could mentally and physically bring it night after night.

    I think Prust could turn into a Carcillo like player given the chance and I think he could be in some ways a more effective player because he doesn’t go out of his way to make his mark on the game. Carcillo can take some bad penalties and play over the line.

  10. CTBLUE,

    I hear ya man the rangers defnitely need to sign Prust.
    Lets hope we get younger and a bit BIGGER….

  11. Do the Devils wake up today and feel like they got the Carcillo beat out of them?…lol.

    Sorry, I cracked myself up.

  12. Mornin’ folks!

    Playoffs have been spectacular so far.

    I remember that game, Carp. I watched it from my college dorm room and recall getting a little teary eyed at the ovation he received from the crowd.

  13. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANJ!!! and good morning everyone.

    ilb, what happened to ‘zo’?

  14. carp, you make a great point about the talent level of the teams still playing vs the rangers talent. last season we discussed the same topic and i remember that so many rangers fans way over estimate the ability and potential of the players on this roster. if i remember correctly the question was how many rangers forwards would play on the top 2 lines on the teams ahead of them in the standings. asking the same question today i think the answer isn’t that much diferent besides gaborik.

    dubi and cally have an outside chance of playing on the sens, preds or avs top 2 lines but thats about it. almost every teams top 6 is better than the rangers and thats a fact.

    so, how are the rangers going to improve their top 6 with minimal cap space? don’t forget they have to resign staal amoung others.

  15. I remember being angry at JAROMIR after that goal, and cursing him out!

    Little did I know he’d eventually have the class and uniform of a NY Ranger.


    My PBF Sean Avery broke up with me yesterday :(

  16. The Great Carpini

    I demand a response this time! :)

    If I send you a copy of your book, will you sign it?

  17. The last time i saw TGO play was in Ulf Samuelsson’s 1000 game ceremony – January of the season he retired i think it was. I kind of wish i’d left it alone as he was a shadow of his former self in that final season.

    Has Slats left his exile in Iceland yet? There’s a few thousand planes want to take off here in Europe and his cigars are causing us real trouble..!!

  18. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    CCCP, Even is Kevin’s brother and Scott’s cousin. Once Sather realized that, he was on the phone with Even’s agent Stella, hoping to secure a deal!

  19. wow!! time sure is flying! didn’t realize it’s been 11 years.
    of course, the night was typical Rangers. a great pre-game ceremony. very classy. and then the team goes out and loses.
    (i think i read that Jagr apologized to TGO for scoring the winner…yes?)

  20. jpg, but they got the Bettman Bonus Point that night. That would have been a good night for a shootout — Gretzky vs. Jagr.

  21. UK- shadow of himself? Shadow of TGO was still better than anyone else on that ’99 team.

    Linda, ‘zo is only added when Edzo is doing the game :)

  22. jpg,
    Don’t worry after seeing Prucha score the game winner for the Yotes, I heard Sather is looking to get Prucha back. A long term, big money contract is in the works…along with Mats Zuccarello-Aasen we are getting smaller…lol
    Sather’s goal is a small fast team that has players who can take an absolute pounding and can bounce right back up.
    So with Betts now finding the back of the net, Sather will find a way to sign Betts to a Drury style contract…
    Oh baby the future is brighter!…haha

  23. MD Ranger Fan on

    Agree on the difference in talent. Didn’t we know this before the season started and the season bore that out? I think the gap is much more so in the forwards than on defense. I do not see our core of young players as having anywhere near the offsensive upside that the Caps did a few years ago, although it may form a solid corps of d-men. Seems like we have a ways to go with the forwards.

  24. Thanks, the Great Carpini!


    What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love stealing lines from U2, so what A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

  25. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    Carpy, didnt wanna confuse too many people lol ;-)

    I’m with Orr, I’d like to see Ryan Miller win the Vezina,but you KNOW they are gonna give it to old man blubs!

  26. >>funny that Betts somehow found his scoring touch away from the Rangers (8
    >>goals!!!) oh, when will it ever end…!!!

    The same Blair Betts who STILL can’t make a tape-to-tape pass? OK, you can let him be somebody else’s project. I do not miss him.

  27. >>I love stealing lines from U2, so what A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

    Speaking of U2, I’m driving on the parkway the other day and listening to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. As an SUV passed me, I looked at the license plate; it reads “U2 ROX.”

  28. I dunno…maybe it’s me, but did you notice how much the Devils looked like the Rangers in last nights game? The giveaways were almost Roszivalian. ( A couple of times I had to look at sweater # 26 to be sure it was really Elias, and that Roz hadn’t somehow wangled some ice time in his place.)

    I mean it was all there…the soft passes into traffic, the wrist shots from way out, the clustering behind the net, while Flyers roamed at will out front and almost drove poor Brody nuts. Then when they did get the puck, they seemed to always hit a Flyers blade when passing to a team mate, and the unbelievable wandering aimlessly around center ice and in their own zone.

    It was pure Redden, Girardi, Rozy time in the playoffs.

    Cheeshe! Even the spectre of Kovalchuk flashing and slashing all over the ice didn’t change the pattern for the rest of them one bit. He was like Mr Death sweeping with his scythe but not finding any targets of opportunity.

    These devils were downright…ahh..imps?

  29. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    CARPY, i forgot to tell ya, when the signing is complete,
    CAT will play a set!!!

    JB, good story!!

    thanks to fran for a new bonehead word…


  30. Carp
    a shootout featuring Jagr vs. TGO?!?!?! 2 players that hated going one-on-one against a a goalie. sheesh! it would like one of those Warner Brothers cartoons with the players holding on for dear life on the boards from being pulled to center ice.

    Staal Wart

    think the new Team Identity will be Smurfs the Sequel?

    while Prucha wasn’t his rookie season self (and will he ever be without Jagr?), he and Betts are just examples of a longstanding Ranger tradition of players finding their game on other teams.

  31. Why it sound like a hopeless music in my ears:…”Tarantella” Tortorella-Zaccarelo duet in the endless Rangers soap opera with Rangers fans Greek chorus on a background and scarface conductor, swinging managerial cigar in MSG orchestra pit.

  32. Didn’t Cat go nutso?

    Must not be riding the Peace Train. But it’s a Wild World. Maybe he should try a nice soothing Tea for the Tillerman.

  33. I think it’s Miller time. I don’t even think the GMs could screw this up. … er, let me rephrase that … never mind.

  34. no Carp,
    Cat got major bad publicity when he was quoted as agreeing with fatwa on author Salman Rushdie. apparently, there’s more background to it. saw a documentary on Ovation channel recently that dealt with his life/career.

    talk about someone who still hadn’t found what he’s looking for…..U2 reference from earlier)

    sounds like he’s back on the Peace Train with charity work and 2 albums of new material out in the past few years.

    as far as Vezina,
    it would be another MAJOR crime if Miller doesn’t win.
    then again, as polite as Canadians are they do have a bias when it comes to hockey (i.e. Jagr should absolutely have receive MVP when he put Rangers on his back and carried us to the playoffs rather than Thornton who went from a decent situation in Boston to a very talented one in San Jose)

  35. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Carcillo beating Brodeur for the winner in OT. That’s like universes colliding. I didn’t know what to think… but i did look outside to see if the apocolypse was happening…
    Glad to report all is well! Weird hockey night…

  36. Fran…. Your post HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!! That’s EXACTLY what happened. Devils hung Marty out to dry, like Rangers did to Henrik last week. Both teams made this AHL underacheiver goalie FROM PHILLY look like a Vezina contender…!!! Only difference here is my team got me for a R1 set of tix.. Thems tix aint cheap!! Glad they won’t be getting me or any other fans for R2 tix.

  37. Lone Wolf NYC on

    Why is it that every time the Rangers are eliminated, there is never a peep out of Sather or Dolan? …perhaps they are discussing who they can blame ala Tortorella’s post game “blame everyone but me” comments

    Dolan and Sather…the best losing combination in the league.

  38. Lone Wolf NYC on

    Wait…I guess Dolan’s even a bigger incompetent loser since he handles the Knicks as well.

  39. Lone Wolf NYC on

    Let me modify that…
    Dolan and Sather, the best “unaccountable” losing combination in the league.

  40. Carp I got a chance to interview Wayne on the radio show last week and what a terrific guy with absolutely no ego.

    It’s astounding to me that one can be considered the an all time great and be so amiable. he said his three years here in N.Y were the best of his career

    He is credit to sports and the human race, akin to the great Rick Carpiniello

    Oh BTW The latest savior for The Rangers is about to sign watch the video and read all about it

    Rangers About To Sign Frodo From Modo ! Swedish Superstar Mats Zuccarello Aasen


  41. nabokov showed what a choker he is again by not being alert and ready for that deflected clearing attempt by Boyle. it actually ticked off the stick of O’reilly of the Avs, and dumbkof nabokov was not paying attention. you can see him on the replay surprised and unaware by what went on.

    he even admitted afterward that he did not know where the puck went by him.

    your job in goal is to be aware and prepared a all times, particularly in your own zone.

    no, Boyle made a bad play, but nabokov being not ready was more of a problem. it is a 10 year pattern with him. a real choker

  42. I have nothing construcive to add to today’s discussion save this nugget… Prospal and proposal are WAAAAY too close together in terms of being spelled. I cannot count the number of times I’ve typed prospal instead of proposal today. ARGH.

    (deep breath)

    OK, I’m better now. And ready for playoff hockey tonight.

  43. jim- funny you mentioned that. His name in Russian means “on the side (of the body)”

  44. jpg, Steve Smith went on to have a pretty good career. The best part of that story … it was against Calgary and it cost the Oilers a Cup, but the next year they won it, and when Gretzky raised the Cup the first person they gave it to was Smith.

  45. billybleedsblue on

    HA. Thank you for the joke with the laughing and the giggling… Boyle, that poor SOB. Goes to show you that anything can happen in the post-season, although, it may be too early to REALLY say that…

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA Mickey getting some gregagitis!!

    Wayne Gretzy is class Mr Mouth , didnt ya know that???
    Gretzky took NHL polition classes as a youth. That skinny little kid just kept scoring goals and scoring goals!!

    If Wayne Gretzky never scored like he did…Mark Messier,Semenko,Kurri,Grant fuhr and probally Kevin lowe would never have been where they are today. Those guys were there when Wayne EXPLODED into the NHL. Anderson was an olympian and Paul Coffey was awsome ..so those guys would have done it without wayne ,but not the others.

    Wayne had Heart , not alot of speed .
    Wayne had smarts ,not alot of strength.
    Wayne had an eye for goals but wasnt great on PS.
    Wayne Gretzky ..greatest player ever – retired with the greatest team ever…how fitting.

    Oh yeah …I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

  47. if the Rangers had won the skills competition, it would have been Brian Boyle who put it in his own net (or, as usual, Redden).

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    When Steve Smith scored on his own net and the Oilers were eliminated…I was in highscool at the time and had to face the music cuz I was an avid Oilers fan at the time ( never ,ever again). A guy I hated wore a white tee-shirt with red marker saying Flames win!!! on the back of it as he walked away said “Thank you Steve Smith” I still see his smug face…everyone saw his shirt!! The Oilers had like 10 minutes to tie it but were oviously flustered and all Calgary had to do was kill the remaining time.

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ummm billy , ive never seen it since and Im tempted to see it but wont.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I love ’em so much …I’ll let ya know again that I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer :)

    CCCP Let the people know before it is too late!! Your days will be counted if I have my say , yer Dark little secret will be heard one day…

  51. It took watching the Kings/Canucks on Saturday night for three minutes to realize the lack of talent the Rangers have compared to the playoff teams. Speaking of that series, I like how Versus is using the CBC feed for those games. Listening to Jim Hughson is awesome. He may be the best play by play announcer in sports. What does everyone think of him?

  52. The playoffs have been as good as it gets this year. I am very much looking forward to Boston-Buffalo in a few minutes because that was one of the best 3rd periods in game 2 that I have seen in a long time.

    Personal note on Gretzky’s last game. I had season tickets from 1981 until 2001. My wife was 8 months pregnant and experienced premature labor in early April 1999. She was ordered bed rest and Gretzky’s last game was the only time she left the house against the doctor’s orders. My son was then born on May 1. Now back in those years, MSG was open for the entry draft with players and events happening all day with the draft broadcast on the big screen. Well, I have a picture of me and my then 6 week old son sitting in what was Gretzky’s locker in the Ranger locker room. Needless to say, Gretzky’s last game will always be special for my family. On top of that, I met my wife in the Montreal Forum between the 1st and 2nd periods of Messier’s first game as a Ranger on Oct. 5, 1991 but I will save that story for another day.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wayne Gretzky retired a Ranger!!!!!! Hes proud of that!!!

    New York rangers had problems this year yes, BUT WE DONT DESERVE being took out on game 82 in a firetrucking shoot out!!! It hurts and I know we could have beaten Washington. Ovechkin couldnt win a cup if he tried!! He has no brains. Ov is dumb , flat out!!!

    10 things I hate about Ovechicken.

    #1 Mocking our salute harbors ill feelings , he’ll pay.

    #2 sitting in at our practice , illegal.

    #3 runs at players.

    #4 needs energy drinks or hes normal.

    #5 sponsors a video game that sucks. EA is the best .

    #6 Suspended for dirty playing.

    #7 He hit Jagr and has no class.

    #8 He whinnes like a baby when he cant score.

    #9 No respect for us Rangers .

    #10 Not in the KHL.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!

    oh yeah ONE LAST TIME …today.geeze!!

    I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

  55. I agree, the Boyle goal was Nabby’s fault. I thought Boyle Malik’d himself last night, but i didn’t see the O’Reilly deflection. Boyle could have made a better play, but that’s hockey, it was good pressure, and Nabby must have thought it was still the intermission.

    Story of the Sharks playoffs career, right there.

  56. Greg

    Take a deep breath and then take a cold shower! If being dumb makes you the best hockey (athlete) player in the World…then sign me up!

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah maybe 2nd best . Ov will NEVER be #1. He didnt win the Art Ross –Sedin
    Rocket Richard –Stamkos and Crosby.

    Ov will always play second fiddle to Crosby. Always.

    Mario always played second fiddle to Gretzky.

    You let these guys “pick ” thier own teams and ill tell you whos the best.

    #1 Crosby , if he had it his way ..his teams wouldnt always be so hard pressed to win.

    #2 Jagr , You put Jagr with actual players that he likes ( no, not straka and nylanders anymore)

    #3 Ovechkin , he need players who “cater to him” and he is dominating.

  58. Linda or Sally,

    I sent a request for boneheads fb page. It doesn’t open up a message box when you send the request in order for me to tell you who I am.

    about TGO’s last game. My daughter was born that night…I left home watching the game and was able to finish watching the game while waiting for labor to progress at the hospital. I got a lot of funny looks from the nurses as they came in to the room. We knew we were having a girl but I wonder if we had a boy if my wife would have allowed me to name him Wayne??


    Sabres lead 1-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    OLIIIIII!!!!! ohh no wait , it’s Oleeeeeee. If Oli would have scored….now all we can hear is the Habs fans , Oleeeee.

    Go Rangers !!!!

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    OV SUCKS ,OV SUCKS!!!! Im starting to like these crazy frenchies!!!!

  62. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    did bill patrick just start to say New Jews and then corrected himself and said Jersey??? Am I hearing things??

  63. Im still concerned about the Bruins in this year’s playoffs.

    Can someone quell my fears? They arent that good a team, right?

  64. Oh well, there could have been an interference call, according to the commentators, but I guess the referees were influenced by the proceedings earlier in the day at Fenway Field.

  65. Olga Folkyerself on

    No Captain Clutch for Stinking Sabres! Send Drury back!

    BUFFALO LOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They are pathetic!

    More pathetic than the Rangers, offensively.

    At least we have a guy that can score, Gaborik. This team cant even get a shot to the net. And it aint Bostons defense.


    REFEREES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Hopefully, he comes back and gets stuck by Matt Cooke again, and this time, he dont ever return!


    The same AGENDA, time after time!

    And that piece of hartnelling carcillo, Johnny Boychuk, intentionally taking out Vanek, and then trying to take out the other guy today.

  69. Sabs have Vanek who scores 4 goals in a meaningless game at the end of the season.

    Rangers have Gabby who can’t even show up for a shift in a single period in an elimination game.

    This is surprising. I knew the B’s were tough, but i didn’t think they would lead at any point in this series. It’s looking grim for the Sabs, if they don’t get their carp together.

    They’re entering the danger zone.

    The dangeeerrr zooooooone!

  70. I have no reason to be worried. If Pitt and Washington advance, there should be no chance of the Bruins advancing anywhere.

  71. Olga Folkyerself on

    Put a Rangers jersey on Savard and a Bruins jersey on Cooke and you’d be screaming bloody murder that the refs didn’t penalize Cooke and Campbell didn’t suspend him. Your bias is laughable.

  72. CR, you have nothing to worry aboot. If anything, i figured you wouldn’t mind the B’s going to the second round, so they give their fans false hope before collapsing.

    B’s can’t get past the second round. I’d still be surprised if they got past the Sabs. Either way, they wont make it to the Conference Finals, let alone the Cup Finals.

    Sleep well!

  73. Olga Folkyerself on

    Those LA King jerseys stink! It looks like a design that won 2nd place in a forth grade “Design a Jersey” contest.

  74. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    jb, i came to this game late, who are the announcers. For some reason, i can’t match the voices to names

  75. Smyth is back. How did he not suffer a concussion after hitting his head on the boards? He couldn’t even skate to the bench.

  76. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    yea, he looked kinda wonky there for a minute. at least he didnt cry ;-)

  77. Linda, I’m terrible with names. I couldn’t tell you who the talking heads are if my life depended on it.

    [I do know the Talking Heads though.]

  78. I hate it when people say “PP” when discussing the power play. I especially hate it when it’s coming from a woman. Are we in such a rush to complete a thought that we can’t take the time to pronounce ONE extra syllable?

  79. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    we could really use a couple of hard hitting crease clearing physical d men!!!

  80. 11 years since TGO (sorry JBytes, i don’t really have time to type it out) retired and the Rangers is still as mediocre as it was 11 years ago… well, maybe a bit better, but still aint good enough

  81. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    i have not had a chance to comment on this, but I am so glad to see boyle score in his own net, talk about 100% karma from his BS bush league slew foot during the olympics, good on ya karma!!

  82. oh I’m getting sweet “Fire Sather” t-shirt in couple of days! It’ll say “FIRE SATHER” inside the Rangers shield logo in front and Sather’s stupid mug on the back…picture of the poster from the rally!!

  83. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    excellent CCCP! i wish i could find that one LW showed us, with his hair on fire. I lost the link!!

  84. uumm… i just found out that i cant get the shield with FIRE SATHER in it…the shield is copyright by the NHL and the NY RANGERS!! this isnt fair! i want my money back! lol

  85. Maybe Dolan is just starting to realise (he is dumb) that there will be no big 2 game playoff profit this year. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll talk to Sather and ask him if he wouldn’t mind handing the job off. We all know he wont fire him, so we can dream.

    If you have it,
    CANCEL CABLEVISION and tell them why.
    Don’t be afraid of satellite, the picture is better and if you install it properly, it Rarely goes out. How long is cablevision out when a car takes down a pole?

  86. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    22, you’re not dumb. i believe that’s how they spell it in England!

  87. >>22, you’re not dumb. i believe that’s how they spell it in England!

    “Realise” is how I always spell it and I never once considered myself dumb.

  88. I’m dumb enough to get suckered in by this team every year. Last month they were out of it. But then they had to go on a nice little streak and pull me back in only to break my heart again in a shootout.

  89. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    i cant watch these western conference games completely. They freakin make me jealous!!

  90. We got to see NY Rangers offensive hockey from the Sabres tonight.

    Their offense left Miller out to dry.

    Of course, that one overtime goal by Kaleta, who didnt score for 11 games, cost us the 1 point we needed to make the playoffs.

    Thanks Sabres, for nothing. Supposedly, they were supposed to come out tonight with heart, because of the dirtbag cheap dirty player Boychuk injuring Vanek….

    But they couldnt possess the puck, couldnt pass the puck, and could barely muster a decent shot on goal.

  91. Alright, so the Caps and Pens both won, are back in the drivers seat.

    If both win, the Bruins would have to face either one of them, and either one should dominate the Bruins.

  92. How can anyone get on Duguay!!!

    I love that guy!!

    His hair is UNfiretruckinbelievably Awesome!!!

  93. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    ‘listening’ to keenan: he doesnt complete one single thought before starting on another one! plus, he kinda looks like he’s embalmed, its disturbing

  94. That should count – unless they screw the Canucks like they did us in the Buffalo series a couple of years ago.

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I think it’s going to count…”

    Man! Aren’t you ever tired of being right all the time?

  96. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    olga, are you talking to yourself there? You need a drink and a hearty FIRE SATHER

  97. I cant wait to see the New York Rangers, er, Buffalo Sabres in action again!

    Always a joy to watch a team play completely inept against a Boston team.

  98. There shouldn’t even be a list of nominees – it should read: Miller, Miller or Miller. Fatso is on his way down, faces much fewer shots, his save % is not top 10 and he’s also lost 31 games compared to the others 26.
    Bryzgalov is good and is a big reason why the ‘Yotes are in the playoffs, but he rarely wins a game on his own like Miller did many times over this year. I know the Olympics doesn’t count, but how many GM’s will tune that out when picking?

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Strip the C already !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I have no spirit , Rangers are out and so is my passion.

  100. I’ve watched a little more of the playoffs than I thought I would. Saw the Sabres-Bruins last night and watched the refs stand by and do nothing while Recchi gets away with an obvious interference penalty.

    The play of that game was nowhere near the level of the Red Wings – Coyotes. The 4-2 (Prucha!) game the other night was a great game to watch.

    The Canadiens are done. They had their moment. The Capitals will be all over them the next two games and it’ll be all over.

  101. Watching Kings/Canucks last night made me very jealous. Heck, watching the entire playoffs has made me green with envy.

  102. Good news- the Pens AHL affiliate, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, was swept out of the playoffs by Albany last night.

    Excuse me while I LOL at that.

  103. Reginald Dunlop on

    watching the Devils-Flyers game on Sunday made me wonder….where were those 2 refs on the previous Sunday????? 8 pp’s for the Devils and every Philly infraction called…quite a change from the previous week…still waiting to see those 2 refs do a playoff game….oh yeah neither one made the playoffs as both linesman didnt yet the league puts that 4 man crew on the most important game of the day?????? what a joke

  104. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    AHHH Good Morning all

    Had a nice dream alst night that Sather was fired, and was cheered as his limo was pulling out os MSG while getting pummeled with tomatoes.

    Was it a dream?
    Is he fired yet?

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