NHL awards nominees this week


While I find it repulsive that the NHL has to follow the NBA’s lead and host events in Las Vegas — instead of, you know, an NHL city — the nominees for the major awards will be announced this week.

Here’s the announcement from the league:


NEW YORK/TORONTO (April 17, 2010) — The three finalists for each of the NHL’s most prestigious regular-season awards will be announced over the next two weeks, beginning Monday with the top three vote-getters for the Vezina Trophy, which goes to the League’s top goaltender.

The 2010 NHL Awards, to be broadcast live from the Pearl Concert Theater inside the Palms Hotel Las Vegas on June 23, 2010, on VERSUS in the United States and CBC in Canada, will bring together the League’s best players, celebrities and other NHL VIPs in celebration of the season’s brightest stars.

Announcements will be made each day at noon, ET on www.nhl.com and  the NHL’s daily  radio show, NHL Live! — broadcast live on Sirius XM Radio, streamed on NHL.com and simulcast on NHL Network weekdays from noon – 2 p.m. ET.

Date Award
Monday, April 19        Vezina Trophy (top goaltender)
Tuesday, April 20        Frank J. Selke Trophy (top defensive forward)
Wednesday, April 21        Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (skill/sportsmanship)
Thursday, April 22         Calder Memorial Trophy (top rookie)
Friday, April 23        James Norris Memorial Trophy (top defenseman)
Monday, April 26        Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy (perseverance and dedication to hockey)
Tuesday, April 27         NHL Foundation Player Award (contributions to charitable causes)
Wednesday, April 28        Jack Adams Award (top head coach)
Thursday, April 29        Hart Memorial Trophy (MVP)

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    pssst , everyone sleeping???

    I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

  2. breaking news….NY Rangers GM, Glen Sather who has not been seen since his team lost the last game of the season and failed to qualify for the playoffs, has been located…in Iceland

  3. Hockey Night Live last night. Dave Maloney said the coach deserves as much blame as anyone else, and Daneyko and Goring said coach should not publicly throw players under the bus to the press.

  4. CR9 – The context of my ‘beat on the brat’ post last night may have seemed like it was intended for you, it wasn’t. Although I don’t hope to see you in a lacy Bobby Orr jersey anytime soon.

    Sean Avery = alcohol
    Brodeur = my liver

  5. “CR9 – The context of my ‘beat on the brat’ post last night may have seemed like it was intended for you, it wasn’t.”


    What are u talking about?!?!

    I used ‘control F’ and typed in ‘brat’ or ‘beat’ and saw no comments of the like. LOL



    Excuse me for not seeing that link posted 2 weeks ago, so I thought I’d be gracious enough to share the misery with fellow Rangers fans. Misery loves company!! :)

  6. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! Andrew Schembri =awesomest small man EVER! on

    Greg, is today the last day you have to do that???

  7. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! Andrew Schembri =awesomest small man EVER! on

    Jay, if that happened it would be a blessing for Rangers fans and the people of Iceland!

  8. I made a bet with an invisible poster on here, and I lost the bet, so now I have to ‘unfortunately’ post here every day for the next year, the following.

    The hotness of Henrik Lundqvist gets my manties (you dont mind if I steal that Linda?) in a bunch.

    I really dont want to have to post that, but a bet is a bet.

  9. according to brooks, apparently naslund sold sather/MZA on eachother.

    stay classy, markus.

  10. GO MARKUS!!!

    Even though he really wasnt anything special with us, I loved the guy.

    Swedish (he is Swedish, right?) people are so classy!!!

    The only non classy Swedish dude I can think of is PJ Axelsson, and I think we all know why!!

    LOVE YOU, MARKUS!! You are a hottie, FO SHO!!


    Thanks Lin!!

  11. nyrcc

    and i was just about to post that


    Herb Brooks had his Smurfs. Tortorella is going to have his Hobbit — the Norwegian Hobbit, Mats Zuccarello-Aasen, the diminutive 22-year-old winger with world-class skill, who will sign a free agent contract with the Blueshirts at the conclusion of the next month’s World Championships.

    Regulations included in the NHL’s newly adopted transfer agreement with the Swedish Elite League prohibit the signing of free agents until then, so no contract has been signed or registered. News of the pending agreement broke on Friday after Zuccarello-Aasen’s representatives at Newport Sports sent a letter to his other suitors, including Detroit, Toronto, Colorado, Chicago and Boston, thanking them for their interest.

    The Blueshirts did not get a Dear John (dear John? uh, not quite) or Dear Slats letter.
    The 5-foot-7, 160-pound Oslo native, who attracted serious attention following his performance in the Olympics, comes highly recommended to the Rangers by Markus Naslund, his teammate with Modo Hockey this season. Zuccarello-Aasen, scouted at the Vancouver Games by GM Glen Sather, led the SEL in scoring while capturing the league’s MVP award.

  12. By the way, there is another athlete that looks similar to Henrik. Not exactly like him or anything, but similar….


    His name is Gianluigi Buffon (sp?). Goalie for Juventus!!

    Type it in on google.


  13. Im Obama’s latest attempt to excecute his “spread the wealth” policy, he has just stated that the Devils and Rangers will have to swap GM’s We now have Sather, and the Rangers will have Lou Lamouriello…

  14. mike in ia:

    They said the same thing about Gretzky way back when. How did that turn out?

  15. he dominated in the GEL
    he dominated in the SEL
    hes wowed everyone @ the olympics

    the only thing to worry about is fatigue. longer schedule in nhl.

    i was a little freaked out when mrs tr was 6 inches shorter than him. but in the sel (defense first league) he scored a TON of goals. so im not worried. 900,000 and bonuses is no biggie.

    i wish heikkinen would have got a better chance on this team.

  16. Nobody said Gretzky would not make it in the NHL.. NOBODY.

    In fact, he was a part of the reason that the NHL and WHA merged. NHL wanted him sooooo bad, but they had a policy against drafting kids. The dying WHA began the 1978–79 season with seven teams, and the dying league would go to almost any length to try to stay afloat. The NHL had rules regarding the age of players that could play while the WHA didn’t. Nelson Skalbania, the owner of the Racers, signed 17-year-old future super-star Wayne Gretzky to, at that time, a whopping personal contract worth between 1.125 and 1.75 million dollars over 4 to 7 years. Skalbania, knowing that the WHA was fading, felt owning the young star was more valuable than owning a WHA team. Just eight games into the season, though, Skalbania needed cash and liquidated his greatest asset to his old friend and former partner, Peter Pocklington, owner of the Edmonton Oilers. Pocklington purchased Gretzky and two other Indianapolis players, goaltender Eddie Mio and forward Peter Driscoll, paying $700,000 for the contracts of the three players, although the announced price was actually $850,000. The Racers folded 17 games later on December 15, 1978.So, the 2 leagues eventually merged, and the unwritten rule was, whoever drafted him will not have a job in the NHL

  17. Kind of like a Tony Soprano move,Skalbania did.

    So, who said Gretzky would not make it in the NHL?? He was small, but all through his childhood he played in leagues way above his age group. He was good at rolling off checks, so unless he was targeted for injury, they were confident he would be great

  18. slapshot11- honestly, its a good deal since he was great in teh olympics and the swedish league. i just cant help but see every time sather brings in a kid from overseas, they always end up going to hartford or khl or back where they came from. what happened to ambuhl?? he was supposed to be good too. heikkenen will probably be gone soon. andreas jamtin was “a swedidh avery” yea right. gilroy wasnt anything great. theres plenty of busts only 1 gretzky. i will be ok with sather if he gets rid of redden,rozy and doesnt hurt us with more of teh same type players… and if he keeps building through the draft. as for assen, i hope he turns out to be good. hes just so damn small. we need some power fwds on this team. like a prust type will skill.

  19. heikkinen is going back overseas
    im actually pretty happy about that
    i just wish he got a legit shot for an extended period of time.

    gilroy is still a great player he just didnt take the benching well. good enough to make WC team.

  20. and i am not gonna compare this kid to st louis or gionta. one good pronger hit and bye bye to both of them. i wanna see slats go sign a 6’6″ 240 lb scary mofo d man first. or a power fwd like kesler

  21. Well, there are no 6’6 good defensemen in the draft. So, you’ll have to hope for a trade. Which will be tough considering the price that top defensemen are asking for vs your cap total.

  22. RickyM, you forgot to mention that because of all that political crap going on with the WHA and the NHL, Gretzky was never drafted. He fell into the lap of the Oilers … and the decade of success indirectly (or directly) led to A) the Rangers only’ Stanley Cup in 70 years and B) the current regime being put in place.

  23. But if you can scoop up Cam Fowler in the draft, that would be a start. A 6’3 American born defenseman from Michigan playing for Windsor. So, you might have a shot at him.

  24. and by the way, I remember very well that it was split, probably 50-50, whether Gretzky would make in the NHL. He came in with way more hype that Crosby, for example. A lot of people didn’t think he’d make it, but some knew he’d be a star.

    Of course nobody could have imagined he’d be the best player ever — by far.

  25. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    A case of tasty cakes for everyone!!!!!

    Adding the guy seems low risk, but man, we needs some size still (I know, it’s waaaaay early).

    Question for the nhl 10ers out there. I am playing in GM mode, how do add players (like MZA) to my roster without restarting the season? Or can I even do that?

    here is a link from twitter you all might like

    Blueshirt Banter >> Every Ranger Fans Dream…..Oh. My. God. http://buzztap.com/-05GPPG

  26. Some speculated he would get hurt by targetted hits by the bigger tougher NHL. But all that went away after one season in the NHL.

    As for bringing in guys from Europe for next season. You have to realize that its not a rough there as it is here. Add to the equasion that the rinks are bigger there, so weaker skaters have more room for escape. Some of those kids come here and just cant adjust.

    Goalies have a better shot as you’ve seen with Lundqvist and Gustavsson (spelling?) But crashing the crease is something they have to get used to.

  27. Signing giant dmen with lower skills is a high risk at this point. With new rules, they can eliminate the hight advantage. Might even make it a handicap. Just like the high stick rule. Also like baseball did many years ago with the strike zone. THey took away the mini man advantage and made the strike zone one size fits all..

  28. I think this has been posted before

    Redden being signed through 13/14 is unfathomable.

    Rangers cap structure is so out of wack it looks like we’re really going to have to suck it up for a few years unless we get some low priced kids to emerge.
    Or Sather pulls a rabbit out of his arse and loses some of the dead money.

    Larry Brooks point #3

    3. If Ken Gernander is not a candidate to become the next head coach of the Rangers, he cannot be coach of the Wolf Pack. The AHL coaching job is not a reward for years of meritorious service.

    Never gave it much tought but I guess LB thinks Gernander is a major problem to go as far as listing this in his steps to fixing the Rangers.

    Am I reading this wrong?

  29. dde – Brooks made a clarification about his comments on Gernander in his column today. He apparently didn’t mean to imply that Gernander himself was a problem, just that Sather’s “jobs for the boys” approach isn’t the right way to run the franchise.

  30. Thanks LW, I didn’t see that, yes here is his clarification:

    A few words of explanation following an inartfully worded sentence I wrote last week about the structure of the Rangers’ organization and how it might apply to AHL Wolf Pack head coach Ken Gernander.

    I believe that a team’s AHL coach should always be a candidate for the NHL head coaching position when it becomes open and wrote that.

    But in writing that if Gernander is not considered a candidate for the Rangers’ post, then he should not be coaching in Hartford, I was most definitely not suggesting that Gernander would not become a candidate to move to New York at the appropriate time.

    Indeed, everything I have been told is that Rangers’ management has high regard for Gernander’s coaching ability.

  31. Orr, Maloney asked Daneyko and Goring whether their Stanley Cup winning coaches would call out players in the press. They replied that their coaches were more than happy to criticize players privately, but would never call them out in the media.
    That’s just one of many problems with Tortorella. Nothing is his fault, and everyone else is to blame, including fans and media.

  32. KC

    Big difference between the players on those *Cup* winning teams.

    Did any of them fail to show up for the final stretch of the season when they were needed most?

    I doubt it.

    Gabby, and everyone got what they deserved. I don’t care what Gabby did for the first 50+ games. He was needed and he didn’t show up. Torts is right, he stunk.

  33. wicky- go to roster management, then player movement. go to the national (olympics) teams and go to norway. hes on that team. just add him and send a crap player back if u have to. obviously u have to do it before you start a new gm mode. save the rosters,load that roster so when u start a new gm mode, the guy will be on your team.

  34. why does doc have to tell us what college each player went to constantly?? during the play to and he gets all tongue tied. just call teh game dork emerick

  35. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! Andrew Schembri =awesomest small man EVER! on

    lol grabby. i had no idea they were that close to PNC Park in detroit!!! thanks doc

  36. pitchforked,squibbed,forearm shivered,waffleboarded,1,250 milliseconds left in the tilt, along the dasher, twineminder, backside bang bang, biscuit,basket,infraction,backliner,frame,twig,tally,….and on and on. between emerick and beninati, im gonna go crazy this olympics

  37. i havent played ps3 much since i got it orr. but i feel like im wasting it so i bought god of war 3 and reserved red dead redemption. i do go through phases with nhl 10. i’ll play it for days at a time, then go months without playing it

  38. They need to give out some awards to management. We could give out the Sather Trophy to whichever GM makes the stupidest off-season acquisition or trade.

    of course Glen would win it very year till he retires.

  39. Shattenkirkheadzo the situation on

    Who here thinks Milbury looks like 10 lbs of (fertilizer) stuffed into an 8 lb bag in that space between the two benches?
    Only Mats Zuccarello-Aasen could fit in there & still be able to bend over & tie his skates.

    BTW – Let’s drug test Zuccarello-Aasen before we sign him. Guess which ex-Ranger was his idol?

  40. We could use an alcoholic/drug addict on NYR. I mean, all these fans want the team to end a players career in important games, then I’m sure an addict would do that.

    Dredden doesn’t count, he doesn’t stick up for his teammates, only the Pony he used to ride when he was a kid. Maybe Slats should sign the Pony to a 4 year deal.

  41. billybleedsblue on

    Whatever happened to Kevin Stevens? Resign him if it’s a druggie that you want…

  42. To be fair to Milbury, it was some effort to just about manage to shed the 2lbs of dignity, knowledge and credibility he had left to fit in that space.

  43. Could this weekend get any better?!

    Now, people across the NBA are FINALLY attacking Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and the Celtics for what they are, whining, violent, trouble starting, vicious, acting, flopping babies.

    Quentin of the Heat, Noah of the Bulls, Bogut of Milwaukee..


    Sweep for the Yanks, could be 3 straight losses for the Sox. A Barcelona draw, a possible Madrid win. A Chelsea loss, a Man U win.

    A possible KG suspension.

    KG BETTER BE SUSPENDED, or else the NBA is an even bigger joke that I already thought.

  44. Orr



  45. TheREALMikeyNj on

    Thsi jsut in from chanell 5 news in nyc:

    Glen Sather was hit by a bust crossing the street counting his money and smoking his cigar and has died.


  46. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! Andrew Schembri =awesomest small man EVER! on


  47. At least we got an awesome player in return for Prucha. Oh. Never mind.
    Way to go Prucha, and thanks for nothing Slats.

  48. Prucha had more shifts during this game than he had all season in NY before getting traded. Idiots.

  49. Did anyone have better “character” than Prucha? And now Tortorella is complaining about character, yet he wouldn’t play him either. What a genius.

  50. That piece of **** Bill McCreary is doing the game.

    That dirtbag continues.

    Why is this loser refereeing a playoff game.

    He is a disgrace to humanity.

  51. No, Torts barely played Prucha and continued the benchings. Torts doesn’t know what to do with Avery either, or most of the other forwards for that matter.

  52. Orr

    Why are you rooting against the Wings?

    Why would any Rangers fan root against the Wings?

    They are such a classy organeyezation!

  53. Any chance I can get Flyers feed? I can’t really listen to Chico anymore. I bet you poor guy has urinary or carcillo incontinence during the games.

  54. Prucha with a playoff game winning goal Guess Maloney didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be scratched for this game.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carcillio -adj ,Car-silly-o The bottom scum you find under yer tolit.Also used to wipe yer butt after you go . Found at the bottom of ponds too , scum scummiest.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

  57. Jesus, they’ve showed the Flyers goal about eight times, even virtually frame-by-frame and Chico *still* can’t tell that Giroux put it in? Is he even sure it crossed the goal-line?

  58. He still couldn’t see it after they showed 5 times Giroux got it with the stick. Bet you if it was Devils scoring, would’ve been:” Oh, what a play!”

  59. >>“I don’t have a clue” – First thing Chico has got right all year…

    You heard that one too, eh? Funny stuff! I was watching the game with sound off, but turned in on after the Flyers scored, just so I could hear his excuses for FATSO. After FOUR replays, he still couldn’t see how the puck went in the net. I turned the sound back off after his “I don’t have a clue.”

  60. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    Can we please stop with the prucha was a bad trade jibberish!!! I mean some guys play better in one kind of system or place than another. He needed a change of scenery, period. If the guy was still with the rangers, he would not be playing nearly as well as he does for the yotes. I like him and it is good to see him playing well, but I’m glad he is not with the rangers any longer. That is the last thing we need is another undersized “effort” player like prucha on this roster that lacks size as it is…….oh wait, we are getting a hobbit aren’t we…….

  61. Yeah, wicky, Prucha is a giant comparing to MZA. It’s just that he was never given a fair opportunity after Shanahan arrived

  62. Our team is so sad.

    We are wasting valuable years of Henrik, and burning him out in the process.

    Some teams, like the Caps, have offense and defense, but no goalie.

    We have no offense or defense, but the best goalie on the planet.

  63. Looks lliem we need to re-define some of our verbs, because today, Detroit got “Prucha-ed”. Better find someone else to use for getting scratched.

  64. The White Plains Batman on

    CR-Hank needs to play less next season and also, we all gotta remember that this shouldn’t be about winning it for Hank yet. He’s still only 28 and he came out of nowhere. The Rangers were supposed to struggle the first 2-3 years after the lockout but had some good success.

    They need to put the best product on the ice and if this team isn’t ready to be a real contender until Hank is like 32, so be it.

  65. since the Rangers and the bockers both missed the playoffs, they have more time to do the re-build of MSG. supposedly it will take 3 summers to complete the upgrade of the wmfa

  66. 32 years old is unacceptable.

    I understand we were supposed to be only building the first few years after the lockout, and had mild success.

    But 2008, 09, or 2010 should have been the year we start seriously contending.

    We should have been built at least 80% by now. Instead, we are basically in another rebuilding stage and at 15-25% in the process.

    Hank DEFINITELY needs to play 60-65 games next year AT MOST!

  67. most all the goalies who overplay themselves would benefit from less workload. they won’t admit it, their team mgmt won’t admit it, but it is true

    Kipper, nabokov, and fatso are 3 more examples of guys who are not as good late in the season and in the playoffs due to overplaying themselves

    and i say overplaying themselves because in all those cases it is the coach basically letting the goalie call the shots rather than the other way around.

    of course the coach is in a bind if the GM does not provide a decent backup, but in today’s cap world there are not a lot of cheap backups with experience and dependability.

    and the signing of vet guys to longterm deals can really backfire like the Huet and Thomas deals.

  68. The White Plains Batman on

    I want to see Hank win a Championship and if he keeps doing what he’s been doing then he’ll be considered one of the all-time greats for the Rangers but like you said CR, they’re only about 25% built. And when Team USA (Stepan, Kreider), Grachev, Werek, Hagelin and maybe one of Johansen/Burmistrov/etc. arrive, they still need to get acquainted with the league and can’t be expected to carry this team to win it all right away.

    Hank’s much better than Beezer in my book, but the same can be said of him; the team wasn’t built around him until he was older and expendable.

    If Hasek/Osgood/Vernon/etc. can win it as old men, there’s no reason Hank can’t do it here at 33-34.

  69. The White Plains Batman on

    And goalies, I know this sounds absurd but with Chicago’s cap issues, I’d be darn willing to take on Huet’s cap hit for two more years as Hank’s backup if that means one of Byfuglien/Versteeg/Sharp and a 1st or 2nd are coming back with it.

  70. goalies

    agreed. Everybody on here always loved Vally.

    And, dont get me wrong, I love Vally, because he is such a classy guy, great and charitable human being, and excellent teammate, but unfortunately, he is not even good enough to be a minor league goalie.

    And that’s on Sather, not Torts or Renney.

    LundQ needs to play less games, so as to preserve him in the short-term and the long-term.


    PENS back up 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Batman

    Im not saying we cant win with Hanks age at 32 or 36 or 38….

    I just find it unacceptable that we are currently wasting him.

    We should be building a dynasty around him, instead, we are headed slightly in the right direction, but with Sather, you never know what stupid decision he will make next that will handicap for any length of years.

  72. Nittymaki is a UFA who made only 600k last year, and is a solid backup who can play a lot of games. might be a good choice behind Henrik

  73. Robby Bonfire on

    Frankly, the NHL is too smart to hold an awards ceremony in most of its franchise venues, starting with Columnbus, Nashville, San Jose, and some swamp in North Carolina. In fact, what the puck is the NHL thinking, just having franchises in tank towns like that? Christ, TV ratings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, anybody? How did the world ever survive “The Golden Age Of Radio,” before TV was invented? How people back then must have suffered from TV deprivation. And you thought the Depression was tough on them.

  74. Robby Bonfire on

    Excuse me, I said “Depression,” when I meant to say “The GREAT Depression.” See, only under a Republican Prez would we dare to suggest that people going hungry and jobless and losing their homes and farms, and having their gold expropriated by the government at the same time, is a terrible thing. Bet those who didn’t pony-up all their gold that Rosy expropriated felt really guilty about it, Until Tricky Dick “closed the gold window,” that is. See, Demo can steal your gold, and that’s ok, but a Republican who refuses to redeem gold to foreign banks for inflated U.S. paper dollars is a creep. Dream on, children.

  75. Good thing Prucha wasn’t Prucha’d. He was quite possibly the most mis-used hockey player I have ever witnessed while he was with the Rangers. Renney wanted to turn a 175lb powerplay specialist into a 4th line checking forward who never saw the powerplay. Granted, Prucha has holes in his game, and he needed to learn to play better D, but Renney’s refusal to use him properly was a travesty. I am glad he has gone to a team where they will actually use him. Good for him. Maybe he can become the 25 goal/45 point player he really is.

  76. Hedberg would be nice… fellow Swede for Hank…though Hedberg will be like 37 years old next month

    Dan Ellis from Nashville on the other hand is only 29

  77. YES!! PENS up 4-1

    Because I want all the top teams to advance, in case the Bruins advance.

    The Pens and/or Caps should be able to handle the Bruins with ease.

  78. The White Plains Batman on

    I’m down for any capable backup just as long as they can get Henrik some real rest.

    And not this draft but next draft, the Rangers should really start to draft goalie prospects. I’m not saying Henrik isn’t great, but you gotta start planning to get a real backup/young stud. It worked out pretty well for those few years they had Richter/Beezer.

  79. holy carcillo!!!, maartyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…2 more games to go, then GO CAPS GO, kick the carcillo out of carcillo in round 2…jeez listening to chico is worse then going to the dentist

  80. Good that the overtimes have been short – less of a chance that moron Bettman considers putting the shootout in the playoffs. Although I have a sick feeling it’s coming someday in the future.

  81. The White Plains Batman on

    Flyers winning…welp, better than the Devils winning.

    Interesting playoffs so far, been fun. Good job by the Kings last night, and in 25 minutes let’s go Sharks!!!!!

  82. I’m not rooting for the Flyers but I LOVE to watch the Devils lose. Especially when I have a heap of Devil fans for friends that love to feel superior. Carp you know one of the guys I’m talking about lol.


    PENS WIN!!!!

    HOME ICE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=526079

    who else looks good-betts looks good on the PK, i would love to have pascal dupois back-how long did we have him all of three games-this kid plays hard and finds loose pucks….is sather gone yet>>>>>>>>>? also, breaking news from MSG-refunds have been processed for 2009-2010 playoff ticketS!

  85. the word is that the NHL will change the shootout next year. the coach will not have to name 3 shooters ahead of time, he can name them one by one as it happens.

  86. Oh, I’d much rather have the Flyers losing.

    Has anybody else noticed the made-for-TV advertisements on the end glass on the Chicago broadcasts? Just like us!

  87. Eh. I’m not hung up on them beating us out for the last spot. I mean I hate them and I want them to lose as well. I wish we beat them. But it isn’t their fault we weren’t good enough to get into the playoffs. The Devils are our bigger rivals. Their fans talk way more carcillo. atleast in my life. I like watching the Flyers lose but I LOVE when the Devils and their fans are miserable!

  88. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    The shoot out is stupid any time except the all star game, so is 4 on 4. OT should be one 20 minute period during the regular season 5 on 5. The bangers and grinders deserve to factor in the outcome of overtime, just like the dipsy do guys and the goaies…TEAM GAME. OT in the playoffs should be left the hell alone!!!!

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    We want the Flyer freaks to beat NJ and Pittsburgh so they have bad taste of Philthy Philly like we do!! Then have the Flyers lose bad to Montreal or someone. yeah , thats good.

    We for the third and last time today ( same time tomorow)…I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

    3 more days Linda .

  90. The White Plains Batman on

    I’d rather have the Flyers beat the Devils because the further the Devils go, the more legit chance they have of taking it all. The Pens can’t touch them this year.

    Also, if the Flyers become THAT low seed team that takes one or two top seeds out this year it’s fine, with their goaltending they’re not getting past the Conference Finals. No way.

  91. wicky

    Teams cannot play 20 minutes overtimes in regular season.

    No way!

    NHL is the most physical league. Teams wear down over the Stanley Cup playoffs because of the sheer brute force involved.

    You cant add any more periods/games to the already 82 game season.

  92. I really LOVE how Petr Prucha scored an awesome goal today and even got Sports Center’s Number 1 play of the day! Go Prucha!!

  93. I’m going to Tuesdays game. that was a pretty weird goal. four replays and you still cant see how it got shot in. looks like a light bounce of of O’reily’s stick.

  94. The White Plains Batman on

    Sheesh that hurt for the Sharks. My goodness if they lose this year that team is gonna get blown up and Slats better be on the phones with them.

  95. Robby Bonfire on

    Robby Bonfire is back? Hell, I can stay with Callahan 4 Captain or Baseball the 4-6-8 if my legion of Bubbas so prefers.

  96. NOOOOOO!

    Sean Avery just broke up with me!!!!!!

    He just stormed out nekkid!

    Waaaaaaaaahh, waaaaaaaaaaahh, waaaaaaaaaaaaahh

    Please Sean, come back. You complete me!!

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    or a psyciatrist. HAHAAA!!~!

  98. Yes there were a lot of folks who didn’t believe that Gretzky could survive the NHL, but there is one significant reason why he managed to so well can be summed up in two words. Dave Semenko.

    NOBODY messed with Gretzky when Dave the Brave was lurking.

    NOw….as to last nights game.

    Have any of you all noticed how much like the Rangers the Devils looked last night. I was absolutely stunned with the giveaways. For a time I had to look closely at # 26, to be sure it was Elias, and not Roszival. they did all the things that Rangers did all season long. Slow soft unforced wrist shots from the blue line, overpassing the puck, to no end. Clustering in little tete a tetes \behind the goal..errant passing, Little evidence of chutzpah. And the icing on the cake of course for Philly was Carcillo winning shot. The idiot went around looking like someone had just given him his first lolly pop.

    What a tragic game. ( And for those of you who worship at the altar in the Blackhawks tepee…..those good ol’ boys from Nashville play real good hockey!

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