More skill, less size?


As the Boneheads have reported, Damien Cox is reporting, and Steve Zipay is reporting that Damien Cox is reporting while denying that it’s done:

The Rangers are about to sign Mats Zuccarello-Aasen, the 5-foot-5 Norwegian Olympic forward, out from under the Maple Leaves’ noses.

Just what the Rangers need? Or is he another third-liner/Wolf Pack/smaller version of Lisin/nightly prucha candidate?

I have no idea.

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  1. i really hope this turns out to be true. i was so excited i told everyone and emailed everyone and even got on the morse code horn. lol

  2. wowthis guy just got rocked!!! what a hit by sutton!!

    holy carcillo hes only 5’5″???? only the rangers!!! lol. hes good, but where did they go to scout him? the shire? hobbitland? middle earth!!

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sorry Momma !!! I gots the copper!!!!! 3rd!!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOO Carcillio!!!!

  5. Dang. Thought I’d give it a shot before I left. Oh well. Not to be mean, but 5’5? I dunno, greater, or not, minds than me make the call.

    Hey Tony, mid-80s in Vegas!!

    If I play roulette, my money’s going on Sweet 16! Thanks for the good wishes all. Gotta go finish packing. I expect a good Cliff Notes of the week when I get back.

    p.s. sister blog is in action while I’m gone CR!! Mostly news crap, but read Monday.

    OK, TA!

  6. yea cmon he cant be 5’5!!! they would make fun of us even more!! whats next? frodo baggins as hanks backup?? gimli the dwarf as gabbys center???

  7. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    Thanks Olga! FIRE SATHER that rat bastage! Carp, is Bastage an ok word???

  8. omg…I just looked at a picture of Aassen, and he looks just like my female cousin!


    But, I’m sure the Rangers blue will make him look hotter!

  9. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    Carpy, Larry King AND Paris Hilton are both single. OMG what an unholy union THAT would be

  10. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    but this could be the first time that both he and paris have been single at the same time, while she’s of legal age of course lol! eeew larry king…..eeew

  11. mike

    Are you grabby? :)



    You have a problem with my JAROMIR???

    I was going to say, you and Mama and Orr are my favorites on this blog, but if you’ve gotta problem with my Jaromitrio…………


  12. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    ORR, i think Zza Zza and Elizabeth Taylor might give her a run for her money lol ;-). the scary thing is , his sil was YOUNGER… what is wrong with women??

  13. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    CR, appreciated him as a player. My realm of attractiveness is different than yours ;-)

  14. I am gonna miss you all soooo much!

    I wish it was possible for no one to win the debbie/filthy series. I can’t root for either, just hope whoever comes out gets killed in the 2nd round….

    OK, I really gotta TA….have a good week!

  15. We’re gonna miss you too, Mama!!


    Linda, you are entitled to your realm of attractiveness….

    But NOT with Jaromir. I demand that you acknowledge his Gorgeousity (my made up word)!

    Say it with me: “Jaromir has perfect eyes, perfect flowy hair, perfect body structure with all the right curves, a great derriere, and there is not one flaw with the great Jaromir”

  16. LMAO at Hawks pursuing him too. They don’t have any cap room to even sign a new masseuse..

  17. Oops, meant to put a


    after that post.


    I want everyone on here to also repeat that same line from above! :)

  18. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao CR. dont forget, i was your champion for a while, i stood up for ya!

  19. The ONLY thing that makes me believe this is a decent deal for the Rangers is that Detroit was rumored to be in on him too, and Detroit doesnt miss much when scouting European players – size aside

  20. Got a brochure today for the NYR Family Weekend in July. For $1500 2 people can go for the weekend at MSG Training Center. Linda, maybe you can go and take Orr? lol

  21. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lol my adopted son! I’ll bring Entenmans crumb cake donuts for him!!

  22. lol. I was only kidding Linda. Thanks for being my champion!!

    But, since we are on the subject, what about Jaromir’s appearance is not appealing to you?

  23. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    just can’t pinpoint it. I think the mullet seared my eyes for too long lol ;-)

  24. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    lmao ORR!!! he probably has those long toenails like Keifer and the boys did in Lost Boys! yikes.

  25. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    CR, i don’t want to seem like a ‘man collector’ so I’ll back away in the Jagr Sweepstakes! ;-)

  26. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    Mullet was the best part about him. It was so flowy and beautiful and shiny..yummy.

    Thanks for backing away in the Jagr CR9stakes! I didnt want to have to get physical for him.


    WoooHoooo Debbies up!

    What a SAVE FROM CROSBY on the goalline to save the PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    By the way, to the person on the blog who was blaming MA Fleury earlier for the Game 1 loss (though it was because of him), Fleury has been injured in the past couple months.

  28. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    Dont know if you’ve ever heard the euphemism for diarrhea…

    But his nickname should be Barry Backdoor Trotz!

  29. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    watching the Preds game on tv! SOOOOOO happy because both hockeystreams AND sucked with their streams.

  30. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    You’re not only a good friend, you’re a CHAMPION…My Champion! :)

  31. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    I wish was Pronger, doing Avery in front of Marty. That would be like a thousand dreams come true!


  32. Robby Bonfire on

    If the Broadway Blues don’t make the playoffs, I hope the Black Hawks win it all. Oh, wait, that’s 60’s jargon. By the way, my listed email address here is…swedishwomanizer@….

    Is that ok, or offensive to some? LOL. Well,it is sort of male chauvinistic piggy suggestive.

  33. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    LETS GO PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    there he is on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaaaa they missed his entire interview, except for the last 15 seconds, for a stupid commercial!! His head was seriously just placed on his body… there is no neck!!

  35. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    LOL @ that picture….which leads me to…

    Gerard Butler! Ohhhhh! Delicious. Yummy. Hot. Sexy voice. Whew! I’m sweatin’

  36. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    PENS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I’m sure Marty would be thrilled to see that in front of him…Man, it’s going to be a long summer…

    Pens win :(

  38. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    no worries! i KNOW there’s no chance, but I had to go with my heart lol

  39. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    ok, i have no idea what she’s talkin about (guess i have yet to have my eyes assaulted with the commercial) but i just go this from my daughter:

    sidney crosby has ruined reebok for me. if I have to see him in that commercial one more time looking at me like I am mario lemieux in a loin cloth, I am going to vomit in my mouth.

  40. come on guys. you should not be rooting for the devils, you should be rooting for a catastrophe at the arena

  41. Chico is a schmuck. He really overstates pretty obvious things. I wonder if he always comprehends what exactly he is saying himself

  42. Good night, Carp!

    Grabby, not sure where the love was coming from before, but I like it. Love you too, boo!

    So much love for all you boneheads! CCCP and Linda and Carpy and mama and Ilb and the rest of you crazy kids <3

    But no love for the Penguins. Except maybe Talrobot when he gets that hot beard going.

  43. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    Terry Crisp:

    “they’re comin in fast, deep and hard!” YIKES!!!!!!!

  44. billybleedsblue on

    5’7″…is that with skates? Player stats have been fudged (is that OK Carp?) forever. Gretzky @ 185 lbs.? LOL, ok, right?

    Anyways…Previous post, Fran said @ 7:06 pm….
    “I know that there are better coaches out there to be had.”

    Exactly my thoughts/feelings on the subject! However, my question is, and has been, WHO?

    So, please, tell me Carp, who would be a realistic and effective (winning) coach for this team?

  45. billybleedsblue on

    Chico is so bad…how bad is he? He’s so bad, I watched the game muted. Especially without Doc. It’s great that Doc is not there and I don’t have to hear him cry the Devils’ names, but his absense leaves Chico completely un-checked. Mute.

  46. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    PING GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    How do you watch a game on mute?

    Not this game, but how would you watch a game that meant something to you (a Rangers game) on mute?

  48. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    i started muting the opposition announcers and listened to Kenny and Dave, even though it wasnt synced with the video.

  49. billybleedsblue on

    Carp, there must be some one, for the love of all that is good. The current situation is just not good enough to win. That much may be obvious to me, but the solution is unclear at this time.

  50. Olga Folkyerself on

    I mute them too, billy. Early Rock goes good with the Rangers. Especially when Joe gets falling all over the other teams players.

    If you can’t tell what’s going on by looking, then you deserve Sam and Joe.

  51. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    Rangers, Mets, Jets…. i dont know where that DNA came from, but..sigh, that’s how i roll

  52. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    I cant stand listening to Joe and Sam any more than either of you (especially with them bathing the other teams’ players)…

    but how do you know “immediately” when a penalty has been called, or if a play is offsides.

  53. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    Hey, the Rangers are building.

    The Mets will fire Minaya and Manuel, and get better.

    The Jets are becoming one of the best run organizations in the NFL, and Mark Sanchez is good….and GORGEOUS!

    You can always root for the Yankees for me, Linda!

  54. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on


  55. billybleedsblue on

    Linda, I stopped really paying attention after “Rangers, ****, ****… (I hope *’s are ok.). NYR is all that matters.

  56. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    if i want to see NHL playoff hockey, it’s only 2 hours away.

  57. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    thanks ORR, my other west picks doing ok so far!

  58. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    billy, out west i went with the Avs the Kings the Preds and Rangers West

  59. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    Oops… I forgot…We need the Canadiens to lose, we cant have them any closer to the 27 championships of the NYY!

  60. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    yea, i just saw a rumor if Manuel is fired, Bobby V is in the wings… oy

    Can’t do that last one CR, DNA hardwired very anti that!

  61. billybleedsblue on

    that’s pretty great. I love goin to games. I saw the Sabres/Lightening this past regular season, and it was the own. Nothing like live hockey.

  62. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    true Olga, but they are favored in this matchup

  63. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    i’m going to a finals game tomorrow for my local team. Up 2-0 in a best outta 5!

  64. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    For me, you can’t??

    I’m hoping the Mets get better and become a good team, SOLELY for you!

  65. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    woooooooooooooooooooo empty netter! 3-1…

  66. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    and another empty netter for a 4-1 lead with 13 ticks left

  67. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    Preds first road playoff victory ever!

  68. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    and call me old fashioned, but i liked the old playoff seedings better too… but that’s what it was like when i started watching

  69. billybleedsblue on

    Incidentally, I heard Captain Cries a Lot is calling into Steve Sommers (sp?) tomorrow @ 2…

  70. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    2 empty netters, 4 goals in the 3rd. they are a scrappy bunch.

    the west is NUTS!!!!!!!!

  71. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    are you serious billy? i might have to fire up the computer and listen to that!

  72. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    lol. i know. I was wondering if anybody had the rounds or if not, wanted them on DVD?

  73. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    Avs game on computer, Yotes on tv, fiancee doing homework
    :-) ;-)

  74. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    CR, my daughter and son in law got me the dvd collection for Christmas!

  75. Rangers signed the dude with the nifty name… sweet! MZA+ MDZ=PP.

    And the Preds won? whoa. The first games are looking like the first 2 days of the NCAA Tourney.

  76. Linda, that dvd set doesn’t have the complete first & second round games does it?

  77. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    lol mess i got special one hehehe i kid

  78. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    DAMN YOU HOCKEYSTREAMS get your shibicky together!

  79. billybleedsblue on

    How amazing was Leetch in round 1? Pretty amazing. I don’t have those vids, but I do have Gretzky’s final game in full (I believe) on VHS. The coverage was a lot different then…at least J.D. kept Sam in check here and there…

  80. billybleedsblue on

    I believe it was the Rangers/Penguins in the Great One’s last hurrah…I may be mistaken, I don’t know. I know the VHS is in a box somewhere though. LOL.

  81. billybleedsblue on

    I picked the Wings? oh boy, not lookin’ good early…already blew Caps in 4…

  82. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    yes. got em on dvd! If any of you wanted it, I’d be glad to make you a copy.

    DVD+Rs cost nothing, and the shipping costs nothing, so I wouldnt want anything (except for the good karma to bring Lebron to NY and the Yankees number 28).

  83. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    i might take ya up on that CR! i’ll message you on FB later

  84. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    Jagr scores the game winner in overtime in that game.

    I was so angry at Jaromir back then!

  85. I’ve had NHL center ice for years, and one thing I’ve noticed is that almost every time I flip the channel to a Sharks game, they are on a power play. It’s uncanny…. I wonder what the stats are, if they’ve led the league the last few years.

  86. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    “THE SAVE” lol thanks for that WPB!

  87. billybleedsblue on

    Jagr scores the game winner in overtime in WHAT game?
    J.J. was a whining, cheating sloutch, and everybody knows it. He’s second-best in the school of Mary-O to Crosby, and he never stepped up as the captain of the Rangers.

    I was never angry at Jaromir back then. I was just upset with the organization buying into a player rather than developing a winning solution. Jagr was a joke. We all know it.

  88. Hey CR,

    I’d love to get my hands on some copies of those series. I have a ridiculous movie collection, maybe we could set up a trade. Let me know, thanks.

    PHX SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    No need for a trade. I just want to help other Rangers fans!

    But if you do have any old sports games, I am always interested.

    I have a giant collection of Rangers games, as well as all other sports games, and am always looking to add to it.

  90. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    my dishwasher carcillos out and i come back and it’s 3-3 wtf????

  91. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    and the sharks score..

    all this scoring, my head is spinning, what is this thing called offense?

  92. Linda say SIGN PRUST!!!! Barry Trotz just makes me laugh! on

    nite guys! enjoy these 2 games and catch ya later!

  93. The White Plains Batman on

    Chuck, I don’t do facebook or myspace either. Just not my cup of tea. I am Batman after all, don’t need the self promotion. :)P

  94. Seems like the Yotes and Wings are going with the ‘defense, what defense’ scheme in this game. I love it!

  95. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    assen….not sure about this signing, guess we’ll see. Slatipuss needs to be focusing on getting the prust and shelley contracts done!!!!!!!

    Freaking sens need to win that series, sutton is a monster, awesome CLEAN hit!

  96. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    can’t believe my frakking cousin was signed by the flyers earlier this month!

  97. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    Congrats! Flyers aren’t a bad team. Thankfully, it wasnt the Broooooooooooooooooooons!

  98. ddebened is not a Doctor or a Dentist on

    Apr 2 Sebastien Caron G Signed as Free Agent (One-year contract) ??

  99. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    Why are the Sharks a bunch of fails every year?

    Last year, losing to the 1 seed, this year, losing 1st game.

    They are the biggest underachieving team.

  100. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on




  101. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    It must be the fault of the choke artist, Bahstin Joe Thornton!

  102. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    Is Henrik Zetterburg signed to a 12 year deal, or something like that?

    I would really love to have 2 Henriks on our team. How awesome would that be?! And both of them are Studs (on and off the ice!)

  103. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    yep, the link dde put up. He hasn’t been in the league for a couple of years, had a few decent seasons with the pens a few years ago. He is like a 3rd cousin or something distant like that.

  104. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on



    NITE MICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    thought you guys might get a kick out of this tweet from igor larionov’s daughter

    According to my dad Abdul-Jabar just scored for the Wings. I think he’s just bitter that Justin’s wearing #8! ;)

  106. wicky, that is pretty ccol, actually. Good for him.

    Zetts with the hatty.

    Really going now :)

  107. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    That’s really cool of his daughter.

    Is the Wing that got brain damage, and got brought on the ice in a wheel chair one time?

    I always felt bad for that guy. I dont even remember what happened to him.

  108. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on


    What a play!!

    And the rebound right to Pavelski with the open net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on

    omg I just saw Jed Ortmeyer!! I didnt know he was a Shark!! He always looked more like a Dolphin to me!

  110. The White Plains Batman on

    ..if the Sharks lose this series that team is getting blown up worse than the Enterprise in Star Trek III, and look for the Rangers to try and go after either Clowe or Setoguchi.

  111. CR9 (Linda the Champion) on



  112. TheMessiah94 on

    Even though the Sharks won, they have proved tonight they are going nowhere with goaltending like that. Nabby was AWFUL again tonight.

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Another round of Draft pick..plz !!! " … says Greg L. on

    All these team can go take a fire Truck off and I hope every team loses!! I love when Ovechicken loses and the Devils lose. I hope the flyers beat all of ’em so they know how it feels to lose to ’em like we did!!Then I want Stinky Filly to get swept by some crappy west team. A team like Nashville . Garbage of all garbage.

  114. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    it’s vlad konstantinov, and he was a STUD d man, one of my all time faves. He had a great nickname “vlad the impaler”!!

  115. Not surprised about this signing, it was reported a while back in swedish np and I wrote it here: “What Sather wants, he gets” no matter the cost… so maybe he game him 60 Million for 10 years? :P

  116. Good morning, boneheads! Some nice games last night.

    But I want to say this: After 8 (eight!) years in the league, # 1 overall pick, immensely talanted player Ilya Kovalchuk has finally won his first playoff game. If that isn’t the best example of Mr. Bettman’s incompetence, I don’t know what is. Expansion teams, the owners not willing or able to spend, diluting the talent…It’s laughable that Atlanta is complaining about Ilya rejecting their offer. Yes, they want to make money, but those are competitive guys. They want to win.

    One more expansion and Eric Cristensen will be centering the first line on one of those teams. Oh, wait…

  117. mornin ilbzo!!! best part of wakin up is ilbzo in your cup!! mornin heads!! mornin great carpini and the legendary babs!! mornin sallycakes,linda parm hero!!!, mickeyblueeyes!! mornin orrhole! trickywicky,wink martindale(woolery), the russian mob(cccp,4everranger, pavel,olga(slovak??)ilbzo!! mornin my nordic viking brothers(shory,tomb,rangerswede), my sicilian bros(nasty,tony in az,mako,,all other bonehead-erinos)the blog scout tr808!!, mornin jpg,ddbeded,jbytes,seth,somerset,pavel,spiderpig(where you guys at)??, mornin greg l!!!!!!! all the mikes,james’s,the white plains batman,the mouth,hedberg,truefans,salty,mandlebaum!!!!!! ctblueshirt,the blog poof(cr9)!! ur ok dude!! just no more you know what!!, morning staalwart,scx,noonan,bulldogline,morg,the messiah,billybleeds, onecup,vinny v, and some shout outs to old buddies who went awol(kaspar,li joe,wd40,ford,), and to new heads who i just cant remember the names. to all i forgot, good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Good Morning All!

    Ilb – my boss’s trip was cancelled do to the volcano. Sheeesh all of those poor people who were stranded. Thank GOD it didnt erupt when a plane was over it.
    And AGREED with your last post! With all of the expansion team – it completely dilutes the talent pool. I think the NHL would be MUCH better if there were 4 less teams in the League.

    Mike – Good morning to you! Oh BTW Im not Scilian ;) Father & fathers side is from Rome & Mom’s side is from Naples =P

    Some great games last night!!!!! Great playoff hockey this year!!!!

    Oh and WHY on God’s green earth would the Rangers sign a 160lb, 5’5″ player? Im sure he’s 5’7″ on skates.

  119. CR9 (Lets go Buffalo!!!! Tear Boston a new Orrhole!!!) on

    WoooooHooooo! I’m the blog POOF!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

    Chara loses his spleen tonight, you heard it here first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. CR9 (Lets go Buffalo!!!! Tear Boston a new Orrhole!!!) on

    Konstantinov! Poor guy. Touching moment though when he came on the ice in the wheelchair (I think after the Wingies won the Cup??).

    Cristiano is the most GORGEOUS man alive!! He’s a ManSlut!!! Anybody can bag KK! But she has all the right curves, though!!!!

  121. Please let it be true, that we could get Zuc, I’ve seen him play for Modo, he’d be a fan favorite quickly I think.


    Oh, and Barry Trotz= Al Capone.

  122. MZA is a skillful and fiery player. But it remains to be seen how successful he will be skating against the likes of Chara and Pronger. Although, I remember Dawes undressing Pronger for GWG against the Ducks a few years back.

  123. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    ilb, hopefully he’s not on a line with brashear and drury!!!

    many thanks nyrcc

  124. That’ll be tough to pull off, Linda. MZA may need to be situated somewhere in White Plains in order to play between the two of them :)

  125. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    you KNOW Torts will give Brastrap another chance. He’s getting 1.4 million dolan dollars, he’ll at least be in camp lol!!! and a kid with a scoring touch, nifty moves, and some spit and vinegar in him. welcome to 3 minutes a night lol ;-)

  126. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    the larry king comments on are hilarious!!

    here’s the funniest one so far


    5:44 AM
    Apr 16, 2010

    This guy been taking so much viagra that when he dies they wouldn’t be able to close the casket!

  127. The White Plains Batman on

    Brash is probably going to the KHL.

    As for MZA; before I get all excited I wanna see how this kid handles himself with all the physicality.

    The NHL is truly the toughest league to play in and we’ve seen these “best player outside of the NHL” like Jiri Dopita and also Sergei Pryakin way back in the day come in before and have trouble adjusting to the physicality and 82 game grind.

    Also, can you really see MZA and PAP getting top 9 minutes on the same team?

  128. CR9 (Lets go Buffalo!!!! Tear Boston a new Orrhole!!!) on


    It’s a shame that they screwed him. He played within the rules, he thought outside the box. He did what I had hoped players would do for a long time. And he got screwed for it.

  129. Linda says SIGN PRUST!!!! on

    with any luck, i could be in attendance, watching a hockey team win a championship trophy tonight!!!! In all my years of loving sports, this is the first *POSSIBLE* championship winning game I will be attending.

  130. he played in the olympics
    on the smaller ice
    against nhl players
    he had 70% of his teams scoring chances

    we gave up nothing
    its a 2 way contract for no more than 2 years
    he shows up in camp and impresses great
    if not its off to hartford

    win/win situation

    where is the negative in this?

  131. gilroys contract was the only downfall. a sather vs burke bidding war, lol.

    w/ mza hes 22-23 so its a 2 yr max @ 9xx,xxx a yr. plus bonuses.

  132. Well, these the Montreal “monsters” are giving the Caps fits. He may fit…Two way contract, TR?

  133. ddebened is not a Doctor or a Dentist on

    I know Versus gets a ton of Carcillo for it’s announcers and what not but that was a lot of hockey yesterday. Sometimes you have to be thankful for what you’ve got. Unfortunately networks aren’t knockin’ down the door to cover hockey.

  134. about MZA, has it been confimed now that Gross has reported it ? Norwegian papers is refering to toronto star and says MZA told them to ask his agent and his agent is not answering any calls…

  135. CR9 (Lets go Buffalo!!!! Tear Boston a new Orrhole!!!) on

    Enjoy the game today, LINDA!!!!

    I did my lucky rain dance that the HAVOC win for ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. ddebened is not a Doctor or a Dentist on

    Noremry -LMAO I like how the other mascot carries on while his comrade has a broken neck

  137. ddebened is not a Doctor or a Dentist on

    ORR- Cheerleading and Dance Competition on MSG+
    I think you’d be all over this.

  138. Did anyone watch Jerry manuel ( or emanuel) last night allow the Mets to commit seppuku before your very eyes? What is it with NY teams? They all seem determined to soil their subjects by hanging on to inept managers, GM, s and yes players.

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