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The sons of byfuglien take as much as they want.

A couple of things about the playoff prediction contest:

1) It is now officially called The “inaugural  Olli Jokinen Five-Hole/Beat the Blogfather Challenge and Picnic.”

2) I am overwhelmed by the response, so this is how it’s going to work. I can’t go back and grade everybody’s picks. So when the first round is over, I’m going to ask you guys if anybody went 8 for 8. If nobody did, then I’ll ask for any 7 for 8s. And of course I’ll go back and check anybody who claims to have done that … because you’re all full of carcillo sometimes.

3) In the event of a tie … and we will have a tie … and since we can’t have a Jokinen five-hole shootout special … the first tiebreaker is who got closest to picking the Devils-Flyers series correctly. For example, if CCCP and Linda both went 8 for 8, and CCCP had Devils in 5, and Linda had Devils in 7, and the Devils won in 7, Linda wins. (Actually, if Linda goes 8 for 8, I’m just going to declare her the winner because I can; it’s my contest). So it’s whoever gets closest without going over. The second tiebreaker (still no shootout) will be the Caps-Canadiens. Third (still no shootout) will be Pens-Sens. Fourth Bruins-Sabres. OK. Does anybody see any problems with that?

4) If anybody has any questions that I don’t like, I’m going to give you a Tortorella answer: “No!”

Have fun and thanks for playing. Maybe next year we can resurrect the Paul Mara Memorial.


I was watching the Yotes and Wings play last night, and I saw Prucha on the ice. The whole system is breaking down. How can Prucha not be prucha’d? Are we going to have to change the whole vernacular next season? Is Prucha going to be Lisined? Or Vorosed? What next, Carcillo for the Lady Byng? Drury for the Rocket Richard? Tortorella for the Good Guy award?


Sorry I haven’t done any report cards or analysis yet. The way I look at it is we have five months of posts to fill, so I’m not really in a huge hurry. I was going to try to get to it today, but a big meeting with Mr. Titleist came up. I haven’t seen the poor fellow since November. Priorities, priorities. We may also have a live video chat next week, so youse all can vent about the season. I figure you might have calmed down a tad by then.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Just thought I’d tell you guys something…I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

  2. Good morning, boneheads! Carp is in a great mood. I wonder why. And I’m sure it has very little to do with taxes :) Have fun with Mr. Titleist.


    I like Carps’ rules. Looks like Linda wins anyway:)

    Now, go pay your taxes you procrastinators! Don’t forget to deduct your Rangers tickets. Uncle Sam should give us full deduction for these considering the pain they inflicted.

  3. TheMessiah94 on

    Good night of hockey last night. Refreshing to see teams playing like they want to win. Go Yotes!

  4. my picks:

    pens in 6
    caps in 6
    philthy in 7
    savers in 5

    wings in 6
    sharks in 7
    kings in 7
    hawks in 6

    and last but not least!! rangers in 60!!!

  5. Will Sather speak today? Ask him why Derek Morris wasn’t good enough for the Rangers, and if he thinks Morris is enjoying the playoffs with Prucha and Korpikoski?

  6. After last night I have to hand it to the fans of the devils, pens, and sharks. I would never have the control over my actions to just sit there like forest gump on a stump after my team gives up a big playoff goal.
    Okay I am being sarcastic…
    I have to say, good job rangers for always getting heated over goals against, goals for, and everything in between. Argh this is making me miss the playoffs.

  7. leetch0- i love hockey. in general. i do not really give a shat about who wins, but i do love playoff hockey. i dont think anybody here could give a rats carcillo either, but, its still good to cheer on an underdog like the avs or kings. and it is great to see a sellout crowd in phoenix to build up the fanbase down there. i know its buttmans nhl, but its good for the sport. but i hear ya, it just isnt a real playoffs without our boys in it, and when 2 of the original 6 arent in it(the 2 highest grossing franchises), it with the passionate die hard fanbases, it is kinda crappy watching a team whos fans never bothered until they started winning in there instead of us. also
    yes!!effin sather, as much as i dislike his moves, and decisions, do NOT wish death on. cmon people.its getting crazy when you start wanting the guy dead. time to grow up and not take it so seriously. ive been leaning towards carps pov lately. i mean, hes done terrible here. and i wish he would retire, and move on. but i dont wish him to die. that is beyond insane for us. were loyal ranger fans. not drunken soccer houligans

  8. FiveFootZero on

    Did anybody notice in the Devil game how many fans had already left before they scored their first goal? I have never, as a season ticket holder, left before the 3 stars of the game are announced. Win or lose…we stay till the end.

  9. there devil fans. they dont have any other proffesional team except the crappy nets, and they walk out like little spoiled jersey shore punks! they dont deserve all the cups that team gave them. pathetic.

  10. Prucha’s ice time was limited last night so maybe he is up for being Prucha’d in game 2 – either way he’s played 10 minutes more than any Rangers have in the playoffs this year!

    Why can’t Dolan be as proactive as the Thrashers – no playoffs, in fact little playoff success for over a decade, badly constructed roster, too many overpaid underachieving players, consigned to making Redden either the highest paid AHL player in history or becoming the biggest buyout in history next season – surely thats got to equal the sack for Slats?

  11. Watching the playoffs without a vested interest is fun. As was watching the Coyotes keep their composure and PWN the Wings on the PP.

  12. “Did anybody notice in the Devil game how many fans had already left before they scored their first goal? ”

    Dude that was CRAZY the entire building left

  13. congrats uk on winning the bonehead fantasy league!! good job buddy. i almost had it until the one guy pretty much gave up all his star players to the other people and gave them an edge on me. but i used the waiver wire like slats on speed and got bronze!! i pulled a nostrils!! olli!!!!! i will love not seeing your name on the back of the ranger jersey next season!!

  14. I know I am a day late, and probably exempt from the contest, but here it goes.

    sens in 6
    caps in 6
    philthy in 6
    sabres in 5

    wings in 7
    sharks in 7
    kings in 7
    hawks in 6

  15. GoCaptClutch! on

    Caps in 6.
    Devils in 7.
    Bruins in 6.
    Sens in 6.
    Sharks in 6.
    Hawks 5.
    Kings in 6.
    Yotes in 7.

  16. GO Yotes and Sens!

    We’re gonna have a picnic at the end of this challenge? SWEET. I’ll bring the deviled eggs (not full of actual Devils, mind you) and ‘fruity surprise’.

  17. I love watching people scramble on tax day to get them done. It’s like they forgot they had to do them. Hysterical.

  18. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    OK Whoever put that FIRE sather in his wikipedia listing is awesome!

    I Guess Wiki agrees with everyone else in the world that the old man shoudl get the hell out of town

    Mike in IA: I usually never wish death on someone, but if its the only way he will leave his position so be it. THe guy has about 300 million in the bank, owns 5 homes, and lives high on the hog, but still has nothing but contempt for Rangers fans who make a fraction of his salary, and spend some of it to wathc a product that he cares nothing about.

    So Retire, get fired, OR DIE, I could care less.

    And Capr: (when you get back from Mr Titelist) Do you find it odd that MSG has prohibited tomato faced Douche and Shoney from speaking to the press?

    Is something afoot in Gotham?

  19. Prucha plays in Phoenix because Phoenix has a system. They don’t randomly and constantly mix up lines throughout the game. Players actually play their own roles to their own strengths, which sure seems to translate to success. Whereas Torts complains that his players don’t succeed and therefore by mid-1st period, the jumbling of lines starts. Just because he is a bully, doesn’t mean Torts has any idea of what he is doing.

  20. Thanks Mike.
    I managed to pick up Peter Mueller and got some surprising production from Saku Koivu and Huselius from CBJ down the stretch which helped – even when someone glued Tomas Vokoun to the bench in Florida, Jimmy Howard took up the slack.

  21. Good morning, Sally!

    RealMikey, I’m not sure that the front office has a gag order. I just don’t think the GM wanted to do a breakup day thing. He hasn’t for years. Because of that, it would have been awkward for the assistant GM to come out and speak on behalf of the organization.

    But, really, what was either one going to say?

    And let’s ease up on the death wishes, OK?

  22. jpg, remember that it’s very common for the underdog to win Game 1 and then go down. The winner of Game 2 most often wins the series.

  23. BroadwayBlue on

    Carp & Fellow Boneheads- heard this while watching “NHL on The Fly” on CenterIce- that Glen Sather may vacate the general managership & turn the day-to-day “running” of the team to a tandem of Mark Messier & Doug Risebrough- currently a NYR scout (which I wasn’t aware of). Has anyone heard anything along these lines? We can only pray it has some legs.

  24. be careful believing speculation. but we heard that here a month ago. unless it comes out of edmonton, i’m skeptical.

  25. BroadwayBlue – I heard something similar yesterday on NHL HomeIce on XM… I can’t remember who it was – possibly Dreger said something to that effect, but that nobody really knows for sure.

  26. James G(et Redden outa here) on

    The “inaugural Olli Jokinen Five-Hole/Beat the Blogfather Challenge and Picnic” = love it!

    Carp I think starting next year we should retire the term prucha’d and call it Voros’d. May be a bit of a jinx to keep it the way it is. Phoenix became a playoff team while we stunk it up. “The Prucha curse” if you will.

    Also, has Sather done a break up day interview since the final season before the lockout?

    Walter’s for lunch today! in yo faces!

  27. James G(et Redden outa here) on

    Doubtful that the Sather “retirement” is realistic for this season. I can’t see him bowing out after this season.

    Curious though as to what Torts meant when he said something along the lines of I’m going to get fought on certain decisions regarding what needs to get done to this team in the offseason. Wonder if he feels he’s going to get more control than last year when it comes to constructing this team.

    And if he does, I wonder who the players he feels are ‘the problem’

  28. I got the impression that Torts wants redden gone just like the rest of the ranger fans, that’s a no brainer.

  29. Sather’s in his late 60s, n’est pas? Wish we could just force him to retire at a certain age like other professions. Here’s your pension and the number for SSN, now go fishing for the rest of your life.

  30. Good morning all! You picked a great day for your meeting Carp. Hope it goes it well.

    BTW, I came up with another word yesterday. hartnell. rhymes with duck. i.e. What the Hartnell!!!!

  31. Carp- any realistic chance Redden (his contract & cap hit) could be “sent” to Hartford” for 2010-2011?

  32. James, I’m jealous about Walter’s. Mr. Titleist probably ranks first, Walter’s second on things I like to do when I’m not working.

    I think Tortorella meant there’d be some fights on Redden, Jokinen, and not signing any older FAs over the summer. He wants a young core — and frankly, he should. They can sign Mario Lemieux in his prime and they aren’t winning the Cup next year.

    Gotta go to my meeting now. Fore right.

  33. I’ll give my report card early, so it doesn’t look lke i’m cheating on Carp.
    Gabby A- good yr. not great in big games
    Vinny A good yr. faded in the end
    EC B- has talent, but there is a reason he has bouced around
    Dubi B slow start plays everywhere for us
    Cally A- injuries hurt in the end, our heart and soul, needs more goals though.
    Avery C- when good very good, not nearly enough of good.
    AA- C+ good rookie yr got lost in the middle, and please pick up your head, son.
    Drury- C- not enough production, his best week was in Vanc.
    Lisin D slowed by his foot early, has speed, bad yr.
    Higgins F can’t stand the guy
    Kolatik D misused and seemed like he could care less, bye by
    Donald F not wasting space on him.
    Voros D+ I know people like him, but he is not a NHLer on a good team.
    Ollie D+ didn’t like him before he was a NYR,nothing changed
    Prust A everyone likes the energy me too.
    Shelly B good finish but he’s not going to get better,beware
    Staal B- slow start finished strong best of the bunch
    MDZ C+ good rookie start great vision I like him a real lot.
    Dan G. C+ not as bad as people thought(Gabby Thing hurt) not as good either.
    Rosi D He did get better in the end, not guts though
    Redden F no shot,no sense, no heart not physcial,enough
    Gilroy C- decent start, raw, faded, has a upside
    Hank B worst yr so far and still a B, atleast he cares, has holes and better fix them cause everyone knows it.
    Auld inc I like him, let’s give him 18-22 games next year.
    Torts C- Has got to be better, but atleast they made a push in the end. 1 yr to prove alot. Good move to keep him.
    Slats D trades are getting better signing worse. I don’t know what’s worse Slats with CAP space or with no CAP space?
    Probably missing someone or something and BTW Ottawa is not a fluke, I should have pick alonger series

  34. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans. Sorry I’m late with this…

    You may have heard about the Rangers Management having been put under a gag order not to talk about the end of the Rangers Hockey season. Well, it’s true. I begged The Big Guy to allow me to speak to the press and he forced me to look at some of the naked pictures he had of Ol’ Muck. He was right. I gagged for two days.

    After looking at this last season, I will be presenting to the Board of Governors a proposal to shorten the regular hockey season. It is entirely too long. The Rangers went 7-1-1 to start the season, and ended the season 7-1-1. If the NHL Hockey Season was only 18 games long we would be 14-2-2 and sipping champagne from the President’s Trophy.

    Regardless (or irregardless, as they both seem to mean the same thing) of the gag order, the following is the final season chat that I had with the team in the Rangers Locker Room on Breakup Day:

    First off, Even though we lost, I want to quote from that great song by Doris Day- Que So What, So What! You’ve all lost before, it shouldn’t come as a shock to any of you. After the last 20 years, I’m used to failure, and you’ll soon get used to it too. I was Lion for a Day once, and here I am standing before you a Lyin’ right now.

    From up in the suite, between naps, I was watching your play during the season, and it sometimes appeared that you weren’t playing at 100%. Now, I’m not going to name names. You all know who you are. If you don’t, just look on your paycheck stubs, all your names are right on there. All I know is when I wore the Rangers Jersey, you never saw ME put out a poor effort.

    Dubinsky (whispering to Staal) : That’s ‘cause none of us were alive then…

    Just remember that you always need to have the utmost respect for the New York Rangers. Respect for the team, not for individual players. It’s not the numbers on the front it’s the logo on the back, or something like that. Mess, is that right? Or am I thinking about football jerseys?

    It has also come to my attention that all of you gave away your jerseys at the last home game. Are you guys nuts? Those things cost over $200 apiece! Jeez! Dopey Dolan is going to have a hissy fit! That doesn’t happen in Basketball. You can’t GIVE away a Knicks jersey. Well, I guess I can understand it, it’s not like many of you are ever going to wear them again anyway…

    Well in conclusion, a Sather’s work is never done, that’s why we’ll never win, I’ll never quit and Dolan will never release me. So, I want you to have a good summer, get plenty of rest, and for the half of you that we don’t release or trade or send down to Hartford, (long stare at Wade Redden) come back ready to fight harder for that eighth place spot next year. I think we have a pretty fair chance at it.

    Now do any of you have anything to say?

    Tortorella: You’re stepping on the Logo, Slats.

    See you next year, Boneheads. I’m gonna rest for awhile…
    Uncle Glennie

  35. he likes the $5 mil one with his name on it, that’s why he keeps coming back……management and expenses should be part of the cap including the owners.

  36. leetchhalloffame on

    I don’t want Sather to die (well, maybe eventually) but just to quit or get fired. Is that asking so much?

  37. I heard on NHL Live that Sather is moving up to CEO & Messier is going to be the GM with Doug Risebrough. Anybody hear about this ? Risebrough ? Maybe it’s these pain meds & I’m not hearing right.

  38. Yeah, “This is funny?” HAHAHA. He just doesn’t understand that that kind of stuff is HILARIOUS in the states, well to most people anyway, and that it is definitely not something that is discussed usually with the media. Carp, do you have any funny “bathroom talk” experiences with any players?

  39. Great speech to the guys, Slats! Bravo! Now please get lost on the golf course for the next decade!

  40. So true Orr. He will step to the podium, and look at the crowd, and utter the words, “Piss off”, and walk back to the cigar shop.

  41. >>What red, white and blue Ranger fan gives a carcillo about
    >>the playoffs?

    I don’t know, perhaps those who are fans of the game of hockey?

  42. >>Carp I think starting next year we should retire the term
    >>prucha’d and call it Voros’d.

    NO WAY! That word should be used even after Prucha retires.

  43. >>Did anyone see Morris’s blast from the point in last nights
    >>Yotes game. He did what we don’t do – he hit the net !

    Too bad he couldn’t do that when he played for us. His shot either went wide or never made it to the net.

  44. I HATE YOU TOO NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I got my hopes up for 15 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Gabby A- good yr. not great in big games
    Vinny A good yr. faded in the end
    Hank B worst yr so far and still a B, atleast he cares, has holes and better fix them cause everyone knows it.

    Wow, when you say “trade Lundqvist for Hedber” you really mean trade Lundqvist! Gabby was not an A-. Vinny was not an A. Hank probably deserves an A and with any team not from Edmonton or NY in front of him, he’d probably have them in the NHL’s top-8. His second highest career SV%, despite how awful this team was. He played 73 games and played 55+ flawlessly. Did you watch any of the goals scored last night? A lot of bad ones that Hank doesn’t allow when he’s playing 55-65 games a season.

    Some of you guys really need Alex Auld to put in 20 games, call Steve Valiquette back up. Maybe you’ll realize how ridiculous Lundqvist actually is.

  46. James G(et Redden outa here) on

    lol I hear ya on the Walter’s Carp.

    I kind of figured that’s what Torts was referring to. Hope he gets his way. Especially on those two players mentioned.

    Hope all goes well today.

  47. Thanks Mama.

    We need more updates on the sis blog. I go there like 5 times a day looking for updates!!!!

    It’s my favorite site!!

  48. Sally

    Enjoy the game! If you see Ryan Miller, pleeeease tell him he’s the 2nd most gorgeous goalie!!

    GO SABRES!!!

  49. Watching very first games of the playoffs finally brings peace for my soul – undoubtedly Rangers have no business being there.”Finita La Comedia” for them well deserved and logical. FIRE Torts: for all season and now, it is painfully obvious – guy has NO System, NO clue, NO Class, only unpredictable, unproductive, impulsive, wild attitude, alienating his best and intimidating young players. Inexcusable amount of wrong decisions most proved crucial. As punishment – send him for summer community service to bring coffee and morning papers to Larry Brooks. Amen.

  50. My theory is that guys with minimal (less) influence from Torts, like latest comers – Shelly,Prust who played the best because of that at the end of season, and team played well at the begining despite of him(being “fresh”).On the middle it was total coach inability to adjust to other teams and his own players, lack of prononced tactic.As a result – confusion,chaos in both zones and best players(Gabby,Hank) frustrations without support and their vision of the game.That’s explanation Shame and disaster.

  51. 4ever

    Completely agree with your 1:39 post. It doesn’t seem like he has any real strategy. Maybe he’ll overcome his stubbornness for next year.

    I hope Prustie and Shelley return next year!

  52. That DET @ PHX game last night was awesome. Neither team is backing down. Reminded me of the old school AVS-WINGS rivalry. The good old days.

    Was kind of worried when Bryzy let in that early goal he looked ANGRY!

  53. I thought all four games were on tonight, but i guess the Hawks and Preds will be on tomorrow.

    Go Kings!

    It would be so cool if the semi finals had the Kings, Hawks, Yotes, and Avs. I want any one of those teams to win the Cup. I envy all of those teams.

  54. LOVED this quote from Brian Burke:

    In regards to Wilson himself, Burke said that his job as head coach is safe and that the responsibility of a losing season falls on the shoulders of the players, as well as Burke himself.

    “I base that on what he’s done on a body of work spanning over 16 years and on the fact that I’m in the room with him,” said Burke. “I know the group of players that I gave him, what they were able to accomplish before we blew the team up which is nothing. That’s why you can’t blame the coach. Sometimes it is the player’s fault, sometimes it is the GM’s fault for not having the right guys in the room.”

  55. yes, it was darren Dreger of TSN, who is pretty reliable like Bob McKenzie. Dreger said that Sather might move upstairs and Doug Risebrough would help Mark Messier run the team.

    know this though. Doug Risebrough was a big flop as GM in Minnesota. the fans there were thrilled when he and lemaire were gone

    don’t expect high priced signings if Risebrough is in charge. he is so cautious it is a sore point in Minny

  56. if Dolan had a brain, he would have hired JD as the pres and let him run the team, like Checketts did in St Louis. but no, Dolan would rather have a hated scumbag as pres, and alienate the fans as much as possible, the Dolan way

  57. True fans RW&B i’m eagerly awaiting your grades and I take it you agree will everything else. As far as Hank what do you think he would give himself? It’s was a very good year for him but the worst as a NYR as I stated with makes the B. As far as trading him for Hedber? The only suggestions and I still hold to this, which is different that others who think moving him may be good is, ONLY if Redden or Rosi goes as well because that’s the only way we are to clear Cap space and the only way they are tradeable. It’s not going to happen, but that’s my way. BTW I also said I think Hank is one of the few that cares, he is also a class act and a excellent goalie. B is fair for him, I saw 95% of the games this yr. in person in MSG 14 times and on the road 5 times, just my opinion. Vinny maybe Is a little high, Gabby scored a career high, not in big spots though

  58. a day late also but i have 3 of the 4 teams that lost last night winning the series

    Penguins in 6
    Devils in 7
    Sabres in 6
    Caps in 5

    Sharks in 5
    Blackhawks in 6
    Kings in 6
    Coyotes in 7

  59. Carp

    in regards to your comment:
    jpg, remember that it’s very common for the underdog to win Game 1 and then go down. The winner of Game 2 most often wins the series.

    yeah, i realize. just being silly jack***
    warning you that i’ll probably be saying that every day for the rest of the playoffs.
    while i would like to win, i’d be more than happy to be wrong in several case (i.e. pens go home early)

  60. TheMessiah94 on

    Just a random thought, but I REALLY like the new “What If….” historical commercials the NHL has put out, seeing a specific play happen in reverse. Very cool. :)

  61. Hi Blogmamma,
    I got good news!
    Natty the cat who was dumb enough to crawl up into my engine, is home! She is doing ok, never will be the same but its good none-the-less.

  62. Great news Staal! How about sending me a pic so I can post about her survival?? It will make CR so happy :)

    Sally, congrats. Tell Ryan I love him too.

  63. Lone Wolf NYC on

    Torts needs to be fired for his incompetence:

    a) He mixed and matched lines all year, which just added to the confusion. No one was ever comfortable with their line mates. Just shows that he was “clueless” and couldn’t adapt to any situation.
    b) He allowed the team to be pushed around constantly, the worst case being the Philly game when Carcillo pummeled Gaborik, and everyone watched. Instead of leading the team to take pride in the sweater, he did nothing, which led to the team doing nothing in retaliation…simply embarrassing. This was as bad as “Dave Schultz vs. Dale Rolfe”…one of the darkest days in Ranger history.
    c) He constantly chastised players like Avery for “non-engagement”. But when he was the only one to stand up in that Philly game to protect Gabby, Torts rewarded him by benching him…
    d) He constantly intimidated and chastised the wrong players, but let “underachievers” like Redden and Rozsival have a free ride because he wouldn’t go against Sather.
    e) He lets the season end without using his “best” scorer Gabby in a shootout for a playoff berth…inexcusable. Shouldn’t he realize, “Always lose with your best”
    f) He really showed his true colors by throwing everyone under the bus after the season was over…total lack of class.

    I think the team really has gained some heart and pride by adding Shelley and Prust, but…he still needs to go away…

  64. Blogmamma, I will try to snap a pic tonight.
    And thanks fellow boneheads!
    I don’t think the vet staff wanted her to go…lol

  65. Lone Wolf NYC
    Thank you for articulate my thoughts about Torts in a much better way. Unfortunately, I have a feeling we are in minority. His continuous cluelessness next season will definitely spell a disaster, even in a bigger scale and killing any hopes.

  66. Torts needs to look at Joe Sacco of the Avs, that is the way to coach younger players. he does not scream at them and bench them without good reason or explanation. that team has 18 y.o. kids at center, and they are way ahead of the development curve

  67. Hedberg –

    I don’t think anyone expects a 34 year old Shelley to improve his game. It is what it is…and his effort actually translates into energy and sometimes points. Way more than Orr, Brashear or Voros can do.

  68. 4everanger

    Good to see you back, man! How have you been? Nadeus’ vse v norme u tebya!


    I am honored to be mention in top post! I almost cried… but you know us…Rangers fans don’t cry!


    A – Not his fault that he has a team full of useless losers that couldn’t gel with one another. How does the blame fall at his feet?

    B – Dumb! How do you make a team that is full of soggy cottage cheese vagina’s tougher? Feed them steroids? Philly is tough, up and down their roster, we’re not. What did you expect was gonna happen? Was our better players supposed to go after their top guys? You do remember that it was a one goal game, and a game obviously we needed to win, cause when it comes down to it, we missed the playoffs by ONE POINT, which we could have gotten in that game or any of the others they blew.

    C – Aves had a pathetic season, he played like a wimp, didn’t do what he needed to do, and he finally found his game in the final few weeks of the season. He deserved to be benched when ever he was benched.

    D – I can’t argue there, but it’s like I’ve said, i really don’t think he had a choice. Slats is the puppet master and i think he controlled some of Torts’ decisions.

    E – That’s a lame excuse. Gabby looks retarded in the shootout, he doesn’t even challenge the goalie, he just uses a simple snap shot, and looks almost as bad as Dreary does on breakaways. He probably would have been the 4th shooter anyway, possibly, but he made a smart decision not going with Gabby, and you can say it was not *now*, but if he did go 2nd or 3rd, then you would be saying “Fire Torts, how do you let your worst shootout shooter go in the top 3, he should have picked Prospal”.

    F – Yeah, he threw his team under the bus, and blamed *himself* as well. Didn’t you read everything? He has every right to blame the players on this team, cause they didn’t give him the effort. It’s pathetic when Christian Hanson has a great game for the Leafs in the final game of the year, and a meaningless game at that, but Gabby, Prospal, Pigman, and everyone else can’t show up for the biggest game of the season.

    Nothing but excuses! Keep Torts! If Mess is hired, and he dumps Torts, i think that would be a moronic move.


    Please, why are you comparing the coaches? Compare our players to their players. They are better than us. We have a better goalie, that’s aboot it.

    Put Torts on that team, and they’re in the playoffs. Put Sacco on our team, we’re still out of the playoffs.

  71. We are in a desperate need of someone who can understand how to patiently create a TEAM with certain, own Face, style and chemistry, instead of bunch of confused, scared or frustrating individuals/mercenaries. IMHO, this IS a coach job description task #1. Torts= destruction.
    It is not a Rangers Logo in a locker room you can’t step on, – it is a TEAM pride you never let anyone doubt and which could be only earn in every game until it becomes team granted trade mark. Who will teach them? Will they learn? Not with this management, for sure.

  72. wicky (in Prust we Trust!!!!) on

    I’m not a baseball guy at all, but hilarious link, thanks!!!!

    I think I should be scored on a curve because of my excellent call a month or so ago about how much of a positive impact prust and shelley were going to have on our team and improve our playoff chances (even though we didn;t make it). Now if everyone would just listen to me on D men, we would all be doing much better!!!!

  73. CCCP
    Thanks buddy for nice words. It was a little bit tough lately,- operations, surgeries etc. Not to mention all Rangers stuff…So, “chukcha stal chitatel’ a ne pisatel'”

  74. Orr, I am referring to Torts statement that he wants to get younger next year. ok, but HE is not the guy to lead young players. and I pointed out a coach who is doing it properly

    they have better players?? they were picked by most pundits to finish dead last in the west this season. instead they got 95 pts with 18 y.o. kids at center

  75. I had the thrill of my hockey lifetime getting to chat with Wayne Gretzky on Blueshirt Banter Radio last night. he said his three years in N.Y were the bes tin his career !

    Take a listen

    Also on the video side of things : The Ultimate Ranger Man Cave video

    It all can be found at


  76. Mouth

    You are AWESOME!!

    I knew Gretzky was top of the line CLASS!!

    He won how many Cups, and his time in NY was his greatest!!

    The GREAT ONE!!

  77. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    A little off the topic …I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer.

  78. 4everanger

    inogda, luchshe bit’ chitatelen chem pisatelem! :)

    Glad to see you around.


    what did ORR say?


    Could you repeat that, please? I couldn’t hear you the first time.


    Have fun at the game! GO SABRES!

  79. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah ORR , Sather can’t come back to Canada cuz we don’t want him anymore. He belongs to the States now.

    We lost by 1 point. Sure people can say , we could of gotton a point earlier on so ya can’t blame the last day. BULL CARP!!! We tried to get every point. Sure some games we were lame and uninterested but we stole a few and lost a few…game 82 in the shoot out…BANG eliminated!!!

    MikeyNJ , Just beween you and me( looks around to see if Carp is watching)…You said the D word earlier and Carp said he would ban anyone who uses it again..He overlooked it , just warning ya …dont say the dou— word!!

  80. I’ve used it like five other times, i figured it was something i can get away with.


    They were pick last because nobody thought they had any goaltending. Sort of like how everyone turned on the Flyers when Emery, Leighton, and there seven other goalies went down with an injury.

    We have guys that are only interested in cash, they have guys who actually want to win, which is why *they’re* in the playoffs, and not *us*. Sacco is a solid coach, I’m not gonna disrespect him and say he got lucky like Renney did, but it’s not like he’s the only person in the world that could coach that team. Put him on the Oilers and they’re still dead last.

    Rangers just flat out suck. There’s really only two people on NYR that actually care, and that’s Hank, and Cally. Everyone else just decided to show up when ever they want, it’s pathetic.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Awww CCCP , I already said it earlier this morning , hahahahahaa…..1 more to go!!!!

    Ill wait till no ones around…

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is a 5 hole type shooter. Me personaly I hate banking on a 5 hole shot. My buddy said , If ya get the 5 hole , its a good shot…I say its lucky and predictable. Gaborik always goes 5 hole and its predictable. He has a great shot but does seem to be un easy on the break away, ala Wayne Gretzky.

  83. Bob Sacamano on

    Caps in 4
    Debbies in 7
    Buffalo in 5
    Sens in 6

    Sharks in 7
    Hawks in 5
    Canucks in 7
    Yotes in 6

    Fire Sather.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , The ladies read yer post and thier eyes bugged out!!!
    That was quite the description…kinda in the “Cr9 classifiecational vocabluary of absurd and grotesk wording.”

    I made that up myself …oh yeah btw ,I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer. There my bestest buds.

  85. Ill wait till no ones around…



    you know I’m always around…you know I’m always watching YOU! {scratching a glove on a metal pipe…}

  86. Bob Sacamano on

    As for next year, Volchenkov would be great but I imagine he will get Redden esque numbers thrown at him. I look at a guy like Shane O’Brien who is big and could help the D. Two teams i look at are San Jose and Washington. Both Fleishman and Backstrom are up and either one of them would do wonders for Gabby. Even more curious is that Marleau, Pavelski, Setoguchi, and Nabokov are all expiring this year. “Is that a Titleist?…A hole in one huh”

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    YO Rick!!! …umm this part kinda is Disturbing ;

    ” They can sign Mario Lemieux in his prime and they aren’t winning the Cup next year.”

    Not winning the cup next year!!!???? HUH?? WHA???

    Sayyy whaaaaat!!?? I kinda thought we were!!

    Seriously , if we make the playoffs , were winning that dam thing!!!! Im not joking either , nor am I diluted,Bias nor am I crazy. If the pukey Penguins can do it , then were next!!! We got Messier in ’91 and almost made it the cup the next 2 years!! BUT the Penguins won it and took us out!!! Then we won it!!! SO…In theory , ( my theory) Penguins win Cup again this year and we dethrone them next year and go to the finals. Its destiny. Call me crazy but saying the Rangers won’t win next year..is even crazier!!

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    BTW I can’t stand I Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer!!!!

    Zach Parise , hes a good player..MAYBE. SO was Gomez in NJ.If Parise ever leaves the Devils …hes done for. I can stand the little puke. Devil players are the lowest form of scum.

    Chico Resch is one awful announcer. He should be be shot and peed on by Cr9.

    Broduer , ala Fatty ,Fatso,lard azz …loves to beat the Rangers. He will always be ememy #1 and his arrogance is puzzling considering Patrick Roy is the greatest goalie…not him!!

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Watching the Capital is like watching a documentary about Ovechkin. I dont know what it is but I cant watch Washinton play cuz its SUPOSE TO BE US PLAYING THEM!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOO




  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Playoff 's have this empty feeling !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hear about the fire at the golf course?

    Calgary Flames everywhere!!

  91. Can somebody please explain me how is this useless piece of carcillo Poti not only plays in the NHL, not only plays for Caps of all teams but also is wearing A on that team???

  92. Seth (THE REAL ONE) on

    yes Sam and Billy Jaffe are very good together….very good to hear sam’s voice even though are rangers are done….carp will he be doing all the rounds of the playoffs?

  93. Staal really turned his game around during this year…he finished almost doubling his point total and a +11…hopefully the WC will give him some even more confidence and he can get even better.

  94. Oh, I also hope we can get Valetenko to come over here from the KHL…that guy will knock anyone on their @ss

  95. This is the talent analysis from hockeys future on Valentenko, who played in the KHL last year…how can we not use this guy???

    Valentenko has a big shot — one that earned him hardest AHL shot honors in the 2007-08 season. He combines that with a physical game that borders on, but never crosses into, dirty play. Valentenko’s been described as one of the most-hated players in the AHL and combines an ability to get under opponent’s skin with the willingness to back it up.

    His offensive abilities are limited, but he’s able to play a solid fundamental game: making the smart first pass, starting the rush, and taking care of his own end.

  96. Why should anyone care what Glen Sather says anyway?

    The record says it all. Something like $1/2+ Billion for two playoff round wins over 10 years, no?

    He’s the guy who couldn’t finmd a stitch of help for his team past Anders Ericksson at the deadline, who damn near killed his franchise goalie (again!), who not coincidentally said he was “dead tired” in the season’s final game.

    He can’t find a few minutes at the end of the year to explain to his paying customers what they hell what wrong, or what the plan is (HA!!!) going forward?

    He’s also the guy who said on the day of Mike Richter’s retirement he was good because, “He didn’t beat his wife.”

    People really want to hear from him?

    Please. In this screwed up world he will eventually somehow move “up”.

    Sooner the better. Up & OUT hopefully.

  97. Staal/Girardi
    Valentenko/Potter (Or Gilroy for one of em)

    That looks good to me! Especially with no Redden!

    I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing Prospal back to center Gabby and Dubi if he would take a reasonable contract…Stepan should be up centering Gabby in a few years anyway

  98. Gotta love Tampa Bay, they suck and they fire the GM and coach. Wait, that’s the way it’s done with every team in every sport except for here.


    Cancel Cablevision NOW!!!!!!

  99. >>Soooo any chance Micheletti and Jaffe switch??

    Actually, I prefer Billy Jaffe; the man knows his stuff.

  100. Montreal is giving Caps fits. Three-Or-More is pulling a Lundqvist and keeping Habs from taking the lead.

  101. We need Perry Pern back. He knows ties!

    Montreal is really using their “size” and speed to their advantage. Slippery little Habs…

  102. Quick responses:

    4ever, liked most of your earlier post (around 7 p.m.)

    CCCP, wasn’t gonna repeat what ORR said, but I think that got taken care of. Guys (ORR), you really need to be TOLD that’s not cool? yeesh.

    Greg, love your positive attitude! You gotta get FB so you can keep track of your Gregisms…

    And know that we, blogfather and I, are always “around.”

  103. Dumb play by Moen.

    CCCP- did you see Russian ushanka in red worn by one of the Caps fans? Lol

  104. forgot who asked earlier but sam rosen will be doing games just for the first round. once versus starts going to exclusive game in 2nd and 3rd rounds hes out. all games in first round are shown on local and national telecasts

    aka beniati doing caps vs comcast tonight.

  105. >>First OT and its Caps/Habs. Who’da thunk that.

    Caps are playing with fire; they’ll be starting overtime down a man. I see a Mike Cammallari one-timer winner.

  106. JBytes,

    Habs have played really well.. well at least since I turned the game on in the third perdiod :)

  107. MickeyM,

    Habs don’t look at all overmatched. I think they’ll get the break and win this game.

  108. Maybe Ovechkin will wake up in Game 2?

    Perfect timing! Now, take me to the Kings-Canucks match please.

  109. o.v. a disgrace tonight. 73 mins of hockey, and he did not get one single shot on goal. pathetic

  110. The Canucks would run the Rangers over in a series. No way they can compete with the top
    teams in the West.

  111. >>The Canucks would run the Rangers over in a series. No way they can compete with the
    >>top teams in the West.

    Our Rangers couldn’t even compete with the weaker teams of the East. Why even bring up the West?

  112. The Nucks-Kings game is on. There was about half a dozen bit hits and fierce rushes in the first two shifts of the game. I thought I had the DVR on fast forward.

  113. Mickey


    If the refs only knew that Bruce Boudreau is a huge Yankees fan, then they’d cheat him instead of trying to hand him the game.


    What is it with you guys rooting against the Caps and Pens? We cant have the higher seeds knocked out, in case the Bruins win (are gifted) the series against the Sabres.

  114. I see Threeormore played!

    I wonder if the Craps will care more about this series than they did about last year’s 1st round against us, when they immediately put in Simeon varLAmov in Game 2.

    After the OT goal that Jose gave up, he should be out.


    By the way, does anyone else remember those fuggin pieces of crap (commentators) last year repeating Varlamov’s name with the pronunciation varLAmov over and over and over and over all game each game! UGH!!!!!!!!!

  115. The Caps ended the Rangers season last year and it’s always intriguing to watch David slay Goliath.

    The Pens are division rivals, the appointed team per the NHL and has a player that pretty much everyone on the blog hate except you.

    You should consult Sally on becoming a temporary Sabres fan for the next week or so.

  116. The Pizza Hut Intermission Report? Captain Clutch should have bought that sponsorship. Imagine the push his shop would get with that.

  117. CT

    I was only joking. I know why you all root against them. If the Brooooooons weren’t in it, I would be rooting against them too.

    btw, I do sort of dislike Crosby, but I cant despise him, mainly because he’s not a Bruin. Secondly, because he is HOT!

  118. Er…I think the Bonehead-ettes would probably rather actually root for Crosby as a player than ever admit that he’s hot.

    Is that correct Laurel/Linda/Mickey/Sally?

  119. cj from buff

    probably usual guys benniti emrick forslund( car announcer) strader will do the play by play

  120. “Crosby? Hot? Gross!

    Can you imagine Crosby and Malkin kissing? With those massive lips, it would be like worlds colliding.”


    Now, Malkin a one fugly fother mucker!!


    But seriously, if Crosby ever wore a Rangers uniform, are you HONESTLY saying that you would not think he was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS?

  121. Crosby is the anti-hot.

    Though apparently a lot of ladies think he is if the amount of fancfic written about him is any indication.

  122. noonan, Nope, totally straight girl here :)

    I will admit to having seen pics of him without a shirt and he has a great physique, there is no doubt about that. But he does nothing for me.

  123. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the East win the Cup just for the simple fact that the West might beat the crap out of each other to get to the finals

  124. totally understood :)

    MYRGuy this DET-PHX series is nice. Reminds me of the oldschool Avs-Wings series. The best rivalry in sports.

    Kings could upset. So could a lot of teams.


  125. NYRGuy, you said it! Kings/Nucks are killing each other and it’s only been 2 periods of Game 1!

  126. LOL

    I’ll leave it alone after this…but just admit it guys, and gals….

    Crosby is delicious! If he was a Ranger, every gal on here would dream about Sid the Man!

  127. Yeah, Crybaby can get any girl he wants, as long as he makes big money, and remains in great shape. He’ll probably hook up with a Canadian chick, cause any girl in Pissburgh or in this country will want him for his money, and that’s aboot it.

    Err, I have so many dirty birth jokes, but i guess i can’t say them on here. Shame!

  128. Wow. I lost my voice cheering so hard at the Sabres game. When I went to the pub, where I’ve cheered for Buffalo so many other times this year, wearing my gigantic Sabres sweater, after I spent money for my seat and beer, my friends started making fun of me for being a Rangers fan. What the hell?

  129. CCCP, yeah. Sabres fans are really jealous of Rangers fans right now! What it comes down to is… some of my friends here are byfuglien orrholes, is what it is.

  130. Sally

    I don’t know about Buffalo fans but those Buffalo players must feel stupid right about now… I mean… look at Rangers players…they are free to do whatever they want! Go apple picking? No proble! Go see new “Kick-Ass” movie? You got it! Now look at Buffalo players…or any players in playoffs right now…they all have to go to WORK!! So who are the real losers, now? :P

  131. i was here first cccp! i was just in the bathroom throwing up from reading cr9’s posts about crosby. omg please stop man!! its not that i want u gone , but i dont need to see another guy talking about this stuff! damn!!

  132. hey guys/gals, what the hell were those 2 guys in green spandex at the nucks game last night? i saw the one guy spazzing out near the penaltyy box. and looked like he was trying to hump the glass upside down. there was another guy too. is that even allowed? lol. i wouldve thought johnson wouldve tried to reach over and pummel the guy

  133. TheREALMikeyNJ on

    Billy Jaffe for Joe Doucheletti Straight up trade

    Sam even sounded more enthused and did a better job withhim at his side

    Would do that in a heartbeat

    let that moron go MC the Fishstick games

  134. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    April 16th, 2010 at 12:09 am

    I’ll leave it alone after this…but just admit it guys, and gals….

    Crosby is delicious! If he was a Ranger, every gal on here would dream about Sid the Man!

    CR, i think you need to speak for yourself on this one.

    Hot dog lips is downright repulsive. No matter WHAT teams jersey is worn by that form, it is not even close to making my UGLY scale, let alone being thought about in any other term than vomit inducing. To me, a Rangers jersey on that, would be analogous to Donald Brashear, of course NOT talent wise, but in utter revulsion.

  135. >>Does anyone here listen to Howard Stern?

    I used to catch the last two hours when he was on FM radio. I loved Robin Quivers news segment [and her voice too]. I wasn’t a fan enough to shell out money to follow him to Sirius.

  136. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    lol CT,its no wonder the teenyboppers love him! eeeeeew!him and that bieber thing! get that kid some testosterone NOW!

  137. Linda says FIRE SATHER on

    JB!!! read that earlier on either the NY Post or Daily News. Stay Classy New Jersey oy!!!

    I used to listen to Howard on my drive to work. He’d have that crazy KKK guy call in… that guy was just, uh, how shall we say..uh, freakin insane lol

  138. What’s that bieber thing?

    I know that my wife doesn’t typically weigh in on who’s attractive and who’s not when it comes to athletes (her favorite recent athletes are Lundqvist and Chase Utley – blargh) but she definitely said that Crosby was not attractive when we watched the Olympics.

  139. Linda says SIGNN PRUST!!! on

    bieber is tne newest teen boy being foisted upon humanity lol. boys today are way too femme looking!! WOMEN, eat protein while preggers and give birth to BOYS, not girlyboys

    CHASE UTLEY????? lmao that’s rich!

    anyhow…Predators Hawks finally gets started up tonight! GO UNDERDOGS!! I am sticking with my pick here, I BELIEVE.

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