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Torts, part IV

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More John Tortorella:

On Sunday, in a follow up to the shootout talk:

“I thought Gabby stunk in that game.”

On shootouts, not specifically Sunday:

“You play 65 minutes as a team sport, I think somehow you’ve got go figure out how to finish that game as a team sport, not as a skills competition. That’s how I always felt about that.”

“But we lose the game. Hank’s played a lot of great games for us, but that was probably the best I’ve seen him play since I’ve been here. And what he said after, and I’m not a big believer in Hank speaking about 5-on-5 play, and he kind of gets going a little bit sometimes … but he had a perfect right to say what he said after that particular game, our last game, as far as Anisimov’s line showed up and a few other guys.

“That’s what makes my stomach turn today, 48 hours after, is that we had zero top guys show up. And the way we fought to get back into the race, no matter how (anybody feels) about it, we were there and we played a ballsy game against Philly in our building, and we had zero top guys show up in Philly, which is despicable, so I’m glad Hank said what he said.”

Backup goalie “needs to be a legitimate, veteran guy who can handle 20-25 games.”

Likes what he saw from Parenteau (who’s a restricted free agent). “He comes up and he’s probably our second or third most talented guy. I would love to see if we can work with him to improve his speed and his intensity in certain situations, because you can’t look by the talent he has there, and I don’t think we’re a talent-heavy team right now.”

Said he would have liked to have been able to use Weise, and not sure about how Grachev’s year went, would like to see more of Potter. “Again, I’d love to get younger.”

On Drury’s growth he mentioned earlier.

“I just think I got to know him a little better and he got to know me better. I think he grew as a leader because I see him, and he’s such a serious guy and he cared so much, and he allowed himself to open up with the team a little bit more. I’m not in there all the time. It’s just how I perceive him and how I see him in certain interactions. I still think he’s trying to grow as a captain and I saw him take steps there, because he’s such a quiet guy. But Dru, he wants to give more. He wants better stats. He wants to be that guy. And he’s trying different ways, and when it’s not on the board, I think he tried in different ways as we went through the year.”


That’s it for the coach, whose two best interviews as Rangers coach have come on breakup days.

I’m getting in the car and heading home, where I have to first write a column. Then I’ll try to post some more player reax. Trust me, though, most of it was boring and predictable.

Avery talked about the confusion of his role. He and Callahan both said they don’t need surgery. Avery said he would have been available for Game 1 if the Rangers had won Sunday.

I will say that it sounded as if Jokinen doesn’t think he’ll be back, Prospal would love to be back; Voros said he wants to live the rest of his life in NY; and it sounded like Redden didn’t know what to think. Of course all the RFAs, including Girardi and Staal, hope and expect to get their contracts worked out. Christensen said he’d like to come back, but has no idea what’s going to happen.

Sure sounds like they’ll re-sign Prust and Shelley.

See youse.

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