Torts, part IV


More John Tortorella:

On Sunday, in a follow up to the shootout talk:

“I thought Gabby stunk in that game.”

On shootouts, not specifically Sunday:

“You play 65 minutes as a team sport, I think somehow you’ve got go figure out how to finish that game as a team sport, not as a skills competition. That’s how I always felt about that.”

“But we lose the game. Hank’s played a lot of great games for us, but that was probably the best I’ve seen him play since I’ve been here. And what he said after, and I’m not a big believer in Hank speaking about 5-on-5 play, and he kind of gets going a little bit sometimes … but he had a perfect right to say what he said after that particular game, our last game, as far as Anisimov’s line showed up and a few other guys.

“That’s what makes my stomach turn today, 48 hours after, is that we had zero top guys show up. And the way we fought to get back into the race, no matter how (anybody feels) about it, we were there and we played a ballsy game against Philly in our building, and we had zero top guys show up in Philly, which is despicable, so I’m glad Hank said what he said.”

Backup goalie “needs to be a legitimate, veteran guy who can handle 20-25 games.”

Likes what he saw from Parenteau (who’s a restricted free agent). “He comes up and he’s probably our second or third most talented guy. I would love to see if we can work with him to improve his speed and his intensity in certain situations, because you can’t look by the talent he has there, and I don’t think we’re a talent-heavy team right now.”

Said he would have liked to have been able to use Weise, and not sure about how Grachev’s year went, would like to see more of Potter. “Again, I’d love to get younger.”

On Drury’s growth he mentioned earlier.

“I just think I got to know him a little better and he got to know me better. I think he grew as a leader because I see him, and he’s such a serious guy and he cared so much, and he allowed himself to open up with the team a little bit more. I’m not in there all the time. It’s just how I perceive him and how I see him in certain interactions. I still think he’s trying to grow as a captain and I saw him take steps there, because he’s such a quiet guy. But Dru, he wants to give more. He wants better stats. He wants to be that guy. And he’s trying different ways, and when it’s not on the board, I think he tried in different ways as we went through the year.”


That’s it for the coach, whose two best interviews as Rangers coach have come on breakup days.

I’m getting in the car and heading home, where I have to first write a column. Then I’ll try to post some more player reax. Trust me, though, most of it was boring and predictable.

Avery talked about the confusion of his role. He and Callahan both said they don’t need surgery. Avery said he would have been available for Game 1 if the Rangers had won Sunday.

I will say that it sounded as if Jokinen doesn’t think he’ll be back, Prospal would love to be back; Voros said he wants to live the rest of his life in NY; and it sounded like Redden didn’t know what to think. Of course all the RFAs, including Girardi and Staal, hope and expect to get their contracts worked out. Christensen said he’d like to come back, but has no idea what’s going to happen.

Sure sounds like they’ll re-sign Prust and Shelley.

See youse.

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  1. i’m just curious as to why he found it ok to kinda toss gabby under the bus, but noone EVER says anything even remotely against drury. why is he protected?


    becuase (sorry to say this) Drury is AMERICAN! :)

  2. Wow….I don’t come here all day until now and I’m flooded with information! Nice job Carp!

  3. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ya know, you could be a million percent correct there. I never looked at it that way. But wait, he wasnt too kind to Gilroy, and as bull dog said prior, if you read between the lines it sounds like he could be gone. That would be a shame, because i think if his confidence was not SHOT, and there was a worthwhile veteran dman on this team to be a mentor, his season would have gone better

  4. TheMessiah94 on

    Redden didn’t know what to think?!?! That’s the story of his career!!!! lol

  5. TheMessiah94 on

    Hey Waive, here’s a thought for you. Start looking for a house in Connecticut.

  6. it makes no sense. praise Drury and Rosival, bash gaborik, but unwilling to name who is the problem in the room

    I don’t want a team that has Dreary and Blowsival back next year with the coaches blessing

    same cast, same results.

  7. it has nothing to do with where Drury was born. he was protected in previous situations with previous coaches and mgrs with other teams too

    ever heard the term mgmt kiss-ass? well, that is what Drury is

  8. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    interesting post afterburn. there has to be some reason he doesn’t get called out. i just thought they didn’t want to hurt his wiwl feewings

  9. didn’t realize i got Carped.

    April 13th, 2010 at 3:53 pm
    yes, Rozy played better during the stretch but i still wouldn’t mind seeing him and his cap space gone.
    interesting that he praised Prust and Shelly but nothing on Ollie. (see ya!)
    hopefully, as far as younger, i wonder if Stepan and McDonough, Wiese and others will make it.

  10. Hey Waive, here’s a thought for you. Start looking for a house in Connecticut.



  11. blah blah blah blah blah, the buck stops with him and his boss…..say goodbye, or the same crap will be here next season……

  12. im also really curious to who could be the lockerroom problem i mean seriously…

    Artem Anisimov Sean Avery Brian Boyle Ryan Callahan Erik Christensen Chris Drury Brandon Dubinsky Marian Gaborik Olli Jokinen Enver Lisin PA Parenteau Vinny Prospal Brandon Prust Jody Shelley Aaron Voros Dale Weise Michael Del Zotto
    Anders Eriksson Matt Gilroy Dan Girardi Wade Redden Michal Rozsival Marc Staal Alex Auld Henrik Lundqvist

    that is our roster. it cant be anisimov cuz he is a rookie and doesnt speak english well, avery (maybe for obvious reasons but hank and gabby seem to be cool with him), boyle got praised this year by torts for growing as a player so doubtful, callahan is no way, christensen is too shy to even talk to himself,cant be drury cuz torts is in love with him, dubinsky doubtful, gaborik no way, Jokinen (probably most likely), Lisin (doesnt speak english, what does he have to say that can be so disruptive), Parentau no way, Prospal (seems like a great locker room guy and he and Torts go way back so very very doubtful)Prust and Shelley just got great praise for locker room presence so no, Voros (really no idea, but Hank loves him)skip Weise, Del Zotto yea right, Erikkson got praised, Gilroy no, Girardi (maybe, but doubt it) Redden (probably and likely, too many free coke nights im guessing)Rozy (has too dumb of a face to say much) Staal (ye right) Auld (who is he?) Lundqvist (LOLLLL)

    so Jokinen? Voros? Redden??

  13. Lev

    Doubt Jokinen b/c he said the room got stronger at the end of the year and Jokinen wasn’t hear at the beginning.

    If I had to guess I would say Redden or Avery

    Just cuz Gabby/LQ like him doesn’t make him not a problem. It could rub others the wrong way that he thinks of himself so highly lol

  14. I think we have very little to look forward to next year after reading the coaches’ comments

    because he is happy with the same guys who are the problem, except a couple who are gone without contracts anyway

    and the young guys will once again be tainted by the same vets who did not show up on Sun

    and the same incompetent GM will shuffle the deck chairs and hand out another big ufa contract

    looks like this season redux to me.

  15. Ok I have been doing this all year. Drury is not the problem with this team. Now I know he he hasn’t put up the numbers we all expect from him. I want to see more from him in that aspect. BUT he has been our top defensive fwd and one if not the top defensive fwwd in the NHL. He lead the league in blocked shots. I don’t know about you guys but that is a pretty big thing in my mind. Next year if he is here which we all know is more than likely the only thing he needs to change is getting some goals.

    We all know that R&R need to go but their contracts have made it hard to get rid of them. I would love seeing the team get younger but how young do we want. I don’t want to see alot of these guys go. This team needs condsistant scoring and forecheckers oh and some fricking leadership. I would like to see some one lead on the ice. I have not seen that in NY in a long time.

  16. bull dog line on

    on Paranteau, and Christinsen.
    I would not bring either back. PAP is not an NHL skater, he can’t keep up. EC is an NHL skater with NHL skill, but to me does not seem to have NHL drive. he disapears for long stretches of games, then pops up with a goal or 2. I think he is what he has been for all the teams he has played for, a tease.

  17. Torts get’s a D+ this year and he pisses off the media because he gives nothing during the year. But I would still keep him and make him earn his job next year because who else are we going to get. These guys have a serious lack of talent plus giant cap killing contracts, fist and foremost it’s on Cigar puss head. I will tell you one thing Tort’s was BRUTALLY honest in his end of the year speech, now wheather that is the right thing to do or not it is Honest. One more yr. with the wound one. No more yrs. for Redden, Rosi,Brash,Voros,Boyle,Vally,Ollie and maybe for Dan G. Shelly, Auld,EC and Vinny

  18. Per Gross:

    There seems little doubt that the first player Tortorella wants to “weed out” is Wade Redden, though Tortorella did not say that himself. Just a bit of speculation but when asked specifically about Redden, Tortorella said it wasn’t right or fair to talk about individual players. Yet he essentially talked about most of the other players on the team on an individual basis. And it sounds like Redden was given a loud and clear message in his exit interview. Redden has four seasons left on his six-year, $39 million deal and with Marc Staal due a new contract that may run around $4 million per season, there’s been plenty of speculation that it makes sense for the Rangers to send Redden to Hartford to clear the cap space, though they’d still be paying the salary.

  19. BUY THE GUY A MIRROR AND A VIDEO CAMERA TO LOOK AND HEAR HIMSLF…….BS…….. he’s a big part of the problem……

  20. I’m thinking that in addition to Redden and quite possibly Avery, another huge problem in the room was Huggybear.

    I have a feeling that despite what they all said, a LOT of the guys that were on the 08-09 team that were on this team, hated having him on the team.

  21. Redden must be gone, no matter the financial cost.

    Turco too good/too expensive to back up Hank? Could be an insane tandem…

  22. hey punked, you praise Dreary, but then say this team needs “some fricking leadership”

    who do you think is the failure in that dept? it is your boy Dreary

    and his shot blocking is pk stuff, Betts stuff

    I don’t want to waste $7 m of cap space on a pker who is a poor leader

  23. Hey CARP,
    Great job this yr. you get a solid A, you made it fun and a excellent wrap up as well, plus your not starstruck by some of the players and pretty darn objective. Thanks again

  24. [Responding to Linda, from Torts, part III]

    >>i know you guys will crucify me for this, but struds would have been a good character
    >>guy. ok, start throwing the rotten tomatoes!

    I won’t crucify you, but I must remind you that this “good character guy” didn’t take Edmonton to the playoffs either. He’s too slow on the ice for me to care about his presence “in the room”.

  25. lol “weed out” Redden. classic. Orr would probably be having a blast with this if he were online right now.

  26. Yeah, really Carp, considering you’re not like Gross where that’s his full time job, you do a phenomenal job. This place wouldn’t be what it is without you and I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you for taking the time to listen to everything we have to say even though you have another real full-time job to do.

  27. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    Avery loves NY, and loves this team, i really don’t think he’s a problem. He wants to win as bad as anyone.

    Redden SUCKED this year, and no reason to think next year will be any better.

    Prust and Shelley were a joy to watch towards the end, i hope both are around next season. I think Christensen has alot to offer if he knows he has a home… i’d like to see him around next season. Not enough money to bring back Prospal, and give contracts to Staal and Girardi without making some serious moves (redden!!!)

  28. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i know JB, but it would have been nice to have some vet who cared to mentor to the younger guys. I always wondered why Leetch did not work with the dmen in camp or anything like that. I figured he’s too polite and did not want to step on Rozsi or Reddens toes, then was reminded of what a total ASS sather was to him, how carcillo-y he treated him. He would be a great guy to have work with our young defensemen!!

  29. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    i agree with all you pro-Carp people!! He has done a wonderful job, and this is a great part of my season, i don’t post a ton, but i read alot of it, and you guys are a joy to read up on. Looking forward to Boneheads 10-11!!

  30. lol. weed out redden.

    how about “when it comes to Redden, Torts will draw the line”

  31. Turco will start somewhere or platoon with another solid goalie somewhere, no way he will be willing to be a 15 to 20 game guy behind Hank

    Whenever a goalie is available the flyers are obviously the first team that will be interested, with Emery & Leighton both being UFA’s at the end of this season

    Who knows, maybe if the caps dont win the cup or go too far in the playoffs then maybe they will take a look at Turco for a one to two year deal to split time with Varlamov, with Varlamov probably getting more of the time
    I know they have Neuvirth but he may need some more time, Theodore is UFA at end of this season

  32. it has nothing to do with where Drury was born. he was protected in previous situations with previous coaches and mgrs with other teams too


    Right… he was still an American…even before he joined the Rangers! lol

    I dont mean to start this type of conversation but look at how Torts treats certain players… Niki Z, Lisin, Kotalik… now he throws Gabby under the bus.

    Drury, Redden, even Higgins who couldn’t score with a gun to his head …all get coaches pardon.

  33. I brought this Drury issue up before and imma do it again for all you prejudiced anti drury block heads! WTF do you want from an OLDER veteran power forward? Punked Puck nailed it right on… Why does Gabby get thrown under the bus? Because hes a selfish player who on numerous occasions played like he didnt give a shit and acts like a prick.
    Drury has done what he needs to do – blocked shots, gotten gritty goals, killed penalties and served as the captain which he is great at. How many more goals did Jamie Langenbrunner score this year than Drury? 5! And he plays on a line with f*ckin Zach Parise and noone treats him the way you guys treat Drury.
    You (drury bashers) sound like a bunch of jaded has-beens.

    And i think the mystery locker room disruptor is Avery, bec. torts has a problem with him for some reason.

  34. Well, you guys wanted your Torts responses, and you got them.

    Excellent analysis by Torts.

    I think he will learn from his mistakes this year, and be a better coach next year, with whatever players he has.

  35. it will likely be a guy like Biron. would cost only $1m, and is a solid vet backup who is well liked “in the room”

  36. NYRanger4Life on

    punked- Drury led all NON Defensemen in blocked shots, not the league. (he was # 97)

    And if by “blocked shots” you mean:

    crumpling to the ground, in agonizing pain, only to let the opponent get an unabated 3 on 1 vs Hank….

    Seemed like he was the only Ranger who didnt know HOW TO BLOCK A SHOT??

  37. NYRanger4Life on

    Said it in an earlier post as well, Avery has got to be one of the issues – b/c other than Redden, no one on the team thinks they are above the “shield.”

    Check out Avery’s twitter page, the dude’s full of himself!

  38. Carp

    We’ve had our differences, but I would also like to add that you are great journalist and bloghost.

    Anyone else, and I would have been banned after about one day of my reckless posts!

    Thanks for the great work you do…and for not having an itchy trigger finger when it comes to banning….me!

  39. pumpkin head on

    If Tool-terella feels its fine to let Cpt. Clutch off the hook but rip on Gaborik or a guy like Christensen (who I guess is also a “top guy” who needs to make “big plays” despite being a waiver pick up) then he’s more delusional than he sounds or appears.

  40. soviet union on

    that is absolute garbage. Redden is a canadian fyi, and they got rid of Higgins

  41. CCCP

    Chelsea is on ESPN2 right now, and nearly gave up the equaliser in the 86th minute.

  42. Redden Drury = none Europeans, get it?

    They got rid of Higgins because that is what it took to get Joke-inen here who was supposed to get us into playoffs.

  43. pumpkin head on

    Drury: “Crumpling to the ground in agonizing pain”

    Haha, wow, how many times did that happen this year? Had to be at least 10.

  44. the fact that Clagary was willing to trade Jokinen for Higgins is all that you need to know about Jokinen!

  45. I agree the reason Dreary didn’t get called out isn’t due to being an American. IMO it’s because he’s well liked and well respected because indeed, he really wants to win.

    What’s in question for me (and has been all year) is his ability to captain this team. He has neither the talent to make a difference on the ice (ie lift the team with a timely goal) nor the personality/mentality to turn the dressing room upside down if/when it’s required. Furthermore, I’ll bet he has all kinds of discomfort calling a teammate out (due to the 2 above explained reasons).

    Yes he tries hard on the ice, but that amounts to being an effective 3rd line winger with strong PK skills. Nothing more. There are tons of those guys around, like Dom Moore, Jed Ortmeyer, Brandon Prust and probably a couple of guys down in Hartford.

    And for sure, the last thing the head coach is going to do is start a huge controversy on breakaway day (for the season) by including in his final press conference words about having to deal with removing the c from Dreary’s sweater. IMO, that’s what needs to be seriously considered, but not without managerial meetings and decisions on how/when to do this and a plan to deal with the resulting media stir it will created.

    And do it in well into July, after the UFA stories have subsided.

  46. Yes I ment led FWD’s in blocked shots. How many times did he crumble in the ice letting up a 3-1. I may not have gotten to see alot of the games this year but everyone that I was I was a CAPTAIN do what he had to do on the defensive sidde of the ice. The pronblem with this team I believe or one of them is Avery. I love to watch the guy play. But he does take bad penalties trying to get under the other teams skin. Once again R&R need to go. I want to see Torts back next year. hopefully he will learn from what he says he did wrong this year

  47. Sometimes I think it’s better when Torts just says no.

    I don’t like the idea of him calling out Gaborik. Even if he stunk – you don’t single out one guy. That’s not how you build respect among the players. If he stunk then tell him privately how disappointed you were that he didn’t show up.

    I don’t know about this guy. How in the world can he coach athletes when it appears to me that he has zero people skills?

  48. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    abc123 April 13th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    the fact that Clagary was willing to trade Jokinen for Higgins is all that you need to know about Jokinen!


    excellent post!! you absolutely cannot argue with that statemen!

    yours too Jim!! well put and rational! a lot more than i can say for a lot of mine ;-)

  49. I’d be really surprised if Turco ended up in New York. He can’t stand Avery – he said so after Avery’s infamous comment in Calgary, and I believe he said it again this season when the Stars played the Rangers. Also, Marty Turco isn’t very good anymore.

  50. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Jokinen made for lots of laughs on the FB, but he was pretty invisible the whole time here. as someone said earlier, who’d have thought that Prust would have had the impact he did! Some people just come here and get it right away (as it seems Prust and Shelley did). Others, never get it. Unfortunately, some of those guys are making a ton of money that could be better spend elsewhere.

  51. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    DAN!!! excellent point, totally forgot about that!

    whoever said Biron earlier ( i think it was ‘goalie’), could be the winner.

  52. Jokinen made for lots of laughs but I still think the funnies thing I read was from you Linda about Brashear and the tennis balls on his walker. I still crack up thinking about that.

  53. Carp, what would it cost to make it your full-time job?

    Between ad sales and subscriptions from us, maybe your own non-lohud blog could be a successful move.

  54. carp,

    it hit me while I was reading the daily news while waiting for a red light to change (And I was on a bike nonetheless!) Torts is a prefect nyc coach! Think if it this way: Coughlin and giradi are perfect examples of this. they came in hard. the media tore them apart of being too uptight etc. coughlin was fining players for not being 5 minutes early to meetings. joe never said anything. NOW…everyone loves them because they are more relaxed now. nicer to the media.(yes they both won championships, but coughlin become loved by the media on his way to winning a championship. Joe also had the yankee pocketbook helping him win his). So next year torts has to follow the nyc gameplan: become alittle bit nicer as the season progresses and then be a straight out sweetheart at the end of the year right before the playoffs. everyone will be writing the best things about him and maybe it will help in the locker room for the playoffs.

    i know this sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this scenario played out!

    oh yeah, carp you rule!

    oh yeah, after meeting the flyers on sunday after the loss, they are trying to convert me. my 2 friends got 3 tickets to the premiere of their documentary tonight. totally going. totally still a rangers fan!

  55. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao Chopper! that had to be one of the comedic highlights of the season, pardon myself patting myself on the back ;-). You could actually picture it in your mind, plus it got a laugh out of the press box!

  56. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    joeybriggs is becoming a team ho!! dont do it man!!!

    next season i want to see Torts and Brooks exchange big huge boxed hearts of chocolate and flowers. great comedy. and torts needs to give him that propeller hat!

  57. blue---- bulletin on

    if the guys at BB were running this blog, they would have us all banned, all saying gosh and darn it,

    with nothing but praise for every Ranger and Sather

    and they would have us paying to post, and paying to read, or even breathe the air

  58. Robby Bonfire on

    I wonder how well, if at all, the GM and the coach get along? I mean, the GM saddled the coach with that puke Redden, all season long. Might this team have made the playoffs just by going with Potter, or Sauer, or maybe even Sangs, since October. Sangs, is one-dimensional, but Redden is ZERO dimensional, plus with minimal effort and no fire in the belly.

    I know, three rookie D’s this year would have been highly critcized from day one, but the “Redden has experience and a contract commitment” blew up in our faces. Fail with kids, if you must fail, some of them do grow into the big skates they have to fill. To fail with inept, overpaid “experience,” and knowingly allow that to happen, is the worst, most inexcusable kind of failure. It is prideful to a fault, and retards the progress of a non-playoff team, even more.

  59. Torts was not “saddled” with redden. he could have scratched him every game.

    he knew coming here last season what the situation was with redden

    and he let redden throw a fit and get back in the lineup. THAT is on Torts.

  60. Carp, thanks for the excellent job you did this year, part-time and you still killed all the other blogs with your honest opinions, never sugar-coated it, not to mention the great cast of boneheads of course.

    I hope you will post regularly during the long summer. I know I’ll check in.

  61. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    dredden, i think the puppet master may have taken that as an insult to his genius.

  62. Carp, who at the journal news can we write to encourage them to put you back on the beat? I know it’s probably a pipe dream considering the money woes, but at the very least we can let your higher-ups know how much you’re appreciated. You really do a phenomenal job.

  63. I’d be shocked if anyone but Biron or Auld is our backup goalie next season. Biron would be great behind Hank.

    It seems like there won’t be alot of turnover next year and I don’t mind.

    I would just like to see Redden dumped, sign Volchenkov, and pick up a top 6 winger. I wouldn’t mind an older center coming on a 1/2 year deal b/c I think Stepan could be playing with Gabby on the 1st line in 2 years

  64. And I think a team that’s near the cap bottom would acquire someone like Voros for a conditional draft pick or something like that just so they can get help reaching the minimum cap number.

  65. And Boyle’s not going anywhere…he can center the 4th line with Shelley and Prust next year…he’s only making $525,000

  66. ThisYearsModel on


    Was there any mention at all of Gabby being injured? He sure seemed to have one less step since the Olympics.

  67. I brought this Drury issue up before and imma do it again for all you prejudiced anti drury block heads! WTF do you want from an *OLDER veteran power forward*? ….
    Drury has done what he needs to do – blocked shots, gotten gritty goals, killed penalties and *served as the captain which he is great at*. How many more goals did *Jamie Langenbrunner* score this year than Drury? 5! And he *plays on a line with fckin Zach Parise* and noone treats him the way you guys treat Drury.


    Wow…where to begin… first off, Nice Job Carp… Thanks for everything you do.

    Now for abc123… Drury is an “older veteran”? what is he? 32, 33 at most? Even at 34..these are prime years, that’s not even debatable. He has zero excuse for being as slow and stiff and out of shape as he is, whatsoever. Not to mention he’s BEEN bad since he was signed at 31. Age = non issue…he’s squandering his prime years doing a Blair Betts impression.

    He’s not a good captain. If he were, there would be no discussion of whether he’s “grown as a leader” this year. For someone with such a reputation, it’s embarrassing that it’s an issue, that yes, Tortorella had to GO TO BAT for him because everyone with a brain has come to question Drury’s effect as a leader. Discussion of someone “growing as a leader” is something that happens with young kids coming into their own, not veterans in their 30s with MSG player profile specials. It’s really truly embarrassing as a Ranger fan that this is even a discussion. Drury is a serious problem in this organization. He has not “come around” as people have been saying for 3 years, and at a $7M cap hit when we’re “trying to keep the young core” together…it’s downright infuriating to see people fellate this guy year after year.

    Lastly, why are you comparing him to Langenbrunner? Do you realize Jamie is a defenseman? A DEFENSEMAN WHO IS “OLDER” than “ye olde Drury” nonetheless, who had 5 more goals than him? And I don’t watch Devils games, but since when do defensemen play on lines with forwards?

    This is why we bash Drury, because any and every pro-Drury argument is absolutely FULL of holes.

  68. Salty – if he’s so great at being captain then why was “the room” so bad? Isn’t that where he would shine as the leader of the team?

    I have to laugh at him being labeled a power forward. Power? Where?

  69. Wow..self’d then…thought he was a defenseman even through watching him on Team USA. While I eat crow on that, let the other 98% of the argument stand.

  70. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Charlie, the top portion of Salty’s post was actually posted by abc123 earlier.

    when i think power forward, i thinkof guys like Shanahan and Tkachuk, definitely NOT Captain MACT.

    the biggest problem with drury, we all know, is the money he makes (not his fault, that’s on glen) for the job he does, his robotic nature, and the propaganda (again, not his fault, thats on the powers that be at msg).

  71. Salty – if he’s so great at being captain then why was “the room” so bad? Isn’t that where he would shine as the leader of the team?


    I think you’re missing my points… I’m saying he’s absolutely terrible as a captain, and its embarrassing that people are still trying to defend him.

  72. and who was the captain of team USA? devils RW Jamie Langenbrunner. that says it all about Drury’s leadership

    “Team USA General Manager Brian Burke named Jamie Langenbrunner as the Team Captain while Team USA’s head coach Ron Wilson named Dustin Brown, Suter, Zach Parise and Brian Rafalski the Alternate Captains.”

    that says it all, Dreary lovers

    and that includes Torts too

  73. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    langenbrunner also has a 5 year 14 million dollar contract he signed in 2006, earning him 2.8 million a season. i think the first 2 years of Drury’s contract was one million more than langenbrunners TOTAL. LOVE YA GLEN!!!

  74. And yeah I forgot to touch on that, “power forward” is absolutely laughable. Power forwards can actually carry the puck, let alone do about 9 other things Drury only daydreams about while eating his mozzarella sticks.

  75. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading teh breakup day stuff. I’m absolutley elated that they didn’t make the playoffs, sundays game just shows all the reasons they don’t deserve to dance again this year, and I enjoy things being “aired out” so to speak. I like getting the dirt out of Tortorella without having to listen to the fluff about being knocked out early of a series,BS details, etc.

    Obviously this team is not a competitor and I’m glad its over for them for now without the farce of “making the playoffs”. Yes it’s fun, yes I “wanted them to win” Sunday… but did not feel any real sense of loss. I was more mad that “Philly won” than “New York lost” so to speak.

    I’m excited about the offseason for them, not because I expect them to become a contender, but I’m hopeful for some good drama to unfold re: sather, redden, whatever…

    I like Avery and consider him to be one of the few true blood competitors who cares about winning on this team, but he had a soft year and I do think he’s one of the guys torts has an issue with. Voros, I don’t know how he thinks he’ll spend the rest of his life in NY…certainly not on this team I don’t think.

  76. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    if drury was making langenbrunner money, it wouldnt be that bad. the money is not his fault, that’s all on sather. noone in their right mind is going to turn down daddy warbucks money when its pretty much shoved in your face. the sad thing is, that damn crazy bastage (sather) has killed this team with his outbidding himself for people, and, as of this moment, hasnt had the stones big enough to send Redden where he belongs. yes, he got rid of gomez, then got rid of Forearms and Shoots Wide. Now finish the job.

    Drury we’re just going to have to deal with for 2 more years. everything that can be said about the guy has been said, but we’ll keep on saying it, some complaining about him, some defending him. thats just how it is.

  77. I will say this about Drury. At least he’s competent in some aspects of his game. He decent on faceoffs. He can kill penalties.

    He’ll never live up to his contract, but he’s a serviceable 3rd or 4th liner.

    Redden on the other hand….

  78. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    I think the whole Redden hissy fit with being benched could possibly have been his undoing (not his horrible lazy play and 2 mph shot). He showed up the coach. I think Torts’ hands were tied with Redden for this season because of our young d and them not carrying another defenseman, but it has to be apparent to anyone with a brain cell that this guy is done.

  79. I think Torts’ hands were tied with Redden for this season because of our young d and them not carrying another defenseman, but it has to be apparent to anyone with a brain cell that this guy is done.


    Totally agree. It’s clearer than ever today that Tortorella (and Renney for that matter) had very little breathing room as far as Redden goes and it will be a primary focus in the off season.

  80. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Salty, does Sather have the testicular fortitude to admit his mistake and send this guy to Hartford? (so sorry CT)

  81. Coach Beeblebrox on

    Drury: He was better down the stretch than he was all season. Still not worth his salary but I don’t think he was the problem either. I doubt he waives his NMC so get used to him being here for the duration of his contract.

  82. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    exactly coach. he will be here his two more seasons and then we hope does NOT get offered a new contract lol.

  83. If all they do is get rid of Redden somehow (Hartford, Edmonton for Souray, bury him under the new Giants/Jets stadum, whatever), then I would consider the off-season a success.

  84. If all they do is get rid of Redden somehow (Hartford, Edmonton for Souray, bury him under the new Giants/Jets stadum, whatever), then I would consider the off-season a success.

  85. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    CARPY… any word on a live chat any time soon?? this way we can all have you read on the cam how great we think you are

  86. Ok DC, My edit:

    Fixes for this team…(of course this is my dream scenario)
    1) Fire Sather
    2) Buy out Redden
    3) Trade Rozival if you get value in return (has been real good the last 10-15 gms)
    4) Add a whatever coach to Torts coaching staff
    5) Parrenteau needs to stay.
    6) Drury, maybe deserve to be Captain (players voting?), it could be Callahan ( also trade Drury if possible, although unlikely)
    7) Assistant’s should be Gaborik/Cally/Drury (Accountability) and Staal
    8) Keep Prust and Shelley (most exciting hockey I have seen all season)
    9) Suitable back-up for Lundqvist, who can help take pressure off
    10) NO BIG CONTRACTS, bring up the kids and lets play fun hockey!!!
    11) Se no 1

  87. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on


    #4… whoever that may be, needs a defined role. too many people wonder what sulli actually does ;-)

    #6… thanks to the nt/nmc,drury will be here for the duration of his contract.


  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Locker clean out time !!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Salty , Maybe if ya use quotations to show other peoples posts cuz the way you do it is kinda confusing people. What I don’t like about it it double posts a person lame post. Kinda like you reposting. Maybe edit it , I know , I know it takes time…

    Only a few things would cheer me up about the Rangers losing in the game 82 shootout of 2010:

    #1) Getting the #5 pick in the draft

    #2) Mark messier comes aboard.

    #3) Chris Drury is stripped of his Captaincy.

    #4) Getting a top Center.

    #5) The league anouncing continuous ot after 70 games.

  89. most of Torts blather today was self-serving. he says he wants to get younger, but he was the one who benched Gilroy for that old, slow-footed, wandering from team to team 7th dman Erickson.

    he was the one who gave AA less ice time than he deserved

    he was the one who would not use a kid goalie

    he was the one who gave so much ice time to all the underperforming vets, including defending Brash!t, Higgins etc

  90. Robby Bonfire on

    On a club carrying six D’s the entire season, a coach CANNOT scratch any one of them, not even the worst D in the NHL, and winner of this season’s Sather / Kalinin Award? What planet did you just come in from? Oh that’s right Gilroy was benched late in the season. Still, your case is weaker than MSG beer.

  91. I think something will be done with Redden. If there was ever a PR deptartment that could spin it any which way they need to, it’s MSG/NYR.

  92. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Tort reform, we’ll be discussing these words all off season, and then we’ll be holding him to them come camp/ new season. Hopefully the word is bond this season

  93. Tomas Holmstrom is UFA… he’s a character guy with tons of experience and grit. Would look great in Rangers blue.

  94. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Great point about Redden. I think Torts hands are tied with Drury too. Im sure he expects more out of him like WE ALL do.

  95. rb at 7:44 pm. try learning the facts, pal . it was TORTS who demanded that they not carry more than 6 dmen. it was HE who was the author of that policy

    he could have called up Potter at any time he wanted, and kept Redden scratched, pal

    next time use facts before you spout off

  96. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Mako, i’m thinking sather was probably saying:

    come on, i got rid of gomez so you HAVE to play drury.
    i signed redden instead of streit, so you HAVE to play redden.

  97. Lidstrom is UFA too… Dump Redden and bring Lidstrom… now that would be great! MDZ can really learn a thing or two how to play defense w/o sacrificing offense.

  98. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Um Gilroy & AA = Rookies. AA picked up his game on the forth line and was quoted that he felt too much pressure on the 2nd & 3d line. Felt much more comfortable on the “4th line”

    Gilroy will be a great D man. MDZ was learning and Torts allowed him to make all the mistakes he needed to learn. Gilroy I think was expected to do too much too soon. Again Gilly, MDZ & Staal have NO Vet mentor to learn from.

  99. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    I couldnt be surprised at all that he said to play Drury & dont bench him, stick him on the 4th line.

  100. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    sather is only going to admit to so much during one season!!

    i still cant believe brashear acted as his own agent and scammed 2.8 million from sather!

  101. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    UK – Congrats on your win in the BONEHEAD LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you all for playing. Hopefully next season, there wont be any drama.

  102. My bet for the cancer in the locker room is Avery. When Avery was traded to the rangers from the kings I read how Avery was a cancer in the locker room and the players couldn’t stand him. It took several months for the entire Dallas team to want avery gone and if you remember the game where Drury tied the game at the end of the third period against the devils the camera showed the ranger bench and all the players were celebrating together except avery who was at the end of the bench by himself emotionless.

  103. it does not wash. even if Avery is a jerk in the room, the rangers record with him over 3 seasons is like 30 games over .500 with him and about .500 or a little less without him

    sounds more like Torts problem than the team’s

  104. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Really? Because Avery said he’s very proud to be a Ranger and he has lots of pride in the Jersey he wears. He wants give the fans the best team possible. He’s been nothing but a great team guy. He, LQ, Voros and Gabby all chill together. Drury is a drip and Im sure Sean cant stand him & like all of us expect MORE from a captain. (Dont forget he yelled and Redden & fought with Malik) two under achievers on the team. Trend?

  105. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Brashear more of a problem when he first came to the team over Avery any day.

  106. Don’t get me wrong here, I like avery and I’m glad we got him back on the cheap but he has a reputation in the locker room from his other teams in the past.

  107. and don’t forget, when the team was sinking, it was Avery and Henrik who called a players meeting, NOT Drury

    another reason to rip the “C” off lil league Chrissy

  108. you ppl quick to forget that it was Avery and Hank who cold team only meeting when the team was playing like stinky carcillo…that tells me that Avery has a voice in a room…a positive voice…so how is he a cancer?

  109. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    we can only speculate who/what the problem is. just like anywhere else, you got your lil cliques of people who get along, and sometimes have a problem with another group.

    I think Aves probably gets in peoples faces, and I can bet it’s related to performance on the ice. Guys dont like that. I think there may be some bad feelings between him and Dubi from the first go ’round, you know Torts doesnt know how to use him, and he probably gets up in Drurys grill.

    Mako is right. the entire time he’s been here, he’s been all about having pride in being a Ranger and expecting a lot from himself and his teammates. Sometimes he doesnt play up to what we want, but you know he loves being here and trying to do what he can.

  110. As competitive and passionate Avery seems to be, and as much as some of the more important guys might like hanging with him, I don’t think that necessarily translates to “good in the locker room guy”.

  111. I’m not saying Avery is cancer but if I had to guess avery would be my guess because of what I read about him when he played for the kings and stars.

  112. lol. CCCP, my post got in first, so you are channeling my thoughts

    you’ve got esp

    I’ve got ESPN

  113. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    EXACTLY! He’s just that type of guy to let it be known when you arent pulling your weight. And good for him. There are plenty of players who make MUCH more than him who arent giving all that they are supposed to. I could give a damn about who’s feelings get hurt. Everyone should pull their own weight and give it all when they are all on the ice. And sorry to say, Gaborik SHOULD HAVE shined that last game, along with Drury, Jokenin & VP. These are players who were signed to make a DIFFERENCE and they didnt that last game.

  114. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    its funny how he’s in with Hank and Gabby and his homeboy Voros, and it looks like Shanny loved the guy too.

  115. what do you guys think about picking up a guy like plekanec? i think hes a ufa unless he resigned this season…
    could be our top line center for next year?and czechs do seem to do pretty well here…

  116. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on


    Was put in check by Shanny and Renney. Look at how successful he was with the team. Torts had him on a short leash. So if he was a “cancer” like you say. He would have been benched more and probably off of the team come deadline in Hartford. We havent heard ONE word about him misbehaving here in NY.

  117. would also love to see volchencov or hamhuis come over here and take redden/rozys spot…

  118. wtf is with “good guy” carcillo? this is a dating show… so even if he stinks up a room from time to time…so freaking what? Not everyone is a kiss-ass
    At this point they shouldn’t take Avery too serious…and if they do take him serious then it’s a problem…

  119. I’m not really worried about avery. My concern is how to get rid of Rosival and redden. Two dead weights with dead weight contract and also put drury in there two but there is no way they can get rid of drury with a no trade clause and that ridiculous contract. Those three players to me are dead weight and hold back this team.

  120. it scares me to hear Torts praising Rozsival. The guy is a disaster defensively. when he talks about the bad locker room, but then says its not the core guys? who the hell is it then?

    I don’t think I believe Torts’ words at face value.

    The only way to get younger is to can, Redden, Rozi and Drury. I guess Christiensen too.

  121. i think Redden has a bad attitude… remember how he was crying when Torts scratches his azz… that he was unjustly singled out… you make buckets of money and you’re the worst player on a team… i can see guys like Avery having problem with that…

  122. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    Right on CCCP

    Wouldnt you be pissed if someone was making triple of what you do and putting in less than half of the effort you do? Man, I would be.


    So Rangers pick 10th?

  123. its funny how he’s in with Hank and Gabby and his homeboy Voros, and it looks like Shanny loved the guy too.


    and Chelios. and Hull. and Jagr. and Roenick if I’m not mistaken.

    I also suspect the fact that legit supermodels flock to the guy doesn’t hurt… and when you hang around grenades, you get hit with shrapnel. Not that these pros have difficulty there, but I’m betting hanging with Avery puts these guys in positions/opportunities they normally wouldn’t be in…and once there it aint a bad place to be as a NY athlete.

  124. so that’s it? All spots are determined already? Rangers picking at 10th spot… we didn’t move at all… surprise!

    Wow Phil Kessel brought in 2nd overall! Can you imagine what Gaborik can bring? :)

  125. Id can Rozi and Redden to the minors, but keep Drury around.

    With the right pieces around him, he could be a key player in a playoff run.

    I am not drinking any Drury koolaid, but think that he gets far less credit on this board than he deserves.

    Sather handed him the 7 million contract. He is definitely not a 7 million player, but he still has a great work ethic and some slight ability to score goals.

  126. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    LMAO! So Avery is only good for his connections. LQ is much better looking then him and Im sure would pull 10x the amount of women than Avery would pull. But, lets no be shallow here. Im sure he’s a good guy, a guy that shoots from the hip and is always 100% honest and that doesnt candy coat things. Would you want a fake teammate & friend vs one who can give you their honesty, loyalty & heart?

  127. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    I sure as hell want my friends to kick me in the rear when I need it…

  128. I love it Redden didn’t know what to think…haha
    He played like he didn’t know what he was thinking…or what game he was playing…
    Wow was Torts aiming for Redden or what!

  129. Sorry, but Avery is no cancer. When the best players on the team appreciate him, then he is no problem.

    The reason why he has more connections, even though Hank is by far MORE GORGEOUS, is because Avery is a metrosexual(like me!) who likes to go out and do different things(like me!), and he also likes fashion and fashion shows(like me!).

    He pushes the envelope(like me!), and is not afraid to be who he is(like me!)


    Too bad I have no hockey skill, and am not as gorgeous at that sexy beast!!!!

  130. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Salty, how did you like the fact that Sather and Schoeny were not allowed to talk to the press today?

  131. Chris says sell sell sell on

    I think everyone is missing the point with Drury. If he made 2mill or less nobody would care about him C or no C.

    At 7.5million he hurts the team more than his lack of offense ever could.

  132. Chris says sell sell sell on

    “MAKO says GO CAPS GO
    April 13th, 2010 at 8:13 pm
    Really? Because Avery said he’s very proud to be a Ranger and he has lots of pride in the Jersey he wears. He wants give the fans the best team possible. He’s been nothing but a great team guy. He, LQ, Voros and Gabby all chill together. Drury is a drip and Im sure Sean cant stand him & like all of us expect MORE from a captain. (Dont forget he yelled and Redden & fought with Malik) two under achievers on the team. Trend?”


  133. Salty, how did you like the fact that Sather and Schoeny were not allowed to talk to the press today?


    I didn’t even catch that… details? To be honest I don’t expect to hear from sather under any circumstances anymore really…its insane

  134. MAKO says GO CAPS GO on

    If Drury made $2mm less he would be at $5.5-$6 million dollars. Sorry – we’d still be complaining for someone making $5-$6 million putting up 30 points in one season.

  135. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    that’s all for now Salty. i’m thinking Sather will talk to the Canadian press before too long, ya know, since his team plays in Canada ;-)

  136. uh…you folks who keep salivating over trading Drury…..doesn’t he also have a non trade clause on top of everything else?

  137. As a lifer Rangers fan that just moved back after 8 years in CA,
    I really frickin wish I’d found this site back then. To come back and
    catch the last 25 games was…well, it was lots of things. But Carp’s
    coverage and the intelligent posts here will keep me tuned in.
    Thanks for the effort and go Rangers.

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