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Live from breakup day … sort of

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Hey, ‘Heads. Sorry for taking so long … but since 10 a.m., when the doors opened, until just now, when the coach finished talking, it’s been one interview after another … and frankly most of them worthless.

So I’m going to start transcribing quotes now, and probably will be selective because it would take up the entire cyberspace if I typed all the words. Starting with Torts, and workng backwards.

Bear with me.


OK, here it comes in waves:

John Tortorella:

“Inconstency was a huge part of our year, in a lot of areas. That falls with me. That’s my responsibility in trying to get a team to play consistent. We can sit here and say, ‘If you weren’t 7-1 and weren’t this, that and the other thing at the end of the year, where would you be?’ I don’t look at it that way. I think we were 7-1 because we had a really good camp, I thought our players were in great shape leaving camp. I think even a few of those games when we were winning them, even at that point, I didn’t think we deserved to win them early in the year.

“I look at that part of it, and I look at the middle. You put it all together, and I think with some of the changes that we made — and I thought it was a great deal adding Shelley and Prust; I thought ¬†our lockerroom changed — so from the beginning of the year to the end of the year are two different things. I thought our lockerroom was much stronger at the end of the year compared to the beginning.

“Middle of the year (we were) inconsistent and I take responsibility for that. Not winning at home, I think we won 18 games, and the inconsistency through some of our play, belongs with me. That’s my responsibility, and that’s something that needs to be straightened out. Two days after we can pick apart a lot of things … but the responsibility falls with me with the expectations of having to make the playoffs. And we didn’t.”

“I think we’ve got to be careful. Expectations are one thing. Also, from my point of view, you need to be realistic, too. We have a couple of flaws on our team. But as a coach, no team is perfect and you need to work through those flaws to get where you need to be, to get to the top eight. And we didn’t. That’s where I take responsibility. There are some things we need to fix. We were 7-1-2 our last 10. There are still some things we need to fix and continue to progress with, I think we’ve got a good core of young players. I think there are some problems outside our young core with some players on this club. So as an organization I think it’s important that we assess it properly and be realistic about what it is, what we are. I’m not the general manager, but these are situations that need to come into our meetings here. I think we need to be realistic about what the Rangers are. Are we a No. 9 team, are we a 14 team, are we a top 4 team? But also feel good the do the best wee can to continue to grow that young core. To me, that’s exciting. I think it’s a good core.”


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