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Hey, ‘Heads. Sorry for taking so long … but since 10 a.m., when the doors opened, until just now, when the coach finished talking, it’s been one interview after another … and frankly most of them worthless.

So I’m going to start transcribing quotes now, and probably will be selective because it would take up the entire cyberspace if I typed all the words. Starting with Torts, and workng backwards.

Bear with me.


OK, here it comes in waves:

John Tortorella:

“Inconstency was a huge part of our year, in a lot of areas. That falls with me. That’s my responsibility in trying to get a team to play consistent. We can sit here and say, ‘If you weren’t 7-1 and weren’t this, that and the other thing at the end of the year, where would you be?’ I don’t look at it that way. I think we were 7-1 because we had a really good camp, I thought our players were in great shape leaving camp. I think even a few of those games when we were winning them, even at that point, I didn’t think we deserved to win them early in the year.

“I look at that part of it, and I look at the middle. You put it all together, and I think with some of the changes that we made — and I thought it was a great deal adding Shelley and Prust; I thought  our lockerroom changed — so from the beginning of the year to the end of the year are two different things. I thought our lockerroom was much stronger at the end of the year compared to the beginning.

“Middle of the year (we were) inconsistent and I take responsibility for that. Not winning at home, I think we won 18 games, and the inconsistency through some of our play, belongs with me. That’s my responsibility, and that’s something that needs to be straightened out. Two days after we can pick apart a lot of things … but the responsibility falls with me with the expectations of having to make the playoffs. And we didn’t.”

“I think we’ve got to be careful. Expectations are one thing. Also, from my point of view, you need to be realistic, too. We have a couple of flaws on our team. But as a coach, no team is perfect and you need to work through those flaws to get where you need to be, to get to the top eight. And we didn’t. That’s where I take responsibility. There are some things we need to fix. We were 7-1-2 our last 10. There are still some things we need to fix and continue to progress with, I think we’ve got a good core of young players. I think there are some problems outside our young core with some players on this club. So as an organization I think it’s important that we assess it properly and be realistic about what it is, what we are. I’m not the general manager, but these are situations that need to come into our meetings here. I think we need to be realistic about what the Rangers are. Are we a No. 9 team, are we a 14 team, are we a top 4 team? But also feel good the do the best wee can to continue to grow that young core. To me, that’s exciting. I think it’s a good core.”


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  1. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    From Gross’ twitter…

    Torts calling out Gaborik, and basically saying his top players sucked in Philly.

  2. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    tr… were you watching family guy last night? That episode was on!

  3. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    maybe a lame duck GM shouldn’t address the media…. Wishful thinking??

  4. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    repost for tr:

    Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! April 13th, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    maybe by him saying getting younger, he means getting rid of R2…. we can hope


    hey CCCP, maybe your fb source was correct heehee

  5. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    we’re all probably reading too much into that.
    he’ll address the canadian media and just spit in our faces again

  6. Not many surprising quotes so far. Brooks, Zip, and Gross have been tweeting some quotes for the last few hours, now.

    The one I like was the confidence coming from P.A. I’m sure Carpy will post that.

  7. gregm_section403 on

    darn, 4th. but i can imagine how worthless it is. everyone saying how disappointing it is not to make the playoffs, while they email their travel agent to book some exotic vacation.

    boohoo…we didn’t make the playoffs…we’re sad. whatever.

  8. It’s strange that someone could tell the president and GM that he’s not allowed to speak to reporters today.

  9. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    vinny. just type in boneheads and look for the pic of dubi picking his nose

  10. gregm_section403 on

    and getting younger?

    why, so torts can screw with the young players’ minds (like he did with gilroy)?

    let’s see, bring up some more young players so torts can prucha them for minor lapses, while the veterans continue to S#$% the bed each and every game. whatever.

  11. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    greg, they’ll be said in turks and caicos, the bahamas etc… and drury will tinker with the clutchmobile all summer long

  12. gift
    no i missed adult swim i was out all night.

    im hopeful he can move 1 of those contracts.

    adam z
    the rangers wount let them address the media. sather or shoney

  13. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on


    Torts on Drury: “he really grew this year as a leader…he wants to give more…this is not indictment on his leadership” #NYR #Rangers 2 minutes ago via TweetDeck


  14. AGrossRecord

    Doesn’t sound like #NYRangers interested in bringing back Alex Auld. Already looking at other veteran backups who will be on the market.

  15. Repost for Linda:

    I know Linda, it was about your lil Cally :). I just didn’t want Mickey to think she offended anyone!

  16. Nor, Whew, that makes me feel better :) Sarcasm and being funny is ALWAYS hard over the interwebs, I find.

  17. He needed Gaborik to be better in big games? I don’t know, Friday’s game was pretty big and he set up and scored a goal. Maybe if he had another 30 goal threat for the opposition to worry about he’d score even more.

  18. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao vinny, not the first person to mention that. there’s a lot of skinhead stuff from what i’ve heard.

  19. Please don’t miscronstrue these “tweets”
    torts said “gabby has to do more in big games”

    and said he got “zero” from his top players.

  20. Gift of GAB-orik (Vinny V) on

    yea linda… apparently facebook groups rangers bloggers and neo nazis in the same class. Not exactly flattering….Way to go facebook!

  21. think I could stow away in their luggage on whatever warm vacation spot they are headed to? I could use a vacation, too.

  22. Ha! That went right over my head Linda. lol. I figured in the Bonehead family tree there’s a Blogfather and Blogmama so we girls are blog sisters. Insert Sister Sledge song here. :)

  23. Chris Says SELL SELL SELL on

    “I think we’ve got a good core of young players. I think there are some problems outside our young core with some players on this club”

    Wow can I be Coach or GM? I could have told you this from day 1

  24. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    you can ‘unfriend’ me if you want, i wont be insulted lol ;-)

  25. I was reading some of these tweets. The one that stood out to me is Gaborik’s statement about not being comfortable with the shootout (not sure if the tweet was from today or yesterday). Umm… everybody, myself included, LIVED for the chance to do shootouts! Not the best way to determine a pro sport, but very common for regular adult league hockey. I loved it. What is there not to love about it. You get to go in alone on the goalie with nobody hanging all over you. What could be better?

  26. Jim Cerny: Torts really praises Shelley, Parenteau, Prust…all 3 are free agents…lukewarm about Auld as Hank’s back up next year #NYR #Rangers

  27. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    poor auld, he played what, 2 games??? oy carumba,never ending cycle

  28. see, that is where I really get p.o.’d at torts. he defends Drury again, after saying that the dressing room got better with the addition of Prust and Shelley. that is an indictment of Drury and his lack of leadership, his mumbling shyness is useless in the room. but Torts will not ever criticize teflon Drury

    and since Torts said that it is his responsibility that they were so inconsistent, and I agree, then he must take the blame and the fall for it. he did NOT do as advertised. he did NOT play safe is death, he played it safe. he did NOT have a relentless forecheck, he had a soft, safe, cautious forecheck

    sorry, goodbye Torts

  29. db, I really believe that he wanted to play his ‘safe is death’ but realized that he just didn’t have the horses to do it, so he pulled back from it. I also think Schoeney had a LOT to do with that decision.

  30. ok, thanks to CT’s comment in the previous post about them needing parental permission slips, I’m now mentally casting the team as a bunch of high schoolers.

    I need help, I think.

  31. wrong. nobody tells Torts how to run his team. just ask his former GM Jay Feaster. and a relentless forecheck would have been the ONLY way to create some offense for a puck control challenged team. he pulled back instead of working on it, iow, he quit on his own principles

  32. PAP wont re-sign with NYR, he wont even consider it for a second unless they give him a boat load of cash, which isn’t gonna happen.

    Shelley, and Prust are must re-signs, that goes without saying. I mean, Shelley i can live without, and i wont cry if he doesn’t come back, but Prust has to get re-signed.

    And Torts shouldn’t get fired. He doesn’t have to take responsibility for this garbage team. These fools don’t listen to him, so bring in players that will. Players that are willing to show up for big games. Losers!!

    And someone needs to give Slats a “Steven Seagal” chop to the throat. Just don’t start touching your assistants afterward.

  33. Hmmmm, “I think we’ve got a good core of young players. I think there are some problems outside our young core with some players on this club”


  34. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Nasty, the kid is so dramatic, he’s on fire! ‘he’s racing and pacing…’ too much

  35. sorry but there was nothing stopping Torts from keeping Redden on the scratch list. he backed down after redden threw a fit and put him back in. THAT was a huge mistake. it showed the other players that Torts was all bark, and of course it destroyed Gilroy, who had to play with that piece of garbage Redden.

  36. NYRanger4Life on

    Cross Check Charlie –

    DING DING DING. You said it. I also think you can lump in Jokinen, Brashear and to a lesser degree Avery into that group.

  37. how can this guy honestly bash gaborik? yeah go as young as you possibly can torts cause god knows no star free agent will want to come to ny if youre our coach, lets see how many times this guy changes the lines in the offseason fucking d bag

  38. Tortorella is an embarrassment. Attacking fans in the stands, arguing like a 2 year old with Larry Brooks, laying all the blame on the team’s top scorer, who was injured for at least 17 games…. Why is he still a coach again?

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