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And even more players …

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I’m skipping some of the guys who said the same things about the inconsistencies, and for example Dubinsky, who kind of repeated what he said Sunday in Philly.

Henrik Lundqvist:

“It’s been tough. It was definitely not the ending we were looking for. I’m so disappointed right now. I’ve been a pro for nine years now, five years here and four or five years back home, and never missed the playoffs. I can’t find words right now. It’s disappointing. I understand if a lot of people were disappointed, and fans were expecting a lot more. So were we. We hoped to be playing right now. I’m going to, for the next few weeks, just think about what I could have done better, and I hope the other guys will too, and make sure next year we do it better.”

“You realize we didn’t lose our spot on Sunday. We lost it during the year when we didn’t have enough consistency in our game and we lost a lot of games we should have won. That’s where we lost our playoff spot.”

“I like to play, and I’m pretty happy the way I played down the stretch. I think I helped the team or at least gave them a chance to win, gave us a chance to win. We had a pretty good run, too. Nobody can say we didn’t try to the end. We really did what we could. That’s what makes me feel a little bit better. I know I did everything I could, and everybody in here did, too. It just wasn’t enough.”

“The thing is, I feel fine now, but the goal is to play in June. So if you want to play in June, maybe 65 games (during the season) is a good number. Our goal as a club is to have a good year, but also to have a better playoffs.”

“It is what it is. The same thing last year, talking about playing less. But I felt good playing down the stretch … but again, the goal is to play in June, and if you look at the last few years, the guys who have been playing in June, they didn’t play that many games during the year. I can’t complain because I love to play hockey. I’d rather be out there than on the bench.”

Had some issues with his knees and hip, so doesn’t know about World Championships.

“Im happy, as I said, going down the stretch, happy with the way I played. But it’s hard to be satisfied when it’s not enough. We didn’t make it so … It feels better when you know you did what you could, but it still doesn’t make up for missing the playoffs. It really sucks.”

“I don’t know (about changes). It’s up to management, whatever they think is the best path. But I think it’s important that whatever happens, whoever’s going to be here in September, we’ve got to realize we’ve got to do better; this is not where we want to be. We expect more of us. We want to be a playoff team, and we want to be a good playoff team. That’s our goal. Like I said, our fans expect more of us, and so should we.”

Marc Staal:

“You look back and it still hurts. It’s still a crappy feeling in your stomach every time you think back to that shootout loss. It is what it is.”

“Obviously it’s disappointing to end like that. You want to make the playoffs and play for the Stanley Cup. It’s going to be hard watching the playoffs again.”

“I thought I had a pretty good year this year, I felt pretty comfortable on the ice and what I was doing. So I think, you look to improve every year and I thought I did that again this year. So I look to have a good summer and come back at it.”

“I would like to (get a new contract done quickly). Nothing’s started yet. No conversations or anything. But we’re ready to go in there. … I’m not really anxious. I obviously want to be back and I like playing in New York, so I’m excited to get it done. … I haven’t really talked to anybody yet, but my brothers have gone through negotiations, so I have them to talk to if I need some help.”


I think that’s going to wrap it up for tonight. I left out a few guys. I think I sprained all my typing fingers. When the byfuglien is somebody going to invent a digital recorder than transcribes directly to your computer?

See youse.

PS, I have an idea for tomorrow, you know, since we’re not doing the Paul Mara Memorial thing.

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